The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 14, 1950 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 14, 1950
Page 2
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THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, IMC '' Th« Notion Today: Living Cort Index — '. U.S. Living Standards Await Economy Checks BLYTHEVltLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS By JAMES MARLOW WASHINGTON, sept. U. (API — The cost of living Index, put together by the government every month,'is going to mean a lot to everyone. It already means -it great deal to I dreds of thousands of workers, example: The big auto makers and the CIO »uto workers' union have contracts directly tied in with the living cost index. If the Index goes up. the workers get i little higher pay. If it goes down, they get a little less. But now the living cost indue, which ha.s always been an Important economic . weathervane', will have an effect on everyone. If people start to scramble around for goods that get scarce during re-arming, Urns boosting prices, or if business men''unneces- sarily raise prices, these price Increases will show up In the Index. And If they Jump up too much, the government will slap on price and ,wa"e controls. Food Prices Ch«>cA The government's Burcu of Labor Statistics nuts (he- Index together. It's done this way: The bureau lias a number of people working for it In cities around the country. They have lo A? 'heir job over and over every month. They go into stores checking on price' charged for food, clothing, furniture. They check on the rents people have to pay, and they check on services: such as doctors' fees and eleciric light bills. On looil nrices a check Ls made, in cities. Thirty-four of these cities checked for food plus, all the * the government use u k starting point? ' The so-called base period Ls the average cost of living In the 193539 period. So if living costi are greater now than in 1935-39, they're up, If they are lower than In that period, they are away down. The 1935-39 period Is taken as 100. The last Index—for .Jill}'— showed living costs at 172j. Which means: living costs in July were 72V1- per cent higher than in the 1935-39 base period. They had risen from 110.2 in June, when the Korean fighting started, to that 172.5 in July, when some panic buying started. It was this unnecessary buying by panicky people—together with unnecessary price Increases by greedy bu.siv>e. c sn\cn—which kicked up the cost of living. The government puts out Its Index for any given month about 2fl days after the end of that mnnlh. For example: the bureau Is now working on the index which will show the co=t of living in August but the index won't be ready until about Sept. 20. Ham Thief Fails Hammy Theft Test CHICAGO, Sept. 14. VPt— A window was smashed in Novak's Meat Market at 1200 NortSi VVrils street last night and glass fell on «n attractive display of hams. A block policemen hi a 'her things. These prices are sent. Into the bureau's Washington office where a staff goe.s over them. Th* prices are. averaged out and thus show 1 the average cost of living In large cities. Thev bureau doesn't claim that the index is a complete measure ol living coMs. It ' calls the index the "consumers' price index" and says it measures the prices paid by moderate-Income families in large cities. The averaging out U not quite as simple as It sounds, for the figures I "Weighted" items- and JOO items adne<t altogether are checked—have to be figured In deciding average" living costs. For example: people buy squad car heard the crash of break- Ing glass and raced U) the scene They quickly caught up with Lester Brown, 23, rushing down the street with three ham-like bundles In his arms., : ; Policemen said the hams : "were works of art — oil paintings on a papier mache covering with a stuffing of sawdust. They held Brown on an open charge. Greek Romeo Faces New Set of Charges butter than cheese. So butler has more importance in a family's living costs every month. ; Butter 'Weighted' Therefore, butter is "weighted" in arriving at an average. The price paid for butter is more important .an the pries paid tor cheese, and knvance is made lor that In as- emblmg the index. A question comes to mind here: In deciding whether Jiving costs yesterday to keep Crete's dashing Romeo, Constantine Ke- phaloyannis, from the Juliet, he abducted and married on lonely Mount Ida two weeks ago. The Kephaloyannis clan announced today that they would ask Greece's supreme court for the Immediate. release of Costa, who lias been held In an Athens jail and away from his bride, Ta.s>oula Pe- tracogeorgi, for the past ten days. Costa nlreatly has been charged with illegally possessing arms. The public prosecutor In the Cretan village of HerekJeion, stronghold of the girl's angry family. ruled again;!, Ccsta'.s release are going up or down, what does | and added the new charges. A'DREIFUS DAZZLING DUETTES! SHIMMERING SOLITAIRES! IU 95 2.00 Week 6-DIAMOND COMBINATION 10-DIAMOND k ENSEMBLE 12-D!AMOND" BRIDAL PAIR f F fi, E EDOM RING-Ready lo soumi the summons to the nationwide Crusade for Freedom, this English-cast "Freedom Bell" is hois ed from a ship upon its arrival in New York. Nine feel high, the 10-ton bell is decorated with a bas-relief ol five figures representing the mnjor races of man, who hold torches symbolizing Ireedom. Laurel leaves above the figures denole p'eace. ?AGB TKKE1 'Cold War' Freed Of Blame for Hog Death Rate WASHINGTON, Sept. 14. State aud Agriculture Department officials are skeptical that the cold ivar Is to blame for a recent high rieallurnte amoiia hogs In (he Middle West corn belt. Agriculture experts pushed uncart today with «ti investigation. Suspicions that the losses might be caused by some kind of biological warfare waged by enemies o[ the United States were voiced by Rep. Kail Stefan <n-Nel». Pointing to reports that farmers In Ills state have lost from 30 to 50 per cent of llicir hogs following anti-cholera Injections, Stefan said he was nsklMR FHI director J. Edgar Hoover and the Agriculture Department to investigate. 'This could wipe out our pork population," Stefan said. "It Is ap pavetHIy some kind ol plot lo ruin our pork supply. It has been going on since 1949 and appears to be getting worse." Hut Dr. H. T. Simins. chief of (lie Agriculture Department's Bureau of Animal Husbandry, reported h I s MECHANIZED PHILATELIST—In Paris, *n imo K in»tlv« it amp .dcnlcr, I'. Chan-land, sols up his mobile atomp mart at the Carre MariBiiy where French collectors gather daily. M Charrisnd'i vehicle ennlilct him la curry i much l«rg«r stock limn his ptrfw- kian competitor! besides offering > convenlerH IIVCMH oi agency has found no evidence to SPOIIKM iri nn<J« from lh« dried support the biological warfare idea. ,,. ult o( the ,,„„,,.., , uff(i ^^ Nude Co-Eds Photographs Brood Feud in Washington SEATTLE, Sept. 14. M>,_rrate parents had tire assurance of University of Washington officials today that ho more nude pictures will be taken of their daughters. ' Film for some 300 negatives al- !s<ty taken will be destroyed.' A storm of protest broke about ic university administration this eek when some of the girl students who had been photographed naked imptalned to their parents. The pictures were taken during ihysical examinations given enter- 1g students, but were not a regular art of that examination. They •ere for use in a "somalotype" type o! body buildi project conducted by Constitution Laboratory t the Columbia University Medial School. Sponsors said similar photographs lad been taken at a dozen other schools during the last 15 years. University officials said the entire ncident resulted from a "misun- ierstnnding" and promptly canceled further work on the project. riere. Dr. Raymond B. Allen, university resident, said: "We are satisfied ourselves -that I was worthwhile and had good scientific motives. And we were ns- ured that an adequate explana- ion would be mruie to the students. Ve were also assured that their denlity would be kept inviolate. The project fell down In its execution." Miss Barbara Honeyman, • execu- ive director of the Constitution Laboratory, took the pictures, Tiiey were to have been given to Dr. William Sheldon, a psychologist and assistant professor of medicine at Columbia, who is writing a scries of books on the relation ,of human structure to huninn behavior. She conceded that most all girls had been advised they hnd the right to refuse and that few of them had been told what the pictures were for. Tile lull length photographs were taken in front, back and profile views: Although the laces of the girls were not hidden. Miss Honeyman said they would' have ' been blacked out eventually "but not until after Doctor Sheldnn and I had studied them." She said that in evaluating the body "the face is necessary." PIANO For Beginners and Advanced Pupils Enroll Now MINNIE LEE JONES STUDIO 807 Chickasawba Phone 2994 North Koreans Bar Red Cross TOKYO, Sept. M. (>P)_A 13. ». Army public information officer Mid today North Korea wont let the inlern»tlonal Red Cro*» visit prltoner-of-war camps to obtervt lh« treatment oJ prisoner*. The North Koreans h«r« not*/led th. UaUed Nation. th«r w* «b!d« by the 1949 Oenevn Convention calling; /or humane lre»t*nen« ol FOWs. Frederick Berl of aen«v«, rle!«- »»U of the Red Crosn, hM observed United Nation* treatment of prisoners and pronounced its «- cellenl. Ol 116 ship building «nd repair yards In the U.S. W are located on Inland water way*, river* or c»naU, USE T-4-L FOR ATHLETE'S FOOT BECAUSE— ti MI Rr«*i«r 1-rnirrRATmo . WIUi M% undiluted alcohol but, U , lo klkl th« verm on contact. Oat happy rell«! m ONE HOUR or jour 40o Dick at any drm itore. Today at Kfcbf Brothrn Dnn atore«. NOTICE! We hatf movrrt our Miltrrwi and Atilomohll* Uphnlsttrj Shop from lh« Air Hate to Soulh Highway SI icrou (ram the Hl)4h«vllle H<iuiln( Project. W. ar« noir .pen l« buslnesi, «Lvln, special •ttentlon U truck K-.l. t« be rfr- bulll and recovered. We rotcr s«»t» and door paneli. W» rebuild n»MrFMr« «ni) mike new matlreuri. Call 4*1* for free tstlnutn .n >ll work <u drive out and m •*. SMITH MATTRESS CO. P. O. BOX 734 'CAM, 481» S. HIGHWAT «1 Plenty of Oil, Official Says ATLANTIC CITY, N. J., Sept. 14. fyp>—There will be no need to ration petroleum products in the near future, the president of the National Petroleum Association said yesterday. "There Is plenty of all kinds of oil for .everybody," said W. S. Zehrung ol oil City, Pa,, In an interview. He asserted enough is being produced to meet both military and civilian needs and reserves are the highest in history. , NURSE TELLS HOW HADACOL WAS SO HELPFUL TO HER She Suffered Deficiencies of Vitamins Bl, B2, Iron and Niacin Mrs. Jennie Lee Adele, 412 N. 27 St., East St. Louis, 111., says being a nurse really lets her know when folks are sick. Thai Is whyj when she tried ail sorls of remc-' flies and didn't get 1 relief, she knew she was in bad shape. That was. of course, before she heard about HADACOL and before she found out she had a deficiency of Vitamins Bl, B2, Ni.icln, and Iron. { Here Is Mrs. Adcle's own statement: "I have been a nurse for over U years. I had to stop work- Ing and went to the hospital. I was suffering all kinds of dizzy spells, weaknesses and growing weaker. I had pains in my chest, and I could hardly eat. My food never seemed to agree with me. I was terribly run down and growing worse. I hud tried all kinds of remedies. Don't think I wasn't plenty scared—'cause I know, being a mirse, when folks are really In bad shape ... I heard one day how so many folks were being helped because of HADACOL. I tried It and after 3 bottles I could tell » big improvement. Now J eat anything I want—sleep well and I don't have dizzy spells any more—I am full of energy. The only Ihlng about HAD- ACOL is that I didn't find out about it sooner. Now I am going back lo work at last, lhanks lo wonderful HADACOL." Why HADACOL CJlTe* PIM Res«lU XADACOb *M* Mt MB« jot symptomatic relief. HADACOL now makes it possible to actually relieve thc'cause' of neuritis pains, nervous disorders, and a general run-down weakened condition due (o such de ficiencics in your system . HADACOL not only supplies deficient systems with extra quantities of Vitamins Bl, B2, Iron,-nnd Ntacin but also helpful amounts of Important Calcium, Phosphorus and Manganese—elements so vital to help maintain good health and phy sical fitness. Why These Vitamins and Minerals Come In Liquid Forra There's a very good reason why HADACOL comes in special liquid form. These precious Vitamins and Minerals are more easily and quickly absorbed Into the blood stream this wajv-ready to go right to work. A big Improvement is often noticed within a lew days. I>on't Bt A 'Doublin! Thomas' After reading Mrs. Adcle's ivon- derfui experience with HADACOL —how can you doubt that this great new nutritional formula win help you .if your system lacks Vitamins Bl, B2, iron, and Niacin? What HADACOl. did for Mrs. Adele, it can do for you if you're suffering fiendish torture and aaony from neuritis aches and pains, nervous disorders, insomnia, stomach distress and a general run-down weakened condlllon due lo such deficiencies. So what are you waiting for? Don't you sec that HADACOL Is the kind of product you need — the kind you should buy and the kind you should start taking immediately! Sol* On A 'Strict Money-Hack Guarantee HADACOL even helps build Tip the hemoglobin ol red Wood cells (when Iron Is needed) to course through your body, carrying these great health-building elements to every body organ—to the liver, lungs, heart, kidneys—even to the nails, hair and eyes. No wonder HADACOL help." you feel wonderful. Be fair to yourself! Give yourself a break if you have such deflciencicsl Why continue to drag yourself around—n burden to yourself and your family—when relic/ may be as close at hand as your nearest drugstore? This great HAD- ACOL Is inexpensive, too—costs only » small amount » day. Trial size, only J1.J5. Large family or hospital ,<4ze, S3.-0. You Pay Leu for SCHOOL CLOTHES at GRABERS Girls' Sanforized-Shrunk COTTON SLIPS Made to Sell for Much More! Girls' Fine 80-Square Print School Dresses SRABER'S LOWER PRICE |98 V&u'vo nerer seen so many prflly ilrcsscs. Come In ami sf!- Icrt her scvcnil at this lw pries. R0--.(liinre prints in pl.iiils, chrcks, solid cnlor ntul plsiid ciimliin.i- linrn. Trimmed with ryrlrl b;i- ti-'t', pifino or rir-rnr. i:vrcp- liomilly urll innifi-, full cut for comfort. SUes T to H. Boys' Cotton Sweat Shirts print fd with picture "(aptom Marvel SPECIAL PRICE 88 Buy ncvern! at thnw popular »we«t »h!rt« for jvat boy. .Vlrrt one vvllh "Red Ryder* «nrf one with " M»rvel." Al»« tviillnhte In MM«rt«<l toiM e«lor». If. >h«* 4 U It. SIZES 2, 4, i 49 Boill-op (^MMer ntjfe Wh rnffl. trimmed bottom. GIRLS' Z-BAR TRICOT RiYOM PANTIES 39* *1r»» 'qualllr. 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