The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 21, 1952 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 21, 1952
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVB USD A Sm No Change in Food Prices in 1953 Increase in Civilian Buying of Some Articles Is Forecast WASHINGTON (fP) — The Agri culture Department said today tha . retail food prices aro likely to average about the same In 1953 as In 1962. In a report on next year's foo< outlook the department gave these prospects: some increases In clvlllai buying of beef, veal, chicken, margarine, frozen fruits, Juices find vegetables. These Increases will b< countered somewhat by ksser purchases of pork, eggs, turkey and .butler. The outlook for food production next year Is for some larger mar- ketings ot meat animals and increased output of fruits and vegetable! If weather conditions are more normal than this year. Little change In military food buying Is In prospct unless the international situation should change markedly. Export shipments of food, the bulk of which are food grains, are expected to decline, due to larger wheat crops 5n many coun- trlet this year und the shortage of dollar exchange. Identical Twins Suffer Identical Injuries to Arm BEVERLY HILLS, Cnllf. W — Trouble Just naturally comes double to Charlotte and Georgia . Bfeeves. They are identical twins. The 22-year-olds were decorating A tractor for the homecoming pp- rade of the University of California at Los Angeles. They were in the earth-moving tractor's scoop, which somehow went Into gear and tossed them eight feet lo the ground. Both girls suffered the snme Injury—fractures of the left elbow. Today both are wearing Identical casts. "Sometimes," moans .Charlotte, "we think we carry this twin thing too far." BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NBWS • tho Mediterranean. . Modern Homes : or Handicapped Wives Presented CHICAGO (/!')—A project of de- Iffntng tailor-made homes for han- Icappcd housewives has described oday to delegates of the Mth an- unl Nn'Uonnl Safety Congress. Dr. Edith L. Krlstcller, director of ic New York University project, ifd model rooms hnve been set up 'int enable handicapped women to > household work from their heelchnirs. Mew York Has Mew Ike Group NEW YORK (/p)-A "Democrats for Elsenhower" group has been formed with Mrs. Ovela culp Hobby,' Houston newspaper woman, as Its head. Citizens for Eisenhower-Nixon headquarters announced the new organization yesterday. Jap Ambassador Is Resting Well SAN FRANCISCO (IP,— Japanese Ambassador ElkichI Araki collapsed last night wnlle receiving guests at n reception, mil hg wns reported resting easily at St. Luke's Hospital today. Dr. John Upton said Arnkl, 61, was suffering from acute fatigue EDSOiT Continued from Page 6 America, Her job Is to report bnck lo her government what women's organizations are doing In this country. But stic'll nlso let American women know what German women are doing. While the U. S. now has two •omen dlplomnls heading missions ahi-ontl—Ambassador Eugenic Anderson In Denmark ami Minister Perle Mesta in Luxembourg—It has no high ranking women's affairs secretaries abroad or in Washing- 'Other Woman' Takes Stone/ In Baltimore Murder Trial TUESDAY, OOTOKlt'fl. BALTIMORE ward Crammer's _ Gcoreg Ed- Out They Go! PAIRS MEMS SHOES Jarman & City Club cnse set about today trying to tear down testimony of the state's star wlt- ncw, a trim, attractive New York secretary, who told the court Ehe and Crammer had talked about marriage, Mathilda MIzibrocky's testimony wa* what the stale felt It needed to pinpoint what It has contended from the start of the week-long tria!— that Crammer killed his wife so he could wed the pert 28-year- old United Nations office worker. Dorothy May Crammer's body was pulled out of her car the night of Aug.' 18 after the car ran out of control down a sloping suburban Baltimore road. On her head were deep gashes the medical examiner said could not have been caused by objects within the car Judge Herman M. Moser permitted as evidence a statement Grammer made . to police saying he hit hU wife with a piece of pipe alter a holt-dozen drinks because she said something about his thinking more of his Job than he did of her. Crammer told the court hs made lip the account. At the end of yesterday's testimony, Defense Atty. Anthony s Pederlco wasn't sure what approach he would start with today. He Implied he was considering putting defense counsel he wanted to talk Active ArnericanS will head-ror+heir- Dodga Dealers and see new kmd of car •Hie 5? Dodge is Powered -{or Action f Crammer on the stand but said the defendant first. Discussed Muriate Wist Mlzibrocky told Judge Moser, hearing the case without a Jury, that she and Qrammer met last » bowling »nej. Their friendship bloswmed Into love, the said, and the two discussed marriage. , • , The only problem keeping them from marrying, she said, appeared to be 1 that of religion. She Bald she is a Catholic. Grammer Is a Protestant (Methodist), She said Grammer never mentioned being married already. "I saw so mucli of him I didn't believe he could have a family," she added. "He convinced'me later he Sh« told of their two-weeks at th« Edgewater Beach Hotef h' Chicago from July 25 to Aug. 4. Federioo, In cross-examination asked if they slaved there as Bnd wife. She replied, "Yes." , Before she left Ihe stand, Judg/ Moser asked If she still lover' Granimer, ' She paused, then said; "It's difficult to say. You lore person for what you think the,' are. Ed lied lo me." a treat worth GVrepeating! priced to make friends lifetime friends! 4 86 ,V5 (II. Pint" $3.08 'A Pint $1.55. (Plus Sales Tax) KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON AS NATURE INTENDED mural s\mm Nmnomisni - ss am • ECHO snass Dismiss MMPANY. mmu, mmi Values to 14.95 Your Choice Sizes 6 6* 7 n 8 •81 9 91 10 10* 11 m 12 A Width 1 3 2 2 2 1 1 B Width L 3 : 4 3 3 1 C Width 3 10 3 4 D Width 1 9 5 1 1 1 1 2 4 1 3 1 I natural flavor! natural bouquet ij naturally good! the.feel of Cashmere.. the look of Luxury. Never have y OU stroked a smoother, Joftcr, more luxurious flannel. Never have you worn a fabric ihnt draped so beautifully, so smartly, ihat so completely imparted a sense of well being and clis- lincUoii. 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