The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 25, 1950 · Page 16
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 16

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 25, 1950
Page 16
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f PAGE SIXTEEN BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 2«, I960 Chrysler Plants Idled by Strike ClO's Auto Workers Leave Their Jobs Over Pension Plan DETROIT, Jan. 25. (A 1 )—Chrysler workers marched out on strike at 9 a.m. today after six months of futile negotiations over ft pension plan. The CIO United Auto Workers ordered Its 80,000 Chrysler Corporation members to "hit the bricks" immediately after negotiations broke off at 8:45 a.m. 1 Assembly lines In the b!g aulo firm ground to a halt. The scream- In? of lathes and poundlnK of stamping presses cear.ed abruptly. UAW President Walter Rcutlwr said the strike was called because the company would not agree to grant a package of benefits north 10 cents hourly prr worker. Affected are. union employes In all the corporation's plants build- Ing- Chrysler. DeSolo, Dodge and Plymouth cars. Although Chrysler had offered a JlOO-a-mtmtti pension plan. the. put- tern this year In heavy industry, the union objected to the terms, j 1*ay-as-You-Go rhn liejccletl The" company Insisted that It be permitted to operate the plan on a pay-as-you-go basis. The UAW demanded that a jointly administered trust fund be set up with the company putting In a set amount for each hour worker. A Chrysler statement said; "Calling Chrysler employes on . strike, in the face of the pension and insurance benefits Chrysler has offered, shows agnin how difficult, if not futile, it is to try to do business with people who do such irresponsible things." Reuther said: ' "The Chrysler workers and their union were prepared to call "off the strike if the corporation would meet the established pattern of 10 cents an hour." - The walkout will affect a total of 110.000 Chrysler workers In 25 plants across the country. It will also hit an estimated 65.000 to 100,000 employes of suppliers and dealers. - The strike was the second at Chrysler, one of the automotive blK three, within the last two years I'o'pTye Courier News Finds 'Competition' oper Published by Its Own Carriers KKCOYKR1NG A GOOD MJCK CHARM—Anthony Cherubino emerges from the wreckage of his auto at New York City Jiolding the baby ihoos of his son after n. collision with a delivery truck, Following cmer- ,ency treatment, Clierubina re-entered the smashed auto to remove the good luck token. He was riding alone at the time of the accident. (AP VVirephoto). City Betterment Clinics Hearing End in Osceola Oseeoto will wind up Its second series of Community Development 'linics tonight when the eighth session of lliu past two days is held at- 7:30 Jn the auditorium of the is-sLssippi County Auditorium. The second day's clinic got underway Hils morning with a .session it 9:30, which was presided over by Lloyd Godley. Ho replaced Louis George, who was .scheduled to preside, but was out of town, C. K. DC an pre-s i dcd at a clii) i c at 2:30 p.m. today and Ralph Wilson will preside at umight's session. , Approximately 85 attended clinic held yesterday afternoon at I he Negro school. Junior and senior classp.s of the white high school held a clinic at 1 p.m. Lodny. I. J. Steed, of the Arkaasas Resources and Development Commission, i* the principal speaker for the clinic. 1 ;. Compiling of suggestions in rule by citizens attending the community clinics will lie completed Sti about hv*i weeks, according to Charles Joliiff, jsecTi'hiry-maiirigcr of the Chamber of Commerce, .which Ls sponsoring the clinics. Minnesota Resort Owner Is Visitor in BIytheYille On Eighth Annual Trip Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Hocse oj iieinidji, Minn., arrived in Blytheville yesterday for their eighth annual visit v,'Uh friends here. The Roescs, who operate Shore- crcst Resort on Lake Bemiti}!, began their anmifil visits to Blytheville In 1942, when their son was stationed at the Army Air FieU here. One of the resort's cottages hn. been named "Ulythevillc." In accordance with Mr. Reese's practlci of naming them atter eiUejs it which liLs son served with the Arm; Air Force. Mr. Roese said many Mississipp County members of the Arkansa Plying Fanners Association are ex peeled to tiUend the annual con vention of the American ply in Fanners Association which will be gin. Sept. 'i at Bemidji. Many Blytheville residents vis the resort each, year. COAL fly \viltua ftouglai 4 (Courier News Staff Writer) In 20 years °r so. Courier News gv. igs may be thumbing their arm- is. and boasting that the editor of he Chicago Herald-American or ic New york Times "used to lolc .ir papers." Maybe it Is sabatoge when two ourier Nevs carrier boys atid one itsider, start publishing their own ewspnper and offering advertising pace "for free." Hut, it's friendly nnpctitloii so It has to be taken i the chin. Nicky Wecdmnn, 11-year-old ed- or of the "Illytheville leader," lytheville's newest newspaper, and Is colleagues, Robert Holt, 11, nnci abriel Simon, 13,—God their , t ,] s -i- have started breaking into ic newspaper game early. The young publishers got ambit- ma just before Christmas and pul ut their issue. A Hectograph n.s (heir prcs.s, and a pencil their nolypc. Reiwrters were useless nee they had good radios and end the Courier News as they c their daily deliveries. And ver the fence news from neighbors is always available. Besides, they publish just when hey get enough to fill the paper nd" if they run short of news, they is-srt .some Advertising — lauding heir fathers* businesses- Operating cost are prnclieaNy nil s are profits on the tv,'o-cents-a- opy paper. The Christmas Day Issue told the eadcrs that they could obtain thei i!m catalog by culling Nicky Weed nan, "ye aulde editor." Highlight ng society news announcement o he marriage of "the lovely Mfcki vlcrldlth" to Richard Shanks, \vh mil "led a notorious life with man exciting incidents." The sporl standout was that "Nicky (Muscles kVeedman beat. Joe (Jungle) Shank np this morning . . . Nicky got ti vt 1 o'clock, while Joe got up 8.'* Other issues ore .similar. They advertise free, publish will, and mark each error careful! placing the word "error" in par enthcsis bc.sule it, and have a goo time. They are planning to sta newspaper careers after they con ptete school. Jbifuaries acquess Infant Diet Funenil rites for Alice Irene Jac- ues. 1 ), five-montli-old daughter of Ir. and Mia. Leon Jaciucss, »•!!! be >nducted at 2 p.m. tomorrow at ie parenls' home at Forty and tight. The child died at 5 a.m. today lite a short illness. Cobb Funeral Home of Blytheville in be In charge of burial at Numer Nine Cemetery. Directors Named Sy Cotton Council; 25 Men Re-elected MEMPHIS. Tenn., Jan. 25. (/p> L The National Cotton Council today lamea five new directors at Us an- mal conference. Twenty-five dlrec- .ors wtre re-electetl. The newcomers to the boai-d arc J. J. Henry. » producer of Melrosc -a.: S. C. Mack, a ginner of New )ort, Ark.; Prank S. Pope of Villa ;tica. Ga,, a warehouseman, ant L. Conner Jennings of Eudaula Ala., a textile mill executive. Before the day's session began an expert predicted that some cot ton growing areas will be totall mechanized within 10 years an others never will be. The prediction came from Claude L. Welch, direc tor of Production and Markctin for the council. New officers for 13 state units o the national council were announc ed. They Include: Arkansas — L. T. Barrlnser i Memphis, chairman; w. A. Baker Pine Bluff, vice chairman, anti P. Wade of Little Rock, secretary. At the battle of Getlysbur* General Me.lde led the Union force while General Lee led the Confei crates Continued from Pag* 1 on from D«c. 1, 1949, through Jan. of this year has averaged 1,443,)0 tons a week. The resolution before the Senate onimlttee Is sponsored by eight epublloans. Among them arc two ltUe members. Senators Tatl. Ohio) and Donnell (Mo). If ap- rovcd, it would simply express the entiment of Congress. It, would not ompel the President to act, Boyd Is a key advisor to the resident In the present situation. Ir. Truman appointed him director f the mines bureau over the op- ositton of 'Lewis. wis' opposition wa.i so bitter in act that he called it two weeks' coal trike last March in an effort »> cep the Senate from confirming he nomination. More Workmen Idled PITTSBURGH, Jan. 25. (/!>)—The oft coal miners strike produced a •owing contagion of imemployment oday with at least 17.000 workers died in (he related railroad and tecl Industries. Some 75,000 soft coal diggers re- nained away from the pits on the hird day of the union-ordered hree-day work week. Tlie\' oiicked the age-old United Mine Worker tradition: no contract .0 work. Many miners have worked only two days in 1050. But the seven-month period o :hree-day weeks, two-day weeks an< jio-day weeks since the UMW con- Tact c.xpiml last June 30 apparent y was good for .something. The U.S. Bureau of Mines re ported the industry set three safety records in 13!9. The fatality rate for all coal produced and the number of deaths in coal mines were the lowest, in history. Furthermore, it was the first full calendar year without a major coal disaster—a single accident in which five or more men were kilted. t6,185 Damage Suit On Trial In Circuit Court A damage suit for 5C.185 brought by ClurlCj V. Evans against Mr. and Mrs. J. w. Moore was sclied- uleJ to he argued tills afternoon >efore a Jury in the cSvil division of the Chfckasawba District of Mis- iissi[jpi County Circuit Court. Mr. Evans is suing for damages as tlic result of a broken [eg lie says he suffered in a fall down flight of stairs Mar. 23 in building omictl 'by the defendants. In yesterday's session, a jury 'ound for the defendant in a suit jrought by C6cll Crawford againsl .he Frisco railroad. Mr. Crawford liad sought 51,2-15 damages for Ios.< of his cur July 13 v.liei\ it stalled on trucks near yarbro and was hit ay a train. A judgement was entered yesterday in which James A House was awarded $815 fov damages to his cai a result ..V a collision Nov 1 with a taxleab. Charlie IZobinsoi \vns the defendant. Mr. House hac filed si-it, for $1,-100. In the same case, Clint House sought $5,000 damages for Injuries he. said he Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYAHDS, 111., Jill). 25. «>>— (USDA) Hogs 10,000; etivc. weights 180 Ibs up mostly 25 higher than average Tuesday; lighter weights 25 to 50 higher; sows steady to 25 higher; hulk good and choice 130-240 IDS :s.7o-17.50; top 17.50 freely for 130-210 Ib averages; 250-300 Ibs 15.25-16.75; around 340 Ibs 1J.75: 140-170 Ibs 15.25-17.00; 100-1M 11)3 13.25-15.00; good and choice -sows 400 Ills down 13:60-14.25; heavier sows 11.75-13.25; stags 8.5010.50. Cattle 2000; calves 600; few medium lleshcd steers 21.50-21.75; medium and good heifers and mixed yearlings 22.00-25.00; common and medium cows IG.00-17.00; few good cows to 18.00: canners and cutters received in the accident. Earlier, a jury returned a verdict for the defendant in a $25,000 suit brought by Pearl Green agalmt-f'e. Sterling Stoic Co. She alleged ipti. she had Ijen falsely accused of taking popcorn from a vending machine while working as a clerk In the stole. A directed verdict awarded \V. W. Yopp, Jr., $MU and interest in a suit to collect n note, llersliel P. Byrd was the defendant. When large, clear, and dark, the emerald is the most costly of the precious stones. 13.00-15.50; medium and 'good bulls 18.00-10.25; top 19.25; cutler and common 15.50-17.50; vealers steady, good and choice 28.00-33.00; common and medium 18.00-27.00. Clergyman Dies PHIliADEIiPHlA, Jnn. 25— lift— Dr. Joseph ForL Newton, who was voted one of the five foremost clergymen in Americn in a 1939 poll of 25,000 ministers, is dead at 73 The nationally known author and lecturer was rector of the Episcopal Church of St. Luke and the Epi- at Mead'. pliany, He died last n'ght tit his home Snakes, being deaf, are not in- in nearby Mt*rion. He wns- born terestcd in music. 1 in Decatur, Tex. 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