The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 21, 1952 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 21, 1952
Page 11
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TUESDAY, OCTOBER 21, 19M OUR BOARDING HOUSE — with Major Hoopl. ? A WOV*6 -(UiiJSsH PtEA6e01t> ACCEPT, MiSTAH HOOPC& "V|| SOT Ato LfiSAL COiTRACK FOR I'M 4TAVIPA 1 £g) MV tALENTS, AM' HE OtvJLY PAY t2?t "v" i< M-cm^i, y-v>j nc C'PJMr } ^/ vJHEhilH' MOOD HITS HIM, SELDOM tlKE.' * xYOU see/vl vjjf HOVJ'D VOlJ TO S& MY V/AL6T Ati 1 LIMe OM WOM'T LST OfJ L 'MSMt> trC MAJOR 8 >' HIM TOR .Conscience Gets ^lis Taxpayer t | MELBOURNE, Australia W) — Deputy Taxation Commissioner J. V'- Neale received $1,290 in an en- SJelope with an accompanying let- 'i?T signed "Anon. Conscientious." J Neale said it was the largest Amount of "conscience money" he jaci received since his appointment 'fist year. The largest amount ever ecelved n-a-s about $2,000 IS years ; go. FOR SALE Concrete culvcrti, 12 Inch to 18 Inch, plain or reenforced. Also Concrete Buildlnf Blocks cheaper than lumber for barns, chick, en houses, pump houses, tenant houses, tool sheds. We deliver Call us for free estimate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Phone 681 JOE ATKINS MACHINE WORKS "All I said to her was that her old top sergeant mother reminded me of my in the army!" «M BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS PHONES: Doy 3142; Night 6153 FUEL OIL 1 G.O. POETZ OIL CO. | "/ Sell Tkat Stuff' j Phone 2089 \ Of f ice & Bulk Plant—Promised Land hon>» beoi/l]'- t'caimt nl tot yotjT rt/gj ... Qi>i[V-SoF«-Eoiyl ComplereTy Dlffcrvnll No! • op (oam. 01 powdti PocVecf ,eody to vie. SprinVI* en. Bruih in, Vocuum off, DIRFSr GONE. CASFttS DRV. ,.ad, I. well on In H minult* R«mo»ii food Sloini, Gfeci*. Gum, lipititk. Io. . . ...o Sho. PolHh. On. Gallon ,, Holl'Gallon 12 29. .Gallon J3.79. Chas. S. Lemons, Furniture FLASH Cameras for Rent Takf wonderful Indoor pictures wilh a. flash camera from Barney's T>ruf. Low rales. All kinds of camera supplies are available here. Barney's Drug CAMERA HEADQUARTERS 2006 \V. Main Thono 3617 Wanted! TIN CANS ' LargeJMclal Compress BLYTHEVILLE Iron & Metol Co. Jloullrie & R.R. Sis. Blyfheville, Ark. Phone 8962 SECOND MAN on the Ticket XVII 'pHE plane was Banking, and 1 saw the lights of an airport down below. The hostess passed smiling along the aisle, reminding Us to buckle our safely bells. "Lucy." 1 said, "you're a very .fendsome girl, but I didn't think fl(! was necessary for me to tell you that. You're pretty well aware of it already. It shows in everything you do." 1 "It does?" she said tightly How?" 2 "Well, in the way you walk " jil said, "That little wiggle." "I don'l wiggle!" •Yes." I said. -You wiggle. i And it shows in that smile of •» yours. It's sort of contented. J When you smile at a guy you V make him think he's just a mirror ,5 reflecting il back at you." "You heel." said Lucy. "And it shows in the way you pat your hair and look at your '£ nails and lift your right shoulder,' 1 il went on. "It shows all over \ -you." "Mr. Mason," she said. "You j} say the nicest things." "You asked me." I said. "1 | wasn't criticizing. It's usually that -. way wilh your type. Girls who have been around are always ;preUy sure of themselves." ; "Been—around?" Lucy said. : -You know what I mean," I [ -said. "Sophislicated. You're not denying you're sophisticated, are "I have an overlay of sophisti- i cation," Lucy said. "But it's wcar- 1 ing pretly thin right now. In Just J)Aj[<put a minute it will crack and S the primitive woman will break Ihrough and gouge out your eyes." The plane bumped on the runway, and Lucy, somewhat flushed, unbuckled her belt iti silence. The plane taxied up to the apron, and as sopn as the door was opened Lucy wenl ahead of me down the steps. I followed her into Ihe administration building, withoi:; & backward glance for Governor Warburton. In the waiting room, smoking a cfgar, was John Mills. He moved his head slightly a nod toward the door, and Lucy and 1 went on out and waited to claim the luggage. A moment later Governor Warburton came through the door and moved on past us into the darkness. TE were on a three-lane hign- way, driving very fast through the night. John Mills said, "H was a surprise when 1 got lhat phone call to meet you here. Willie. Al first 1 thought it was a gag. What's the trouble, anyhow?" Governor Warburton began explaining to his friend just what Ihe situation was, and 1 leaned back on the seal beside Lucy and lighted cigarcts for each of us. She took hers without a word. "We'll be about an hour on the road," I said. "Lucy, you and I always kid each other. 1 never guessed you were sensitive." "I'm not sensitive," she said. "No more than anybody." She took a deep drag of the cigarcl. "But, Roy, enough is enough. Yoii'd praise a cook for dishing a good dinner. You'd compliment a bootblack for a high shine. Some- limes you ought to praise a girl for—for—" "For what?" "For being a girl," said Lucy. The Governor turned his head. "Roy, John 3rd I have been !alk- ing il over. Now, il's pretty late. It will be touching midnight when we get to Hydelown." "Ginny Perkins," John Mills said. "She's our problem." "We don'l want Hie word to get out that I paid a midnight call on Miss Hallie," Ihe Governor said. He grinned at me. "You and the girl got along pretty well, didn'l you, Roy?" "Passably," I jaid. "Roy," the Governor said. "What do you think? Think you cr.n gel her oul of Ihe house?" "I'll try. Governor." I said. The headlights picked up a sign lhat said: "HYDETOWN- Rol.iry Meets Wednesday.." John Mills said, "I'll stop a way down the street, and we'l] get out there. Then you drive on up to the house, Mr. Mason," He turned the car to the curb and stopped by a sycamore tree. "We'll wait here," he said. "You take the car. Mr. Mason, and as soon as we see you drive away with Ginny. we'll hustle up there." "One more thing. Roy." the Governor said. -Bill Evers and 1 mapped this thing out. If we are seen here, we call up the note). There's a photographer there from Ego Magazine, lo make a big layout on Warburton Day, If we're seen we call him and pretend H was a prearranged stunt, a sentimental call on my old school- ma'am." I got behind the wheel and drove off, leaving Ihem grouped under Ihe sycamore tree. 1 stopped in front of Miss Haltie's cottage 100 yards farther on. A porch light was burning, and most of Ihe downstairs lights were on. I wcnl through Ihe gal« and up to the door. • • • J KNOCKED, and heard slow steps approaching. The door came open a few inches and I stood facing Miss Harriet Perkins. The lines around her eyes tightened and she said sliflly. "So it's you. I suppose you've come for your reading lamp?" "The lamp was a present for you," "I don't accept bribes, young man," Miss Hattie said crisply. "Come in and get it." The lamp was on a hall table, the cord wrapf.ed around iu stem. Miss Hatlio picked it up and held it out lo me. "Just lake it along, young man." "Of course," I said. "But now thai I'm htrc, may 1 speak to Ginny a moment?" "Virginia's not here," Miss Haltie said. "Do you know where I can find her?" "At the depot," Miss Hattie said, with a shrug o! her vast shoulders. "She went down to the depot. Good night. Mr Mason." (To Be Continued) Political Announcements The Courier News Is authorized (o announce the fallowing candidates for the general election, November ^. For Alderman Second Ward •I. L. "Jodie" Naber." L. D. Wade For Municipal Judge O. W. Barham Television- Ton ite. Tomorrow WMCT. MemnhLs'. Channel TUKSWAV NIOHT, OCTOBER Zl 6:00 Evening Serenade 6:15 News 0:30 Dinah Shore 6:45 News caravan 7:0(1 Milton Berle 8:00 Fireside Theatre 8:30 Natl. Comm. Stevenson 9:00 Two For The Money 9:30 Dangerous Assignments 10:00 M. <t; Mr S . North 10:30 Nsws 10:40 Weather 10:45 Studio One 11:45 J"dustry on Parade J2:00 Mews 12:15 P'-i Off- >YfiPNE§DAY, OCTOBER 2Z 7:00 Tcd-.y ' 1:25 News 7:30 Tod->.y 7:55 Ne-s 8:00 Tcr^y 8:25 N^'-'s 8:30 Tcr^.y 8:55 Nr.-s 9:00 Prcv<-,i le to p u ture 9:30 CnniQDign Call 10:00 U. N. General Assembly 10:30 Strike H HIch 11:00 Storylancf 11:15 Love of Life 11:30 Search for Tomorrow 11:45 Morning Meditation 12:00 News 12:15 Farm News !2:,10 Oarrj' Moore 1:00 Guldm-; Liaht 1:15 Film Feahirette 1:30 Homemalrers Program 2:00 BIB Payoff 2:30 Welcome Travelers 3:00 Kntc Smith "4:00 Hawkins Falls 4:15 Gabby Hnyes 4:30 Howdy Doody 5:00 Bcrl Olsn-anger 5:15 News 5:25 Sports 5:30 Short Story 5:45 Hnrloons 6:CO Evening Serenade 0:15 News 6:30 Those Two 6:45 News Caravan 7:00 I Married Joan 7:30 Your TV Theatre 8:00 TV Theatre B:00 Playhouse of Stars ' 9:30 Show Case 10:00 Death Valley Days 10:30 News 10:40 Rocky King 11:10 Weather 11:15 I've Got A Secret 11:45 Film Featurelte 12:00 News ' 12:05 Sign Off PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Rest Prices Kirby Drug Stores Children;; SHOES EXPERTLY REPAIRED Hfl LTCRS >U<«.ITY SHOE SHOP in w. M a i M ST. COURIER NEWS BLiBVDN FRICKLES AND H1S FfclENDS \ OUT OUR WAY By J. R. William. /OUR FATHER WENT OUT AND LEFT SUCH A HOT FIRE GOIWC. THAT IT'S NEARLY BAK6D--AND I CAN'T (SET THAT MOUNTAIN IM THE OVEM TO FINISH IT.' WELL, 1 WISH VDO WOULDN'T ALWAV& SHRIEK AND SLARS AT ME WHEW THREST DO THINGS; M*Y TWWP -me*r THIS is UTTERLY R4.INLESS WE NOW--YOU R LATER— WHAT CAN WE LOSE? THOSE WILL EXPtAIKI EVERYTHING^ 6RCtTlN©S, cSALS- WE WHO HAVf BEEN TWtRPED \. TO B6TURM YOUR. 1Y.THERE- . -~u , .*. MCtAH£ PRIWTSEASON SORTING AT SUNRISE AMD 'NDING-fHP SAME DAY AT SUMS tT./ WIRPE& ib THE TUNt Of 12 MALTS. OME CHCKEM PIE AMD 16 HAMBURGERS- REPAYABLE DURING PRIWT SFASOM .' y-^-f^^f^ rt-J, J.f?WlU.lftMi, BOBM THIRTY YgARS TOO SOOH i.'.i!. 11 ;,';".^ Benefit by Reading and Using Courier News Classified Ads AND THE MOMENT™ CHKI^ PROPELS WAKO HIS OWH PISTOL.. AND IF YOU'RE A GOOD GIRL AND MIND ME . WELL, I'LL GIVE YOU A DIME: WHAT ARE \C DOING, WOLLVHOCK l<5 <3HE PAYING YOU FOR IT? CERTAINLY HALF A DOLLAR ii THAT . MORE THAN I GET " FOR MINDING MY MOTHER/ 9O55, I &OT KJEW& FOR VA/ WAVT'LL *° LOUI6 TR.L6 WC OF MI5 6NCOOMTER: WTHPTO- IS A SETTER WEAK.) BETTER TAK£ IT THAM I'C7 HOPEP FOK. <EASy, CHIEP THAT TOO BAP THEY KNOW BIG CUVfe A TOLX5H YA H&AK. VVHAT i PAN INTO IN TV FESSOK THANATAffAS AKjp CO1MWOV... KO, IT CTOE6MT SCUNX7 / ANC7TM'SUV WV I VOU *Y SISHT OK I'P CUSTOMER ___ eoroa DOWN/ LET SOU HELP ME TAIL THE.V\ •roMiaHT./ - H6ARBM& A !T-AY. SOU \KEPT 7£U-IN'TH15 KEC7 &«y THEV PLAN TO MEET ™?VJfr 1 LV E51 '" * BRieFCASETH*CrrWO THE RWTA.K \&RWLED WEMTRIED TO TAKE SH REfVCHED HERBJ BUT I MANAGED TOX ye^ I!^,!H!?y^. u ?LBE!w ! DOVOUKNOYJ . KU6N Oh) THE PL&WE - AMP CKEW AT BW TILL WE L&MDEO! HHERE NOW, BYGAWKV; THAT'LL <-B\RN VOO THAT WHEN I SAY I'VE HAD ENOUGH OF 6UMP1N. I ME AW IT.' ^IMT^g^"' 01 "™*^ I'LL MP THAT IN ONLY. ONE THINS

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