The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 13, 1950 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 13, 1950
Page 6
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WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 195<J OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams .y COURIER NEW* Our Boording House with Moj.HoopU C ANNOY ME SOU TRVlKf TO DO,' KEEP THE SANP OUTAVOUR. SHOES I YOU WALK NO, I'M .TO KEEP WHAT SAND IS IU 'EM OJ TK LEVEL.' CUZ HALF TH' TIME ' so 'CONG .'THAT T. TXJST HIH^ ti^S T ft e • 6tfeT OF €V WE ,HOVe*},'.V~TX>YoO ^ THAT KNOW OF A roe WeRe of GRASSHOPPERS LIKE (WOW SWOW SHOES. UPHILL WITH OE FOOT AN' DOWW HILL- WITH TH OTHER./ 1HETIME CLOCk ' WOOLt>rJ'T TAKE TOO MUCH Mbsae-To A MIGHT WATCH- MA^.' By Edwin Rutt Co fr ,i s ht 1950 b, NtA 5<oki, Engineering DIAL 2241 (f For Improved ICIDNEY FUNCTION In a majority of cases investigated jn several haspi'faJs ond ' clinks, subnormal Kidney function wai improved, Bladder pain and discomfort reduced after the us« of Mountain Valley Water. If your doctor has diagnosed your condition as functional Krd- /iey impairment fbis natural, untreated mineral water may be very beneficial 1 . Try ff for a few weeks. It M delicious, pure-lasting, ond may be consumed freely, -,Cross town Whiskey Shop Main & Division HojmtainVWIcy P AUTO GLASS 1 Installed Norlkreil, adver- aMMXer »f MorM-Olo •OMp, Ike mtcatnl*. «,, d kupv* (• r>uii»lK.. elder brni...,. ,„ t i , ?.iV "* "">»'•* •'««•* wllfc . • liiillr-.Ke* «.i, .nd »i..dl n< «„ « »!<•* _,„.,. e „„. Tfcr . «„„•;„ " tiler Irnm !>,„ KJ ou d. ,.k lnB •-.!«• lor • divorce. The >rvi« rlvr. >•.«••• « -.-fuse of teller. .„! .„, ,„, I»HK. Mr. I.TOB. »r !.,„„, nrc;,«. Ihf nlXcr ^kRky nri-miRt, hnh hrrH XVlIl "pHE next day Me got a pleasant surprise. plioncd. Gj! SummerSeld Blythevillc Gloss & Paint Co. 13B E.'Miiin Phone 6716 In the axcilemcnt ot the past few weeks she had hardly thought of Gil. But now his voice brought back memories of the gay world in which she had once moved. And. strangely, she fell a kind of queer nostalgia tor Bermuda the Sreen quiet of it and the stretching blue seas all around. She met him for lunch. His face was even leaner and browner than she remembered, and the faint ralher tired smile still lurked in his riark eyes. "Well, Gil," she said, giving him her hand, "this if unexpected. 1 thought : Bermuda owned you body a?)d souL" . "It almost does, you know," Gil " said. I m going to stay a while Sort of— oh, self-discipline." Ede's eyes widened. "Can , Bul 1 flow up yesterday. this . be the elegant Mr. SummerfiEld speaking? 1 ditin't know you went in for things like that" He chuckled. "Going Vo, from here in. I've closed my down there, indefinitely." bouse lunch Oil said, "What's this 1 hear aboul your being in business?" > "Now where," Ede smiled. "would you hear Ihat? "Oh, I gel around. Cut, actually, Margaret Delevan told me. That woman knows more news lhan a newspaper." "Well, she's perieclly correct I am Hying to do a job of work. Oil. Pinch-hitting more or less lor 1 don't quite know whom." . "Like it?" Ede's forehead wrinkled. "Honestly, I don't know. I haven't had time lo lliink about that. Over a long haul, I don't believe I would Jt . well, i wasn't brought up lo it. Only"—she smiled again— •nn the proceeds of it," Gil nodded. '"Yes. i t>,; nk i Ke "'"• Play people, Ede. it's We'r rather a sobering thought in . world like this, loo." 'I don't know." She paused, .there isn'l much harm in being a play person. It—it c i ears the track anyhow, if you get what t mean. For instance, Gil, you don't need a job. IJ you were to take one. you'd probably be depriving somebody who really djd." -In oilier words, they also serve who only play?" "Something like that." He shook his dark head "Not good enough. It doesn't take into account what's going lo happen IQ me. And people like me." "You," said Ede, "will juet be you, that's all.". ••"Useless till 'the en4, eh? Con- Iributmg ..nothing. Well, maybe thai is best. But ii's been gelling me down lalely. Why, I hardly "Ot>, forget it," said Ede. 'You're iucky, but you don't seem to realize it 11 "Okay," he said. 'We'll leave H like ihat. And enough of Gil Summerfield's problems. Let's ulk about something else." . "•»«, let's do,- Ede uld nrmly. , But Ede felt that the subject of 1 Gil Summei field's problems was not (he principal thin* that was bothering Gil Summerfield. Then, as tht meal went on, Ede felt thai Gil grew constrained, rant-ease even. Sil«nc«. ilmost awkward, fell between th*m. "Is anything the matter, GUT" she asked anally. 'Mailer?" He made a business ol sirring his coflee. "What would ' Silence again. Ede broke it with' a hesilant: "Have you seen Peter?" H« looked at her,: the half- cymeal smile - gone. "Yes I've seen him." "And how is he?" Her voice was casual enough, "Ede." Gil's long lingers braced m the tablecloth, "we're pretty good friends, aren't we?" • » • 3E started, before hi« strange tone. "Of course," Then suddenly; "Lislen, Gil Summerfleld, if you've got anything to ia» 1 can lake it." ', "Verj well." He seemed to make up his mind. "Peter Flood i* a roller, that's all." "Yes." Ede'i head wu dowm. Im afraid he is." . • u J"^. a lot °* tnin «» t shouldn't be. Gil said. "But a gossip isn't one of them. ( B »te gossip' However—" He paused. "Go on," said Ede. "m make W easier by saying that I'm not' entirely unprepared for thi» " •I'm going to teU you something," Gil said, still une«sily ! suppose I'll do it badly But I'm telling you because I'm a friend of yours and I'm no triend of Peter flood's." He grimaced, then plunged ahead. "Do you remember Irene Van Sant, EdeT" "A dark, rather good-lookirii girl who was at yoiir party? ¥«, 1 remember her Why?" •-. •Well—I'm > heel to be Ulkin* like this, but—dam it, Ede, 1 can't jeat around the bush. Peter Flood 1£ on his way to Mexico right now on the Van Sam yacht." Rt'-e sat perfectly still, her lip* a thin, tight line. She had been prepared for something but not lor thi*. ., PRESCRIPTIONS i'V carefu) attention to (he ... filling of your prescriplions, = be sure lo come lo Barney'* Drug. BARNEY'S DRUG O West Main Phon* 3647 "\ Sell That Stuff" FUEL OIL! "6.0, POETZ OIL CO. PHONE 2089 PHONE Office ami liulfc I>| iin ( — Tromised Land CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH For the servicing or repair of your car, bring It .,.,, Sea - v Motor Co - 0» r mechanics are specifically trained lo care for your car. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 127 East Main Rhone 2122 RED SPOT PAtNTS— GLASS— WALLPAPER MIRRORS— GLASS FOR FURNITURE Awnings— Venetian Blindi— Auto Glait AUSTIN & WICKER '"'""— 1 12 S. First '-! BlylhevHIe NU-WA PHONE 4474 Laundry & Dry Cleaning A KTTF.R LAUNDRY We're Proud of Our Work le »'«rk • Woortwork Rcluring * Welding BARKSDALE MFC CO Machine Manulncturing Does Your Speedometer Read Correctly? For safe driving, bellcr check on it. We give one- day service on speedometer repairs for any make or model car or (ruck. Drive in today T. I SEAY MOTOR CO. J21 East Main p none 2 122 To My Friends Wish to announce lhal am now located at CHARI-KY'S K/.KCTR1C SKRV- ICE. Now I am able to serve -vou 21 hours a day on COM- MERCIAN RRFRH;KR,S. "ION 1 and A1R-CON1M- TTON?,\(; n - or i(. pi,,.,,^ fetf free ( o ca n a( snv (imt Fmnk Westall 2808 STOP! . U »n «il Ibrnfh FHA. ontnict c*mpM veil jo. the Aii.m tn* n m.ltri.l a pUmhrr. See or Call Orsburn Supply '916 W. M*in Bly Hh«fl« 3208 •T Orsburn Plumbing Co 1>1« WM* An. CmtJMnrM* __ Ph«m« 1179 Me WAKS veo *r 6 A' M. 60 "iCO CAN MAKB SSw WAKWO U6/WY SNOOZCRS? NO THANKS/ ^, USUAL WITH m^ CRAZy AUBM SVSTCM5, ^VBRYBOOy WITHIN 6LOOS WKES UP BUT H4M . IHO IV kt> 5EP.YKC. WC. T. M. ttO. U. >. MT , Of, But, Mom! You said a girl should he prepared to live in a man's world! 1 ' KISCI1,LA'S POI Vnd Th:it Proves It BY AL VERMBXI YOU WON *4 AT POKER?'OR WALDO THAT'S SHAMEFUL'' GAMBLERS NE.VER ~-~<^' RICH.i.EVEN WHEN WIN, THEY SPEND IT FOOLISHLY! WHAT MX/'THINKI I'M OOING TO BUV - WITH IT J Important Words RY MFCHAEI, O'MAI.LEY ind RALPH LAN* I%t HE^«7 A LOT ASOVT V WATCH, Zrt>««*, BUT I\-6 MEVE S6EW OOE WFOR6. HOW K3 SOU PI*,' IT? ™> ^ '^-»-"«^/'^vv / ^z-/»i»/^ij^e»»AJ7/^>4A/ ^My f j. WHWHE TAWS VCUIfJHtS MUtS.iiZAncZ, -~ , , ) K. MO GAITAIN EAS1 BY LESLIE TURNEI WHAT'S AIL T JliCS GOT WtOTKSR. O«STR£PSROIJ CAM'T VELL ANV MOKE. .. N080DV PAVIMG MTEWTIOtl, E* 5UUK..,.DUHtiO IV3W tCAU EMfiR AT TW Jft,L t V SH<WW" wage's tEEU HEMUM' IJ^ VOUR MOVIE. TOR WLAST HAlF.HOOe BUGS BUNNY WITH THE CE0WN CFMNS 0CH ALL C7VEE IT.' BOOTS AND HER BIIODIKS

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