The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 25, 1950 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 25, 1950
Page 15
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WEDNESDAY, JANTJARY M, IfM E (ARK.)' COURIER PAGE OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams SORRY VUH SEEN TMJS.' fT WOU.D-A MADE A GREAT STOBV, BUT MINUTE SOO HAVE PKOOT Noeopy CARES ABOUT rr: HOLY SMOKE. SORO. I 1T> NEVER Of BELIEVED THAT IF I HADN'T SEEN rr— SNOW BALLED UP HORSE'S OfJ A FEET 50 WALKCIM' ABOVE SMOW: Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople 6P. I. -CAM PUT XXI OM A.T A no*J- OXJLDW'T X FIND SUMPIW IRED EEC Me SAG Liwes, SAY, " SUCH A SWELL WAMTA THROW MVSELP IMTO ABLE, LIKE LIFE-SAVER. AT A POLAR BEAR AST PLAY T MCN6D OOT THE EXITS/" EXACTLY 5 6CROPLES FKECKLES AND HIS PUJENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSEH Say 11 In Eskimo BLYTHEV[U,E REALTY SPECIALS On South LftKc Street. 2 blocks from Mam. eooil 5-room house, only S»0 down, halhtlce monthly. Nex 3-bedioom modern home, north Bide. Can Gt or FHA. For homes, businesses, Gl & fc'HA loans Phone FIELD. 2391 1-1B pit 26 Two lots on loth street racing Ellc of new school building. Price »3SO.OO each. \Vrltfi Groves Perkins. Ucncral Delivery. Kuttawa, Ky. • 1[23 pit 2|6 Loons WANT A FARM LOAN I have one of tiie best loans to he had. 20 years to pay Cheap rate of interest. Will refinance your place or help you to buy one. RIALES LAND CO. W. T. Harriett—Russell RIates 2262 two phones 3322 11-25 ck tf S\ONEY"toTOAN On City Property or Farm Lands CONWAY & HOUCHINS GLENCOE HOTEL BLDG. 1-13 ck 2-13 Money to Loan l)o you need a loan to repair or remodel 1 / No down payment on mortgage, no red tape, FHA APPROVED RATES 5% ASK FOR DETAILS Max Logan, Realtor Ffione 2034 Lynch BviLldlng Blyihcvllle/rArlc- \~ - ... Hove By Evelyn.BaAirre MONEY TO LOAN ON REAL ESTATE W. T. BARNETT Ph. 22G2 or 3322 1-6 pk 2-G " Wanted to Buy Highest prices paid lor CHICKENS— EUQS Ash Street Grocery & Market. 417 W. Ash fl;7 ck tl Pf/votc Rooms Bedroom with kitchen 42 J. Nice lar^e Yieorom, close In, &14 W, Walnut. Ph, 2915. 1J24 pk 27 Comtorinble bedroom. Phone 2333. 1|24 pk 2,24 Bfdroonn. close In, Men only. 310 W. Walnut. 1;24 pk 2.24 Nicely furnished large bedroom, pri- ate home Ph 2483 1-18 pk 2-18 Uedroom, ron^enlent to b*th Stea heat. Ph 3325, 6J1 W Main. Nicely furnished front oedroom. Steam (Jeutlemen Ph. 3261. 1|5 PH 2,5 Hotct. i'h 2i27 pk 1|27 ice tedroom. Men only P ance 6LJ Wainui Ph 2106 Ktciiin-ncatcd bedroom adjoin In tj brivii Plenty privacy 901 W Ash Phone 220H 1-18 pk 2-1 Nice .strain hcntctl hrdrooin ndjolninj; • '-n Mtii onJy, 603 West Main. ph. «-tf- 1-21 ck tl NKW GLKNCOE HOTEL Offers weekly ratrs to permanent sucftts. Ph. 4464 nr see in:itinKPr. i-20 ck 2-20 Insurance '•'Or FAflM HUKFTAU INSURANCE service. c,i!l or contact H R Shcplin pdoiic Zl 57. uatly morning- tinon mslu. 1-20 pX 2-20 Kor Complete Insurance 1'rottetion . J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection 124 \V Ash St LENCOE HOTEL DUILUINO 1 8-cfc-tt XXV I HpHE very next morning after John's appointment was confirmed, and Just four weeks after the family confab, was the day of \ our sixth monthly wedding anniversary. What a speciaJ day! My first disappointment came w. r ith the absence of any greeting from John ID the early mail. Could he have forgotten? Tfce traitorous thought came, unbidden, into my rxenct as I made th« bed. and 1 tried to banish H quickly. as If. I had been caught harboring ft«itives trom a chain gang in my cellar. "What's the mettcr. dear?" John asked anxiously, as I all but dumped his coffee in his lap. "Nothing." 1 replied tartty. Wii^n the time came to leave for school, i offered my cheek to John as if it were only a cardboard facsimile of the same, and was furiously enraged when' he didn't even notice the diflorenr-e. J arrived home in time for office hours, and after a hurried sandwich in the kitchen, went right to work, "This Is what I really atn," I raged inwardily as I smiled sweetly at Mrs. Giglione's twins, and commented cheerfully on Mr Hansen's fractured foot: "A^slave In his house! Someone to work for him!" "What on earth's the matter? John whispered from time to time "What happened?** But I was set on dying for my _ cause. "Nothing,'* 4 snarled. Un/ortunately, It was a very busy day. Following afternoor hours, John had to rush out on some calls. He phoned finall from the hospital to say he wa . detained on a ward case, an would cat there, so I needn't wai dinner. "As li I want diimerl" thought. IT wasn't until after evenln hours, about 9 o'clock, that w ultimately had a chance to talk. "Now " said John firmly, cor g me in the treatment room efore the door even really cJosed *hind the last patient "What's all about? What's wrong?" My pride spoke up again, S'othing at all." I repeated ^ioorn- y, sou nd i ng like Bette Davis in histrionic death scene. I tried to tree my hand, John lid determinedly. "That's what ou said all day!" Then oe hanged his lone of voice. Please, darling," he pleaded. **I lougn we were going to share very thing," The new attack upon my for- icr resolution* unnerved .TIC, and ly defenses crumpled. "It's OUT ixth-monib anniversary," 1 ftob- >ed into the ottlce towel, "a whole alf yearl And you forgoU" John looked as stricken as ff he had just nenrd himself accused nd found guilty of the rnost seri- >us crime in the book. "Oh. sweetheart." he said, when ic lound nis voice, "I'm sorry don't know how it slipped mo mind. Won't you forgive me?" "Only six months." 1 moaned starting to cry again, "and you don't care for me any more!" "I do," he said, speaking more loudly. "You don't. You dont love me or you wouldn't ignore me," was approaching lite height of my own crescendo, like a me soprano reaching for high C, "Oh oh," I wept. Just then the doorbell soundei piercingly above our noise, am we automatically ceased arguing like the sudden dispersal of sid walk brawlers at the sound ol police siren. In the unexpectet silence, the doorbell rang again. "Want to play possum?" Jon recovered first. "Should I ignor it?" "You get it," I said to John, hnr ricdly wiping my eyes, and blow ing my nose in the towcL "I'll b right out." \V HEN I came into the Hvin room a few minutes late* Bo id Afjnea were seated on (h< tjc'h each looking very much ike the whale must have aflei he sallowed Jonah, 'We've got something *o tell ou," Bob said, with supresscd xcitement, and my apathy lifted little. Watching the expression ot leased importance on Bob's face ow, I asked. "You don'V realty mean you're getting . , . T H 1 aused In astonishment. 'Married," they both concluded. We are." And soon." said Agnes. Her ace was flushed and prettier than *lorc. There was a new confluence and happiness in hw voice, md she seemed to nave acquired he courage to use It. **T'rn not ,oing to lei aim change his mind," he Eaughcd gaily, bul with a hint serious purpose In her Jest 'He mignl get awayj" Bob grinned self-consciously, while I whispered to John: "Close vour mouth/' Then the propcc- ivc groom said: "Now. Aggie, you know I'm stuck for good." in so aiucus a tone that even 1 Raped. Then Agnes said. "\Ve wanled you iwo to be the first lo know. except lor our [nmilies. ol course berausc—well, you've both been kind ol an inspiration for us right along," Just before they left, Agnes :urned bac:k to me impulsively and said. "I hope that Bob and 1 will be as happy a? you and John." 1 was obviously emotionally overcome by this final remark. but not in the way 'Agnes thought. Ah. il you only Knew!" 1 ten like saying, like the disillusioned woman o[ the world 1 now knew myself to be. Bul John hurried forward, and spoke before any evidence of my demoralization could be noticed: "I nape you will be very happy. Agnes." tie said a little sadly, and closed the door. After their departure, the argumentative wmrl was primarily out of my sails, and it seemed definitely awkward to return, at this point, u> the scene ol the crime. "Well," said John to my stiff back, "imagine that!" (To Kf Ccr- 'i Female Help Wanted NEED EXTRA CASH? Make It easily! Sell Everyday Greeting Cards. 15-Cnrd il fUl-everUs Assortment, sells on sight; pays up to 100% I Ultt Wraps, MctaUes, PLASTICS. Oihers. Also Imprinted Notes, stationery, Napkins. Get FREE Samples Assortments on Approval. ARTISTIC 320 way, Elmlra. New York. 1,25 pk IJ26 For Rent 3 room tmnlshed house, utilities furnished. Children accepted. 112 W Davis. Ph. 2304. ij24 ck tf 3 room furnished he-use. Children Lcccptcd. 407 DaiigAn. 1]24 pk 27 3-room fur. houee. Phone 4609. 1-20 pk 1-28 Trailer Pnrklng. nvallnblc Ph 950 tlf-ht-i k 1-31 Warehouse JO'i-lU' on rallrond sW- ing Midwest Dairy Product* Pfi 4-MV 11|16 ck tf f ln.sti Cfttntrivs for til occasions O'STEEN'S ST.UOIO 43-ck-lt FOR RENT: Frozen Food lockers Ulaylock's Highway 61 Phone 3172 8,23 ck II Lost Lost tuans brown leather glove at Post Office, lor leH Imiicl RBWAllD "'- 3163, ijas pk i.ze for Sale, Cars and Trucks IUy personal 19-19 Olds. 4- (loor Sedan. Also 19'1'J-Ohls- 88 4-<Ioor Sedan. Demonstrator. Both low milage. Like new. Call Mylce 33D3 or Lee Jlotor Sales. 1-25 ck 20 At a bargain price 1 \'_ ton UrxJ^c stake body true It. practically new See It BI K M LnrkLn Service Stnllnn 219 Last MR In, or phone 523 1[3 27 Job Wanted Farm mannger, 18 years experience with mule and tractor equipment. Write Box CDE, c|o Courier News. ^ pX SI Taken up JHCk norse muJe Taken Up Personal Tiirlty minute photostatlo O'STKEN'H STUDIO Help Wanted. Male HANDICAPPED Physically handicapped men wlio are Inlcre.sied in steady employment Write Hox PNO r,o Courier News, sla lypc of, nge. education. IJ2S Pk Toun& man stenographer who can do bookivotk. PermFinent Job for the rlRht man. Not * h«Avj Job bul one thnt requires ability to do Accurate work and a record of stability trustwoiihlnnKs. Prefer married, cx- scrvkce ninn If you have these qiml- lllcatlons and want a. steady Job nt lair pay address Box DEP. c;o ol this paper- 1|24 ck tf AMBITIOUS Man can earn Inrite steady tnconip operating local Wall Washing Mnclilnc Hiislne5S. Investment Jess than i-iOO In equipment and supplies. Details K A: 5., Lincoln Ilanfc KIdg. Syracuse, N. Y. j : 25 pk Ij26 Instructions "New CInRse.s in Shorthand, Dook.- JceeplnR, Typing Mrs I, w BurnetU- J«iu Hearn" us ck tf Here's Another Special! $10 LESS EVERY DAY 1946 Chevrolet U-Ton Cab & Chassis Wonted fo Rent ,* « 5 - rlMn > "nrurnlrtcd ho.isf. closc In. Permanent rcsldmts. Cnll 4OT5 _ 1-21 pk 2K Notice LIVE STOCK MEN ATTENTION FARMERS Dead, fallen and crippico animala picked tip free ol charge in sterilized trucks. Call collect, 6142, Blytheville. Ark. ARKANSAS DEAD ANIJIAI DISPOSAL CO. 11 Jl ft l,2],i(J CO LU O Ii/l Vou can buy it for ?675 on Thursday, ffiGo on Friday, etc., if the truck is still here. It has 8.25 tires on the rear, 7.50 on the front . . . good heater, perfect motor, and excellent paint . . . clemm as a pin A.N'D a 49-50 Arkansas license. Thursday's Price $ 675 Fully equipped wdh rjHIo. holer, ovfrrirlve, hill-holrtcr, Khilr sirtcwall lircs, and exclusive njlon uphnlslrry, shfnj hlack finish. Owner's name on request. Check this very special price '48 STUDEBAKER LAND-CRUISER $1695 CHAMBLIN SALES CO. "Your Friendly Studcbaker Dea/er" RAILROAD & ASH PHONE 888 "The now family next door has two cars! How in tho world can they afford it, living in this neighborhood?" HISCILL-A'S PO t Hope You're Siilisficd BY AI, VERMEER O, NO, PRISCILLA.! WHEN OU SAY YOUR PRAVERS OU SHOULD BE NEXT TO HE BED... ON VOUR KNEES! THERE! IF I CATCH A COUD IT'S YOUR FAULT! A lirush Willi Dualh HY AHCIIAEL 0 ALLEY and RALPH LANS EVEN MOHW/TIIAT WAS JUST J HOLY MACKEREL ' SIILUM/THE BlAsrlNGCAP./WEWOULDA BEEN ONC PltCt. I TOIKS. THE REAL _ BUSINESS IS IIEC6\1FlrHAOtfrBEEN 1HC SUHCA5E — V FOR FLINT . CHHAMtlE ' STOP T HAT- GUY/ NO GUY UECE JUST A GIRL. CAl'TAIN EASY UY LESLIE TURNER lt= VDU WANT THESE KIDS ALIKE, CIE«R THE MLEV AMD SIDE STREET OP ALL COPS.... AMD HAKE WO HOVE TO STOP OR TO FOLLOW US'. WE'LL LEAVE THEM UUHAR.MED FEW WIL6& FROM TOWkJI WE OOMT AIM TO BE- THKEN HWE...SO LXJN'T T*V TO SHOOT II OfJT WITH US OUCfSS VOL) WAWT TO SMBIFIC6 A FEW COPS, AND THESi UTTLE BRATS! BUGS 11UNNY Just 11 Playful ]'a| . •ftATER... PCRKV MIOHT BE KINPA IF HE FINPS OUT I WRECKED 1 HIS CAR HEATER INSTEAD O' FIXIN C'MOM, SUPER-BRAIN, START CUCKIM'/ I GOTTA THINK O' SOM6TMIN'/ ...THIS Lit OIL. STOVKli. HAVE YOU F-FINISHEP PIXIN MVC-CAR HEATER? /YA IT'S I5Y V. r. HAMLIN HOLYCOW. CAN THAT BE /ITS OOP, ALL RIGHT THE..6LJY _WH<? HELPED ME I BUT WHY (S HE t FEEL AWFUL SILLY. BUT THIS CEAZY Rl<3 SLKE WAS TH - TICKET TfeET ME INTO THE AMAZON CAPITAL... NOW ALL I'VE GOJ TOO IS FIND OUEEN HIPPOLVTA AN 1 MY TROUBLES ACE OVER...I HOPE.' PILOT A ROCKET TO MO9N AND EIG6ED UP LIKE A SATYEZ HOOTS AND HER HUHDIKS Slricllv liusincss BY EDGAR MARTIN

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