The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 13, 1950 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 13, 1950
Page 5
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BEPlgMBBli IS, West Point Football Hero Leads Force in Trapping 3,000 Reds »L!iHgflLLl5 Wmt vs. «TH DTVWXOM, Korea, Sept. M. (AP^—Oar Davidson, a Weai' Point fooOjali 'immor- ', emerged today as a hero of U* *d Koreaa *»?sipaiga, The handsome 4T-y*u-««l Brigadier General Davidaon commands . a secret United Nations 1 Usk .'area that closed a trap on 1,000 Red Ko- ,'jana northweat of Kyongju. *Bealing O ff the enemy til that qftrter was completed today. Davidson, a right end at the military academy and head coach of , the cadets from M3 to Ofl, led the •wlft striking "Task Force bavid- aon" Into a wide left end sweep *outh of Pohang port. . ; , ' The task force closed the south- em gate of a mountain corridor on R*d Korean troops who had rammed deep Inside allied lines in a drive for the Pohang airfield. • Davidson'* name had been withheld on th» Korean wsrfroht previously for security reasons, ;.. • . Rea4a Caaapeatt-e Grevp (Identity of.cer-ntB'f'ri" under division level usually Is kept sec•ret because the enemy might learn from this information the units and 'strength.they face, Davidson's unit, however, is an American-South Korean composite group of unknown strength). The northern entrance to the corridor, lying bHween.deep flanking hills, already .had been jammed shut by a South Korean. column. As a result of '."Task Force Davidson's" left end run, the Reds must elUier Infiltrate back to their .own lines by scrambling ovw the Peaks or face capture or death The Reds drove a wedee' five miles deep and three miles wide into the TJnlted • Nations line between aV)gang and Pohang. Davidson ;iid >»JP«n interview: i . - :• ; -"Last Friday and Saturday, watched the penetration .and it gradually grew worse. 1 ' Maj. o*n. John H. Church, mander oi. the trail-blaring "j«th Division, sent Davidson into ' the lineup to "correct the situation. 1 When,the task force reached the Pohang perimeter, Davidson said, ft found the South Koreans had already seized the first of three ridges dominating the breach !n the •south. Davidson .then sent his force to •setae-the. aeoond hill, which It did easily, but ran into trouble taking the third and highest ridge. iMde Air g.pport Air support was called for and' a flight of planes 'came over with fire bomb* and maehinegun fire. "They^ did a .magnificent Job/* 'Davidson said. ?•'•;•••_ • ' ,. ... in ;taJdng thta'higJwst'.ridit.' he added, the South Koreans Integrated with American troopa went to the front. The terrain, Davidson observed, "was strictly something blllygoat would have trouble climb- however, By yes- South Koreans, went up with relative < terday th« task force had squeezed ISO Oommvnlsta, mutants of group of 700, into a packet from three sides. When last seen, the Reds were moving northwest in an effort to reach their own Lines. . Davidsons' home address Is 1200 "Webster Btre. Omaha. He wa-- graduated from Weat Point in 1827, Ffewrvr Safes Boom • ROMS CAP) — Those coiorfm' flower stands the tourist sees along Rome's broad avenues and narrow anct«it street* combine to make up one of the Eternal City's fast growing businesses. In fact flower sales have so Increased since the war that the city's picturesque wholes n!e lower market has outgrown its quarters. City official* are seeking ,a larger, and more becoming site The big reason .for the city's KIDS' KING — Freckle - faced George Ri)ey, IS. of Fremont, Neb., U the 1SSO king of National KioV Day. Re gets a tree trip, to Hodrwood and will represent anUhona at bow and «rrla ,- -- «* the United State* am Day, sponsored, by .the Ki- wanli InteraaUonal. SERVICES WrirMnhvnt A Co. 9*1* * Fmmh Hardwood Uy R«r«woo<l flooring Tile C.» aaMiay f« a frs. Kemp Whisonhunt & Co M»sVMa*» . Pfc—aa. Moxican Cotton Solos Stymied U. at liut *•*• kala, of Me* i«B •»* attnd to Kto TaJtay wanhbuatt cannot bt «rport«l without a U4. custom, "port Hnana*. > V- •:. . • D*fwty OoHtctor-. of Custom S'-«h T. Wood yaaUrday said own*n of Itafean cotton stored to this eouatry must flst for. rwulaw «. port BetOMc. Thfc sDVorrM havtng a buyer ready ta a Di. approved country befort tht stotu* cut b* aoutht. Delays ee various length •" anticipated «M«r appUeatton,' Wood aatd. ' . • '. ,.: - •. . . Th< custotas affieial spacuUted at tht purpos* bf tha ruHn, was keep, u much cotton as possible fr-m goln«j to unfTUndrj nations. Rescue Vessels Hunt 3 Ships . .. . _ »«acue ships h«nt*d todty for tnree jmaK llshint • eraft buffeted by a hurricane In the Atlantic off Nova Scotia. Missing since yeaUrday were the Nlckerson and Sir fcho, aach wlih six men aboard. The Portuguese Cova Da Irla flashed an S-o-8 U<t nl«ht. after losing its steering gear. The- hurricane w>s expected to rage over the Orand Banks fishing trounds off Newfoundland today en continue its .violent wandering th TESTAMENT TO FAITH-P»ul Pietrdak, of Chicago proudly - alia W00d m0del Ke mid « 0( St Michael', cm^of that lv r - « 0 that city. Using a razor and a knife, Pietrdak took five and . h.lf rears to finish .the model, which contain, a wealth of det.U, ev« down to the miniature worshippers on the church" step.. . out Into tne North Atlantic. 2 Sets of Quads Born in Britain LPNDOK. Sept. It. (Jfi.- The British. Commonwealth's second set quadruplets wlthrri a month was Gen. Clark Lauds U.S. Maneuvers , HEIDELBERG, Germany, Sept. 13. (4V— High ' praise from high official quarters troops today " spurred American they passed the Hollywood Continued from Page « a studio has another love story for him. It wouldn't surprise him one bit, he "says, If "Louisa" doesnt turn out to be the biggest thing for people with H "little gae on them, since Dr. Townsend. Thats because most of mem are afraid to do what .comes "natch- erly." - : . ';. .. ,-. . ...... . ;' Coburh expects the park bench-, . . - ._ es to be tilled with vintage spoon- | P«rlbr" last night after watching ers when the oldsters get a gander'-' hem *n action for two days In one at the "picture. There will be lots '"" '"" "" of. antiquarians „ pitching woo In parked cars along, lovera'iiane, too, he's guessing.. ->; •._ -,,.-•;••, ' Every now arid then • doburri is himself linked romantically with Ada Adams, a handsome woman who vis a combination secretary- housekeeper to him. "No marriage plans,? h« says. "But if somebody like ; Edmund Owenn came along and made' eyes at her, well, maybe" I'd pop the Question." Filipinos Indicted MANILA, "Sept. 13. (ff)—Alfredo" B. Haulo, secretary of the Philippines Congress of Labor organlia- lions; and two Communist-Party officials were indicted today on charges of conspiring to overthrow. the government by revolution Saulo is a tugltive. nourishing flower business Is the Roman's or the Italian's natural love for flowers.-A contributing far- tor is the multitude of national and religious holidays or feasl days. "crisis" In the mock defense of Western Germany and began regrouping to shut over from "retreat" to "attack." . . Gen, Mark Clark, chief! of all D. 3. field forces, who came here specificiaily to". Judge them "su- bf trie biggest training maneuvers since .th'e war. .... " ... -aB right but premature few hours .after their birth 1 today.- .•••...•.••••;>• • ,• The newest four suDtects of the king—all "girls' and bora within an hour shortly.arter jnldrught to Mrs. Hlaabeth Coles - were : placed In oxygen incubators. ' ' ' Last month's quadruplets—two boys and two girls— wen twrn during a so- hour period to'Krs. Betty Sara m Australia. A nurse : described the 'Coles babies as "tiny things." One weighed three pounds four ounces. Two more were -each announce heavier. The fourth wu. three pounds U ouneaa. TJ«. commercial prodwtkti ' of filberts is largely United .to Oregon and Washington, Motcow fmptrt Ploy Up Marshall't Appointment ••.; •• .:. «:• T • •'.•; T.-. MOSCOW. - Sept. 1 J. (*) — A11 Moscow papers played prominently today news of the appointment of Gen. George C. Marshall as United States Defense Secretary to succeed Louis Johnson. .;...':•. There was no editorial cwmntnt on this latest .action by President Truman, but Prime Minister Attlee's disclosure to the House of Commons yesterday that Britain ta strengthening" ji«r armed forces m Germany got critical .attention. " • A Tass dispatch from London •ssailed Attlee's statements as 'hypocritical" and charged he was trying to hide the "aggressive char- .acter of the British »oyerRsi«iff Intention on the 'question of Increasing military service'." Saftlower, an oil plant, prefers weir irrigated land above 1,000 feet elevation. '':••• . &)fflower seeds yield up to IT per cent oil. Nature hit smiled upon this ftn* whbkyl Rich, light Straight Kentucky Bourbon with that oM-f»shroned flavor ..."Mellow •" Moonlfght".. .Cascade is all Wnisky, Straight Whiaky... naharaliy good because it'» naturally aged... Try j^ todayt w*i .t M. i mm. tnnm mmm. . >f»OM THt lift AND VIGOU Of Tff? . -v- ,: '-. -.•-•;•• •••^-^•--fc.~J^^^^*.A.-^f^.^^->lA\^...SM^Aat^aMau.^*tA f :^a^ a ;^ r t^ l i t ^|^ n th * ~* J " 5 "tank-bu.te.-B,;,. tatT eorrespoodeot Stanley Tretlck ) Dantt May Kf-Koutt • Mo-f*ac Lin** in State LITTL8 ROCK, Sept. 13. (JP>— The Missouri Pacific Lines chief engineer says the railroad will have to be rerouted around two Arkansas cities if proposed dams are built. . ^ Roy p. Hart, the engineer, was talking about Russellville and Bat- esvllle. If the proposed Dardanelle Dam on the 1 Arkansas River Is built, the railroad will have to be rerouted to miss RUMellville. he said. And Batesvllle would be similarly bypassed if tht proposed Wolf Bayou Dam is constructed on White River, he added. Hart made the statements In an Interview here .yesterday. South Korean Vatic*! • B/ortt Jfof Ship in Bay w' "• <*V-Oeneral MacAHhur's headquarters said today a South Korean ship Monday blew up a Red ship loaded »ith rrmwj In Haeju Bay, due south of Pyon&yang, North Korean capital. Headquarten said the South Ko- rwn sWp fired one shot into the laden vessel and It waa blown to bits. x Lion Oil EL DORADO, Ark., Sept 13. —Directors of Lion Oil Co., have declared a regular Quarterly dividend of SO cents per share of common stock. The dividend will b* paid Oct. 1« to stockholders of record Sept. SO. SHEET METAL WORK* OF ALL KINDS work for (iim, •jfalfa Milk, oil mill*. Shwrint; *t to 1/4 bach Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 8o«tli BroadwiT Phom 2651 New Phone Rare Base, Return of 6.5% Advocated . ROCK, B«pt. 11. (»V-A e««ultatlng public utilities scon- omlst believes' "Southwestern Bell Telephone company should earn a *A per cent return on a rate has* reflecting the present cost of the company's property in Arkansas. Dr. Herbert B. Doreau, professor of economics and public utllltle* at New York University and In consultation a public utilities "specialist, told the Arkansas PubUe air- vie* Commission yesterday the raU bas. couldn't jalny be tied to th« original cost of Hie (elephant plant Dr. Doreau testified as a com- pan.v witness In the hearings on ^"j^Km Bell's application for M,«10,000 annual rale increases in Arkansas. • . : . / •. Doreau said the present dollar has only halt the actual value of a 1938 dollar ,nd one-fourth that of an I«S7 dollar. ' Because of this .devaluation, original, cost of a plant Isn't a fair islj of rite fixing,-he said. In contrast to the «.s per cent return recommended by Doreau other company witnesses had testified Bell would earn only .'a per cent on Its Intra-sUte operations In Arkansas this year, Test plots of satflower hive yielded up to 3,«oo pounds of seed per acre. ; . . .- - The American Federation of La-l bor was founded in 1MI. "O SOLE MWV— A On*k youngster joyooaly disf>l*n ••» strong soles o( shoW'Jtaft givaai him by ih« Unitad NatiaaW I»i ternational Children's bnwaiaswy Kund. He was; one of a grour tt ragged, poverty-stricken children recently outfitted by UM UNICEF at an Athena day nursery. The UN agency count* shoes .as the most important single Item in iU far-flung program of providing clothing tw war-strickaav children. , , You can now fat fyrol Fluid ^tha proved oil-cush- (onad coupling betwaen engina and dutch—on all Dodga U and 1-ton mod^a. m 1 .*...-** ' " ' A ^B FUIID DRIVE TNT fnek tats tyrof Fluid Drive cuahjom apinat Jan and aboclc" on more than 80 vital driv»- liiw parti-uTcIudingclutch, transmiiiaion, and rear aiia, A« • ranirt, your truck iairta kmsjer. Tirea last longer, too, as smooth •Urt* help to aroid wl>»»t-«pinnin«. Tw *M.f bum! . With Fhtid Drr™, power cprjlicatiof) ia a* arn-oo-oo-th that you tnjoy an entirHy new •tandani o* track performance. You can k»f alone in hi<h, alow down, apnd up .rain-all without toudtiiif fuatutt Wrer or chrtcb- cuts n knml Your Dodfe' Vo»-Rate<f' truck with Fluid Drvra will spend I«a time in the shop, mor» time on the road. Because Fluid Drive protect* tranamiaaion and other driva-lina paria, it cut* repair billa . . . belpa aaaun thrifty operation for a long, loaf aim*. . CNR fc hr pmf at n« D»<ta« n Job-*orW" rrutki. And mk «« for inter- vttirtfl b*«kM *f many Fluid Driv* BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR COMPANY P1M4M4422

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