The Tribune from Scranton, Pennsylvania on February 21, 1928 · Page 2
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The Tribune from Scranton, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Scranton, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 21, 1928
Page 2
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THE SCRANTON REPUBLICAN. TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 1928 Senate Committee Would Compel Registration of Lobbyists CARAWAY BILL PROVIDES FINE AND JAIL TERM FOR VIOLATORS Measure Seeks to Place Check on Lobbying By Listing Names and Connections WANT TO KNOW WHO PAYS MONEY FOR WORK Court Rules Owners May Seek Recovery Of Confiscated Cars Supreme Judicial Body of Nation Decides Seizure of Autos Transporting Liquor is Permissable Only Under Prohibition Enforcement Act. " Committee Gives Approval to Act, Which Covers All Efforts to Influence Congress WASHINGTON, Feb. 20 (A. P.). Compulsory registration of lobbyists was recommended to the Senate today by its judiciary committee, which approved the Caraway bill making such provision. A proposal of the same kind l:ur reaching its result through amendment of the Senate rules and carrying no penalty clause, was thrown into the hopper during the recent Senate debate on the Walsh power resolution which was marked by charges of intensive lobby activities. Must List Expenses Under the Caraway bill lobbyists , who failed to place their names and connection with the Senate secre - '. tary and the House clerk would noon conviction be fined not less than S100 or more than $1.0C0. and imprisoned in "a common jail'' foi not less than one month or more than twelve months. WASHIGTON, Feb. 20 (A.P.) Owners of automobiles, whether they are individuals or financing companies, are to be given an opportunity, tinder a decision of the s'oreme court to recover their cars when used without permission of the owners in the unlawful transportation of intoxicating liquor. The decision was a blow to the federal prohibition enforcement nnctice of attempting to confiscate such machines under a section of the internal revenue laws which i - not rrant the owners an opportunity for recovery. In a case from Seattle. Washing - ten, the court held today thot when possession was a part of the illegal transportation, the government could only seize the automobile un - d'r the prohibition enforcement act, which gives the owner a chance to recover the car upon showing that its illegal use had not been authorized. The case was regard not only of great importance to owners whose machines might be unlawfully used by friends, In the transportation 01 bailor, hi't to the financing companies which retain title to approximately three - fr"rths of the 4.C00.000 automobiles sold annually on deferred payments, involving finane - in - r o"crations estimated at $2,000, - 000,000 - SIMPLICITY MARKS ASQUITH FUNERAL Body of Wartime Premier Is Laid at Rest in Quiet Village Churchyard SUTTON COURTENAY. Feb. 20 (A.P.). Lord Oxford and Asquith, the man who had been premier of England in the terrible days of war, was buried here today in the quietude of the village churchyard p.mons; the graves or simple folk, who died during the past nine centuries. About the ivy - lined grave of the Rpsirirs registering:, lobbvlst ereat liberal statesman, his neigh - would be re 'uired to file monthly ' bors of rural England stood and statements of expenses, showing to j dropped their flowers among the whom money was paid and the pur - j wreaths sent by kings and queens. pose of sucn payment ana aiso me ; " '" ",c ;v3" v1 "." names of nersons they ma' nave entertained as lobbyists and the cost of such entertainment. As defined in the bill, lobbying ' "shall consist of any effort to influence the action of Congress upon anv matter coming before it, whether it be by distributing literature, appearinc before committees of Congress or interviewing or seeking to interview individual members of either the House of Representatives or the Senate or by other means. Under an amendment offered by Senator Blaine, Republican. Wisconsin, officers of a state would be ex empt from the proposed law when honored leader, who declined burial in Westminster Abbey, there was no pomp, no elaborate ceremony in hii last rites. GREEN IS APPOINTED COURT CLAIM JUDGE j WASHINGTON. Feb. 20 (A.P.) ; Representative William R. Green, j of Iowa, chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, was i nominated tod3y by President ! Coolidge to fill a vacancy on the United States court of claims, which sits in Washington. As soon as his thev appeared in the interest of leg - nomination is approved by the islation which would benefit their i Senate Mr - Green plans to resign his sat in the House where for sev - ! enteen years he has represented the ninth Towa congressional district. The Iowa representative will fill the vacancy on the court of claims ! caused by the resignation of James ' Hay, of Virginia. Judges of the i court are appointed for life ad receive $10,000 a year, the same as that paid members of congress - - REED OPENS CAMPAIGN WITH DALLAS TALK DALLAS. Tex., Feb. 20 (A.P.). Democratic party principals were put above individual candidacies, including my own, by the rrun - , state. 1 1 SIX WOMEN ARE ON HICKMAN - HUNT JURY Over Three Days Needed to Complete Selection LOS ANGELES, Feb. 20 (A.P.). After three and one - half days of maneuvering to - pick twelve i:?rsons to hear the murder trial of William Edward Hickman and Wcl - bv Hunt, charged with shooting to ri9h I"! Tvv TVinniK a rirnceist. during a holduo, a jury of six menitant senator james a. eea, ai and six women was selected and sworn in today. Hickman and Hunt, who was 17 years old today, sittinc beside their attorneys, appeared glad that the ordeal of choosing a jury was over, Missouri, as he visited today with Texas political leaders, newspapermen and old friends. Opening a spcakinj tour through the west, the veteran campaigner put in a busy day from his rr CURATOR REFUTES TEXAS TOAD TALE and thev relaxed somewhat when i rival early in the morninu: makin? thev understood that only an alter - ; two speeches and holding own nate juror remained to be selected house meanwhile in his hotel room before the taking of testimony was to begin. Occupying her usual seat In court Mrs. Thorns, widow of the slain man. whom the two youthful bandits are alleged to have shot to death on Christmas eve, 1926. BUNIONS WILL NOT" STOP LABOR PARADE CROSBY ELECTED DEAN PHILADELPHIA. Feb. 20 (A.P.). Dr. H. Lamar Crosby was elected dean of the graduate school of the University of Pennsylvania at a meeting of the trustees today. He succeeds Dr. Herman V. Ames, who has resigned after serving for 21 years. Could Not Live Long After Being Sealed Up, New York Zoologist Says NEW VORK, Feb. 20 (AP.) Dr. Raymond L. Ditmars. curator of the New York Zoological gardens and ? notd 7 - oclogist, today regarded as "absolutely impossible" the existence for thirty - one years, of a horned toad sealed in a courthouse cornerstone as described in news dispatches from Eatsland, Texas. The horned toad in captivity is cxtremelv delicate, Dr. Ditmars said, and shut, in without air would live but a short time. The toad, however, could live three or four months without food, he explained. The Texas tradition that a horned toad can exist a century without food or water, he added, originated when toads were discovered in rock piles after blasting. The tcad creeps into crevices in rocks but air is always available, he said. SCH00LH0USE BOMBER IS PLACED ON TRIAL OTTAWA, 111.. Feb. 20 (A. P.). With his former sweetheart, her face marred with telltale scars, sitting only a few feet away, Hiram Reed went on trial today on a charge of bombing the Pleasant Valley school house. The girl was seriously Injured last November when she attempted to light a fire in the school house sLove. The night before youn Reed had agreed to marry her. After he left her, he later confessed, he stopped at the school and put the dynamite in the stove. BUSINESS QUARREL IS FOLLOWED BY SHOOTING CHARLOTTE. N. C, Feb. 20 (A P.). T. Leroy Springs, wealthy cotton manufacturer of Lancaster, S. C, was shot in the cheek here today by Eldred Griffith, a cotton buyer and former employe of Springs. A business misunderstand Is thought to have caused the shooting which occurred on the main business street of the city. EMPLOYED AS MAID NEW YORK, Feb. 20 (A.P.). Catherine Elizabeth Tierney, 22, who disappeared from Marymount college at Tarrytown, N. Y.. February 3 wa? located tonight at the home of Harry A. Lovscnzn, Kew Gardens, L. I. where she was employed as a maid, the Missing Persons Bureau reported. t IKS OPEN NEW HOME ASHLAND. Pa.. Feb. 20 (A.P.). Ashland Lodge No. 384, B. P. O. E., today dedicated its new $75,000 home here, and tonight a class of 100 was initiated into membership. SCRANTON FOLK ARE ACTIVE IN WELFARE MEET Representatives, From Th's City Prominent in Citizens' Conference Connolly & Wallace Co. Connolly & Wallace Co. "Scranton's Shopping Center" TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 21 CHEST MOVEMENT HAS TRAINED MANY LEADERS Chairman Proctor Stresses j Great Part Plan Has Played j in Helping Uplift 1 Special to The Republican. j WASHINGTON. Feb. 20. All '. sections of the United States were j represented among the 300 delegates j to the first national citizens' confer - j ence on community responsibility: ior laymen weuare wnicn openeu here today for a two conference. The delegates representing Scran - ton attending today were Dwight P. Weist. G. D'A. Belin, Mrs. Major Lee White. C. Pinkney Jones, and Mr. and Mrs. Warren T. Acker. Other Pennsylvaniaris who are prominent in the organization and their committee assignments are: C. S: Woolworth. Scranton; member of group confc.ence No. 3, G. D'A. Belin. Scranton, group conference committee No. 4. , Gilbert S. Mc - Clinton, Wilkes - Barre, group conference committee No. 5. The meeting opened with a luncheon at the Mayflower hotel, at which W. H. Faunce, president, of Brown University, was the speaker. American business men who have acquired are finding pleasure, not in the accumulation but "in wise distribution aimed at the study and removal of the handicaps and impediments of humanity", said Dr. Faunce. "Men like Carnegie and Duke are remembered, not for what they accumulated, but for what thev distributed. Col. William Cooper Procter, of Cincinnati, chairman of National Citizens' committee sponsoring the two day get - together of wel.'are workers, declared in an address that i Community Chest has been so use ful in training leaders in community development generally that they haJ accomplished more for the community as a whole than for the actual charities, even though they are raising $66,000,000 a year for social welfare work in, America. Delegates to the convention were (Continued on Page Four) Belber Wardrobe Trunks To prospective travelers we offer a new shipment' of wardrobe trunks, three - quarter size, complete in every detail with every needful accessory for the convenience of the traveler. Trunks built to withstand the rough treatment of the baggage handlers. Price '35 Tomorrow J February 22, Washington's Birthday following our usual custom the store will be closed. C. & W. Co. Women's Fur Coats A good time to invest our entire stock of high class fur coats is offered at radical price reductions the lines include coats for sports wear, general wear and fine dressy garments. There is lots of fur coat weather yet this season and these coats will be in good style for next fall and winter. Connolly & Wallace Co. Connolly & Wallace Co. A THREE DAYS' COUGH IS YOUR DANGER SIGNAL Persistent couffhs and colds lead to serious trouble. Vou can stop them now with Creomulslon, an emulsified creosote that Is pleasant to take. Cre - omulsion is a new medical discovery I with two - fold action; It soothes and heals th? inflamed membranes and inhibits germ growth. Of all known drugs, creosote Is recognized by high medical authorities as one of the greatest healing agencies for persistent coughs and. colds and other forms of throat troubles. Creomulslon contains, in addition to creosote, other healing elements which soothe and heal the infected membranes and stop the irritation and inflammation, while the creosote goes on to the stomach, is absorbed into the blood, attacks the seat of the trouble and checks the growth of the germs. Creomulsion is guaranteed satisfactory in the treatment of persistent coughs and colds, bronchial asthma, bronchitis and other forms of respiratory diseases, and is excellent for building up the system after colds or flu. Money refunded if any cough or cold is not relieved after taking according to directions. Ask your druggist. c urn s Chicago Men Advance Odd Reason Against March CHICAGO. Feb. 20 (A. P.). Bunions or no bunions, the Chicago Federation of Labor plans to hold its annual parade next Labor Day - Decision to hold the traditional parade was made today by the Federation after considering protestts from members of the Meter Readers' Union, who said parades cause their bunions to ache and otherwise to make their feet hurt. The Street Cleaners' Union also protested, contending that parades cause much refuse to be thrown about, causing a oilmen on me wnne wings. THE WEATHER ; Eastern Pennsylvania : Partly, cloudy Tuesday; Wednesday in - , creasing cloudiness, rising tempera - i ture, followed by snow or rain at night. Western Pennsylvania: Partly cloudy, not so cold Tuesday; Wednesday increasing cloudiness, fol - 1 lowed by rain. LOCAL REPORT FOR SCRANTON ! (for the 24 hours ending at 8 p. m., i February 20. 1928.) Maximum temp, at 10 a. m 33 i Minimum temp, at 8 p. m 17 Averaee temneratnre 2S Normal temperature 28 Total precipitation Trace 8 AM 12 M 8 PM Dry bulb tcmn 30 28 17 Wet bulb temp 29 27 14 Dew point 27 24 4 Relative humidity ...85 82 - 51 HAIR SUICIDE or HERPICIDE? L Wbfeh shall it be? Its"Hair t iSulcide - ioneglectyourhilr S when you cinuve It with C if L NetobrovHerplddt Just follow this simple treatment First Mimpoo with Herpicide Tar Soap, then rub Newbro'i Herpicide into scalp with finger tips. Dandruff disappears, hair stopa falling aod sparkles with new life, luster and charm. 'aid by Druf ft Dp. Stotci. Applied by Barbara. Tt Harpkida Co., Dtpt. D, Detroit, Mich. ' I waat to try Htrpfcida Productr, tad anclota I 10c far aamrkta of Hexoicida Tar Soap and 1 wkfVHrpkid, alto fraa bookfat on Stme wmmmmmmtmmmmmmmmmammmammmm KEEP YOUNG FEET 0UNO Simph fill Wonderfully Comfortable Shoes for Children! A new shipment of Simplex Fkxies has just come in and this announcement will be welcome news to countless mothers who know the superior comfort advantages of these shoes and want to buy them for early spring. Flexies are broad - toed and have plenty of room for growing toes and real foot comfort. They are full lined and their in soles are very smooth. In all popular leathers and all sizes. Sizes from 3 to 5, S2.50. Sizes from Yi to 8, S2.75. Sizes from 8Vj to 1 J, S3.50. All shoe - fitting is done by experts - with the aid of our FOOT - O - SCOPE X - RAY MACHINE. LEWIS & REILLY TDL sr.JG JtMl I - - - i - av Bar m x x - cVi, i ii m - at - Wf S MM TVm mm m I I - l. ' k r jar .aaw v jt v n u I I I.I I I I f " V JtJ V I i K I If v jm f u s V V a I I If J ' " rtff Li Sg Z. r m M - m t mm .aaw m New CkryIer "52" Ul gg t .... r j i s s I a i wo - ivoor oeuan ..... ofU Coupe 670 Roadster (with rumble seat) 670 I '1L louring oys r , vv fM Four - Door Seaan 720 UeLuxe Louoe (with rumble seat) ... 720 n jf ... v DeLuxe Sedan . . 790 n "t rL ti C&'toJ Business Coupe - - - .... . . 1065 yOt&SVv.. - , Roadster (with rumble Mat) 1075 cXc Touring 1095 ',JT Couefthrmbieseat) W. Ins XoU can now buy 2l Chrysler quality Four - Door Sedan ii75 unchanged at the sensational new lower Undau Sedan 1235 prices of $67q and up,. Illustrious New Chrysler "72" , , . . Two - passenger Coupe (with rumble M) . i545 In no other make can you obtain such Royal Sedan 1595 outstanding value. Sport Roadster (with rumble seat) .... 1595 T wnPSedanger CUpe 5 Because no other builder of motor cars ConvertiblTcupeth'rumbieJat)' '. 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S.ltr'rcM.Uh; M" V " ' Kilt Mnlor (Dinpun.v, Jhrwip. I,i - lk Broa Miilor Co.. Clnrk'a fiiinmlt. Miillii - rn Mlr t o . la V. Drinlinr .Slri - cl, I - O. Mick. Creco. Ii.l.n Un - t. Unii.uliilc Alfrnl II. Ili - . SIrniiil.hlirB. Duiimnr.. Ilnir. II. Krllrr HnMWw. rv"r 'ntn Cn r .'lor MmllKr - Srlimldl. Hl.k.on Clt. I. M. ( nr..nler. Mrliniwii. I ImmniiD'. linraz.. Ilamlin. ralaca Garage, Mayficld. l'yrrell Motor Company. Carhondnle. Ilnliiftli - Kumin, formt til). I'rnpli - 'fi On rut., IVnraurt. "Always Busy" . (Tradt - Mark) 112114.116 Wyoming Avenue 1 1 III II 1 1 1 1 III HI II II I'lllll III - 1 1 1 1 1 1, 1 1 1 II II I II I.I I III I III II ; IM IIITI I l,l l - tl HI m I IWI III IIMIIIiIIIIIMIMIMII III IlllllUni II iMIIIIMIIIIIIinillMISiMllHIHIIIIill1.MilMUMMHHHHIlHj; REPUBLICAN WANT ADS PAY - USE THEM MWHWIIIWIil IXPmil:i!MWIii.ilil!i H;W1i!IHll!lll:!li l;liiJi1 - (illlMit!i;

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