The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 13, 1950 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 13, 1950
Page 2
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WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 13, 1950 JBT/TrHEVTLTvE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Caruso's Indefinable Nature Is Disturbing to Movie Makers Ky BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD, Sept.. 12. (if)— The movie makers have found one trouble in filming the life of Eurico Caruso—no one can agree on what of a man the great singer man has been dead only 30 years," said Joe Pasternak, who is producing the picture "But nobody can agree on him. Take four People, all of them who knew him intimately, and each will have a different Idea of what kind of a person he was. "We are not going lo try to show his whole life. To do that would take 74 hours on the screen; we have only two. we are filming a story based on his career. It will be a story of a young Italian boy who found fame and wealth in the united tales. I think It. should .be a Him that will help help the American way o f life throughout the world." The film, sold the producer, will not try to ."cram opera down the public's throat." Pops And I,on£ Hair "We are not in competition with the Met," he said. "We will have a lot of singing, but it wilt be familiar nad melodic—like the sex- tette from 'Lucia' and the quartet, from 'Rigoletto. 1 And we will have some pop stuff, too. one of Caruso's biggest selling records was 'Because'." Sonie-of the more famous a'spects • of the tenor's life will not ba tc-uched, Pasternak indicated. Mario Lanza, who'will play the lead and has a lusty appetite himself, will be seen eating one of the nendous meals Caruso used - to consume, Caruso will have only two loves his Italian sweetheart as a boy, and his wife, played by Ann Illyth. His death-(In 1921 at the Ege of 48) will be suggested but not actually pictured. Here are of the some facts studio researchers uncovered about Caruso: - .. He was a great friend of cops and always sang at police benefits He sometimes snug In [he streets from his carriage for the people who couldn't raise the money to see him in opera -houses. He -hat dozens of old friends on hig payrol «s.a means of giving them charity. He never would .let anyone else pick up the check when he dined out. Wanted to Leave Caruso was not acclaimed on his first appearance in this country. He received lukewarm notices from the critics when he made his debut at the Metropolitan. opera House Jn "Aida." He wanted to return to Italy a:nd -only • the urgings of friends .kept him here. IJftBefore each= performance, he , in- "iuled a quantity of tepid salt water, took a drink^of whiskey, another of sparkling water a nci nte a quarter of apple. He believed this put his voice in the best working condition. He loved to see his clippings and pasted them in a scrap book himself. He liked , to wear fancy clothes *nd had many dozens of suits. For some strange reason, he was fond of buying garden tools, although he never used them. He was a good cartoonist and caricaturist. He said that his last name meant "» dear use," and he firmly believed th»t applied to his voice. He felt that It was God-given and that it was more Important than anything else In his life. That will be the theme of the movie to be called "The areat Caruso." Bell's Arkansas Plant Value Set LITTLE ROCK, Sept. 13. CAP) — The- intra-state portion of Southwestern Bell Telephone Company's structural plant In Arkansas was valued at $44.181.000 by a company official yesterday. W. H. Dodds, engineer, fixed that as reproduction cost In testimony before the Arkansas Public Service Commission In support of the company's application for a $4,620,000 annual late Increase. ,. He said that the plant was built on a piecemeal basis, and estimated that to reproduce It at today's prices would cost $8,417,75!, or 10.3 per cent, more than original cost. Attorneys involved In the rate bearing Indicated privately yesterday that the case may be settled to court, regardless of the PSC's decision. None would be quoted but both skies Indicated they would appeal an OTfnvorahle decision. Smaller Grain Supply is Seen WASHINGTON, Sept. 13. (Ap) — The country's supply of grain for producing meats, milk and poultry prodiicts may not turn out to be as great as forecasters have been expecting. * This possibility was raised in all Agriculture Department crop report for September which cautioned Monday that a' substantial part of the corn in the midwestern corn belt is vulnerable to frost damage unless general killing frosts occur later than usual. The department said cool, wet August weather kept corn in. many areas from developing as rapidly ns it should, thus making It liable to frost damage. Truman Says Congress Con Quit Soon as It Finishes His Bidding •WASHINGTON, Sept. 13. (ff>~ President Truman yesterday gave Democratic leaders his clearance for Congress to quit as soon as It has completed action on emergency matters now pending. Speaker Rayburn of Texas an- ounced after a white House conference that Mr. Truman said that he has "nothing further" in mind to submit congress at this time. , nayburn and the Senate Democratic leader, 'Lucas of Illinois, agreed,that Mr. Truman-left the decision up to'congress'on whether to adjourn, recess or take a holiday under some other leff- Islative agreement. "As far as the president Is concerned," Bayburn told reporters, "Congress will have done what he's asked It to do when pending matters of an emergency nature are cleaned up." Neither Raybura nor Lucas vrould say whether Congress will be able to quit by Saturday night, as some have hoped. _More bituminous coal and lignite is carried on the MonongnheJa river tha non an yother U.S. inland \va- Atmott instantly TUMS pet ritl of exeei acid — relieve K*s, heartburn, stomach »cli« rftie to acid initipestion. Vet TUM5 contain no bicarbonate to ovcn\!kaltz« or eause acid rebound. Minty. Pleasant tasting. Still only 10C- TVKS f «t TM TU»"«T ARE YOUR CHILDREN READY FOR SCHOOL? • New hccte .. .n«w laces.. .rips repaired. • Summer shoes dyed for fall and winlf.T wear. • Shoe Repair gives EXTRA Wear. H-RLT€RS NOTICK or ANNUAL SCHOOL ixEC'aos' IN iicjitorrre SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. M OF .MISSISSIPPI" COUNT*, ARKANSAS Notice Is hereby given that the annual school election in the-above named District will be held OK Ssp- leir.bir 26, 1950, for tht following purposes: The election of a member of the County Board of Education /or A term of 5 years. The election of 1 director for » term of 5 years. To submit the question of voting a total school Ux of 30 milU, as set out in the District's budget, which shall include, in addition to the millage for the operation and maintenance of the schools and for the payment of the principal and interest ot outstanding bond issues, a continuing building fund mlllage tux of 3 milk, to be voted for the purpose of paying the principal and interest of a proposed bond issue of t20,<KX), to be issued for the purpose of refunding outstanding valid bonded indebtedness, to erect and equip new school buildings, and to repair and Improve present school buildings. Said bond issue will run for approximately 18 years. The 3 mill tax, if the 'proposed millage is approved, will be continued until the payment-a' all of the principal and interest of the proposed new bond issue. Any surplus revenue from the millage. after the payment of principal and Interest of the bonds maturing that year and provming for the next six months' interest on all outstanding bonds, may be used by the District for any other school purposes. The polls will open at 8:00 o'clock A.M. and. will close at 6:30 o'clock P.M. on September 26, i960, at the following polling places in the District, to-wit: Burdette School GIVEN this 5 day of August, 1950. John Maye.s, County Supervisor W. Berryman. County Sheriff SW-13-20 PAGE TRRKK uant to statute dors hereby pro- i that th* annual school elec- lon will be held In the several chool districts 'of th« county on September M, i960, for the purpose voting for school directors, scliivol »«s, tnd tuch other .measures as properly submitted <t said election. The polls will be open from :W o'clock A.M. to «:30 o'clcck .M., at the following places:: NAME OP POLLING DISTRICT PLACES OsceoU Court House—Cromei's Store Liuort Luxora School Victoria School Blythevllle City Hal! West fcmi Tiro =u:ion Y.nrbro Langslon Gin, Number 9 Clear Lake School Promised Land School '<*nell GosneU HlsU Selioxil Armorel Lee WiLson Co., Store Shawnce Shawnee -ScnoDl Manll* Manila High School Dell Dell High Schonl Half Moon School Wilson Wilson Tavern Whltton School Building Bank of K'.-lser Reiser BurdetU Etownh Leachville Burdette School Building West Ridge High School High School Gymnasium Newsomo's Store Brlnkley Lost Cane Scluol Mississippi County Stlllmari School Dyess ' Dyess Klgli School GIVEN this 15 dny of August 1650. W. Berryman, Sheriff of Mississippi County 8!3I)-9,0-13 IN THE CIRCUIT COURT KO* " THE CHICKASAW'BA DISTRICT Of MISSISSIPPI COUNT*, ARKANSAS ARKANSAS-MISSOURI POWER COMPANY, i corporation, Pitt. vs. No. *36J GL1N T, HARRISON, MRS. GL1N T. (BESSIE D.) HARRISON, OTTIS WARJIEN and TUB PRUDENTIAL INSURANCE COMPANY OP AMERICA, Oils. WARNING ORDER The defendant, The Prudential Insurance Company of America, Is hereby warned to appear in this Court on the 15th day of January, 1951 and answer the Petition of the Plaintiff, Arkansas-Missouri Power Company, and upon Its failure so'to do, said Petition will be taken as confessed ami hearing held thereon. WITNESS my hand as CIluk of the Circuit Court for the Cliicka- sawba District of Mississippi County. Arkansas and the Seal of said Court, this the 29th day of August, 1950. Harvey Morris, Circuit .Court Clevk Graham Sudbury, atty. for petitioner Marcus Evrard, aUy ad Ktom. 8!30-9|<i-13-20 f! , .. Simple Rash I SKI Chafinq I «Kli , ch. PP m 9 r°.t' Small BurmU. RESSMOL 0 " 1 ™" 1 NOTICE! We have moved onr Mattress and Automobile UphoUlrry Shop from the Air Base to South Highway 61, across from the ISlytheville; Housing Projsct, We are now open Tor business, giving special attention to truck seats to be rebuilt and recovered. We cover seats and door panels. W* rebuild mrtftresses and make new mattresses. Call 4819 for free estimates on all work or drive out and see us. SMITH MATTRESS CO. P. 0. BOX 73.1 CALL 4819 S. HIGHWAY 61 where you ,"*ee the fnmoiiH orange and black IM.illips 66 Shield. It's right For your earl SHERIFFS PROCLAMATION OF ANNUAL SCHOOL ELECTION SEPTEMBER 26, 1950 The undersigned, the duly elected, qualified and acting sheriff of Mississippi County, Arkansas, pur- makes a// your coov/n at DREIFUS Frrtt in Qualify .. first in Beauty .. Firtt PAY AS LITTLE AS $1 WEEKLY nnEiris Meel Bn-tfa I F you arc a cnreful driver, you know how importunl H is lo c.ircful about thc'sasolinc you buy. All inolor fuels are not alike . . . they tire not equally depcntlnb.e or equally economical. To<!ny, Phillips 66 is a better gasoline thnu ever. As a result. of improved refining methods it provides stilt smoother anti-knock performance, fast nucc.crntlon, find great power. Gel this improved Phillips 6'G Gasoline at »ny station i Mm and ikf STOJ of ttt titry Frill'jy niskl our C. B. S. t p.m. C.S.T. Don't Be Satisfied With Symptomatic Relief! It's Now Possible To RELIEVE THE CAUSE OF YOUR SICKNESS Neuritis Pains, Stomach Disturbances, indigestion. Gas, Heartburn, Constipation, Certain Nervous Disorders When Due to lack of Vitamins B,, B 2 , Iron and Niacin in Your System! ^ HAUACDlC One of the Greatest Blessings of the Times! Ju*t a Few of Thousands Upon Thousands of Interesting Records of Folks With Such Deficiencies Who Have Been Helped , jt* B' tin. C. C, Krtltr, 1629Vt Frederick Avenue, St. J&tcph, Mittiiuri, f j^HH^^n sa ? s HADACOL !J ^^^^™ k * reilly has put a stop to her neuritis pains She was in a very bad condition with aches and , pains and un! able to sleep and was forced to give up her position as a practical nurse. She had severe pains to wrists and stiffness in her hips, being almost unable to walk. Now after taking one bottle of HADACOL, she Is able to do her own housework. She most enthusiastically recommends HADACOL to all sufferers from neuritis pains. Mnbr, I'Ot A Strict, St. Louif, Mi some time after •a. wartime in jury ( had oeen Iro led with Bcu.,tls pains in my legs and could not work. Nothing seemed to help me until I tried HADA- COL. After laf i 'aim., * i ing a half bottle >- W«*.4<».~ I seemed to feel oetlei My wire told me it was only my Imagination, out 1 continued to take HADACOL and up to the pres 'ent have taken 13 oottles. >s r ow I leel fine with 110 more pains In my iegs."<HADACOL Is so effective because HEAL CAUSE Of It relieves THE neuritis aches due to such deficiencies. Whj jon't you E've HADACOL \ chance to help you?) tilt Roltinfon (n itcfl KOrkcr /or •er 20 reurt), 519 Lindsay, A'*M- pi>rt t Kfnlncity: ''When your stomach is In bad shape as mine, couldn't eat. gas pains, stomach bloat- ingand nervousness then your Dody doesn't get the proper foods it needs. My boss told me about HADACOL and I started taking if Immediately. Atter the second bottle 1 could ell a definite improvement. Now 1 can eat anything I want to. Best of all I haven't got those terrific gas pains and stomach bloating." Mr*, iofim Ctary, Slrrrt, Ncte Orlcnni, \ nad such a nervous stomach f was unable to cat regularly Lots of times I was unable to hold any food on my stomach Then I heard about HADA- . COL ftfler the I first few Dottles C 1 couiti tell a definite improvement Now my stomach doesn't trouble me at ah. t eat anything I want. HADACOL Is wonderful. ¥ou can see that, 11 it did so much for me after suffering so." (A Dig improvement Is 61 ten noticed within a few days' time. One of the many advantages Mn. L. Cri/.'i, 327 N. Hid Slrrrl, " ~, Itlfmoit: "I am elated with the wonderful results obtained by taking HADACOL. 1 had emotional 1 n d Igestio n, w fi i c h < s I'stomach distress antl makes a person feel dov/n and out. HAD- ACOL seemed to be prepared for my ailment, for it made a new woman of me." IT. K. &, AlHri mmi- Wwa, 7V.v<r«; "I almost had to give up my job because of suf- f e ring from stomach distress. I couldn't hold my food, as no food agreed with me. After , ' hearing about \ HADACOL and -i completing a second bottle, I began to feel better and regain the weight I lost, and suffered no more indigestion. I now take HADACOL regularly lo help stay well." (Why don't you try HADACOL?) Mr,. /. 5cl««<wM, 114 t "My daught Marilyn Sue, is five years old and, for 30m« time lacked pep, nad a poor »p- oetitc. .»«* fen* er&Uy nin-dowB. Since glvlnf her HADACOL, we n *» e notice* wonderful r*. suits, she has a much better appetite, eata everything on the table and doesn't seem tired like she <tf*d to. Incidentally, she iiVej t» take her HADACOL, too." (Kld» dies sure do like HADACOL.) I Senator Dudley J. LeB lane— the Man Responsible for the Great New HADACOl of'HADACOL Is that continued use helps prevent such stomach : distress from returning. Don't! continue to suffer. Start taking HADACOL today!) ' Now! Thanks to the tireless efforts In scientific research of Senator Dudley J. LcBlanc— eminent statesman of Ujulsl- ann and creator of this (Treat new HADACOL nutritional formula — It's at inst possible to relieve the REAL TAVSE ol such ailments as neuritis nalns stomach distress gas oalns. heartburn. Indigestion, insomnia, certain ncrvoiw dl.'jnrrier.'i and a ncner&i run-down condition due to lack c Vitamins B,. B,, iron and Niacin Senator LcIJbnc ha'. ]i«t completed a modcrr $250.000 manufacturing olant and a similar one Is well under way so thai this wonderful HADA- COL will always bo available to the nubile. What tK« C<ul HXDACOt Dote... No longer do you have to be satisfied, with symptomatic relief—you can start this eery day, and relieve the REAL CATJS* of such ailments with HADA- COL. Get that wondcrlul HADACOL fecllna everyone is talKlne about! A big Improvement In the way you feel is often noticed in a few days. And continued USE of HAD- ACOL nclps Drcvent such ailments from coming oack. Naturally there's an explanation for this Ynu sec. HADA- COL not only fccrts deficient, run-down systems vriih extra quantities of Vitamins B,, B.. fron and Nlscin !ml alio helpful amount of oreclous Calcium Phosphorus and Manganese — elements so vital lo help m.ilnfnln good health and guard against such deficiency sickness. SoM M Strkt M*My-ftKl> en MI* IM Don't continue to suffer! Be (air to yourself—start taking HADACOL today. HADACOL Smitar Ovdtay J. i. is very inexpensive—costs only a small amount dally. And HADACOL must help you. or your money will be returned. Trial size, only SL25 a boU!«. Large family or hospital size, S.1.50. Refuse «ny sututltut*. There's only one true and genuine HADACOU. MANY DOCTORS RECOMMEND C£7 THAI WOHDtKFUL HADACOL FtEUHC

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