The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 12, 1950 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 12, 1950
Page 7
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TUB6PAY, SEPTEMBER H\ MM >UT^)URWAY BvJ.R.Willidm« BLYTHgVn.LB (ARK.) OOUKIER NEWS Our Boarding Hou$« with Moj. HoopU TH'HOLE'THAR.'& FROM es^oMIM APACHES-- AM' TK TATTEKEP SKIRTS WAS A (3RIZZ.L.Y B'AR,' ITS AN AWFUL V I KNOW, LOCKING THINS, 1 I KNOW BLTT I HATE TD / WE HAVE , ASK H\M TO A. SM1P 'l^iE- 17 '£=""* '^ "wei*. .All li_. *• Mt. SEEMS TO LOVE IT SO GOOD HtAMEKlS, ,M«SeR MARCO - AMD BEARDED BUMS. ck SIGNALS.' ASKING MY BROTHER TOW To .. , EVEEV ONE O' THEM SCAR'S HAS A STORY — - . MAGBLLAN! E«R TROO A REFRIGERATION • Service • Sales • Engineering DIAL 2241 City Electric Co. »—^^^^^^^_^^^^^^^^^^^^ For Improved fclDNEY (FUNCTION In a majority of casei invest!- aled in several hospilali ond I clinics, subnormal Kidney lunclion Iwai improved, Bladder pain ond I discomfort reduced after (he use of I Mountain Valley Water. I If your doctor has diagnosed I your condition as functional Kid- I ney impairment this natural, un- I treated mineral water may be very I bentficial. Try it lor a few weeks. |H M delicious, pure-laslinj, and I may be consumed freely. ^rosstown Whiskey Shop Main & Division Mountain Valley * Water ——* MISS By Edwin Rutt JJTO GLASS Ifelalled . Blytheville lass & Paint Co. 136 E. Main Phone 6716 THE STORVl Krcy. ntio» m MIIO« b>. .<,, brolhrr>, JelTrrr BNd Mj'rDM, dlkv'i yrj. Illrd for rr.|.ij»lbllllr • »* Jcni.. ki-r l»-r,.,-n]d .!.(«,. I. |,_ fnlunlrd vrllh N Middle.a K rrf PMHK rift, Krle hn* JHNI rrrrlvrd • tM?tr tram l<r, rl Flon*. wko I. I. B»r. •iud«. l'el«r WMni* » 4lr*rce. • • • XVII WHEN the flrst shock oi the " thing was over, Ede was utterly amazed at her own reaction It did not seem possible that anyone who had been as much in love as she had only a few short years ago could now receive such news with almost a sense of relief. And yet, analyzing her life with Peter Flood dispassionately, she saw how. gradually but inexorably. I'etcr's attitude had turned the early affection she had fell for him lo coolness, then to indifference, then at lasl to a strange uncomfortable sensation amounting nearly to distate. In the first year of their marriage she bad been only too willing to excuse his selfish- nesses on the grounds o[ "temperament"; to indulge his whims, humors and petulance in the belief that they were nothing more lhan unpleasant camouflages hidine something really fin* in Peter Flood. But time had gone on and the fineness had not developed, instead, Peter's temperament had increased; his attractiveness dwindled in proportion. The bald truth, Ede realized now, was (hat Peter was a Inker. He took everything- he gave nothing. And when something he wanted but could not take dangled just out of his reach he sulked about it interminably. His obvious and unexpected disappointment at Ede's reduced financial condition after their marriage had been almost more than she could bear. It was horrible and. somehow, degrading. ] 95 e (, NtA j.^,., (-t Ede thought a little bitterly that i eler fell like a man who buys a jewel and finds it only a chean imitation. • * • REREADING his letter she had the feeling that he had not been entirely frank wilh her. It was devious, and not as explanatory as the circumstances would scorn to demand. He said thai, for a long time he had been aware that they had "fallen out of love." He supposed she was aware of it, loo. They seemed, he said, to be "drifting," with neither of them completely happy. And now thai she appeared to hnve found a new interest, namely the business in New York, wouldn't It be belter it they made a cloan break? He knew she would agree with him, "it hadn't worked out." One was no mrire to blame thnn the other. They were simply "unsuited." Surely, being intelligent people, they could accept this fact and do something about it. He made it clear that this was not one of his whims. He had thought about the situation for a good many months. He felt that both of them would be happier apart. He wound up this missive of evasiveness by disclaiming any ulterior motive. She put the letter down wilh a feeling that her intelligence had been insulted. from a disillusioning moment shortly after their marriage, Peter liad displayed a shrewd and lively interest in financial affairs, her financial affairs. And he certainly itnew that she had recently come into control of a (air-sized amount of money. Why he should ask (or 3 divorce directly on lop of this confused her completely. Peter seemed to be giving up just when his objective had come in sight. Perhaps, Ede thought with a sardonic gleam in her long green eyes, it's more than money that bothers him. Perhaps I'm slipping s a woman. She did not arww«- BI< letter immediately. Nor did ih« say anything to anyone about the impending divorce. But she was glad now for the diversion created by (he advertising business She plunged into it even harder. There was plenty to do. even with Mr. Noiihcotl temporarily quiet Old Mr Lyons of Lyons Bread chose this moment to kick UP one of his periodic fusse*. Lyons Bread was Reagan'i ac- coiml and Reagan's headache. But, in company with Reagan. Ede called upon Mr. Lyons She found him a twittery little man wilh an irritable manner He was upset about a newspaper campaign which Reagan had recently presented to him. Mr. • Lyons. Mr Lyons averred, didn't like anything about it. But when Reagan, with more patience than Ede would have sus- pecied him ot. tried lo pin him down lo just what he didn't like about the series of advertisements Lyons apparently couldn't say. He pursed his mouth and replied evasively There wasn't anything he could pl it his (Ingers on. [t wu the whole thing, the basic idea. He just didn't believe that these ads would sell bread. He fumed Reagan let him fume. And after Mr. Lyons had exhausted himself. Reagan more or less forced the campaign down his throat. • • • JOW you see," he said to Ede, on the way home, "why contact men get gray." 'What a mealy-mouthed little man that is," Ede said. "I wonder you can'stand him, Dan." . 0 f 8gan « rinnKl "He spends JSOO.OOO. 1 can stand a lot for Ihe commission on that." "But was it wise to make him Jake those ads, Dan? He didn't like them and you said the account was shaky." Reagan spread his hands.' There's no other way to handle him. If we let him walk on us well, he'll trample. We'd get up campaigns till the cows come home and he'd turn them down one after the other. No, we've got to be tough with him and take our chances." (To Be CMdamed) PRESCRIPTIONS For careful attention to I he filling uf your prescriptions, he sure to come to Kuraey'* BARNEY'S DRUG West'Main Phone 3647 FAUGHT'S STUDIO 114 So. Broodwuy CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH For the servicing or repair of your car, bring It to T. I.-Stay Molor Co. Our mechanic* are specifically trnin*d Jo care for your car. T, I SEAY MOTOR CO. 121 East Main p nO n« 2122 There's No Substitute for QUALITY & SERVICE A. Kiln-Dried and Grade-Marked Lumber. B. Sherwin-Williams Puinti. C. Cabinet and Builder's Hardware. D. Millwork, Doors and Window*. E. Plumbing Fixtures, Pipe and Fittings, F. Wallboord, Plywood and Til* Board. BUILDERS SUPPLY South Highway 61 Co., Inc. Phone 2434 We're Proud of Our Work e work • Woodwork 'during 0 Welding BARKSDALE MFG. CO • Machine work .• Manufacturing Does Your Speedometer Read Correctly? For safe driving, better check on it. Wt girt one- day service on speedometer repairs for any make or model car or truck. Drive in today. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 121 East Main Phon« 2122 To My Friends Wish to announce (hat am now located at CHAR- I.KY'S ELECTRIC SERVICE. Now I am &h\e (o serve you 21 hours a day on TOM- MERCIAL RBKRIGKRA- 1ION and AIR-CONDITIONING work. Please feel free to cat] at any time. Frank Wcstall »a.v 2993 . . . Night 2808 STOP! >. K c*a fci cormnkntlr fln- tnctd Ihmih FHA. We nntrmct complete >b *, will Mil J»« IW« n>l«rn md m»»h- Material 11* J.« ch<xn« jo«r own plumber. Repair work I* liven nir prarapl allentlort. See or Call Ortburn Supply 1916 W. Main Blytheville I'hone 3208 »r Onburn Plumbing Co. l.1l« War* A M . Orvtherarllte __ I'hone 1179 PAGE A PERSONAL sesvce FOR K*r3s? BODY'S SOT A1ABM CWOS/ THAT*^ 7 ^' 5 ° N6 I ''Mr. Pretitiss, I'd like a nice big raise before wage controls go into effect and a manpow«r shortage develops!" Surprise Party BY AL VERMEER !M SURE GLAD I DECIDED TO GO TO THIS PARTY I CAN TASTE ICE CREAM ALREADY) NOW, REMEMBER HAND HER THE OH, SHE WON'T EXPECT A PRESENT FROM VIC FLINT Hither Herself IJY MICH AMI. O'MAI.LKY and RALPH LAN* HCV SOUKSELF 6O*\E , /HA'AV\,7 THISf WHY 9UT WKATS THAr SCUVe (SOT THERE? 6*<SS. VDU'LL NEEI7 MAUL THOSE CASE4 OF LKIUOK OFF THE TRUCK. CAPTAIN KARY The Sheriff's Car BY LESLIE TURNER HUM-IS IT, StMtVOV LOOK POWUglr.Hr PUT?, cnl ,-,•--,-— -.- x JU STOP AT THE SHERIFF'S" TOUSM IOOK,H'\ OFflCE, 4WD MEMTION . AX, HEBE'S THE PI ACE, HIPV, PMKUIIA'. I'M WOWDettltJ HOW COME TH' SHEB1FF-s.OlDjAi.Opy f*S ftSANDPMBO Ll« THIS, IUTM'PITCH? DA.WSON! WEIL MWIE TMftT IT, JUST ItJ CfcSe.,., 6AfE DO<3 UP AKD UMPBB ...OHiMAVBEAK HOUB Aaol BUGS BUNIs"i BUGS/ ARE V-YOU At-l_ RIGHT? WHAT HAPPENED? ... THAT WAS TH' 6LTV V FROfA TH' PAt-SY WK,t-»Y ^ LOAN COMPANY/ COULBCTIN' ONE OF THEIR. MONTHLY PAVM1NTS.' BY V. T. HAMLIN HELMSMAN. MY } AV..NUT5.' AT FRIEND, you'ee ./LBVST V STILL A POOR- \ WIND UP IN AN ENEMY DUN6EO KETHINk5 CKOWN \VEU.Y' DOH T HAFTA VVEA IT. CO BOOTS AND HBR BUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIN

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