Monmouth Democrat from Freehold, New Jersey on July 11, 1861 · 3
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Monmouth Democrat from Freehold, New Jersey · 3

Freehold, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 11, 1861
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Encampment at Long Branch : The officers of the United States Guards, a regiment organized in New York, visited Long Branch a few days since, and selected a site for a. camping ground, i' being proposed to encamp j the regiment there. The camp grounds are be- j twecn one and two miles from the hotels, aud of course, the fashionable drive during the Summer will be to "the camp." It is expected that several regiments will also be quartered at the Branch. A grand concert is to be given by the officers of tbe United States Guards, when it is expected that large numbers of New Yorkers will visit the place. It is expected that the military encampment will tend to increase the travel to Long Branch. Arrangements are accordingly being made bv THE NEW CONGRESS. Extra Session of the 87th Congress. THE UNITED STATES SENATE. O Opposition. R Republicans Number of Senators. Expires. Alabama. Vacancy (seceded) I860 Vacancy (seceded ) 1867 Arkansas. Vacancy (seceded) 1865 Vacancy (seceded) 1867 Connecticut. James Dixon R 18G3 L S Foster R 1867 California. .63 Term Expires. Minnesota. Henry M Rice O 1863 M S Wilkinson R 1867 Mississippi. Vacancy (seceded) 1863 Vacancy (seceded) 1865 Missouri. Trusten Pclk O 1863 W H Johnson O 1869 New Hampshire. 1 1" . .. : . T . 1 1 ' n -1 1 1 SI IUC an.; J' rtauroaa, ior 1 m. S. Latham O 1862 John P Hale R 1865 tiie aceomtn jdation of snch persons as desire to j J A McDougall O 1867 Daniel 11 Clark R 1867 visit the encampment. Three fast express trains will be run each way daily, communicating with excursions from the North and East Rivers, and the fare to be greatly reduced for excursion trips. Proprietors of the North River excursion boats have consented to enter into an Delaaiare. New York. Jas A Bayard O 18621'reston King R 1863 W Salisbury O I860! Ira Harris R 1867 Florida. New Jersey. Vacancy (seceded) 1863 J R Thomson O 1863 Vacancy (seceded) 1867 J C Ten Eyck R 1865 Georgia. North Carolina. Vacancy (seceded) i860 Vacancy (seceded) 1865 arrangement with the Messrs. Torrey, of the j Vacancy (seceded ) 1867 Vacancy (seceded) 1867 Uaritan and Delaware Lav Railroad, to have Indiana. Ohio, : Jesse D bright O 1863 Cenj F. Wade R 1S65 t !l f1 1 1 I 1 m O f iKliia at -t su w nl I ) t ronnl a 1 t v 1 tir ' v "" " : Henrv S Lane R 1S67 John Sherman R 1867 0:1 the Hudson can leave in the morning, change Illinois Oregon boats at foot of Robinson street, visit Long ! O H Browning R 1865 E D Baker R 1S65 L Trumbull R 1867IG W Nesiuith O 1867 Iowa. Pennsylvania. Jas W Grimes R 1865 David Wiliuot R 1863 James Harlan R 1867, Edgar Cowan R 1807 Kentucky. Rhode Island. L W Powell O I860 J F Simmons R 1S63 J C Bie.-kinridge,0 1867 H B Anthony R 1865 Kansas. South (Carolina. S C Pomery R Vacancy (seceded) 1863 James Ji Lane B Vacancy (seceded) 865 Louisiana. Tennessee. town, while atrcmpnng to cross the track , V.caoe (seceded 1867 Vacancy seceded I860 ihe id of an approaching train, was struck and' Maine. ' ' J'exas. wn under the wheels, which completely sev- Lo,t Morrill R 1S63 Vacancy seceded 1863 ! his head from his body. The deceased W l Fcsseuden R 1804 Vacancy secededj 1865 ,, vi c j MassachnsetU. Vermont. about M years of age, and was better Charles Sumner R 1 StWsolomon Foot R iftfis . wn as '-The Birch-Broom Man." He made ! Henry Wilson R 1805 Jacob Collamer R 1867 ! - 'lihood by making birch-brooms and d;- ' Maryland Virginia. i o: of them at Trenton. Philadolnhia .,n.i ' - Kennedy O 1862 Vacancy seceded 1863 . L . Urancli, and return the same evening, at a very moderate cost. The Colonels of the different regiments have consented to have a drill between two and threo o'clock every day, for the ;ir" mmodation of transient visitors. CaT" A fatal railroad accident happened recently, bsiween Bordentown anJ White Hill. 3 igd man named Clayton Palmer, of Imlavs- ac- he laid hanging ot:i"r c;nes A day or two after the above accident, a man r. killfd by the cars, at a point a little beyond t Sand Hills. Tiie unfortunate individual, : unkn wn. ha i left Bordentown during . i I . ' . 1 , 1 a a 1 sioppeu ai a p.atiorm tor c mm .datioti of cnirurv p?opIe, wlier? wn and fell aslecji with his head -,ic platform, nest to the railroad. When :irs cm? along, they of course could not a-.- ! -r';k'ng him. man-Hug his head terribly, :. ' .M'tvng his Indv to f.i!l between the rails j-'n? form, whore it was considerably t-r.-l . II" wn? killed instantly. True Amtr- We regret to Icirn t!;e untimely ' y drowning, of Mr. Edward Tunis, bro-f ' i.aries S. Tunis, formerly editor of tiie .uu:i 'i j !.: r. near Imlaystown, in this n Monday '.as:, lie was bath- a party of ycung men. and was the w? :ri lerand, am:ng riicm who . not swim. He was !i .1 iini fast to a small ne stream. ;!y filled and II? was onlv Jas A Pearce O 1867 Vacancy seceded 1863 Michigan. M tsconsin. Zach Chandler R I860 J H Doolittle R1S03 K S Bingham K 1805 Timothy O Howe, R 1867 Republicans 32 Opposition 15 Vac. nicies by secession 21 We leave in our table the name of Andrew Johnson, of Tennessee, knowing him to be str mg in his opinions for maintaining the Union. . HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. Co?inecticut. I '.v i ir li t Loomis I A English A E Burnham G C V, "0 j I ruff California. n t w;-.i 1 our i:to ar leaking b.i llv i; riuic akii.g 'i iwn with ir. tr ra : ;.e s:. re. but ir.s coairadcs iiblc to -i"."e iii:n, though ..-ne of them. J 1 11-ti nte, made groat efforts to : r. i !iirr.'" '.y scaped drowning also. iv w 1 -i ii .. recovered ur.ri'. Tuesday The deceased was a favorite with r. i i w hiti. an J his sad death has ci-t a ver tiie c-rrimunity. His talents and r. ,-;t to him a bright career. Delaware. George P Fisher Illil'iii. E U Washburne Isaac N Arnold 1 1 -.veil Lovejoy Wm Kellogg" W Richards n -1 McL'lernand J " R jbinson Fhilin V Fouke J sji, :i A Loga a Indiana. Joim La w J A t'raven Wm M Dunn .man De Trial or Motf.ts and Rp.ipcr!5. Mimi. July 10. V 1 T'. h- p-:-:ul- -s f Mr. Robert K. : t n ".: a vary interesting ft.: off. Tat committee trust were amply repiid for their f a certain Mowing Machine '!t' N" c'i. ca'del t'se "Union iiau i with a spic'.nien of sai i t:; it it a tri il r r. i!;.? nrcmi-r?mi"h, through some ::sake i - average draught wis 7 pi-., nn-i that a report of nn 1 'f w iv into tiie public en 0 r was reat !.,S'e i ! eir interests were much prejudiced port, and desired tiie committee to . '. u .. : it ; he cn 1 l ) : dvn tn te l i a .1 : tir. ?t sr. wuicn ics. a-? also to 3!,r.!n anv :" : h? m.teiiine, 1 fo : nd it , on m :diurn sized k in the bor. e an averase lb- Zr" v. r. v. c it a r 1 o n F t; VlLLAOK l,i ii.i i at 8'j 1 in Viliag" in an they always 1a mg ;:ii aut . tide : us . irti-i:i o: indcpen- M niii of o i-id-r.ih'.e in-wheti an at? is n't -i' to be i' July was eel imr inriat e ma u i.ih;ri Li.n wis mil-. it: i !!r. -Itv miners went swimmingly. . m that getilleuirtn has th Iffgini re 1 1 ti w... ;t is a d i a :ies3 t inj r lot of t tie 't;; w itered by tiie blood re .'o.j'ion iry f.jref it.iers. Tiie orator of . ty was, w ; might aim 1-' -ay. our fellow- s:i;a::, the Hon C . ir'. U.lg'f. w': did r to the occasi n. an i was higiily prrect-hy tiie audience. A marked tenure of t:.e i.-ittion was the juvenile Union Zouaves." th-.- enterprising town of Freehold, nutn-ng :; gun-, and in fu'l Zouave costume. .taker Seaman's boat brigade was we'd G T Cobb n up. us were the pretrv vouDrt ladies wh.. Nehetniah Perrv . . c .... sentel the United States as they were be 'he days of the C. S. A. rxiox. Wm S H G W Julian A i Porter L W V (orhces A S White S Colfax Wm Mitchell J PC Shanks :;. 11 Curtis Wm Vand -ver Kentu ' v H C Burnett 1 .1 s Jackson !I Gl ider A Harding " A Wi..k!iffc C tV Dunlap Kjbt Jiallorv J .1 Crittenden W Was worth J W Menzies Ktnsus. Martin F Conway Miine. J N G od win C VV Wilton 1 i-'essenden A I1 M .1 rill John A Rice F A Pike M :'!! n'i. j r Crisnc'ld E II Webster C L L Leary H -nry May F Thomas" C IJ Calvert M tchusctts T i Elliort, I B:i flint on B F Thomas Alex II Rice Wm Apploton j n a ;- r D W G oc;j C R Train G F Ba;ly t'ha- I'elano Hem v L Dawes Mc'iijan. i'. F Granger I (.' B it. 1 m F W K:izg II E T; owtiii lie .!.. ,. ...Vj. Cyrus Aldrien V" i : 1 Win I n M r turi. F P Blair, jr. J A Rollins John B Clark E II Norton John W Red John S Pnelps Jo. in W Noell -V' v Jri'y. J T Nis n J L N Stratton W (i Steelo Aftr York. Rep II Smith Opp Moses F Odell Rep Benj Wood Opp J E Kerrigan iVm Wall F A Conkling Elijah Ward ;l 8 Delaplaine OppjEdward llaiglit jC II VanWyck R! John D Steele R Stephen Baker 1, A B Oiin 1! drasius Corning (1 i B McKean O V A Wlieeler ( 1 N Sherman O C Vibb.ird O !! Franc hot ;l L Conkling ' .1 L L'.iell 1 Wm F. Lansing I' A W Clark V ' B Sedgwick Ii i' M Poiueroy R I Chamberlain O A 8 Diven R 4l Vanvalkenburgh E ' ifi ud k:-.-K k Frank R Burt Vanllorn rJ G Spauldiug R .I L Feuton K O'w. J 1! Pen Ucton o o R o R R 0 0 O o o R II o R R K ( R i R R I 1. ! K ! - Correspondence of the Monmouth Democrat. Flag Raising at Eatontowo. Eatoxtown, June 29, 1861. Mb. Editob The " little village" of Eaton town (as it has been called by some of the writers) was to-day all excitement and patriotism. War news and political talk were thrown aside, all merged into Union sentiments. A novice would have thought that peace had been restored, and brother and sister had met to engage in a grand jubilee that concession had been granted, or a glorious victory gained, and had ome together to assist in the soul stirring-huzza for the Union. Would to God that such was the case, that reason and justice were once more restored. But as long as it is not, just so long will such gatherings be witnessed until every hamlet and city in the North and even in the South, have erected a Union pole, and floated from its top-mast the old national flag, with a silent vow to defend, defying traitorous hands or rebel bands to pollute it. Perhaps Eaton-town has been a little behind her sister villages in showing her patriotism to the public, but none the less ardent. Her citizens to-day raised one of the finest poles in the County, as they have been preparing one well worthy of the cause. After the pole was raised the meeting organized by appointing Joseph E. White chairman, and Chas. A. Vanderveer secretary. An impressive invocation was offered by Rev. Mr. Morris when the flag was run up amid the shouts and cheers of the crowd, The choir led by Mr. Buckingham very beautifully sang the ' Star Spangled Bauner." The speaking by P. Vre-denburp:, jr., Esq.. Rev. Mr. Morris, Wm. H. Vredenburgh, A. S. Cloke, Wm. H. Couover, jr and Gen. Chas. Haight, were argumentative, at the same time eloquent and patriotic appeals to all true and loyal citizens. It is seldom that Diir.1i o tti.n.rtr r f cnnil-ore f i-o vm1 "With Hn much applause. Listeners and speakers seemed imbued with but the one sentiment Union or nothing. And if traitors could have heard and seen the enthusiasm that followed tha remarks of such young men, it would have made even rebels tremble. The inhabitants of our sister villages turned out to swell the crowd, and it would be uujust not to mention the great number of ladies present, who showered a profusion of boquets upon the speakers, endorsing their Union sentiments. j Great credit is due Win. B. Stout and Dunbar j Sansbury for their exertions, and workmanlike , manner in finishing and erecting the pole. Citizen. : IN CHANCERY OF NEW JERSEY. Between David H. Brown, compl't, 1 On bill, . and V Order for Henry R. Videtto, deft. j 'publication. The complainant having filed hia bill in the above ear, and process of subpoena having been issued and 1 stained according to law, and it being made to appear, by affidavit, that the said defendant, Henry K. Videtto resides out of the State of New Jersey, and that process could not be sued upon him ; it is, on this 23d day of June, one thousand eight hundred and sixty-one, on motion of A. O. Zabriakie Son, solicitors of xhe complainant, ordered that the said absent defendants do appear, plcal, demur, or answer to the complainants bill, on or before the 23d day of August, next, or that, in default thereof; such decree be made against him as the Chancellor shall think equitable and just. And it is futther ordered, that this order shall within twenty days hereafter, be served personally on the said Henry B. Videtto, by a delivery of a copy thereof to him, or be published within the said twenty days in The Monmouth Democrat, a newspaper printed at Freehold, in this State, and continued therein for six weeks, successively, at least once in every week. HENRY W. GREEN, C. A true copy. Baker Ovmm, Clerk. Jul. ll-w s 2TORE GOODS! AT COST ! FOR FIFTEEN DAYS LONGER Continuation of the sale of A new fltig, with the coat of arms of New j Jersey emblazoned and the stars which rep- j resent the Union, has been raised on the j State Il'iuse. at Trenton, to replace the one j sent to Gen. Runyon's camp in Virginia. j D. C. PERRINE'S GOODS AT COST! for ONLY FIFTEEN DAYS. The Stock of Goods of D. C. Perrine MUST NOW BE SOLD. The public have yet 15 days to select AT COST FOR CASH ! D. C. PERRINB. FreehuM. July 11, '61. ONMOUTH COUNTY MUTUAL FIRE INSURANCMfcCOMPAN'Y. CJ T ATEMENT OF THE PRINCIPAL or the Borplaa PWnd of the Covaty ef Wssji istli ftjr the year 1900. The whole amoant oe the Fmnd sow belonging to the County of Moo-mouth is 917, IT! M Amount of principal paid la daring the year I860, 00 Amount do. reloaned during the year, aOO 00 Amount out at i ntereet.on the 1st day of January, 1861, I7.J71 H The principal is loaned out at six per ceot per annum, and tbe nature of the securities therefor aa appears by the records of the January meeting, 1861, is as follows, vis : 49 loans on bond and mortgage, 4A.0OT 17 6 loans to tbe county of Monmouth, 10,120 84 6 loans on promissory note, 3,561 M Whole amount of the Fund, 6785 Statement of the receipts and apportionments of tbe Interest on the Surplus Fund of the county of Monmouth for the year 1860, us entered in tbe records of the January meeting, 1861. 1860. May 10, Amount of interest paid In at May meeting, . $1,108 S7 June 22, and ) Amount of interest paid gept 12, J in to Clerk a Committee, X0OO 08 Total amount of interest ree'd during year, 8,202 06 Deduct expense of collection, Com. Clk., 01 M Total amount of interest apportioned, 8,241 70 Which sum of 83,211 70 was apportioned as fullu ws, to wit : To Upper Freehold, Millstone, Manalapan, Freehold, Marlborough, Howell, Ocean, Atlantic, Shrewsbury, Wall. Raritan. Middletown, Holmdel, Matavan, Total amount apportioned, 8,241 TO Statement of the interest on the Surplus Fund due In the Spring or I860: One year's interest on $57,378 65, the principal of the whole Surplus Fund of the County of Monmouth is $3,442 71 Amount of interest paid in, $3,292 06 Deduct int. paid over current year, SS Add interest not collected $328 OS 902 67 208 64 208 08 215 36 140 09 261 16 207 17 SO? 39 110 03 188 08 418 74 224 84 144 18 JOB PRINTING Deduct excess In calculation of fractions, 3.292 72 160 00 3,442 71 01 8.442 7 2 The amount of one year's interest. Tbe interest on the whole principal is paid in full to the Spring or 1SO0, except $250, ($100 of which was due in May 1869) and which has since been collected by lore-closure. J A ME? A. PEBBIXB, Q. W. PATTES80N, THOS. n. LAFKTSA, Surplus Fund Committee. Dated Freehold, June 22, 1801. n-,-;! HrrAr,0r icc.i.l h ! lirilc. FIRE INSITRANQC ""'- ........ . ., ..wt,w.v.o ... 0,..rterlv ,,.,.,, .. 0f tl,,. nJSBetfir oftl.e Monmonth lv insane. He remains at Newton, Sussex ' County Mutual Fire Insurance Company, will be held at , Ttioniiis P Bark-low s Hotel, in Freehold, on Monday, the county 15th day of Julv inst., at 10 o'clock A. M. . July 4; 1861-tm C. A. BENNETT, Sec'y. DISSOLUTION. The co-partnership heretofore existing between the undersigned, trail nK under the name and style of Jemimn A Johnson, has been dissolved by mutual consent. All accounts due the firm, and :ill cl iinii against it will be settled bv either of will hold a F;iir ;md Feitiviil on Wednesday afternoon and j the partners. JOSEPH H. JIM ESON. evening. July 2tth. Useful and Fancy articles with Ke- I Hightstown July 4, 6J THOMAS A. JOHNSTON. freshments of all kinds will be offered for sale. The public are respectfully invited to attend. 2w SPECIAL NOTICED Fair and Festival at Holmdel. Thelvliesof the Reformed Dntch Church, at Holmdel, j CHELDER, MOUNT & JEMISON Wholesale Commission Dealers in Beef. Pork, A Prrn.T-r , t. ( n I.tinn of Olivn ton. Poultry. nd Egps, Livestock. Potatoes arid Fruit. A j,i.jv . . i . v. uiu .ii u ii i i-ui i vii w a . Mut- It R R R R R R O Julv 11. 1SC1. and Country Produce irenerallv No. 'Jl-i West Washington Indent Free and Accepted ! market. New York. GEO. W. FIELDER, ree- ; ABU AH MOUNT. at ! JnW4 1R61 JOsKPH ff JKHIsnv. N. B. Sales will be strictlv attended to in the market Liy order of the W. M.. j and returns nroii ntlv made. ri : 3. 15ian:!i I. o. 10, Ancient tree ana Accept R I 1 i- ri-. will be held at their Lodge Room, in Fr P ' Tjf - TUESDAY EVENING next. July 16, f S o'clock. A pnnctual attendance is reiuested. JAMES T. BURTIS. Sec y. ec Joim A Gurloy R L"u n ' Valhindinghnm O I n i. k :n Allen O Uu l. I M Ashley K L n'n Wuite 0 Uu'n Harrison Un'n fu'ii ."jaeil.ibitrger R Uu'ti V 1' Noble 0 L:i n 'J A i rinible R Uu i. V i H'jrton R S Cox O I. S T Worcester R .1 G make R R Geo Nugent O I; .V i Cm ler R R i .-lines H Morris R -S L'lgua'i on R R A G Ui Idle R R John iiuotliina R j A Binzliani R Every euiumer the demand for Ilostetter's Celebrated Stomach Bitters increases. It is found to be the only cer- tain preservation of bodily strength during a period when the atmosphere is calculated to induce a fueling of lassitude aud indigestion. Tbe worst ases of Diarrhoea and Dysentery give way to its potent influence. Innumerable persons, w b j are n jw well, must thank the discoverer of this preparati u ta it they li ive not been swept away in the harvest of death. The Ijitteris recommended by the best physicians in the land. This is the be;t evidence of its re ii value, !i a general thing, they will not speak a word i:; lav r of advertised preparations. They have been compelled i j acknowledge the claims of the Uitters upon the community, so d by all druggists. H O II S E P OWERS! ACCOUNT of the expenditures of the County of Monmouth, for tbe year ending at the May meeting of the Board of Chosen Freeholders of said county, A. u. isoi. I860. COUNTY COLLECTOR. May 10, To balance on hand, To cash loaned of Surplus Fund principal, Sep. 25, To cash ree'd of Joe. I. Thompson, sh'if, on account of fines collected of April term, 1860, Oct. 2.r). To cash ree'd for show licenses, Dec. 24, To cash r-c'd of H. W. Murphy, Co. Clerk, for pooler s licenses. " To cash ree'd of H. W. Murphy, Co. Clerk on Taeru liconses, 1S61 Jan.l. To assessment of County tax for iSOO, Jan. 10, To cash ree'd for old plank sold. April 20, To cash ree'd of Jos. I. Thompson, sh'tT, on account of fines of Sept'r term. 1860. 250 00 lXi. on acct of fines Dee. term. 1860, 33 00 To notes discounted not paid off, 2,000 00 DR. $1,875 OS 400 00 105 00 40 00 400 00 S41 00 25,000 00 7 19 Total amount of receipts, COUNTY COLLECTOR 30.U57 87 CR. By cash paid for repairs of County bridges in the twps of Upper Freehold, Millstone, Manalapan, Freehold, Marl b" rough, Howell, Ocean, Atlantic. Shrewsbury, Wall, Karit.m. Middletown. Holmdel, Matavan, 018 81 548 63 763 86 730 73 105 33 546 43 742 33 175 35 6.953 08 510 53 l&O 49 6,961 73 365 70 755 15 AND THRESHING MACHINES ! C-sr St. Peteu's Church, Freehold. Services every Sunday, (except the first in every month; ot 10J4 A. M .. and 8V; P. M. st Sun lay in the month at 10 A. M and TJj P.M. -V-'.:- II impshlrc fiiirnar; ilars'on E IT K. .liins X 1 Edwards Un"n Couiested. Uu'n Oregon. L"n"n 5eo K Shell 0 Un'n Pennsylvania. Un'n -V II LeUni in 0 Un u -Has J Lii.J.J-e O ioiiu P Veree R R" Vm D Kelley R I; v M Davis E Cn'n-Joiin Hickman R R rhos R Cooper 0 O 1 R Ancana O P, f u.-iijiJens .-stevens 11 RJ V Killinger R it J II LampbHll I'll ii li Wright Un'n K f J nil ii son O K A Lil jw R Li is T H ale R P. Joseph I5ailey O R .'. I a a. l .McPherson 1' P, S Steele lilair R K J o'.m Covode R J jsepti L iz 'ar 0 R -I iv jiloreiiead R i: R .b: McKuigiit R J iV V.iilaoe R R Jo in Pat tn R O Riij ili Babbitt R O aC ntested. 0 Ith'jdt Inland. O V." P She (field O ti II Rrown f I Virjmia. ' S' ft R o.v.i Un'n F ! i j!m S C u lile Un'n R j Vermont. r : P Walton R ( i usiin S Morrill R C tortus Raxter R Wisconsin. T folin F Potter R i i . Ilancliett R 1 i .-sio in The subscriber is prepared to furnish the farmer of Monmouth county with the WESTIN GHUUShV HOKSE l'OWEKS. with governor attached, Threshers. Sep iraters, and Cleaners. The manufacturers claim for these Powers, many advantage's, pome of wliieh are: lst.A consideraide amount of friction avoided, and con-sequently the power runs easier, by preventing the knocking, which occurs in ordinary powers, as their chain passes tbe end of the ways. 2d. Ooulile Oearing that may be used on either side of the Power, and fastened in sue. a manner as to make it almost impossible to work loose, which is very desirable bth ,. . , . ' lor safet v of team and convenience for using the power in Bndingtnn s Drn Store, m Freehold. See advertisement i different positions. n another column. tf. 3d. Metal hearings to main shafts with wick oil feeders. 4th. Wheel? or Rollers of medium size, which create less The JloilUlOUth CountY liible i CI- friction than a different size; and generally their coustruc- i tion is such as to in-ure durability, ease ot team in their ery. The Depository of this Society is at the store of u -n- operation, and adaptability of the tarious uses for which I. Patterson A Son. Freehold. tf. a limited power is required. I 1 also furnish, of the same manufacture, the following . --rM 17 i u r-r ti -r ! machines: Improved Lever Horse Powers, from four to r- J he l reehold I nion Traycr Meet- ,.. h,e t(.jWerr circular w.d s .w. cider Press. c. The li: Sunday School at - P. 31. Bible Class every Thursday, nt S P. M. THOS. J. TAYLOR, Hector elect. fey"" Mothers' Remedy, for sale at ing will be held until further notice, in the Lectnre-room of the Kef. Dutch Church. every Saturdav, al 314 o'clock p.m jul. 4-tf GILBERT COMBS, Freehold, X. J. VX arri e cL . j. D r Removal BUDINGTON. In this village, on the 3tli init.. by Rev. Dr. Bett. of New Yoik. Jacob B. Hue, Esq., to Adalixz P., daughter of Dr. John ft. Coiio er. In this village, on the 10th inst.. by It v. Frank Chandler. Josiipri D. B.:dlj. Es. . to ALTHEA F., daughter of Bennington F. Randolph, Esq. On the 13th ult., by Kev. T. J. Taylor, Mark Chamberlain aud An- Eliza Sparks, ail of Black's Mills. At Long Branch, on the 3d inst.. by llev. Joseph Atwood' Jch.v Careigan, of Brooklyn, to Jans L. Joli, of Long iiranch ilOSMOUTir COUNTY DRUG STOKE. Died. Near Imlaystown. on Monday evening. 6th inst by rii" nir.g. EDWarb. youngest son' of Thomas T., and Susan B. Tunis, ill the eighteenth vear of hi- age. 3"cuo vl)crtlscmcllts. Hemember the place Next Door Above the Bank, nearly opposite the old stand, in the New Building, where we shall keep uu hand, a lull assoi fluent of DUUGS i MEDICINES, CHEMICALS, DVE WOODS k DYE STUFFS, PEKFCMERY, Fine Toilet Soaps, Fine Hair and Tooth Brushes, Shoulder Braces Trusses. Foreign Leeches. Ac, The best of BURNING FLUID. CAMPIIENE, and AL-CIIUUOL. KEROSENE OIL, the liest in market. Kerosene Oi LAMPS, CHIMNEYS. SHADES, 4c, Yery Cheap. Physician and Farmers from the country will find our St.x-k of Medicines complete. Freehold, Nov. 8, I860, tf Total paid for bridges. By cash paid for election expenses, viz : Upper vreehold, 22 00 Millstone, 26 34 Manalapan, 27 SO Freehold, 34 75 Marlborough, SO 00 Howell. 08 Ocean, tor two years, 60 75 Atlantic, 23 00 Slirewsburv, 34 00 Wall. 25 50 Raritan, 28 25 Middletown, 22 50 Holmdel, 24 00 Matavan, 00 00 338 17 County canvassers, 73 55 Total paid for elections. By cash paid for jurors", and witnesses fees and costs in criminal cases. 2,209 30 Bv cash paid for Constables per diem "fees. 390 00 By cash paid for Judges' pr diem fees, 291 00 By cash paid for expense of Clerk's Office, books. Ac, AtS 31 Bv cash paid for expenses of Surrogate's Office. 28 60 By cash paid for expenses of Court 'House. Prison and prisoners, 1.9T0 85 Bv cash paid for inquisitions, 226 ft ' " Lunatics, 660 93 ' " Printing. 89 37 " general expenses of Freeholders, 1.517 83 By cash paid clerk of the Board. 143 34 By cash paid for int. due Surp. Fund, 5i3 79 post mortem exam's, CO 00 " " disc. on m -ney bor'wd 291 12 " " to Col'r f r commissions 8f-9 58 ' " for distribution of laws, 20 00 Balance duo County Collector, 30,988 15 471 72 9.790 66 31,250 53 293 66 130.957 87 CHARLES BCTCHiB, JORDAN WOO I. LET, roitMAN SICKLE.". Committee on County Expenditures. Dated Freehold, June 22, 1861. ju!4-3w MONMOUTH COUNTY AGRICULTURAL SOCIETT. COMMITTEE OX FIELD CROPS. Persons wishing to have their farms, or crops of any kind examined by this committee, will please notify either one of them by letter or otherwise, and it will receive attention. DANIEL P. VANDOREN. Marlboro". JOHN S. WII1TLOCK. Middletown Point. GEORGE SCHENCK, Holmdel, Committee, old. June 18. 1861 -4w TERMS OF ADVERTISING. U&- Payment for all advertisements due on the first insertion, at the following rates : f. For every s ju.ire. or fraction of a square, of one hun-I 'lrnl ur:r'l.. for the first insertion FIFTY CENTS, nd 0 TWENTY-FIVE CENTS for every subsequent insertion. Display lines. Cuts. Blank lines. Ac., to be ch reed for in ' t he s me proportion according to the sp ce occupied. ; &$t Legal Advertisements at the rates allowed by lw. A liberal reduction will be m de to those who dvertise I to the extent of half a column, or more, aud to those who advertise by the year. I AiV- All advertisements not marked on the copy the j number of insertions required, will be published until or-i dered out. and charged accordingly. ! All transient advertisements to secure publication in is paper, must be paid for in advance. LA VV BLANKS! FOR SALE AT THIS OFFICE. AITOOL WANTED 10,000 lb-. Good Wool, BT sst Further Dmtribl'tion of Tes- - AM'tsG N i. J. Troop.. The three Rsg-t! ii inhering- :ib...ut 31 W men, composing I r-r IJrigade, N. J. V.. tAat recently left 'i-ien, nar Tretilon. for the eat of war. "- i-irnisiiir-l with neat pocket copies of the Testament, most of the volumes being in Logiisli language, but several hundred in '" ..j in. The men received (lie books witli isnss .in'l ex ire-'-siotis of gratification. iv religious meetings were held in camp, "i ii was ijnire common for a soldier to be de-i'J to read aioif1 to the rest, and many ! i 'o Ke interested in etich exercise' who ii r s i formjrly. Tiioy were lold the ''" w,,re no- charitable donations, but pre-from i!ie:r f 'h r:.t ian friends, at home. r" ' Kir. 00Q Jrrseytnn now in flic service ""r ointry in Virginia, have received this " ' g article of equipment.. A handsome r . . 2, ve?i u, each of the men belonging upanies which have left us. Republicans Nuriiiern fi,pos'iu "iithern Oppos'tn Southern Union men, 17 Total 101 Northern party Un'n, 4 J Vac nicies. i Secessionists, STOCK UOL.DEll'23 MEETING ! ANNUAL MEETING of the x kh 1 ier? of the FREEHOLD 4 JAME3BURO AcT I! All.ltoAD !"').. wi.l beheld at the Jamesburc Hotel. -j i on Mund iv. the Jinlx inst at 11 o'clock A. SI., for the pur- ;i j Stoc ...174 1 ne following namea States jiavc seceded. ' pose of electing nine directors for the ensuing vear. J.imcsburg. Iuly2, 1301. I. 8. BDCKLW, Sec. and will be entirely unrepresented, except two districts in Virginia. Tiij following figures show the numbir of representatives to which each of the seceded States is entitled : Arkansas, 2Nort li Carolina, 8 Alabama, 7 South Carolina, Florida, 1 Tennessee, Georgia. f Texas, Louisiana, -llV'irginia, 13 Mississippi, o1 Total 6 i i (i Note. Those members whose politics is given i it as '-Union.' in the free States, have been elect- j BqYs ed to fill vacancies, without regard to party. ' & s ii o E s : CAEAPER THAN EVER ! Th 5ab-"riber has now on hand large rtssortinent of BOOTS & SHOES than ever before, and at lower prices. We have tttr on hand and for sale at this office, the largest and best assortment of legal blanks to be found in the county, among them are the following;: GENERAL WARRANTEE DEEDS, SPECIAL WARRANTEE DEEDS, QUIT CLAIM DEEDS, DEEDS ON ORDER OF TIIE ORPHANS' COURT. MORTGAGES, ASSIGNMENTS OF MORTGAGE. , COMMON BONDS, BONDS WITH WARRANT OF ATT0RNET, JUDGMENT BONDS, APPEAL BONDS. EXECUTIONS IN DEBT, BLANK LEASES. BILLS OF COSTS, SUMMONS IN CIRCUIT, BTJBPtENAS IN CIRCUIT, SUBPtENAS IN CHANCERY. SUBPOENA TICKETS. JUSTICES' SUMMONS, JUSTICES' SUBPOENAS, JUSTICES' EXECUTIONS. JUSTICES' COMMITMENTS, SHERIFF'S SALES, SHERIFF'S BONDS, CONSTABLES' SALES. I Other Bluks are in course of preparation. Blanks o i all kinds Minted to order at nhort notice, and in the neat Orders by mail promptly nueu. ' D.m..l,.r th.. r.iro.-r (.f f.tin fknl Tlir.irkni irtiw BrA-.- I ' 10 ! at the same old stand. ' j TTfOTICE. All persons indebted to the 2i The stock is made up of almost every style made, consist- i ij subscriler on book account ore requested to settle LADIES' Mr. Two members of the First Rerimeut, N. J. Brigade met with a painful accident on j their way to Washington. One of them, na- " i c "i : .1. ir : i - r I ' Uieu riuuii;i n ciucr, luceivsu a. ui.uii. : jjsEf W m If l ,t . , r r i . , i . , , nr-.n y .! I '- '- - . . i lil. . .,nf "'-"t'i iwiuiug i oi me arm dj cohiiok in cooiaci wuua uwi j 1 -ek ;n ier,.er County, met with a se while extended from a car window. One a 1 !n! on tri,,fy of last wek. He was named Stout, while in the act of picking in mowing with a machine, and had j up a musket that laj on the floor of the car, hii team to remove some obstruction to the piece was accidentally discharged. . 4 , kniTs while doing which the horss The ball entered the left breast passing tbr-f " !le m&,;hine striking him and cutting ; ough the body in an oblique direction. He Dri"- of Ugs jet above the ankle j was taken to the hospital. lllfcof Gt.NTS' Fine Calf Boots, sewed and pegged. ' " pat. leath. boots, ' " gaiters, ' " ' calf gaiters. '" " " ' - Oxford ties " " " pat. loath, do. " ' calf BK)ts. " kip " " coarne ' " calf and enamelled Shoes. " English hutting Gaiters. " Morocco gaiters. " Morocco Boots. u Ki i slippers, with and without heels. " Morocco, copper nailed boots. u sewed, home-made calf boots. " Morocco, copper nailed boots. m t. sewed " calf boots. CHILDRENS' Shoes of all kinds. Morocco, Button and Patent (Jacks, ALL CHEAP FOR CASH VERT CHEAP. Remember, left hand eirner. opposite side, as you torn out of Maiu street to go to the R .R. Depot. july 11, tf J.C.LAWRENCE. BLANK NOTES on the Freehold Bank-ing Ornpswy fur aafe at this ottee. the same with Benjamin Dey, Esq., witn wnom my dook of account are plact-l foi collection. CLAUDIUS R PRALL. Engllebtown, Oct. 18, 1860 tf TAPSCOTT'S LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. "The subscribers continue to grant certificates of paeasaite to or from Liverpool by their favorite line of packets, com prising in part, the following snips, via . WM.TAPSCOTT, EMERALD ISLE, ALBION DRKADNAUGIIT, MIDDLESEX, VICTORY, BENJ. ADAMS, CONSTELLATION, JNO. J. BOYD, WKST POINT. SWITZEUDAND, PnOJNIX, UNDERWRITER, SHAMROCK, CAMBRIA Making together with others, a ship every five days. Tie subscriber are al o agents for the X LINE OF LONDON PACKETS, and LIVERPOOL LINK OF STEAMERS, For all of which they grant certificates on. liberal terms. REMITTANCES TO IRELAND, Ac. T Co. also continue to issue drafts, payable on demand, throughout England, Ireland. Scotland and Wales. Send or call for a circular. Circulars with all particulars may 1 had on application if by letter, enclose postage stamp to TAP8COTT A CO, 86 South St., New York, er to jaw pa a varum, nmouth Democrat OAV. j Feb. T, Wm. Freebotd, V. 3 . i SnixN, Haley & Co., Feeehold, N. J. For which the Highest Market Price Will be paal in CASH, on delivery. Wo also are selling from oar complete stock o Goods very great bargains for Cash. June 27 Jt V"OTECE is hereby piven that an elec- lj tion for seven directors for tbe Robertsville A Pat-ton's Corner Tu rnpike, will be held at the house of Matthew Roberts, on Tbu reday, the 18th of next July, at 2 o'dobk p. m. By order of the commissioners. June 30, "6i-tm TREEHOLD YOUNG LADIES' SEMINARY. The Stjamura Tcbm will rommen.-e on Wednesday, the First day of May. The Anniversary will take place this year the seventh day August ; alter which there will be a vacation pf five weeks. The Fall Tcaai will commence on Wednesday Sept. 11th. The Teachers who have been with na for the past two years, will still continue their connexion with the Seminary. Expenses the same as heretofore. Please send for circulars, or what is better, cosas and sea. sear 18-tf A. RICHARDSON, Principal. QECURE A HOMESTEAD ! ONLY S3 FOR A HOUSE LOT, Including a OIR WORTH FROM 3ft CTS. to $300. The most liberal aad popular method ever known to lorn re the rapid SALE OF REAL ESTATE ! ! Bead for a circular and Catatogne of Gilts. Enclose a stamp to pay return postage on all letters requiring an answer. Address STEVENS CO. may2-3m 87 S. Third Street, Pan tssnmx. B1 LANK BONDS ! Common Bonds, Judgment Bonds, Sheriff's Bonds, Bond with Wi Together With a variety of Bleaks, aH heJe7ltrW'"M,ft,r"U Afthe-ecntt OJtee.- st of Attry, DB. STRONG, JUSTICE OF THE PEACE, COMMI88IONWR OP DEEDS, and Agent for the NEW-BRUNSWICK MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY MiDMroww-Poorr, ftV 1. ayMtOty OF ALL KINDS NEATLY & PROMPTLY EXECUTED AT THE MONMOUTH DEMOCRAT OFFICE. We are now prepared to do ALL KINDS OF JOB WORK. at this office, with NEATNESS AND DESPATCH ! Having got oar JTEW G0BDQY POWER PBESS in perfect running order, we can print CIRCULARS, PROGRAMMES BILL HEADS, FUNERAL NOTICES, WEDDING CARDS, BALL TICKETS, DUE BILLS, CHECKS, NOTES, and BLANKS OF ALL KINDS, IN ANY STYLE OR COLOR ! CHEAPER than ever before, and as cheap as can be obtained anywhere in the country, if not the city ; in fact we have orders from New York, giving oar customers better satisfaction than they can obtain in the city HANDBILLS OF ALL SIZES, printed in good styles aa AT LOW PRIOB81 HI X08E CHURN! IT SAVES LABOR, IT SAVES TIME. IT SAVES MONET. It makes MORE It GATHERS ALL THE BUTTER from the milk It makss SETTEE BUTTER than any other efcoru. for It works all of the Butt rmilk oat of the Batter . It MAKES MORE MONEY than assy other dram. The SUPERIOR QUALITY of the Batter secures the Highest Price-Already in this village there is A DEMAND FOR BUTTER MADE BY THIS CHURw. From the N. Y. Christian Advocate.J " We have witneescJ the operations ot this valuable Invention, aad are fully aatisked of its accomplishing all that is rtaiavd tor it." The right far Freehold township has been purchased by A. S. Lokeraon. SsP Call and examine tbe Freehold, March 28, 161. A. S. LOKERSON. ar: ar: OTab j. h.& d. a. vanderveer oow oSeriac their LARGE CLOTHING, BEAUTIFUL STOCK of DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, AC-, AC., AC. at unprecedented LOW PRICES CASH! To meet the requirements of the times tbey wifi sell Extra Molasses at 2. per gallon. Sugar - 6c " lb Prints " 5c - yd. OeLaines 10c " And all other Dry Goods. Groceries, Ac., Ac, at prooor-tiooably Low Prices, FOR CASH : CALL AND GET THE MOST FOR TOUR MONET May 30.l-tf H OSTETTERS' Stomach Bitters. J'ne proprietors ami mnni.fcturen of Hi?TETTEK' CELEBRATED STOMACH UlTTEKs can appeaJ wiih perfect confidence to physician and citizens g-nerally of the United state, beeassae the article has attained a reputation heretwf.e unkuon. A Urm iacte spun this potat. will speak more . werful tiuin v.-lame "t hare iertioa or blazoning puffery. The consumption of II s Stomach Bitters tT the year amunttted tu over a : ,f-million b-ittles. aud fr'm it. ruat, steady increase in i inie past, it is evident that during the coming year the cvnsnmption wiil rn u liear uw m.iil-iti K.ttle- Th. immense "mount could never have been sold but KjC tiie rare medicinal properties . .,-.:. : in tbe preparation, and the sanction of the mot prcmiuent phyeicians in those eectione of the country where tbe article I - let known, who nc only recommend the Bitters to their patient., lot are ready at all times to gie t -1 . n to it -ffircj in ail cases of stomachic dt-augemeuts and the diseases resulting therefrom. This is n a temporary popularity, obtained by sxtreon-dinary efforts in the way of trumtx-tins: the qualities of the Bitters, but a solid c-stimati. ii of an invaluable medicine, which is destined to tie as ensuring as Dot itself. Uoetetttr Stomach Bitters have proved a C jdsend to regions where fever and ague sn 1 various other bilious Complaints have counted thi-ir victim, by hundreds. To be able to state cwfidently that the -Bitters" area certain cure for the Dysp-j-ia and like disease, is to the proprietors a source of unalloyed pleasure. It remove all moibid matter from the stomach, purifies the blood, and iniiart renewevl vitality to tbe nervous svstem. giving it that tone aud eOMOgy tndi.pecsabie for the rs.turntws of health. It operates upon the stomach, liver, and other digestive organ, mildly but powerfully, and soon reetoree them to a condition essential to the he-ltl y discharge of tbe functions of nature. Elderly -riue may n-.- tLe Bttrn .-iaily :ts ooi dir.-c-tion- on "the hcttle. a.-ici thei u :il find :n it a tiniulent -culiarly adaded to comfort declining years, aa it is pleasant to the palate, invigorating to the bowels, excellent aa a tonic, and rejuvenating generally We have the evidence of thousands of aged men and women, who have experienced tbe benefit of using this preparation vhtle suffering from stomach derangements and genera! debility: acting under the advice of physicians, they have abandoned all deleterious drugs and fairly tested the MM Its ot this article. A few words to the gentb-r sex. There are certain periods when their cares are so haras; nc that many of them sink under the trial. Tbe relation of m Oier and child is so absorbing tender, that the mother, especially if she be young, is apt to forget Ler n beaitb in her extreme anxiety for ber infant. Should the period of mit-nitr arrive durinakw summer season, the wear of body and mind i generotry ags-ravated. Here. then, is a necessity firr a stimulant to recuperate the :. 1 1 n f tle i vs-tem. and enable tbe mother to bear u; under her exhausting trials aad responsibilities. Nursing mother generally prefer the Bitters to all other in vigorator that receive tbe endorsement of physician, (cause it is agreeable tc- the taste as well as certain to give a permanent increase of bodily strength. All those person", to vhtim we have particularly referred above, to wit : Sufferer" from fever and ague, as sd by malaria, diarrhoea, dysentery, indigestion, loss of appetite, and all diseases or derangement of the stomach, superannuated n valid, persons of sedentary occupation, and nursing mothers, will consult their own physic il s tlfare by giving to Hnetetters Celebrated Stomach Bitt r a trial. CAUTION. We caution the public against using any of the many imitation or counterfeits, but ash Ut Bonn-tl' CiLxon Tin Stomach Brrrrs. and see that each boa-tie has tbe words -Dr. J. Hostetter'e Stomach Bitters' blown on the side of the bottle, and tamped on tbe metallic cap covering the cork, and obaerve that our aut. .graph signature is on the label. Prepared and sold by H.STETTER A SMITH. Pittsbarg- Fa, aad eoW by all druggist, grocers, and dealers generally throughout the United States. South Ameri-co. and Germany. n por gale ,n Freehold bv A. WALKER and J. D. BUDINGTON. Druggists. Nov .15. '60-ly BORDEXTOW N 1 E M A L E COLLEGE BORDENTOWN, NEW JERSEY, REV. JOHX tf. BRAKELY. A. Jf Yi-rioVrtf. This Institotion is pleaoantly located on the bank of the Delaware river, directly on the Railroad between New York aad Philadelphia. The entire expense for R'xvrd. Washing. Fuel and Lights, and Tuition in the English and iimaioeniai For catalogues, address tne President Collegiate Depart oseut i (164 ) r year. branches e i extra. -A injre beaatifal situation, and on. better adapted to its parpuaa, can rarely be found The young ladies aav aa elegant plav groVLnd. well obaded and commanding a ne view of the Park, the Delaware. Peaa's Mass and Tl Inn It has an extensive chemical and philosophical apparatus, a large herbarium- a tne collection of Americaa aad foreign minerals and fasoiU." Trrmt cm mm. ,We know of no location in the country where the health of the student coa -be so promoted as here Bommtrm RtfitUr. "Under the constat) t att ten tion and nnfloFXiug e-nerxies of the Board of lust ruction, this college is quietly disf-ns-bC its benefits to large nam bor of pupils Its discipline fat unequalled its course of instruction and admirably arranged. Trent Frwc Zsrssori-ize. April 1L ISol.s MONMOUTH SCHOOL, FREEHOLD. NEW JERSEY. WILLIAM W. WOODMCLL, PrimcrpaL CHARLES P WOODHULL. Tin Principal. XX this I Hlali'i thorough iaetruction is given in all any aar ctn.eps or aw s - rase vaoatioos la the year. in toe spr uf and ""There are two stnstaui weee-a will hi Irenes onWED- e swrtsxss. each 4V. KE8DAT. the sRh amy of May. The terms ore SBM a veer, payable qaartsnly r. 3 Tooce. That la te fall far Board. Tuition, 'i- L:- ts. oTaaateg. Beds. Bi r i x Ac. It is rqnstl tLst toe has, a pair of sttopers, aad an oahWs : m that vahm bum SllljTlj marked on ON Hill I of rs are 1 10 e qv MILITARY BRIDLE For SaOc!

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