The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 12, 1950 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 12, 1950
Page 5
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nrn Businessmen Relieved At Role in Defense Plan .»y SAM I)AW SON NEW YORK, Sept. U. (AP) , Most businessmen felt relieved yes- terdny. while the P;«:d*ntlal moves over the weekend contain little element of surprise for business, . most industrial leaders w«l- • come getting 'an official st»mp, • after two and a half morithjs.'on whatthsir role is»U> be in the first r ot lh< defense progi-am. the direction and extern'of "the PresldenUII orders were'expect- ed. The direction Ix toward controls to be exercised soon over invento- ' vies, allocation of'scarce raw materials, and priorities for war orders over civilian orders. • ; The extent, businessmen-note, is one of nfildness with the accent'fi'n .self-control rather than rigid con,. lrdls.,Thb goes against the advice of : some leadyji who still believe Ihr ,Q"ly workable approach .would be . for all-out Industrial mobilization ;,now. , ,..•'' .,,.•.•• Chance fw Buslnec* ' ' , - Instead,: busine.w is to be given a clii-nce lo work out a large part of the controls oh a voluntary ba is. Many suppliers of materials and | goods in urgent demand will welcome allocation* that have an official stamp <tf.' approval. This will get importunate customer* off U» suppliers' necks. They contend there will be plenty for all, once each one'» needs U determined, and since it U established In what order these needs should be satisfied. The new National Production Authority U expected to Issue xn Inventory control order soon for all industries using scarce raw materials, The first steps to set up such control have already been taken. Information PUni Hade plans v are reported well under way to tso Bbout collecting the Information needed on inven'torlei held by manufacturers and suppliers. The other side of the coin— what the armed forces arid other government agencies will need—is also belnif Bought. When the two are put together, allocations and prim-Hies will folio*' in course. Manufacturers' inventories will be surveyed first. But it Is -expected that questionnaires will then- be .sent, lo wholesalers and rejnllcrs who handle, materials essential to Hie war effort. " ' EDSON (Continued from .page «i .*' . of Narcotics Commissioner Harry J. Atislinger accounts for 5800 arrests for .attempted violations of U. S. narcotics and marihuana laws, for the year ending June 30. This Is an Increase of 1000 arrests over the year ibefore. Drug ,- and marihuana seizures were down. , however, from 55,000 and 49..400 Only First Bird and . " -. :. .Flying Fish Smithsonian Institutions National Air Museum wants to cull f(s flock of famous airplanes down to _125. It has many more 'than that ' now, exhibited and stored In various 'places. And more are being offered tb It all the time. Newest- addition .of the Bell X-l. first plane to fly faster than sound, means , that another once - famous plane .'may have t obe nut In storage. . Among the facous planes now In the collection are the Wright Bro. thers 1 first plane to fly and first military jircraft sold to the U. S.. : Lindbergh's "Spirit of St. Loais " Wiley Post's "Winnie Mae." Lincoln Ellsworth's "Polar Star." the hull of the NC-4, first transoceanic plane, and the "Etiola Gay." first A-bomh plane, now in Chicago, along with a number of others. Finn IB eventually t o house them all In one Air Museum biiiMlnp But site haitnt been Kleeted and Congre» hasnt authorized appropria ted any money for it. Mu«4 lie Thl« RrJ TColleiilvtun" m that East- West' tr»dt had tviied for European reco%ery considered leia Important than formerly? Western European nations have found they can get from other parts of the world the food and raw material* they used to Import from «»tern Xurop* In th» KKond piata, Soviet HuMla hJW so »yt»matl«illy • bled th« eajtern European »t?!ltt« countries that they .have no money :with which to buy manufactured goods from western Europ* South Korean »oyernm»nt hu don* • lot of faat work In handling Itj currency problems durin* the Commvjnist Invasion It hadn t been' publicised -jbut prior to Junt 25 all >rr»n««inent« had b*«n mad» : to revalue Republic of Korea currency. New Bills had been printed 'In the United Stales. Some time this fall It had been planned lo exchange these ne w bills for the old. When the North Korean Commies ^ drove the ROK government out of Us capital at Seoul, however, so great was the haste that the plates for printing . the old money were left behind. That was too much of a gift to the invaders.' So the South Korean 'government made arrangements to have new currency series printed In Japan. New plates had to be designed. But so great^was the need that the job was done In little more than a week and the new currency was flown back to Korea'. : When the war.Is over, this Jap- anese-Jirinted money and the old Korean money will be exchanged for the U., S. printed series, at rates to be announced, and..the currency will be stabilized In that way. NOTICE IN THE PRORATE COURT FOR THE CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNT*, ARKANSAS.^ • -. ' • : IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OP ISAAC ROSENTHAL, DECEASED No. ISM Last known addreui of decedent' 1610 Holly. Blythevllle. Arkansas. Dat« of death:: August H. 19SO. Th« undersigned WM appointed administrate of the esUte of the above-named decedent on the 15 day or.Ailfruat. 19SO. All.personi having claim* against the estate muat exhibit them, duly verified, to the. undersigned within *ii montra from "the daS«^of' the first publication of this notice, or they shall be forever barred and precluded from any benefit In the utate. ThU notio* rtr* published M day of Ausu/it, 1BSO." France* Roaenthal Skaller, Admintstratrix 1«10 Holly, Mytheville, Arkanaa*. ' ' : . Oacar Fendlir, alter il«y lor ««t»t«. A Korean bridegroom »lays three daya with hit bride in her father's homo. BIATHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS CARUTHERSVILLE NEWS 87 Jaw Dmititti — Phoa* 389-J Ueaioen of the F. and F. Birthday Club met last Friday at the 10me of Mrs. John Allen and, her daughter, Mist LoU Allen. • Gra:<d prUe waa 'drawn tijr Ifn. Woodrow Green. Trie birthday 61 Mlu Allen wu observed, with the club 'membera presenting her with a flft of lin- ;erle. During the brief business session, Mr». Mary Wilson was elected treas- .irer to replace Mrs. Stanfleld, who »« unable to attend the meetinjs. Parly Honon N'evlyweda : Mr. and Mrs. N. W. Helm entertained last Saturday evening with a paity honoring Mr. and Mrs. Richard Clark, who were recently married. Mrs. Clark Is the former Miss Belly Neal Helm, granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Helm. During the evening, cards and dancing were enjoyed. ' * ' A special guest wa« Mrs. Rachel Read of Danville. 111., a former high school Instructor, here. Enitrlalni With Card Party Miss Carolyn Christian of St. Louis, Mo., entertained Wednesday evening with a canasta party at the home of.her mother, Mrs. tier- Irude Christian. Guests Included the Misses Betty Larpent, Ora Wayne Meadows, Peggy Robertson, Ellis Hayden, Barbara Shaw. Peggy Bennett, and Joan Douglass, .and Robert Karl Hudgens. Joe Acuff and Lee Dorroh. Has Canatta Party Miss Peggy Robertson was hostess at their home when she entertained with a canasta party Monday evening; There were nine guests present. Guests were Miss Carolyn Christian of St. Louis. Mo., and Misses Peggy Bennet}, Ellis Hayden. Barbara Shaw, Joan Douglass, and Verlon Davis, Bob Hudgens and James Berry. Personate Mrs. Guy E. Mtchle and her mother, Mrs. Lifhtfoot, left last week for Peoria, III,, where they art vU- Itlng for several days with Mrs. Miehle'j ion, Doyne Michie. and family. Miss Ora Wayne Meadows left Sunday for Cape Oirardeau. Mo., where she will enroll aa a student at Southeast Missouri State Teach- era College there. Miss Carolyn Christian left for St. Louis, Mo.. Monday after spending a month's vacation here In the home of her mother, Mrs. Gertrude Christian. Miss Christian is a stu- lent nurse «t Barnes Hospital In St. Mr. and Mrs. Wyman Dillmnu nd daughter, Ann, and Miss Betty Jo Patterson spent Tuesday In St. Louis .--, ..'. Mr and Mrs. J. A. Hayden and son, Joe Peck, spent a few days last week visiting relatives Iri Louisville, Ky., going first' to Lebanon. Ky. lo tale Mr. Hayden's sister, Sister Mary Marcellus, who teaches In a convent there. Mrs. Rachel Read and son. Ivan of Danville. III., spent the weekend in Caruthersvllle, visiting friends. Mrs. Read formerly taught In the high school here. ..- ..:!•.':• Jim Hamhy. son of Mr. and Mrs Harold Hnmby, left last' week end for South Bend, Ind., where he will resume his studies at Notre Dnme University. Mr. Hamby left, early to begin football practice. .,', ; Mrs. j. T, Douglass and r daughter, Joan, and Miss Carolyn Christian spent Saturday In Memphis, Tenn., shopping. --j ". ; Mrs. Dot Shaw and "daughTer Barbara, Miss Ellis Hayden, Miss Sadie Hamra. and Mrs. James Pull- hart shopped In Blythevllle, Ark., Friday. . Mrs. Janet Cain drove to Cape Oirardeau, Mo., Sunday, to lake her daughter, Susls, who will enter as a freshman In Southeast Missouri State College. Miss Doris Belch left'last amilav for Milllngton, Tenn, where she Bas accepted a petition M > beauty operator, alter tpendinj- several days here with her parent*, Mr and M". Luther Belch. .Miss Belch recently completed a beauty court* at a 'school in Blythevllle. Mr. and MM. William Wadsworth and children of Wihon, Ark., and Garret Smith and Miss Mary Martha Wadsworth of Memphis, Tenn., spent Sunday visiting Mr. md Mrs. J. P. Douglasi and Frank Douglass. Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Berry, Miss Garnet Hall • and W. C. Ferguson drove ta Sikeiton, Mo., Tuesday evening to attend a meeting of the Colon Boll Girl Bcou't Council. Prank Dorroh wa« in Blythevllle visiting friend* Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Dean Vick and children, Sonja and John Charles, visited In' Deerlng Sunday . In the home of his brother, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Vlck. Jimmy McFall, who Is employed in Memptys, spent the weekend visiting his mother, Mrs. J. M. McFall. ' Mrs. J, E, Douglass of this city and her sisters, Mrs; Helen Tram- inell and children and Mrs. Llndscy Smith of. Portagevlile, visited relatives In Steele Sundiy. Mr. and Mrs. James T. Ahearn and daughter, Gloria, returned home last week from a brief vtslt with friends and relatives in St. Louis. Edward Cunningham, who is employed In Beuton, Mo., spent the week end with his parents here. Dr. and Mrs. Wade Shott ol Edinburg, 111., and Mr. and Mrs. Wade Shotl, jr., ol Mount Pulakl, 111., are guests in the horne^ of the younger Mrs. Shott's parents, Mr. and Mis. Mid-South Fair & Livestock Show Sept. 21-3O ADVANCE SALE TICKETS NOW 5 for $2.00 Buy now, save $1.0OI Send your check or mon*y order with iclf «ddre«»d rt«mped.«nv.lop« to Mid-South F«ir, M*mpW W • ' "I Sell Thof Stuff" FUEL OIL! G. 0. POETZ OIL CO. PHONE 2089 PHONI Office *n<t Bulk Plant — Promised • •• '• ^ . Uaz Dickion. . , : Doyle Brewer, formerly of . her«, ap*nt the weekend visiting friend*. ;, Mr 1 , and Mrs. Darrell Grogan ind daughter, Patricia, arrived home Saturday from a vacation In Seat- tl«, Wash. . H. C. Powell drove to Cap* Gl- rardeau Sunday to i a k« h u son, Dick, who will enroll as a first yew- student In Southeast Missouri State College. Mrs. Mary Granthain left this week 'for'San Antonio, Tex., alter spending two months visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. George My- Mlss Rebecca young of Steele was a guest in the home of her aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Archie Zahnei. [or several days last week Maurice Kantor of Memplits spent the week end with his father. Barney Kmilor. Mr. and Mrs. James Golf and children, Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Murrel and baby, Mr. and Mrs. Lynell Murrel, Mr. and Mrs. Cojiycr Stvof- ford, and • Miss Ruby Murrel attended a family reunion in Dixon, Tenn., Sunday. Mrs. Mary Jane Dates of'st*ole vtslted In lh« home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Corbett Monday. .'; Mrs, Dorl* Downing' and daughter, Nadlne, and Mrs. Pauline dood- in arrived home this week from a vacation In Michigan and Canada. Mr. and Mrs, C. A. Robertson had as their guests last week end, his nephew and fainlly, Mr. and Mrs, ojhu Robertson and children of Camden, Tenn., and his, niece, Mrs. Vernon Shelby, and Mr. Shelby, of Savannah, Tenn. Miss Darbara Lou Blomeyer, daughter ' ol Mr. and Mrs. p.' H. Bloineycr, and who It employed in Memphis, spent the week end visiting her parents. WARNING ORDER In (he Municipal Court, Chlrka- sawba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Planters Hardware Co., £>ltf, v «- No. 2212 Helen Ford, Deft. The defendant Helen Ford Is lieieby 1 warned to npiietir within Umty.dA.ys In .the court named In the caption hereof and answer the complaint ol the plalntlir. Dated Hits 18th day of August PACK won ^~^~~—"^^^^•^••B™ Quads Prepare For Physicals BEAUMONT, Tex,, Sept, U. y^_ The perrlcome quadruplet* tak* their ^rslt physicals today, and tlielr mother hopes. If they hav* to report for military servlo* tb* four of them ,m 0^^ & ^,. gcthcr. ' , . The boys are Anthony, Barnard, Carl and DonaJd perrlcone, aged M. Mrs. Philip Perrlcone, In "commenting with their draft call, atid she hopes they'll not be teparmtod. " rhr "~ -' •—• -'•- saw , The boys weighed leu than four pounds each at ulrth, Oct. 31, !«J» and arrived while their mother WH praying for a girl. Montana shipped »,2S«,»56 Chrla*> mas trees in 1949. , 1950. W. I. Maltn, Olvk Todd Harrlion, attorney for plaintiff. at At Forest Hills, N.Y, thousands thrill to the booming serves and miraculous shoti of "tennis at its best"! Jp Whiskey at itelJest Hill nnd Hill will not give you the serve of a tennis, champion, but it will help you serve „ champion drink! Try it today. jjislrihut nrs - Little R oc k • B5% Grain Neutral Spirits # So-fora rida-and youll mERCURY 1 ridin comfcrtl Almoet the very moment you,*et foot in the Mercury you know you've found the car you've always wanted! Bi K l Roomy! Leg roomy, too! And so quietl So utterly QUIETI You hardly know you're moving— to smooth and silent is Uiat Mercury ride! gt the right in r- b ' K Mercury handle « th «"- »«-»nd i-Line' steering . . . "Cushion -Coil" springing . . . • super-rigid chassis make -owners call it the smoothest they , yer dr \. get tta right po\v&r! You've got "get-up-and-go" to spare in Mercuryl Its big, V-type, 8-cylindcr, mnde-only-for-Mercury engine is right for the car—and the car is riyU for the engine! Mercury is "America's No. 1 Economy Car"! Drive it yourself—and see why! STILL & YOUNG MOTOR CO. Walnut at First Str««t

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