The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 11, 1950 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 11, 1950
Page 5
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MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, 19W OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williaim (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Our Boording House with Moj. HoopU VAOT wm» „, WOULD CRlTICItt *»C*M THAT JJ f40T KAWHG teU*Stt> JtUe< ra T" E A** •' — TM\* CtfW i* g£ARD 7 EJ THE ILLUSTRIOUS ME«V6O *tABCO HOOPLE, A*) IDOL rW 1Ue COURT OF kl DREAW ^iA. BEFORE MARCO WAS 80R*J/ II TO WRAP A PICMIC LUMCU BEW< GOES PR&TTY FAR BACK' REFRIGERATION • Service • Sales • Engineering DIAL 2241 City Electric Co. jfor Improved KIDNEY FUNCTION In a mojoriry cf cosei invest!- goHd in Mveral hoipilals and cllnlct, tubnormal Kidney function wai improvtd, Bladder pain and dltcomforl r«doc«d aflor th« uje.of Mountain Vallay Wattr. K your doctor ha> diagnosed your condition a! functional Kidney Impairment trm natural, untreated mineral water may be very beneficial. Try H for a lew week*, k • delicious, pure-tasting, and may be consumed freely. CroMtewn Whiskey Shop Main l> Division GLASS Installed ujj •/; Blythcville Glass & Paint Co. 13* E. Main Phone 6716 miss By Edwin Rutt m« k, he. T1IR STORY, Tk« f*r_rr rj, Fr<-r. _h.., _.,rl> K > I. I'.,,, Klfled. bat »«t fc«« H happy,. «••• »lacr< b r .», filter'. Till l» •<,! .»,.*,. Brildt. k»*•«• wvorrira. E4e'i lw» brother*. wllh . . . !• r«.nln|c aronnil XVI SUDDENLY Edith Frey knew that she wanted this clean gray- eyed kid Tommy Melbourne for Jenn. There was something open and honest about him; .something promising, in spilt of his incredible naivete. He and Jenn were right for each other. But Jenn, the 19-ye*r-old idiot, might not see this, until it wa> too late. Txjok. Tommy," she said, on impulse. "Would tt help any il I rode around with you?" "Gee, would you'?"' he said eagerly: "I'd— I'd certainly [ike to talk to somebody." "I'll get a wrap," Ede said. Tommy Melbourne drove like the wind. He chose Long Island via the Triborough Bridge »nd, once out of the city, the speedometer needle rarely fell below i 75. Ede sat back in her seat and was secretly ashamed of the way her feet pressed hard against the floorboards. But she wasn't very frightened. Tommy Melbourne's •shoulders were broad, arid powerful and his big hands, gripping the wheel, gave her a leelini of confidence. On the way to no fixed destination h« told her about himself. He had, he said with a sidelong grin, graduated from Yale notably without honors. He was now In a bank, largely controlled by hit lather, and learning the business, n he put k, "from the basement up." He hattened to ajsure her that his fatKer'i influence wa« to make no *fTerenc« in his progress He didn't want that and neither did his father. According to Tommy, he was strictly on his own. Ede liked his attitude. If only Jenn wouldn't insist upon sctjng like a born fool! Beside thjs clear- skinned young fellow, with his (resh enger outlook. Hamilton Grieve appeared jaded and shopworn. "Good Heavens, Tommy." she said suddenly, interrupting him in a description of the intricate oH- lackle play that had ruined Harvard the previous season. "Do you realize that we're nearly to Montauk?" He turned to her and grinned. Why not go all the way?" '"Why not?" said Ede. Montauk Point Jutted sharply into black water, silver-streaked by a white wandering moon They parked and lit cigarcts. Shadows closed around them, quiet and dark. Far below the waves lapped and murmured. As Tommy talked. Ede thought, "If 1 were Jenn. this would be Heaven for him. Why does the world have to be 90 cockeyed?" 1 • • » J.JE drove home with speed and authority They pulled up before the Frey house on Fifth Avenue at an unearthly'hour. Ede got out. gave him her hand. "Tommy. I've had a grand lime. Simply swell. II 1 weren't an an- cjent married woman, I'd ack you to come again." ' "I'd like to come again, all right." Tommy said. He hesitated. She laughed. "You don't have to thank me for going with you. I honestly enjoyed it* "I wasn't going to thank you," h« said surprisingly. "1—J just wanted to saj that you—that you're the swcllest gal 1 ever went out with. I wish,"'he added simply, "that Jenn was like you." "Yon target that Jenn's only • kM. Sbt'i Just belnf • little nuttj right now. She'll gel ov«r it." "I hope so." said Tommy, with fooling. (> "She will." Fxle pressed his hand. In the meantime. I'm on your side. If that'll do any good." He gave her a grateful look. "It helps," he said, and drovt away. Ede went upstairs on tiptoe, bm it didn't work. There was * light under Jennifer's door and. ii ih« passed it. (he door opened. Jenn came out, attired in ChiiMM pajamas. "Where on earth have you been. Ede Frey?" she demanded. "It's 4 in the morning." "Out," Ede said. Tor that matter, why aren't you in bed?" "I only got In myself h«H «n hour ago." Jenn confessed, Ede said wickedly, "You haven't been keeping Hamilton up. have you?" Jenn rtared « her. -How did you know I was out with him?" "I'm clairvoyant," Ede wld "Goodnight, darling." But Jenn followed her into the room. "Where were you?" she persisted. "I'm over Jl. I dont have to give an accounting at myself do I?" "No." Jenn was suspicious. "Bui it seems funny. You've never pulled one like this before." £DE was looking at > letter from Peter Flood that someone h.n left on her dressing-table. It baa come air mail and special delivery The outside of the envelope wa- colorfully plastered with atamps " "If you've got >o know." she said. "I went out with a rery charming young man- That's all Good night. Jenn!" Ede took her sister by the shoulders, wheeled her around »nd pushed her out of the door. Sbe turned the key tn the lock. One of Jenn's soft roulei thudded angrily against the outside of the door. Then Ede heard her going to her room. Ede smiled and opened the letter from Peter. The next instant H dropped from h*r fingers. Peter flood WM aakmg fax a divorce. (T. 1 THAT AfreauoaN. •ruoy HAIL is I DONT LIKE STAYING . SCHOOL My MOSe TH«W ; rOu DO, BLIP WE HAVE To LFfAkN PUNCTUALITY For careful attention to lh« 'iJling of your prescriptions, b« sure to come to Barney's Drug. BARNEY'S DRUG e West Main Phone 3647 LOOK! ELoTffil SfRV/Cf FAUGHT'S STUDIO 114 So. Broadway Phone 6011 There's No Substitute for QUALITY & SERVICE A. Kiln-Dried and Grade-Marked Lumber. B. Sherwin-Williami Paint*. C. Cabinet and Builder 1 * Hardware. D. Millwork, Doors and Windows. E. Plumbing Fixtures, Pip« and Fittings. F. Wallbcard, Plywood and Tile Board. BUILDERS SUPPLY South Highway 61 Co., Inc. Phon* 2434 CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH For the servicing or repair of your car, bring It to T. I. Seay Motor Co. Our mechanics are specifically (rained to care for your car. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 121 East Main Phont 2122 We're Proud of Our Work « work • Woodwork iclurinj • Welding BARKSDALE MFG. CO. • Machine work • Manufacturing IFHH TPOLWZBR0 . . . and the bottom fine soys, 'For o«ielc, confident/of loans, see GENERAL CONTRACT Pl/RCHASf CORr*ORAT/ON'." " l 'UL?"'! t !i h|f a pa P* r for m y CI.vlcs class, Mr MurdoeV What do you think of the Civil Servlc* as a careerT' t'RISCILLA'S I'OI Ask Pop—He Knows BY AL VERMEER YOU'D BETTER ASK YOUR FATHER TO HELP YOU FACT, HE'S A REGULAR EXPERT THOSE THINGS! HE WAS LATE FOR AND TO THINK UP GOOD EXCUSE! ^2 WITH THAT, CARLVLE 1 HE'S VERY GOOD AT IT! Come Right In BY MICHABL O'MAT.I.EY and RALPH LAN! . HELLO, HANC<SO«e. JUST \ TffUCM IHAXKSP 'C». WHO MkSHT \CXJ BE? HtLPEK. Cue&TY iMNT 4* IN MERE TO 6tT SO« NOW TO PUCK NTrWT POO* ANP HO** NO9CCV CAPTAIN EASY MEMIWHtLE, Yes, and Hiirrv BY LESLIE TURNER TH6 CHERIFf's OFFICE AT THE JWt, PlEASS. I DOWT KU0W THE MUMBEE AKCWS ARE COUNTING OU ME FDR THEIR CAH'T LET 'EM DOWH LIKE TljlS IvEGOT TO GET OUT O 3UG SOMEHOW MAS TO A Boes TO rev BE SOMEONE »T THE BUGS BUNN"V MIYA, CiCESO.' WHAT'S TM' BIS IT DON'T FIGGER. [ THOUGHT VA HATED SCHOOL.' THIS 19 TH' «»«t PAV O' SCHOOC... I'M ANXIOUS T ACT WELL, LAST VIAR I HAt> A SWSLL BEAT IS FOURTH GRADE.. Then II Happened BY V. T. HAMLIN SO I CCULDNY HOLD THIS HELM T. WISH AN' CKY. BOOTS ANU HER BUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIN

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