The Tribune from Scranton, Pennsylvania on March 30, 1920 · Page 13
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The Tribune from Scranton, Pennsylvania · Page 13

Scranton, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 30, 1920
Page 13
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,1 Q (Gallon's TalEio Buying shoes at a price to. sell at a price is not. our method, of doing business. We endeavor to have them made as good as they can be made, and then we price them so as to receive a fair profit on our investment. Of all the articles of wearing apparel, shoes receive the hardest service, and we believe that service should be the first consideration when building them. Oftentimes i few cents extra Invested in a counter, an insole, a box toe, or for an additional row of stitching or some other little detail will add two - fold to the wear and life of the shoe, and equally as often by skinning these important points to save a few cents and have the shoe built at a price, will make ti more ornamental than useful. We believe that the average person is willing to pay the price for good shoes when they know they are getting what they pay for. - Sometimes, however, the best made shoes will"; show defects from some slight mishap in the making, but when any of these defects appear in MAHON'S SHOES we will make good for them. Vou take no chances when you buy MAHON'S SHOES. 121 WYOMING AVE. PRICE OF MILK MAY DROP IN APRIL Dealers Will MitV Tonit to Determine Whether There Will Be a Reduction, Farmers win receive 1.4 cents a quart for 1 per cent, milk end cents a quart for 3.S per cent, milk during the month of April, it was an nounced in New York yesterday after (amusements) f TODAY'S ATTRACTIONS I .S ' , ;, , i.m ' m J Poll (Vaudeville ant Piottiraa - "Easy to Get," a screen eomeay, atar ring Marguerite Clark., the Creole Be - vu and other vaudeville acts. Majestic (Burlesque "All Jai. Revue." Afternoon and went, . J m "aw rm w I Strand - "Blind Husbands." Comedy. "The rty von ' ana etrana Mew.. conferences between the milk - listrl. I "wives" .wjtj, uouse Peters. Alio a ouiora ana manmaciurers ana ii ecutlve committee of the pairymen.'. league. Officials of the league In Lackawanna county have announced that the aver age reduction In the price or tnwt to the farmer will be l.t cents per quart. Whether there will be a reduction In the price which consumers have to pay will be determined at a special meet lntr of the leading dealers of the city called for this evening? at the Ender - ly dairy. Monsey avenue and Larch street, The meeting will be called to order at 8 o'clock. While dealers of Scran ton gave, no Intimation last night that there, wdula be a drop in the price oi mux, indications point to a reduction of at least two cents a quart ytSOFT COAL MINES TO V& nnUTIMIIF nPFRATIDM ; (Continued from Pass One). ' ; Indiana; K. Donaldson and William Henderson, Western 'Pennsylvania; C, ; K, itaurer and Michael Gallagher, Ohio C. cBearles and Herman Perry, II - Jinots. The eommittee will, hold lta first eon tferenoe at W o'clock tomorrow morning, Secretary Green of the mine work ' - i ers said it would cost hie organisation iUmore than 14,400 for telegrams to not) '; ,v the local unions of the acceptance . ibf the wage award. Xaereete ef 7 Per Oeat. The increase In wages to the miners under today's agreement amounts to . approximately 27 per cent. Including the 14 per cept. average increase grant f; ed by Fuel Administrator Garfield As the miners are now receiving the 14 per cent., the net increase under the new contract will be 13 per cent. Figured in dollars, the increase is !' approximately $98,000,000 more than J 'the advance allowed by Administrator I" Idea) Winter Vacation Resort FurneM Bermuda Line Feet twln - aorew, palatial steamers S. S. "Fort Hanulton" U.OM) Tons Displacement .. sanlng from New Tors every Wedneeday S. S. "Fort Victoria" H.noO Tone Displacement ' Railing from .Ve fork every Saturday No penpftrts required for Bermuda. fr furtha n&rtlrulara e.nnt t fj tNESS BERMUDA LINE 'ursess House, .flTjt6II St.. New. Tart Garfield, according to the report cf the coal commission. The total increase In Wage coat is given at $200,000,000. The award directs that th increase be apportioned between the different groups of workers and classes of work as follows: Tonnage rates, pick and machine to be Increased by 34 cents; rate for all yarfiage, dead' work, narrow work, and room turning to be advanced 20 per cent; and compensation of day wage men to be advonced 20 per cent. Stows Wag Aeveno. Th commission's report points out that the wage advance granted to min. ers in the central competitive district oetween J913 and October 31, 1919, when the Garfield award, was made, av erage 43 per cent, for tonnage work ers aa 74 per cent., for day men. The first matter to come befor the sub - committee In completing tha new agreement win be the question of shorter work day, representatives of the mine workers declared tonight. The soft coal diggers will attempt to eet a seven nour day, although he com mission recommended that the) present working day of eight houra be con tinued, on the ground that tha loss of an hour "would be equivalent to an additional cost of over $100,000,0007' The question of appointing a commie. sion of miners and operators to make a complete study as to different work. Ing oondltiona in the central competi tive fields, wage earnings, production costs, and competitive relation, as well as the check - off system of collecting dues for the united Mine Workers .of (America, will also be flven early consideration. John P.. White, a former Internation al, president of the mine workers, and their representative "on the president's coal commission, addressed tha men e - Dlalnlns - the various clauses in the award and defined his minority repot I comedy and a new Sinogram. Bijou Anita Stewart la "Sins of the Mother. ' Also a comedy, "Room 102 Victoria Bosco. rFatty'. Arbuckla in "The uaraae." Also "The otrl from Nownere. witn Meqieon anq .Lucas ManhatUn - f - "Th Land of donor ....I4..II . - . . . U 1 1 4 Park Wallace He d In - "Double apeea.' Also wiiuam J. mynn s atorv . i . m as ft ft , - .. ii ah . . . lions, v Rial to Gladys Brookwell in "Tha Forbidden Room." Also a Hank Mann eomeuy. , r mm wm at you The heartiest applause, durina? yes terday'K performance at the Poll .ttiea. ;er went to the act put on by a single man: that of filar. Friscoe. tha win. phonlst, whose work was entitled to all or the notice It received. As a mat. ter cf fact the audiences were loath to allow him ta leave the ataara and called him back again and again. una Kertormer lias a fine instrument and he certainly knows how to handle i r. ii is years since a musical act time to produce a fine effect. wer wf - - Marguerite Clark ts tha nrinclpal , having built a modern I ncrformer In tha nreduetlaa - 4 t Picture fea - SALIENT SIX IS COMING TO TOWN Announcement Is being made today that the Scranton Motor Car company staged by one Individual at the Poll has secured the representation in swept the audience from Its feet the Lackawanna, Wayne, Tike, Susque - way that 8lg. Frlscoe did yesterday, hanna and Bradford counties for the He was assisted by a woman in the fironhans Salient Six audience whose help Is eonflned to the BtfHTli i M or r.r .omnanv. bling of a tune, but It come, at one oi ine ni in Scranton, garage, containing a eiorags sua " - 1 eet, wnlch is the movlnr eral repair business and having suc - lture. This is a lively story ef .love. cessfully opened a sales campaign tor I romance and adventure; In - which a the Daniels "8" cars, have for some I young wife, fleeing from a .careless time past been on the lookout tor a wrd spoken by her husband, gets into lower priced car that .would make a 'naJ Bf difficulties, including fall. Ud running mate for h, Daniels. H 2 hand. - of a gang of thieves. Their Ideals were ibeauty. ymfort. 4uotioni M OCCaslon for the very safety and reliability. - These they BMt Kind ofactlnff of which Miss found In the , SMphens ; Salient Six. Cirk i earahU and she Is assisted bv They have been convinced that the company which gives real Wtlstio Stephens ia the leader of all cart m vaiue, to tne production, outside of the its class for power and second to none lure of the story told. . .. . In economy. This latter fact being Martin and Florence, In "At the based on the remarkable record made Jnnnl Co" . a"a" "umber,, in the last two year, of the Los thai show and their wortiiefa Angeles Annual A. A. A. Unction UHida, a man and a woman who fol - Bconomy Runs. Jn these competitive low nav, es:.aedingiy speedy act runs oi inirtj - cieiii. lun i in wnicn oom tne man ana woman re Stenhens made a record of 21.5 miles I veal singing and danclne talent The per gallon of fuel in 1911, when It I woman make, several quick changes of not only won in - its class; DUt usq rosiume, , over all other cars entered, and 21.4 Frank Orth and Anna. Cody, a man mifeape gallon again in 11. when it neat au ln? aot wn,ch. ittciity. original and ton miles. which wins them warm applause. Then Claims for enduranee. and apeed are comes the creola number, staged by backed by such as five girls and two men, all dark skinned made in a record run between camps entertainers who can alnjr and dance. Kearrfey and Fremont, Cal. It travi Their act Is called sJ ''Revue" and eled 1,197 miles, over a mountain while It Is belns; given many of the range in 40 hours and 13 minutes, most popular of the latest songs are v - lthiiiit ntnnninii enzln. at an I renaerea. u.r.v. Dnnn.l n f 4ft Qfl tintlAH nr hlMlV. The run was officially observed by I ' THB ITBAJfD TBXATSB. Captain W. F;. Smith.' U." 8 - A., and) Scranton mevla audiences yesterday was made with a stock car. nati ineir nrst opportunity to see uni - uy as n, to , m.ies P" - "'" "',g and .tarred In 1y Eric Btrohelm, soar; ir 0...u.b , i ... - wnich js .howlng at the Strand thea per hour in 8 seconds; from 5 to 45 1 n,i ..a um. rw. miles per hour in higyi m ius eeconos. i pioturo represents Strohetm'a first While the Stephens haa unusual speed I effort m tha field of direction, but it. hill - climbing ability is not sacrl - 1 critic, have fceeq unanimous in tSie need. It can climb any hill in high sentiment tliat he has achieved a mas tYint inv nthAr var ra.n. ThA Stanhens l terniece. uses its own six - cylinder engine. Itl In tha role t Captain. Erie Von is a perfected ovor - head valve engine, giue?91n' M . n Austrian army. belng.ttie, most economical and power - SiTtiZLcZSte iui ior .ua size n general use. ,.s. fco - B hWed screen Villain in the ceun. v - c, "'' " , , : I try. nvairaeii aa a result oi sneii. We Beg to Announce Thajt ,w'. been appointed for ' Lacka wanna, Wayne9 Susquehanna, Bradford and Pike Counties for the STEPHENS Salieinrtt Six 'it :u6 .lie" 1 - : li'? .' W 'IF It a i;, - .ii 1 - f .(' - ' ort ,C.T 'J Manufactured Throughout By the Moline Plow Co. Freeport, Illinois Wee Open Models, $2,250 F. 0. B. Freeprrl, III. Closed Models, $3,250 R 0. B. Freeport, 111. Immediate Delivery of a Few Cars We Will Be Pleased to Go Into Further Deatail With Dealers Scranton Motor Car Co. 430 Dix Court Scranton," Pa. M. H, Horn Harry E. Leath G0LU1AISUL.U ri'nn" Easter Lilies for Holy Day 40 cheaper than last year. Other Holy Thursday flower correspondingly reduced. ' t It is worth your while to lot my display and make your purchaee. G.R.CLARK Florist 124 WASHINGTON AVE. Orders being booked now for Easter for choice plants, cut flowers and corsage bouquets. the Stephens. The bore Is 81i - lnoh, I shoek suffered In an engagement in stroke tVi. , 3. A. E. rating, 2S.S - 1 which his company .took part, he goes horstDower: valve diameter, il?.. valve.i to a little, mountain resort on the! lift, 'ii - inch. The oiling system is an Austro - Itallah ' frontier. There he la cat It I. a far cry from a tiger absolute .direct force feca. They uselnleBl J"rgrt:i Araninmi, mi wne i out me insn acior tninas nis throughout th. best xt material all f raraoue American surgeon, wpo, reune Is a tiger - cat. tBrougnoui ineiKsir material, an i. . . husbandi hag also come t0 Bthsl N.woomh. th, am..n e!.?f.V T h? t0 rest - The Physician, n - pianists, excepts to Walter Dararosch - s v.v..v,... r grossea in nis proiessionai inierests, i statement tnat women should not be iv i neglects to pay nis wite tm little at - ianowea ta become members - of ym - the Boranton Motor Car company is Mentions that are so much missed and! phony orchestras. Miss Nswcomb ob - anxioua to convince anyone mat iney i tne Austrian army oniccr receives tne (serve, tnat if women qualify as solo have secured a ear worthy of consid eratlon. The price on open models is $3. 250 and closed models 3.250. Molchoir H. Horn and Harry E. T.eath are the owners' of the Be rail - ton Motor Car company. WILUAM TELL It's a Cigar Made of rich flavored imported and domestic tobaccoscrammed with real smoke satisfaction and genuine tobacco delight. Yoifre bound to like the perfect blending and pleasing mildness of WILLIAM TELL Cigars. If you're looking for a real trustworthy cigar, one of constant quality, just step into your neighborhood dear store and ask for a WILLIAM JELL ' 2 for 1 5c BsM '1 REBUKED BY FATHER, GIRL KILLS HERSELF ORANGE, N. J., March . Rebuked by her father,, a wealthy New York coal dealer for not being punctual at her music practice. MIsb Norma A. Atkinson. SO, today threw herself in front of an expres. train here, and was killed. She left thl. note pinned ta her tout which she had removedl "Dear Mothei - Please forglv. tne for that which I am doing. I don't knew whether I am in the wrong or my father, se It is up to. one of us to remove ourself, and I am doing it. Forgive me. I know you will under stand. You have been the best mother and every hit that the Word mother signifies. Baby." . FOX I am i Help that distressed , stomach Indigestion, heartburn, soar stomach, belching, te.r yield to DILL'S Digesters. One or two after meals aid digestion, help toward better health! Contain pure, standard ingredients only. Agreeable certain in their effects. In the attractive watch - size bottle. At all Druggists. ThepilIC0.,Norristwn,l1a, mm opportunity he seeks. The woman ists with these orchestras, it 1. hn - has almost fallen victim to s wiles I probable that they might not Justify - C . ,1.. . . 1 J 1 . 1 . XT a A I . . . . . ; . "... uuluic me .usumiu eaiixfs n. .,1 1 mwr selection ior minor positions, alone the acting, but the photography. From the viewpoint of the audience it wikv many remantau'e locations, mane ta preferable to have an orchestra com - tlie picture one of the greatest ef the I Posed ef women rather than yeir" ' . ... .. . . .... 1UP f masculine whisker wearers of ttounainp out tne wen naisneea Dm assortea cuts, is tne Big v comeny. "Tne riy Cod. featuring Larry Semoni together with the Htrand News and Keview. ahowins the wonas events in Pictures. ne Bray Plctograph and the Popular Topic. Of the Day. .elected by tiie Literary cutest. Te Htrand orches tra and Organ contribute to th musical program. ' . TBS ACASIXT. Willi ant OUletta Sir Jamee M. Bar - rie, the author of "Dear Brutus." in which - William Gillette scored one of the most agreeable successes of his distinguished career in New York last season, and in which that popular actor is to be seen at the Academy of MtiMc. for one performance only, tomorrow night, March list, has promised Mr. Alt Hayman, i resident of the Charles Froham Company, to eome to America for a visit soon as (he honplta.19 he ha. been conducting in France all through the war have been closed. "These hospital.' said Mr. Hayman, on hi. return from Europe recently, "are for children who were Injured by (Urnta .hell, and .hrap - nel. The largest ef them, with accommodations for one hundred children,' is at Chateau - Thierry and Is well known ta members of th. A - R - T. narrl has maintained thl. hospital and teveral similar institutions at his own unaided expense. That i. one of his secrets and I expect he will be very angry with me for giving t away. a stuasno ruAraa "The All Jan Kevue" is th. title of the burlesque performance now being staged at tha Majestic theater. The offering la "A Oirl In a Million," put en in two acts and several scenes. There Is nothing lacking in the performance which keeps going In a way to reveal plenty ef ."pep' and much side - splitting comedy. There are several stars In the production Including Lou Powers in Irish comedy work; Pat Daly a. Handy Onlobollte, Mis. Maria Catlln is Helen Rose, tha leading woman; MIbs Pearl Hamilton ai the soubrette; Miss Ka - 1 oine ureav a. tna im.enue end the .Morette sister, a. specialists. The lat ter two are particularly tood at dancing and with musical Instruments. Mis Catlln s a very charming woman.' The big part of th work, however, falls upon Lou Power., who la In the thick and thin of all of the mischief and manage, to extricate himself with the usual .kill of a comedian. The other mala roles, In addition to those mentioned, are assumed by Ray Kelly, Hippy Preyer and Bob Wolf, seasoned performer, and clever .Ingers. The management has provided a yeung and capable chorus for the .re duction, which I. Interesting In it. very phase, and without a dull mo ment. Yesterday', audiences applauded with enthusiasm and made the Players ao a let of extra work in re sponding to encore., the trenerv, electrlo effect, and musical numbers art) very attractive era 90 cent, per hour, Track laborer, are asking (2 cent, per hour. The night watchman at the Scranton Coal dump 1. asking to cents per hour. Tha agreement also calls , for the following scale: Freight agent,. 125 per month; assistant freight agent )120 per month; ticket agents. 1120 per month; office clerks, $115 per month, and stenographers, $75 per month. Office attaches are also ask ing one week paid vacation and ticket agent, two days per month off. The men ask that the agreement be come effective April It. 1920. and von. tinue In foree until April 1, 1921. NORTHERN HEN PRESENT SCALE (Continued fro - n Page One). pahy shall Install heaters In Vestibules of all car; that motormen be allowed to wear overall, and Jumper, on all cars. The trainmen are also demanding time and one - half for the following hollldays. Decoration Day, Labor Day, Christmas. Fourth of July and Thanksgiving, and time and one - half for all nowplow and .weeper work. Barnmen and shopmen are asking a sliding scale of from J cents te 72 work day, time and one - half for all overtime and time and one - naif on the holidays mentioned above. Blacksmith and control and air brakemen are de manding the 73 - cent an hour rate. . Vowe? gown JPemaad. Power house and eub - statlon men are asking a sliding scale from 65 cents to 90 cents per hour, the eight hour day and time and one - half, the. same aa trainmen, barnmen and shopmen. Senior - linemen ar. demanding 11 cent, per hour, second senior linemen 18 cent, per hour and groundmen so eents ner hour. First signalmen are asking 71 cent, per hour and help. IVhy Pyramid P AMt Aay Drantot Bow Reseated ilea Have Made Pyramid tha Kcceejall Trcataeat. nam roa nun nuu Mailed free in Rive. . relief. CARUSO (Himwlf) ARMORY MONDAY EVE., APRIL 5th. Tickets Now Selling At Stoehr Fitter's, No. 131 North Washington Ave. Tlokets, S9.00, $4.00, tS.OO and 2.00, Plu. 10 War Tax. . - . STAGE NOTES 40 for 2tf 1 ".Te. - i. otve Georges flansu. now sneaking the English languaga and rated the most brilliant French actor on the American stage, will be seen In a series of Frenoli play, for mathte. purpose, next sea - ion while continuing his stellar en gagement ta an English epeaklng actor. Annie iiugnes, tna Engnsn come. laid wrapper. It Get Q - cent bo TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY Tha Best Show his Year ' SIGFRISCOE Master of the Xylophone and the King of Laugh - Creating Musicians. He's a Treat. Frank Orth & Cody Anne The Popular Team, in "LET'S TAKE A WALK." Babcock & Dorilda In "SHE'LL FALL AGAIN" CREOLE REVUE Sengs, Dance, and Fun with a Cast of seven Martin & Florence In "AT THE TENNIS COURT" MARGUERITE CLARK In the Paramount Play, "EASY TO GET" Gaumont Weekly U. S. COMMISSIONER : ; HELD FOR CONSPIRACY NEW YORK, March 89. V. S. CoW - missloner Felix Relfschneldery - Jr., Was ordered held for trial in the court of sncofal sessions ' today by . Magistrate Charles J. Bodd, of Brooklyn, on , a charge.of conspiracy. . , " The court decided testimony" taken recently gave aufflcient cause to believe "Reifschnleder guilty of having con - splredywlitle, a practicing attorney, with Mrs. Annar3. Mills, a neBress, to brlns a $50,000 damage suit aRalnst a wealthy business man. Mrs. Mills ia now serving a nerm - ' of elsht years in Auburn prison ' Jo'r perjury in connection with the : qftse.. - , . ;j , 4 I TODAY and TOMORROW TS r, HIT dF THE YEA . Lnrirjha anj ' TV rills Silk Huzband ' And Calico Wi With Hou Peters nnJ M.tpv Mer if C ill Anita Steward in a Vitno i - ,it Siiu of Mother ,".rrt a Coniffly ROOM 202 I HQ IE tXll Fatty ArbuckU Best Comet Hit 1 Garage! Midison W Lucas GIRL FROli MOWHEfl Pi I 13 1 mn,, The Photoplay 'Art Has Not Created Anything More Enthralling krXrtl Land o! Opportunity Vith Other Am - Comedy, ajll News anj Dramas ' Extra Added LARRY SEAMONS In THE FLY COP x v STRAND NEWS TOPICS OF THE DAY REVIEW inXIKSSK ll J Pjwjl WIlacr - Reid " on 'Double Speea" $5.00 Plate W. J. Flynn Story Other Hits Gladys .' Brockwell In a Fox Play Forbidden Room Hank Mann Comedy Alenna, who has many American srtis tlo triumphs to her credit, salts next month for a visit ta London, the scene ef many ef her wonderful successes. She return, ta Broadway or next tea" tlo triumph, to her credit, salts next on, however, Sha recently acted In UmI t "Tit frmmA V WhltforJ Kane, now acting with rrancM Itsrr 1ft '?itr( Tir' own. a H.y Ka Km Bsv WaMarfml ryraaua ia vatu nwrn vrr It. ef pyramid Pile Treatment of any druggist. Be relieved of Itching - , protruding - pile, hemorrhoid, and aucb, rectal troubles. A Unci, box haa often been aufflcient In one Take ao ub.tituta. ixs2 (AUrus covron PTlAMTD flBCO COlfPlNT. MtPyreiaia Blag., IfinbaU. Mich. ae..rri,v,t,,M.iit,l Street, t . .k .r. .t , , , j, qty...........,.........guu,...v.... Tomorrow Night Only Chas. Frohman Presents WILLIAM GILLETTE In J. M. B.rrle". Newest and Best Comedy,.' "DEAR BRUTUS" SupperM by th. Most Superb Charte. rrohman Cast Seen Her In Years, Direct from On. Entire Season at th. Nw Yerk Empire Thater. PRICES Me, $1.00, 1.50, 12,00, S2.90. , , t . .., . av. tv ar scpahtohS run cemter RCAi BURIE5gut, fOATIflEE DAILY MOW 4AYfi - A Breert'.ef Mirth and Melody All Jazz Revue 30 NIFTY JAZZERS 30 . J

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