The Tribune from Scranton, Pennsylvania on December 14, 1928 · Page 4
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The Tribune from Scranton, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Scranton, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, December 14, 1928
Page 4
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THE SCRANTON REPUBLICAN, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 14, 1928 Medina Is Directed To Join Conference David E. Kaufman, of Towanda, American Minister of Bolivia Plays Leading Part In Resumption of Negotiations ' ' WASHINGTON, Dec. H.enor Don Eduardo Dies de Medina, the Bolivian minister here, was directed In a personal message received from President Slles, of Bolivia, to resume his place at the internatonal conference of American States on conciliation and arbitration. , - HA Vi mnnaef nt thp Pfln. Amprlffln' JtU fclic lwwv . v.w - r Conference on aroiiracion ana conciliation and of Secretary of State Kellogg you are hereby, authorizsd to resume . your place at the conference as delegate from Bolivia." Secretary Kellogg's request had been presented to President Siles by David V Kaufman, American minister at La ' Paz. In sending it Mr. Kellogg acted as secretary of state and not in his capacity as chairman of the conciliation conference. He wrote the note personally yesterday, instructing Mr. Kaufman to take the subject up, Informally with President Siles. The immediate response to this action bv the president and foreign minister of Bolivia, whose communications were officially conveyed to the state department by Minister Medina, has led officials to trie a more optimistic view of the situation. Ambassador De Medina, who has re - . joined the Pan - American conference of arbitration and conciliation, was a visitor in this city and Towanda last July. Ths Bolivian legate was the guest of Morgan Kaufman, local at - tornev, at the latter's summer home at Towanda. Attorney Kaufman is a brother of David Kaufman, American ambassador to Bolivia. With Minister De Medina during his visit here were attacnes 01 ms embassy and a Spanish envoy. The entire party drove here from Washington In a fleet of cars which was con - voyed by four state highway patrolmen. Minister Medina and his wife were guests at several luncheons given here in their honor. ANNOUNCE WINNERS IN SPELLING BEES Winners in the November spelling bee contests being conducted In the rural schools of the county were announced yesterday by Thomas Francis, county superintendent of schools, In his monthly letter to the principals, teachers and school directors of the local communities. The winners are: Carhpndale township: Childs schools, seventh grade, 7 Michael Solitsky; eighth grade, Helen Riske; Powderly school, eighth grade, Stephan Schoffic and Bessie Koran; No. 4 school, seventh grade, Mary Pleyrack; eighth grade, Joseph Cos - tanick; Clifton, Lehigh, Goudsboro, John Sidoric, Mary Adams, Gladys Grabouskey, John Shiskousky; Covington township: Red Union school, Ralph Larnard; Watson school, Josephine Petrick; Jefferson township: Anna Nowilas; Scott townships Orvis school, Bernardetta Toth; Grosvenor . school, Arthur Noldy; Spring Brook township: Beech. Hill school, Margaret Jones; Maple Lake school, Elsie Dooley; Vandling borough; seventh grade, Anna Kosher; eighth grade, Martha Zollinger. In his letter, Mr. Francis reminded the teachers of the observance today of Tuberculosis day in the public schools in connection with annual sale of Chri3tmas seals. ; ; ' ' Hope, for Committee Vote Today on Treaty WASHINGTON, Dec. 13 P). Confident of mustering a big majority, pro - ; ponents of the Kellogg antiwar treaty are expected to make an attempt tomorrow to have the senate foreign ij - , lations committee vote on the pact. However, even if the treaty is reported to the senate at an early date, leaders have little hope of considering it on j the flocr before the Christmas recess as several other measures have prioj status on the calendar. " 1 1 mmmmmmtm"K'Humtmmmmmm i DIEZ DE iwj:i;:a FIND EMPLOYMENT CONDITIONS GOOD Federal Bureau Reports Labor Generally Busy WASHINGTON, Dec. 13 jP). - Em - ployment conditions at the beginning of December were held to be generally satisfactory over the country as a whole by the United States Employment service today in its regular monthly review. In spite of the seasonal decrease in out - of - door construction, the report found that metal mining and metal working trades were particularly speeding operations and increasing working forces and that building volume was being well maintained. It also said that such dissimilar lines of industry as coal mining and department store operating were likewise indicating increases in persons on payrolls. : The report concluded that "in no locality was there any serious unemployment" on December 1. Fire Totally Destroys " Barn in Dickson City Fire of undetermined origin destroyed the barn of John Worczinski, of Dimmick street, Dickson City, shortly before midnight ' last night. Thsvloss, is estimated ', at $800. A quaritity.iof hay and forming imple ments were lost in the blaze. A telephone call was sent to the Eagle Hose company, but the firemen were' handicapped by the fact that they had to lay a hose line more than 1,500 'feet to the nearest hydrant.. This, coupled with the' fact that the fire had gained considerable headway, resulted in the structure being levelled. REISMANS, SPRUCE ST. OPEN EVENINGS. SHOP AT YOUR' LEISURE,AdT - Aluminum Roaster n At Special Prices for a limited time SMALL SIZE 10"n! MEDIUM SIZE Uix 164 . $495,; LARGE SIZE Xih i iH For vo.kIbk chlckta.duckor lurlrav. Co b. Uftd u two biking pint and for doun kitchen . uc. for cooking foodf In their own iuic n tatir mill over one flam. 1 Additional Uwiulll Required) Fuddim Pin 60e i BaktotPra ......... tSctttr Abo get this.... "Wear - Ever" Aluminum' 2 - Quart Double Boiler Money Saving Prlca $J79 I If I ifl? Refular ! I 11 1 Lll Pric These Stores, We KNOW, Can Supply You: SCRANTON Cleland Simpson Co. (The Globe Store) Keystone Tea Co:, 305 No. Main Ave, Harry Raker, 1840 No. Main Ave. Thoi. P. Leonard Co, Weeks Hardware Co, HONTKOSZ J. J. Ryan 4c Co. OLYPHANT N. D. Rosenfeld FECKVILLE W. C. Carter PITTSTON Oompertz ft Co. . ' Kelly Hardware Co. SAYRE Bolich Bros. STROl'DSBURG The Van Ktten Co. Wyckoff's Dept. Store SUSQUEHANNA E. K. Owens Hard ware CO. President Sends I Message to King WASHINGTON, Dec. 13 (jP). President Coolidge sent this message today to King George: "I am greatly pleased to learn of the distinct improvement ln your majesty's health and trust that your complete convalescence will now be but a matter of a short time." . . Death Claims Dickinson, Former Secretary of War SEE IMPROVEMENT IN BRITISH RULER (Continued from Page One) occasions has made radiographs of the patient. Tonight's bulletin was worded as follows: t . , , 7 "Though the king Is still suffering from exhaustion, there is slight improvement in his majesty's condition this evening, the local condition re - ' mains satisfactory." . Regard Chances Good Many medical opinions are being r:iven now in view of the more complete information that has been made available in the past two days. All of them agree that the king seems to have a good chance for recovery, although the medical experts generally point out that recovery will be a prolonged anair. They take the attitude that since the case has at last resolved itself into a surgical one, direct curative methods can now be employed. The almost universal opinion seems to be that the operations saved the life of the king. Members of the royal family and those connected with the royal household showed signs today of their great relief at the. turn affairs had taken The queen went for her usual drive today, and smilingly responded to the cheers of the populace. The Prince of Wales took thing - quietly. He played a game of squash rackets with the Duke of York, took lunch with the queen at the palace later, and this evening dined with his mother and the Duke and Duchess of York in a family gathering there. ' . It was understood the prince will stay in London as long as there is any danger to his father; he will, however, make no public engagements for the time being, these, as far as necessary devolving upon the Duke of York and other members of the family. King George's physicians, Dawson, Buzzard, and Hodgson, left Buckingham palace at 8:30 p. m following posting of the evening bulletin on his majesty's condition. Their departure left only Sir' Stanley Hewett to remain tonight with the king. At the time of their deDarture it was understood that palace circles were quite pieasea mat tne King nad not lost ground, and that the evening bulletin was considered eminently satisfactory. New Washburn Plot To Claim First Body ThA first. hnHv in ha hiirfoH 1m soldiers' plot in Washburn Street ceme tery win De tnat 01 Marry E. costner, of rear 421 Penn avenue, who died Wednesday niffhf. in his hnmo Xr Costner was a veteran of the Spanish - American war. He is survived by his widow. , ' The funeral will hp held frnm the mortuary of John A. Walsh, 248 Wyo ming avenue, tomorrow . aiternoon at 2 o'clock. At the graveside a service will .be conducted bv the Snanish - Amerlcan war veterans. WOMAN NAMED SHERIFF HARRISBURG, Pa., Dec. 13 (P). Governor Fisher today announced the appointment of Mrs. Harry M. Leslie as sheriff of Butler county. She succeeds her husband who died recently. HASTINGS TAKES OATH WASHINGTON, D. C, Dec. 13 (JF). Daniel O. Hastings today took oath as senator from Delaware, succeeding T. Coleman duPont, who resigned because of ill health. . i it r j Operation Proves Fatal to Cabinet Member in Taf t ; Administration Alloei&Tln OACOB M. DICKINSON CHICAGO, Dec. 13 (P). Jacob M. Dickinson, 78, secretary of war under President William Howard , Taft, died today at 4:52 p. m. at St. Luke's hospital, after an illness of several weeks. " . Mr. Dickinson was taken to the hospital several weeks ago and recently underwent' an operation. His death had been expected momentarily for nearly a week. Since retiring from the war office, Mr. Dickinson had been practicing law in Chicago, . , The body will be sent tomorrow to Nashville, - Tenn., where It - will be buried Saturday. . Hospital physicians said Mr. Dickinson had ben suffering . from gall bladder trouble and that he underwent an operation three weeka ago to - r'ay. Because of his advanced . age, Mr. Dickinson was unable to recover from the shock of the operation, It waiv said. .. i., . N ... PRESIDENT - ELECT IS ACCLAIMED BY CROWDS (Continued from Page One) with President Irigoyen, whose presence at the station, since he rarely appears at public functions, was considered most remarkcble, he was then introduced to members of the cabinet and other notables, the thousands around cheering and crying "Viva Hoover" while calvrymen held them in check. It was when the departure was made from the carpeted station platform that the police lines gave way and the crowd surged about, crowding and pushing and subjecting the president of Argentina and president - elect of ths United State alike to a few brisk moment3 before they made their automobile and started to the embassy, leaving cavalry escort and others of the intended parade to follow as they might. Mr. Hoover intended to rest from his long trip tonight, preparing himself for the two days of official welcome that will begin Friday morning. Sunday he will board the Argentine cruiser "Buenos Aires' 'and be taken up the river La Plata to Montivideo, capital of Uruguay. He will then board the U. S. S. Utah to begin his trip back toward the United States. ABOARD HOOVER TRAIN, JUNIN, Province of Buenss Aires, Arg3iitina, Dec. 13 (IP). Herbert Hoover today, aboard a luxurious special train rode across a rich agricultural region, whose wheat fields and sleek herds of fine cattle must have suggested to him the prairie lands of the Middle West of his own nation. At every railroad station alons the way from Mendoza, which he left last night, crowds proportionate to the size of the p!aces have greeted the special train, which, however, has stopped at only a few of the larger cities and then principally for operating purppses, this city, Junin, located about 150 miles west of Buenos Aires, where It was expected to arrive about 6:30 p. m. was reached at 2:30 this afternoon, a short stop being made before the train was to proceed. During .ths day the United States president - elect has spent considerable time in conversation with Colonel Lufe M. Vasques, of the Argentine presidential guards, and peresonal representative of President Hippolito Irigoyen aboard the, train, and with Robert Woods Bliss, United States ambassador to the Argentine. Argentine foreign office officials on board the train Joined in the conversations also. . Everywhere the controversy which has arisen between Paraguay and Bolivia over a frontier military post seems the chief topic of discussion.' Mr. Hoover, however. In keeping with the proprieties of his visit, has refrained from any comment regarding the matter. Challenger of Hoover Faces Insanity Charge CLEVELAND, Ohio, Dec. 13 (If). Gustave P. Ebdlng, who filed suit to bar Herbert Hoover from the presidency because he declared Hoover had not lived in the United States a sufficient length cf time, was in jail today facing a charge of insanity. The insanity warrant was signed by Irene Nungesser, assistant United States district attorney. - The warrant also charges Ebding with "uttering a false statement against the presidentelect." The warrant was merely "routine matter," federal authorities said. It is customary for investigation to be made of all suspected threats against the president and president - elect.. Airplane Passenger ' - Service Is Planned PITTSBURGH, Dec. 13 (A.P.). Announcing further plans of the Airplane Transporation company, which he said would seek a charter this week to operate air passenger service from Pittsburgh to Washington and New York, P. Lcmoyne, today stated that the concern would offer - a two - hour service to Washington and a three and one - hour service to New York. He said that under present plans the planes would not stop at Harrisburg and Philadelphia, but would make direct Pittsburgh to New York flights. Estimate American Toys at $90,000,000 WASHINGTON, Dee. 13 (IP). The commerce department estimated Jtoday that the volume of American ' made toys this year would reach - $90,000,000, while toys imported during the first nine months were valued at but $3,266,00. The department noted that a few years ago Germany, and pt,her European I countries supplied a very 'large pjoppr uon oi tne American toy traae. FACE FIRING SQUAD - MEXICO CITY, Dec. 13 UP). Dis patches from Guadalajara today said that Librado Moreno, Meliton Pina, i Hilario Gomez and Celso Lara, insurgent chieftains, who were captured recently, had been court - martialed and executed. WARREN RESIGNS AS POLICE BOSS , (Continued from Page One) and that he desired his resignation to i i ... mm. f V. a r. riornmhr uc enccuvc nut vc ...... wwhwvi 31, depending upon the appointment oi his successor. . The identity of that person immediately became a matter of speculation, for although Grover A. Wha - len, general manager of the John Wanamaker store, had been most prominently mentioned for the position, the mayor declined to conjmlt himself. "I will endeavor to secure the services of a successor to Mr. Warren at the earliest possible ' moment," said the chief executive when asked whether he would draft Mr. Whalen. The latter formerly served as com - misioner of plant and structures, and is widely known as head of the city committee that greets distinguished guests. I In Office 20 Months. If Mr. Whalen - does not take over police commUionership, it was un dcrstood thf.t the mayor's second choice was Richard C. Patterson, Jr., commissioner of correction. Mr. Warren had been head of the police department for twenty, months, taking office' at the request of Mayor Walker, whom he had known since they were college chums. He gave up his place as head of the city's department of accounts to accept the post of police commlsslonershlp in favor of business. In a statement issued after the letter of resignation had been made public, Mayor Walker praised Warren's faithfulness to duty and said he knew no one in the public service who was "more honest and more consolen - tlous." , " Rumors of Warren's retirement had bsen in circulation for some time as the Rothsteln case simmered along, but he insisted today that that had not prompted his resignation. He said he felt he had "wasted three years" as commissioner of accounts and of police, and explained that he wished to get back to private law practice to "make some money." He had 'never sought the police office, he asserted, and took it only because of his long friendship for the mayor. Mayor Va'.ke - , In accepting the resignation, said he recognized "the force cf what Mr. Warren says of his anxiety to retur nto the practleeJ oi law." ASKS AMERICAN REPUBLICS TO HELP (Continued from Page One) pute through mediation were deemed today to have been - vastly Increased with receipt of word that Argentina would concur in any steps taken by the parley to pacify the two countries. Up until today the special Committee, named by the conference to look into the controversy, - had been laboring under the disadvantage of the non - participation of the Argentine republic, one of the largest South American nations, in the parley. Argentina the only Latin - American country not represented at the conference, - for some time has been engaged in trying to mediate the boundary settlement problem of Bolivia and Paraguay, including the same frontier on which last week's clash at Fort Vanguardia precipitated the present dispute. 1 Phctotone, Manhattan, Now . - Adv. Sale! Men's Hand Tailored Neckties $1 Easily worth $1.50. New patterns that are worthy of any Christmas box. Ties so expertly made that it will be a pleasure to wear them, for wrinkles disappear over night due to the bias lining. Colors to be admired by every taste. FlnieyV Main Floor The Best (42 - gauge) Rayon Bloomers $1 each For Women and Misses "Well made" hardly expresses their fine workmanship, flat, comfortable seams, strong elastic and double reinforcements. Colors: Flesh and honey - dew. , Finley'a Main Floor Gift Novelties 1 1 ls to qhn ea, Just a bit of attractiveness to slip into your gift box and add . a touch of daintiness. Ribbon flowers, ribbon shoe trees, fancy, powder puffs, novelty handkerchiefs, sachet, ribbon trimmed garters, bouquets, :ath salts, lingerie, trimmings, eic, eic. "'r - .vt , - Finley'a Main Floor .. 510 - 512 'Lackawanna Aoenue - Men's Silk Pongee Handkerchiefs Regular 39c Value Special . ' 25c - - Each Sheer hemstitch with hand drawn threads. Just in time to buy an assortment before Christmas as they will make ideal gifts. . .; ' r. Finley's Main Floor Give a "Martex" Bath Set Special $1.29 Set : Boxed attractively. Large towel and ' . two wash cloths ' of (' Jacquard pat terns. Select from5 blue; rose, gold, " ' orchid and green. (Complete selection of ''Martex" Bath Mats, towels and wash cloths for combining into . your ' own choice " set). Flnleys Second Floor only nine more Chriitma3 shopping days ; . . 1 . ri "oh, daddy! please give me a sheep - lined'. - coat!" . . . you'll never need to urge him to wear his coat . . . when it's one of our smart models . . . warm, good - looking, and serviceable . . . real du Pont leatherette (black or cordovan), sheep - lined . (. . full shawl collar of dipped sheep . . . and only $9.50 . . . others $13.50, $15, $25. bathrobes, belts and buckles . . . gloves, golf hose . . . mackinaws neckwear . . . pajamas, raincoats . . . slippers, sweaters . . . many, many gifts are here make THE boy supremely happy. Santa reigm here ... . ., . a remarkably lifelike wax figure . .. . ' hard to believe he's , not alive . . . see him on his throne . . . sec - , ond floor at Samters . . and Mother Goose "movies" for little folks. . . . . and this is our 57th Christmas! i 3 '. .J

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