The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 20, 1952 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 20, 1952
Page 13
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MONDAY, OCTOBER 20, 19M OUR BOARDING HOUSE — with Major Hooplt BLTTHEYILLE (ARK.) COimHCJl NETTS WELL.EF "THAT AlfA'T OL6 MlSTAH 3AU6- HISSELF/- NHER& HE'S ROOSTII-V ? •*- MISTAH MA30R i' HIM FOR SOME TYPE 08 LfiRCENV —OLE MAJOR IS (MADDER'Nl A UOSS PLY ON A C.TATUE OS Mftsi O' WAR.' •SP6CK T-'LL MOVJ'D YOO LIKE TO AGRICULTURE, MAM ? LIVING HIM AH DO NOT SLEEP (['roof Next Week) Insurance does Us Ml towards helping one sleep peacefully through bringing Ihe peiice of minil that follmvs knowing one adequately iirutcclcd against financial loss. SPAGHE'ITI DID NOT OKfGlNATH IN ITAfA' (from last wcclt) Macaroni is believed la hnvc been Introduced Into Italy hy early Greek colonists. The Chinese irere acquainted wild the dish In pre-ltallan times. 1. "Ilanily IJonh of Curious Information."—William S. Welsh. "My little girl was mighty good company at that age—I hope yours doesn't grow up to marry a millionaire too!" FUEL OIL . POETZ OIL CO. • "/ Sell That Staff" Phone 2089 Office & Bulk Plant—Promised Land m off. OIR1S GONE. CARPETS OHY. r eo dr io «oiv gn i n 15 tipnitV, lor , »va» Shot Poliih, On. Golfon Four 9x13 <ugt Holf Gallor, J2 29..Coiror* S3.79. Chas. S. Lemons, Furniture FLASH Cameras for Rent Take wonderful Inrioor pictures with a flash camera frtiin IJar- nc.v's Driii;. I.ovr rates. All kinds of camera supplies are uvallablc here. Barney's Drug CAMKBA HEADQlTARTEnS 2006 W. JIatn ]• u , 3647 Wanted! TIN Large Mcfal Compress BLYTHEV1LLE Iron & Metal Co. JNIoiilfric & R.K. Sis. Blylheville, Ark. Phone S9G2 MAN on She Ticket XVI r - =*"'" »t;uie move on into the r |'HE cab moved along Capitol dork-ness, then I took Lucy's arm Street and I heard sirens, saw antl we wen' into the building and R C.Tr gf) !w llnrlnr- r*.*!.-.... 1 tlllY»f(rh Ihtl llr^!tl n ^ .. „ . - a car go by under police escort. I said, "That must be the Gov- car," Lucy said, it- Around back, ernor now." ^ "That's his ?T-Hc*s not in driver." There was a parking lot at the rear of liie hotel, and a cnr entrance from the hotel that led to it. The cab pulled up to the rear door arid instantly a big man. bundled in a topcoat, hurried out and pit in the c.-ib with us. I said, "You'll have to give the pnss- vord." Governor Warburton chuckled and said, "Mcalhead." "The airport, driver," Lucy said. The Governor turned down the collar of his topcoat and breathed a deep, relaxed sigh. "I {eel like a free man, not a politician," he said. "Ah, breathe that air! Look st those stars! Roy, it's a long time since I plnycd hooky." "Roy, this is the Ditch," T.ucy told me. "We're traveling separately. That is. you and I are together and the Governor is solo. No one would expect Willis G. Warburton to bo Hying around the country alone, you *ee." "Once you got out of Jackson, I think we'll be all right," the Governor said. "Trouble is, people know I'm here in town. Wrm! I'm afraid of is someone might recog- nise me at the airport." 1 recalled the layout of the airport and said, "I think \vc can ^vork that, rt's dark now. They ^iavc an obr-ervalion nook- at pnoh ' end of the administration build- in?. Von am £e! in one of those, •jn the dark, and you won't be quite area. J ernor Warburton; it dark in the observation area. went on up the steps with Lucy and »-c found seats together. I saw the Governor's bulky form moving rapidly across the concrete toward the plane. His collar was up and his hatbrim was down and I might not have recognized him myself had I not known who was coming aboard. He hurried up the steps and moved up front and a moment Kiter the door was shut and the plane taxied to the run- T 'UK turned onto » bare stretch of road leading to the airport. J toH Die driver to stop in the parking area, away from Ihe lisiitccl enlvance. The Govor- nAr clipped oul and walked along pnlh beside the hutEding to the Unh»n« figure move off into the through the waiting room to a lunchroom at the east end. I ordered a sandwich and coffee. A loud-speaker was announcing our nighL Lucy said. "Come on." I gulped my coffee, paid, and followed her out. Under the floodlights on the apron I glanced around, but saw no sign of Gov- way. TJierc we,-e only passengers aboard. half-dozen T.ucy looked >-•---• •"•••*!. >.m.jr IIXJKGC at me. "You look like a hunlct man." "I'll never write another book." She put her hand on mine. "I'm f?"' ' sai '' that, Roy. I was just Kidding. Of course you're going lo write lols and lots of books just as good as the others." "How do you know? You never read any of them." "On Ihe conlrary," she said quietly. "I read them all." I was pleased and surprised, but said, "I didn't think they were your type." "Just what do you think Is my type?" I grinned and said, "Havelock Kills, maybe, but not biographies " "Havelock Eilis?" said Lucy "That ha.s-hccn!" The plane was taking oft. It cleared s blinking light and began a slow, banking turn. The lights of Jack son appeared lo our left. The plane droned on noilheast- wnrd. I dozed a while, and did • ' ..-..-- — s „, tnt . vv; , m j nozea a wnue and dd observation area. WewatchedhU not come awake until the light. of Atlanla showed below, ilie plane landed at the airport and we waited in our seaLi. Two p,i?~ scngers left the plane, and several more came aboard. • • • |N the air again, 1 promptly fcTl asleep, and when I awakened my head was on Lucy's shoulder' I sal up and she gave me the wise smile of a sleeper on a public conveyance usually receiver, from his companion on awakening Ihe sort of smile that makes him wonder what he has said in his sleep I.ucj asked, "What color is her hair?" 'Whose h.iir?- 'Don't blush again." 'I never blushed in my life," 1 said. ,"°/ shaved, either,- said Lucr. And incidentally, you snore. I suppose she's a blonde." "As a matter of fact, she Is," I said. "Her name is Ginny Perkins and she's a pretty sweet, natural kid. So don't make any crocks to her." f.licy quite needlessly smoothed a scam in her gray tailored skirf her fingers plucked at a thread I could not see. "You know, Hoy " she said, "we kid around a loL and all that, but sometimes you disturb me. You say things that make me wonder." "Wonder what?" "What you really tliink of me." I was surprised and sair) "I didn't think my opinion would cnrry any weight with you, one way or (he other. l!,,t, as a nv ,i. tcr of fact, I Ihink you're prelly fine." "Well, thanks," said Lucy. "You know your Job, and you can do it without asking ,1 lot of questions,- I said. "That's a pretty rare qualily." "At least I got my bail back " Lucy said wryly. ";i,, t [ thl - nk rd prefer my qualities welt-done not rare. How about my logs? They're done to a Inrn, aren't they?" "They arc." I said. "And my hair is nice," she said. "It's plenty nice," ! said "Well?" said Lucy. "Well what?" "Wrll niul Rood," she said "Well .ind Rood. And the heck with you, anyhow." (To Be Continued) Political Announcement's Tlie Courier News Is authorized to announce the (allowing cnmll- datcs for Ihe general eiectinn, November 4. Tor Alderman Scc.pnd Ward J. L. "Jodte" Nabers For Atnnlclpal Jud E e G. W. Barham PRESCRIPTIONS Frcsfi Stock Guaranteed Rcsl Prices Kirby Drug Sfores Children's StiOES EXPERTLY REPAIRED IUAL.ITY SHOC SHOP 171 W. MRIN 8T OUT OUR WAY By J. R. W([»am« FRECKLES AND HIS FRIEHDS NO, THIS l=> MO HUDDLE US BACKFIELP MEN IS OM A SITDOWN TILL ALL WOMEN) GIT& OF FA OUR TEAM.' . SIT STUCK OM SOME MILKMOO5H CXI TH' OTHER. SIDE AW SABOTAGE US. S^^SOM,/. W?. EAT^JaTT-ri , CPA i f . CU i L pu S SILLY PRIWT SEASON / if- we. -/•>*•«?•) SfASO/V fias fxj/- a 1 GOT IT/ MAMBUR6- WE'LL M w<er PRIWT WOULD ee DECIDED BY THE MALG OF ' SPECIES Benefit by Reading and Using Courier News Classified Ads twe/v I'M si rr BY THAI TIME I'LL BE AP, A ' PAY FOR IT MYSELF' THIS LITTL& ) wow TOWT esf PUMT ...9V5EUJN N6AT ASJP CANTY 3VYE6T CAN OPENER PAT'S A -5E-5fiAT 6ENU- . SOVSZWOK/ JUSTTfTVIM KEEP 50PY AMP WSS TO YOU CHARACTERS/ I WA A CLOSE FRIEND OF PRIUC6 KM.KMS. THE KEMDWM60 1MDIMO POTEHTME AND FABUlOtm WEALTHY MIME , OWHER.. Ht5 PRICELESS JEWEL, TH6 TO MA,ye B£EW THE *TTR(kCTIOM M" WO INOIMJ GOOD VJILL ART ^^]D TR^E& SHOW TO Be HELD "• WASHINGTON 5OOM TOOM INftS R6TURWiN(5 1MOIA WITH THE RU8V WHEN SOMETHING KftppgNED VHW WM SERIOUSLY AFFECT THE RELWONS BETWEEN THE TWO COUNTRIES! I'M SORRY YOUR. f=PlEND \ AND YOU'VE NO RIGHT CAUGHT FIRE AN' BURNED ( GOlUG AROUND SIXXn UP...BUT NOBOOf MADE J !MQ SPAKK5 LIKE ^ OF STRAWS GOT AKJY 7 BURNING HAYSTACK BUSINESS WA1XIN 1 f'A. YOU MURDERERI ' ARCtJND LHBS'N IT'S RWNIMG! AWRIGKT, I'VE HAD ABOtfT ENOUGH .- NCf.V EITHER-iQU LAY OFF OR I'LL... C'/VvON,ELMER/ IF I'M GONN/\ C?RlVe VA. T' TH' STATION...UE-4 GO WI4A7 VA, TAKIN ^"• B A-'*-\t AGAIN.' •STICKING) ^\ WAIT OLTr ' -^ \>\V\ l_IC7r?K / pso me osw of i XOVi«'l* VJOKl'X Off V\OW I W^VL'-QO^t i'. ?>V "XW 1\Mt V VCOOW .\ svow I sxow, Tefevision- Tonife, Tomorrow WMCT, Memphis, Channel 4 =! MONDAY NIOHT, OCTOBER G:00 Evening Serenade 6:15 News G::iQ Those Two 6:45 News Caravan 7:00 Paul Winchcll 7:30 Howard Barlow 8:00 Cisco Kid 8:M Robert Montgomery 9:30 Who Said That 10-00 Wrestling 111:45 News 10:55 Weather 11:00 Man Against Crime 11:30 O^zie k Harriet 11:45 News 12:00 Sii-n Off TUESDAY, OCTOIIEB 21 7:00 Today 7:25 News v:30 Today 7:55 News 8:00 Today 8:2fj News 8:30 Today 8:f>5 News 0:00 Prologue lo Future 9:30 Campaign Call 10:00 U. N. General Assembly 10:M Strike Tt Rich 11:00 SUirylnnd 11:15 Love of Life 11:30 Search for Tomorrow 11:45 Morning Meditation 12:00 News 12:15 Farm News 12MO Oarr.v Moore 1:00 Guiding Lisht 1:15 Film FeatureUe 1:30 Horiicmakcrs Program 2:00 Big Payoff 2:30 Welcome Travelers 3:01) Kate Smith 4:00 Hawkins Falls 4:15 Gabby Hayrs 4:30 Howdy Doody 5:00 IJerl Olswancer 5:15 News 5:25 Sports 5:30 Comeback 6:00 Evening Serenade 6:15 News G::iO Dinah Shore 6:45 News Cnrnvan 7:00 Milton lierle S:00 Fireside Theatre 8:30 Natl. Comm. -Stevenson B:00 Two For The Money 9:30 Dangerous Assignments 10:00 M. A^ Mrs. North 10:30 News 10:40 Weather 10:45 Studio One 11:45 Industry on Parade 12:00 News 12:!5 Sign Off

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