The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 11, 1950 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 11, 1950
Page 2
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«, Most Young Americans Are Heeding Draft Call; Dodgers in Minority NEW YORK> Sept. 11. Am»rie»n men (AP) — the new th« overwhelm iiij There have been a few w«ll-ie- "OH spots in Uw draft here there over the nation. New Toi-k City is one of them. Chicago •omewhat less so. But on a national baste, a 28-city •urvey by 'the Associated Press ihows the younz men of 1WO are *ioing their duty a£ well and as quietly the young men of 1MO or the young men of 1917. That U not to say the Selective Service ayjtem'a hasty switch from peace to war has been smooth. It could hardly be. But neither has It shown any widespread bad morale, malingering, or organized resistance to America's stand In Korea. Some shocking figures on dratt delinquencies have been printed in recent weeks—mostly in the bl? cities, Some of these ha'v« reached the total of 30 per cent.,. ':. s -, If that meant what ! it^seeined, things would be in very bad shape Indeed. It-would amount K> a national sit-down strike that would fatally sabotage American power abroad and give the- enemy more than just aid and comfort. : New Yorkers Fail It's .true that in New York City 12.per cent of the men actually failed to - show up for one induction call—a very serious matter, especially for the men, It's also true that In Chicago and other big cities like Baltimore, St jis and Indianapolis from 15 to per cent have tailed to answer draft board letters or to show up for pre-lnduction physical examinations. Hut in contrast to this, (he induction delinquencies have been much less than one per cent Portland, Maine, and Portland, Or fan. . . in Tex»s and Colorado, in Kansas City and Milwaukee snd North Carolina. And in these states —and many others^—wilful delinquencies are almost at the vanish-' to Jail." in| point. . American More Away What the figures mean, dralt'of-" llcials ««em to agree, U simply that a. lot of young Americans In our quick-shifting population have just moved away and left no forwarding address. There are really two kinds 61 'draft delinquents," and possibly some of the scare writing hasn't taken this Into account. One is a fellow who for some reason or other doesn't set hli "great- ings" from the.draft board—or who forgets that physical exam. Maybe he'« on vacation, or at sea, or away working. Or he just forge'U the draft board should always have his right address, ' This .fellow Is'llabie to a $10,000 lint and five years in federal prison, but If the reason Is honest enough, draft boards often take ,« merciful view, Fellow Placed on 'Spot' The other lellow is in a tougher spot. He's already qualified by reporting and passing his exams—but he just doesn't show up on the morning ol his induction call. In this case — or in any other delinquency — the board turns the matter over to "wilful" usually the FBI and United Slates attorney, who play for keeps, In both cases, if a man. is delinquent, or thinks he is. draH, officials urge the fastest possible port to the draft board. Any way you look at it, the real dralt doger faces i hard life. in New York 'city the Selective Service director. Col. Candler Cobb has turned the names of his delinquents over to the FBI, "I think the normal Jury in the^e limes of trouble will tell these boys 'mercy' is just a word in the dictionary." he said. •'The judges will throw the, book at them. "And I don't think the Army Is going to be used as an alternative Jailed Director Now Denies He Is Communist v,NEW YORK. Sept. 11. m— Now in prison for refusing to tell a House committee whether he was a Communist, Hollywood Director Edward Dmytryk said yesterday he was not one. ,^,He said he had refused to lell this to the House On-American Activities Committee ai'a matter of principle. ;. Pmytryk, serving a .six-month term at the federal prison camp at Mill point, w. Va.. »as one ol several Hollywood figures convicted of contempt lor refusing to answer committee questions about Communist membership. ; In a svorri statement made In prison, and released by his attorney, Drhytrylc said ha Is not a Communist member, was not one when he appeared before the committee In 1947, and Ij not a Communist aympaihlzer. Hit refusal to answer rha committee's question, he said, was "because of i duly I thought I owed to-all Americans to preserve whit I believed a constitutional principle ef mbstance." He ,»ald h« had "not foregone that princlpl* now," but because of the Korean war, he felt had ,"an even greater duty" to "declare without equivocation where I stand towards my own country." Copies of the affidavit have been sent to the Department of Justice Dniytryk Is due to be released from prison in November. 1 WILSON NEWS By Mra. B. W. George Bernard Show Suffers Broken Leg AYOT, St. Lawrence, Eng.. Sept. 11. Wi— George Bernard Shaw, the aged Irish playwright, was taken to ' hospital thigh. , todsy with broken • Shaw tell tn the garden of his home yesterday. Hospital officials said Shaw would be operated upon tonight. He was 94 years old on July 26. He was taken by" ambulance to Luton and Dunslable Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Weodyard amm.nce the birth of • daughter Aug. M, it Walls Hospital In Blytheville. Mr. and Mrs L T. Slott* were Ihe guests ol his parenls, Mr. and Mrs. J, D. Stotts, in Monelte, Sunday. ' . Mrs. A. L,. Powell of Caruthem- ville. Mo., was the guest of her daugnter. Mrs Levl Clssell, and fam- -ly :ast week Other guests In the Cissell home were her listers, Mrs. H. M. Gregory and Mrs. Gregory nf Memphis and Mrs. Charles Ryals and Mr. Ryals of Like Providence, La. . Mrs. Vred Gray and son. Wilson, o( Kuttawa. Ky,, were the week enl guests ol Mr. »nd Mrs. H. O, Vales Sr., and family. Benlley Rhodes attended the thrre day meeting of the Arkansas Firemen's Association in Little Rock tills week. Mrs. Rhode* and children accompanied him.:; / Mrs. Arnold McDanie! and daughter, Judy, were the guests of her mother Mrs. Hugh Morgan, In .Tj-- rbnza Wednesday. • •. V./v. Mrs. H. P. Cash anrl daughter, Ozella. and Mrs. Forrest Mullins and children Richard and Cnrolyn, ?nt-Wednesday with Mrs.'Cash's aunt. Mrs. Minnie Bell Byfprd, tn Crawor'.sville, Palricia Wood., arrt was honored in her tenth birthday anniversary when her mother, Mrs. Marshall Woodysrd. entertained with a the- iter party Saturday afternoon. Re- •eshments of Ice cream and birthday cake wore server! before the rroup attended the movie at the Wilson Theater. Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Lebel, Jr., and daughter spent the Labor Day week end with his parent*. Mr. and Mrs. Charles 'E. Lebel. .Sr.. in Dallas, Tex. Mr. Lebel returned home Wednesday but hk family stayed for a longer visit. Social activities hi Wilson for'the past week Included a dessert l»idi;e and the regular Thursday/night bridge club meeting, Mrs. J. J. Bussey enter'ained with a dessert bridge at her home last Wednesday afternoon. In gumes played during the afternoon high was won by Mrs. Wallace Thompson, second high by Mrs.^ James Robertson and bridpn by Mrs. Joe'Cullom, Jr. : A5rs, Joe Brown Gwyr; was hostess t/> the Thursday night hridge club last week. at her home. In games Mrs. S, A.'Regenold won high, Mrs. J .J. Bussey. second blub, Mrs. George Brewer, low and Mr«. Wallace Thompson, bingo. Mrs. S. A. Regenold and Mrs. James Robertson entertained with a dessert bridge Wednesday of this week at the Regenold home. There were 27 guests present. Arrangements of roses, asters and gladioli were used throughout the entertaining rooms. . '•. !n gamrs played during the afternoon, Mrs William J. Denton won high Mrs. J. J. Bussey. second Mrs. Charles Beall. low, and Mrs N. B. Ellis, Jr.. bridgo. -«Irs. Mason Day, Sr., of Blythe- vill2 was an out-of-town guest. Catherine Moore, small daughter of Mr. and Mrs. N. H. Moore cele- . . . - brated her third birthday last Wed- "Un-Cork" Stomach Gas WHtort Acid Rebound A mi of T«ai mM rwily • dime. Bat ind k "wftnh m'weigbi in gold" «cid indigeslioa e«ns<i ru kitd p*JA». For Tui aemtrmlm, *am*tm *Mrne*i ^ucklr. t*fely— with»«n»k ef *cid rebound.Tto* T coauia M *K!« t« OTrr-allulin. Ti«'s wbj * d«**«d oo Tva* efttwrnnlr fot T Tumi .Iw*^. I«( l « z ARE YOUR CHILDREN READY FOR SCHOOL? • New ... .. -new Iceta... ripe re! paired. • Summer shoes dyed for fall an4 wint* wear. f .9 Sho« Rep-lr (irw EXTRA Wear. IMMEDIATE DELIVERY CALCIUM ARSENATE TOXAPHENE DUST Mann - Mann, Inc. OSCEOLA PHONE 925 nwd.T eventa* wHh K dinner Mr*. rlv«n her er Mr ptrent* n their horn*. Gueej* who *tUn4e4 were Mr and Mm. W. K.' Hunt of Oeeeola Mr. and Hit. fete* Moore .and daughter, Ml** MeU Moore, of Mem- phi. and Mn. Dora Iferrell ot Wilson. " • \^ :;• Mr. end Mn. Mtltor Hughe* and son, Miller, Jr, ai M. Loul*. Mo spent the Labor Dej week end with ler Mother, Mrs Oeor*-e Witoon, and sifter, Mia* Ullivi Wil*on. Mr. and Mr*. C. C, Carney and hildrcn ot StarkavUle, Ml**., are the guctU ot Mr. ud Mn. C*)»in Higgs thl* week. Mr. and Mr*. f*ul Welch of Memphis were the week end fueet* of Mr, and Mrs. John Bioehi Mr and Mra. Perker Bowen, Miss Peg»y Bowen and Donnie UcDanlel attended the stock ear rue* In West Memphi* Tueedej nl«hk. Mrt K. C. Wright of Carthage Mo. and Mr.. L. A. Wright oi Springfield. Me., have returned to their home after ipenduif a. f ew day, with Mr. and tin. G. W. Goodson, SHEET METAL WORK -— - - - OF ALL KINDS C«.to., work for fins, itf.lf. m il )B> oi) milh . CtstoB Shearing >p to 1/4 inch thi«kn«w. 117 117 NU-WA PHONE 4474 '' V ' Laundry & Dry Cleaning A UTTH UUNOtY Hurt* Transport RANGOON' .AP)-TJ« Burme»e rebellion ha* retarded th« proirew of plans for r«storin» the country's inland w»t*rwiy«-ayst«m by three y«ars and will eo»t the coun- HT »2,0(»,000 In d««t«>j'«d watercraft, »ccoraln» to Inland Wafer- ways TrUuporUMoo *»rd oiflelata here. Thomas Returns From Prison Ex-Cangiwtimon PrMd afttr Serving Payroll Padding' T.rm ALLENDAIJ;. N J., sept, 11. (AP) -J. P»rnell Thomas, the ex-eon- frrfniman who went to prison for padding his government payroll, It home again. . He 'did not say whether he would ever re-enter public life, but le- marked that his immediate plan'U "well-needed rest." The former chairman of the KOUM eommiUw «m ActlvlUe* returned to hto' her* yxterday alt«r tMlnc «Uht «i4 • half month* of * Ks-to-1*. month sentence at Uu federal correctional Irutilutkra kt Deabury, Conn. His wife, ton, and. tome Jriendi motored home with him. The W-j-eer-old Republican . we* sentenced OK. » /or putting nan- wwkinf employe^ on hi* p»yroU and collecting roan th»n »»«• to Itlckbacka. The tentence Jnelufed » 110,000 lint. Thome* Mid he came out of Jell weighing ill pound*—M )*•< thai) when he went In. ... "I paid a high price for vigilance," rx uid ,and added.- "I'm confident I ihill in dut Une ke Jud|«d Innocent of any wrong e>c- ln«." , "A« to my incarceration, there 1* •e WHenaei tn m> heart, 1 teU reporter! at Daaburr In a prt- pand ttatement. "freedom W wooderrui;' he uid. "The experience («f , the prUon term) «tll never be forgotten. AMde from the drudgery, It wa« a »lvtd Announcing Our Opening GERALDINE'S BEAUTY SHOP Next Door to ClubhouM C»f« Manila, Ark. Phone 41 Accept this aa your personal Invitation to visit us. Wt would like to explain to ynti our all new permanenls and aa*ciml prices. You'll truly appreciate «h« fine care we offer. Experienced Operators Secil, Geraldine & Gfenda Geraldine Bassett, Mgr. , tn human oatun tM t& op. portunitjr to tumlrw our federal P«n»l jystem tnm within." Th« Ufephon* exeh*nt* PenUfnn . buUdln* in W ha* ft/Km milw ol trunk Um. th* Great Dreifus Value • ' Iff" I ' Wind Alarm Clocks Famous Moke While They Last 95 Important Notice i . *>» . . < ' • ' • • • THE FOLLOWING STORES WILL BE CLOSED > ' ••• •-•- "• •••'"• v ." ' • • ' ' <.. ,^- v .. TOMORROW September 12 TO OBSERVE A i - ' , Religious Holiday BEE-HIVE BLACK & WHITE STORE FEINBERG'S GRABER'S JIEDEL'S NEW YORK STORE ZELLNER'S A ;5i-

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