The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 8, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 8, 1931
Page 3
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MONDAY, first Methodist Church Will Hold Day of Prayer , L . i Wrdn~.-rt.-iy. ji ml . 17,-has hcjn set j Christ Is sufflciciu, The Churcli' is a.?Wo in >h(. .Mcihodisl church asi not. ours but nib and to Its life He i a day of prayer. In oljservlnx (his: ll;ls Kiven UK life, nnd Is still giv-V, 1 ?"?' 1101 ' ncllic lln <l »s dny till- roii B rcp!aUon of the First i ">s >' Uxlny through the- povvcr of""" '" NKWS 5/ee/c Soacly—Pcr«on;il Mr nil<l Mls ' Walter DeLisl Gibson, attended the funeral of (he infant of Mr. nml Mrs. George- Ilowell. Sundav. Mi. Albert Gnddiud ot lloynton, Okln, Is spending this week with Sam llnnifn. I Miss Opal Wall was n Dlythevillo visitor Tuesday ' ty v!sll<!rt '" Porln8 °- PAOE vllle, Sunday. Mliws V, Dr-rdon spe Miss iren? wood. Mr. and tendril find . fnmily have returned from mi <>*• i tended visit with relnltves nt Jack'• con. Teim. nml Mrs. Stnnley Wilson of lily- Ihevllle enjoyed a fish fry near Wlillfleld of Maple-1 children visited Mr. and Mrs. Doc Moore at llaytl, Simtlay. Mr. and Mrs. J. N. lioriic and chiirch will assemble for day of prayer and meditation. . to be concluded with tlie sacramcnl of tho Lord's supper that nisht. Members of the woman's mis«:jn- aiy society, leagues. Sundav tlie Spirit. Victory waits ii])oii not iijiim Him. i[ r would have us nun o-.u 1 materbl depiction intii anil church are cooperating: in plan. The day was called bv the m'shoos of the church wlio issued this statement: | spiritual exaltation. Ii may to Urn'. -! wc ' 1:u ' c drpendtd too much upm iinol 1 oiilu-nul tilings; li may be [hat \ve and Kiidav. Mrs. nyrcha liooik? Miss llrown of Cape Oirardcuii Mrs. Otis Koivlcr who is Mrs. Vaiida Mr. and Mrs. I,ouls Diooks andj Cnrutlursvlll Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hrooks visited! MI- mid } nt Kennelt, Sunday. ; .. nt | M,^ .].[ Mrs. Aubrey .Sheiion .and dtiiigh-1 •Irs. A. n. lioone nl- vrvlval services ut ' Sunday. have trusted too often to our owi devices: i'. may ) K Ulat we have ttsied a spiritual ciuci-prise by an earthly standard of success. L..; us. prcacheis and people alike, tuvii to OoJ in liuinllitv and su»k the niri .« AODIIRSS TOri'HK rm:ilf:il paths of power; confession of sins As your chief pastors charged i he:ir;-:.eaL-chiug praye: 1 , personal ill) the spiritual oversight of the ! Enrrc-nSer and rceonseci-atioii. Till. 1 : Church, v.-e arc deeply concerned | -' Ihe road Into the mornmg Ihht vcgai'din'g the rnirlt of the times in i of a new day. Shall we not take which we arc livin?. Thi-.sp are no [ lhai pathway into a fresh ?xperi- ordinary days. To be blind to Hie; enee of ills love ant! a llnillui™ slpns of the times h to miss the! s?nr« of newly discovered power? deeper fignilicance of Ihe v-2: v j Tm's alone v.-ill mal:e us (he Church that tto,-| would have events through which Gol would lead us into a licher exj^erience of His grace. On every hand are evidences of depression. Many of our pMal* have sutfered in body and mind •ind sm'rit. The shadow of a heavy ;roF= has lain n]X>!i many a hearth- jtoi:e and many an altar. Anxietl?? P<! cares have pressed upon us everywhere until our human resources have seemed pitifully inadequate n the face of our conscious needs. Many of our local churches are embarrassed over shortened budgets: oi;r missionary enterprises face leart-brcaking retrenchment; all the glorious causes of our beloved Church are imperiled because ol the depression of the spirits and fortunes of our people. And yet there is no fundamental ground for discouragement. The indent resources of faith and com - -- us be. In the lipht of ihrsc facts we are moved by il». Spirt! of C.o:l to call upon our people in every community to sci. apart one day upon which as a united people we shall humble ourselves before Cio:I and seek His blessing. Wr- designate herewith Wednesday. June 17. as a day of fasting and prayer and ur^e our pastors and people to assemble as congregations or in smaller groups and spend a large portion of this day in earnest hcart-searchinu and prayerful consideration of our spiritual needs and resources.—Warren A. Caiullir. Collins Denny. Edwin D. Mouzon. John M. Moore. William P. McMurry. U. V. W. Darlington, Horace M Du Bos?, William N. Ainsworth. James Caimoi jr.. William B. Beauchamp. Samuel R. Hay. Hoyt M. Dobbs. Hiram A Roaz, Arthur J. Moore. Paul n age are still ours. God is with us. I Kern. A. Frank Smith. Luxora Society—Personal Mrs. Charles McDanicl and Miss Anna Reedside of Parma. Mo., wer presented in n recital at the horn of Mrs. C. D. Stanfill. At the clo.i of the afternoon Mrs. StanWl serv ed daiutv refreshments. Mrs. B. L Allen was hostess to the Women's Missionary society of the naptist church at her home Wednesday afterncon. The dcvo- ., ml Mis. Max •HI Sunday Mrs. II. I). HUIIOT of PorUiiifvlTla . visited Mr. nnd Mrs. J. H. Work- Cuba i vUltecl Mr. man, Sunday. Kri-Mis of Micola. •• Mi-, nnd Mrs. N. Khonry spoilt. • Sunday with relatives at Cairo, 111. Haytl with friends at Ciirmhersvllle. Hunilny. ' Huffman News Miss Irene Whltneld nnd Mr.s I "^c'' 1 jona«ioii IS of 'cunSiwrnp''"'! ^r.'w'"'; f!lllllh - v - i Ml '- ""'I Mrs- Austin Neely nnd riwmns Whitfield si>ciu last week Mr' -i m r M,- S Hubert nall-ieii"-.,- („• . y <lml Htlr «>' IIllsl - 'l»iitihie ls , viviuji and Virginia, of :ml wiih M,s. Tommy Henley <,f of Br«md« i visHe,'frten ' | Vto',^'' 1 ' " njs " lls ™* !*"'««'• ''>^. -e the guests of >*itton. Mo, hci-i. Siimlnv. »V.: . .•: ;Mr; Ne,h-s mothiT. Mr.s Vlclorln the . . . Hitrrmtm. Prnnlt Men lit. Max Day, Henry Chandler, and l!e:i Ilnylies were business visitors In Memphis. Wcdncs- -'iy. Mr. nnd. Mrs. A. P. Howies and Mrs, Mnck Ashley of Tyler. Mo.. i-ro ijnesls of Mrs. n, If. Willlnin- in, Thursday ui'icrnooii. Mrs. Cecil Hnyio and daughter wen.' mitst-i ol Mrs. L. P. Moore Friday. MK* COM Lee Colcman will be In HiilTinan June l(Hh lo slvc Instructions In calming lo all (hose Intel esUd- The. demonstration will nt 0:30 A. M. . , ,. * I11IWU11LI. LIU, UJIlEt irday after siwiidiiiB several days j suutlav May 31st. Jackson. Tonn with relatives. 1 j|..' o , «„.. Mr. aiv.l ^^rs. Johji McCuimm !son rotura| C r.nnounce the birth of a son, on i n vvec Sunday. May 31st. ' • K C ] S( . Mr. and Mrs. Earnie Hovvell of i Mr. and Mrs W nnd small ( visit w;;!i rcliillvrs. TRIES EATING TIN BLUEFIELD, Vai (UP)-A'ihtrp- edged (in totacco lag was moored succMsfully by surgeons from the throat, of n six-months-old negro baby here. , Michigan. iUl'1 — Dei.-lslcn by Mli-liigim school dill- ili-en. made two years ago, thai the robin .should be designated the. Friday 'after spending I Mr -,,.,.| a - ou * wntaM w Mr - silil >''y Jr., cillclal Mid of tin- slnfe, has at last lipen niiinnl by the state ! legislature. Michigan Is the third with J. .itiiti: to .select the robin as its of- . tiomial and business session wer presided over by Mrs. R. L. Gil- • MarKarct Deho were Osceola visit|^is Tuesday. j Rev. W. J. I.eroy was the guest j |jf Mr. and Mrs. Charles McDan- I Miss Margaret Chapin of Kansas I.els Thursday. | city, guest of her mother. Mrs. Miss Nora and Miss Mar- i Jennie Chapin. was the honoree at |>aret Moffitt were Memphis vis- n party Thursday evening at the I tors Wednesday. " • Chapin home. Twelve couplc-s en- -•ir. J. c. Moore of Wilson spent '° S ' C<1 ctancin £ a "d ™>'<ls until a ;ck end at Luxora. late n01 "' when dainty refreshments ,. i E. nrlw" ni Little Rock is •islting in the home of Mr. and *Ir?. Grover Driver. Mrs. H. C. Davidson and dangh- |.?r of Wilson spent Wednesday Ivith Mr. and Mrs. Bon Cillesple. were served. Miss Dorothy Dorris who has teen the guest of her brother for several weeks, returned to her home at Tulsa, Okla., Friday. __ l ,,^. Dan Dortch returned to Thayer. Mrs. Frank Vollmer was' the I Mo - Friday afternoon after a visit •:uest of Mrs. Clem Po'son of Os-! here with his brother. Robert 1-eola this week. i Dortch. Mrs. Frank Vollmer was the! T1 'e Rev. A. nice and Leonard |:uest of Mrs. Cbm Poison of Os- | Hutchison of Gideon were guests of |eota this week. Mr. Hutchison's sister, Mrs. O. H Mr.s. P. M. Bond spent Tuesday ' Marshall. Friday. They were accom- |n Osceola. | panied home by Miss" Claudia Hut, The Home Demonstration Club: chison who will visit in Gideon for ! iet in the home of Mrs. V. E. Rush j a fe'.v weeks. |\fednesday afternoon nnd rcceiv-1 Misses Virginia and Jasymn San- Id hepful instruction on canning ' ders, who are attending "the sum- lad preserving vegetables .ind j mer session of Teachers colle»c al • ruic. Plans were discussed for a ! Cape Girardcau, spent the week- looth nt the County Fair this fall. | end with their parents Mr and • ach memter agreeing to enter! Mrs. A. O. Sanders limclhing. After the business ses- j Mesdames Fred Larson Charlev l.on, the hostess served refresh- , Trainer and Mis.s Sadve ilitcheil T>"r 1,1- u » o • returneel home late Friday from I Miss Elizabeth Sprmn. Lloyd, Kewannoe. 111., where they have l.e!en and Carl Uir.phleet were. bcm visitin for tl]e k • aitorj m Ark., Tuesday. , James You princllMl of t| lG. C Driver entertained a num-| grade school ^ t , ', ™ |:r of the younger set with a par- | b ; a Mo Fridav ;.„ , ^""" at his home Wednesday even- i lend ML ; souri university this <unv • ig. Games and dancing was en- j mer ' " Tycd until a late hour when re- ; ->!„ Tn ,,. • r-v, • j , , leshmenls were served. her Mk, M , P "1 u Bh " 1 Mesdames Richard Rcvcrio and ' .^; r , ^ ar P rel - vvho llave be ° n , Spker spent Thursday at' ,,' ,'° , s at ," ew Madrid for llytheville. ! J,'£ ' " l wcck - reluinci omc Fri- TMiss Frace Maxwoll of Osceola I ' ?. ' ' f; las the gttesl of Mr. and Mrs. B. ! ' : 1_' H - w| SE"is of Wilson Thweat Fridav I arrived Friday morning for a visit : I with her mother. .Mrs. Rose Bry-' : j ant. ! Mrs. T. T. Martin and children . returned from Tulsa, OkJa., Fri; day ino.-niiig where they had been i visiting for the past sveek. i Willie King and Miss Jimmie My: ers motored to Blytheville Satur! day. Mks Mildred Popham spent the with her parents here. ITa y li Socielv—Personal • The follo'.vinK music pupils of. ... |rs. Caramel Dorris were present- j week-end in a' recital at the high school ; Miss Popham is attending Teach- ditorium Thursday evening: Fre- | ers college at Cape Girard=au "~" "-' »—»=- " • Mis s Mar} . Sllc RhodC5 returned Fr '<lay from Memphis where she lyllis Sigler. Ester Barkowit?.. visited friends the past week lanita Kirby. Carl Elglcr jr.. Bet- Sue Netherv. Gradi Mae Harlin, Eileen Oate.s. John L. Dorris 11. Daplma Sanford. Margaret lluimscker. Ixiuisc Golden. Ivan Inge. Ruth Cunningham. Chris- I a Harmon and Alma Jean Mor- In. Irhe girls auxiliary of the Bap- It church met nt the home of Is. B. I). Hayes Thursday after- Jjii. There were 12 meinbcrs pres- I:. Tne afternoon spent mak- 1; a scrap book containing poetry. J ich is to be sent to the Baptist lihans home. The next meeting I1 he on Monday aUcriiODn nt the I irch. . iliiirsday afternoon Hie music J )iLs of Mrs. Anna Dunklin. as- I ed by Itic music pupils of Mrs. RADIO REPAIRS Phrme 121-122 I .ouis Green - Julius Shiclc :a5 '' i Mr. nml MIS. Georue I'erry. Mr. E. M?lson and i and Mrs. Austin Necly and Mr. (Iciul bird- Wisconsin tlie other:;. nnd Vir- Coiiiicv News Wnnl Ads Pay. Pains Stored When Lady Got Stronger "Aiiorr a year ago, my health wtM not gowl," writes Mrs. YV. F, Siva- |f-y. S500 Mr«t Court, N., Klrmlnif- liiirn, Ala. "I (cli weak, tired. I bad jxtlny [n my hack. I knew by tlic B0imt!.ln« lo Lulld ir.o up. My mother advlKd mo xo try C.irJnl. which I Jld. 1 fouii-1 It \vas what I needed, for ie tulll mo up. Tho p.iln In my back stepped, nnJ I felt belter nnd KlronKcr tlinn I had In £4mo llnic. I took utHiul 7 boltlec ol C&nlul In nil." M.U CARDUI Sf''i at Druff Stortt Good-/// DAY and NIGHT 133,000 '.MB," 'UN THE U.S.A.! stand between you and trouble! Good? 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