The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 20, 1952 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 20, 1952
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

PAGE TWELVE BLYTIIEVIJJ.E (ARK.) COURIKR NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION T>ailr ratf per line pot consecutive Insertion: Minimum rharp;* ,., iOr I Hm# ; Custom thrashing nn<l hailing, riarlr* JJrljfht A: Son. I'hor.f ?Wf>. 10,11 pV 12;14 Gun ran? red iiLnnu tun In? «n<l /e- fiJr. Call 2071 <Jfl>'. 203ft nights. S'26 t( Watch and Jewelry Repair 2 Tin>P« ppr Itnf pf't rtsy .,,,, )2c 3 rtmrs per line pM day 9c 6 l!rn<*s per 3ine prr rfay ft- J2 limp* per line per rliy 5r Month per line 3 nc Cnunf five &\fjAi>f words to lh< HUP. Art ordered for thr«v nr sli timf* *"<* ltopp<-rt hrfore f jplralfon «I11 h«- rhircrr 1 . for th* nnnitif i of llmri I brad .ippcarfd anil acljmtni'nts of bin m*dr. .411 rJaffJHM arirpitlsln/r rnpr 8"* 1 mi tlfr! hjr ppr*r>n* re siding onfsid* r>f rlly must Tie .ircomr-.Ttlrd Tiy rash. Ratps mar If racily IIP computed from Ihp ahnr/ 1 tab)?. Advertising nnlprrrl lor Irrrenlir Insertions t.ikf thr nnr time t.ilil'-, No rPsrnnslblHiT tir takrn for nmrc (h.TD nnf fnrorrrrt Jnrrrlton nf any cU«ifkrt id. AU art* »rr rrsltlrlfd to \\if\r prnr- *r f].miMf ailon. •tylf »nr| typp. Thr Courier »tvs rt •«•rrcs thp rUlil to f<Hi or rf]ert anr ad. Pat O' Bryant Main & Sccniul Os JUMaJJprl Rrp,-)Jr wnrfe, NVw ron - Mni'-llon. Kn?v tfnns,, T'Trv A Urn PJumhlni; Af M^ntfnr f:<>, Fli 2^01. 10 IK rk ]l 1R Notice CBTd of Thinks W* »J>h m rhdtit: the l.-*^*- numbrr of friends and neighbors of the latt- Hoy FbcppFird for Thrlr kindness urnl rnn- «ldrrattt>n shown ihuing th<* lllnn'^'; and rtrflTh r>{ our lovfd OJH* T»'ho d^pnrtr 1 *! thli llfp Oft. n, lPf,3. FTfiprclally do W thank th^ b'.ood rionor- r >- t>ic ri^rtor^ Rnd n'ii?.r-« of Wallr hnsplUl, \l\r pill bcarws. the ojie.s n r ho '^nt foorl. nnd for \\\f bfButllul floral nffprincs WP thsnk the npr. Harold 1 hompson mi'! trie Rrv. Dftvlri McPrfikP (or Ihcli con- c/>)lnp m-rtjflff. Mar Onrf rlrhly h1c.« each and evory onp of you. Nfr. A- Mrs. Oforce Shcppard Mrs MiMrtri Oarnpr Shrppird MlM Shirley .Shrpjiarri. d,iui!hf*«r Rilftl A- J, T. fit!rpr»flrd Mr. A- Mrs. A. T r-Mi'rrt A 1 Family Mr. fff Mr?. T,lt>yri PirPtmn \- Rons MM, C. A. ?Ioi:s*. 10 20 pX 21 Bonn H;inlh)tf Have IK-W InitJc. 200 bushel tXRti 1 hf(!. Day or nlcht fl^nlar or cm or- ( p^nry. Ph. 3172 he/ore 6 p m . 4 "OR aft- | n 6. 10 0 rk VI For Sale, Misc. A Thftvrr deluxe Vinti jn.16 j*k For *ft!c by ownrr, ono cxtrsi lar^o R n <J o n f; * m n 11 ron I hr fi t! n f. s t nvo a n 'I one nil heater, nulv *IH:litiy nsri! C.VMII" M p lljfiu K T. KI,OKR, 215 W, Kcntiif- ky AVP. 1015 pk 'n npif.pi I UK maiir^s ftn<1 hrn;ill '•!»<•?.[ Chrap. Ph. 2071—affr 5 01—:i41S. ! in IS pK 21 oil i Expert pnin ICP. Just Ph. 6343, Harry Mayers. ID H iik 11 H Apartment for Rent ftpArtmrnt. HI K 10 20 pk 27 3 room Syr nmorp. Two room turn. up!, with frlRftJiilrf. noil tie's turn. Couple only- 140? W. A^h. "10 IS j«fc 22 Apirtnif-nt st/ft elTlttc af-lts 1 4 to 5 Ibs S2S Cull aslirr, CA- Oood ii'rrl fl. K. JTrfilwrrnfor K foot si:" 1 , DrliiAO ifKHlrl. Also. 75,non H.'!' U SorgB OH Krrtler. Ph 2^-IP,, 10, H ck t( Clearance Sale Uftrpnlns y.ilore! Ewrpihlu^r ip Phillips LATE MODEL VALUES! lfl!51 FOI(I) Custom (,'lul) Coupe with Overdrive, Radio and Deafer. Here's a >;ood clean car tliat SITJC you're sure l» like when you .sec and drive it. * ' T'O l!)5l r'OUI) 2-l)ooi with Alpine lilue r'inish, has low mileage, very clean. A PHILLIPS special ?1C>IC value priced al a very low figure. Test drive it! IwT'U 1951 OIIKVHOI.IOT Clitl) Omi[>e equipped with Itailio and Heater. A lirinoiidoiis value in « pood late model used car . . . we liel you'll really like this $1 one 1545 is one is 1345 a I en ri dill Itadio and llcxler. An excellent S7OC ick /»0 lll'id FOKI) I-Dour (a dandy iiiitomoliile) This one is equipped with Hadio and Heater. It's a won- ?1 derful )>iiy al this low nrice'of only ... l!M8 l-'OJil) I'ick-Up Truck in jjood mechanical condition with Itadio farm I ruck Nicolr furn. A room strain hoal*?d apt. Close In. Ph. 4412. in'18 rk tf •f-room dupl^^: -\-((h hath, <*l**rtr»<~ wntnr heater. l«07 Jlc.irn St.. ph. 4201 or SW)V 10 1 !! pV: 2? ,T rfwrn.-; /nrnislifi!, prif.ite eiilr.i/icf 1 snd bnth. Mot iv-ntcr. 3f»7 N 1st Ph. 46«J 2 blocks mn!n, ]n'17 pV. 21 3 room fiirii. apt. Ph. S675 10'15 j>k 3 rm. f«irn. rluplrx. prlv^xr bnlh K^ S fRl. Ph. 2229. lOMt pk 21 TTVO 3-roonj (>]rnl=h''ri apis. Pri bath, hot wfftor. S12.SO per -a'ffk S4R3 before fl n.m, or nttor 3 10,11 pV 3 unfurn. npt. Apply In bnrk 112 E Cherry. Mrs. EM«r. 10 fl pk 2'A Neir npts. Furnish rrt or unfurnished 3 rooms and hnth. tile Moors. Nlrflv rirroratcd On btiR line Inquire 233^". Kenwood Drive, IQ'n i>5t IIM 3 room I urn. nrit, Prlvntu hrtth nnct private front and bncX entrance Adults only rnstivrly no children. Pti- 6218 or 8061 930 c >; tf Motlrrn cnhlni and RpartmptiU 1,0-M Boy Court vhcmo 0951. oouplrs only. « 23 ck 10 23 TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO. 112 W. IVnJrmt . Plenty of Parking Space C-AS EOUIPMFNT InsMlJocl by bnmJed Utters I,BR. cry. jo.i c Modem 2 room fur. apt. Phn 2.SOS or Modern apt. 3 rooms anrt halh. newly clrcorAtrcJ. soort furniture, pis oqiMp- menl. Ph. 3H7.1 F. ainwn. n;2l ck tr Small Apartments, funiish- eJ. ?8 up per week, Heclrooms $4 up single, 114 WPS I Asli Ph. 2833 8:-l ck If Services ITS EASV TO IfEPAIH OR remcKJel LI yo» mn our budget plnn. E. C. ROBI.VSON I.DR CO ^^^ 111 70 ck 3T Hoiisrmoplns & IrvflMne. Ph. 683! nr 6930. Write Brx ^77. Horncr Nnnally. II) U pfc Z[ Hcfrtscratlon -Air Crmdltlmilns «nrt Hfallns Krvicc. Cull 6M6 or 6061 BHOfT nEFRIGERATlO.V CO 10) tf Exprrt scrrerami n n<T~n«7ry Wrr" Icps qrnllnhlc. Hole) Noble, ph -),>-U. 101 jiK 11,1 A child lo tnkp cair of nn dnlly or Fenced In hoc* yjrri. Ph. 8213 "or "ilr"- _ . __. in 17 pi 21 30 MIMOTE PHOTOSTAT1C SERVICE. OSTEEN'S STUDIO. IIS W MAIN 1>4 rk tr Oil itovt frrvlc;. SnllsfarllonT^i" tmeed. Ph. SSM. ii> « USED COMBINES If you neerl a garni ttsrjd self- propelled combine . . . ROC us first. Choose from Jhisscy- llarris, Internal ionnl ilarves- Icr, John Deere and Case. •61 IMPLEMENT CO. N. Hhvay 61. Plinno 51-12 7iin tr Lucian Gaines Furniture Co. Trade y o n r old furniture for new. I will also buy your old fin-nilnrc. l'"a]Tnfirs terms l/j down, twljince in the f;ill Formerly Arnold & Gaines. I'll. ()3:)7 .|;17okLf Save Monov Wticn Ycxi Hny _ Sell — Trade Used Furniture 0' "N HARRISON' & SON FUUNMTURE CO. 517 W. Ash I'd. 2552 8'2ck IT Rabbits, Rabbits, Rabbits Now Is tbe time to pnrrtin*n orer<t- nK jrocvr Some ftrr tlbbon winners t anr NF.A Inlr. Mtm fncrtflc-e 13 up hone Jim Hn!r?or!. 20rtJ. 0 ?.1plc It Dirt. P!>. Z3EC1. Johnson niork Co! «lCE 300 Broadway Phone 4453 MONDAY, OCTOBER 20, 195J TRAILERS u We Got 'em" Jack Robinson implement Co. Hlytheville, Arkansas — I'hone 2.'571 Notic* We liny Pecans Hlchpfit jdlrpH paid for *1M prcan*. We buy any amount from a pound to a car lond. Joe Hester's f.'rn DOUBLE SAVINGS! DOUBLE SAFETY! So. Hwy. 01 Whatever you have tn through Auction. Can -150' I'll. 2032 10 !5 pK 11,21 •<•}]. 5C1I H 108 u* 22 TRAILOn PARK WARN1NB OR11KR The defendant, Mary Simmons fColored), Is, warned to nppear in Ihe Chancery Court. ChlckasRWba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas, within 30 flays and answer ) the complaint of the [llninltff. Dock i .Shniuuns (Colored*. ! Witness my hand, as clerk of -, said court, and the seal tliereo!, on ! this 27th day of September, 1052. j Harvey Morris, cleric Prank C. Douglas, attorney. 9.29ilO'«-13-aO City watrj, p'.r-nty nf sh^ I ml S. fit. m bMh housp, elrctrlplty. r Em-ans Trfihrr 1 ^, lhfvllle. 102 pk 11'2 Private Rooms Pont F. .Syr. or nnv*. 112 JO 20 pk 27 I.arsn front ti e f! r n o in, Exrpllcnt nclehhorhoo'l. Ph 7511. inn jik iril bertroorr or 0171. with priv S 10 rk Strayed In _ PIUS •rout bnd 2 rpd Mcrrfi, weight nhout ROT Ibi vlflnttv of Mnrlf. Ark. ?SO ROWF lnfrirmr,tlon k^dlni: to recover' Russell OiM. ph. 2621. Dell. ArX ' , 1CH pV: ll'.A Wanted to Buy We will pny CASH for your nlrt Ko(!s/»*, camoiaa and lenses for [mrts. O'STEEN'S STUDIO. 115 West Main. 12 4 C5c If For Sale Ktjuily Tnr s ;i I c in 1'ontku: 2-doov sorlan !>. See al 50G S. Franklin St. JOjlS UII Slark Rros. — peonies, roses, slinilis, linrrios & It-pep. Pli. HSfiT. FAIRViEW ACRES S. lUVY. (il. 10'lr |ik New* flic p roo f f n ( PH pick tlif Inrk. Wt- ^2S price.-!. SOY Pli 1007 l m pn^.s I hi n to Ih5 ni Jiictor? 025 pk 10 25 pfilrl. Ph. 4097, pronf infrs. V ctory ptlrf,- nlt doors Frrl^ht pk 10 23 Chancellor who; iu Whistle Gin for Fnte. !3.00 rt 27M n<-ll R WALK E'APKR ,t llfxim lr>t Slip on Pftprr and •vliolosnlf on Hutch Ooy Intrrlor KOBiNSON PAINT \.V,\l. TO, if> n ck HIM fl. plv with hrrt. . IM] cypress nna IIP. Oininplmi motor. Slni-l 'd lit: ntirt innltrrss Sm^ll rhlTfrobi*. nr^p. 2313 Kcnwnorl Dr. Pit P02^. iO IT j>t; 21 -i- Mi iionf PTitr At fnrln Main TOT Kfl -roofl h'lslnp li\ Manila, cine to hntl prlrp «r.n, \Vt. 10 17 pk U 17 proof sMf-A all factorv prices. Fi. 10 17 pX 11 17 loralcd nn ,. monthly pa nklin. usp with bfHh. Win spj[ for p ments f*J:i. .i2a FOR~SALE~ ~ 272 ACRE FARM At Hcloise, Tonn. (Known as Michelle Farm). 227 acres in cultivation, l»i!- nnce in woodland.. If you are iiUcresl(!d in an excellent farm in Tennessee — See Eli is W. Prichetr Fiuloy Gin Co. Finley, Tcnn. Ph. 1008 or 799-\V3 t Dyershurg Exchange Help Wanted :erppr anrt typist. iftry. Rtntp BRC-. ci- encos \Vrttr Box f. 10 3 ck tf Tor Rent 3-room he - kllrhtn, npwl ' W. Mnln In with b.^th. plrctrlc irr\tfrt. Ph. 600S 1TC8 10 17 p'-c 22 For Sole, Real Estate Farm Fnr ftcrr*; ^-1'h ?.*• n rp, nrar AfKinrr. mlvrd Foil. hlKhl Sale For Sale Cars & Trucks] ! -A-Mode). Ciill fiSfig or 5C-? at 210 Hoi- ; lanrt nUci P ji m, 1O IT pk 21 I ! BEST BUYS! IN FARMING EQUIPMENT FERGUSON TUAITOR with cullivnlor and middle hnstcr. In good mechanical romlilion. Il's a Delta Implement SPECIAL value al ?only MASSBY-HAHKIS "-It" Tractor with four rovv culln-alor and three row middle Inislcr. Has Hire K Cane tires. This equipment is in excellent condition and \ve know you'll be pleased SOIAA at (lie price ....... ' ............... &IUU McCOKMlCK DEER1NG "52" Combine with motor. Ready (o got your beans . . . i(' s SH ft priced LOW! ....................... I IU INTKRXATrOXAL Pick-l:p Truck, n IfllT model \vithpracticallynewlircs. A Delta I!AR- S/IOC GAIN! ......... ..................... <fOD We have many bargains In used tractors, trucks and combines; FOR THE BEST BUY SEE 312 South 2nd Blythevilla :rr^ in Umbrr Ml^onrt. Onotl prorturttTp (n corn, rrnton nnrl iinnnp. alr-r> cr-nd roin- Ijlnntlnn fnrm for llvrstock. On- A room lining wllh (inh fxiirt mnnlnir i\'^*""r, fleet rtrltv t\nrt mnll rout* 1 on CO.M! rond, fon<:c wi?b woven -vlrr. nn <ivrr(En i A-. At thn rxlirmcly low prlcr o* il?."i ;icr RrTf From tho standpoint nf improvrmcnt 1 ;. Isntl nnd lo ration rhls rnrm will ronipcie with most any *2<"iii p-T ni-tp farms In thn conntry. Will c.irri.- n .*IO.WO loan. W. M. HUHNS, Realtor IIS N Ri'conrt Strret rhcmp a.TKI Blvthcvlllc. Arknmin 10 2.S rH !2 Mortrrn A room hnmp Hnrrtwoml flr*.-ir5. ilTc]ilrtcp In llvtnm room, pas rirrit. lot l"o j I.w first Ie^l(^^^l1nl <r^tlon [n HKTMrvlllr Ownpr Iravlne 11 F KlsPr. 1312 Hr^rn. pli 2tlfi 416 East Mnln. 3200 sq, feet In main Millriln?, Rcnsonable rent. Call -1512 729 ck tt 3 rni. turn, house with elrctrlt: kltch- :n. Bath. Ph. 293fl, rcsldcnnc or 0(371. m.=,hir<,s. 10 ia ck tf Wanted. Mo/e Gon<| Used Combines Wo turn Rll n^^^ris pull typs com- >lnr.-i Prlrrri from MCXJ tip. Delia Iniplonicnfs. Inc. 31? S. 2nd rh. 6SG3 026 CX 10 IS YOUR HOME EKpcrlcnrpd p]umt)»r or plumber helper. Orsburn Supply. Ph. :i20n. 10:16 pX Wnntrrt, Prrss Mnn antl Rurk Fcp* Froort pny. stwly work. Hlythpvlllr G!n Co. in 16 ck if Wanted KrntlnK stovi Ires paid. Ro Ph. -15T3 Will koep c >,678. of all kinds. Hlchcst Sales Co.. 501 s. 2lst.. lf> » vk 22 I'KOI'OSKI) CONSTITUTIONAL AMK.VD.MENT N'O. 41 BE IT RESOLVED by the House o/ Representatives of the Strue ol Arkansas and by the Senate, a , mnjority of AH the Members j s " ch c . itles Elected to Each House Agreeing'' 1 ™ 1 Thereto: Thnt the foHou'ing Is hereby proposed ns ftn nmeudinent to the Constitution of the State of Arkiiiisas, nnd upon tjcinf; submitted to Din electors of the Slnte for umlroval or rejection nt tho next general election for Representatives ind Senators, if a majority or the electors voting thereon In such election adopt such amendment, the same shall become a part of the Constitution of the State of Arkansas to wit: SECTION i. That tne Constitution of the State of Arkansas oe amended modifying Section 19 of Article 7 and Section 3 01 Amendment No. 24 of said Constitution, so us to ;jrnvide for the election of a County Clerk In all of the said counties ol the State, as follows: "The provisions tor the election of a County Clerk upon u population basis are hereby abolished and there may be elected a County Clerk in like manner n.s .1 Circuit Cierk. and in such cases, the County Clerk may be ox officlo Cleric of the Pro- j bate Coint oj such coiJJltv until; otherwise provided oy the General ' Assembly." | This Amendment shall be Jn full ; force and effect upon and after its adoption. APPROVED. March -20, 1951. Secretary of State C. O. HALL CONSTITCTIONAL AMKNDMKNT NO. 43 RK IT RESOLVED by the House of Representatives of the Stat« of Arkansas and by the Senate of the State or Arkansas, a Majority of All Hie Members Elected to Each House Agreeinf-Thereto: That the following is nereby proposed as an amendment to the Con- \ sMiltion of the State of Arxansas, ] and upon being submitted to the electors of the State for approval or rejection at the next general election for Representatives and .Senators, if n majority ol the elec- . (•'"» i tors volin B thereon;nt such nn elcc- I lion, adopt such amendment, the same shad become a pan ol the Constitution of the Slate of Arkansas, to-;vit: Amendment No. is lo > ne Con- : stitutiou of the State ol Arkansas, | adopted by the electors ol this State i at the Clenern) Election held and ; conducted on the 6th day ol No- j vembcr, 1928, Is hereby amended to rend as follows: SECTION 1. It being mnst apparent that privately operated factories. Industries and transportation facilities arc necessary for the development ol a community and for the - • welfare of its Inhabitants, an anirTlTpt: 21 ' "" Bl lnl 0| rlot ""reeding one pet i cent (it the nssessed valuation ol i all taxable properly witliln the corporate boundaries thertol may uc levied by cities o! the first anrt see- ' ond chiss, for the 1 purpose ol. providing funds to be u=ed lor the acquisition of sites within or withoul and for 'the construe- ; such sites o! builiiinj;s and other facilities, for lease or sale for ! the afrire:-aid purposes, or for the amortization of bonds bearing interest at not more than lour pel cent per anmtir. ..ssued far such purposes SECTION 2 When petitioned bj not less than ten per cent ol the ; qualified electors residing therein i the City Council or other goveru- ing 1 •:,ty or any sucn cuy .shall call for .... election to Be held not more than ninety days thereafter for the purpose of having the qualified ejectors vote in the proposition. i SECTION 3. The General Assembly shall enact such enabling legislation as shall be required to eltec- tuate the purposes hereof. APPROVED: March SO. 1951. Secretary of State C. O. HALL HERE'S WHAT YOU GET Steering Ge af adjusted Mounting lightened lo(rarn« Kingpin Bushings e&Mked Pitman Arm disctjnnecled lor arJjustfflenl Ti« Rod Ends checked ' Toe-in adjusted Steering Geomeln dieted Pini! Pins eiamined Caster and Camber sel AU FOR ONLY SULLIVAN-NEL CHEVROLET CO. 301 West Walnut — Phone 4578 Press man nnd boan elevator man. Rh. GG45. Valleyfield Gin. 102 tf Insurance FOR AUTO INSURANCE Thr Insurance Service Call 3:lfil \V. M. RURNS Rc Mtnr-rnsnror Call '1553 For Complete. Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protect inn Gt.F.VrOT: UOTF.i, nUIt.DTNCl 17-4 W. A,h St. .fust roniplctrtl In vest rid oil Country Club Drive Addition ;>l -U7 Hnnlin. Three bedrooms or two bedrooms and don; I25 ft. living room nnd dining room conilnnn- tion; deluxe Geneva Kit- I'licn \vi(h breakfast nook; j . /—-MA beautiful tile bath, colored j Noble GJI I Agency REAL ESTATE Farms City Properly LOANS INSURANCE It Intfivstfrt In Rityln? 5<*]Hnc FOR SALE Concrete culvert*, 12 inch to 48 inch f pi iii n ur roen for reel. Also Concrelc Uuildiii? lilotks chcnp- rr than himher for barns, chick- PTI hnuscs, pitmp hniisrs. tpnnut houses, loot sheds. We deliver. Call us for Tree estimate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. I'hniic 601 IMPORTED Holland Bulbs t.-lionse ynurs rl^hl nwny while selections are complete. TUUPS, DAFFODir-S, HYACINTHS, CROCUS, AND .MANY OTHERS. nigpcr, Rrttpr nulhs — get the most for your money. These are the choicest of hulbs, imjinrlrtl direct In us from Holland. ' PAUL BYRUM Hardware & Seeds 1M K. Slain Blvlhcville FOR SALE Beautiful brick homr on Highway Rl North in Counlry Club Drive ArifliliuiK This home has 3 extra large bedrooms, largn rlo5els in each; Inr^e living room with lireplace, «linin^ room. New Geneva kitchen, nne. anil one-half balhs, utility room, br»e screened in front foreh. Servant's house nith pas lieat, ^aragB and outdoor storape. This home has new rrinS nnd is in top rnndilloii. Can't 1)C dnpllratrd for tirice the sell in sr price. Kxtra Targe lot, choice neighborhood. 1'rtceil for tniick sale. SEE OR CALL JOHNNY MARR Phone 2596 fti WARN'ING ORDRR |he Chanpcry Court, ChirlcA- .safvhn District, MTssisstppt County, Arkansus, ElytheviHc Development Co.. HM Arkansas Corporation, Ptf. vs. No. 12,177 James A. Penson and Mrr.. Jarnes A. Pension, DU. Tlie defev -nt.s, James A. Pension and Mrs- ics A. Pension, arc hereby warned to nppenr within thirty days in the court n^med in the caption hereof jmd answer the complaint of Ihe plaintiff, Blytheville Development Co. Dated this 4th day of October, 1952. Ilnrvoy Morris, Clerk By Cherry Sue Barnes, D.G. Alene Wort!, ntty. for PHI. Mnrcus Evrard, attorney ad litem, 10-6-13-20-27 J '- S..'^*^ OS/ATKINS MACHINE WORKS COMfLlTl JHE1I MiTAL »HOf »I«UCTU*M 9TIK • 0*J AM* 1UCTHIC WHWN« • OIH . HACKJMITH- t«9 • HA»DWA«l - MACHINE KEPAIR* BlYTHEVIllE, ARKANSAS PHONES: Day 3142; Night 6153 fixtures. Gas heat, larpe stor- ace attic; carport with altach- |fd stnrapfi. 100xMO ft. lot. Al! fir dimensions material was used in construction of tliis home. ITK-C ?IC.r>00. Open for in- Mioc-tinn Sunday 2:00 to fi-.OO JOHNNY MARR Kcaltor ,t Huiltler PI). 4111 _ Kes. 2596 lOjl ck t/ Glencoe Bldg. Ph. 6SG8 tost A Founrf vr. old \vninut. Bo si o rn 3 ulldog lfl.2(l |i irnyrrt S mure 2 Sorrels 1 GrfT xilrp Snndny nl?ht. Jr. ct or rill collrrt Drll l~i*\ or 25. 36, . H, WhIMlr. 10 IS p>t ")? l*4\*>. cold ;>l.ithim diamond EUln r.Tl-si w-Mfh with bbrk rotrl n»nrt. Rf- rard. Ph. 2S6I, ifter i:30 2TS^> 10.17 <i It R. C. FARR & SONS Distributors Gasoline Tractor Fuel Lee Tires Fuel Oil Kerosene Leo Tires PETROLEUM •^=5-^5=^' PRODUCTS "Serving the Public for 20 400 So. Railroad S* Phone •ISfiT Phone •1507 1951 MERCURY l-T>oor Sedan Mercn-JUntfc, equipped with radio and hcat- Hoynl M;istr,r tires, has low nii lea pe. A rery clean car. Triced right. 1950 OLDSMOBILE Dcrlnxc Sedan \vifh Radio and Heater, all c\tras, city driven, exceptionally clean ... See il;, you'll buy 11. 19-13 CHEVROLET l / 2 -Ton Pick-Up Truck Low mile- Hge and a clean truck. A Horner-Wilson spe- SI cial value at only .' 191B FORD I'/j-Ton Truck with heti. New painl job. Good lircs. A real buy at , 1916 FOKD V - 8 Four-Door, Bargain Priced 5* 495 AND BIG VAL Iflol CMC 2-Ton, IjWIJ, with new jrrain l>ed, 900x20 rear tires, S25.\20 front lire.s, 2-succd axel, ?1CAr" cab lights and turn indicator. Only ........ lOvJ 19IS CHKVHOI.KT Flcelline, 2-D.ior with radio and healer. This is an exceptionally clean automobile. A SPECIAL Price, too! ............ 1!11S PLYMOUTH i-Door Special Deluxe with radio and heater, new tires ... a renl fniv insn CHEVROLET '/,-Ton Pick-Up Truck. An exlra clean (nick a I an extra-special price, HORNER-WlLSON EAST MAIN Rocket Oldsmohilc — G.MC Trucks IMione 2056 USed Car Lot — Phone 6151

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