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The Appeal from Saint Paul, Minnesota • Page 5

The Appeali
Saint Paul, Minnesota
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Walla. I i i MINNEAPOLIS DOINGS IN AND ABOUT THE GREAT CITY." Matter. 0ocll, Staldou and Whlok Sav Happened a Happen Among fee tll 0lt th Congressional Ticket. For Congress LOREN FLETCHER Fifth District Judical Ticket. Judge, 4th DistrictDAVID F.

SIMPSON. Judge, 4tn DistrictJOHN STEELE. County Officers. County Auditor-CLEMENT MINOR. Register of DeedsFRANK C.

METCALF. Clerk of District Court- COURTLAND DICKEY County AttorneyJAMES A. PETERSON. Judge of P.obateFREDERIC C. HARVEY.


County SurveyorE. ABBOTT- Legislative Ticket. Twenty-Ninth District-A, DALE, JOSEPfl. SCHUTTA. Thirtieth District-F.



DAHL, Thirty-Third Diatrict-D. DAVIES, L. S. GILLETTE. Thirty-Fourth Dlstrict-E.

E. SMITH, JOHN CUNNINGHAM. Aldermanlc Ticket. First Ward-CHAS. T.

FRANE. Second WardJAS. 8. LANE. Third WardJOHN W.


Seventh WardW. B. WOODWARD. Eighth WardE. E.

WEBSTER. Ninth WardM.B. LLOYD. Tenth Ward-P. W.

McALLISTER. EleventbIWard-CLAUS O. PETERfeON. Twelfth Ward-C. E.


Glass will continue to seive meals for 25 cents. Read the valuable information to voters iu this issue. Don't fail to cast your vote en election day and to yote you must register. Johu E. Holmberg for Sheriff and C.

Dickey for County Clerk are your natural friends. Visit the moBt popular as well as the beat kept barber shop in the Northwest. Ihe Palace 200 Washington ate. So. The latest styles of treatment by Madam DGOley.the fashionable hairdresser 708 nepin ate.

upstairs, St Anthony Lodge 2877 G. TJ. O. O. F.

and the Household of Ruth 776 are preparing to give a grand Concert and Ball at Plummer Post Hall Nov. 25th. THB AFPSAL IS on sale every Saturday at the Palace Tonsorial shop, 200 Wash ington Ave. So. Pullman Ave.

So. Hotel de Temple, 414 2d Ave. Bo. The Pullman House is the most centrally located boarding house in the city. Accommodations first class in every respect.

Best of service. Try either or supper at this place. PriceB reasonable. When in Minneapolis you will find no better place to get board and lodging than Hotel de Temple, No. 414 Second Avenue South.

The accommodations are first class in every particular, and at prices which are very reasonable. Don't fail to visit De Leo's Barber Shop the best equipped and largest in the city, corner of Washington and Second avenues south under Washington Bank. Porcelain bath tubs, shower baths. First class work guaranteed, Mrs. Nelson the skilled and successful Midwife of the East side has opened a Drug Store with a full line of Drugs and Sundries at 1013 3rd, avenne.

N. E. Mr Wm. Nelson her Bon who is a graduate registered pharmacist will manage it for her. A aentlst could probably drive the filling in a tooth with a single blow from a larg hammer, but he does a bettar job and the wo-k lasts longer by using a small hammer and repeating the blowa The same principle holds good in Mrs Philip Hale will resume instructing her pupils on Pianoforte and would like to have her former scholars to take up their studies again at low prices to moet the hard times Price 35 cents per lesson Call at residence No 614 16th avenue South.

Try Madam Doo'ey's great French Pomade, it promotes the growth and is the latest and most valuable preparation for straightening and beautifying the hair. Price 35 centB per jar. Madam Dooley's Hair Dressing Parlors 708 Hennepin Ave. Agents wanted. The Tullman House nas been thorough ly renovated and fitted through out with new furniture and is the most centrally located boarding house in the city.

Accommodations first class in every respect Best of service. Try either breakfast, dinner or supper at this place. Prices reasonable. Mrs. F.

Bell's wonderful Hair Grower and Straightner is the latest and best in the market. She can straighten, dress and dry the hair in one hour. Ne ir used whatever. Once straightened will always remain eo, regardless of dampness from perspiration. Hair Dreesing parlors 401 Fifth Avenue South.

The Flour City Club has a neatly fitted ftp suit of club rooms for those who enJoy ciub life. They are located on the second floor of 325 Hennepin Avenue With the well anown general and vsperionced J. E. Stewart manager cad Wm. M.

Smith secretary. This resort no doubt will be. the Mecca for Ml clubmen. These, rooms are arranged and fitted with all accommodations for the of ttie patrons. A better place 'can not be found in the city to pats away the leisure hours.

v. ROBERT PRATT. Republican Candidate for Mayor of Minneapolis. JOHN B. HOLMBBBG mankind.

He is a friend and we must give him our unanimous support and use all efforts to keep him there, we know what he is and know what to expect by his paBt creditable and beneficial record. JOHN E. HOLMBERG. Candidate for Sheriff of County. vnf Frank C.

Metcalf. Entering the service as a private in the Fifth Vermont infantry, at the age of sixteen, in '61, he remained with his command to the close of the war at Appomattox, and was mustered cut ae captain. He then finisheu his education at Brandon and removed to Minneapolis in '66, working as a lumber piler and woodsman untfl he saved money enough to buv a team and haul loga on liia own account. From '84 to '87 Mr. Pratt was a member of the city council, voting for for the establishment of the present patrol limits, and from '88 to the present time served ag a member of the school board, having been reelected in 1892.

He was elected mayor in 1894 by about 4,500 majority and has given the city an able and business like administration, which has been pronounced by the citizens one of the best administrations the city has ever enjoyel. He is a true believer in justice and fairness to all Hennepin Who is candidate for re-election for Sheriff of Hennepin Cauntycameto Minneapolis in 73, engaged af his trade with G. McMullen and remaining with him for nine years when he began con tracting forhimeelf. In '92 be was elected to the lower house of the State Legislature where as chairman of the commit ee on labor he made an enviable reputation in his work in behalf of the laboring man Mr. Holmberg has filled the position of sheriff in the past term in a faithful busi? ness like manner with much credit to himself and the County.

He is very pleasant and unassuming. Yet has conducted his charge with the necessary dignity and attended to his affairs in the past term so as to make his administration a decided success. Mr Holmberg is one of the true friends of the Afro American and recognizes men regardless of color or creed. This fact has been thoroughly demonstrated. When he accepted his office he found in the rffice D.

T. Davis. Mr. J. M.

Allison whom he retained and accorded him the same trettment as others in bis office and promotions were were open to him on the same basis as others, ability and chance alone governing. The present position which Mr. Allison is retaining is proof of that act. Mr. Holmberg certainly merits our support and we could not do better than give him our unamious indorsment in a material way by assisting to retain him in his present position.

JAMES A. PETERSON. Candidate for County Attorney. Hennepin County. James A.

Peterson, candidate for county attorney, is a native of Wisconsin, being bom in Dodge county, that State, Jan. 18, 1859. He attended the common schools of that county until 14 years of afterwards attending the city schools in Oconomowoc and Hartford. He taught six terms in the district schools of Dodge county, and in the fall of 1878 entered the preparatory department of the State University of Wiecon em, gtaduatirg in 1844, in the ancient classical course. He then entered the law office of V).

S. Field of Viroqua, and pursued his studies until he graduated from the law school of the University of Wisconsin in 1887. la August of the same year he removed to Minneapolis, and began a successful practice of law. Mr. Peterson took an active interest in oolitics, and Jan.

1st, 1893, was appointed first assistant county attorney by County Attorney Nye, and was reappointed Jan. 1st, 1895. He has proved himself an able prosecuting attorney, and was nominated by bis party as County Attorney Nye's succeseor. Mr. Peterson is another staunch friend whom we njuxt not forget.

DAVID F. SIMPSON. Republican Candidate for Judge of District Court HenDepiu County. David F. Simpson began life on a farm in Dodge county, Wisconsin, in 1860 He attended the country schools and worked on the farm during his boyhood.

Later he attended the State University in Madison, Wisconsin, graduating from that institution in 1882. He studied law at the University of Wisconsin and the Columbia Law School and received de grees fr both institutions and was ad mitted to the bar of Wieconsin. After somj practice in that state he came to Minnenpolis in 1884, and since that time has been engaged in the practice of law in this city. During the last fcur years he as been City Attorney of the city of Minneapolis, and his legal ability has been tested in many ways, proving him a lawyer who stands high in Lis pro fesfiun and one who would certainly grace the bench of the District Court of the Fourth Judicial District. We will make no mistake in giving Mr.

Simpson our unanimous support as he will prove to be a loyal and just friend. UNCLE LOREN FLETCHER. Hon. Loren Fletcher who has so faithfully served the 5 Congressional district for the four years or two terms is ugaiu out for the nomination. During Mr.

Fleicbet's two terms in congress he haa most faithfully served his district he is as a hard working and effective man. He carefully looks after the interest of eveiy individual member in his THE APPEAL: A NATIONAL NEWSP-APBR. district, Nothing has been brought to his attention toat he did not promptly attend to. He has shown himself particularly interested in our people. He had Mr.

Ned Jones pension restored. Heaecured an in pension for Archie Long and $120 back pay and pecured the prompt allowance of Mrs. Harriets. Morris, pension. Mr.

Flet. LOREN FLETCHER cher has an Afro-American stenographer at Washingtok in his office. He baB alwavs been a friend to onr people aiding them in securing positions, dating them in business and showing himself in all linevwerested in their welfare. He is a true and tried Republican and deserves onr most hearty and generous support which he has shown himself fully and deservedly intitled to, and we believe, yes we know it is to our highest good to support him to a man. F.

C. METCALF, Republican Candidate for Register of Deeds Hennepin County. Frank C. Me'calf. was born in Dundas, Minnesota, in 1865.

In the following year his parents removed to Minneapolis 'ciNTdRf DICKEY Frank craing also He a'tended the public echo'ila of this city when a boy, being enrolled as a echolar at old Wash ington BCIOOI which stood on the present site of the. court house and city hall. He entered the Curtisa Business College of A. W. HASTINGS.

this city after leaving and took a business course. Equipped with a good business education Le looked around for a position and commenced work in the freight office of the Chicflgo Milwaukee St, Paul Railway, starting as a truckman ROBERT PRATT and vorktjjg his wuy up ttmugb. various positions "mil became chief clerk in the freight. rl Laer he engaged in uouesa for nimself and opened A al estate and rental ffice, at which bnpifpHR ho nmvri verv HiPceflB D. SIMPS0 2 ful.

Mr. Metcalf ties never been apoliti cal aspirant until this year. He has always been on active worker for his party and has often demonstrated in a material way fiiendship for us Bnd he should have our unamious support. PfflW JAMES JOHN H.STEELE Candidate for Judge of District Court Hennepin County. FREDEKICC HARVEY.

PETERSON. C. N. DICKEY. (Candidate for Clerk of District Court) Hennepin County.

The subject of this sketch who has so successfully and creditably filled the office of clerk of the District Court of Hennepin County is one of the most popular candidate on the county ticket. His nomination by acclamation at the county convention last summer is a well deserved honor. He has his duties in a creditable manner and his high standing can be seen in no better way than in his record as clerk of courts. Mr. Dickey is personaly a verv genial and pleasing man to meet, has many warm friends and enjoys the sincere respect and esteem of the entire bench, regardless of party.

A demonstration of his impartiality was the appointment last Jannary of Mr. Robert Lee to a clerkship in his office without the least political, brougnt to bear, as is common in such cases. Mr. Dickey deserves our unamious support and he and such as he receives our hearty endorse? ment. The present judge of probate of Hen? nepin ccuaty is forty years old, was raised on a farm in Illinois, educated in the public schools of that state, received a common school and academical educa? tion, taught school studied law and was admitted to the bar of Illinois in 1883 removed to Minneapolis in 1884 and practiced law in Minneapolis until elect? ed judge of probate in 1892.

In 1894 he was re-elected judge of probate. His party has conferred higher horors on him and nominated him for Judge of District Court. Judge Steele has always been a very popular candidate and has proved himself qualified for higher judical honors. As a true friend we can find no so don't forget to mark an after his name. ALBERT W.

HASTINGS Republican Candidate for Treasurer, Hennepin County, Who is a member of the well known firm of McMillan and Haatidgs was elected to the office of county Treasurer twoyearsagobyacverwhelming'majority which bespoke his (popularity has proven himself au ideal Treasurer to the people of the county. Mr. Hastings ability and integrity has never been questioned. He has made a most flatter ing record since he has been in office, and meet with no opposition for renomi? nation. When ever opportunity has presented itself he has shown his friend? ship and interest in the progress of the citizens and has well proven a true and good friend.

Don'c fail to put a cross mark opposite the name of Mr. Albert W. Hastings for County Treasurer C. J. MINER.

Candidate for Count Auditor Henuepin County. I was not many yeareego that Mr Miner, who is quite young manwas blacking boots and "hopping" bells at the old Sherman House in Chicago. His J. MINUR father who was a Poldierin the civi war, died whence lad was small, and hewasthiownuponhisown resources. ae took a business course in the buei.

ness college at Poughkeepsie, N. and afterwards to Minneapolis where he entered the employ of the Minneapo, hs Furmture Company, handling lumber ma first ofic position was secured with Merrill Albee who back in the eighties were partnership in the abstract busi, ness. In 1885 Mr. Miner entered th office of the county auditoerr when Frank McDonald wapsu and has risen from thMe position of "handy man" to vra Mr- Cooley.e und de tauditor, Mr. Miner by long experience has gained a complete knowledge of the affairs of the office and will make an excellent auditor.

He is a friend of the encans and would be gratful for their support. A. C. HAUGAN, Candidate for City Treasurer, Hennepin County. Was born in Norway in 1849 and came to the United States in'66 located in Minneapolis in '67 he engaged in the grocery businers, and continued so until '83, when he changed to banking, and has remained in the same up to date, being at present president of the Washington Bank.

In '78 he was elected to to th city council from the Sixth ward, and Berved his constitutents for nine successive years. In '83 be was made one of the.charter members of the board park commissioners which position he shortly after resigned, but the people reelected him for a term of six years. In '82 he was elected city treasurer by a majority of over 4,000, and in 1894 Mr. Haugan, being the nominee of his party for the same oflSce, was elected by a handsome majority. His sterling qualities as a man conscientious service performed as city treasurer, were sufficent to give bim a nomination for a third term.

Don't fail to vote for Mr. Haugan- FREDERIC C. HARVEY. Nominee for Judge of Probate. Hennepin County, F.

C. Harvey was raised in the state of Ohio, educated In hercommonechools and at Miami University at the age of fifteen enlisted and served for almost two years as a powder boy on a Mississippi Union gun boat studied law and was admitted to the bar by the Supreme Court of Ohio came to Minneapolis in 1880 and has practiced his profession there ever since. Mr. Harvey, without any solicitation on his part, four years ago was elected to the City Council as Alderman from the Fifth Ward, and his record and service uhon all questions in the City Council has been especially ac ceptible to the people of Minneapolis. These people remember that he framed and introduced and by earnest work put through the Council what is known as the "Harvey Transfer Ordinance," which was afterwards fully sustained in all its provisions by the court, and gave to the people of Minneapolis the admir able transfer eys'em now in vogue, as bis public life has been to the citisens of Minneapolis so has it been to the deserving and worthy Afro-Americans.

He is a friend to the "true blue" type. Chas. Wilkins. Candieate for County Commissioner, Third District. Cbas.

Wilkins, who will be Mr. Nash's successor on the Board of County Commissioners, is from Lowell, where when a boy he learned the uiachinist trade, attending night school to get an education. He came to Miuneapolis in 1886 and engaged in the pluming business, the firm name being Wilkins St. Leger, Mr. St.

Leger later withdrawing, and Mr. Wilkins has since continued in the business himself, his place of business being at 247 Second avenue south. He is a young man 35 yeais of age, and his ample and successful qualifications will make him valuable member of the Board. Mr. Wilkins has ever been an advocate of justice to all and partiality to none.

In him we are assured of a valuable friend. DR. G. E. DENNIS.

Candidate for Couuty Coroner. Hennephin County. Mr. Denni3 is not unknown to the voters of Hennepin county, as in 1894 he made a close for the nomination for the office to which he was nominated by the Republican party this fall. Dr Dennis is from Michigin, but has resided in Minnesota since 1S68, and has been a resident of Minneapolis twelve years, during which time he has followed his profession verr He has been a member oi the Board of Health of this city, and has filled the office of corner of Chippewa county, Minnesota, being first appointed by the county com missioners and afterwards elected to the office, receiving the highest vote ever cast for a Republican candidate in that count 0ttropollran Opera House.

The attraction at the Metropolitan for 3 nights and Saturday matinee commencing Thursday Nov. th will be Augustus Pitou's sum pious production of Sardeu's Napoleonic and imperial comedy. "Madame Sans Gene" will be the attraction. This play had a run at the Broadway Theatre, New York, of 150 nights last season and was seen in all the large cities. The production may be fairly credited as being one of the JOHN STEELE.

most important dramatic events of the season. The performance will be one of distinction, not only on account of the play, but for the elaborate manner in which Mr. Pitou has staged it. The representation of the drawing-room at the Chateau de Comdeigne and of Napoleon's library are spoken of as magnificent works of art, while the costumesare extremely rich and handsome and designed with great care with regard to historical accuracy. In the arrangement of the series of episodes which constitute the play in the striking and glittering stage pictures and the cleveerly contrived theatrical effects the workmanship of that master of stage craft, Sardou, is apparent.

There are 42 acting characters in the play which are necessary to the development of the two principal rolest Kathryn Kidder will appear as Madame Sans Aene, her original creation, while Mr. Augustus Cook will personate the great Napoleon. MINNEAPOLIS. The Pickaninny Band with the "Oid Kentucky" were located at the Pullman House last week. Forget to eat, forget to sleep, but whatever you do don't forget to vote next Tuesday Nov 3rd.

Remember Judge Hicks and S. B. Lovejoy for the Be sure and cast a ballot for them. Messrs John Crosby and Sam E. Adams Aldermatic Candidates for the 5th and 4th Ward are excellent men.

The Republican ticket contains nothing but friends, whose principles are the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man. Littlp Daisy Settle, the daughter of Mr. Robt. Settle, died last Thursday evening at the residence of Mr. and Mrs.

Mack Brady. Mr. and Mrs. John Thomas have moved in from Lake Minnetonka, where they have been residing for the summer. They now reside at 606 Ninth avenue south.

The Southern Calvary Baptist Church Preaching every evening at 8 p. m. Prayer and Conference Meeting every Friday and Sunday 6 a. m. morning pray meeting, Preaching at 11 a.

m. and 730 p. m. All invited to attend. The McKinley club had a full house at their headquarters last Tuesday evening, and the programme rendered was one of the best during the campaign.

The Swannee quartette and Howard's Juve nlle Band made the hit of the evening. Among the prominent speakers were: Mr. A. J. Smith, Hon.

Loran Fletcher, Mayor Pratt. Messrs. J. Frank Wheaton and W. R.

Morris. Pres. N. Rogers presided..

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