The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 9, 1950 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 9, 1950
Page 4
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BA*nJRDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, BLTTHKV!1,I,E fARK.V COURTRR NKWS OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams AWHS AMP GENTLEMEN Of* THE JURY, SUCH A FOUL PREPATOR.Y BEAST SHOULP NEVER AGAIN BE ALLOWEP TO PROWL ' OUR. FAIR STREETS, AMP I ASK THAT—, Our Boarding House with Moj. Hooplt AWPP-SPUTT-TT.'? VMA-T?/ HOLTJ "tW^r you BA.BOOM.'l'LL INF6RMM-,COMPOUWDEO •& GO oov^hi ANDewoTOFF WE -**WHoOSH/? MovJOOe^>^ VJATER.'-~-H4e HOTeHOT fClEhJ-nsi WHO OREAtAS UP To eu^ofi PERPeTUAL A\OTIOJ FALLS Bter-Niosa FIXING A SIMPLE FAUCET/ J BST IT HE EVER GETS 6KS HS WOMT EVEM THINK OF US -jOKELS- WHOSE FINE SUMMER PAYS HE. RUIMEP MAKIN 1 US THIMK.' On.TMts IS EASY. TH' SUMMER HE RAM PER PRESIDENT WE HAD TO THINK FDR. A NATION/ THEN FOR. SEMATOR WE HAD ONLY A' STATE TO THIMK FOR.-THIS SUMMER. JUST FDR. A MERE TWELVE A REST 1950 t> r NEA S«nice, Inc. Engineering DIAL 2241 liked his job in the agency; he Jjipr Improved KIDNEY FUNCTION tn a majority of casei investigated in Mverat hospitals and tlinkl, »ubnormal Kidney function wo» Improved. Bladder pain and discomfort reduced after the use of Mountain Valley Water. • If your doctor has diagnosed your condition ai functional Kid- r»y impairment this nalurol, untreated mineral water mav be very borwficiol. Try It for a lew weeks. H;fc delicious, pure-tasting. °"° may b« consumed freely. Crosstown Whiskey Shop Main & Division Jfamitain Valley Watd* (HOT'SPWNOV) didn't want to do anything else. He was quite content, he said, to let matters take their course. "You don't seein to have any too urn-o «o*r neeoum * • nd tldr call' on I. Ctrl* Morrhcult. • dvcrtUinn ninnact-r ol Morn-Gto. Nnd 1*-ar»» rhni othvr mnr •<•!«•• hnvr b^CH •^•IplniE" ai thr account, She plMiii la plrn««- \orlk- rul I « tl h « »tw <-nm|in(n»i. I'Bier . Jrnn. hrr *[M« /jfeUTO GLASS Installed Blytheville Gloss & Paint Co 136 E. Main Phone 6716 . . older mnn. KrcnlllnjE hrr XV T^DE gazed disapprovingly at the slim, black -f rocket! back of Jenn who was still unaware of her sister's presence. "Want to ask them to join us? Dan Reagan asked. "No, I'd rather she didn't see me," Ede said. "It might rob Jeun of what she probably considers a golden moment." She Crowned toying with the stem of her cock- tnil glass. "This is oft the record Dan, but I don't think all of my troubles are going to be confinet to business." Jenn and Hamilton Grieve lef after one drink, with Jonri's care less laugh sounding above the sof tinkle of the piano as they departed. Soon afterwards Reaga ; look Ede home in n taxi. In the lower hallway the butle met her with messages from Jei and Jenn. Both had phoned an nouncing their intention of beir out for dinner. Mr. Jeffrey, th butler snid, was dining nl his clul Miss Jennifer had not state< where she was going. Ede had dinner with the preoc rupied and almost inarticula Myron. She tried to take he youngest brother apart and fii out how he ticked. Myron's mon- syllables were discouraging in th extreme. But she did learn on uch ambition, iunVly, Ede told He nodded, his gray *yw miserable "Yes I had a date with her tonight Bui she stood me up It's the third lime in two weeks." Ede's lips tightened That little fool ol a Jennifer "Why do you bother with her at all, Tommy?" she asked. "Why?" He ran a hnnd nervously through his light hair and looked at her as if she'd made the most childish of remarks, "I sec." said Ede slowly./You're pretty crn/,y about her, aren't you?" He didn't deny it. He spread ihis hands in a hopeless gesture. "And, ol course," said Ede, "you've made the mistake of letting her know It." 1«0 BY KIA BtRVICt. IMC. T. M. Rt6. U. »,, fAT. Of T. "The first thin* we're gonna do is get In condition. I bet you guys let yourselves get soft during summer vacation! WHAT AN END FOR. , ^ WHAT A SLJMME*/ ME BY'TVJE OAME^ BROTHER./ 19M 1Y NtA SiBVlfETmC. 1. M. Klar^T yAT.'pfT. L- Myron smiled, a shy rather-dls- rming smile. "Don't you worry jout me, Ede," he said. "I'll do J right." Perhaps he would at that, EdeJTj p . Bought this over. "Well. 1 bought. She knew thai he did his 1 ^ f my technique ls pretty wful Rut 1 couldn't . help U. he's**—he drew a breath—"well, here Isn't anyone else for me." Ede felt Infinite pity for him. to was so young and attractive— nd dumb. "Why donl you try spanking er. Tommy?" she said. vork creditably enough. She new that the other people at the tjeney liked Myron. And certam- ', during these trying weeks he ad given her less to think about han Jeff, with his fits of sulking nd nervousness; than the restless ager Jenn. She decided to let lyron alone. He was more or less he sleeping dog of the family. DE went up to her room directly after dinner, promising hcr- elf a quiet evening. At 9:30 the Hitler tapped on her door. "Mr. Melbourne has been downstairs for over half an hour." he n formed Ede, "He insists on see- ng Miss Jennifer. I told him she was ouu but he wanted to wait :le seems upset. Miss Edith. 1 * She found Tommy Melbourm n the drawing room and Mr. Mel Bourne was distraught. Hii broat shoulders were encased in an Im DeccabJe "dinner jacket, but ther iris resemblance to a gentleman about to embark upon a gay eve nifig ended. An angry flush dyei the clear golden skin of Tomm Melbourne's checks and his wheat colored hair was slightly awr lie rose with a jerk as Edo en tered the room. Tommy looked at the floor, little sheepishly. "I—I didn't mea lo have you bothered with it, Mr Flood. . He stared at her as if she'd ut- ered sacrilege. "Who. me?" "Yes. She needs It very badly. .nd, as for your technique, you're making n technical error right now. If Jenn came in and found you .wailing for her. it would Just ncrease her sense of Importance." 'I suppose there might be something to that." Tommy said -houghtfully. "Gee, I don't understand women." "You certainly dont, Tommy. viy advice Is. give Jenn the runaround. Play the game the way . .ajto- . '' "It's »o Jenn?" bother. Is H about she's playing it." "IKI did, I'd lose gather/ 1 he grumbled. "Well, your present tactics dont seem to be getting you very far. And you ought to leave here right now. If you se* Jenn tonight, you two will only have a scrap- You'll let her see how upset you are. And, believe me. Tommy, it will give her no end of satisfaction. Women love thaL" Tommy looked at her, said, with more shrewdness than she had given him credit for, "You wouldn't love it though, would you?" (To Be Continued) RY AI, VERMEEB WHAT KINO OI IS THAT?.' IT 1 -r\BEAUTIFUl_ DAY CARLVLE! WHY DIDN'T Oil MOW THE h LAWN LIKE w I TOLD YOU KNOW! THAT'S 1 ACCOUNT OF THE WEATHER ,F,Y and RALPH LAffl !!Y MICHAEL O'MAl. Time to Umo;id CON'T CRACK WISE/ ) PONT 1 WISH IT/ I THOUSHT YOU --'WHAT SHOULD I DO MBHT HAVE A HELPER THIS T«R WHO'S? MXP TT-IINU IT W»S gWNSJN& P8. WJN6S A1ASIC M OHE5TW5AMTA CLAUS ABOUT UM.OAC7IMS STUFF CAPTAIN EASY Oawson Takes a liow BY LESLIE TURNER For careful attention to the filling of your prescriptions, be sure to come lo Barney's Drug. BARNEY'S DRUG West Main Phone 3647 CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH For the servicing or repair of your car, brinjf it to T. I. Seay Motor Co. Our mechanics are specifically trained lo care for your car. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 121 East Main Phone 2122 FAUGHT'S STUDIO 114 So. Broadway There's No Substitute for QUALITY & SERVICE A. Kiln-Dried and Grade-Marked Lumber. B. Sherwin-Williams Paints. C. Cabinet and Builder's Hardware. D. Millwork, Doors and Windows. E. Plumbing Fixtures, Pipe and Fittings. F. Wallboard, Plywood and Tile Board. BUILDERS SUPPLY Co., Inc. South Highway 61 Phone 2434 To My Friends Wish to announce that am now located at CHAR- I.EY'S ELECTRIC SERVICE. Now I am nh!e to serve you 24 hours a day on COMMERCIAL REFRIGERATION and AIR-CONDITIONING work. Please feel free to call at any lime. Frank We stall Day 2993 . . . Night 280S STOP! liet our figure an jour plumbing ob, it can be conveniently fln- ncrd through FHA. Vc contract complete job or will til TOO the fixtures and roogh- material and you choose your wn pfcnmtwr. * Repair work Is jlren oar prompt ittenlion. See or CaU Orsburn Supply 1916 W. Main Blytheville Phone 3208 •r Orsburn Plumbing Co. 1310 Ward Arc. CarnthcriTtile Phone 1179 C'VOW, DMrVSON! T NOW VOU SE6 WIW IT OOtfl WE CAM PICK UP I PW TO MftTCH WITS WITH THAT SAFE IM 3O\OL6 BUUV WtWUTES IF WE HUERV... AMD 8E OUTA THE STATE A BLOOWIW PITV, I CALLS IT, LAD! VOU AM'TH' WL£K. LOCKED HO TH 1 POKEY, ftW TH 1 SHERIFF 1 IW COLD STCKAGE! WOTS MORE, WOSODV DOW'T SUSPECT WOTHfM ' BEFORE Ml WWW \6 RftlSED. WE'LL LOCK TH 1 FRONT DOOR 9O (W X9(TBR» 1 WON'T DISTUEB VOU WHILE THAT* SOMCW • THEM THROW ALL TH' KEYS OOWW SOME WELL! AW ffEVOlE, EAS^.ME HEKO1 RUGS BUNNY It Slays 'Em T' SEE EATIN' THIS QREAKPAST POOD, KID...IT'S PULL O' , MINERALS, ^. . STUFF. 1 SO WHAT ? I THINK IT'S I THEN TERRIBLE... JWHV VA I WOULDN'T J BUVIN' TOUCH TH' JUNK 1 ALLEY OOl' The Better Choice BY V. T. HAMLIN We're Proud of Our Work 'work • Woodwork :turing • Welding BARKSDALE MFG. CO. • Machine'work • Manufacturing Does Your Speedometer Read Correctly? For safe driving, belter check on It. We give one- day service on speedometer repairs for* any make or model car or truck. Drive in today. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 121 East Main Phone 2122 BETTER D30WN IN THE SEA TH.*-N (?<?T IN A V N/KK1NS IN -^ A FOHT NOW GONM\ FIND OUT.' N2W )|T V/ISE Of GETTHCSS5ML5 D0WN/ RlCHACD 'FOSE THEY'Et B.rTWER/ TO TrSKE OF THIS MAO M1NSTKEL •^Mi^'j^f^K. tifj&^st' &z$gmKm&£2&^

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