The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 20, 1952 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 20, 1952
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT (ARK.)" COURIER NEWS •eats of Football Power: teep South and Far West rty i;n CORHIOAN NEW YORK (AP) — Move's the pity the South and the Kar West oMr! not s c h ed u 1 e more intersection;!! gamps this season bemuse those two eertioiis are the ciass of collegi; football this year as the campaign strains into the second half. Except for Michigan State—the* ~ —-— . ____ undisputed ruler of the cc.unlry— the Midwest has nnl showed any particular power. The Bip Ten, In fact, does hot hoist an undefeated team. Wisconsin attti Jliinnln wcro supposed to he loaded, hut neither has player! up lo expectations. Nor dnes the traditionally strotip Southwest have anything to braR about outside once-tied Oklahoma, which seems a shoo-In for its fiMh straight Bit? Seven title, Thp Soulh- west Conference dors not have n t team in the- undefeated class. H hardly even has a (avoni« for tho championship. The Enst hflP llvorl up for down) to ox poet at ions, Penn of the Ivy Leftguo, no less. Is hrarj and shoulders over Jhe field and should win the loop f.ilfe. Syracuse, which was figured m he about scrond. host in the ferfjmt. took a gruesome. 48-T mauling at (he hands of Mirhl- gan Stale Saturday. The Oranue was supposed to make it close. But look at the Coast and .South. In the PnciJic Coast Conference, there are no fewer than three outfits undf>/ratpii find untied— California, Southern California and UCLA—named In the order of their chances of staying that way. Al! boast 5-0 records and all are hoping for the hid to the Rose Bowl, which goes to (ho winner of the league crown. One of them probably will bite the dust this week when Co) and Southern Cal t meet in Los Aangles In n brittle* j of migfity offense and stonewall [ defense. j In the Soulh, the bip hoys, in i their approximate or tier or ranking, ore Maryland, Gcorcla Tech, Duke and Virginia. The first three have won five games without a setback and Virginia has captured four. Duke meets Virginin this week nnd Georgia Tech the next week. The Engineers should leave the Blue Devils reeling. Actually, Maryland should bent Duke, bill the Devils figure to ride (he favorites over strong-Virgin!.-!, probably the lending independent Sn Ihe urea. Other big games this week will send Penn state against Mkhtpnn SUte in Enst lousing. UCLA against Wisconsin nt Madison and Purdue against Illinois at Urbnna. The Purduc-lllinnis clash could decide the Big Ten champion. In thu Ivy LeHinie Yale and Princeton could give Penn a insole, but the Quakers seem to have too much all-around class, Houston leads Hie Missouri Volley, hut Detroit could slip in. especially if it beats Oklahoma A and M this week. Orfenriinc: Champion Utah Is the class of (he Skyline Conference, \vhUi: Idaho Stale just about wrapped up the Rocky Mountain Conference championship with its 46-16 triumph over Colorado State Saturday. There were only two minor upsets Saturday, Notre Dame toot advantage of eight Purdue fumbles to win. 26-14, and Minnesota dropped niinnfs. 13-7. Otherwise the? big boys just roller! along. Maryland dropped Navy from the ranks of the underrated", 38-7; Oklahoma clouted Knnsus. 43-20: California slutted Runt a clara, 27-7; Southern California ivhippetT Orctrofi Sirtt'?, 'Hi-ft; UCI.A thumped Stanford. 21-11: Grnrum Tech whitewashed Auburn. CH-0; Michigan turned back North west- em, -18-14; Perm downed Columbia, 27-17. and Tennessee defeated Alabama. 25-0. Monday Grid Wash —• Rash of Fumbles Breaks Out in College Football lly WILL nillMSU:i- NEW YORK (AP) — Hanging up .Monthly's fonthall wash, iiiul, for goodness, fakes he careful — don't let it drop: Everything f-oemR lo he rising i labeled his brickfields--the "Mush- thrse flays, except footballs, and ; or" backs, Nrj, I; ''ponv" ba^k. 1 ;. ,Vo. pepper" back*, wouldn't, he surprised nff«*r Snl- iird.iy's wave of furubles to ^rn a rampaipn Inr non-skid pipskin*. 2, nnd It was almost ns linrd '.n*h ,lr>hn Borlon, bin No. 3. kerpiuz up MONBAT, OCTOBER SO, Texas Sitti Seat Afti in Favorite's r Hog Bj The Asscirlaled Pres* Texas «as projected as the Southwest Conference championship favorite todar as s result of happenings of the week-cm! which saw the I.onghorns smash Arkansas and Texas Christian rlrop in the standings as a result of a lie with low-rated Texas A&M A murh belter idea o! Hie Fit»a (ion will coinc noxt Saturdav, h I..ill fill VVVIMt- II.-Al, «3mu[(|;|v, lll.n* • f^L k A • ^ ^% Houston In the "op Vnier'nr"'"amc I F\ Q V fV\ C I\ Q \A/ H J T I I I of the WPP)!. Southern I ' • '•a.-k.-^wwii >ar I I I I -e 21-14 last Saturday! I "Y" J I /""V f f ' F» \ A / ^^ ?^v r s,r;sr. In I otal Ottense'in SWC Florida fumbled three limes. Van- drrbilt twice in Ihe first nunrlrr of (tlicir Btime nt. Nashville, won h>' Vantlrrblll 211-1.1. lr (|. y , ' , ,,,, rr}1 Ac ..., n]s a , 10(h [ fo|lr ' , nllrn ,| n , vn p^^ .,, nnston ! | i, niv erslly stunned William and I I Mary, 33-23 ... at Rcatllr-, Wash-' Inuton crushi'fl Oregon, -10-0, and : Spoils writers should have been : Orflinn ,„,,.„ nmf <.,„,„ lf> lhf , equipped with tabnlnlors at East j HuskipV coal-line ... as the game! Lansing. Mich., where Michigan | ended, a do^ nnnchtilciilly strolled State's Coach Blipie Munn trotted j across Washington's doiiiile-r-tripe. out 61 players In aU . . , he had j the first time It had been disturb- i icmr offcnsi\ r e platoons and evented all day. Lloyd Ward's Coues Deer /s Acclaimed World Record Too Rough THE KING —MisMssij)).i op- pcinrnls suspcrt Ilic aiillinr.s must have hatl (luarlcrhack Jimmy l,c,ir in mi till when Ilicj started writini; books about the S])lil T. (,\KA) Llnvd L, Ward, Jr.. Blvthnvillc .suicssman. fanner and big uame iimilpr, has been rorok T m?.ed as ob- lainine the Irupcst, anri mr^t per- feet specimen of Coues ever baccod. Mr. Ward's kill is Ir-tcd in 1hr? revised record hook of the nnone and Crorkrtt Cltlh. New Vork. wl\icll publishes the hook ol record North whipped Rice niKht to take ?ame and 11 in the championship race.. The Texas-Rice came will offer a comparison between Texas and Southern Methodist, Haylor, which must wj n all llv I'emainrier of its conference to have a chance nt the title, plays Texas AA'M at Waco Satin'- tiay. Jlaylor lost to Arkansas week ho.fore last. Othonnso. (he conference r^oes interspcfionat asain. Already in nrreais in izamo.s aaninst outside teams, two conference representatives could almost draw the league even if they won Ilieir Crimes. Southern Methodist plays' Kansas at Dallas. Kansas lost its first ,va;j)p of (he season week itl fallma to Oklahoma 42-21). It was Oklahoma that crushed Texas <ID-2ri. Ark* lisas meets undefeated lint twice tied Mississippi at I.iltle place, yards on ! DALLAS i,p, _ Ray McKovv,,. I but Gib Dawson. a teammate Mc->;as Christian's do-e'verything ! has moved into second .back, took caie of the total of- I Dawson has gained _ i fcnsp situation last week but he i 55 carries. ^ lost his Southwest Conference lead- Norton leads the conference ptlnt- ersrnp in passing. ers with an average ol 40 5 vards MrKown trained 135 yatds rush- on 18 kicks. Ray Dollar of Texas iiiy hut, only 42 passing against ! A&M is second v,-ilh 38 B on 25 Texas AfcM. eanwhile T Jones, i Bob St. Pierre of Arkansas, who was Ihe leader last week, fell to third place with a 38.5 average on 10 hoots. Tom Stolhanrlske. Ihe ' Texas wingman. has pushed into first place in pa-*-receiving, dislodging Bob Blair of Texas Christian. SloC hamlske has taken n throws for 332 yards. Blair has caueht !2 for 274. Jerry Coody of Baylor has moved from seventh place to the top in ....^. ,.^v, ,,*,.T.>i,-rm|,|ji HI* I.II llv, . Rock, The Razorbacks^ certainly ! ' la - vs won't, be favored lo trim Ole Mi-is '' olles ls J u:: „. . Mr*t,-r.ll.r, i.-. the Texas rjuiirlerback. was mak- jns hay in the air — he threw for 107 yards rnramst Arkansas nnd become N'o. 1 in conference pass- in'-:. McKnwn hart a bulpe o! onlv 'M yards over Ray Graves ot the : A^ies before Saturday's eame. Todav he is 120 yards ahead of Graves in the total oflcn=c depart-; metit. topping the conference with i Ittl yards on 187 plavs in five: eames. Graves has 714 j McKown in Texas Christian rests this week. ! ,, . Texas' smashinc 41-1 triumph (hmwt1 '' Ilils cm "l>!elert 35 of 0 over Arkansas made faces blanch ! I™ s "<••"' for 591 yards. McKown ha all alona the line Saturday It was I np " llecle ' 1 on -15 of 83 for 539. a Texas team bcsirmin"' lo live 142 | punt returns. Coody has taken five ! back for 51 yards — an average :;t two yard's ahead of i ol 12.2. passing. The Texas j In learn offense, its Baylor, 68 i up to expeclations that had come after victories over Louisiana State c:ndcr and North Carolina but which were Dlck " USlt> "'' Ochra - "'? Texas- line l '" ls ln <? leartin? bail- '"h 3S6 yards on 88 runs, with all averaee of 357 yards per ?ame. Texas is second 'with 348. Texas Christian is No. I in team de/ense. srivlng up only J14 yards per game. Texas is second with 233.3. COf,LEGK PARK, Aid. (AP) _ Maryland and Navy j ^mmed when the Longhorns were | r> I , , /-. , want their rwpcclive ways today, their guns still smoking™? 1 N °' re Dame and Oklll -lDl/f(16116 ^615 from Saturday's vicious i>n<-i>milpr, 1ml their bitter football rivalry prohnhlc? i-tided for many a yeiir. Maryland, lie tor in the W-l \ and 37-0 wins over Cletnson and! nic« was happy while It l.-i.srcrl [ Georgia which preceded it. So pleased Mere Terrapin sup-i Tills was a rotit of team with the i cverylhins but porters with the manner in which , serond-best- defensive record in the | Assies alone. .,_....i , ._ . _... • nri *j on i Baylor had lo Se"cn players were ejected irom j w ith a flourish fireri-up n-isl'nn .showed little ex-'/"* 1 'til / o I .acfrthn^io.t ^ame with Luxora s Panthers Maryland shipmen. this 10.^2 handler! t.hp M i<i- tliry br^nti compru 1112 club with i.hp fabnlou- ; thp hratpcl, rib-rrarkinEr bar tip -- j pnwprlinnse of last ppasnn. i fmir Min^hipmrn nnri three Marv- j Such a comparison ivonM h-->vr j landers. Put Tai»irn and NM-'v |l>rrn laushPtl off thrro v^cki ncn, L conrh Krirttp Erclclm^ both attri- ' bntcd Ihl.-; to hard, rntlier than dirty, piny in';. Thp victory \vns Mary IH tid's foni rh in M dfciRions wi»h (lip TPJC.TS CJnislJin .sin ccpt R^\- srfnlopt b; inc T«'i'r&^e?m tl M,: K OT b n U1 lM BURDF ' TTK -B"«leHe' 3 Pirates.] Burriette's sl.rkr, were earner. comanX^ fhn '-hoir record past the..500 naark once left end;, laft facile coufdnt beat the , „„, ri ,,, st(11 . t(!d , e|tj|lg ve ady ! FranWin. left p.nrd; McDermott. today :ome from behind 1 to triumph over i Texas Tech at- Hinbock I 21-10. L. G. Dupre, the talented i sophomore, was the difference. He j scored the touchdowns that put Baylor over. for "thp" same of their season Friday nieht with the. touirh Luxora Panthers. ,'. : fourth-miarter tovichdo\t p n passes This year niurkcd Ihe first since VIM , v d t ' . .. _. ^,'orM^o^^r^ 1 ^ 1 »'" Sati^^rnpm, of a S'TheTanX tloU/S ^ ' Its ,torW rrmicls. Ana 2-i ot the 3<l, NnV y team supposedly on its -.vayltilrd for 1D53. but Navy officials !' , l lB| ck to pndnon c!ory after drift- | have indicated they arc not In-" r,n,,,M pit, ,,nJ™; ,,l '"''•jlnK -"'I ynrs in the horse lati-] tcrfstcd in rcsumine hostilities for Giantel fit/, member of the record ; , mi! , s wns nfn . wol , (pr than 28-0 «nme limn vet comtnitlre states; ' "Its ?2- mcli nntlcr length woulrl have marie it a \vrir!rl record even under Ihe old method of ranking. LEAGUE GAMES W L, T world mai'ks fell. Rcmarkmq lit It, a) beautiful symmetrical tro- snnip of the npu- records he nrote ' for Hip NnvFinher issue of Outdoor His reference lo l.he "olri niElh- od of .trflrinn" has to do with the fact, thr4'-. scoring for records was chanpecrthiF. yoar. Siit? alone will not fjualify a kiil for a record under the new system. The new system, Mr. Ward explained, eliminates animals with "freak" antler formations and rcr- row/is, Cords, Giants Tied NFL NEW YORK !/n -It apiinrj llkr'y Ibe American Conferenr? title of the National Footbnil L^antle won't M/ssco Cooches, Officials . Brmvn s. ciiita^o c Attend Cage Rides Clinic ' N "' r Vork GIIIUS--an Texas A&M Arkansas Rice Baylor Te.vas SMU TCU Texas A&M Arkansas j Rice ' Baylor GAMES W L 3 Pet 1.000 i.nooi 1,001) .500 .333 .oon .000 Pet .600 .500 ,500 .500 .•ion .250 .750 center: West, right juard: Robinson, richf tackle: Langley, Left end; Whatley. left halfback: Gore, right The Pirates a'.id the Panthers, bit- [halfback; Cable, fullback and Long, ter gridiron rivals, are scheduled to 1 quarterback. clash nt Osr.rola's Hale Field Kri- rtiy nicht and for the first timej, this year the Pirates wil! be rated underdoes ,12,11115* 3 county foe. The Panthers will carry nn undefeated record into Friday night's game whil^ the pirntes boast only a 3-2 record. f-'ive Mi-sls;-ippl County basket ball offieials and two coaches nt- lendefl the state basketball rules clinic In I.iltle Rock yesterday and be i!'.-< ir.ird luisji the weeks of play, while, on the other hand. Ihe Nation:,, division race has developed into a one-team stranglehold. Three clubs thn Cleveland Browns. ChirnBo Cardinals nnd | COLEMAN. Canada tft—Eleren- Jieti for (he • year-old Henry Ntemeyer of this Anu'ruan p^-tion lead vvith 3-1 rec- i Southern Alberta town ou-ns ord:-. And rtcht behind are the Phil- arielpliin Fntlns and the Washing- ords co to Ihe Inriio.M. nniranl which! |h n officials tonk examinations to Is most faithful to the spcc-ics In hecnnin rerlifipri under the Arkansas Athleiic: Association's new rule fnn Rrrlskms with 2-2 slates. Only the wlnlrv Pittsburgh Sleelcrs are hopelessly <-Ml. nf contention. K metal r'ha i act eristics. Mr. Ward killed the Coues. which he says looks much like any while tail deer when mounted, while lumMiiE in the Siena Miifhn.s Mountain,- in Mexuo in I!)!t5, He won the Booiic - Crockett Club's award in 1350 for this trophy which was displayed in New York. i"r of ami Georee Clark of j ' The pulveiinini: Francisco j inei-s rulr- the roost in Ihe National icnnfetciice with a -t-0 record. Two ic:imc< in nirrius arc the Chicago [,,[.,:, i rtrnl ' ! " r '<''i'"t i.ions and Green Bay li '.nth a iviiv of tri- Association's co\erniiur officials. Offichts atlcndiiiE t)ir Rn \V;,n': h Kem^h'M,'wm;': i !™Hr' : ;,rr,!! '"-I," %' ,,,1, ,,,,1 <~. r-,_.,,. _. |'>"l]h- 111 lllltl .I..Mt = , fill The pirates celebrated homecoming last, l-'riday niaht triumphantly, annexing their third win of the season with a 25-6 vie,tory over Corn- Ins- Long touchdown runs featured the victory with Hamilton soing 4s yards after Intercepting R Corning pass in th6 second ejuartr-r for Bii/detrc's first touchdoivn and U'hatlny hrinHinn back a Cornina punt 10 yarris in the same quarter for the Pirates' second counter. fn the third quarter Whatley scored his second touchdown of the ni^ht, when he hauled in a 30-yard pass from E'ibanks. The last touchdown rame on a Long-to-Eubanks Six=Man Bout Tonight A six-tnan tag match, featuring Ivan and Karl Kawalski. Is on tap for American Legion mat fans tonight. The Kawalski brothers wil! team with Leo Newman against Polo Cordova, Lee Fields and Lester Welch In a two-of-three falls affair. Preliminaries will lind Karl Kawatski vs. Cordova, Ivan vs. Welch and Newman vs. Fields. Flemish Giant rabbit which was Pass play that carried for 20 yards, born without ears last summer. Cable got one extra point for Bur- Henry owns SOO other rabbits, as Incite, well as 40 homing pigeons and a | Cormnc eot its touchdown in the horee - third period. Coaches a'tending the meeting vrre Jimmy Fi;,her of Ely'neville High School and Robert Erin-arris ol Dell Hism School. FAYKTTKVILLL; (An — Jliu-Umn off Ihr, Tcxns affair ,-,s "that inuvit:.ltl P ,.>nc" anrt ti'.vtnrj to forpol it, the Arkansas Roorbacks t.xby hcgnn readying thfenr.eivea'for renewal of their old football rivalry with the University of Mississippi' •The R.lzorbacks and the Rebel:-. ?ha have met on the cridiron 15 ti.'ne', hut haven't played each other since 1B47. will tansle in War Memorial starliiim at Little Rock Sat'.; : 'We'll rea]|.v have (o pUy football to beat Ole Mi.==." Coach Otis ' L>ottclj5 ohscrl'cd Tliey have a great, split-T quarterback in Jimmy Lrnr and a flue all mound fam." j Hopeful Nnte i A hopclul note for Arkan.-;is is that its arc rputi'trrhnck, Mcllan. piob.Voly will he ready lo c:o agaiir-t the twice-lied hut unbeaten KrlK-ls. Mcllan. ,vho injured a knee in the Baylor zamp. sat out . the 44-7 pasiinp Te.xiis hum en the Porker:- a! Au-'.in Saturday but has bren responding ro treituix^nt. I Spcakiuc ol the Texas game, i said: We've had one lame like that each year I've iiern nt Arkansas. It was Texas A.vM 42-13 m in.w anrt PMU 17-7 last year Tcxis "Ms really ready. It ran ! our line ncht out ol there. Trios? { Lonphorns had determination." i With fleet Git) Dawson scoriae I three O,u1ck tourlidowns, the '['ex- f ans 1 nffftt-^ ivis so stic'res^ful that I th-y didn't have to punt a single time. Arkansas didn't cct into ihc; ,^c.irvn!; {"iMinn until all \\a- I",-', Tlint uas when Murray Elton swept ! end for six \-arris. | Birrm~ pvactire injuries this «erk, the nazorb,ic!cs should be at • full jtrensih for N!i.=siFEippi Thp Pnrker fo^rb Fald prrpara TV Tastes Differ NF.W VORK MV -Television polls, as a rule, indicate a wide range of l"cal preference on a rily-in-eity basis A checkup of six cities, nos- ton, Detroii, Phihtlriphia. N.-A Yolk, Chicten and Los Attgelc- sho^ed thai not one o! them agreed «cek after occk on top favorite program. . oiuirn Ibe Tliatircrv Cnurl. Cbiela- District. .Mississippi rniiiily. Arkan F;ihc! MrNril. I'tf. ,\o. tions this rou ? h <rek nill include ' ni.nre [ ^{ Cl \f than we did last aerk." I ' n, Gcovce McNeil, IH'. 1 The ricfeudant, Grovce Mc/:eil. is '. iicrrby '.varnecl to ac;-ear wuhm ; thirty days in ih« ci-'irt n.imrd in .the caption lierrol anri an-vxc-T ^he i complaint ol (lie plam'iff. F.tliel chniniiion Los Anaeles Ram 5 11-31 nm j the Dallas Texans <0-4i. !h" league's newest entry, trail the pack. fn ye,!eiri,iy's action, the unheralded Cirdinnls ?!;ed out a vital 24-23 conqiif.ii ii\i. r the previonslT- un^eathed c:iant!s. Meanwhile the nnv.vm crusheci ti:e Faelcs, 49.7. The victories enabled Cleveland and Clue:u:n tn jump into tile triple-tie for fli'st pinrc with ,\>iv York. Pan Fniiifi-i-ii embellished its '•t:ifii-c wi:h a v--.>ii'idmc !n-Ifi .>m-- ce. ? i.yf-r -a;.- H,,,, rs -..j^ij, | hf , ljlon _ rrin.-ttnfd in contention by van- tiuijhms r.<v Ani,-ele:-, 34-15." n-T! 1 " n '"' 1 - I ' :lt '5 nipiied Pittsburgh, -8-21, m 'he rhv's other cam? On Saturday n:^!it Green Bay'thnniped Dallas, 2-1-u Read Courier News Classified Ads. Al! Mew Corning Sooti Women were banned fill:, siicrrcl .laiuncse unlil from Mt . ; mountain.' 4 this IJ.h day of October. H.uvry Morrr-. Clerk Uv Cllerrv K;;e names nC ' ' ui;o-37-U'3-10 POLICE GET FAST BUCK- This 120-pound buck gives police o saucy razzberry as he is hauled by paddy wagon to his home on Belle Isle sanctuary, at Detroit Mich. It look eight squad cars of police to capture the animal when he swam awaj from hie iiland homo. — BLYTHEV1LLE LEG 1ARENA STLING Monday, Oct. 20 8:15 p.m. 6 MAN TAG MATCH Leo Newman and Knwalski Bros, vs, Polo Cordova, Lee Fields & Lester Welch Adults 60c—Children 15c Also 3 1-Fall Matches 30 Minute Time l.imil Newman vs. Fields K, Kawulski vs. Cordova I. Kowolski vs. Welch Mellow ess Moonlight KENTUCKY*STRAIGHT BOURBOH Ctiicadc is oil svhilky...a Iruty grual Bourbon from Kentucky... nth, light, ogcd by natuie't patinnl hondt to tho pools of old-folru'onerl goodneii. There it no finer Bourbon of any prico. "fflOV, IHt'llft AND VIGOR Of THf GRAIN" i s ti tuntiins (ODMvr.'uvimiu, TIKTDUT • »< noor • IHIS SHISKJ is t mis 018 by Felix Carney We've seen how television already has played a major par I in the forthcoming pres- idfcittial election by sending nationwide the picture story of the nominating conventions. That important rola is being continued. The huge sum of four million dollars has been set aside by the national committees of both parties for television and radio campaigns promoting their candidates. And every indication points that the amount spent by election time will ba more than that. Just buzzing around: As of last week the FCC had okayed 13 television station grants... A nation-wide poll found that "The Cisco Kid" was the most popular of the non-network western programs . . . "Time for Renny" the most popular kiddie show . . . The comedy team of Abbott ami Costcllo found that television was right down the alley for them the past season so now they have made a series of half- hour shows available to any station in the country. How about this ? It is expected thai by Jan. 1 micro-wave hook-ups will have been completed to Dallas, Ntw Orleans and Miami so we'll be seeing :olintry-wide the Cotton, Sug- Rt- and Orange Row! football srames . . , good news for sports fans . ". . The Rose Bowl j?ame, of course, will be televised for its second time. Ah, this television. There's at least, three more good reasons for spovls fan? to get your television sets now. And. incidentally, you'll find a lot of other nntc-rtaininp programs lo krr-p ynn intnvested in be- IWPOII sports events. Tome in and spp (Vie new r,EN'F,l?AL Et.EOTRIC at RLVTHE- V1LLE SALE? CO. 10!) E. Main St. Phone: 3B16. I*?

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