Evening Bulletin from Honolulu, Hawaii on December 9, 1911 · Page 19
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Evening Bulletin from Honolulu, Hawaii · Page 19

Honolulu, Hawaii
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 9, 1911
Page 19
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mVENTira BULLETIN, HONOLULU, T. H SATURDAY, DEC. , 1911. Cable News mires rm l MTST l . r r iLLL K5-f , TV .lLK..Lv7 MBS. f X 1912 LOCOMOBILE MODEL WILL HELP ALREADY-POPULAR CAR Official announcement has lieen nnile by the Locomobile Company ol a new 1912 model, the "38" Loconio blip. This Is n six-cylinder car' for Ivo passengers and will be termed Hip Locomobile "Little Six." "It In Intended to fill tho demand 'lor n high-class 'Little Six' having lonty of reserve power, and Is the' result of much careful working out of detail and thorough testing at the Aorks of tho Locomobile Company of America at Bridgeport, Conn.,'' says nn auto expert. "In appearance, design and finish the new '.18' Locomobile Six closely resembles the '48 Locomobile Six, which has becomo so widely known in tho last two -jears. In fact, tho only Important, difference nctwecn tho two cars lies In dimensions The new 'Utile Six' has a smaller motor, shorter wheel base, i ml In equipped with a five-passenger foiodoor body Instead of a soven-pas-ccngcr body. "The motor of tho car Is of typical Uiconidbllo construction, with bronze crunk case, high-tension Ignition and exceedingly nmplo cooling apparatus to pievpnt anv possibility of over-, hcitlng. The motor Is powerful, developing slxty-horsc-power Ibrnke lost, and thus, although the car Is termed n 'Llllle Six,' It will really have smartness and snap. This will provide an Abundance of reserve power, and a car that will be powerful on the hills and ery speeuy. "The clutch Is of the multiple disk type. Tlje four-speed sokeoMva trans mission Is used according to the usu nl I-ooomoblle practice, the gear caso being constructed of manganese brouzo, always a strong feature of llw Locomobile. Every detail of the chas sis that made the M8' 'Six' so com fortable hot been Incorporated In I bo new -car. The wheel base If 128 In ches. Three-quarters cllptlc .rear springs n'ro used and the power doe not pass through them, permitting them to act freely under all com)! lions. The balance of the-Uhass) Is carefully vowed ant, wulmlunK kld ding, causing the car to hold the roai well at speed, and td 'ride 'with the mnxlmum of ease. The teti'lncli -upholstery, a highly valuable comfort feature and originated by the 'Locomobile Company In the larger 'Six, Is used In tho body of the new 'Lltdu' Blx.' doccd-car bodies of the limousine, tananulct and tlcrlln types of attractive lines hne been designed to be Iisod In connection with the. 'Little Six.'" Deliveries of rho new car will om-menco In January. It Is expected thaf the new car will bs on exhibition in this city In tho near future. KILL FOREIGNERS p Tllli SIMMY PRESIDENT BRACES, THE BRACES WITH A GUARANTEE. Their sliding cord removes all strain, frofrt the shoulders. They toutwear all others because made of the best material;. . , Buy only the Kcnuine with SIIIRUY fRESIKM' on the biiikk'? and -with tlfis jjuaranteq on every pair. READ IT. Cufirantfj t thc braret nrme urmtif.irtnry In aiiutiicutur. tiu.ll ttirm M u nut jtmr d. dcr wild ) our name ft.i.1 biMrm plainly mittm n iaclaxe W III repair, rri lace, ut (1( requested refund uur money. . The C. A. EDGARTON MFG. CO; BHUOEV, MASS, V. S. A.. 1 THE IMPERIAL haavy duty Marina and Stationary Ca Enolnsi art bui't in 8an Francltoe, Cal. 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 Cylinders! 4 to 250 H. P. ' IS o bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbLbLW aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaLH Mkl2aXv)s'xTHV9RaaaaaaaaaaaaaHlUBV)K bW ilTTi iMlaHHaaaPTnWfaBnrrTi Iriiw . . 1 1 1 'il&CTStfffiraay I (Aaaoclatrd Prraa Cable.) PCKINO, Chlim, Deo. . The flrt complete nnd dirt ct news received li re from the fix no of the iiinsHucret at Slntifti reached here today and proves to be cen more startling than tho urxt retiorts Indicated. It Is now known that In the outbreak bj the rebels approximately 8.-000,lnnchu were killed and eight foreigners were murdered, Including lour Aiwrluirw The foreign inlsnlun houses were alt burned, LBtion May Savo Him. It 'is now believed here that In cno the life of the joung emperor Is threatened Hint he will take refuge In either the legation of the United States oruf Jnpun, either of wlili.li would harlior lilin. Prince Angry at Pramltr. (Hptclal Cnhle to the Bun Chong Kw ock Bo ) , P.HKl'i'ja, Deo, 8. A serious qiwrrel, lias broken out between Premier Yuan Shlh-Kul und Prince Tnou, brother of tlte recently deposed regent, " Prince Chun. 11 Is reporied thnt Yiinn'Sklh- Knl unci Prime Chine Prougln pressure lo near upon me empress uowager 10 Induce her to InMat upon the retire ment of the prince regent, which jnc-, t(6n has aroused the anger 'of Prtnca Tnou. ' Chlshl Chung has beeln nppolnted the guardlnn of the baby emperor. , Tlw nrtnlMlee between the forces irt Wuchang tind IIuniftniiR expired today. TWO WILL RETIRE. W'AKHIN'nTON. D C Deo. 8 tleor-Adnilral Itlchard Walnwrlght, U.'l 8. N, who was born In this ilty on December 17, 1849. will reich the "into limit on the seventeenth of this month nnd will be placed on the retired llt. He will Iks succeeded by Cnptjln Charles Kduaril Vreeland llear-Adiqlral lA'alnwrlght distinguished himself intthc war with Spain und wns In command of the gunboat Olouceiter ut the buttle of Santiago, In which Admiral Cervera's llett wus dt strojed, nd In whkh he took" nn. nettle part. , nenr-Admfrnl Itaymnnd Perry nod-. rrers. U. S N., son of Itenr-Adnilnll Raymond "Rodgers, will retire for npe on December 20. Ho will be succeeded by Captain William U"lgrs.. NAVAL ARCHITECT AND ' YACHT BUILDER DEAD Niav YORK. N. Y.. Dec. 8' Archl-1 bald Cary Smith, the distinguished naval architect imd jacht builder, dlrd In this city, today at the age of 74' years He dcHlgncd mnny famous boats, Including jattiis, pilot boats, steamers, and other sailing ships, lie hullt the Vindex, the first Iron yacht, which attracted nniili attention. NO SOLUTION FOUND. WASHINGTON, D, C. Dec 8 A meeting was held by the cabinet nnd President Taft In the White House today to consider the question of, -tho stund taken by Russia In regard to American passports to Jew. No solution of the problem wns decided upon I 3. !.. ID ' S TESTIMONIAL! Dear Sirsi Wa tak pltatur In (tatiAg that wa hava purchssta' ana 25 h. p.-four.eylliwlor, -two. 36 r(, hraa oorlUdar(ni12 h. 4. B. C auad-four-tesn 4 and 6 h. p. single eyllndtr Impsnal Englnss, all in uat In aur fltat af fiahlng boats W are wall satisfied with tht performance of your maehinta nd will gladly recommanJ tham. AMERICAN FISH A OYSTER CO, Black Diamond. Imparial rapid advance In trad It duo ta Its haVirp the hlghaat afflol-enoy of any gas -nglna In our market Every poealble precaution I takan In the manufacture of Imparial as to boat of material being used, exaet, and standard alias turned out. Call and wo wil show you Imparial attains big end small, marina and stationary, working In Honolulu. Isnjiarlal .gartt Hawaiian Islands la HENNINQ A. PETERSON, H50 AlaWoa Btratt, P. O.Box 1fi5, Honolulu. . , ORTERIC 0ET8 -FIM4I AEDUCEO. WABHINQTON. D C. Dec. 8 The Dnparttnnt of Commerce and Labor D luiuiy uiliiuuucru Jlim ilie inuoiiieu lints assessed ngalust the llrltlsh steamship Orterlc 'would be $7880 Tor neglecting the sanitary 'conditions In connection with bringing Immigrants to Yfawnll In the steeruge. The original fine assess ed was 810,000. , M8T4NaUMarieO JLAWYCR OLE.. NEW YOIIK, N. Y.. Dec. 8 Ktlmn Allen, until Ills retirement In 16M one' of the foremost ,law"irs In the coun-' try, died at Ills home In this cll today, aged 79 ears. , " ' I rrvctal WhitP I 'B vVn J '', - i &?tTf M 1 CAM IIP miitii '.can I J"F It H HI , has no r.QUAi, ron Tin: laundry. ! 4fJ TAKHH OUT THH DIRT QUIOKIA' AND THOROUGHLY. DOKS NOT INJUHR HANDS OR JWllltK, YOUR GROCCR HAG IT I MMIillliiiiaaai - . ai..i.aaaaaaaaaiaaii YAQUI INDIANS REFUSE PEACC WITHOUT XANM ntlAYMA8.,Mvx, Dec 8 Trouble Is roared In the State oV Bonora, ns the YaqUI IndtaiiH hao repudiated the peace treaty recently made with the government. They Insist upon there-turn of the lands taken from them liit-ler jthe "Dial oilmlrilstratlon. LABOR COUNCIL FOR AN 444VCSTIQATION SAN FRANCISCO. Cal , Dec. 8 The Laor -Union Council 'of lhls-olt' puss, cal resotiMlons this -evening .urging an Invt stlgatlon of all In any way con-mocjadiiwlth the flynamlte outrages nt U Angeles and elsewhere. The council also In nn emphatic mnnner, by revolution, repudiates the McNamara brothers., eonfensed dynamiters. ' sa o A tvoman'a smile seldom means what'a snan thinks It does SfifeXute :tmm iTThKemedy, SI I Catarrh. Hay Paver. CWJ la the tltad IfkaaltdsraaaMaa;. tic. aaanataawiMrsiiui. , ..wily Is ss l- Price gOc. 4V- ladaaak Caawaiial Htrhlk SnTrna" A". to5s74 Bl.44 Namely. blooJ runner. A ureal eiajicmc hy.L.. .h rii.aa privt, iioiM toUU, ) lull p. ttattiM Honolulu Drug Co. gflSSBBBBBBBBKKHP!gaalTHHP P!aWssfK vl. i' 'f'!SrBHHHsWrffT'lw 5$iP " "'littthg; HtfFW , t.'M aT M i ; ': i Locomobile "38" UJTTLE SIX .. A Nw Sip Cylinder, ' XAVfl!?-$ - M;n 4-atain - TuaUs MrMlol V M r .HraH?-.rw.w r.r-w, for 4 or 5 Passengers SPECIFICATIONS: MOTOR SlxjJ'nder Locomobile Motor de eloping sixty horse-,-"" powir on test, lirgn nlis,' Uli t ulo lifters L-coinoblln bronze crank ense. Sixin miln-bearlni; crnnlt slinft of ullu' stiel. LUBRICATION Completely telf-rontulniMl ulllni; ejMt.in for mo- tor. Oear pump forces oil lo nil, hearings. In a constant stream, Oruiiw nips ut all wi'urlnc points, on clussls. OIL CAPACITY SY, gallons TRANSMISSION Pour-speed seiecthe trsnsmlsslnn with bionze 1 gear tnse ' WHECL8 Artlllorj t)jie. 3C Inches In dluimtcr f4CEL BASE 1!8 Inches. TIRES Demountable tpp. Trout tind rear, RGvltS, CODY rore-dimr touring enr, siulltig flw pissnigirs. Plusli """" aldis. Nu extirnul iiuur lilunn or door liuiullis. i UPHOLSTERY IVn-lnch upholster) Ii uieil on Ilic ronr scat " " -" ciiibloiinml Luck. 1hl( lt;,xurliniit upholstering llrst uppi.irtil on inn "ts" vlx-i) Under cur. Hand biirfnl leather, tufted l'lncst iiunllty hair used ' EQUIPMENT fnpe curt top, II nest iiuillty of three-ply till It " "" " inoliilr. UIiisi- iiniptcil hiiiilllKlits Willi iicitlno ras tank, f'oinlilnntlnii oil n ml ilictrlc shin I imps and lull I inn. Stonigu Intti ry, horn, JicK, loot Ktg and kit of timls. Tiro tar-rlr for ixlrn tins plneed nt Ilia rciir of the car. Cent rnll, foot rent, stoim upron for fiont scat. Hatter) rciuotd from runulug lifiinl, It ,i luir Ixith runiiliiR Imarils iliar. " " . Price fuHy equipped - $4200 f.o.b. Bridgeport, Conn. Schuman Carriage C.? Office: Merchant Street Our Store Policy has ulways .been to carry the standard and desirable goods in every line. That is why we chose Kodaks for our photographic department. We felt .sure irom careful investigation that these were the goods that should be offered our customers. From our years of 'experience we now know that, we were right. Our sales of the V-' ' I Fojdhjg pocket Kodak have been particularly satisfactory to us because tbete cameras have proved so satisfactory to our customers. Pictures'post card size 3J4 x 5 J4 . Fast lenses, splendid shutter quality all through. "Price $20. Lets us show you. I'bbbbBbb9B?VT1T BasaMTjgBff' Honolulu Photo Supply Cb "Everything Photographic" Fort beloxv 'Hotel WEEKLY BULLETIN WHEW! But It's Hot Of course' it-'is and it'll STAY, hot too. .,. . 4S Butthere's ho' reason why YOU should. ' l ? A cold bottle of v RA1N1EB BEER BHHHHHHDHbHBbIbHHbHbHH will make things lovely. ORDER A CASE $1 a Year Having Enjoyed Y0Mf Turkey vou pan nirr jiaok to nokmai. nurr without a jolt ip you auij a i'atiior or Tim MAitKirr wiiijiik auu MaT8 Aim GOOO. TIIATS OllltS. Metropolitan Meat Market IICILUnON t LOUIS '.. ...tiAfeavA juv-,. A 'rfimwt aaUti-..f4. jiiiawT ' TELCPHONE 3443 -j.jfctJ Ii 4L I atTffo18"! . .- " "' -J"g-J--''" ''"&

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