The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 20, 1952 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 20, 1952
Page 7
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MMfBA-Y, GOTOBER Successful Polio Vaccine Believed Developed by Johns Hopkins Scientist (JWKJT By WILLIAM MANCHESTER Copyright, Baltimore Evening Sun BALTIMORE to—Working with Mttle. children, a Johns Hopkins eclentlst has developed and tested a vaccine which gives promiso of being effective against all three types of polio. "I am satisfied that It is possible to produce n satisfactory level of polio antibodies In human beings " Dr. Howard A. Howo, adjunct professor of epidemiology at Hopkins, - said today. Antibodies are specifics agents which be developed in the blood to produce immunity against a disease. Using a vaccine made of killed polio virus, Dr. Howe found that It made children develop antib'odlcs against Ihe virus. He presented his findings today at the annual meeting of the American Public Health Association in Cleveland. Ths preparation of a triple vaccine made Dr. Howe's work especially difficult. Polio Is really three diseases. Any one of its three types t of virus — Lansing, Brunhilde or Leon — can cripple. A preventive must be aimed at all of them. Dr. Howe warned that the vaccine isn't ready for use — that he isn't even sure it will be Ihe vaccine to be used in large trials. Further testing will be necessary to improve It. The children, all 2 to 5 years old. were low-grade imbeciles at Rosewood State Training School. Their parents agreed to the experiment. No child was in danger at any time. They were inoculated with n vaccine brewed from (1) the spinal cords of monkeys stricken with polio and (2) a chemical rendering Ihe polio viruses harmless but still f capabltTof producing antibodies. f- In 1950. Dr. Howe had found that he could Immunize chimpanzees. Eleven bedridden children 2t Rosewood, in good physical condition despite their handicaps, were chosen for the human trials. Blood tests showed orly one of Ihcm had antfbodies against more than one type ot polio virus, before the vaccination. Dr. How<; decided to give six of them the vaccine and nothing lo the other five. If the vnccine toot, the inocuJated six would develop antibodies in their blood. The oihers would not. That is xvhat happened. Polio is as common as measles, but most people don't know they've ' had it. ' ' Antibodies for protection are manufactured in the blood of anyone who gets the polio virus. Of every 1,0.00 infections, it is estimated, less than 10 result in paralysis, presumably because the person did not develop enough antibodies in time to halt the infection. The rest became Just as immune j to attack, from that same type of I virus, as if they had been'para- lyzed. At least 90 per cent of all people over 15 have been protected that way. Gamma globulin, a blood factor from people who have become Immune to one or more types of ihe virus, has been discovered to be useful in battling the illness. Dr. David Bodian. a colleague of Dr. Howe's, has found that polio viruses slay In the blood of infected champanzees for several days before invading the nerves and causing paralysis. If the monkeys are given gamma globulin bv or before then, the virus is dis"- armed. Gamma' gtobulion was tested this summer in Texas and Iowa to see if it would similarly protect humans. But gamma globulin la not a vaccine. Any protective eflect it has would be temporary, for It decays a few weeks efter'being introduced into another person's blood. There are two approaches to producing a vaccine. One ts to develop a mild strain of the disease, which will give a person a. mild case and nuke him L immune. > Such a mild strain has bsen developed tor the Lansin" type of polio. But there are possible risks in using even x. mild form of polio virus. And it Is very difficult to produce a mild form of all three types of polio. A vaccine must contain all three, forms, because nil three types of virus are so prevalent. The other approach Is to make the viruses Inert, by using a chemical, formalin, which destroys their ability to produce disease yet spares (he ability to produce anti- bodies. Dr. Howe did that. Ho gave each of the three polio types to different groups of monkeys. After they wero iteverely paralyzed, he removed the spinal cords, ground them Into » thin broth, and Isolated the virus material In a centrifuge, A large monkey spinal cord, diluted 10 limes, produces enough vaccine for 20 children. The three broths were combined with formalin to kill the viruses. The triple vaccine was given first to monkeys to be sure It was harmless. The vaccine was Injected Into the muscle of children. As a double safely factor, they were also given doses of gamma globulin before the experiment lo combat any infection that might develop, None did. The vaccine was administered In two doses, abom three months apart, and caused no discomfort or temperature. The crux of lhe experiment was (ho amount of the three kinds ot antibodies-to fight the three types o polio—round in the children's blood later. The amount of Lansing virus antibody in every case compared favorably «i!h lhe amounts needed to protect monkeys against the Lansing form ol polio. All had more Leon-type antibody than Lansing. The Brunhilde antibody level was poorest—only two children showed any—but in this respect, they were like the chimpanzees. The amount of antibodies needed to Immunize against Leon and BrunhildP strains of virus is not known. Blood tests six months aflcr the first Inoculation showed that the antibody levels or amounts had dropped, but that most of the children still had some antibodies. There are still problems ahead to be solved (n Ihe laboratory. One Is to test new chemicals to kill lhe virus. Another Is to learn how much antibody Is needed to immunize against (he Leon and Brunhilde strains of virus. Another Is to get large amounts of polio virus. If mass vaccination* are ever to become feasible. Three years ago, Dr. John Enders of Harvard found that viruses could be grown, in lest tubes, on several types of tissue. The polio laboratory at Hopkins now has a test farm growing polio viruses. Dr. Howe'stressed that the human trials are the culmination of 10 years of painstaking research, supported by the March of Dimes, by a team of researchers including Drs. Kenneth F. Maxcy, Isabel Morgan and Bodian. Movie Industry Opens Appeal For Separate Theatre-Video WASHINGTON MF-i-The motion picture Industry, kept waiting In an anteroom (or three years, opened Its case today for ,1 separate nnd distinct Theater Television Service. The proposed service is designed to add new entertainment to local movie house fare, and perhaps woo i tome TV stay-at-homes back into' the theaters. The project was first, presented to the Federal Communications Commission back in !94D rut FCC 1 put it on the shelf unti'. it could complete its program of allotting additional channels from. ,iome television and start home video on the expansion which is now well under way. The theater-TV hearing opening today before the full seven-member commission has as its objective a specific reservation of about 400 megacycles of broadcasting spectrum space, located outside the range of home receivers and dedicated solely lo the use of the motion picture Industry. Two weeks of srheduled testimony is (strictly on the megacycle level, relating to proposals of the Motion picture Association of America and the National Exhibitors Theater Television Committee for meeting the FCC's engineering and olher technical requirements. The industry has never fully disclosed its plans for use of its requested exclusive channels. However, some hint-s have been dropped as to the projected operations. Will Include Rroadvray These would Inciutie such things as Bro.idn.iy first-nights, viewed by a paid audience of millions, instead of just a few hundred, and Hollywood premieres, which would be projected into movie houses in ev- witj^Acid Indigestion Gas, heartburn, sour Horn ach can make a su 'j' l >" day lecm dark and gloomy—Dnlessyou take a tip from millions ^, °f American). Alwnvs , . .. . _ "rrvTumj.Justcarlor 2 dchcinus Turns afler mralf or whenever ilp/nsch rli<irrii occurs. AlmnM Contain no haking'smfa'nr olrfww'lin soluble alii,,], , D orer.aUalijc or „„„ aci.i rebound. Nn miiin R , „„ walc - netrfcd lake .ny.hcce.YoQ never know vriien imd indigestion will strike vjrrj i nmj a(w» 7 i. Get i roll today. K» rm rmuiir "Hot flashes" of change of or strikingly relieved In 63-80%* of Ihe cases • n doctors' lestsl • Those sulTocatlng "heat waves" _ alternating with nervous, clammy feelings — and accompanied often by restless irritability and nervousness — are wel]-kn<wn to women suffering the functionally-caused distress of middle life "change"! You want relief from such suffering. And— chances are — you can get It. Thrilling relict! Thanks to two famous Lydia Pinkham medicines! stopped . Compound and Tablets brought relief from such distress In 63 and {()'"<• (respectively) of the cases tested. Complete or striking rclie/l .•Mn.izing, ycu say? Nol lo the many thousands of women who know from experience whit thc^e Lydia Pinkham medicines can do! Their action — actually — Is very modern. They exert a scientifically calming, soothing effect! -Try Lydia Pinkham's on the basts of mcalcal evidence! Sect! jou too tion'r, gain Mossed relief from (hoso terrible "hot flashes" and weakness to common In "change of Ufa." How lydin Plnkham'i worVi /( acts throtgh a momaji'i gym- p-iihctic ntrvnui wttcm (o oive relief /rom the "hot tlash<i" and otfc«r functlonally-cauied dij- trextfi o) "chance of tile." Don 4 put ft off.' Get Lydla ham's Vegetable Compound or new •mprm-cti Tablets with added Irori f trial size on Wonder lul — too — for the functional pains, cramps, "drsgged-oul" feellngj and other discomfort af monthly ratniUusJ perfodtj ery nook and corner of the land. The specific plan ol operations Is being saved for presentation a( a second phase of (he hearings, now scheduled lor next January. However, Marcus Cohn, industry attorney, said a.s the hearings op~- described television In generai°as "a great service" but asserted that since Shakespeare's day, lhe theater has provided the traditionally proper atmosphere "for entertainment without interruptions." "That." CoJm told a reporter, "is where you are free from the neigh-* bor who drops in casually, from thr- ringing telephone and the bany squawking. Also you do not run the IN ADLAI'S CORNER — Joe Owens. 9. o< Alton. HI., proudly wears a righting donkey, as evidence of his support ot Gov AdJai Stevenson* Joe's a little young lo vote, out lie's trying his best to absorb the meaning of a speech given by the Democratic oresidential candidate, Foster Visits Clark TOKYO 1*1— Touring Deputy Sec- relaryof Defense William C. Poster conferred with. Gen. Mark Clark, u. s. Par Eastern Commander, today. Read Courier Revs Classified Ads. risk of having a can of beer spilled in your favorite slippers." Scientist Tries Sea Crossing On Tiny Raft LAS PALMAs, Canary Islands Iff, —A French scientist has set out] on a 5.000-mtle Atlantic crossing j aboard a tiny uft in an nltonirjt! to prove that men can survive on I the fish and plrmt life they can : take from the spa. I The 27-yi-nr-Ald physician, Dr.! Alain Bombard, started drifting i yesterday from the Canary Islands toward the West indies. During the voyage, which he expects to lake about 51) da.vs. he snid he would live on raw fish ami plankton, n 1 small sea organism. He planned lo i distill his own fresh water from I the sea. Bombard carried rmergencv pro- [ visions which were sealed ' by a notary just before his departure. He did not take along a radio. | He drifted to the Canary Islands from Casablancn, Morocco GOO miles to (he northeast. : 402 W. Main British Don't Welcome Officials Consul Is Told SINGAPORE <m _ japans , lr6t roslivnr consul general to Singapore, who complained because the British eovernmcnt „,„(, „„ officials to erect him on his arrival here Saturday, was informed hy a oov- crnmenti spokesman today that swh a welcome u "not 'normal practice." The irons,!], Ken Niuomyia, said he believed Britain's consul in Tokyo had notified I he Sincapoie sovermnont n! his arrival line 0 ,,lv n small delegation of Chinese and Indian businessmen turned up at. the airport. Really "SOCKS" RHEUMATIC, ARTHRITIC PAIH ait cralfful Tra Ihe way the Mlirylale aclioti ofC.222J sjwd; cflitf lo chfiimntic. nrthritir, muscle p.iin Many call it "the old reliable" . . . me C-lin nine ami again to enjoy more pleasant periods of greater comfort! Price of futt bottle back if not i.itisfiH. Get C-2373 Police Probing $100,000 Robbery NASHVILLK. Teun. MV-The FBI has offered to help local police track down the bandits who made off with an estimated $100,000 In cash, furs and Jewels at a swanky dinner party Saturday ntglil. Three masked bandits, dressed alike nnd wearing K loves. entered the home of Francis B. Warfi'etd. fn the fashionable. Belle Meartn section, lined 30 KiiMi.1 and rive Negro servants afrnimt the wall at pin point, then stripped them of cash and Jewels and took fur ..vrnps from upstairs rooms. Slav Newspap«r Says Com in form Is Breaking Up LONDON Wl _ Th« Tu Communist party's offlci.l »p, r Borba, says the Soviet tee bertji nifiB to break up their International information wr . b , lhe comMorm. One of the main reasons /or lh. mrm. the paper a»ld w a ••complete failure" O f th« * campaign "Jains' Read Courier News Classified Adi. PTURED? i:ii - nut ni:iiu(ini.h niTii-n^ o.vr y The DOBBS TRUSS IS DIFFERENT CITY DRUG CO. 101 F.ast Main Bljthsvlll. Phone 2442 W F* F* 1X" f* A i r* r r \ N A F III V 1 ^ aa *\ I I 6-. b*» i x ^j A\ L. L. Hundreds of Prices Cut-Sale Ends Saturday 4$*€HO/C£ & OF MILLIONS SaVf OX l«»5ER SIZES U Tibltli 25c. IN h( <«< MOTHER] Her A Tli. 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