The Appeal from Saint Paul, Minnesota on May 7, 1921 · Page 3
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The Appeal from Saint Paul, Minnesota · Page 3

Saint Paul, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 7, 1921
Page 3
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ST. PAUL DESK'S RECORD OF HAPPENINQ8. MINNESOTA'S GAPiTOL. iN f"e "Saintly City" and Saintly City -oiksNewsy Items 01 social, Reiigtous, Political and General Mat ters Among the Peoole. SATURDAY, MAY 7, 1921. All newspapers now-a-days have the type for their, reading matter set onMesdames typesetting machines. The cost used to be from 75 cents to $L00 per hour for this work. Now the price has been raised to FOUR DOLLARS per hour. Just think of that when you wish something published as we must pay at that rate for every line set. Bear in mind that all social articles published, occupying more than Four Lines, must be paid for. Telephone this office, Cedar 5649, -and arrange for the same. Mrs. Junious Powell has moved to 495 Carroll Ave. Mr. and Mrs. J. Powell have moved to 495 Carroll Ave. Mr. and Mrs. Joe A. Tresvan have moved to 408 Cathedral Place. Mrs E. O. James, 276 Kent St., is i .at her home suffering from grip. Dr. Vaido Turner is in possession of a new Ford coupe for professional purposes. The Students Club will give a musical and literary recital at St. James church May 12. Mrs Jennie Young, 895 W. Central, entertained Tuesday evening the Matrons of the Round Table. FOR RENTNicely furnished rooms for ladies or gentlemen, 270 N. St.Thomas ALbans street. Tel. Dale 8586. Offleei Cedar 0608 Res.: Dale 2947 Res.: 678 St. Anthony Ave. MRS, T. H. LYJLES SaeeeMor to T. H. L.YLE UNDERTAKING CO. 150 XV. Fourth St. ST. PAUL The ball given by Gopher Lodge No 105, jElks, Thursday night, was a satisfactory and pleasant affair. FOR RENTFurnished room, suitable for light housekeeping of couple, 602 Aurora Ave. Tel. Tower 0425. If you need any painting, paperhanging, interior decorating or pipe fitting, call C. H. Crane, Dale 9334. Mr. and Mrs OLiver Taylor moved on Monday to the home recently purchased by them at 655 Central Ave. The Nonpariel Club met Friday afternoon of last week with Mrs. J. Sherwoodo, 971 St. Anthony Ave. The Maids and Matrons club of the Twin Cities met on Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. Irene Poore, 3432 Oakland Ave. Mr. A. V. Hall, 996 Iglehart Ave, was host at a fine dinner to thepleased members of the T. S. T. C. club on Thursday evening. SIMPSON Dale 1914 Office Tel Cedar 1024 .'!& GEO W WILLS Tel. Dale 2541 Phones Tri-State 24 240 SIMPSON & WILLS Undertakers, Funeral Directors and Embalmers Calls Answered Promptly Day or Night Lady Assistant When Desired Office and Chapel ST. PAUL 234 WEbT FOURTH ST Watch and wait for the great Five days' May Fair that will be held at Memorial Baptist Church, beginning Monday, May 23. Mr Caesar Harris, 679 St. Anthony Ave., returned recently from St. Louis, where he went to attend the funeral of hiss father. HOUSEHOLDERS, who desire repair work of any kind done on their house, will do well to call M. J. Taylor, Elkhurst 4487. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Brooks, 834 Lawson St left Monday evening for a two weeks' visit with Mrs. Brooks' parents at Palmyra, Mo. Mrs. Beulah Rogers, 732 St. Anreasonable thony Ave., returned last week from a visit of several weeks with relatives in North Carolina. Madam L. Peak, 322 E. Thirteenth street, uses the Poro System for scalp and hair treatments. Call in or call up, telephone Cedar 8431. SAVE One dollar each week for five years and deposit it on a savings bank account. With inter-, at 4% you will have $287.53, capital enough to do something worth while. State Savings JJBank 93 East Fourth Street I Readers will, doubtless, notice that Messrs. H. W. and C. A. Schuck have some desirable homes for sale. See their advertisement elsewhere. When you wish to write a letter home, you can get paper and en* velopes FREE at the "Gentlemen's Resort," cor. S Anthony and Kent. Mr. R. J. Solomon, our grocer, came down from Canada to visit his family this week. He was in the wreck on the Soo Line, but was not hurt. Mrs. L. Willis, 1460 Sherburne Ave., was hostess to the Ideal Club Wednes* As f!.tr^ '.J^ 6 nd Kent streets, at 8:00 m. J. H.meeting, Dillingham. W. M.. W. S. Archer, Scy, 493 Carroll Ave. 'Mrs. Walton, wife of Rev. J. H. Walton, Oklahoma City, is visiting her step-son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Walton, 165 St. Anthony Ave. Mr. H. S. Sawyer, proprietor of the Astoria Sanitary System, 368 Wabasha street, was taken to Miller Hospital, Monday ,quite ill and still remains in that condition. ANYONE who is thinking of buying a car, new or used, can learn how, when and where a genuine bargain may be had by calling Cedar 5649 or Dale 2055. DO IT NOW. LOST Blue Oldsmobile belonging to Mr. Charles Quigley, 638 Rondo street. Anyone giving information that leads to itis recovery will be amply rewarded. Tel. Dale 9167. LARGE photographs of the Social Session of Gopher Lodge at Union Hall, Jan. 31, are for sale by Mr. Mundy at the Garrick Theater, or his residence!, 401 Farrington. HOUSEHOLD OF RUTH NO. 553, G. O of O. meets the third Monday in each month at Union Hall corner of Aurora and Kent streets at 8:00 P. M. Mrs Mary Mayo, M. N. G. Mrs. Carrie E. Lindsay. W. R., 918 Woodbridge street. Ladies who desire anything in the line of hair work, will do well to call on Mrs. Lizzie Talbert Allen, No. 100 Park Place and Summit Ave. Prices reasonable and satisfaction guaranteed. Mr. P. P. Phillips is now tlhe chef at Ware Bros. Big Moon Cafe, 5271 St. Peter street, and is demonstrating his ability as a cook to the satisfaction of the patrons of this popular place. NOTICEFor Madam C. J. Walker's Method of Hair Culture, for Ladies also Wavo for men. Apply! to Miss Zilda Hightower, Resident 1 Work, 668 St. Anthony Ave., Tel. Dale 3492. On last Saturday Mrs. S. W. Wil-j hams, 318 N. Grotto, presented her husband an 11-pound baby boy. Bothj mother and son are doing fine at the City hospital. She will return home next week. Mrs. A. C. Burnett and Mr. H. B. Brady, national representatives of the Madam C. J. Walker Mfg. Co., are in the city this week, stopping with Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Miller, 428 Edmund street. Mr. R. L. Dight, 279 Kent street, who went to Baltimore, Md, a few weeks ago to place hiis two daughters in St. Francis Catholic Academy, returned home Tuesday very imuch with his trip. FOR SALEIdeal six-roam house, all modern, brand new furnace, 266 N. St. Albans street price $3,600 terms $100 down and $40 per month, including interest. Apply to Donald W. Taylor, 48 E. Fourth street. If your shoes need repairing take them to the SHOE REPAIR SHOP, 347 Farrington, where they will be fixed right. Work called for and delivered. Shoes for sale. Dillard Frazier, Prop. TeL Forest 7427. Mr. John H. Hickman, Sr., has reute ceived a telegram from his son, Rev. T. Lloyd Hickman, Richmond, Va announcing the birth of a daughter, Evelyn Grace Hickman, at Newark, Ohio, Sunday, May 1. Mother and child doing fine. Wholesale prices for woolens have been so reduced lately that E. D.her Miller, the tailor, 429 University avenue, has cut his prices to the quick for made to order suits and overcoats. Call to see him before placing your order elsewhere. The St. Paul Branch of the N A. A. C. P. will have a mass meeting at Pilgrim Baptist Church, Cedar street, Rypins will deliver the principal ad dress. Th solicitors for the Drive will make final reports. PUBLIC STENOGRAPHER Mrs. Harriet E. Williams, stenographer lo Atty. W T. Francis, suite 329 Metropolitan Bank Building, corner Cedar and Fifth Street, will do typewriting for anyone desiring her services at rates. TeL Cedar 8948. Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Williams, Sioux City, Iowa, who were called here last week to atte nd the funeral of Mrs. Williams' father, Mr. Charles Allen, returned to their home on Tuesday. They were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. S. Maywether, 949 St Anthony Ave. MSss Loucelia James, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. E James, 632 W.politics Central Ave., fell down the steps at her home on last Saturday and in at tempting to protect herself threw her weight on her left hand, thereby fracturing several bones. Miss James is able to be abount with her hand in a sling. Mr. M. Love, proprietor of the El Tailoring Co., 310 Rondo street, has purchased the building next door to has former place of business, No. 306 Rondo street, and is better than ever prepared to supply the wants of his daily increasing list of satisfied custoemrs. invites old and new patrons to call. Mr. Lawson, proprietor of the tailor-shop, 321 Jackson street, has been appointed custodian of the Fletcher property, occupying the enyou. ti re west side of Jackson street, be tween Third and Fourth streets. has charge of the re nt collections, hiring of employes, management of the property, etc he gentlemen of the city, those who have not noticed, are invited to call and inspect the improvements made in the Astoria Sanitary System, 368 Wabasha HI & Sawyer, Pro p. A special addition is a three-chair barbershop with expert artists to at tend to your tonsorial needs. Call in and give th em a trial. Defective Page ST. PAUL HONORS MBS. W. T. FRANCIS BIG TESTIMONIAL-SILVER L0VIN6 GUP PRESENTED a day afternoon. The visitors were .the labors of Mrs. W. T. Francis in D. Taylor, M. and H. Brown, connection with the Anti-Lynching Utah PIONEER LODGE NO. 1, P. AND A. M. meets first and third Monday in ac month at Union Hall, corner of Aurora test TMV^^Sl^^^^f.'-Bapttat aurch iast Sunday afternoon byv grand and fitting climax of taontel tendered to her St PHgrim St Pau citizens, Mr. Charles H. Miller, who had been most active in arranging for the acted as master of ceremonies. After singing by the choir and prayer, Mr. James H. Loomis on behalf of the citizens said in part: The citizens of St. Paul are indeed proud of Mrs. W. T. Francis, and justly so, for ever since girlhood and her graduation she has devoted the principal activities of her life to the uplift of our race. The creation of the Anti-Lynching Bill and the work, time and energy spent by her in order to secure its passage, proves that her ambition is to help her fellowmen. That law will go down in history as the most important piece of MRS. W. T. FRANCIS. legislation affecting our race tlhat has ever been passed in our state. It is of untold value to the colored people of Minnesota and will be helpful! as a precedent and a step in the right direction for other states, and even f*_ h~T Monday night, May 9th. Dr. I. L.|* ^^"SfsSSg'^^age of the Anti-Lynching Bill, April 18, Dear in securing a Federal Act, through Congress, to stop the awful American quest, not in a spirit of triumph crime of lynching. This public testimonial and this beautiful loving cup is evidence of the fact that we appreciate all that Mrs. Francis has done for the race, not only with regard to the AntiLynching Bill but through all of her years of service, and all good citizens of St. Paul stand ready to support her at all times in all her efforts in our behalf. Mr. George C. Shannon, speaking on "Our Women," paid a great tribto them in general and Mrs. Francis in particular. Dr. L. Raymond Hill was the next speaker, and he made a wonderful plea for "Race Solidarity." He was followed by Mrs. Mae BlackMason, who rendered a soprano solo: "Oh, Divine Redeemer" by Gounod, in usual artistic style. Mr. Charles H. Miller, presented the handsome silver gold-lined loving cup, standing 17 inches high and bears this inscription engraved upon it: Presented to Mrs. Nellie F. Francis by the colored citizens of St. Paul rmtirir,a- effort* in hehaM of 1921, In presenting the cup Mr. Miller said among other good things: This is the era of men and women who dare Long have we ploded in a. furrow, not having the courage to come out of the rut but today the progressive colored American seeks opportunity th at does not come of itself. Failure was in your path but you met it face to face, you were not afraid, but with clear-iminded will, faith, courage, perseverance you grasped the opportunity to protect the race and wi th the help of God, you compelled failure to work to your advantage. Plunging into the tide of at its flood you were swept to victory. The Anti-Lynching Bill passed, you were its initiative, to you belongs the reward of efficiency. I am reminded of another of your achievemenst as I listen to the me lodious notes pealing from the organ. I become reminiscent. With dynamic power charged with the vibrations of living force you met the financial king of the world, Andrew Carnegie and succeeded in securing a gift of $1,100. You have been charged with self-agrandizement, but bless your soul, every time you have advanced by your own will power and brain HP the ladder of fame. Unlike many others of the race with equal advantages who have dodged behind pillar and past to get away from the race, you have brought tne race up with So imind not wh at others say or think in these matters concerning you and the race. Live so as to make the most of the life God has given you, and let the tongues ag as they may. I is a sad mistake to say there are only seven deadly sins, there are eight and ingratitude is the first. Mrs. Francis, on behalf of the race, en and women of St Paul, as a small token of appreciation for your effort in behalf of the race, in conceiving and working for the consum imation of the Anti-Lynch. Law pass maffi*$&&t&T^ WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW THE WONDERFUL cause of the great honor which you have bestowed upon me,for I affirm that I or no one would wish to experience in life any greater honor than th at to be selected as the object of the good will and unanimity of purposethe first upon whom the city of St. Paul has ever conferred such a distinguished honor but rather in the spirit of sadness th at it should be necessary to urge legislators of this or any other state to write statutes declaring for the same rights for which 65 years ago Abraham Lincoln believed he had died, and the soul of old John Brown was sent marching on. And to assure you of my willingness at all times to assist in securing from the white people of Minnesota, and of the United States, if needs be, the civil and po-1 litical rights as well as the social justice to the race to which we be-1 long and which you, our citizens in this well-filled church edifiec today i represent with such dignity, culture i and fine spirit. Again I thank you. I The congregation and choirs sang a song. Revs. L. Jones and A. Foster amde a few remarks. Mr. B. L. White recited the poem entitled: Rev. J. A. Foster pronounced the beneditcion and thus ended this re markable occasion. Those who subscribed and made the testimonial possible were: Ohas. H. Miller, J. H. Loomis, C.H Logan, Hammond Turner, Wm. Pettit, J. Q, Adams, Dr L. R. Hill, Dr H. L. Jones, Wm Walker, R. M. Johnson, Mrs. W. Elliott, DP. J. R. French, J. Louis Ervin, O. C. Hall, W. G. Root, George Lowe, J. Birdeaux, Harriet E Williams, Albert J. Brooks, Mrs. Holcomb, McIntyre, Mrs. Frances Davenport, Mrs. Amanda Bell, Bert Buckner, Mrs. A. C. Lylies, Joseph E. Johnson, Nelson Hterron, Wm Cannon, Mrs. M. Bradshaw, Mrs. J. W. Milton, Mr. J. Johnson, James Ward, Wm. Love, Mr. and Mrs. G. K. Grissom, Frazier & Taylor, E A. Hatton, Charles Ballard, Horace T. Craig, Mrs. Eleanor Smith, Ralph Allen, Mrs. G. W. Moker, Jean Matthews, J. H. Dillingham, C. W. Wigington, Walker Williams, L. M. Terrell, Thos. Neal, W. J. Tucker, Mrs. Emma Coble, Mrs. Addie Bellesene, Mrs. Id a Mills, S. Sparks, J. R. Lynn, The Helper, Willard Reynolds, W R. M. McDowell, A. Greer, S. W. Wright, Geo. C. Shannon, Mrs. Hattie Oliver, Mrs. E IV Lindsay, George R. Manning, J. C. Black! Mrs Birdie High, Hugh Schuck, Mrs. Id a Mae Murphy, RL C. Shane, Everywoman Progressive Council, S. E. Hall, J. Johnson, Dr V. D. Turner, Win. G. Hood, Geo. W. James, M. L. Barksdale, A. V. Hall, W. Elliott, Jas Grisham, James McNeal, George Howard, Leander Sheets, McConnell, J. O. Nesbit, Thomas H. Nichols, S. W Williams, Ev an Bridges, Per ry Allen, Wl Ware, Geo. Wills, Sidney Cuthbert, Mark Port, Charles Shepard, Turner, C. Fendle, W Brown, King, 43eo. E. Temple, Eugene Rocks, Joseph W Reed, Geo. Benton, W T Joyce, Pope, Mrs. M. A. Johnson, JSames A. Lee, Dr. O. D. Howard, W V. Howard, Geo, G. Butler, Peoples Shining Par lor, Geo. Winn, Astoria Sanitary Sys or Madam! M4DAM C. J. WALKER'S SYSTEM OF BEAUTY CULTURE? For selling Madam C. J. Walker's New Preparations, the opportunity presents itself to you to be- come an agent TODAY. Advanced people are exercising the virtues of mer- ited preparations and Beauty System. Now-a-days it's the MADAM C. J. WALKER WAY We want you to know the WALKER WAY. For terms or further particulars, call to see or 'phone to Mrs. Alice C. Burnett, National Organizer, at the residence of Mrs. C. H. Miller, 428 Edmund street, St. Paul. Phone Dale 2697. SPECIAL: You are cordially invited to visit and see the Madam C. J. Walker's Superfine Toilettes. ed in the Legislature April 18, 1921, I present to you this loving cup and, while it is true all who desired had not the opportunity to contribute yet, they join us in spirit' in the hearty endorsement of your work. Its inscription records the fate that out of your untiring zeal and effort you have emerged with success. A Folk Song was rendered by Pilgrim and St. James choirs. Mrs. "W. T. Francis then arose, visibly affected, and responded in part as follows: Your children will) reap the harvest of our solidarity,of our determination to stand together, to fight together, and, if needs be, to die torecommendations, gether for they are dying, everyday, the imen and women of our race, martyrs to lynch-law, the fiery stake and the awful savagery of peonage that these, your children, may know full liberty and an equal chance in life. Or they must reap in the bitterness of sorrow, the fruits of our passivity and indifference the frittering of our strength by suffering, petty strife and narrow jealousies to becloud the larger vision of our responsibility to coming generations. And my plea, in response to, and in sincere appreciation of this testimonial and loving cup which you, the citizens of St. Paul, of your own accord and without regard to my preferences in the imatter, have summoned me here to receive from you, is that we take up the keynote that has been sounded in these splendid speeches here today and frown with all the strength of our minds upon the destructive and selfish agencies and efforts to hinder earnest and altruistic service which imperil our efforts to enlist the co-operation of those who would sponsor our cause and be of service could we but present a united front. Listen to the plea of the black poet: "O, black people, cease your sleeping, Get you off the road to folly For your children's sake awaken! shun the snares of petty discord Which dishearten and divide you, For division is your weakness Is the cause of your condition." I have met you today, at your re ABOUT MEMORIAL BAPTIST CHURCH. Under the Successful Administration of Rev. T. J. Carr. St. Paul, Minn., Miay 6, 1921. Memorial Baptist Church was organized in August, 1914, by a number of its present .members, who called Rev. E. H. McDonald to its pastorate. Under his leadership the present property was secured, pews were purchased and $3,000 were paid on the debts of the church, which was a splendid record for his short pastorate. The work began to lag, however, and Rev. McDonald accepted a call to Pittsburgh, Pa. Through his a call was tendered to Rev. T. J. Carr, who, at that time, was general missionary for the Iowa Baptist Association. In an effort to retain his services the Association in- REV. T. J. CARR, D. D. creased his salary but, following the Lord's direction, he accepted the call to Memorial and entered its pastorate, more than four years ago. When he came, the church was struggling under debts amounting to over $6,000, Many of these debts were urgently demanding immediate attention. These with accruing interest, increased to more than $7,000, all of which have been paid and the mortgage on the property has been canceled and burned. The church now has a handsome bank account and no debts whatever. The (membership of the church has more than doubled in the last three years and, for constructive work, Memorial stands in the front rank. Too much cannot be said in praise of the faithful members of this church, or the friends who have worked with them. During this month, the church has surpassed all previous records in Sunday school and prayer meeting attendanec, and in tihe number taking the Holy Communion. Rev. T. J. Carr received his literary and theological training at Ro^er Williams University, Nashville, Tenn., which he entered at the age of 16 and remained until he was 23. He holds two literary and a theological diploma from this school. He builit the best house of worship of the race in the state of Kansas, and at the same time held the chair of mathematics in the Topeka Industrial Institute. In various capacities he has served the race with eminent success. In early life he edited a newspaper at Clarksville, Tenn., and was elected to the legislature of Tennessee, but was counted out by the Democrat machine. He is now vice president of the National Baptist Convention for Minnesota, and president} of the Twin City Inter-denominational Ministerial Alliance. He is affable and*unassuming, and attributes his success to the guidance and help of Almighty God. be-debts, ROUTE OF ODD FELLOMS PARADE The Odd Fellows parade tomorrow will leave Union Hall, Aurora and Kent street, at 1:30, headed by a cordon of mounted police, followed by" Prof. Howard's Military Band Kent to University, to Rice, to Rondo, to Kenf7 to the balk S. W. WILLIAMS Chrm. Gen'l Com. MRS. CARRIE LINDSAY. Secretary CARD OF THANKS. tem, Curiey Campbell^ Owen Howell,' A. M. CHURCH, TUESDAY HVE- Wm, Gamble, R. N. Travis, ML Mc- NING, MAY 10TH, AT 8 ttCLOCK, Carfcy, W.. Yeiser, Huey McCarty, S. UNDER AUSPICES OF ST. JAMES1 Tflten, A. & Weber. SENIORCHOIR TICKETS25CENTS. j& "'lift as?1' We wish to thank our many friends for their kindness and sympathy shown us during the sickness and death of our Bro. Charles Allen and for the beautiful floral emblems. Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Allen. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Williams. MR. TEEFORD DAVISl JR., OF KANSAS CITY, KANS., POET, ORA- TOR, HUMORIST, ELOCUTIONIST, ARTIST AND MUSICIAN, WILL APPEAR I N RECITAL EXTRAORDI- NARY AND INTRODUCE HIS FA- MOUS PRODUCTION, "A STRING OF BLACK PEARLS," AT ST. JAMES DAY PHONES* TRI STATE 23 262 N. W. dEDAR 6240 R. N. TRAVIS, 40 E. THIRD ST. Torrey Oxfords in Bull Strops and Brogues from $7 to $12 A SIXTH CITY HOMES CITY LOTS WFF Dry Cleaning SuitsSponged and Pressed New Collars TL. CEDAR SOS1 iJ-5*^?'? IF YOU ARE PARTICULAR ABOUT YOUR CLOTHES CALL CEDAR 5764 THE PANTORIUM 519 WABASHA ST. Dry Cleaning, Pressing, Dyeing and General Repairing O EVERYTHING YOU WEAR N O MATTER WHAT I I S CLOTHES-SHOES-HATS-LAUNDRY OUR AUTO SERVICE COVERS THE CITY WHEN IN THE TWIN CITIES DON'T FAIL TO VISIT ETH ANN'S HOTEL, CAFE AND POOL ROOM HEADQUARTERS FOR RAILROAD AND THEATRICAL FOLK MERCHANT TAILOR REMODELING. CLEANING AND PRESSING LADIES WORK A SPECIALTY 429 tTKIVEHSITY AYE. ST. PAUL. MINN. 665 UNIVERSITY AVE. TEL. ELKHURST 2956 REAL ESTATE CLARENCE A. SCHUCK. HUGH W, SCHUCK. IF YOU WISH TO BUY OR SELL WE SHALL BE PLEASED TO RENDER YOU WHATEVER SERVICE POSSIBLE WHILE YOXJ ^vST-AuIT ASTORIA i- SANITARY SYSTEM CLEANING REPAIRING PRESSING 368 WABASHA Near Fifth Street We Gall and Deliver PHONE Cedar 1741 H. S. SAWYER. PROP. 8A.INT PAXTLi TEL SUMMIT 2450 COSMOPOLITAN GROCERY R. SOLOMON. PROP. First Class Staple and Fancy Groceries Vegetables, Fruits, Confectionery, Ice Cream Cigars, Tobacco, Cigarettes. Strictly Cash and Carry System 058 St. Anthony Saint Paul TJP-TOWN SANITARlT SHOP OWEN HOWIH, MANAGER SHOES- REPAIRING -CLOTHES SUITS SPONOED AND Pt-tESSED OENTS SUITS DRY CLEANED fs M* T rff"t NIGHT PHONE* N. W. CEDAR 0088 A GIFT ELECTRICAL We are sure would be appreciated Make it Reading Lamp, Vacuum Cleaner or anything* Electrical WE HAVE IT STEEL PLANT LOTS FARM LANDS Shoe Repairs Dyed&Shined Laundry Agent Hats Gleaned i~j? THIS ISTHE MAN JERRY LEE. MGR. KNOWN A S "THANN" ST. PAUL W will make delivery any date Minnesota Chandelier Co. 369 Jackson Street NIFTV OXFORDS WILLOUGHBY'S SHOES 400 ROBERTIST. TE L. FOREST 7787 W E CALL AND DELIVER K. D. MILLER Let your next pair bean Edwin Clapp They are now $15 RYAN HOTEL QUICK:' SERVICE FRENCH DRY CLEANING LADIES SUITS DRY CLEANED i 33 laj** erf* ST. PAUL, ilNN

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