The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 8, 1950 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 8, 1950
Page 5
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•Lt'IHEVILLE (ARK.)' COUNTER NEWS ou rfillioms Our Boarding House with Maj. HoopU i IX3WT see MOV* A <5UY CAKJ EMJOV A STOLEN SMOKE OM A CI6ARET WITH HIS HEAC? STUCK IKJTH' SMOKE OF HIS v.f V MACHINE/ » ] AMP I SEE HOW HE GITS AWAV WITH 1T-OR POESAAAACHIME BLOW SMOKE RING REFRIGERATION • Service • Sales • Engineering DIAL 2241 City Electric Co. Improued KIDNEY FUNCTION In a majority o) casei investigated in several hospital! and clinics, subnormal Kidney function wa» improved, Bladder pain ond discomfort reduced after the use of Mountain Volley Water. If your doctor has diagnosed your condition as functional Kidney impairment this natural, untreated mineral water may be very ben»ficial. Try H for a lew weeks. H it delicious, pure-tasting, and may be consumed freely. Crwsirown Whiskey Shop Main & Division JtoantainYalley Witter GLASS By Edwin Rutt FAUCETS/ A A1AW COMBS TMe ^ HALF AM HOUR TO FIMO TMe EIGHT size THE VJRENCrV 19 liMEARTUED THE CELLAR. AMD A ISi ALL THE VEARS HWJE GRAPPLED W\TW VALV66 VJHV.BASKJ'T FAUCET THAT CLIPS (5 ON AND OPF -~ A SIMPLE AFFAIR THATT AMV COULD EERAIR ? SOME DAV T- MAY 5OWE TrtE PROBLEM WVS5LF/ MINI THK STOHVt The foi of Krrj A Cnnipn of i M whli'h U Ihr L:irpri-Ml K l./Uu^N'u'r t h r n I I. n KinntiRrr of Morn-Cla. . ncrnelc* hnvf n(>|tror<rhc t hi* t nh<- mu»f proven! » thAl IK heller Ihnn lhr»r hrr MtnfT. Ini-tniMnK l>.i nnrl hrr hnnhrr J«-tTr« vsUh I he p arrnuiil. Mi il I rtl h y i IUK wh h il vvri Ishiji N« 1. luld f other rl him ttwrt r.'impnlfrn . Krtr cnllw n Itrneiin t Into » XIV JEFFREY FREY remained behind •* in his sister Ede's office after Sloneham and Vornon had left. notable disregard for grammar. "But I (eel ii, all the same. The guy's a myslcry." "Whal can we do aboul him, an?" Reagan shook hts head. "Wolh- ng thai I can sec right now. Could e that Northcott really does want fresh advertising slant and noth- ng else." "Well, maybe." Ede was non- ommitlal. "But I couldn't quite lake him out. I don't know vhether he's for us or agin us." "Better say 'agin' till we know .Efferent," Reagan said cautious- y. He arose and walked reslless- y about the room. "Well, It's ie;uly 5 o'clock and you'll be Blytheville Glass & Paint Co. 136 E. Main Phone 6716 He fiddled with his cigarel-lighter, dropped it, retrieved it, looked from Ede to Reagan and back again. "Well,** he muttered finally "guess 111 be going, too." The slam of the door behind him was unnecessarily loud. Ede relaxed and smiled at Reagan. "What are you waiting for Dun?" Reagan's big jaw was thrust out "To hear what is behind all this. 1 "There's something, of course,' Ede confessed. "I didn't want to say anything in front erf Chuck and Pal Vernon, but olhcr agencies have been sniping at Morn-Glo. 1 Reagan nodded. "I've suspecle< It." "It worries ane," she said, hei wide, smooth forehead crinkling in a frown. "But Northcott himsel worries me more." "In what way?" "Well, he intimated lhat if w could match the ideas—brigh ones, he culled them—that th others brought in, the busincs would b« safe. Bui I don't know I'm beginning to agree with you Northcott has something cooking But the funny part is that 1 can 1 tell why I feel it." "Me, neither," said Rt agan, with vanting to gel home. I don'l sup- iose, though He slopped. "What don'l you suppose, Dnii?" Reagan almost blurted it. "'That you'd let me buy you a cocktail? She knew that he had nerve limself to ask hcrj Outside o nisiness Dnn Ken gun, hard-shoot- ng Irishman from the wrong side of the tracks, was nnaccustomet mingling in the higher socia krackets. She said promptly: "Why nol? I think I've earned it after my little bout with Northcott. As a matter of fact, Dan, I'll let you auy me two." • * * HE Regent Room was a place of thick blue carpets and countless mirrors. As she entered, Kde had the feeling of stepping into a kind of glittering darkness. But once her eyes became focused, she realized that there was light in the room. But it was subdued light, dim and soothing, A liny bar, with blue-leather and chromium stools, v/ns just off the foyer. And the only music came from a single piano played by a gentleman who seemed barely to touch the keys with the tips of his fingers. In Ede's book, (he Regenl Room was the most restful cocktail lounge in New York. She and Reagan found * corner table. After Uea^an gave thctr ord:r« to a deferential waiter, Kde lit a cignret and loaned back. After a moment, she said, "Suppose we were to try a direct frontal attack on Northcolt?" "How do you mean?" "Well, simply face him down. Tell him, frankly, that we think t would improve our relations if ie'd show us his whole hand." "You don'l actually know that he isn'l showing it," Reagan reminded her., "We don't know. Bui we're 99 per cenl sure. Do you think il would work, Dan, or am I being naive?" "I wouldn't call It lhat," Reagan said. "You're nol Ihe naive type. But, after all, you are pretty new Lo this business. If you did that, Northcott would simply evade you. He'd swear that he was only interested in getting the b«§t advertising job for his product. He'd certainly admit to no ulterior motive, if he has one. No, I Ihink we'll have to find another way ot getting nl him." • * * Tj^DE made a gesture of impatience. "And, meanwhile, he's got us on the defensive. He can play along with us and then strike, whenever he wants to," "That," said Reagan, "i» th* advertising business. Agencies are always on the defensive because clients like to put them there." The waiter brought the drinks, •Me was just lifting her glass when here came a slight commotion in he doorway ot the Regent Room, and the sound of a light gay laugh. The laugh had • very familiar ring. Ede looked up quickly. Her sister Jenn was just climbing onto one of -the blue-and- chromium stools at Ihe little bar. With her was a tall man whose sleek dark hair was liberally sprinkled with gray. Hamilton Grieve, Ede thought immediately, had developed into the perfect approaching- middle-age-man-about-town. Reagan noticed Ede's slight start. "Someone you know?" be asked. "My kid sister, doing herself no particular good." (To B« Con tinned) For careful attention to the filling of your prescriptions, be sure to come to Barney's Drug. BARNEY'S DRUG West Main Phone 36.17 LOOK! CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH For the servicing or repair of your car, bring It to T. I. Seay Motor Co. Our mechanics are specifically (rained fo care Cor your car. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 121 East Main Phont 2122 I films DEVELOPED! FAUGHT'S STUDIO 114 So. Broadway Phone 6011 There's No Substitute for QUALITY & SERVICE A. Kiln-Dried ond Grade-Marked Lumber. B. Sherwin-Williams Paints. C. Cabinet and Builder's Hardware. D. Millwork, Doors and Vv'indows. E. Plumbing Fixtures, Pipe and Fittings. F. Wallbcard, Plywood and Tile Board. BUILDERS SUPPLY South Highway 61 Co., Inc. Phone 2434 To My Friends Wish fo announce that am now located at C1IAH- LKY'S ELECTRIC SERVICE. Now 1 am able to serve you 2'i hours a day on COMMERCIAL REFRIGERATION and AIR-CONDITION ING work. Please feel free to call at any time. Frank Westall Day 29n.3 . . . Night 280R STOP! oar njrare on yoar plumbing ob, It can Se conveniently nn- inccd Ihrnagh KHA, >Ve contract fomplele Job or will id! you Ihc flxlurrs :ind rough- n material and you choose your )wn plumber. Repair work is given our prompt itlention. See or Call Orsburn Supply 1916 \V. Main (Slytheville Phone 3208 or Orsburn Plumbing Co. 1S16 Ward A«. Carulhersvllk Phone 1179 We're Proud of Our Work e work • Woodwork 'during • Welding BARKSDALE MFG CO. Machine work Manulacluring Does Your Speedometer Read Correctly? For safe driving, belter check on it. We give one- day service on speedometer repairs for any make or model car or (ruck. Driv« in today T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 121 East Main Phone 2122 ft. RELIEP HE SAVS/ LOCK AT WY TIRE/ "I wouldn't worry, young men—candy and comio book price* arc acting pretty steady!" Perils of Parenthood BT AL TBUI NO, PRISCILLA! YOU'RE TOO LITTLE JO GO TO THE MOVIES ALONE! WHEN YOU'RE THIS ASK AGAIN OKAY POP! I'M READY! BY M1CHARL O'MAU.EY and RALPH ELL HIS IS O« WJtf TO SEP COOL ON A KJMM6K CAPTAIN KARY A Good Question SWELL, DAWSOM! JH' JEEP.,,WJO ROAD MUPS? EVER 1 IHING'5 YoMMSOM, VDU HOODLUM, WU'Lt WHO'S X WEll »W<E SURE TM6 PUWic SET, Mf BUCKO, \ NEV6E 500W fts W6 LOCK THIS SQUAB IW GONNCE \CWT **>9E AM AlACM (MEM BUGS RUNNY Silencer for Critics LAST TIME I/ U/WOFR YOU LEFT ^\I TELL THE WINDOWS \ VA I rULL OF Call for Action CAPTAJN'S oeDEi2.5 WE ML.ST IN TO GENOA.' IJY EDGAR MARTIN

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