Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 15, 1897 · Page 24
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 24

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 15, 1897
Page 24
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OAILYPHAROS WEDNESDAY, DEU. 15. 1897. GITYNRW3. See Hauk before Christmas Meet me under tbe sky light: Bankrupt shoe sale at Walden'a. Baby carts lOc each at Foley's. jPearl handled knives at Taylor's. 15o Ib for Malaga grapes,McCaffrey Neat line of Holiday goods—Porter. Our candies are all home-made,— Traut. Best sugar cured hams "Jc Ib. McCaffrey. Toys! toys'.l at Logansport Wall Paper Co. Will sell you L,evering's coflee at 9lc Ib.—McCaffrey. .Tardineres, learn prices for holidays.—Trade Palace. Come and see our line of fine plated berry spoons—Taylor. Fine line carvlcg sets from cheapest up to H at Crismond's, Smoking jackets at the New Otto and china and cut glass free. Seethe latest designs of Roger Bros. 1347 ware.—Trade Palace. Something new, a dozen photographs, 50c, Anderson,606 Broadway. Chain bracelets la sterling silver, 14k. gold and rolled plate, B.Martin. The growing wheat, both early and late sown, Is looking fine all over the county. ^"tsliour queensware department when in search, of holiday presents.— Trade Palace. Begular meeting tonight of Knights and Ladies of Security.—J". F. Kelly, secretary. • I5c will buy a drink of Golden Wedding rye, eleven years old, 116 per cent proof, at McHale's. Boy's and children's overcoats, ulsters and reefers, one-fourth ofl for cash. —Ferguson & Jenks. The Eastend Pleasure club] will dance at Dolan & McHale's hall, Friday evening; Dec. l~th. LKe-size crayon portraits, made up for Christmas, at Anderson's ground floor studio, 006 Broadway. The Knights of Pythias will give the second dance of the series on Wednesday evening, December 22d. "Meet me under the sky light" at the Bee Hive's pracd opening at 7:30 tomorrow evening and Friday afternoon. The second trial of Luetgert, the sausage maker, for murdering his wife, was commenced in Chicago yesterday. Miss Mamie Mullen, who has been visiting friends here for some time, will return tomorrow to her home in Chicago. Miss Mame Driscoll will entertain the initial meeting of the N. N. &• club this evening at her home, JO Washington st.reet. Are you a driver? Suggest to your wife how nice a, pair of fur gloves would be for Christmas. — Dewenter, the hatter and furnisher, Evergreen trimmings, also holly and evergreen wreaths and plenty of Christmas trees; special reduction for churches and schools.—Traut. A Christmas supper for 15 cents at the residence of Mrs. Dr. A, J. Herrmann, on Fourth street, tomorrow evening, from 5 'till 8 o'clock. Come all. Longcllfl hospital for the insane baa the largest number of inmates in its history and is so overcrowded that no more patients can now be received. Silver inlaid and ,ivory handle canes, a T.ery fine line of goods never been the equal in our town. See them at Dewenter's, the hatter and furnisher, This evening, at the rooms of the Bimetallic leagure, there will be a debate on the financial question. Everybody cordially Invited— N. W. Pbipps, secretary; C. E. Carter.presl- dent. The Annual Poultry Show Is now on at Indianapolis. The exhibition is being held in Tomlinson hall. The show is reported to be the best ever held. More than one thousand fowls are on exhibition. Mrs. Julia Cromer-Kerlin and son Harvey have returned to their home inCoshocton, Ohio, after a three weeks' visit, Mrs. Kerlln is a fine singer and is the leade^of the Episcopal choir at Coshooton. The Misses Daisy Strecker, Kate Hooley, Mame Kinney, Grace McGaughey and Edith Kline are employed at DickerhoS's bazaar during the holiday season. Friends please call. You will all be waited upon promptly. In Justice Walters' court yesterday, Sarah A. Gear, of Lake Cicott, was acquitted of the charge of assault and" battery, preferred by Myrtle Wilson. He,,also acquitted James Reed, who was charged with provoking Marion Overpeck. The celebrated Otto t4 and 15 shoes, hand-turned French kid and •vicl In the new shades, are so well known that when The New Otto advertises a limited number for sale at •3, tbe ladles know they get the awelleat shoe on earth, and no fake.. TO HIS DEATH Did an Unknown Man .Ride Last Evening. Was Stealing Transportation on Front End of a Baggage Car. tbe Head End Collision on the Panhandle Near Boone—A Passenger and Freight Train Come Together on tbe Mala Track. A head'end collision occurred on the Panhandle about 5 o'clock las evening, three-quarters of a mile southeast of Boone. Boone is merely a stopping point about a mile south east of Royal Center. Passenger train No. 45, -north bounj, which left here at 4:30 for Chicago, and incoming freight train No. 76. met on the main track while both were running at a hign rate of speed. An unknown man who was stealing a ride on the passenger i train was killed instantly. He, with a young man named William Mluthorne, whose home is at Royal Center, were on the front end of the baggage car next to the engine. Mlnthorne saw the impending danger, and after warning the stranger jumped. Luckily Mlnthorne escaped with a badly bruised hand, caused by coming in contact with the gravel at the side of the track. The stranger did not heed the warning and when the colllson occurred he was caught between the engine tender and baggage car, and his life was crushed out. The right side of his head and chest were squeezed Jout of shape, and his limbs were badly bruised. There is a scalp wound about ten inches in length extending from a point below the right ear and extending in a circular shape over the crown of the skull and back to the right ffemple. The passenger train was in charge of Conductor Edward Alexander and Engineer Goodrich. The freight fain was in charge of Conductor Fink and Engineer Jack ^Kennedy. The train crews, with the exception of Baggagemaster Chas.Gray and Brakeman Bantz of the passenger train, escaped injury. One of Mr. Gray's legs were slightly sprained and bruised, and Mr. Bantz' right hand was bruised and his wrist sprained. Both were injured by being thrown down in the car when the collision occurred, but were able to continue the* trip. Three of the passengers Wm. Enyart, of-this city, and the two little daughters of Mrs. Hardesty, of Kewanna, were thrown from their seats and slightly injured. Mrs. Stella Sebastain McOlure, was a passenger on the train. The freight crew was doubtless at fault. Engineer Kennedy's watch was fire minutes alow, and the headlight on his locomotive was not burning. Instead of remaining at Boone, he and'Conductor Fink thought they could make the east track which enters the city over the Chicago hill before No. 45 could pull in from the west track or cut-off. In this their calculations were incorrect. The locomotives were both derailed and considerably damaged. Four freight cars and the baggage car on No. 45 were derailed. News of the wreck spread like wildfire, and, as usual, there were many wild rumors afloat. Superintendent Walton left at once on a special for the scene of the wreck. • The wreck train followed a few minutes later. Dr. Hetherington accompanied Superintendent Walton, but there was little need of his services. The loco notlve on the special was attached to No. 45 and the journey to Chicago resumed after the baggage had been transferred to the car taken from Mr. Walton's special. Q It took butj* short time to clear the track, and tbe dead man was brought back to the city on passenger train No. 4, due here from Chicago at 8:20 p. m. The body was taken to Barnett's undertaking establishment where it will be held until Coroner Busjahn completes his Inquest. The dead man has not been identified. His name was a first thought to be Cotner and his home in the neighborhood of Boone, but tnis is denied by parties by tbat name who were called this morning to view the remains. The dead man was probably 25 years of age. He was 5 feet five inches tall, dark hair and moustache, and weighed 150 pounds. He was evidently a farm laborer. A cheap silver watch, two silver dollars, a husking peg, a plug of tobacco and a box of salve were found in his pockets. CHICAGO MARKETS Recelred Dally by fr. W. Mllner, at 6. A. R. Building. Chicago, Dec. 15, 1897. Wheat—For Dec. opened. 97ic; high, 98Jc; low, 97}c; closed, 9"ic. Wheat—May,' opened 90i@90fc losed, 9Hc.> Corn—For May, opened, 28|c; high, 29@Jc; low, 28Jc;closed, 29@Jc, Oats—May opened, 22J@|c: high, 22ic; low, 22c; closed, 22fo. . Hogs—Opened shade higher: closed quiet; receipts 28,000; estimated for tomorrow 32,000; mixed, I3.35@3.45; heavy, «3.35@I3.45; rough, »3 20@ $3.30; light, I3.35@ia.42*. Receipts of cattle, 7,000; sheep, 1,000. Curb, 9U@fc;puts,90f; calls, 92c. Both Cheap Money Men. The issue of an uclimited supply f irredeemable paper money is the way that Seneral Coxey would reform he currency. la other words he would keep paper money in circula- ion by mating it so cbeap that nobody would dare to hold on to it.— ournal. Yes, Coxay and McKlnley are botb heap money men. Coxey believes he government should lend money o the people at 2 per cent per annum, while McKinley believes the rovernment should loan money to the aanks at 2i per cent, in order that anks could loan it to the people at 8 >er cent in advance. Is it any won- er that all the bankers were for McKinley in 1896. GEOKGE BTJRKHAKT. Official facsimile of Medal Awarded DR, PRICE'S CREAM POWDER WORLD'S FAKR.CHICAGO, 1893 A Grand Success. Backman's glass blowers opened heir exhibition last night at 421 Market street, and a goodjcrbwd was n attendance, camong them being many ladies and children. Everybody was delighted with the beautiful >resents they received, and the exhi- ntlon was pronounced by all to be he'finest ever seen in Transport, laisinoveltles of every description are shown by this company, among jhem being- glass dresses, neckties, etc., also a glass steam engine in full operation. Open afternoon from 2 to 5; evening from T to 9. Admission, 5 cenis, and every person receives a present. Jewish FunllygTronble. Benjamin Barnard, of &Kokomo, well-known here where he has relatives, has been made the defendant n a suit for divorce. The Barnards are Hebrews, among whom divorces are extremely rare. The couple were married but six months ago,the bride having been Miss Josephine Lecb, of Atlanta, G». The complaint is mildly drawn, sinanly alleging cruel treatment. The police were called to the Barnard house a few days ago, so it s reported, to suppress an outbreak. Something That Will Please. A box of choice confections or a dainty basket of tronical fruit makes a most appropriate Christmas present. L. Solimano, the old reliable dealer, is sole agent for Guenther's fine candies; also sells the choice goods made ay Lowney, Stollwerk and others. Nothing can surpass his holiday display o' fine imported novelty candies, fruits, nuts and canidied fruits. Drop in and look at the display, even if you do not buy, Attractive and Useful Gifts, Such as fountain peas, calling cards, cases, pocket books, statlonery.offiee knives, etc.. Longwell & Cummings. Don't fail when making your Christmas purchases to call at John Gray's and examine the immense line of handkerchiefs, you will find just what you want. Look for the perfume sign at C. W. Graves' book store. ADDITIONAL ITEMS. California hams 5Jc Ib. McCaffrey. J. D. VanBuskirK was at Peru yesterday, on basinets. Miss Mayme Stanley is at Peru visiting Miss Jessie Clifton. See those 115 jacket*, at $9 50: $8 jackets, »5 —Trade Palace. A great variety of single solid silver tea spoons and forks—B Martin. Open evenings until Christmas for holiday trade.—Ferguson & Jenka. Do not forget pur bargains In Seth Thomas clocks.—Taylor, the jeweler. The'-Coat of Many Colors" company passed through the city yesterday, en route to Peru. Music and flowers at the Bee Hive's opening tomorrow (Thursday) even- Ing and Friday afternoon. The police board at Terre Haute has orderea that all panny-in-thS' slot machines be suppressed. Cnofce underwear and Hosiery, a most acceptable holiday gift at Che New Otto and free decorated china The county teachers' examination will be held next Saturday, the ISto instead of the 25th, owing to the Christmas holiday. Formencnlyto cure that tired feeling at night, wear a Domet flannel night shire. Safe and warm and not- expensive. Sold by Dewenter, the batter and furnisher. HOLIDAY OFFERINGS. rr Our Store will be; 2 open ootil 9 o'clo ck; ;; to accomodate ;; Christmas Shoppers HOLIDAY Shoes and Slipper The handsomest, and best assortment of / CHRISTMAS ( \ Shoes and S / Slippers ever shown in the city. Patent Leather P Kid, Ooz Kik, pink, green,red, lavender. In fact*"anything in nice evening slippers. See our Men's Bootee combination, Boot and Shoes just the thing Qfor winter. !H3itei Steveason "& JKliflsick. £! U 403 Broadway. ite Snow Is your linen when , it comes home from ! 1?-'s Marshall's Laundry. No. 608 Broadway. Both'Phones 11 Wagon will call for your work. Give us a trial. — *"\ If you Want lo ~b& i You had better le HOOLEY + I ' —Make Your— j Fall I Suit I Or f Overcoat I _< He frill Fit You Whea all others fail. SPECIAL SHOE SALE at WALTER MAIBEN'S For Holiday Trade Every thing New I Fine shoes that will fit you and suit you. See our nobby new styles in high Shoes and Slippers -for Christmas trade. * 412 BROADWAY, Filling's Old Stand. We are prepared tor the Greatest Week's business in the History of the Golden Rule. The entire store is in readiness for this Great Business. Special Bargains For Tbe Holiday Trade la Dress Goods, Cloaks, Umbrellas, Blankets, Comforts, Table Linen, Leather Goods, Handkerchiefs. Gloves, Corsets, Underwear, Hosiery —AND- HOLIDAY NOVELTIES. —A Full Line of— Dolls, Pictures Etc You can buy here, for about half what other stores ask you. We cannot bogin to tell you of all tbe articles suitable for Christmas prt-; sents. which are to be iound on our .counters. Coine and see and judge" for yourselt, as to whether you can or cannot be benefitted by trading here. Cloak Department. Why would rot a Jacket. Cape or Collarette make a nice Christmas present, while we have •tiade a great work-down in price. We have made a cut on every garment in our store. V 3s ow is your opportunity to buy at under value. The Golden Rule. THE TAILOR Can Suit You in Style and Prices. FALL AND Winter Woolens. The most complete assortment of Up-to-date Fabrics in- Plaids, Checks, Stripes, Serges and in fact anything you want for a first class Business DRESS SUIT. Prices the Lowest in the City. John R. Gar roll, 1222 BROADWAY, The "Domestic" Office. Now is the time to provide yourself with a good Sewing Machine «t a very low price. My stock include* all the leading nukes. My term are easy, and there is no excuse for being out of a good sewing nuKhfaw n the house. Tbe. old stand * 529 Broadway, near 6th R B WHrrSETT.

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