The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 24, 1950 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 24, 1950
Page 2
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MOT TWO BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Excise Tax Cuts Would Aid Many Okay Reductions Only if Other Items Hiked WASHINGTON, Jan. 24— (IT)— President Truman's proposals for excise tax . cuts single out seven taxes estimated to yield the government < (1,328,000,000 l year at present rttes. The President said nothing about cutting a long list o( other sales Uxes which he has , figured will yield another $6.316,000,000 In th« year beginning July 1. Liquor taxes, which raise $2,290,600.000 and tobacco taxes, figured «t $1,352.000.000 are the big Items among the faxes Mr. Truman apparently wants left at present rates. Pour of the seven taxes martad for reductions make up the complete present list of fedora! levies on retailers' sales. These are nil at the rate of 20 per cent of the retail value of the goods. The items subject to tax and estimates of their 1951 yield at present rates are: Jewelry 1201,000.000; furs. $55,000,000; toilet preparations, including baby oil. J!)5,000,000; .luggage, Including women's handbag and men's wallets. {80.000.000. Total , yield: $431.000.000. The talk has been that the 20 per cent tax rate mleht be. cut to ten per cent. The other three excise specified by the president are: Long distance telephone and telegraph messages, estimated to yield $325.000.000 at the present 25 per cent rat*. A 15 per cent tax lias been mentioned In congress. Transportation of persons, meaning passenger tickeUs on railroads, buses, airlines and ships, estimated to yield $2+0,000.000 at the present rate of 15 per cent of the ticket price. Transportation of property meaning the tax on freight hauls, calculated to raise $330,000.000 at the present three per cent rate. Mr. 'Truman once suggested outright repeal of this tax, but the trwuury has been holding out for a cut to one and one-half per cent, half the present rate. . The principal excise taxes not mentioned ' by Mr. Truman and their estimated' yield this year include: . -; • .. . Admissions to movies and stage 'plays. M per. writ, $395.000,000; night clubs, etc., 20 per cent of charges, $40,000,000. Club dues and Initiation fees, 20 per cent, $10,000,000. Al«o the following taxes' actually p«id by manufacturers but reflected In retail prices: Passenger cars and motorcycles, five per cent of manufacturers' pri«, WM.OOO.OOO; trucks; buses and trailers, fire per cent, $105.000,000; auto parts and accessories, five per cent, WO.000,000. Bectric, light bulbs, 20 per cent, ' ' :arly Peace Treaty Sought by Japanese TOKYO, Jan. 24 -<*>>- Prime "tinister Sliigeru Yoshida Monday old the Diet (Parliament) that Japan, "standing on the threshold of national resurgence," wants iri early peace treaty, on any basis t can get one. , Almost as he spoke, Japanne communists called for a peace :reaty In which all the allies par- •Icipate. The Communist* plcdfed iri all out effort against any treaty in which Russia and Red China would not take part. By Hal Boyle NEW YORK —M>- Bills! Bills! Bills! The January mall Is full of them. 0 Is our house—and so Is yours, I'll bet. After the first of the year It's layoff time for Santa Claus, and ;he bills flood in like the OAlveston Udal wave. It Is the season when the average man realizes the old truth that In this life money alone is not enough. At least the money he has handy Isn't/And he dread of tiie installment collector. A friend of mine Is a case In point. Passing his home the other :iight. I decided to drop In and see ils new television set. 1 knocked half a dozen times but Lhere was no answer. Puzzled, I went to a drugstore and phoned him. 'Oh, was that you knocking?" he said in great relief. "Come oii hack, rap twice—so we'll know It's you— and we'll let you in." , phonographs and records, WlcrMon Mts and musical instru- MMitg, 10 per cent, $45,000,000. B*fri<rerators »nd air conditioners, 10 per cent, $65.000,000. Business machines, 10 per cent, MO.000,000. Photographic apparatus (23 per e*nt on cameras and equipment, and 15 per cent on films, plates, •te , $42,000.000. Sporting goods, 10 per cent, $18,000,000- The alcoholic beverage taxes which yield «,!90,000,000 at pres- ant rates range from $8 a barrel on beer and 15 per cent on low alcoholic content wines to $9 a (•lien on 100 proof whisky. Also Ignored by Mr. Truman In his recommendations for reductions w«r» .such miscellaneous levies as: Local telephone service, 15 per s«nt. $225,000,000; coin-operated amuaement and gambling devices ($100 a year for slot machines, $20 a year for pool tables and bowling alleys and $10 a year for other amiuements *r music machines) $25,000,000. FLYING SAUCERS? SURE, HE'S GOT 'EM—Most of the flying-saucer stories arc a little on the vague side. But Dr. E. W. Kay of Glcmlale, Calif., above, has a flying saucer that he built himself and thai he believes will revolutionize aviation. His 41-inch, 20-pound test model rises from the ground and spins in a 36-foot circle at 72 miles an hour. Vanes on the rim of the whirl- Ing disk open by centrifugal force, making it act like a helicopter. Once in the air, the vanes can be closed and the disk scoots away like a whirling top. U. S. Air Force ofllclals recently watched a test flight of Dr. Kay's_revplutionary flying disk. HAL BOYLE'S COLUMN Boyle Solves Bill-Paying Woes In a Very Satisfactory Manner When I entered I found the whole family grouped around the video screen eating sandwiches. I asked, "why all the mystery," and my friend said: "I couldn't make the January payment on the television set. and we're not answering the door for fear it's the installment man coining to take the set back. If I can hold out to February, I'll be all right." Fugitive From Financial Wucs How well do I remember when I used to be In this pitiful plIght-H Jn.iunry fugitive from financial woes. Tills was in the days when I used to handle the money in, the family. Giving me a checkbook and telling me to spend carefully was like giving Hitler an army and telling •him not to waste it. Soon the bill collectors heat on my door so often they asked ine to put n pad on it to save their knuckles. January, then as' now, was the worst month. Once I hit on a solution that seemed fine. As usual the amount of the bills totaled more than the amount in the bank. "Why don't 1 write out a check for. each hill," I thought, "and then put the checks In the wrong envelopes. Each guy will think I meant to pay him. It will be April by the time the whole business is straightened out, and by then I'll be sol- vent." • - . So I addressed all the envelopes and urole all the checks, and laid out the checks and envelopes In two TOM'S, Then I went Into the reading room to finish a serial.- Hli Wife Does the Milling When I emerged, the desk was bare. Frances came In a few moments later. 'I had to mall a letter, so I mailed your checks, too, dear." she said. "Of course, you put the RIGHT checks In the RIGHT envelopes?" I moaned. • ; 'Oh. yes. I didn't make any mistake, dear." Not much! It was June by the time that mess was straightened out. By then we had given our patronage lo another bank—it seemed a good idea And Frances, once and for all, had agreed to take over our finances. t That, men. is the only way to be sure your bills are paid and to en- Joy a life free of financial cares Let your wife handle the money Wives are like canaries, which can be just as happy with a thimble full of birdseed as a barrel full Women don't complain half » much about how little you earn—I they control the purse. It worked out wonderfully in m.\ household. Let Frances crease he' brow over how to meet Januar bills. She'll find, a way. Dollar wor lies? f don't have 'em, Don t have any dollars either. Every system has a flaw. That' the one in mine. For Expert LAUNDRY &DRY CLEANING Call 4474 U-WA New Onion Developer/ DAVIS, Calif. (AP)—A new kind at onion, the Yellow Bermuda 98fi yields 36 per cent more hi^h-qual- ity onions than ordinary Bermudas reports the College of Agriculture here. The 9*6 also matures 10 to 14 days earlier and produces fewer cull*. It TPAS developed in a 3-way experiment by the U.S. Dept. o'f Agriculture, the Texas Agricultural Experiment Station, and the experiment station of the University of California. WARXIXG ORDER The defendant L. S. Hartzog fs hereby warned to appear in the Circuit Court for the Chiclca.sawba District of Mississippi County. Arkansas within thirty days and answer the complaint of plaintiff, Indiana Lumbermen:; Mutual Insurance Company, filed against \v. L Tamkc, L. S. Hartzog. ct nl. In said court in Case No. 4316; and upon hU failure so to do the complaint will be taken as confessed. \Vitne« my hand as the Clerk of said Circuit Court and the seal thereof this 29 day of December 1949. HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk By Betty Bunn. D.C. Oscar Tendler, ally, for Pi. James M. Roy, atty. ad Lit. 1 3-10-17-24 Treat your COUGH INSIDE-OUT! Th« w«jr to jrt rid of thtl llRKirinff. hacking tnujHli lodiilodre the *l«*-llkt|>hl«ini which e»mn Ihe tickle. T.V« rood, old Bclfi Couch s * r . u , p: . *tid very tulckly Die racrrbranc* of jour throat and pour out extra •fcr.Honj »hf«h t«nd lo fliuh «w«j phlrcra f mm mnit our. No Knrrder Brtl'« ilopi lltkle, «ij« courM-irurVoUf, «>tn relievn ci«»r- rll* much, rjoftmi! t.n*crib« the panic jn- irnllrnb. Gumnlml In ronlnin no rtont H.rmlni rvcn to rhildrtn. Gel 4 botU. of ntll i Couj>i Syrup u>dkr. BLYTHEYILLE! r WATCH FOR ANNOUNCEMENT OF THIS EVENT! TUESDAY, .'JANUARY 24, 1950 SAVE!*" Wool Rugs And LIVING ROOM FURN. ACT NOW! Limited Quantities Regular Now 9x12 Clifton Rugs • - - -- 64.50 49.50, 9x12 F«rvak & NEVARRE RUGS ----- 79.50 59.50 BEAUVAIS RUGS - - - - 117.50 89.50 THROW RUGS - - - 7.95 & 9.95 4.95 9x 12 WOOL FACE RUGS 24.95 28" Mahogany DRUM TABLE ...... 34.50 30" Leather top 24.50 DRUM TABLE 74.50 59.50 Mahogany PEMBROKE TABLES -- - - 15.95 11.95, Mahogany 24" PIE CRUST TABLE 27.50 17.50 Mahogany Leather Top COFFEE TABLE - 49.50 39.50 Regular 198.50 Kro«hl«r 2-pe. frieze Living Room Suite 139.95 Regular 179.50 Kroehler— 1 " '" " 4 Lawson Sofa - - - 89.75 Regular 399.50 Velvet Victorian Sofa--199.50 Reg. 139.50 Mahogany marble top Occasional Table - 79.50 Reg. 119.50 Marble Top Coffee Table -- - 79.50 Mahogany SECRETARY 89.50 Extra Value SECRETARY 113.50 Mahogany KNEE HOLE DESK 59.50 Mahogany , KNEE HOLE DESK 69.50 Save more than 50% FLOOR LAMPS -44.50 Quality TABLE LAMPS - 19.95 Quality ' TABLE LAMPS - 14.75 Quality TABLE LAMPS - 5.45 Charles S. Lemons FURNITURE

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