The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 8, 1950 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 8, 1950
Page 3
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. FRIDAY, •EFrnnnt i, I*M (ARK.) COURIER NEWS- T*« Notion Today: Anti-SuDY«/*M>Jt Biffs— ruman, Congress Row Over Communist "Hobble ot In the way Congress has »> JAMES MAKLOW WASHINGTON, Sept. *. .«•)— President Truman and Otngre&s are In a fight over the bills It wants to pass to hobble Communists. He wants them hobbled, too, but In The House already has passed one such bill, Introduced by Rep. Wood, Georgia Democrat, who's chairman of the House Un-American Activities Committee. The Senate' is debating a similar, but broader bill, offered by Senator McCarran, Nevada Democrat. He is a kind of bundle-everything-in- one-parcel bill. It's a bunch of bills wrapped up on one. It contains almost everything (hats in the House bill, and then some. Mr. Tvutuan dislikes It to much— because lie thinks It goes too far— that he said yesterday he won't sign It If Congress approves It, Wo one can predict at this moment what Congress finally will approve. That's because the House ind Senate bills., are not Identical. v .And both Houses will have to com- v promise on one bill— probably a mixture of both — before sending the finished product U> Mr. Truman. : Neither bill makes it unlawful to be a Communist. But both make it very tough and unpleasant to be one. Mr. Truman's adviser* think theyre so tough they'd . do more harm than good. For example: Drive Communist* Under Drive the Communists underground, and so make it harder to check on them; at the same time On th« following points the two biiU are almost identical: 1. All Communists would have to be registered with the government. So would all Communist-front outfits. And the Communist, organization! would have to keep a record of where they get their money and how they spend 11 . (This U part of both bills to which Mr. Truman and his advisers object most strenusously.) J. Communists couldn't hold government Jobs—unless elected, for example: to Congress. It would even be a crime for them to look for a government Job without first disclosing they were Communists. 3. It would be a crime for anyone In the government to give a Communist or Communist agent any Information Involving national security; and it would be a crime to receive such information. 4. It.would be a crime'for anyone working for the government to contribute of his money or services a Communist outfit. 5. It would .be unlawful for a Communist here to try to get a passport to-get out of the country, for anyone to give him a passport. 6. It would be unlawful for communists to send any propaganda through the malls—to dish it out over the radio or TV — without plainly labeling the material as coming from a Communist.' • Special Board perhaps endanger the basic innocent people. free- in August Mr. Truman asked Congress to pass a law to put • brake on Communists.. But to a very limited extent, and he suggested the. 1 * four main points: I—Compel person* trained as spies by a foreign government, meaning Russia, to register or be jailed; 3—raise the statue of limitations to make It easier to nail spies (under present law the gov • rnment can't try a spy unless he's been caught and charged within three years after his crime); 3— Give the President wider power to^ prevent sabotage defense place*, like at Important harbors. ' airfields, and so on; 4 — Give the government more power to get rid of ' Communist aliens. ,Th» House-passed bill ignored Mr. -Truman's requests except the statute of limitations. But the \lcCarran ; senate bill would give him what he asked, plus plenty that he didn't. Since there 1 ! so much heat now over the bills ai they stand, here's a brief explanation of what theyd do. wher» they're alike and HIU Afi~»i 'idViUic*! Misses South Dakota and Alabama Join Preliminary Beauty Winners .'ATLANTIC CITT, N. }., Sept. «., Pj—Misses South Dakota md Alabama have been added to the preliminary, contest winners ' In the Miss America pageant. That means that In their respective groups—of 13 girls each—they scored the largest number of points toward getting Into the Saturday night, finals. Fifteen of the 54 girls will compete Saturday night for the title of Miss America 1951. ' Irene O'Connor of Burbank, South Dakota, a 20-year-old black- haired junior from' the University of South 'Dakota, outpointed 17 others In last night's talent contest with a dramatic rendition of the dedication of the whit* armor, » scene from the play "Joan of bor- ralne/' - ; Medieval-Type Gown • She wore a medieval-type white gown that extended from'her throat to her ankles. She stands five-feet, seven inches, . weighs 123 pounds, and has a 36-Inch bust and 25-Inch waist. Yolunde Bctbcze of Mobile. Ala., took the bathing-suit preliminary last night. ~ • A white bathing suit set off-the brunettes sun-tanned complexion. she is 21 years old, five-feet, five and a half Inches tall, and weighs 119 pounds with a 35-inch bust and 24-inch waist. In the course of three nights, ending tonight, each girl' competes in bathing suit, evening gown, and talent contest, which narrow down the contestants - to a final 15. Talent winner Competes Renee FJoy of Hartford, Conn., who won the talent contest Wednesday with a comedy monologue, 7. And » special board—called song and 'dance, competed in the the subversive activities control, bathing suit division last night. often shows In. quivering leg mus- "'es. .'.'.•.. The girls represent 46 stales, four cities, Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, and Puerto Rico. ..-,.• board—would be created to supervise the enforcement of all these things If they became law . (The House bill, but not the Senate bill, would-even forbid-a Communist to hold a job In a defense plant.) Up to this point the House and Senate bills are almost the same. But that's as far as tlae House bill goes. The- Senate bill picks up from there, Includes the president's requests, and adds these things: It would-make it unlawful for anyone to conspire to set up a dictatorship here; it-would make spying or helping spies unlawful, but this Is only .tightening up present anti-spylng laws; It wouldn't let allent Communists or Communlst- s^mpathizers come into this country, and members of a - diplomatic group, like the Russians could be kicked out if they tried any monkeyshines (although this latter can be done now pretty well); all aliens living here would have to. report and reglstar. once a year, giving their address (they're supposed .to report changes of address now but apparently don't always do it); and it would tighten up the -laws on who could, become a citizen by denying citizenship to Communists or ex-Communists; . and—it would make it easier to throw out aliens who are Communists.----- • • • French Warn Foreigners of Abuse To Hospitality; Aliens Deported PARIS, Sept. 8. (JP> —Interior Min- Communist leaden or their follow- Renrl Queuille warned for- ers, of whom there are an estimated tifh»n la«t night not to abust Franw'i hospitality, as hli police began deporting • 26« alien Com- munlM* In a drive to purge the country of aple* and aaboteun. Qumllle. who controls the police, declared "the government la determined not to tolerate the action* of foreigners who take advantage of republican hospitality In France to do a job of trMson and demorali- sation." More than half of thoce arrested wer» Spaniards. Fugitives from Gen- eralistlmo Franco's regime, they "were allowed to choose to go east " Queulllt said. The rest—from Italy, Russia or various Soviet aattellites —will b« aent to th«lr homelands. La.t« yesterday. two police buses '"•B 5 persons- and their baggage lelt^pollce headquarters for the eastern frontier. They will be handed over to French occupation zone officials In Germany for rerouting to the Soviet none. The raids, 'which began at dawn yesterday in widespread sections of the country, did not affect French 150,000' party card-holders. Israeli Pleas For U. S. Help JERUSALEM. Sept. I. {/?>)—Israeli government officials today approached the Jewish-new year with fresh pleaj for American help and HAIRY VETCH Baiboo Ry«, Barley and Seed Wheat. For fall Planting •«•---". . ''' Blylheville Soybean Corp. IM« Wert Main Hlylherille Phone 6SS« Johnne iDurant of San Diego, who took top bathing -suit honors in Wednesday's group, was in an evening gown contest last night and competes in the 'talent section tonight. Tension lias increased day by day among the girls, who are steeling themselves against any outbreak of Jitters that would be-fatal to victory. The suppressed nervousness Hollywood Continued from Page 4 ' Initial visit of Moss Hart to George S. Kaufman's home, but It has popped out of the baking pan' again --this time with Marlon Brando and a Hollywood producer as the principals. Brando, the ranconteurs swear, NOTICE OF SALE OF SCHOOL BONDS ' BurdeUe School District No, 35 Mississippi County Arkan.-as, hereby gives notice that it will sell to Hie highest bidder' for cash its proposed Issue of »20,000 In SliT, school MHOS dated September 1, '. Interest payable semi-annual- and maturing . serially on January i O f each year as follows: * 500 In 1052, 1953 and 1954 . 1000 ill 1955 to 1963, Inclusive '1500-In 1S64 to 1868, Inclusive 2000 in 1969 The. bonds are payable In the lirst Instance from the proceeds of a three mill building fund tax to be voted by the electors of the District, which will continue annually until all the bonds and interest are paid in, full, in addition they will be Secured by a pledge of all olhcr revenue that the District can legally pledge. The bonds will be sold subject to being voted at the annual school election September 26, 1950. • The buyer may name the place of- payment and trustee, and muy have the rijht to convert the bonds to a lower rate of interest, substantially according to the Universal Bond Values Tables, and subject to tlie approval of Commissioner of Educntlon. The buyer will he expected to pay the expenses ,•'/ the Issue, Including the printing and trusteeing of the bonds arid the fee of Townscnd and Townscnd Attorneys, Little Hock, upon.'whose approving opinion the bonds will be issued. The bonds will be callable for payment prior, to maturity in inverse numerical order at par and accrued interest, as follows: From surplus In the building fund,- on any interest paying date; from funds from any souice, on any interest paying date on and-after January 1, igse. . The sale will be held upon auction bids at 6 o'clock P.M., on the 25th day of Sept. 1850, in the office of superintendent of schools In Bur- detle, Arkansas. Each bidder will be required to file a certified check in the sum of $400 on a bank that is a member of the FDIC, payable to the District, to be kept 'as liquidated damages If the bidder i.; awarded the. sale of the bonds and falls to complete the purchase Checks of unsuccessful bidders.will be returned promptly. The District _.reserves the right to reject any and looked at the marble staircase and jail .bids. For further information crystal chandeliers of his host's •• - - • mansion and muttered: "What time do the prices change?" Women Get the Bird BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (AP) — Verle Freeman fears his cockate'el is : a" victim of foul play. He complained to police'that the bird, which had the habit of greeting women with a low, expressive whistle and « "hlya, babe", disappeared, possibly because someone took offense at Ik "wolf calls". prayers that the Korean conflict would not flare Into a world war. "The --ground Is burning 'under our feet- and it is up to. you to save us." Foreign Minister Moshe Shar- ctt lold an economic conference attended by 50 leading American businessmen and Jewish community spokesmen. address the underilghed. GIVEN this 30 day of "August 1950. BURDETTB SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 35 OF : MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS By c. F. Tompklns, President and H. B. Jumper, Secretary •'..'••:•.- 9J1-8-15 NOTICE OF ANNUAL SCHOOL ELECTION IN SHAWNEE SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 10 OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS Notice is hereby given that the annual school election in the above named District will be held r)n September 2«, 1950, for the following purposes: ' The election of a member of the The election of one director for a term of 5 years. To submit the question of vot- PAGE PIANO PUPILS Enroll Now MINNIE LEE JONES STUDIO 807 CKickdsawba Phone 2994 &. SONS S H O E S The New Pump ... BLACK SUEDE 10.9^ SHOES Lastittf Quality U in avry Jttaii I A new busy season . ., , * new reason foi you to choost designed-for-bciuty Vitality Shoej. Divinely comfortable in any her! height. CtmfirX r**p tflhui mj u'iJihi Vitality anJ Vitality PtrmafttxSbt*, *1Q95 • '1195 ' »T.» ing a total school lax of 30 mills, at set out in the DU- trlct'i budget, which ihall in. elude, In addition to the millag* ' lor the operation and maUitc- nince of the schools and for the payment of the principal and 1 Interest of outstanding bond Issues, a continuing building fund mllla'ge tax of 3 mllli, to be *ot-, ed for the purpose of paying the principal and Interest of t • proposed bond issue of HO,000, to be b«ued for the purpose of erecting and equipping new school buildings and to repair • and Improve present school buildings. Said bond Issue will run for approximately 25 years. In addition,to Ihe millage above recited, the tssue will be .secured by a pledge of the surplus derived each year from a build- Ing fund Ux of . 10!4 mills through the year 1968 and thereafter t mills voted for the District's bond issues dated November 1, 1B41 and May i, 1947 and which, If the proposed mill- age U approved, will be continued until the payment of all the principal and Interest of the ' proposed new bond issue. Any surplus revenue from the build- Ing fund mlllage, after the payment of principal and Interest of the bonds maturing that year and providing for the next six months' Interest on all outstanding bonds, may be used by the District for any 'other school purpose. The polls will open at 8:00 o'clock A.M. and will close at 6:30 o'clock P. M. on September 26, 1950, at the following polling places In the District, to-wit: Shawnee High School GIVEN . this 24 day of August, 1950. • John Mayes County Supervisor W. "Berryman, County Sheriff ; Bjas—8|i-a NOTICE OF SALE Or SCHOOL BONDS Dell School District No. 23 of Mississippi County, Arkansas, hereby gives notice that It will sell to the highest bidder for cash its proposed tssiic ot $68,000 in 2K% .school bonds dated September 1, 1950, Interest payable semi-annuahy, and maturing serially on December 1 of each yenr as follows: »4500 In 1953 and 1954 5000 In 1956 and 1956 5500 in 1957, 1958 and 195« 6000 in 1960 and 1961 6500 in 1962 ' 7000 In 1963 and 1964 The bonds , are payable" In ihe first instance from the proceeds of a fifteen mill building fund tnjt to be voted by the electors of the Dls trict, which will, continue annually until all the bonds 'and Interest a'r. PRESCRIPTIONS fresh Stock Giirinteed Best Price* Kirby Drug Stores paid In full. In Addition U«r wiH M/ a pledge of all otter revenue that the District can lecal- ly,pledge. ; • TtM bonds will be sold »ubj*ct'to being' voted at > the annual achool election September J«, ls». Th* buyer may name the place of payment and trustee, and may have Ihe right to convert the bond* to a lower rate of interest, subjtantially according to the Universal Bond Values Tables, and subject to the approval of the Commissioner of Education. The buyer will be expected to pay Itie expenses of the issue, Including the printing and trusteeing of the bonds and the fee of Townscnd nud Towiuend, attorneys. Little Rock, upon whose approving opinion the bonds will be Issued. The bonds will be callable for payment prior to maturity In Inverse numerical order at par and accrued interest, as follows: From surplus In the building lund, on any interest paying date; from Kinds from any source, on any interest paying date on aiid alter December 1, 195«. The sale will be'held upon auction bids'at 1:30 o'clock P.M. on the t5lh day of Sept., 1950, in the office of RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. upwrlntcndent of school* In Dell, irkatuu. Each bidder-will''Be re- ulred to III* a cerUfled -check In •-•' sum of 41360 on >' bank that IB member of'the FDIo,'piyable" to he District, to be kept ai-Iiaufdat- •d dunagct If th» bidder i* award- d the sale of bonds arid" falls' to oomplele the purchase. CheelW- of successful bidders will be Veturn- d promptly. The District reserves he right to reject any and ill bids Por further information address the .derslgned. . •: GIVEN this 30 day of August, DELL SCHOOL, DISTRICT NO. 23 OP MISSISSIPPI'. . COUNTY, ARKANSAS By W. K. Griffin, President' and R. B. Crawford, Secretary 811-8-15 rr Friday & Saturday Crooked River with Jimmy Ellison, and Russell Hayden Serial and Cartoon rr Saturday Owl Show 1 Stole a Million' with George Raft, Claire Trevor, and Dick Koran Sun., Mon. & Tues. " Sunset Boulevard rr wtlh' Gloria Swanaon , and William Holden • News and Shorts < SHOW STARTS 7:30 P.M. Last Tim«t Tonight— Double Feature "Curtain Call at Cactus Creek" with Donald O'Connor and Gale Storm First Blylhevill* Showing "Undertow" with Scott Bfady and John Russell SATURDAY DOUBLE FEATURE PROGRAM OANDAOEY-CEIESTEHOLM —PLUS— 2 Co/or Cartoons Fr*f Playground for Hi* Kiddies Children 11 and Under Admitted Fr*a Air Conditioned By Refrigeration; . NEW 'Your Community Center*. MANILA, ARK. Matinee* Sat. & Sun. • l>h. 58 FRIDAY /'IN OLD MISSOURI' with RO1 KOGKKS Saturday "Wyoming Wildcat" wilK Don "Red" Barry Saturday Owt Show "Beware of Blondie" with Blondie and Dagwood Sunday and Monday "Barricade" with Dane Clark Open Week Days 6:4S Show Starts 7:00 ' Saturdays & Sunday" 1:00 Last Times Today DOUBLE FEATURE ' t. Utll IHM F itM | —PLUS— .. "KAZAN" : with • Kazan Ihe Marvel Dog Also Cartoon ., Saturday ;• Double Feulurt WAL BEAUTIES iHtriiy TMir MM |Mpo«Nia(hMfi Cartoon & Serial] Last-Chapter of "Junior G-Men" "King of Rocket Men? Serial Starts Next Saturda SKYLINE SHOW STARTS NOW$1 ' Per Vehicle Nite but Sun. & Mon. LAST TIMES Double Feature Program Errol Flynn Ann Sheridan "SILVER RIVER" Robt. Hullon Joan Leslie .in ' "ALWAYS TOGETHER' AH Cart $1 AH Truck* SATURDAY ONLY FRFF *0*| 00 Cash Prize to Driver 1 llfc ^ *!* Bringing the Most People Robert Slack—Andy Devine "Men of texas" John .Wayne 'Sea Spoilers" • Sunday and Monday Adm. 50c per person All Kids Fre« Jock Canon ' Doris Day Oscar Levant "ROMANCE'-' ON THE HIGH SEAS" In Technicolor A/ways a Color Cartoon

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