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Spring Lake Gazette from Spring Lake, New Jersey • 1

Spring Lake, New Jersey
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Public Library Community Uouse T'Wlc Library 21 li 'OFFICIAL LEGAL NEWSPAPER FOR SPRING LAKE. SEA GIRT, AND SPRING LAKE HEIGHTS. Vol. LXIII No. 31 Jazotttt and Mirror hed Spring Lake, N.

Thursday "August'l, 1946 SZhmt $2.50 a Year; 5c Per Copy EHtahlls yO L-i Sea Girt Hi-liglits Many Social Events At Monmouth Hotel Mid-season activities at the Monmouth hotel included a Junior-Deb dance Tuesday night, at which the Paul Jones 'and grand March were popular features. Stage All Set For Golf Contest Pro-Member Tournament Saturday And Sunday Here Playing in the annual charity tournament at the Spring Lake Golf and Country club this weekend, the professionals will play by themselves on Saturday, beginning at noon, and the pro-member rounds will be played on. Sunday, beginning at 9 A. M. Eighteen holes will be played each day and the play ers will go off in threesomes.

The feature of the Saturday play Womans' Club Card Party Next Thursday All details for the much anticipated card party to be held at the Monmouth Hotel at 2:00 P. M. on Thursday, August 8th, have been carefully worked out. The party, sponsored by the Spring Lake Woman's Club, has been planned at this season for the enjoyment of not only it's members but for) our summer visitors as well. All who are interested in a gay social afternoon will find a hearty welcome.

Many fine special prizes have been donated' by the local merchants and friends of the club. These are on display in the window of Mr. Horatio Clayton, realtor, corner of Third Warren Dederlck, son of Mr. and Mrs. J.

Emery Dederlck has received a full scholarship to the John Hopkins University In the college of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Balti more, Md. Warren will enter college September 16th 1946. David Trent Decker infant son of Mr. and Mrs. W.

Thomas Decker of Boston Boulevard was christened Sunday morning at St. Uriel's The Archangel, Father Miller officiating. Mr. and Mrs. W.

S. Ellel of Darlen, acted as god parents. Mrs. Thomas F. Handy of East Salary Proposal Tabled By Boro July 15th, Was Deadline For Filing Proposals To Be Voted On The proposal to pay the Mayor and members of the Splrng Lake boro council salaries was shelved by the boro council Monday evening, when 18 was learned officially that deadline for filing public questions to be voted upon at the general election in November was July 15th.

The council had approved the proposed ordinance and final action was scheduled for August 15th. Under the proposed new law if adopted, the Mayor would receive $750 a year and Council mem bers each $500. The matter will now have to be deferred for another year. August 7, at 11 A. M.

in Newark, N. the state board oil alcoholic hpveraze control is the time and Orange entertained at dinner for Lloyd Mangrum, national open Mr. and Mrs. Lararus, and Mr. and champion, Vic Ghezzi, who tied Mrs.

Schick of Glen Ridge at the Mangrum and Byron. Nelson in the Stockton, last Thursday evening. national open, and Herman Barron, (winner of this year's Tam O'Shan-General and Mrs. Winston Price! ter tournament in Chicago, and arc down for the summer at their winner of the Spring Lake tourn-home on First Ave. Lt.

Winston anient last year. They will get a-Price, recently discharged from' way as fa threesome at about 12:20 the-AIr Corps, is spending the sum-1 and an exceptionally large gallery roer with his parents. is expected to follow them. The proceeds form spectators' ad-Mr. and Mrs.

Leonard Bleecker of mission tickets and othef special Brooklyn Boulevard entertained in contributions will go to the Fitkin honor of Mr. and Mrs. John McKee. Memorial hospital, Spring Lake guests Miss Mijdred Graham I Community House and Spring Lake place for the hearing on the li quor license appeal brought oy tne Spring Lake E. B.

Gant said many of those residents who opposed the application of the Spring Lake Chateau may now attend the hearing and defend the tooro's stand on the matter. The State Employe's Retirement system, was outlined by it secretary, George W. Borden. Following his remarks the clerk was dlreo-ted to prepare the necessary data after which an estimate of cost will be made. D.

R. Ackerman in a letter to the council suggested Vroom be improved. cuV. ia Lirit Avenue. Miss Doris Okerson To Give Concert Arrangements have been completed for a concert to be presented by Miss Doris Okerson Aug 13th in the Spring Lake Community House Serving on the committee are Mrs.

Edgar Braly, genelal chairman; Mrs. Myron O. Morris, chairman of tickets and box office nasifttorf Hv! J' Bridge enthusiasts gathered In the card room Tuesday night for the weekly card night, conducted by Miss Lea Garvin. Table prizes were awarded. Members of the cast of the re cent Guest artist show were enter tained at a cocktail party in the Spanish grill Tuesday, as guests of Mr.

J. J. Farrell. The group lnclu ded Mr. and Mrs.

J. H. Cedergreen, Mrs. A. M.

Stirling, Mrs. Donald Christopher, Mrs. E. A. Poter, Mrs.

H. A. Schmitz, the Misses Marie Murphy, Joan Qulnby, Carol St. Germaine, Greta Volk, Florence Marie Johnson, Laurene Butler; Doc Kenny, David and Bill Mer-vine, Carlton and Juliette and Miss Garvin. Putting contests are being held on the west lawn every Saturday.

On Wednesday evening, Carlton and Juliette, nationally known exhibition dancers and teachers of dancing, entertained their pupils for cocktails in the Spanish Grill. Later in the evening they conducted a game of dance jarty in the ball room during which prizes were awarded to a number of guests who competed in this novel entertain ment. Miss Mary Hanley, South Orange, was guest of honor at a luncheon and cocktail party Tuesday, given by friends as a surprise to celebrate her birthday. Others attending were Mrs. James McCarreri, Mrs.

J. F. McClunn, Mrs. Hdward Mc Connell, Mrs. TaylorV The Misses Betty.

McClunn, Alice McClunn, Isabelle Millen. T- -o, ar 1 Miss Hinchciifc Aufderheide, Wed The marriage of Miss Helen Lucille Hinchcliffe, daughter of Judge Louis V. Hinchcliffe, of the. First District Cours, and Mrs. Hinchcliffe, of Pateson, N.

J. and 7 ISpier Allenhurt, and George W. Aufderheide, son of Mr. and Mrs. George W.

Aufderheide, Green-haven, Rye, N. Y. and 216 Monmouth this borough will. take place next Monday in the Ladies Chapel, St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York.

There will be a reception following the ceremony at "Sherry's." Miss Hinchcliffe a graduate of Lacordaire school, Montclair, N. J. attended Marymount College. Mr. Aufderheide, a graduate of Choate school was attending Princeton University before he entered the navy where he served as an ensign.

He has recently been discharged from the) service and has re-entered college. EXCLUSIVE GIFT WARES At prices noticeably lower. The nationallysadvertised Rendezvous Gift shop.Asbury Park. advt. NOTICE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the Borough of Spring Lake that the appeal of Andrew J.

Gallagher and Spring Lake Chateau, from the action of the Mayor and Council of the Borough of Spring Lake in refusing to issue a season al retail consumption license for premises northwest corner Fifth and Warren Avenues, Spring Lake, New Jersey, will be heard by the Commissioner of Alcoholic Bever age Control on Wednesday, August 7, 1948, at 11:00 A. M. Daylight Saving Time, at the office of the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, Room 701, 1060 Broad Street, Newark, New Jersey, Any taxpayer or citizen of the Borough of Spring Lake who wishes to be heard in thisi matter should communicate with Myron O. Morris, Borough Clerk, Third Avenue, Spring Lake, New Jersey, on or before August 6 1946. MYRON O.

MORRIS Borough Clerk, advt I wiU be appearence together of First Aid Squad. Starting at 0 o'clock -Sunday morning the teams will go off every five minutes until o'clock in the following order: (Pro named first followed by two memberst as partners.) 9 to 10 O'clock Gene Kunes Gus WlllJ'am Delaney; FcUx -Se-ftfl4l-hGerald O'Mara and Walter TelllerTChif -l7" Lcwis-T-Pranls- and' witj Hemphill, Jr. Jack j. Burke, 1 Jr. Jolfn Rannl and Jack Dillon, Tom Harmon Bob Duffy and Ben Danskin; Jim Turnesa Al Schomp and Tony Augelli; Clarence Doser Trip Hemphill and Bill Higgins; Frank Kringle Bob Fitzsimmons and Bill Hoblitzell; Claude (Harmon Ed Becker, Jr.

and Maurice Kohler; Matt ICowal J. C. Dillon, Sr. and L. O.

Robert-shaw; Ralph Hutchinson; B. Y. Patterson and Ken Twyman. 10 in 11 n'rlnnk TP.Awnrrt Ttnrlra Luis Zawadzki and Frank Burke; Lloyd Mangrum George Miller and Wvndham Garvi John Morev Ed Becker, Sr. and Dick FItzmaurlce; Jim Martucci Paul Dillon and B.

A. O'Connor, Willie Goggln Fred Heaton and Ed Buckley; Jack White Bayard Beebe and Ed Long-street; Gene Sarazen ohn Sullivan and John Clancy; Ed Oliver John Forsman and Gilbert VanNote; Johnny Reardon Cliff Hemphill, Sr. and John Connolly; Willie Kline Bill Weise and Fred' Cos-grove; Jim Warga Hugo Barth and Ringland Kilpatrick; Joe Znrhardt Vincent Grimes and Jack McAuliffte 11 to 12 o'clock Andy LaPola Dan Finn and Bill McCormack; Buck Worsham T. Ei. Fenton and Arthur Beebe; Jack Mallon Ed Morrison and Jack Mara; Craig Wood Rus Hoblitzell and J.

U. Gratton; Joe Turnesa Dick Kafes and Charley Smith; Tony Manero John Meehan and William Greenfield; Lew Worsham J. Ryan Smith and Tom Walsh; Floyd Young Jim Sinclair and John Young, Al Brosch Luclen Col-lart and Martin Stelnthal; Henry Picard Herbert Angermeier and Paul Cullum; Chick Rutan Rez Ward and A. G. Tompkins; Maurle O'Connor William Houck and Robert Maxwell, Jr.

12 to 1 o'clock Bruce Coltart Bill Bohen and Jim Costello; Herman Barron Jerry Brown and Lee Newbury; Dick. Renaghan Mike O'Connor and Bob McKiernan; Dave O'Connell Elmer Bobst and Bill Behrens; Al Collins Charley Cottrell and Henry Horns; Vic Ghezzi George Scher and Frank Driscoll; Johnny Farrell John Coleman and Ted Massoth Jack Mitchell John Nagel, Sr. and Bob Newhouse; Jack Grout A. (cotinued on page elgbt). Mrs William Carhart, and Mrs.

"Geo. Washington Slept Abraham Westervelt: Mrs. Herbert I DWA.AM.A J. Miller, decorations; Mrs. HarrylHAere fJ? be 0 entS? fc Hellman, Ushers, and Mrs.

William AfUgu Wafh: Weise Dublicitv. m.mhr. nf Slept Here" will be presented and Jersey Avenues. The Amtrican Home department of the club will have a gift and food table under the capable direction of the chairman, Mrs. Charles Heyniger.

Serving with the chair man are Mrs. J. R. Neaf Mrs. Wm.

Schuyler, Mrs. Arthur Con-over, Mrs. Wilson Hopkins and Miss Gertrude Mrs. J. H.Schrleter is the general chairman and Mrs.

Raymond L. Raney is the treasurer. Mrs. Raney is also chairman of tickets assisted by Mrs. William Carhart Mrs.

Frank Gerlach, Mrs. J. A. O'Mara, Mrs. E.

J. Heine, Mrs. Jules Plangere and Mrs. E. B.

Stillwell. The other committees include Mrs M. O. Morris, Chairman of cards and tables, assisted by Mrs. Thomas L.

Hayes and Mrs. George C. Gaertner; Mrs. Charles A. Con nolly and Miss Adrienne Miller Co-chairman of table, prizes assisted by Mrs.

Herbert J. Miller and Mrs. Leon H. Heightr Mrs. William D.

Tyson, chairman of epeelal -wwstcsT llsnrPTTJivine Chairman of publici ty- assisted by Mrs; Arthur Ross, Mrs. Francis I. Tull, Mrs. H. D.

McCord, Mrs. Clement W. Bowen and Mrs. Ralph The following fair daughters of club members will serve as flloa-ters and aides under the chairmanship of Mrs. Wilson Hopkins: The Misses Jean and Shirley Hemphill, Janet Havens.

Carol Pierce, Myra Jean Morris and Katherine Ross. at The Community House Theatre, A 1 as m. under the direction of Mme Agnes Boule. Appearing in the cast of this hilarious, sophisticated, comedy are, 'in the order of their appearances 2eorgre Crambos. Ed Kelley, Jean eers' mnces "aI Hfzen, Nancy Thompson, Madelaine Clancy, Don Van Inween, Margar- Murphy, Nancy Hether, Ronald Clark, Don Parker, Frank Dance, Geraldine Menzler, Nanette Webber, and George Fredrick.

Postpone "White Elephant pital, ine aates ior me event nave been changed and it is now sche duled for Wednesday and Thursday, August 14th and 15th. The sale will be held In ithe store corner oi irara ana jersey Ave. AUCTIONEER AND APPRAISER B. G. Coats, 490 Bath Long Branch, N.

J. Tel: Z5S9. Advt TUTORING English and" Mathematics particularly stressed by the Spring Lake Summer School on Second Avenue between Washington and Jersey Avenues, the oldest summer school at the shore, founded in 1901. J. Provost Stout, M.

A former Mathematics Master at The Peddle School, Retired, Leonard S. Stout, B. Mathematics at the) Asbury Park High School. advt from Philadelphia, last Mon day evening. Croquet was enjoyed.

and later two tables of bridge. Other guests were Mrs. Burnett Bier, Mrs. Andrew' Snow of Washington, D. Mrs Harry Miles of Indianapolis, and Mr.

and Mrs Al fred Tonne. Mr. and Mrs. William Updike Moore 'r'Vv- la 4 Their tn- Mr. and Mis, Mathew Mclsaac and her Miss 1 Phylisslilcisaac, rranK uurana, am Allen, Mr.

and Mrs. Raymond Dawson Smith Tom Moore, Andy Olniger, Red Rule, Barbara Moody, Andy Snow, Pat Eisele, Dave Reynolds, now and Donald Braender. Mrs. Robert Lampa entertained with one table of bridge Monday evening. Her guests were Mrs.

Jean Seeley, Mrs. Charles H. Brown and Mrs. Charles Benter. Among those attending the week- end dance held in the Crystal Ball nmm at tne otocKton Hotel, Satur- nay evening were, Mys.

Thomas Handy And son, Wesley of East Orange, N. Mr. and Mrs. George Mubchler of Enelewood. Mr.

Howard Mubchler, Mr. and Dodd of Bloomfleld, Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Dlemarest, Mr.

and Mrs. J. Fraim of East Orange and Mr. and Mrs. V.

W. Johnston of Montclair. Raymond Dawson Smith, spent Monday In New York City. Mrs. J.

H. Heitmann of New York entertained at a cocktail party Thursday at the Stockton, in hon or of her daughter, Mr.j. llomet' NcJsin of Peiliam N. I. Mr.

and Mrs. Pier-c Taylor of Beacon Boulevard, entertained Mr. Mr. and- Mrs. George Somers of.

Newark over the weekend. Carol O'Toole, Class mate of Miss Yovonne Valle from Holy Angel Academy at Fort Lee, N. J. Is spending the week with Yvonne at her home on Crescent Park hwy. Among the guests attending the Saturday evening dance given at the Manasquan River Golf and Country Club, were Col.

and Mrs. George Watson and their house continued on page four) SUMMER INSTRUCTION Princeton graduate will take a few students for private tutoring In English, mathematics, science, his tory, German, (grammar school through college) Robert Nevlus, A. 105 St. Clair phone, Spring Lake 3-0808. advt.

S. C. S. the snonsorinir miss. Okerson has appeared a numbef of times in concerts In Spring Lake.

She began her musical education under the direction of C- Mrs. Braly and has progressed thru the North Texas State Teachers College School of Music, where she received a degree of bachelor of music, to the Juilliard Graduate School of Music, New York, where she la1 studying unler a three-year scholarship. Miss Lorana Kahn will accompany Miss Okerson. WANTED By a responsible middle-aged 1 Mrs. Jeremiah McGuire and Miss woman-a quiet 'place of residence Virginia Murray will be co-chairmen near the beach, a' small cottage the Ann May fiance White part of larger house, form August Elephant sale to benefit Fitkln hos 19 to September 15.

Refeiences ex changed. Box 9, 525 West 120th New York 27. N. Y. NOTICE ADDlicatlona are invited from Spring Lake residents for the posl tion of Borough Tax Collector to fill the unexpired term of Geo.

C. C. Wilson, Collector. Applications should contain age and qualifications of applicant and will be received by the TBorough Clerk until August 12th. MYRON O.

MORRIS advt. Borough Clerk PRIVATE TUTOR. A. Trinity College, Washington, English, French, grammar school subjects; typing and Gregg shorthand. P.

O. Box 223, Spring Lake, or S. L. 3-1798 Advt'.

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