The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 8, 1950 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 8, 1950
Page 2
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TIBUT, gffTgMBCT 8, 1953 ^"^™ ^^ Farmers Dump Wheat Empire On Ground 4,100,000 Bi>th«li in Open on Coostland . Bs»orANE, W»ih., Sept. . — There's no place to store It and no . plae« to »hip it so farmers Iri this rich wheat-producing: area have had djo dump mor« than «,100,000 bushels, ;4jpt on the ground. They have h«d to dump wheat before but never in piles like the ones that dot th« Inland empire of east- •rn Washington, eastern Oregon and northern Idaho today. The biggest before wu 5,000,000 bushels In 1946. It sits out In the wind, the sun and the rain. U might even be there when It mows, It sits alongside warehouses already bulging with wheat. Unless prolonged wet weather Mti. In, much ol it can be salvaged. Th« Pacific Northwest Grain Dealers' Association gat out a report on the situation yesterday and lock a -dim view. ' 'The harvest In the three-state area Is estimated at 107,000,000 bushels, a 12 per cent Increase over last year. That goes in with 32,000,000 bushels carried over from 1949. The • box car shortage, bumper crops and prices and freight rates that make it difficult (or northwest wheat to compete In the cast and south are regarded as the big factors in the situation. UN Spray Reds With 'Chute News' TOKYO, Sept. 8. (/Pi— United Nations forces are spraying Red Korean areas with "The Parachute News." It' Is a Korean language ijllphlet that tells ot U.N. progress TB' resisting Communist aggression. Parachute News No. 11 says the North Koreans have lost the ground they, won in their "biggest and perhaps last Communist offensive." This is one of six 'items In the leaflet dropped to villagers and refugees behind U.N. lines. The leaflet carries k a masthead design which in- eludej both the .Republic of Korea and U.N. flags. A translation into English is summarised: "U.N. troops break Red offensive. Powerful U.N. counterattack again recaptured ground lost in biggest and perhaps last Communist offensive. Yongsan recaptured after temporary Communist occupation." The News is prepared by the military intelligence section. - general staff psychological warfare branch. Fortune Teller Reads Fate in Cryttal Ball; $700 or 90 Days in Jail DETROIT, Sept. 8.- OT—Just as the crystal ball said, 'forhine teller Hazel .Spurlock must either start . a 100-day jail term or pay a MO « «-.•".. ' ' She ;resd'the ^sentence In her n crystal ball'yesterday after Recorder's Judge Joseph A. Gillis prac- ti-.eSa. bit of practical soothsaying. For »5, it was charged. Mrs. Spurlock's clients all got black futures but for an extra «iq they got predictions of handsome husbands and families and fine homes. Mrs. Spurlock's crystal ball was en the judge's desk. He fingered it gazed into it for a.while, then handed It back to the defendant, asking what she saw. . "It says S90 or 100 days," gasped Mrs. Spurlock. "So be it.'; said the judge. H« had lettered the sentence on a piec« of paper and pasted It on the ball. Godfrey Ready For Navy Duty •VASHINGTON, S«pt. 8. (/P) _ Arthui Godfrey will spend next week on active duty at naval nlr Stations at Pensaspla, Fla., Corpus (•tfisti, Tex., and Memphis, Tenn •WTne radio and television actor his a reserve commission as a lieu- t«iant commander and has had considerable experience as a civilian pilot. Blythcville cosrEi. TABERNACLE ••• LIU; and Vlit at T. Kelly, Putw S:46 Sunday School Faj Austin superintendent. Classes for all ages 11:00 Morning Worship «:45 P.Y.P.A. meets with president, Gene Lcdbetter. 7:<B Evangelistic Service irlth sermon by pastor. Puesriay and Friday nights services at 7:45 Tuesday night Is P.V.P.A, Night. ASSEMBLY OK GOD Rev. K. c. Slmi, pastor Sunday School 9:45 a.m • Mornine Worship 11 00 ajn. Women's Missionary Council 4:30 p.m Men's Cooperative Council 1:30 p.m Christ's Ambassadors 6:30 pjn. Junloi Christ Ambassadors s:30 P m Evangelistic Service 7:30 pjt. Tuesday 7:30 p.m Priyer Meeting Thursday 7:30 pjn Bible Study OAI.VAKV BAPTIST 16th iiiii Clilrkasawba P. H 'Jernlgan oLttar Sundaj Scnqol »:30 -i.m MoVning Worship 11 00 am Intermediate G A 's 5'30 pjn • BTU 7-00 p.m Evening Worship 8:00 .m Wednesdaj choir rehersai and oificers and teachers meeting at the same hour 7:00 Wednesday Prayei Meeting 8:00 Prida> Men's brotherhood CHURCH OF CHKIST Harold F. Sharp, minister Main and Highway 61 Bible Classes 9:45 a.m Mominp Worship 10 50 "The Misunderstood Christ" Bible Classes 6:15. Evening Worship 7:30 p.m. New Testament Conversion. Mid-week Bible Classes 7:30 p.m. OHUHUH JF THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION Rev. Amos H Knderlin. Pastor Rev William' M Heck. Assistant Pastor 'Sunday Masses 7:30-10 ajn Holy Days''6:30 and 8-a.m Novena to our Sorrowlul Mother Friday 71.30 Confessions Saturday 7:30-8:30 p.m FIRST LUTHERAN CHURCV Sixth and Walnut G Miessler. Pastor "Moments with c;od" KLCN each Sunday 9:30 a.m. Sunday School 10:00 a.m. Divine- Worship 11:00 a.m FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH Lester I). Slrubtiar. minister 9:30 a.m Choii Practice 9:45 a m Sunday School 10:50 a.m Morning Worship 6:15 Chi Rho Junior and Senior C. Y. F. Lunch 6:30 p.m. Chi Rho Junior and Senior C Y F Lesson 7'-30 pjn. Evening Worship CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SOCIETY 1211 H .Main St. Sunday School 9:30 a.m. Siinday Service 11:00 am Reading Room Wednesday 2:304:30 p.m. Wednesday Service 8 p.m "Substance" will be read in nil churches and Societies ol the Oh'urch ol Christ. Scientist .on Sunday. I.AKE STREET METHODIST _CI!URCII Rev. George McGhehey, pastor Bob Mctiaffoy church school tju. perintendent; p B Jarratl chair man O l the Board ol Stewards. Mrs Blllj. King, president o( WSca Sunday School 10:00 a.m Morning Worship 11:00 a-m MYF 5 p.m Evening Worship 7 p.m WSCS 2:30 p.m Monday Choir Practice 7 p.m Wednesday FIRST BAI'TIST E C. Brnwn. pastor Sunday School 9 40 a.m Morning Worship Service 10-55 am Training Union, «:30 p.m. . Evening worship Services 1:30 p.m. Wednesday Sunday School Caal- nei Meetlnt, «:44 p.m Prayer Service, 7:« p Officers and Teacher* 7:00 p.m. •FIRST CHURCH Or TB* KAZABENE Royal G, telmlta, Paster Sunday School >:45 a.m : Sermon by pastor II mm . Sermon bj pastor 7:30 pm Nazarene Training Union <<:IC p.m • Wednesday Nicht Prayer aUstt- ing 7-30 p.m W.P.MS Wednesday afternoon > Pin. Sunday School Visitation Pride; 7:00 p.m FIRST BAPTIST CHAPEL MISSION RCT David SB»IU Sunday School 9:40 Worship s rvice 10:85 ajn. Training Union ".3D pjn Evening Worship 7:JO P av KIRST METHODr*T Roy I. Barley, Tutor Church Scnool 9-45 a.m Morning Worship 11 a.m Youth Choii Rehearsal 5.4S p.m 6-30 p.m Junior Fellowship In- termedlate M.YJ\ S*nlor-Youn* Peoples M Y.F Evening Service 1:30, Aftci church fellowship t:30 p.m Wednesday, choir rehearsal 1:M ^ m . FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Rev. Harvey Kldd, pastor 9:45 a.m. Sunday School 11 a.m. "A Bold Prophet.'.' 6:30 p.m. Young People's Meeting 7:30 p.m. "Our Fall Program" Wednesday 1:30 p.m. Choir Rehearsal TEMPLE ISRAEL Dr. Alfred Vise, rabbi Jewish New Year Services Monday 8 p.m. : • Sermon "Temple and Synagogue, the Center of Jewish Life." Tuesday 10:30 a.m. "Resolution and Responsibilities" ST. STEPHEN'S EPISCOPAL ,. \Vllliam J. Filihurh, rlcar • Fourteenth Sunday alter Trinity 7:30 a.m. Holy Communion 9:30 a.m. Church School 11 a.m. Morning Prayer and Sermon 4 p.m. Confirmation Instructions Monday 8 p.m. St. Stephen's Woman's Auxiliary meets at the home of Mrs. A. G. Shiblcy. Rural Churches GATEWAY TABERNACLE L. G Church Service 9:45. a.m Evening Worship. 7:30 pjn HUFFMAN BAPTIST Darlri McPeake. pastor 10:00 a.m Sunday School 11:00 a.m Morning Servtc* 1:30 p.m B.TU Meeting 8 p.m Evening Service Friday 7 r>.m choir practice and prayer meeting BURDETTE CHURCH OF GOD Re?. O. E. May Sunday School «:4S a.m. Morning Worship. 11 a.m Young People, 7:00 Evening Worship 8:06 p.m HALF MOON ASSEMBLY OF GOD RET. Martin Rearan. pastor Sunday School 10:00 a.m Worship Service 11:00 a.m Ynjne Peoples CA Service «:30 p.m. Evening Church Worship 7'30 p.m Mid-Wees- Service Pridaj 8 pjii HUFFMAN CHURCH OF GOD Sunday School 9:45 a.m Morning Worship 11:00" a.m -Evening Service 7:30 p:in YP.E Saturday 7:30 p.m ROUND LAKE < CHURCH OF CHRIST Thomas L. Conner. MlsUstor Sunday School 10 a.m Worship Service 11 a.m Wednesday Nizht Bible study BIG REDUCTIONS IN SUMMER DRESSES INCLUDING CREPES, PRINTS, RAYONS COTTONS AND WAFFLE PIQUE ALL WEARABLE RIGHT NOW C Regular 8.98 Regular 7.98 Regular 5.98 - - - NOW 5.98 - - NOW 4.98 - - NOW 4.00 HURRY WHILE SIZES LAST * AUBO mUMNAatr iUPTUT •«. fufar tor, Bhiatttr . , Sunday School 1* \m. (^wehliw ateriw 11 B.T.TJ CM PM Pretchlnt T:M fJf. CLEAR LAU i. m. Cca, Bunds; fchoo) » 4* mm Worship 8^r»ic« 11:06 a aa. Trainlnf Dnlon f:iW pja Worship Senrlet 7:10 pai. T:M pj« TARBRO mmK»DMT ran RGB LUle? E. V*w«tt, Mlalal«r Church School mrj Bunds j 1C ajn Church Worship B»rric«s Jnd and fourth Suudaya 11 a.m. first and third Sundays 1 fm • PSCS first and third Sundays PROMISED LAND CtTCRCB LeR«j H«irj , a Chdrcb School »T»rj Bunds; 1C a.m Church Worship Serrfcwi _ first and third Sunday* 11:00 SA s«e- ond and fourth Sund»y»-» M pjn M.YJ mettinis second ana fourth Sundays *:30 PJD Wscs second and fourth Thura- dajs WES! BLYTHKVILLK PARISH METHODIST W. B TMnl Puta* Wesley MeaiMrlaj ckurek Churcn School 10:00 ajn 6upt floyd Da»i» Worship Stnrtoe U:OB a.n Wouhlp Benrte* 1 pjn BALf MOON METHODIST CBVBCH Church School 10:00 am Lupt Earl Baker Worship StrTico 11:00 a.m Worship SenrLc* T:00 pm WOODLAND CORNKB BAPTMI AnaW Ctajtra, Mlakstw Sundaj School 10 ajn Worship Service— 11 -00 ajn C A Service 7:00 p.m B.T.o 7:00 p.m Evening Worship 1:00 p.m Wednesday ?raytr Service 7:00 IMMANUEL BAPTIST A. M. BoaBtan a*it«r Sunday School 10 a.m Morning Worship H ».m rrainlng Union 1 p.m Evenlns Service. 7:30 p.m Wednesday night prayer serrice 7 p.m. GOSNELL BAPTIST Cari Caatlesua autor i Sunday School, 10:00 «jrt Morning Worship 11 00 aja rralnlni Union 7:30 pjn Evening Worahip. 1:00 pjn Thursday T:SO pjn Prayer 6er»- ARMOKEL BAPTIST W. E. Edmondaoai, pastor Sunday School 10:00 ajn Preaching 11:00 a.m Training Onion T:00 p.aB Ereninj Worship i:00 p.m Wednesday Prayer M«tinij 7:>o' — Aatersm, Church School 10 Worship Serrlce 'I am M.T.F Oroups ( p m ' B»enini Serrlca 1 p.m. Mld-Wetk Bcrrle* Thursday NEW LIBEBrT BAPTIST Plrai SBllM 8M(h Blfkn, M Ruawll D»W«, pMte/ Sunday School 10;00 am MoTBln* Wcvihlp M:0o'»j«. Trmlnlnf Union 7 p.m •renlng Worahip Btrriaa • pj>. NUMBKB NWt BAPTIST G*tw (kllta, f»fUt Sunday School, 1:44 tm . Uornlnj] Worship. 11:00 tm Sunday 1:11 p . m uim-ae Ann bro School auditorium Training Onion. T:«o pas Sunday School and church at Taw- Krenlng Wonliip. i pm Luxora Churches ASSEMBLY OT COD 10:00 ajn Sunday School 11:00 «.m Worship Servloa «:00 pjn o A Service 7:30 p.m. Saturday Servlc* 7:30 pjn Wednesday Pray« mr- CHURCr OF CHRIST . B.. W<x4nr<, EnBgrtM fllblt $tuay lo ajg Preaching 11 a.m i:M p.m on first and third Sundays Tuesday, 7:30 pjn H r sharp conducts BJbl* Cliss .FIRST BAPT!ST A. B Hill put<K J O. Dickinson pastor 10: & m Sunday Scl-ool 11:00 a.m Worship Service* i:0fl pjn B T U 7:00 pm Worship Service 7:00 pin Wednesdaj Prayei Service I.UXORA METHOIHS1 B L, Ktblnsoi Pa>|w Church School 10 ajn Mornlnj Worship 11 a.m Methodist Youth Fellowship Cruupa, • p.m Evening Worship Serrlos 1 oja Ote«ol« _, J WIIH.I. J. . Fourteenth gimd.y after Trtattty. • :« Church School \ PTBST BAPT1BT *J *• Bsrraat. laMlsar Sunday School f:«a i m « Worship U w> tJ Union e M pjn . Sernct TM pm Serrlc* 7;j« p j£ CBUBCB OF OslBIBT «. t BMtu, Ena^Us* atornmi Worship 10-44 aim Rvenlnt Servic* 1:M paa'~ Sunday School I 4$ ajn Blblt Study Tuesday and 8T MATTREWa \ »e», ABM H EaaVrlte \ Every Sunday Mais 1 FlslSI rENTECOfJlAL \ N'smu Kent, swsta* Bventni Sarrlc* 1:0" pin ; FlalST PKESnrTEUAN 1 , U 1. L.wr M « ,»rt« \ Sunday School 9-4t am ! Morning Worship U ajn t Vouni People S.oo pjn ' Wedneujay e»enlni aaurtea 1:M — -—• • • I FIKS7 ASSEMBLY O* GOB Ml S. BroaslM). Rev. Murphy Smith, pasta* Sundaj School 9:4i ajn: Morn In* Worship 11 mJD Young People O.A'• l:4» pjn Evangelistic Servlc* T:SO pjn'. , Thursday Evenlnj l;»o pjn WMO Friday 1 pjn. Thrilling Beauty! Amazing Valutt B«aatifu] wedding ensemble In rich 14k yellow [eld. The six' diamonds are mounted in ' ntlc lica' shaped Btrrtes 11 aj», —•-•-' --^-'-' TOUaaC | Worahip Bsm« Ti>jk W»dn«6d,jroij«i Chair prwste l:M pm. Baete ctwfe T:tt fm _ Borti Mother and Son Hadacol Proves Real Ness&f To ReEeve Sufftring From Stomach Dfetwtacts canted by lack of Vitamini B,, H^, Iroq and Niacin in their systems _ i to loon ai me nappy exprepdcm OB «^irmB- ki n r ?' , huffll! ? ace above to recognlzie tKe favct that ahe'i *ri«"'?;I 0 !.I! B u hoUBhthil mother and tak " ke « n Intawirt in n« M« ... i.._ jj^| e son. Sha lives at Rbuta 1 Box 42. , *?? wh * t » handsome.huskv- tookingyounjsterhersou.Mark Wendell, has turned out to bel Mr«.;Shuff tells us that since , taking the great HADACOL, h« V R? 'if 0 "TJ 1011 more energy. Well . i that a_ Iht way R youngster \ ihquld be, but Mark Wendell "' *"?,:•, alw »V s I" «uch healthy ^condition, due to lack ol Important .VlUmln'i B,, B h Iron and Niacin: ( ....,••. • Aa i Mrs. ShufT says: "My son ftark Wendell had been sick for QulU »om« lime. A lot of . the timt he could hardly hold anything on his stomach. He was Tery pale and weak. Then [atarttd giving him HADACOL, and he improved so. He has , gained weight, and I know he h " m °re energy than a dozen wild Indiana." , Adda Her Own Kxpcrlenc* Then Mrs. Shud thoughtfully added her own Interesting ex.' - u "When you are a housewife on a farm you have lots of work to do. Not hard work but work that U tiring — especially .when; don't feel : well. At night I couldn't rest, and food ', no matter what I ate, didn't ' ?*,?* wHh me. Then my sister ; told m«j about HADACOL.I took •her advice and began taking It. :}. jelt better since taking the third Dottle. So far I've taken fifteen bottles of HADACOL I .eat anything I want lo. I sleep well and my housework doesn't tire m* at all, Anything I say about .HADACOL would be an understatement. You can understand fthy our Jamlly Is sold on it. Whole pMiiin, Benefiting We certainly agree with Mrs. Bhuff becaiise every day count- less Jetten pour In tc!Iln« whole famlllu are reaping tra- mendous health b»neflU from taking HADACOL—that rmt new product tvtryont to talk- Ing about. .„...* .HADACOL actually rattsrvw the RIAL CAUII of Indlgti- H 011 ;: heartburn, gaa palna, bloating and belchlna; aft«f eating when due to lack of Vitamins B,, B 2 , Iron and Niacin In your system. Know tha Joy ol being able to eat and enjoy the foods you raally Uka without ; auflerlrn attcr-maai distress. And here U something that should make you about with Joy— continued use of this areat HADACOL;i*«[pi prntni such, painful ttomack dittrct* Irom returning. On*l far Pliny, Ncrron* T»misi. •ten with Sock DcArinwto* HADACOL not only sirppllea w «» k . run-down, deficient fittlc bodies with more thtn thalr dally needs of Important Vita- mlns Bj, B,, Iron and Niacin but also beneficial'amount* of precious Calcium; Phoaphbrua and Manganese—ielemenli ae vital for growth, to help maintain glorious health ana to help guard agalnrt «uch deflelmcy ailments. KADACOL Is sHmpry groat foi puny, sickly klddlea who lack }, n *»e vital elements. Look wha» It did for the llttl« 8ha« bor— look what It did for hl» mother Then why riot give HADACOL a chance to help •yott or any momber of yourjamUf troabled this woy? It coats only - ^~-" a ony a> -ill amount a day. A'.trial-ahat hot- " He, only ^1.25, Large famljT at hospital size, tt.M. Bold m » strict, money-back gaarutsisj. day aww. w* art •jrwainf fclsjsjslsy ''• custonaers put back (r«ai vacahW Aa< wisely, saany mt aWaa «M briaBaaif Atif imfotm Home! Ve ara B laul t* W aJca«« AM* Pontiacs Kack aoam«-lW (his U koaaa M *heas. Wkcr*r«r ye* sac she Fontiac jervict tk« Bls»aa ^^ Poaliac U (ivn ; bcM—ajaai fare y«« awaay La aW iM« Every alo» you drfv* TOUT P»M s.Scrvica DepartnaM 'x tnti raaasWa a a-a wabMic Uaaai DM* i. Pontiac with Pontiac / Service D CHICK LIST FOR FALL -lsHl^in* s*ft». O UWkatlwi smai M Ch««it*. D t*a« U wMld 1 " »f *»a» : 1 Corn* in for a "Ch*ck-Up NOBLE GILL PONTIAC, Inc

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