The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 23, 1950 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 23, 1950
Page 9
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..MONDAY,;JANUARY 23, COURIER NEWS OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoopie FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLO8SEI Heat's On SGAO, 3AXE? I MJ6WT HELP YOU POSlTlOM IF VOU HAD AT L6A.4T THE EROOVTIOtO OP A STOCKVASDS BUTCHER.'-;- -roo BAD you AS A SOV TO RCX.L . PCP-UP PILLS FOR A OXAV, SO *U«e * WALKIN 1 BARREL o 1 BOOKS, AN' f WH£W WE EAT ' OUT AW COWT SEW© HIM HOME A BONE,'HE LOOKS SO SO 1 JtS SLIP ONE OLTTA HEB£ •JTO A EMPTV "AW GIVE HIM ANOTHER BAP HABJT TO t>,K.e UP MORE Of MY TIME CATERNS ID ALL THE YOU 60T?-~ DON'T PM MO DOX6V TAIL Ohl WE 'CAi)S6 I OlDN'T SET AROUND ReADit •WE. COSISR eo>ys.'— - POP ALLOS SAID T WAS 8RISWTSR AND NATTIER. VEARWS rr, AND THE BIG HUNT 6 ON/ LETS BOTTOM BOX/ AT LEAST we'RE <3tmiM& — UH—-WABM/' MOST ge OUT ON WSF66T — ASKIMG , ABOUT 50BS = WHY MOTHERS GET GRAY for Sale, Cars and Trucks t » Bargain price Hi-ton LXxine Ke body truck, praalcally new. See at. K. M : mrtin Service station. 21U East Matn. or phone S2'J 1J3 pit 22 Instructions "New Classes In Shorthand. Bookkeeping. Typlns Mm I- M 'Burnett— lllll) Hekrn*' >|5 <* « Loons WANT A-FARM LOAN I have one of the best-loans to be had. 20 years to pay. Cheap rate of interest. Will refinance your place or help you to buy. one. RIALES LAND CO. W. T. IBarnett—Russell Riales 2262 two phones 3322 k... . 11-25 ck tf MONEY toTOAN On City Property or Farm Lands CONWAY& HOD CHINS GLENCOE HOTEL BLDG. • 1-13 ck 2-13 Money to Loan Do you nee4.» loan to repair or rc- modeiV So (town paym'etit on mortgage, no red tape. FHA APPROVED RATES 5% • '• ~ - ASK FOB."DETAILS-; : : Max Logan, Realtor ~pnone 20M ' ' Lynch BuildtDff •f • . Blythevllle, Ark . MONEY. TO LOAN ON REAL ESTATE W. T. BARNETT _ Ph. 2262 or 3322 0 1-6 pk 2-6 Wanted to Buy • Want to .buy or will trade 48 Chevrolet Plck-Up In first- class condition for -good 24 to - 30 - root, house trailer Stanley Fraricnhurg, Route 1.. Manila; Phone 2322 Dell. 1-17 P* 3-24 Highest prices paid for CHICKENS— EGGH Ash Street Grocery A: Market w. Asa. . «|7 ck ti I Love By Evelyn Barkint by NUSUVICC. MC THE STOMITt • •d h* a|M>n«-d • »*rlM«»1. W» •*•!!*« • •* • »•!!? col omr tkrmi pailral mm* !•*• »«M« nlbrrk. !>»)••. Ihl* llmr w» mm* rniin; nriluklMrBtB !• Make *• ••» IXlvl.ul 11.r.. xxm QRADUALLY, however, we set- lied down into 3 kind of compromise routine. This ultimate harmony, with both sides wiggling like cornered worms, was comparatively easy to achieve in view of our mutual excitement and preoccupation with the panorama of medical practice and daily living unfolding before our eyes. There was acluaUy almost a physical lack of time in which to develop these many minor disagreements into major warfare. A good screwdriver and a lot of work to do combined with the economic struggle for existence, will often delay that first. Inevitable misunderstanding indefinitely, although not, | as John and I soon discovered, for- i ever. j Before our private Battle at :the Bulge look place, though I there were those terrific doctor (marriage hurdles to overcome next. Besides these, the previous ad tments as to toothpaste caps, and misplaced bills became as in sigincant as mosquitoes on th Empire State Building. "Isn't it just too, too IhrillinR t be married to a doctor?" is a com rnon,question, symbolizing _qne "the most universal delusions o this century. . As far as I can see there is nothing thrilling abou being on call 24 hours out of 2 getting up in the middle of th night because someone else isn asleep, answering to the descrip tion of devil or deity, dependin upon the gossiping patient's poin I of view, and the current state o jhis indigestion. , 1 Then there are these choser (people who, while conceding th jromanticisro of John's calling, lik ;to say sympathetically: "You miis 'be terribly Jealous to have to ur husband go off alone to see autiful women In bed, even ey are sick." DOCTOR'S wife is often in the same category as a civil'scrv- nt and a political bigwig. She supposed to render prompt and fflcient service to the community y locating, answering, and de- vering professional messages; hile'at the same time she is ex- to smile ingratiatingly at .1 possible voters, chuck babies ppreciativelj under the chins, and jread good will in the immediate irmly Like a visiting brush sales- an. She must also be immune to surprise. After once coming home o find John practising on a piece t raw meat with his short wave let'trocautery, in anticipation ot patient who was due in the ollice o have her moles removed by this "Bosh,". I answered Indignantly. "You-doctors just like to sound important. It's almost; as bad as » secret code. Besides, it confuses patients and frightens them, like Latin writing on a prescription that makes ordinary aspirin read like doomsday." . "Look who's talking,** laughed John. "What about you lawyers? You take 1000 words to say 'Fifty dollars, please,' and twist the English language by some hocus pocus so that it sounds like an exercise in -irregular French verbs. ' At least we doctors put in bona fide substitutes." , • • • TTAVING been uncovered In my glass house by John's denunciation of legal talk, and Knowing full well the improbability of my ever converting the medical profession to good sense, 1 set out to learn their code. In the first excitement at my arogress, John exhibited my repertoire wherever 'we went. Even after. the first flush wore oft, his Pygmalion pleasure in my new accomplishment never failed. At "It looks a lot like rain tonight—I vyonder if your father thinks more of his new car with the automatic drive than he does of that beautiful new dress of yours!" PRISCIIXA'S POP Not Missing Anything BY AL VERMEER loodless weapon, I qualified. But after three months of tact- ul diplomatic maneuvering with neighbors, 1 told John:-"I'll sweep your floors, answer your phone, but 1 give up on being the contact man for your organization. rrom now on, I'm going to smile only when 1 please, and if Mrs. FHzpatrick wants me to admire Her Herman, I'll pistol firstl" use my water his insistence, 1 went to medical conferences. Hospital stafl rooms, and all professional meetings with him. until gradually, as if to compensate for the grueling grind and imprisonment of practical doctoring, a whole new world appeared before my eyes. Where were the lofty, scientific discussions, the perplexing diag- Another complicating factor In a doctor's mamage is that sooner or later his wife discovers being married .to a physician w living with an cause o( all the language difficulty encountered. Medical vocabulary notoriously makes archaic Greek sound ~ PR1SCII.LA! IF XXI THROW THAT SNOWBALL AT MR. BOTTS YOU'LL' GO TO BED WITHOUT DINNER! FRIED FISH AND CARROTS! WHAT ARE WE HAVING FOR DIMNER VIC FLINT- The^h BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANK 20,000 Jews to Move To Israel During 1950 j TIj AVIV (AP)—Jewish authorities directing the "ingathering of the ' exiles" hope . 20,000 Jews will .come to Israel from Poland in 1950 to find a new home. Arjotu -190,000 Jews from Poland'are now believed to b« here. iPolish authorities recently have tended to let the bars down on Jewish immigration to Israel. In recent \vceks,' several large transports oi Polish Jews have arrived. Available estimates indicate ,50,000 and 60,000 Jews remain in Po' land out o fa pre-war population of 3.600,000.. The Nazis were said to have wiped out 3,000,000. Hundreds ^thousands have been scattered W various countries since the war. Herring Come to Dock CAMPBELTOWN, Scotland (AP) —Fishermen here made a catch of herring without sailing. They located them under a steamer at the end of the quay and tossed their nets over the side. SORRY,Y1ISS,YOU ^ Alt RIGHT, IU fts the court] CAN'T S/HOKE IN HEREA PUT IT OUT. recessed, ^ EVEN DURING RECESS. Kld 51 ' Ck ' 5 FUNNY THINS, MONTE,THAT GIRL' 3 STRUCK THE MATCH THERE LI BJf PIENTY F SMOKE IN HERE WUEM THIS LITTL flRECRACKER GRINDING HER SUITCASE.' SOMETHING OUT THE ClOtaCT ON fantastic scheme (^ moved into hi|h fear. _ HER THE WAY A MAM DOCS.' noses, the most recent advances Imagine my surprise to discover cussions always included , was incredible!" a wo Broadway," a detailed account ot club: "Man! Can she s'wing it!", CAPTAIN KASY Calling All Car's and the intimate, intricate histories BY LESLIE TURNER a'to the inner workings, costs, and his colleagues discuss HOL.V SMOKE! THVT B 1 LONGS TO OWE o' w rwiws! THEY MUST* KEN Ml 1 LOOK...IM TH' WALL IS TOKWOlir INTO TH 1 UEX7 BUILP1W! JUDAS PKIEiT! THAT'S TH' 8WIK.! AMD HERE'S FLOOR was like tuking a lesson in double CAPTAIkJ F ROUT TO CAU. FOB TO SLUfBOUMD THE 6AUK. ATONCf I «t "Why don't you simply say gall- they finally got down lo trading A OANtf OF *»F*ceAC**«« actual cases, it was never done in cholecystectomy?" the Hippocralic manner of but always and spirit oi "Who the word at my request, caught the biggest fish?" term," he replied righteously. (To Be Continued.) Taken up one ErAy mftre mule. 1 otack horse mule o. D Long Rt. 2 12J2T '* J|27 COY GOODSON can do the job well. . .contract work, wiring, appliance repair BUGS BUNN BUN HEATH CO. HEY/ WHAT'S HAPPEN IN'? TH'. JOINT'S COAMN' / NOW I APART/ TH' MAN PIP SAY SOMETHING ABOUT KEePIMG UP TH PAYMENTS/ PREFABRICATED KNOW GUV'NOK/ THEM THEY P HUNKS/ IT PAYS YOU To Keep Your Shoes in OPENING SOON Blytheville GOOD REPAIR Wedding & Corsage Flowers Our Specialty Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes up lo 36 In. Corrugated Metal Culverts Sizes up to 84 in. Anlnmatir Flood Gal" Concrete Septic Tanks Melal Septic Tanks Sewer Tile "*si Prices We r» c ii VCT A. H. WEBB < Hi{hw»T S] »l SUU UlM Phont 7H Here's Another Special! $10 LESS EVERY DAY 1946 Chevrolet H-Ton Cab & Chassis Tuesday's Price HAMLIN FOR SALE Concrete culverts, u inch (o M inch, pT.tln or reenforccil. Als« Concrete Bnilding Blocks cheaper than lumber for barm, ehiekei •wnses. [ramp houses, tcn>«< *<««ses. tool sheds. \\e deliver. Cill •$ (or free estimate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. HI. CO UJ O You can buy it for $695 on Tuesday, $G85 on Wednesday, etc., if the truck is still here. It has 8.25 tires on the rear, 7.50 on the front . . . good heater, perfect motor, and excellent paint . . . clean as a pin AND a 49-50 Arkansas license. $ 695 DON'T YOU THINK OOP'S BEEN IN AMVZON- LANO LOUS ENCU6H TO HA.VE LEARNED THE SECBET OF , YEH. BUT WHY HURRY 7 \rsso NICE AND OUIET HERE SVITH .id ' ... A FINE WAY TO FEEL WITH TH' POOR G'jy KNCOONG H1MSES-F OUT HELPING 1)5 EAJSE A MILLION HES HAVING A \VTHEE OF A TIME/ TUNE IN ON HIM AND YOU'LL see/ CO 48 STUDEBAKER LAND-CRUISER S1695 Fully ecaipped with r.iio, hc»ter, overdrive, hill-holder, «thilc •tdewall tires, and exclusive nvlon «pho]slerr, sliinj black finish. Owner's name on req»e»t. Cheek this very special price CHAHBLIN SALES CO. "Your Friendly Studebuker Deafer" RAILROAD t ASH , PHONE 888 BOOTS AND HER HUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIN

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