The Hawaiian Gazette from Honolulu, Hawaii on November 13, 1872 · Page 3
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The Hawaiian Gazette from Honolulu, Hawaii · Page 3

Honolulu, Hawaii
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 13, 1872
Page 3
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IclcoruIolcnl Record, reu Tnn month or October. Hi lib ft I f j-i n t l i WNWfl tt ST fcNE Clandr ... ipjw as d .io MfCSM H da do 4tMMWtH 71 HI da da lST4 f da da 4SWatf W SI ' Sooth Vr. (II TW II SI fla da 0 W Illl 54 MS . 'E - 'Ont immUfH 74 ' de MaasMssj WW. d. .. Mi3MtjrM4 fT i -BjoUirrlj- JWir ... mMVHaw 14 w ( w n o4 Ctrar MS MB.' UrJ ' a m; ITaetM 74 IfcjaaaUSaal 74 I 8t IMM 74 I fct niMjr 74 1 a da I'aNl NBIjyX tetany do do da aa 0 3 ! Mia si 3 17IIM Osrar 13 J. Hh. d da . Hi DMUrtjr XEfcjr X da M3 fe'lll ; . WT4 Ctar i ... I l 1 i le w, . i do ! . IK 74 1 I twit HI Tl at Wiwian, lil-Maeeeste trade: 2nd.bat mltry weather; lblMulnl firaiK; Mb-.,rnlrrt trade; 1 1 1 It art limli Itsli V attir wwttiert lHli-ralnr Mmr- m llmgtr4- NlKkf!ig .tmaen; t3rd-dew el 3ii ttaae: Mti-irmfi traar; -vui-jviijg Hhuti of the Moon lot Vie Month of Nov. 1872. Ksmis sv arr. dasici. shith. Hesemu) .mean time. Ita, Fil It aasill'l S3) m CS rn 7 14 rx S Kax aaam,ewlMa TIME MIX l!lIXS AND SETTING. M,!MMHt. 4 :... Son ti SSn 611 bnnSrli 17 HW. ...Sunbetl 51.. IS2 Sihi Set. 414k .. Si Sun Sets 1S .. OXUS OP THE WEEK. Wr. are requested by the P. M. General to in- i Mereus H. Sigma n through this paper, that bf ih taiit mail two letters were received at the I'm ogeo, to bis address. As they are probably if srtant le him. he is requested to call nnd get The new bndge at Kalihi on the road to Kwa will opB to imblic traffic on Friday or Satur-eWv f lH(s week. This bridge is a most substantial Me. beitf bottt of heavy timbers, supported m row ef mo piles fixed in the solid rock in tee bed ef the Mream ; the planking being cov-erai with seeatbing felt and asphalt with pulverised stoee ever the composition. Aurnos Saw of A'autable Real Estate. Oo Tbersday (to-morrow) the valuable estate or the late I. It. MoCilt Stouey. at Kahuku, will be sets! at aeetioe by Messrs. Adams and Bartow, lateedielely after the sole of this estate Mr. Beriew wiJl sell the Lands of Kahuku, Keana sad MataekBsaee, adjoining tho Kahuku Point Kutelt. aed the Land of Puuuui. near Hono'uta. The letter preperty contprises over ICO acres of lead, tjfiee which Is a new and commodious tlwieBufj-beese. "VVr kern that the crater of Kilaaea is still : aeeJva. tbe great south lake being full of lava te everflswiBg. presenting an un - aoiive surface; being kept by the escap- s fa a state of constant agitation. Those wfce iewre to see Madame Pele in a " flurry" weti ie welt te pay her a visit by next steamer. A trip te.Keea aed a nde thence to the volcano and H3e hi litne tor the steamer of the 2oth . wMti a party of tourists, make a pleasant The aex4 steaeter from San Francisco will be eae lseiw ee Friday er Satonlay. However, (wWek is ieebtfel) should the Dakota have sailed rasa Sh FraBcisco on the Cth inst last AVed- inilir she may arrive to-morrow. Considerable sonetv is Mt bv our American residents as to the eraot reseh ef the Presidential Election on tbe Stb. Sboeki tbe Dakota have sailed on the Slfc. tilde more then a roagh estimate of the te- eaH will be received by her. Oou The German ship Madura, Storm, ar med mt this nort on Mondav. CS davs from New Cattle. X. S. with a cargo of 1530 tons of ceal te tbe agents of the IT. S.. X. 7. , and A. Mail Stean)rip line. The Madura reports the cUb A bee Batl as having sailed on the same day (SeeiC 3d) for this port with a cargo ori5C0 tons ef mat te the same consignees. The Syren at the bate of the departure of the Madura from New Castle was awaiting her turn to load. We uaduietuud that a portion of ber cargo will be far tbe use of the steamer Kilaaea and the Br the Kitatee and Ulfema from Kona, Hawaii, the tot in or on Saturday and the latter on Monday, we karn that the indications of a Kona Etarai wfateh appeared here last week were xesaned there. Doth vessels were obliged to leave pasjeapexs and freight behind on account ef aM being able to land at the principal points ef enbarkatien. It is not unlikely that we shall baer of a severe southerly gale having been ex-peoeaced by vessels happening to be at the time, a short distance to the eastward of Hawaii, as the heavy sea along the south west cccst or that gave indications of a heavier storm not fir . than was actually experienced there. tVc have seen at tbe Carriage and Blacksmith Saip of Mr. Beafield, on King street, a light baggy isade by Mr. 'West, the manager of the CJtel)faiirooaU which, for finish, beauty, and i liaa.lli. Is quite equal to any of the same emmet class of vehicles imported from abroad. "When wc say that this buggy was made by Mr. "West, we mean to be understood that he made hutfc the wood and iron work ; and from the fine-aacs ef the work in both, it would be difScnlt to set whether he is more skillful in one than in the other. We also noticed the painting on several carriages io the same establishment, which aiiBeared te as to be superiour to any we have befare seen ie this country. Upon inquiry, we feead that this part of the work was done by Mr. Harrison, recently from New Tork, where list) has been employed in carriage pointing in s of tbe first establishments. TtmtMCAL. The second appearance of Fanny Mergaa Pitelps ul Buffnm's Hall on Saturday eveaiag was greeted by a large and appreciative anditLoe. lie comedies presented were received with reat applause and the favorable opinion flu aid of the ability of Fanny Morgan Phelps as sm actress, by those who were so fortunate as to witeeM ber first performance hero on the Mon-3av eveaiag previous, was more than sustained. Bath the " Comical Countess" and the " Maid of Measter" (the pieces presented) are both well fitted to display the peculiar talents or Miss Phelps. It has seldom been the good fortune or aeoetaplished artists who have visited Honolulu te be ae to command as able support as Miss I "kelps finds in Mr. Joseph Rayner and Mr. Le Xay. Beth these gentlemen are well and favorably known to the theatre toing public and have always been greeted by their audiences here with tbe appkase which they trcll aeserre. Miss lTteipg was again greeted by a full audience last N 7 ' 7 BXE I 74 ST . e ! nvaauaes 3a Sdddfx Death. On Monday morning a native going along Hotel Street trundling a hand cart, stopped with his cart opposite Houghtailing's drinking saloon and sat down on a bench io the verandah. Soon after sitting down he was heard to fall off the bench by parties inside of the saloon, who rushed oat . and Ending him insensible, .poured water on his head and braced him op, sending, after some hesitation, for medical aid. Dr. Oliver was called and the man conveyed to his office, but npon arrival there was found to be nearly dead. Every effort was made by the doctor to restore him, but without effect. Almost a Fire. At about 11 o'cloclc on Sat-urdary evening a fire was discovered in a building belonging to Mr. A. Bolster, on Richards street, between Merchant and Queen streets. Fortunately, the flumes had made but little headway when they were discovered, and the prompt measures taken by those who were near at hand prevented what might havo been a serious con- i deration. It is supposed to have been the act ; of an incendiary, as the fire evidentlv first originated between tho shingles of the roof and the plate on which the rafters rest. Probably dry shavings or oiled rags were placed between the roof and the timber.iml ignited by a match. A holo was burned in the roof something over a foot in diameter. The following is the di?ptilion made of tbe cases coining befure the Supreme Court during the October term : The King vs. Moke Kalablao Having intercourse with c girl under 14 years. Appeal from Police Justice, Honolulu. Verdict. Not Guilty, Attorney General Jor the Crown, "W. C. Jones for defendant. The King vs. Manawa False Impersonation. Verdict, Not Guilty. Attorney General for the Crown, J. W. Keawchunahala for defendant. The King vs.W. D. Mahu Accessory to above. Verdict. Guilty. Attorney General for the Crown, "W. C. Jones for defendant. Sentence, 3 years hard labor and fined $50 and costs. The King vs. Kalepe Murder. Verdict, guilty of manslaughter in the 3d degree. Sentenced to 3J years imprisonment at hard labor. Attorney General for the Crown. Messrs. Judd, Dole and C. C. Harris for defendant. The King vs. Alapai, Kaluawaa and Kcawe Conspiracy. Nol pros, entered in tho cases of Kaluawaa and Keawe. Verdict in the case of Alapai, Not Guilty. Tha King vs. Kamcna Highway Robbery. Verdict, Guilty. Sentenced to yesrs at hard labor. Attorney General for the Crown, Kana-hina for defeudaut. The King. vs. Kanehaiku Larceny. Plead guilty. Sentenced to 1 years imprisonment and S.iO fine. Attorney General for the Crown, W. C. Jones for defendant. The King vs. Kawiki Perjury. "Plead guilty. Sentenced to 1 year imprisonment at hard labor. Attorney General for the Crown, E. Preston for defendant. W. P. Wood vs. Kanehaku et al. Trespass. Appeal from District Judge, Honolulu continued. Manini Mnnuela vs. Ikeole Appeal from District Judge, Ewa. Nonsuited by agreement. A. F. Judd for plaintiff, W. C. Jones for defendant. Manuel Manini vs. Pelani (-) and Jkeole, her husband Ejectment. Jury waived. Verdict for plaintiff. Exceptions noted. A. F. Judd for plaintiff, W. C Jones sor defendant. Kamahai vs. Theo. H. Davies Action of Contract. Continued. W. C. Jones for plaintiff, S. U. Phillips for defendant-John O. Dominis vs. John D. Holt Action for Contract. Judgment for plaintiQ", by default. F. II. Harris tor plaintiff. Henry Cooper vs. R. Keelikolani Action for Contract. Judgment for.plaintiff, by default. A. F. Jndd for plaintiff. The King vs. Joseph R. Bradley Attempt at Arson. Codtinued to next Term. Attorney General for the Crown. The King vs. Frank Ingram Malicious Injury. Verdict, Guilty in the 2d degree. Sentence, 3 months imprisonment at hard labor, with costs or Court. Attorney General for the Crown, W. C. Jones nnd A. F. Judd fur defendant. The King V3. Andres Camacho Murder. Ver dict, Guilty of murder. Motion for new trial on exceptions to be heard in January term, unless a special term be ordered. Attorney General for the Crown, Messrs. C. C. Harris and W. C. The King vs. Chung Nan Smuggling. Ap peal from Police Court, Honolulu. Verdict, Not Guilty. Theo. H. Davies vs. Wm. Hughes Trover. Judgment for plaintiff, by consent. S. H. Phil lips for plaintiff, Ed. Preston for defendant. Chas. D. Summers vs. Theo. H. Davies, Agent of the Stuibuck Island Guano Company Action of Contract. Continued. W. C. Jones for plain tiff. S. H. Phillips for defendant. The King vs, Kaaiahua Practicing medicine without License. Exceptions from April term. Exceptions overruled. Attorney General for the Crown, W. C- Jones for defendant. The King vs. Ah Lon Yon and others Ob structing Justice. Exceptions to ruling of Mr. Justice Wiiiemann, August term of 4th Judicial District. New trial granted ot next term of 4th Judicial District. Attorney General for the Crown, E. Preston for Defendant. The King vs. Kuheleaumoku Murder. Ex ceptions to verdict. Exceptions overruled. Attorney General for the Crown, D. Halai and Ke-awehnnahal, by E. Preston, for Exceptions. Joseph Lazarus and Kaniuiakaole, his wife, vs. Jame A. Burdick Ejectment. Continued until January term. W. C. Jones for plaintiffs, E. Precton for defendant. Ahui vs. W. M. Lambert Appeal from Police Justisc of Honolulu. Continued, nisi, by agreement, l'l Preston for plaintiff, A. F. Judd for defendant. The King vs. Waahea Practicing Medicine without License. Exceptions from April term. Exceptions overruled. Attorney General for the Crown, W. C. Jones for defendant. Tho King vs.. Kaankane Perjury. Fleaded guilty. Sentenced to imprisonment at bard labor for IS months. The King vs. Naapuelue Pejury. Pleaded guilty. Sentenced to imprisonment at hard labor for IS months. John Montgomery vs. J. C. Pflager Assumpsit. Appeal from decision Mr. Justice Hartwell, January trm, 1872. Judgment for plaintiff. E. Preston for plaintiff, W. C.Jones forR. U.Stanley, for defendant. John Norton vs. Paahana (w) Divorce. Appeal from decision of Mr. Justice Wdemcnn. Appeal withdrawn. W. O. Jones for plaintiff, S. B. Dole for defendant. In re Estate of Thomas Keegan, of Honolulu, deceased, Exception from rnling of Mr. Justice "Widemann. Exceptions withdrawn. E. Preston for Exceptions, John Montgomery for Contra. In re Estate or Nakuapa (w) or Honolulu, deceased, Exceptions to themling of Mr. Justice Wdemcnn on motion for new trial. Case argued and submitted. W. C Jones for Exceptions. Messrs. Jndd ond Dole for Contra. In re. Estate of B. F. Sniffin, or Maui, deceasedAppeal Iron? decision of Circuit Judge of Maui. Appeal sustained. L. McCully for Appellant ; R. H. Stanley, contra. In re, Estate of Paele, k,) of Ualapne, of Molokai, deceased Appal from decision of Circuit Judge oj Maui. So appearance. In re. Estate of Thomas King, of Honolulu, deceased Appeal from decision of Mr. Justice AVidcmann. Appeal sustained in part. Mr. Phillips for Appellant. Campbell 4: Tnrton vs. David Kamaiopili, Administrator of Estate or Kahookano Appeal from decision of Chief Justice Allen. Argued and submitted. A. F. Judd for Complainant ; Messrs. Keawehunabala and McCully for Re-spondondent. In re, Proof or the "Will or Elisabeth K. Ha-lulu, of Honolulu, deceased Motion for new trial. Motion withdrawn. Kalaaukane for Motion. J. B. Keohokii, k., vs. Kahananui, w. VI vorce. Discontinued. Kaukalia for Plaintiff. In re, Estate of Poholowai, deceased Ques tion reserved. B. F. Bolles, composing the firm of Bolles &. Co, vs. A. Unna, Administrator of the Estate of J. Lyons, deceased Appeal from Police Court of Honolulu Decision of lower Court confirmed W. Dole for Plaintiff; A. F. Judd for Defendant. The church-and-state ferment continues with out abatement. The old Catholics are once more in session, at Munich. The Catholic riot at Essen, which led to a bloody conflict between the mob and tho troops, is charged by the Ultramon tane press to Bismarck's anti-Jesuit policy ; but in reality it was the breaking out of an old sore, and called for desperate remedies. Essen, a seat of manufacturing and mining industries, with a population of over 20,000, lies in the heart or the Clcve-Julicb district, which figured so largely in tho Thirty Years' War as the stronghold of Catholicism upon the Iwer Rhine. Ever sinco its incorporation with Prussia this district has been uneasy under the rule or a Protestant dynasty ; and or late years tho younger clergy and the clerical press, inspired by the Jesuits, have almost made treason to Prussia a test of loyalty to Rome. In the war or 1SGG the sym pathies of the people were with Austria; and though in 1870-71 they wore carried along with tho tide or national patriotism, they are to day more with Rome than with Germany. Tho ec clesiastics inflamed the people against the Jesuit law ; and the rumor that tho Jesuits were to hi expelled by force, nnd even carried off at midnight by the police, was enough to raise a mob. The Government promptly sent two battalions or infantry from Dusseldorf to put down tho disturbance. CO.U.-tlEltC'IAI. IIOSOLCLO, NOVKMI1EK 12, 1ST2. The foreign arrtrals since oor last report are the IwrL Oa- ItalJl, from Portland, Orejtou, en route tor Hongkong, with flour and Chinese jussenperf. She will take some freight and petij:eni from this plsce. The German ship Madura, from Newcastle, with coals fjr tbe steamers; and the Haw. schooner Kauiailc, from the Guano Islands. The Garibaldi itportt thr Faltinburg as baring left Astoria for Portland on tbe 11th nit. We have no further arrivals of whalers to report. There arc Ihree or tmr which intended to come here; prohahlj the winds for a week past hare teen unfavorable for uiahiug tbe Minds. C. S. Barjew held a sale on WJncdy, Thursday and Friday last week, it beluga dealing cut sale of Englith consignments. Although a largo portion of the goods brought low prices, the sate was better than could have been expected, considering the state of trade. We hare not know n a time for many years when so little produce was being brought forward as at present; therefjto nur export trade is at the ljwest ebb, and Exchange on San Francisco is very scarce, some jnrties being obliged to ship specie. As tut little gold is totwhad, American half-dollars are the only .available coin for export. We hive every rea son to believe that a few weeks will work a change in this repec, as quite a uututor of our Plantations commence grinding In all this month. VeJ may look for liberal ship ments to lie made by the middle of December, and hi'pe that our circulating medium may be kept in the country. We have reason to suppose our importations must be in keeping with onr wants, and will thertf.irc fail aliurt ef former years. Ocr exports ought to, and w ill w e think, cover our imports ; and we see no reason why Exchange may not be had on California at former rates by the New Year, at least. One thing we overlook by some. In former years In tho fall season, when little produce was goiog forward, we had need for funds for whalers cse and for the purcluue ef Oil and Bone, and those who had funds in California needed them this w-ay, and the purchases become the remitters of exchange. Asitisatthe present time, fands are ordered from there in another direction, I. e., to the Fstern States or Knrope. We might also mention that whalers exeliange has In former years been ued quite as extensively f,.r remittances to California as to the East, which is another reason for exchange being so scarce at this time on that port. The bvrk Conricr Is loading for Bremen with Oil, Bone Wool, nides. Tallow, 1c u.vroitTs. For I'tands In the 1'acille, per Lnnatlln, Xor itesn nigs' Beef, Mils ItreaJ, ca Chests, , Ovflce. bags Cordage, coil IKiors, Flonr, qr sks, pbgk ProTi-ien, cs 8 faint Oil. drums 10 TS Pitch, bbl 1 .V) Potatoes tks 20 So Klre, It 2,500 .3 f alnien, bbls 15 1 Salt, ten 1 50 Sosp, cs 4 200 Split Teas, demj 1i 15 Sngar. kegs 49 16 Tar, bbl 1 faint, cans 35 ' Talne lknestlc..fl,W0 JO; Toreijn $1,134 10 For Gnano Islands, per C M IVard. Xov S Ileef, I.Ms 20 Tot. hWs 13) Bread, cs 15 fork, litis I Hotter. bMs 2 rotators, bMs 10 Molsws, pills 430 rorapMn 100 Valoe Tmetic. ..S'iW; Foreign S2S3SS. IM POUTS. From Newcastle, X S W, per Madura, Xor 11 1530 tons CoaU voitx op AltlllVKI). Not 7 echrf Settle M.nill and Klnan from Maul, Aetlro J rum Hawaii, ail iioanieie irom Ivanai. 9 ElmrKilaneafrom tTIndward Torts. 10 Am bl; GaribaMI, Nojes 25 days frnm Astoria, O, bonnd to Hongkong, aclirs Mary Ellen from 31aui, rrince and Uitatna from Hawaii. 11 Gerslilp Madnra. tonn, CS Oars from Newcastle, N S W, and echr Warwick from Molokai. 12 Haw schr Kamaile, Dority, 29 days from Jarris Is. SAILED. Not 6 Schr Kamoi for Mani. 7 IIsw ketch Lnnalilo, Enjlish, far Islands In the faei- nc S Am selir C M tTarii, Hickman, for Gnano Is. O Schr? J.nnT, TIattleand KeonlAna fr Kanat 11 Stmr Kilanca far Windward Ports, and sclirUcknlde for Eanal. 12 5cirs i;nm and Frince for Hawaii. a'AS-SICSIOnS. For Gnano Ialands. per C M TTarit, Nor BO A Bridge, A J Kinney. Mr Tfright, Mr nines, 3 E Wearer, and 20 laborers. From Windward Port, per stmr Kilanea, Not 9 Mrs Need-ham and 2 children. Miss .Maria Beckler, II Ui Mary Jllnor, Miss Mary E Elchardson, Mrs A O Forlm and 3 children, J Brown, and 49 deck. For Islands in the Pacific per Lnnalilo, Not 7 Edward Probart, Peter Mailing. r and 9 Mlnibikii. From Altoria, O, per Garibaldi, Not 10 J II Galilger.BS For "Windward Porta, per stmr Kilanea, Not II Tlij Ex Got P Nabaolelna, Mrs Capt Makee, Nicholas George, Mrs Needham and 2 children, Mr Dillingham, Miss Gibson, t Welsh, and S9 deck. MIIPPIAG AKAVS. The Garibaldi from Astoria tonehes for supplies and water, the has some 210 Chinese passengers and her cargo consists of 3,100 bbls Oregon Flonr, SO eases Terpentine and 112,000 ft Lumber. - Tbe schooner Luli, Ballister, which cleared for Etarbnck Island on the 5th and the ketch Lnnalilo, Enclish, for Islands in the Pacific, on the 7th, owing to the light southerly wind and calms did not nil till the Sth inst, when they were towed to sea by the Pele. Assignees' Notice. ORDER TO CLOSE UP TUT AF- TIT J. ! fairs of the Estate of CHALLAMEL A CO., all persons still indebted to said Estate are hereby required to make immediate payment to Mr. W. BAHNES, or to the undersigned, as otherwise they will be prosecnted at law. F. BAXXIXO, . , F. A. SCHAEFEH. Ajiigncei. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. Sperm Oil. TUST RECEIVED A QUANTITY of the V SIMOX TUBE ARTICLE warranted. For ile by 44 BOLLES 4 CO. Polar Oil. PER HAIlK "K.W.WOOD," a verr ,aprior quality, for sale in quantities to init bj 4) liUUbba & tu. Kerosene Oil. 600" CASES DOWNERS nnd DEVOES' KEKOSEXE OIL, cuanntted fint quality. and daily expected to arrtre per (nip Ceylon from Boston direct. For sale at the lowest prices by 44 BOLLES A CO. N O T 1 C E. The iinilcrnlsrncit linvlnr been np- I i .. , i " r , I... V ..,... r ft t J ..7. IHMUIlu .leiiiiicva , tut. Miaicm vuimi iivuii fa voluntary bankrupt), hereby request all persona indebted to said Estate to make Immediate payment to the said Assignees. s. u. WILDER. TUEO. II. DAVIES. 41 Aisliiuccs. Guardian's Notice. milK U.Di:itSIGM:n has been dnlr np. JL pointed coardian of the Estate of KOSUIAKEA KAE0, of Ilonolulu, Oahii, in accordance with the provisions of tbe Civil Code, Section 1352. All persons are hereby notified that no debts can be contracted by said Kunuialea Kaeo without my authority ; and all persons indebted to him, will make payment to myself. 4l-3tJ (Signed) r. .NAilAiJLhhUA. HAWAIIAN HOTEL, Honolulu, Sandwich Islands, THE FAMED PAEADISE OF TBE PACIFIC. THIS KI.KGANT HOTKI, HAS fliij1 been completed and is riow open for tbe recep- tion of guests, baring been erected without re cord to expense, costinc with furniture orer 7190,000, All the chambers are largo and airy, and fitted with luxurious baths and other modern eonreniences. Parties contemplating sisiting the Islands can al ways secure rooms or obtain reliable information by addressing tho l'roprietor. (44-tf) A. llKKUKKT. A;li;:tukk hi dc delivered on FltlDAVT EVENING, at Fort Street Church, by Db.wesios, to the Students at ranabou College. The Lecture will be illustrated by chemical experi ments. Friends of the Studedts, and the Public gonerally are inriaed. Admission, frcal Lecture ta commence at 7,u r.i. City & District of Honolulu. TAXES OF 1873. N OTICE is Hereby given Hint the undersigned will collect the Taxes of this rear. for each mid even" division of the aliove district, ut Ids Office in Marine strict. (Aicnul.) on nnd after SATUIiUAY, lit! luiu inst.,nmt requests immediate payment of the same trom all parties name thereto. GEO. II. LUCE. Tax Collector. Tax Office, (Aicnoi,) Ilonolulu. IV. 12. ISiJ. Officii own on Mnndare. Wednesdays and Satur days, irom a A. .v. to 4 r. .m. n DUE NOVEMBER 20th FROM LIVERPOOL TI1E FINE BRITISH BARQUE "EXCELSIOR," EDGAR, Master. THE CARGO IS OFFERED FOR SALE, AND FORMS ONE OF THE BEST ASSORTMENTS EVEE BROUGHT TO THIS MAEKEU COTTONS Choice Prime, Brilllantcs, Long: Cloths, Shlrtincs, Sheetings, Mol&kin, Ticking, Jean Shirts. WOOLENS- Fine Coalings and Trowscrines, Witcrproo! Tweeds, Blankets, Twilled Flannels, riola Carpets, SILKS- Black Fiprurcd, Gros. Grain, Mulrc Aoliquc, White Satin, Colored Moire Antiques, KicU White and Colored Silka LINENS Damask, Dock, Drlll,"Towcls, Sheetings, Lawns, Brown Drills. SUNDRIES Cotton Half Hose, Alpaeca Coats, Pique Frocks, Crimean Shirts, Ladles' Underclothing and Handkerchiefs, Valenciennes Lace and Insertions, Cashmere and Merino Shawls, Hawaiian Ensigns, Wool Packs, Gentlemen's Shirts and Underclothing, Waterproof Clotlilns. Saddles, India Rubber Hose, Wrapping Paper. PrintinfT Tnlrs.illnnk anrl f!nlorntl I nio"oiI, Wotre &. Co.'i Ale, Blnod Wolfe &. Co.'a Porter, Tcntlent'a Ale. ItiU Coope A Co.1! Ate- Brandy, Whiskey, Champagne, Old Tom, OILMEN'S STORES, YORK HAMS. White Lead, Zinc, Boiled Oil, Blacking, Flower Pots, Hat and Umbrella Slands, 500 Barrels booth's Portland Cement, 100 Tons Best Steam Cos.1, Fire Clar. Fire Bricks, Victoria Red Bricks, Hoop and Bar Iron, ttrtrpool Salt, Rooting Felt, Bollonrware, Nappies, Salmon and Salmon" Backs, kc, &c. 41 THEO. H. DAVIES. TKHEE OF AXsLZSOXTS CELEBRATED UPRIGHT PIANO FORTES, FOR. SAI.E- RV 4Kt THEO.. H. DAVIES. Marshal's Sale. IX ADMIRALTY. WHEUHAS A BILL OF C03IPI.AI.VT has been filed in the Supreme Court of tbe Kirpiom before the Hon. II. A. Widemann, Justice of sal 1 Court sittins as a court of Admiralty on tbe 31st. day of October, A. D. 1S72, by A. F. Judd, Proctor for John J. rowless, Fetcr, Tony, Jliho, and Peter of Gnam, acalntt the schooner called the Emily, whereof . A. Fitman waa and is now master and such proceedings harins been tbtreopon had, by the decree of said Court in this case made and pronounced, on the 5th day of Korember, A. D. 1S72, it was ordered that tbe eaid schooner milr to gether with her tackle .apparel and furniture be sold at Public Auction-on Friday the 15th day of Korem-ber instant, at K v. aow therefore In obedience to said order to ma di rected, I shall sell on- Friday tba 15th of 2?orember, instant at 13 ir, at the old Custom House wharf, at Public Auction the said schooner Emily together with her tackle, apparel and furniture. An Inrentory of said schooner can be seen at the oSca of the Marshal, tonnage S9. W. C PARKE. Marshal. 43- E. P. ADAMS, Auctioneer. WASHIXGION" HEAT HAHXET, Next door to Lore's Steam Bakery, Xanana. Street, Xlooolala, T. IT. DC2CSE, nofunn. Beef, Mutton ssd Teal of tie Beat Quality. Also. Sail fork. Salt BX, Seperlor Pork SanceaaIraTi m hand and sold at tbe Lowest Market Prices. tO Meats deiiTcred to all parts of tte City. ly NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. SECURITY LIFE INSURANCE ANNUITY COMPANY, Or NEW 70SK, NOS. 31 AND 33 PINE STREET. ItOnT. 1. CASE ...President. THEO. It. AVETJItmE...VUe-PrealIent. ItEUHKN II. LWOErtlllLL Connsel. Absolutely no Restriction on Traiel! POLICIES 1XC0XTESTIBLE i AFTER THREE AHHUAL PAYMENTS. The chance that jour life Trill fall within a year Is two per cent. Tbe chance that jour bouse will burn within a year Is less than one quarter per cent. Vibj insure tbe latter and neglect the former? Life Insurance is not like Fire Insurance, an ex pense, but a sure investment in time or need. No man can foresee the condition of his' affairs at his death, but by Life Insurance a family can be Securely Provided For. .tad as to tbe best Company, there are 90 many good, sound ones, that with ordinary intelligence you can scarcely go atnln. But bo sure you select a purely Life Insurance Company. Avoid cooperative swindles as you would poison, and insure only in an Life Company doing a legitimate life business. Keep out of Local Hoards, as you would keep out of the fire. Select a well established, well regulated and well managed Life Company. One that has safely passed through the first few trying years of its existence, and has by its fair and honorable dealing with policy holders, and economical management, proved itself worthy of the confidence of the public, and such a one is the Seenriti Lift In$urauee and Annuity VtUHpatty of Xnc York. This Company is now over ten years old ; has hal unparalleled success ; has accumulated over Three Million dollars in assets ; has to-day S112.6J of assets to each $100 of liability j has always paid itt losses promptly ; has its agrncies organized in almost every State in tbe Union ; has always done a safe business, and has made n record and a history that commends it to the people as ono of the best in tho country. And as for its liberal and honest dealings with its policyholders, we can refer you not only to its thousands ol living members, but also to the hundreds of widows and helpless ones who arc- to- lay enjoying pleasant and happy homes, as the result of a polioy in the bEcunivv. The Security Lire Coiiruxr needs no other com mendation than its successful business in our own Islands. Parties on the other Island desiring information or needing documents, will apply to the Agent for. the Kingdom, M. MCINERNY. '9-3m Corner Fort and Merchant Sts. CIiARL.ES LONG, No. 6 Merchant Street, IIitN on Iinnd uml lor mtle n Superior Assorlmont ol WINES, SPIRITS, ALES, Porters, Cordials, Sec. !ltuinnrt, l'crc ct pagne, quarts and pints. Fils' Cham. Peinhard A Co.'a Champagne, quarts and pints. Different Brands Cala Champagne, do Lcl'riemo Oantcnsc Claret, do St. Julian .Mcdoe Claret, do Chatean I.afitto Claret, do Chateau la Rose Claret, do Claret in Casks anil .or draught, California White Wine, on draught, Liebfrnuenmileh, Hockheimer, Superior California Hock, Direct from the Vinyard, and guaranteed pure jnlce or tbe grape. Port fviid JBlaovary wlnos, Casks and Cases. Port and Sherry Wines, on draught. Fine Old Madeira, direct from Cadfi. Cordials, in cut glass decanters. Ponfait Amour, Anisette, Eau Verte, Crcme de Cassis, Eau do Vic de Dantzic, Curagna, Absinthe, Maraschino, Martetl's and Hennessey's Brandy, casks and cases, Superior Old Iloiirliost Wlilnkc)', Also a few gallons Superior Bourbon Whiskey for Medical use. Pure White Gin, in Quarter Casks. Pure White Gin in cases, 4 doxen each, Gin in cases, 2 dozen each. Gin in cases, 1 dozen each. Gin in cases, 15 bottles each, Gin in baskets, dozen gross each. A Larero Assortment of Bitters, Angostura, Bolter's, Ilufeland's, I. X. I... Hostel lers, Humboldt's, I'ipifax, Sumers Sansenain, Fenet liranca, Urange. All tho aboTe will bo sold at Chcan as anr other house in the city, either in bond or duty paid. 34 Ho Traveling; Agent Employed. 3m Licenses Expiring in November, 1872. Retail. OAIIU: 1st Ah Hum .Xuuann street, Honolulu 2d G 1 Roberts Xuusnu " " 2d Ah Tong .lleeia, Koolanpoko 5th G Segclkcn A Co N'uuanu street, Honolulu 5th Tbos G Thniui ..Merchant " 5th Ah liana .Kuuann " " Sth AfonsrAchuck Xunann " l.",th Ilollister A Co Xuuanu ' " , 12th L Copenhagen Nouanu " " 17th Joseph Lemon A Ce.Maunakci " " ISth One Sin ....King " 22d Leung Nam Ulakoheo 29th James SHiton Hotel " HAWAII: 1st Chew Hoon A Ah Pan, Waiohion, Kan 5th Chung Pea -Waiohlnu, 20th Ateum -Punahoa, llilo JUCI: d J J Halitead Palauea 29th Kahiniau Waltua KAUAI! 16th Geo Charman Koloa JIOLOIIAI : 5th ' C II Parker....;................-Kawaikapu Wholesale. OAIIU: 6th Jno Thos WalerhouscQueen street, Ilonolulu Honolulu i -'Victualing, -1th It Roilmann -...Fort street 7th R Rycrolt..... . -Fort ' 13th Lin Cheong....H..Maunakea. 16th Ah See Maunakea" HAWAII: 12th Aieona -Ponahoa. Uilo itnlclier. OAIID: 4 th Wahine- Kins street, Honolulu 25th Jose Arica, Cor King and Maunakeasts. ' Dllllarda. 7th RRycroft .. .-Fort street, Honolulu Uoat. 7th Kahale (k), Jfo. 5 Honolulu 7tb Kepipi (k). So. 5 . . 7th Kauhane (k), Xo. 6 " 7th Capt. Babcock, No. 7..... ........... " Sth Kaoo, No. ......... " nAWAII: 2Sth D II Hitchcock- ". 29th Kaliaa . " Ilorae.' OAHU: 1st Kake, Xos I and 2.. ......Honolnlu 1st Kanamu (k), Ko...... ...... " 3d Jlao (k), ."o l. ............ ......... Si Piiipo (k), No S .. it 4th -Napua (k), M 6 . . " ISth Kilob! (k), No 7 . 27th Kauhiahiwa (k), No S................. " 27th Kanwahiokalue (k), Xo 9 and 10. Pi re Arms. Cth Kawika........... Honolulu 30th T K Parke ......... . . - " 30th Geo C Siders .. ' DURING MY ABSENCE FROM THIS Kingdom, Mrs. Elizabeth Thium will act forme under full power of attorney. THOS. THRUM. Ilonolulu, Not 6, IS72. IJ-Jm AUCTION SALES. Br E. P. ADAMS. THISJDAY. Regular Room Sale! WEDNESDAY, : : : NOV. 13th AT IO C'OLOCK, &. it. A Large Assortment of DESIRABLE GOODS! Comprising Groceries, Crockery & Glass-ware Dry Gooda, Clothing, Fancy Goods, Blankets, Kerosene Oil, Barrels Salmon, &c ALSO. TWENTY SACKS ARROWROOT ......ALSO, Ono Amphibious Boat A now thing! E. 1. ADAMS, Auctioneer. Valuatolo REAL E? & rw 4 rw B-JlJ-- -- AT Ptmiiic AUCTION. On Thursday, 14th of Nov. next, At l'i o'clock 'ooiia TIIK UndersigneJ will Sell at Public Auction, at the Sales Boom ol E. P. Adams, by order of the Executors of the Will of tbe lata I. II. M OFF ITT STO.YKY, The Valuable Estate KJi'OWJf AS KAHUKU POINT SITUATKD In the District of Koolanloa.Ialand of Oahu, ANT) CONTAINING 117 62 Acres of Land .MOItK OR LKSS, Of which 6703 acres aro freehold, and 9024 acres are leasehold, having aiout thirty years to run. There are 1271 acres of Paddocks inclosed by substantial stone walls. There are on the Estato Over 900 head of well-bred Cattle Forty Horses. Anil 250 I'liic AVool Sheep. There is an excellent DWELLING HOUSE, with Furniture, and all necessary Outhouses, Wool Press, Wool Shed, Stables, Ac., all of which will bo sold with the premises. Tlao torms of JSolo OF THE KAHUKU ESTATE ! WILL BH ( 0 1 o , o:o:o TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS AND THE BALANCE SUBJECT TO ARRANGEMENT. A FULL INVENTORY OF Furniture, House Linen, Agricultural Implements, Sec, Can be seen at the Office of tho Auctioneer. For further particulars, Inventory anil Plan of tha Estate, apply to tho Executors. W. L. GHEEN or A. S. CLEGIIOItN, or to the Undersigned. E. P. ADAMS, C. S. BAltTOW Honolulu, Sept. 21. 1S72. Auctioneers. Immediately after tho sale of the Kahnlca Estate, Will bo sold PUBLIC AUCTION ! tty urtler of the Ux ecu ton of tbo Utc I. U. aMoGtt Stonev. alt that PIECE OF LAM) AT KALAKOHOXO, At tho cntranco of 1' uoa Valley, near Honolulu, grantni by lloyal I'alent o. ZISO to tbe late Robert Mofiitt, containing by survey x aa-ioo aobus : This l.iece of land is cntirelr fenced in. nartlr br Stone Walls, and is suitable for house lot or pasture. E. 1'. ADAMS, C. S. BAltTOW, Auctioneers. ASSIGNEE'S SALE OF. Real Estate in Lahaina. , nr piiDEn or Messrs. S.G. Wilder and T. H. Davies, Assignees of the Estate of Chung Hoon, On Saturday, December 14, 1872, At 12 o'clock TVoon, At my Salesroom, Will be Sold, That very desirable piece of Land on Main Street, Lahaina, adjoining; the premises of A. WalKr, Esq., nitli the buildings thereon. For particulars enquire of the Assignees, or K P. ADAMS, Anc'r. Honolulu, Nov. 12, 1STA SALE OF CATTLE I On Saturday, - - - November 16, AT 10 O'CLOCK A. 51., XT REV. LOWELL SMITH'S PADDOCK, K'JUXXU ViLLFT. By order of A. F. Jndd, Es Attorney in fact for Mr. John V. Holt, will be sold at auction SIXTY HEAD FAT CATTLE Sale Poxlttve. Tcrmn Cn.ili. E. P. ADAMS, Anel'r. On .Friday, November 15th, At 10 O'clock A.M., at Bales Room, An Invoice of ELEGANT JAPiH WA1E! -sucu. as Cabinets, Elegant Trays, Stands, uiore Duxes, iisDflKrrcuiei uoxes, . Card Rcctlren, Wort Bones, Writing Desk, Cigar Boxes. One pair decant Tases Sc. Spittoons, Embroidered Cushion.', Supor'r iTajpax. Tea I A Dcmbcrof Engravings and Colored Pictures, Fancy Articles of Glassware, Leather and "Wood. fST Boom open for impcctlon of Good on THUKS-DAT, the Utu Inst, at 12 o'clock. C. S. BARTOW. Auctioneer. Notice. DVTtUla 3IV ABSEXCE PROJ1 THIS Kingdom Mr. CUAH. T. GCLICK -Ul ta my daly astborixed attorney, and will bate charga of my Inalmi, J.W 1L TUOMrSO.t. Ilsnolala, Marth till, IsTZ Vm AUCTION SALBS. Jly C. S BAflTOW. REAL ESTATE .A. .A-uotloxx,. The Uadtrsigafaa is -attract! to Hit at PabKe A action ON THURSDAY, ; : : NOV. 14 Of inanatelr fUr th Sl of K-Lkoka iSwt. . lb KUU of I. R. HHS-t&e7, . THE LANGS OF KAriOKU, KEANA. And Maiaekahana, Immediately adjoratsjr; The Kahuku Point Estate, CesUiaiat; abut 0000 ACRES OF FEE SIMPLE LA5B! With a eeutsaodMBS Dwtllg ITwiea, erafrtiMy ftiraUheJ. and Out-houtes. Beieoirtoz to tie Hstata ' bt 1 i.nrt IT. ml fa- A Small Flock of Slicep, Anil ss number orilorsxM. .ALSO The Land of Fuunui, Comprlnlns; oyer lOO Acrtn. Ob an nieea is a Twa-atarr Direatinr Hata. ftea- I talning eight rwun. with tbe ntMry Oat-tosss. rart or the land U feneed with a ttnni waH. Water pipes are laid te both dwtHiagf . aaJ an fop-plied from a neser fadisg ipt wg. lata Land tsdl be offered ia wheie, or m lot U tail. A flan of tha nropertj may a seeo at 9Sn Sows, and farther information gitsa spoir appBritioa Us C. S. BARTOW. AstiMr. REAL. ESTATE rOS. flATYTi B7 ATJCHOH AT THE AUCTION BART 0FC.S. BARTOW ON ON SATURDAY, : : : NOV. 16, AT 13 O'CLOCK SOO.T, All that Tract cf Land called MANUEL PLACE, in Puiwa, Snuanu Valley, Near the realdenea of Iltr Mity QfJeen Bsbbw, nnd containing Flea Acre si Fartts aaxl jR-watcretl la ml, lately occupied by Tfcomaa Ctarlc, with a Dwetlln? House ami otBereoHOSnga therreHs. The la ml it In Fee Sitnute, ami cobmii4 a splsndW view or the City ami Valley. Tin Sweat Stnwvor-rlca jet raheU bare b-een iwodacnl ass tki turn. A plan mar be seen at tbe A net ton Room. TEUMs Half Cat, ami half at a n-(e rile of Interest if desired. For flilber pertirst. Apply to J. MON'TtJOMERT. or ta C. S. BARTOW. Astttiaaeer. GUARDIAN'S SALE0F REAL ESTATE! T AM Instructed by the Guardian X AM AMELIA MITCHELL, a niiwr. Mttoc license from the lira. II. A. WssVsoa Jmtke of the Supreme Coort. aad tsa AMararr ta fact or CAHOLIXH MITCI1BLL PATBR80S. to sell at Publi Auetiea, at Sales Raws, On Saturday, tbe 16th day of Not. next. All the right, tills and isternt of tire nM mm, Mitchell and Caroline MitebaU PatlMsoa, ia aa4 ta One-half of a Certain Lot of Land, Situate! an Llpoa Street, Kena, Haoalate. Conreyeil by M. Ltpoa to Laasuini MMaMI, Casaera .Mitchell and Amelia Mitaball. (taa aarsms -M Carolina and Amelia bewfr aaa-bair,) ay JeaJ af aaa-Tyan bearing data the Sth Jay af Jaly. WW, W-iog a portien af La ml heM aaaer Rayal Pataat Xa. tt22, coctalsln; 339 1 II esisiara faraaraa. TMfa goad ; Terms Cash ; the deed at H ei pease af tfca purchaser. Tha a bare Lat ia wait attsMtail. f(b a aaasfcrUMa two frame dwelHos baata. It wW aa affeswl at aba upset prita of Sesen lis! red DoOers. Far fartWr pardaslan, hsqatre of W. C. JOSB?. er C. 8. BARTOW. AM r. Assignee's Sale; THE Undersigned will Sell at PoMic Anatka, by artier of Tt. A. &tsWef, la., Aa-slgnea of tbe KlUte or AHO. lately ilastit; bastaew on Maunakea Street, ha tha city af Haotau. asrier the name and style of TKS, as SatarOa. ! 231 N'oremher, at 12 o'clock M., a tha aremWso, aH the right, title and iotaraH af tba aaed Aba hi ai so the fallowing daMtibatl fnftttj. Ugatber wfca a the boiMisgs tbereaa situate, ila : All thai aartals piece er parte! of land, iHaaleil an tha aaat sMa af Maunakea Street, and tunnded aad deaariasil aa M- lows : " Begianisg at tha aarear of Kalaasaa art running 51 feel alaag tba Alaaai Kak-awai. ta rfca Alanui Kahl a Panaltsa; tanas a last g saM ,Uamt Si feel deep, thenee 51 feat aratM ta taa Akatn Kak-a wai aforesaid ta the pa of Kalabiaa. taaaee isaag aakl pa M feat to tba point afeaaueaeaeaeat." The aVore praperty wai grantad ta Kaaawa a4 Kapea by Itayal Tataat So. 24U. aa.1 by Aa aaal Knapuu awl Kapea aaaeayad sa R. M. Waaitaaa mj lead, dated the lfta Jay at Ossassr, A. P. 1tm i reeordcl in the oaa of tha Rsgfs4nr at Caaaayamaa in Liber II, on pages 1M aa4 11 ; awl by ae mU Wakeman aattreyed ta the sM Aha by a4. 4ae-t Sth day of Jaly, A. V. lfTt, awl reaarsM la Mr office of the Iteglstrar af Caareyaassa ia Lsbat M, on pagas 224 an-1 237. Tba abase win be saM satdaat ta a'asorssga ea fairer af Mr. II. DtaHnvd for taa aw af tm. wfta interest tberaon fram tba Ha day af Aaraat, A. D. 182. at the rata af I par eeot. par i l'apera ean be exasitBM at taa asea at Mr. r. Sebaefer. C. 8. BARTOW, .Wr. at llenalulu. Oatober M, 172. House Furniture. I will sell ON WEDNESDAY, : : NOV. 27th At-the Residence af Mrs. Pierea aa4 Mrs. Jskaitaas, earner of Hotel street aad A4aasa Laaa, The Entire Furniture of the House! Conibtlng ef rariass artleiei, watch wM ba IsarcaAar apeaitad. CS. R.VRTOW, Anet'r. JUST RECEIVED ! ..EX IN ' EZTHl OHOIGB And Full Sizod No. 2 MAXIMA cigars: A-nrt ClLCrOOtS. Also. 100,IVeits 4 and S In 7fet Best Camphor Wootl TrsKksI FOR SALE BT tt A. . CtVKOnOKJf . CO. Per Bark "Minerva" FROM HOHOKONC OIHECT, Cases oT MANILA CIGARS 3fO. 3 HAVAXA SJHAFEr The Eeal SIMOIt PUBE AE.TICIE, pst up ia Bares of 100 E&C&. Expressly for our Trade For sale by BOLLES A CO.

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