The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 18, 1952 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 18, 1952
Page 8
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PAGB EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE (ARK,) COURIER NEW! Sparkman in Maryland; Nixon Tours New York Alabama Solon Optimistic of Democratic Win ny JOHN* KOENIGJR. WILKES-BAKHE, Pa. to—An optimistic Sen. John Sparkmnn headed by pinna for Cumberland, Mel,, today with a visit to Phlladelphfn also on deck fitter three clay a ot Intensive campaigning In crucial Pennsylvania. "I have seen a tremendous up- turga o( enthusltism and optimism among Democrats everywhere," the Democratic vice presidential candidate said at- a Luzerne County Democratic dinner here last night. "If thts continues," he added, ''we wilJ win everywhere on Nov. 4, including Pennsylvania.'* Sparkman has campaigned In 27 itates. After (he dinner, at R rally sponsored by llio International La- dEes Garment Workers Union, he emphasized current American hus- InesB prosperity. "How we)l off we are economically, 1 *'he satdj "will be one of the greatest determining factors In the slecUon." About Uia Tnft'Hartloy Law: Bparkman said a completely new law should ba written, one drawn up preferably by represent At Ives cl labor, industry and the general public. TAJC reduotlons, he predicted, may be accomplished by 1954, "assuming the cold war does not becoma a hot one." He said the defense program should have passed its peak by that year and taxes could be pared. Spar km fin said that having been reared as tho seventh of 11 children of a tenant farmer, he had learned the value of "hard work, thrift and prayer." "But these sometimes are not enough to get everything: desired In life," he soltl. "Something maul b« added — co-operation." By co-operation tho working man, tho farmer and (he small businessman were able to elect a government which co-opprnlcd with their needs tvnd desires, he said, •.tiding: "The HepubJlcan party never learned this lesson of co-operation. Its leaders Bald people can work out a cure for themselves. The peo- pld worked out a cure by. throwing the Republicans out 20 years ago." Sparkmnn took a swipe at Gen. Dwlght D. Eisenhower, the Republican stnndnrd-benrer, saying, "It doe3n T t matter much what Gen. Eisenhower says — he'll contradict It tomorrow," The Alabama senator added, "It depends on the ptirt of the country Eisenhower Is In," GOP Candidate Hits Stevenson In Home State By CIIARMCS WI1ALEN CHICAGO tfl — Sen. Richard M. Nixon moved his campaign Into New York stale today after in H1I- nols tour during which ho rapped Gov. Adlal E. Stevenson as a "man who was duped" by convicted perjurer Aijrcr Hiss. The Republican vice presidential nominee ;mmccl hard on Communism nnd forolRii policy Issues In whistle stop daytime appearances at Frecport, Hock/ord and Knnkakce, In Northern Illinois and then mode a strong attack on Stevenson In suburban Wnnelka last nlghl. He .said that while allciitfa Stevenson's did question whether he did not loyalty, he the Demo crallc presidential nomineo — In view of his clmrnctcr deposition for Hiss -— could he "trusted to lead our crusade against Communism." Hiss, a former State Department official, was sent to prison tor lylnn about a leak ot government «ecrots. "Stevenson \vas wrong about Hiss," declared the California senator. "He made a mlslakc in Judgment, And we can't affon mistakes." Nljton said that Gen. Dwlght D. Elsenhower, Ihe OOP presidential nominee. Is better qualified than Stevenson to deal with tho "ruthless masters of tho Kremlin." Before speaking In Wlimetka. Nixon made a televised address at a young Republican gathering in Chicago and then rode in a motorcade through flare suburban Evanston. lit streets of At Winnclkn, the crowd overflowed the 3,200 sent high school gymnasium. Jn all Ms Illinois appearances In Stevenson's home state, the OOP candidate drew tho loudest ap plause when lie ripped Into SeC' relacy of State Dean Achcson. Nixon said that Achcson nnd others In charge of •American foreign policy "should uc thrown out Obituaries John F. Hall, 88, Dies of Illness; Rites Tomorrow John Klelchcr Hall, '17, died at Ws home at 1502 West Cherry yes- tenlny after an Illness of 18 months. Services will be conducted at 3:30 pin, tomorrow tit Cobh Funeral Home Chapel by the ncv. J. A. Dn- dash, Full Oospcl Tabcrrmcle pastor, nurial wilt be In Dogwood Cemetery. A farmer, Mr. 7!all was born In Brownsville. Texas, and had lived In Blythevllle since 1010. Survivors Include his wife Mrs Ida Hall of Hlythovllle; three sons Wesley, Liuvson and Raymond Hall' nil of niytheville; five daughter*, Mrs. Uila Creasy and Mrs. Geor- Ble Stevens, both of niytheville; Mrs. Minnie Emmery of Chicago; Mrs. Stella Mac Carlcy, Bloomfleld Mo.; Mrs, Catherine McClalrn or Memphis nml one sister, Mrs Emma Hoot of Worden. Ark. Pallbearers will be Joe Farmer Jack JacVtson, Virgil Former, Ralph Trommel, Arrion Bolden and Mack McClaln. TRUMAN SATURDAY, OCT. 18, The Hell Bomb 1 By JAY HEAVILIN and RALPH LANE vetr Divert With to a dream of fueMcs* 0far>es and sHips with unlimited range, in* fefplanelary (ravel end artificially controlled weather, hydrogen fusion wig- gesrs no peacetime application. The process- is too fait, • powerful and costly. Beth* government to moVe a solemn declaration that the U. S. would use the bomb only if attacked by one. 10-18 as fast as we ^ of there." gel them out Nixon also continued to fire away p.t President Truman, Jibing at him as "a man who Is rapidly gaining tho reputation for not being able to tell the truth." He said (hat peace la the great Issue of the campaign, and (hen added: "What we want Is peace and prosperity at the same time, and that's something we don't have." EISENHOWER <Contiuued from Page I) an implied promise of future political favor or benefit." "I have made none," he said. "J am still a 'no deal' mnn." At the same time, the Henub- llctm candidate: HI! Truman Declared that President Truman, who he said "claims to be the only true friend our Negro citizens have," voted as a senator In 19-12 against "lifting the pol! tax restriction even for members of the nrmcd services then fighting for this country In the war." Accused the Democratic administration of exploiting minority groups through promises rather than performance. Promised fo call ,u nieetinu of the 48 governors, If elected president, to push a program of fair employment practices. Called for a rewriting of the McCarran immigration law lo Improve the hopes of "the unhappy and oppressed." Elsenhower was met generally by friendly and cheering crowds along his route across New Jersey, but encountered his first real concerted booing near Industrial plants In Cnmden. The general rode in an open car through lunch-hour throngs of workers of the New York shipbuilding Corp.. the Campbell Soup /actorj- and JJCA-Vletor. At each there were some cheers and applause, but through it could be heard vehement boos and shouts of "Jersey for Stevenson." Otherwise he drew friendly crowds on his automobile trip that started In Wilmington, Del., and proceeded Ihrough Canlden, Trenton, New Brunswick, Elizabeth, Newark and Jersey City. He turned to New York at about 10 p.m., EST. RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. SATURDAY "NEVADA" j Robert Milchum Patient-Nurse Talk Easier NEW YORK (it*>— A British hospital Una come up with on Inslru- incjit which enables the patient to talk direct lo the nurse in her.start duty room. The British information service reports here that the system has been Installed in tlie Catherine lie Barnes Maternity Hospital, Solllnhull, Manchester. In the stnlt duty room Is a loudspeaker master unit which has Indicator li»IUs corrcsiiondlns; '.o the exact position of the hospl'tal beds. Each bed has a Epeakcr-mlrrophoiic unit small enough to go under the pollow without causing discomfort. When the patient presses a button a low tone Is heard indicating thill the call note has been transmitted to the office. Simultaneously the approprintc light Blows on tins mnster unit panel. A single key switch enabltti the nurse to talk lo the patient. 'One Big Affair Evelyn Keyes & Dennis O'Kcefe •*«**••••«*«••••«*«*•«*• (Continued Irom pngc 1> campaign schedules he has ever imdcrlaken ns his rousing New England reception nearcd a close He stirred storms of npplnuse iii Boston's Symphony Htill last nlffhl wilh n chnrge IhnL Elsenhower, by his support of OOP Sen. Joseph McCarthy ot Wisconsin nnd Sen William Jcnner of Indiana, has endorsed n "relf-n ot terror by slander." The audience hissed nnd booed tho names of the two senators whom he called "mornl ni E . mles." ' B He lold ruiode Islanders In today's prepared address: "I wns bitterly disappointed a few dnj'S asro when tlie Kepublictm candidate for president told the people o( the United States a cruel and deceitful thing. "You remember what he said o said we ought lo pull our sai- lers out of Ihe righting in Koro;1 nd let the South Korean Army ght (lie Red Chinese hordes nloue. "Tlmt sounded like n promise, ml he meant for It to sound thnt •ay. It somMed like something he •oilld do rlf;ht away. But It was ust nn empty campaign speech to et votes. "I know what his words sounded e (o the mothers :ind fnthers of Ills country. They sounded liv.e •orits ot hnpo, of relief nnd com- ort from worry nml heartache. Can't Pull Troops Out Jwt'j what made them so rnel. The Republican cnmlulnlc or president held out n false hope 0 (ho mothers of America, in an ffort to pick up a few voles. That as a contemptible thing to do. "It was irresponsible, because No Republican candidate knows lint ive can not pull our American roops out of Korea now. We cnn't o It unless wo are willing to &ny o S(a!in, "We quit — you win." Trumaji said that Eiscnhowe snows' the South Koreans "can not land up acaiiiHt the entire Ited Chinese Army." "He knows boiler — and when lie alks about pulling out of Korea. 10 Is deliberately playing partisan lolitics with something that ought o be above partisan politics," the President continued. He said that this government Is ryiiiB to end the righting In Korea 'on terms that will not encourage aggression elsewhere." "No matter what the Republican candidate snys, we are not going o cn«ni!e In appeasement," Trunan went on. "To do that would be to take the sure road lo anolher NEW Air Conditioned By Refrigeration 'Your Cnmmunitv Genlcr' MANILA, ARK. Aliifincvs S;il. & Sun. I'lione SS STEVENSON (Continued from Page 1) carry the stale, despite the detection ol Shivers. Ally. Gen. Prlcfe Daniel, the Democratic senatorial nominee, and others who have bolted on the so-called tldclamls Issue. As ho has done on other Issues, Stevenson picked the hottest po I blc place to declare thnt he is for giving title to the submerged coas- I lands to nil of the states and I just one. "Can't Have tloth Ways" Stevenson charged thnt "rnisun- crstnndlng has hcen spread dcll- cratcly" ahout the tldclniids ques- on. He safd Ihe Supremo Court had eld that title to the lands belongs the United States, adding: 'We can't have It both v.a e can't be tor the Supreme Court 1 Monday and against It on Tues- ay," He said he was "astonished at c false propaganda which has een spread about (he Supreme ourt decision." "The Republicans — and, I am shamed to say, a fcv; erstwhile cmocrats — have charged that government Is trying to steal our Inland rivers, your filled land: ml even your ranches," he said. "They have told you falsely that o school children of Texas are elng roulied of $5,500 a piece. Hits Charge* "There Is not one crumb o'f truth 1 any o! those charges which the eileral talked nbout so blithely uring the well-deserved birlhday eccption you gave him." ,This was nn allusion to Eisen- ower's statements that he favors lying- the states title to the sub- lergcd lands, made during his Isil to (be stata on hi.s blrlhdfly 'ednesdav. Stevenson said that as a matter fact the of! Income from the ands in question was so small that (here are some who say that lose Inntts are richer (n votes than oil." He snld Shivers himself had sug- ested a compromise on the issue nd had added that most of the oil coined to lie 25 miles off shore, in n area to which Texas was mak- no claim. SATURDAY 'Springtime" In Sierrias" Roy Rogers SAT. OWL SHOW "CODE OF THE STREETS" Dead End Kids SUN - MON "WOMAN OF THE NORTH COUNTRY" Rod Cameron Gale Slorm TUESDAY YANK IN INDO CHINA" .lohn Archer •orld war." Truman again assailed the fcCarrati Immigration Act, pafti- nlarly for Us retention of Uic na- lonnl origins quota system which e snltl discriminates n^amst ItnU- .115, Poles, Greeks and others from Instcrn nncl Southern Europe. SATURDAY 2 Wig Mils: Z Cartoons Kit Carson Serial SAT. I.ATK SHOW Starts 11:30 Cartoon & New Serial "Roar of the Iron Horse" SUN - .MON 9 2°- '^Ihfa-^ limr —Plus— "Take Care of My Little Girl" In Technicolor Jeanne Grain $2,OOO,OOO BABY —Candyce King is wearing the most precious swimsuit ensemble you're ever likely to see. The jewels are from the Flarry Winston collection, on display at the Last Frontier Hole) in Las Vegas. Nev., and are worth $2,000,000. Centerpiece for the bra is "Spellbound," and the large jewel al right side of shorts is the 88-caral "Spirit of Hope," each worth $350,000. In producing 264 million tons ol coal since 1806. Missouri has used up about I per cent of her reserves Laymen's Sunday Service Set by Christian Church Laymen's Sunday will fc; cfcr.crvcd tomorrow by the First Christian Church here with the Christian Men's Fellowship conducting the morning '.vorshlp service. Eric Whitley, president of the Men's Fellowship will preside with W. Kemper Bruton, superintendent of church school speaking on "American Singers." Other laymen participating In the (vorshlp service will be A. L. Mason, who will give the call to worship; John Burnett, who will lead the responsive reading; Billy Boone and J. P. Oarrott, who will read the Scriptures; M. T. Moon, who will offer the morning prayer; and G. W. Barham, who will give the benediction. Special music will be presented by a male quartet composed of Danny Cobb, Davis Cobb, Ralph Nichols, Jr., and Larry Bradley. Elders will be J. c. Lowe and Boyco Moore; Deacons, Harry Bradley. Joe McHaney, George Cross. Hadley Hays, J. D. Davis and Ben Henderson, and ushers will be ,T. D. Davis and Benny Hays. Laymen's Sunday Is observed annually by the Disciples of Christ, of which First Christian Church In Blythevllle Is a part. The bomb has produced speculation ranging from poisonous complacency to prophecies ol doom more dreadful than Ihose in Ihe Book of Revelations. One icalislic expression of ~" and courage, fiovewr, stands out against the bleak ' sky—trio 34-story, 5400-windaw United Nolions building, recently constructed ia H-bomb vulnerable New York Cily. Radar Catches 400 Speeders GREENFIELD. Ind. W) — Police, trying out radar equipment to catch speeders, caught 400 in just one evening, then called the whole thing off. Mayor James L. Allen announced tha6 traffic on busy [/. S. -to would be stopped in another way — by adding two stoplights. & Ur AND OVER — Lucio and Bclmontc Cristianl. members of the lamed Crlstiauf equestrain family, arc shown here as they tvade placej "the hard way" on a pair of trotting horses. They will be seen doing this sort of equestrain acrobatics when the King Bros, and Cristianl Combined Circus appears at Walker Park Fairgrounds here Monday. Performances will be given at 2 and 8 p.m. under auspices of Dlythe- vllle Shrine Club. RITZ THEATER MANILA, ARK. SUN.-MON.-TUES. MOX Show Sfarls Weekdays 7:00 Sat. Sun 1 -.00 Always a Double Feature HUGH RAY MiLlAND CARTER'MARLdHUCKER mm Muim Wit-h the Courts Divorces granted: Shirley snydcr and Doliie Snydcr; David A. James and Estella Mae James: Magdalene Haynes and Lorrell Hayues; G. W. Reed and Prebble Reed; Estella Crawford and Luther Crawford; Ruy Chandler and Annabel chandler; Gladys Ellis and R. A. Ellis. AnnuUment granted: Alex H. Brown mid Odic Earline Brown. Almost 89 million resident. 1 ! ot ths United Sines are members of sonis church. = YOU* FMCNOiY THE AT* E WHERE HAPPINESS COSTS SO LITTLE BOXOFFICU OPENS 6:45 P.M. WEEKDAYS OPENS: 1:30 P.M. SATURDAYS AND SUNDAYS He knows who has Ihe cleanest, freshest wash in town . . . who is satisfied with halfway, old-fashioned methods. How do you rate? Do you know our delivery man? We think you should . . . for he can help you to a new way of living. Let him lake washday drudgery out of your house ... let us show you the results of professional laundry service . . . and you'll look forward to his visits every week I Blytheville Laundry-Cleaners Phone 4418 SATURDAY, OCT. 18 'Man From The Black Hills" Johnny Mack Brown .linimy Ellison SAT. M1DNITE SHOW Starts 10:30 p.m. "Wings of Danger" Zachary Scott SUNDAY, MONDAY, OCTOBER 19-20 as His Father as Mrs. Will Rogers c t «., 0 >.~,EDDIE CANTOR »•.,—« .-..,.. FRANK DAVIS .-o STANLEY ROBERTS KICHW R. C. FARR & SONS . Distributors Fuel Oil Kerosene Lee Tires Gasoline Tractor Fuel Lee Tires PRODUCTS PETROLEUM "Serving the Public for 20 Years" 400 So. Railroad St Phone •1567 JOE ATKIN MACHINE WORKS COMPUTI ,IT««C1W«»4 WIIMN* - OIN MM • HA4BWAM (HUT MITAl (HOP AM* MKTHIC MACHHW MFAM* BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS PHONES; D«y 3142; Night «153

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