The Hawaiian Gazette from Honolulu, Hawaii on February 25, 1890 · Page 11
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The Hawaiian Gazette from Honolulu, Hawaii · Page 11

Honolulu, Hawaii
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 25, 1890
Page 11
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; IV j sH I. If w lv mi I i I 3 T C a b d s a 13 d o tl m P $5 ai di sa p : ixa j 5W mi j t let J rt f Th xai da Pr Mi iht Ec tot -Hi sic she noi tin xoc i Th ( ovt j f US! sxc ai evt pri SG da the pic aa jag thi tec 1 E- t n is it st A ti T i oi ti cj U 10 PORT OF HONOLULU. H. 1. Tides, Sun and Moon. BT C. J. LYONS. ! Jjjf M 31 ll! J- -1 i- p.m. a.m. p.m. a.m. p.m. Mon... '24 3.00 7.50 1.40 2.00 6.24 6.02 11.35 Tnes...25 9.40 8.40 2.20 2.40)6.24 6.03a.m. Wed....P 10.30 9.50 3.30 3.501 6.23 6.03 0.27 Thur... 27 11.2010.40 4.20 4.60 6.22 6.04 1.20 Frl :Sa.m.iH.20 5.00 5.50 6.21 6.04 2 11 Sat.?.. 1 0.10 12.00 6.C0 6.40 6.20 6.05 3.00 Enn.. 2 1.00 p.m. C.SOi 7.20 6.20 6.05 J.48 m. ii. .1 rik. CTnnnliilrt tl&Tn Pl&nlnC Mill is blown dally by electric signal from the Surver office precisely at Honolulu mean noon. It sounds again at 28 min. 33 sec. past 1 o clock p. m. of Honolulu mean time, to correspond with 12h. 0m. 0s. as given by chronometers set for Greenwich mean time. This last is especially for the benefit of mariners and jewelers. Meteorological. "" BABQM. THEBMO. j"" ol 2 " o -5 ET"a T S- c 3 - Z.Z "iB -- " Day IP g 6un.16 30.03 30.03 65 810.03 76' 3 sw 1 Mon 117 30.10-.30.01 64 82 0-00 75j 2, se 2 Tue!l8 30.Otl29.9G C4 81 0.00 69 3, s 2 "Wed 19"J9.91 29.89 6D 80 0.07 78 T 8 4 Thur u!29.92 29.80 65 7G 0.34 661 10 a 1 Frl 21 29.9S 29.86 62 77 0.40 841 5 s Sat. .122129.94 29.88 62 78 0.00 69) 2, s 2 !-- ! "t SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE. AKK1VAT.S. Moxday, Feb. 17. Am tern F S Kedfield. Birkholni, 55 days from Newcastle, 2s. S. W. Am bktne Marv Winklem an, Dyreborg, 35 tlavs from Central America. Stnir Kilauea Hou, Nye, from Hamakua. Schr Kaalokai from Kauai. Tuesday. Feb. 16. Am schr Eva, Wikman, 23 days from Haw 'bk "W B Godfrey, Dabel, 17 days from San Francisco. Schr Moi Wabine for Kobolalele. "Wednesday, Feb. 19. ATn bk Discover, McNeil, 15"davs " from EanFrancbcb. i -"' y StmrA'iva from Molokai. gtmr C It Bishop, Le Claire, from Schr Lavinia from Ewa. Schr Waiehu from Kahuku. Thuesd'ay, Feb. 20. Am bk Ben F Hunt, Pritchard, 51 days from Newcastle. 'Stmr Pele, Smythe, from Hamakua. Stmr Kaala, Hagland, from Kilauea. Schr Kaulilua from Lahaina. Schr Kauikeaouli from Kohala. Schr Kulamanu from Halawa, Hawaii. Schr Kawailani from Koolau. Schr Mary from Hanalei, Kauai. Friday. Feb. 21. Stmr Hawaii, Cameron, from Hawaii. Stmr Mokolii, McGregor, from Molokai and Lanai. StiurW G Hall. Freeman, from Maui and Hawaii. Stmr J A Cummins. Neilson, from Koolau. Schr Mary E Foster from Kauai. Satubday, Feb. 22. Stmr .Waialeale, Campbell, from Kilauea. and Hnnalei. Stmr James Makee, Macaulav , from Kauai. Schr Rob Roy from Ewa. Schr Mille Morris from Koolau. Sunday, Feb. 23. Stmr Likelike. Davies. from Maui. Stmr Mikahala, Campbell, from Kauai. Stmr Lehua, Clark, trom Hamakua. Stmr Iwalani, Weir, from Hamakua. Am bark Ferris S Thompson, Potter, 20 daysfrom San Francisco. . ' j Schr Kaalokai from Koloa. DEPAUTUKES. Monday. Feb. 17. Stmr Iwalani. Weir, for Hamakua. Stmr Kaala, Hagland, for Kilauea and Hanalei. Tuesday. Feb. 18. Suar Kinau, Lorenzen,' for Lahaina, Mftalaca, Makena, Mahukona, Kawaihae, Hilo and way ports. Stmr Likelike, Davies, for Kahului and waYports. Sunr Kilauea Hou, Nye, for Honomu and Pepeekeo. Sunr Lehua, Clarke, for Nuu and Sunr Mikahala, Campbell, for Kauai 'Sunr Waialeale, Chancy, for Nawiliwin, Hananiaulu. $uur James Makee, Macaulav. for Sunr J A Cummins. Keilson. for Koolau, Sdir Sarah and Eliza for Koolau. Schr Hceia for Lahaina. Am bk Hcsper, Ryder, for Port Town-send. Schr Luka for Hawaii. Schr Lenhi for Kauai. Am ship Merom, Glover, for San via Kahului. Wednesday. Feb. 19. Haw brgtnc G H Douglass, A Jacobscn, for San Francbco. Seir Luka for Schr ioalu for Kauai. Thursday, Feb. 20. HUMS Champion, St. Clair, for a entire. Stmr Kaala, Hagland, for Kilauea and Hanalei. tchr Moi Wahine for Paauilo. Friday. Feb. 21. Am four-malted schr Olga, Rodin, for San Frwncico. Stair C It Uishop, Le Claire, for Waialuu, Mokuleiti and Koolau. Schr Waiehu for Kauai. Saturday, Feb. 22. Schr for Kwa. Schr Kauikeaouli for Kohala. Schr Kaulilua, for Knlniku. frchr Kulamnnu for Kohala. VKSEliS IN rOKT. WSS Nipvic, Lyons, Maui. VSS Mohirnn, Ooghluiv, Hilo, Hawaii. Bk Lady tampion, Scnlergren, San Fran- dCo. Bk Forot Qucon, Winding, from San Francico. Bk Andrew Welch, Marston, Newcastle. BkH Hackfeld.Wolters, from Liverpool. Am bk C I) Bryant. Jacobscn, S Francisco. Am bktne John Smith, Kiutler, Newcastle, N S W. Bk Alex McNeil. Friis, Newcastle. Am bktne Irmgard, Paul, Port Townsend. Ship Iennfield. Irvine, Liverpool. Am bkme Planter, Dow, San Francisco. Am bkme S G Wilder, Griffith, San Fran. Am bktne Mary Winkleman, Dyreborg, Central America. Am ternFS Keilfield. Birkhulm, Newcastle. Am K'hr Eva, J O Wikman, Eureka. Haw bk W B Godfrey, Dabel, S Francisco. Am bk B F Hunt, Pritchard. Newcastle. Bk Ferris S Thompson, Potter.S Francisco. VESSELS EXPECTED. Vessels. Where from. Due. Bk J. D. Brewer .Boston Apr20 Shin Borro wdale . . . Liverpool Apr 15 BkEnos Talbot Port Townsend.. Bk F S Thompson. San Francisco. ..Feb 20 Sch J G North San Francisco ... Feb 18 Sch Excelsior Eureka Sch Robt Searlcs . . Newcastle T. Sch Mary Dodge . . Humbolt "S Alameda Colonies Mar 8 Australia. . . San Francisco Mar 7 PASSENGERS. ARRIVALS. From San Francisco, per bktne S G Wilder, Feb 16 Dr Hall, Mr Lincoln, H Sims and B Gordon. From San Francisco per bktne Discovery, Feb 19 J A Byron, M Sichel, W H Huddy, C Henry, C Rudolph and N 0 Miller. From Maui and Hawaii per stmr WG Hall, Feb 21 C B Pratt, wife and child, A E Marchand, wife and child, D Keil, A A Todd, C Macombar, E Marble, J Costa, K. A Kaukau, C Collins, Mrs R Reyes. Miss Rosa, Hon R D Walbridge, J Richardson, S Chong, Miss Jones and 58 deck. From Hawaii, per stmr Hawaii, Feb 21 James Dean and Dan Bone. From Kauai, per stmr Mikahala, Feb 23 Hon WO Smith, Mr Justice McCully, G McLean, S Kaeo, A Nakawara. M Miss label Rhodes, C W Spitz, R Snippen, RA Macfie, C Chinese, and 53 deck. From Hamakua, per stmr Iwalani, Feb 23 H Hall, Master Hall, S L Gibbard and wife. 1 Chinese and 15 deck. From Kauai per stmr Waialeale, Feb 22 HonAJtosa. Charles Creighton. E Hopkins, J F Colburn, W J Foster, C L Breto, and 8 deck. From Maui, per stmr Likelike, Feb 23 Hon H P Baldwin, Captain Potter. T W Everett. P C Justice, A Borba, Hop "iune, J H S .Kaleo, Moke, and 33 deck. departures. For the Colonies, per RMS Mariposa. Feb 15 J Batchelor and J Rawson. For Hawaii, per stmr Iwalani, Feb 17 Mr Gibbard and wife. For Maui and Hawaii, per stmr Kinau. Feb 18 For Volcano, J J Williams, H C Lyon. A Brosseau, Miss Shaw, Miss Garrison. N R Baker and wife, Mrs Meyers, Miss H Lewis, Miss Stowe, Miss O'Brien, Mrs Taium, Miss Deluca and Mrs Deluca. For way ports, E Bogaut. Dr Lundy, Theo H Davies, Clive Davies, A Young, E Mias E D Tenney. Mrs M E Tenner, W H Brunner, G L Wright and 15 deck passengers. For Kauai, per stmr Mikahala, Feb IS! Mrs WE Rice and son, C D Bruyle, J Dickso n, J F Colburn, 2 others and 20 deck passengers. For Maui, per stmr Likelike. Feb 18 G P Wilder and wife, Mrs J G Howie, S Ehrlich, F S Stoltz, E Bailey, 2 or 3 others and 25 deck. a , ' For Honomu. per .stmr' Kilauea Hou, Feb" 18 Walter By water. ' " For San Francisco per schr Olga, Feb 21 Mrs J Harrington, Mrs Birley and A It Walker. For Waialua, per stmr C R Bishop, Feb 21 M E Perkins. SHIPPING NOTES. - The F. S. Redfield discharges at the rate of 120 tons of coal a day. The bk Hesperlef t for Port Townsend in ballast Tuesday afternoon. The American tern Eva will finish discharging lumber on Friday or Saturday. The Mary Winkleman went on the Marine Railway, Thursday, to receive repairs. The ship ilerom left this port Tuesday morning for Kahului to load sugar for San Francisco. The German bark Hackfeld is receiving sugar at the Pacific Mail wharf. She will soon be leaving for San Francisco. The Lady Lampson was moved from the Tishmarke't wharf to Wilder's wharf where-she will commence receiving sugar. The German bark H. Hackfield, lying at the P. M. S, S. wharf, has just finished discharging her cargo of 500 tons of coal. The Mary Winkleman was lowered from the Marine Railway Saturday morning. The Alexander McNeil, went on the same day to be cleaned. The bark Ferris S.Thompson, Captain Potter, arrived Sunday 20 days'ifrom San Francisco, "with a cargo of andise. She docked at the Oceanic wharf. The Haw bk W B Godfrey, Capt Dabel, arrived Tuesday afternoon, 17 days from San Francisco, with a cargo of general merchandise. She is lying at the O. S. S. whaif. The schooner Olga sailed from this port Friday morning for San Francisco with a full cargo, consisting of 14,540 bags sugar, 2 cases of books and 201 bbls. molasses. Value. ?S5,590 9G. The Am tern F S Redfield, Cant Birk holm, arrived on Monday, 55 days from C. America, with 763 tons of coal on ship's account. She is lying in the stream opposite he OSS wharf. The Hawaiian bngantine Geo. H. Douglass, Capt. A. Jacobsen, sailed from this port Thursday morning for San Francisco with a full cargo of sugar, 7,363 bags of which was shipped by W. G. Irwin it Co. Domestic value, ?45,093 17. .The bark B. F. Hunt, Captain J. N. Pritchard, arrived Thursday, 54 davs from Newcastle, N. S. W., with 1,649 tons of coal for Wilder & Co. The Captain reports bad weather from Newcastle to 30 deg. south, thence tine weather with head winds. The Am tern Eva, Capt J 0 Wikman, arrived Tuesday morning, 20 days from Eureka. She brings 270,429 feet of redwood lumber for Messrs. Lewers Jc Cooke. She is docked at the head of the Oceanic Steamship wharf, where she will commence discharging her lumber. The Am bktne Planter, Capt Dow, arrived at Honolulu on Saturday with cargo valued ut $26,6S0, including 275 sacks bran, 733 ctls barley, 500 bbls Hour, 100,215 lbs fertilizers, 140 bills iron, 200 cs kerosene oil, 192 sks meal, 356 ctls oats, 200,000 shingles and 6.200 lbs tobacco. Shu is at Brewer's wharf. The Hawaiian bark W. B. Godfrey, Dabol, sailed from San Francisco Febrmifv 1. The first three davs out had light winds and foggy weather. The rest of thu passage had light southeast winds. Passage, 17 days. She is docked at tho O. S. S. wharf, where she is dibcharging her cargo of general merchandise. The American tern F. S. Redfield, holm, sailed from Newcastle, N. S. W.. Decembur21. First eight or ten days had very calm weather to the northeast. The rest of tho passage had strong winds; sighted Molokai February IS, after a passage of 55 days. She is discharging hur cargo of coal at the P. M. S. S. wharf. Capt. J. 0. Wiekinan, of the schooner Eva, reports as follows: Left Humboldt Bay Tuesday, January 21, with very light southeast winds, but after the tug had left us it died out, became calm, and, as a strong current and southwest swell wan sotting us right on to the bar, we hud to drop the kedge and lay for it until 5 r. M.; thewind then freshened up from the south and continued to blow from south and SSW until January 28. when it moderated enough to set all sail, but still blew from the same direction until February 4; wo then gotU light breeze from the northwest, which continued until February 9, when we got the northeast trades; later the wind again hauled to southeast and continued a moderate breeze until, in sight of Maui, February 15. thewind died down to a calm, February 17 got light easterly winds to port. 9IA11KIED. At St. Andrew's Cathedral, Honolulu, February 15, bv the Rev. Alexander Mackintosh, Frank Berlie to Margaret E. J. Macaulev. DIED. H ASSINGER Near San Jose. California, January 2S, Mrs. Eunice Hassinger.aged 84 years, mother of John A. Hassinger, of Honolulu. FOURTH DISTRICT COURT. Calendar for the February Term, 1890, Before air. Justice 3IcCulIy. The February term of the Fourth Judicial Circuit was held last week at Kauai. Mr. Justice McCully presiding, Chas. Creighton, Deputy Marshal for the Crown. Following was the calendar: HAWAIIAN JURY CRIMINAL CASES. The King vs. Kanawai (k); manslaughter, third degree. Commitment from Lihue Police Court. Plea of guilty. Fined $10. W. O. Smith for defendant. The King vs. Kupele (k) and (k); forgery. Commitment from Koloa District Court. Plea of not guilty. The Crown enters a nolle pros. -The King vs. Nihoa (k) and Loa.(k); child stealing. Commitment from Wai-mea District Court. Nolle pros entered. Kakina for defendants. The King vs. Bill Mauhili. Selling liquor without a license. Appeal from Hanalei District .Court. Verdict of not guilty. Kakina and Kaeo for defendant. The King vs. Miholani (k) ; malicious burning. Commitment from Koloa District Court. Verdict of guilty. Sentenced to three years imprisonment at hard labor. The King vs. Nakoloilani (k) and (k) ; malicious mischief. Commitment from Hanalei District Court. Verdict of guilty. Fined $10 ' each. Kakina for defendants. 5 HAWAIIAN JURY CIVIL CASES. Princeville Plantation Company vs. Mauliola et al. ; ejectment. Verdict for plaintiff. W. O. Smith for plaintiff, A. Rosa for defendant. Estate S. Elia Maalo; probate. Appeal from local circuit court. Verdict sustaining the will. Barenaba for the will, Kalua and Rosa for contestants. James W. Apolo,vs. Kauor trespass; Damages, $200. Appeal 'from Mocal circuit court. Verdict for plaintiff. W. O. Smith for plaintiff, A. Kosa for defendant. , 1UXED JURY CIVIL CASES.' Holi vs. Stolz ; criminal conversation. Damages, $3,000. Verdict for defendant. A. Rosa for plaintiff, W. O. Smith for defendant. FOREIGN JURY CRIMINAL CASES. The King vs. Ta Mon (ch). Embezzlement. Commitment from Lihue Police Court. Verdict of nuilty. Sentenced to one year's imprisonment at hard labor. W. 0. Smith for defendant. The King vs. Antone Rodnques. Obstructing and perverting the course of justice. Commitment from Lihue Police Court. Nolle pros, entered. W. O. Smith for defendant. The King vs. Tan See How (ch). Briber of police officer. Commitment from Waimea District Court. Plea of guilty. Fined $50. The King vs. Manuel da Silva. Selling liquor without a license. Appeal from Lihue Police Court. Verdict not miilfT. The Kingiva. Ah Aka. Bribery. Com-' raitment from Hanalei District Court. Verdict of guilty. Fined $100. ' W. O. Smith for defendant. The King vs. E. Maguire. Perjury Commitment from Waimea District Court. Plea of not guilty. No attorney for defendant. The jury return a verdict of .guilty. Sentenced to one" year's imprisonment at hard labor. The King vs. Benigno. House-breaking. Commitment from Waimea District Court. Verdict of not guilty. A. Rosa for defendant. The King vs. Chung Mau. Larceny, accessory to the fact. Appeal from District Court. A nolle pros, was entered. The King vs. Nakayama. Furious driving. Commitment from Waimea District Court. Verdict of guilty. Fined $50. J. H. Barenaba for defendant. DIVORCE CASES. Elana Kauanaulu vs. Kauanauhi. Divorce on the ground of desertion. W. O. Smith for plaintifl. a Supreme Court At Chambers. Monday, Feb. 10. I1EFORU HIS HONOR JUSTICE 11ICKEKTON In the matter of the estate of deceased. Petition of Junius Kaae to revoke probate of will. Continued for one week. C. L. Carter for petitioner, J. M. Davidson for tho Queen, F. M. Hatch for Mrs. Ilaalolea IN BANCO JANUAKY TERM, 1S90 Muhoc and 0. B. Kiuiakanui, her husband, vs. Atmkalea Kiuthi (k.) and Keahi (k) In equity. .Appeal from decision of Mr Justice Preston. The npjcal is dismissed mid the decree alliriiicd, this decision being Higned bv Judd, C. J., McCully, J , mid W. A. Kinney for plaintiff, W . 0 . Achi for defendant . IIKFOKK HIS HONOIl JUSTICE IIICKEIITON. Tuesday, Fob. 11. In ro guardianship of William S.Slmw, a minor, petition of George W. Shaw to bo appointed guardian. Tho Court George V. Shaw guardian under a bond of $100. L Ahlo vs. Anin et til. Assumpsit for $402. Jury waived from April term, lSvSi). Contimieil to tho 17th at 10 A. m. ins noKoii ciiu'k jl'stici; junt). Thursday, Fob. 13. In probato, guardianship of Lona Steineck, a minor. Ordorud that tho guardians' accounts for 18S0 bo approved. F. A. Scluiofor guardian. In probato, guardhinship of Uo'dwig Holstein, a minor. Ordered that tho accounts for 1SS9 bo approved. F. A. Schaefor guardian. 1IEF0RE HIS HONOR JUSTICE 11ICKERTON. In ro bankruptcy of Kura Sun. of II. Y. Chang, assignee, for allowance of accounts, order to pay first and final dividend and discharge. Tho Court orders the accounts approved, dividend paid, and assignee discharged upon filing final receipts. 11. Y. Chang, assignee, in person. BEFORE HIS HONOR CHIEF JUSTICE JUDD. Monday, Feb. 17. L. Ahlo vs. Anin et al. Assumpsit for $429. Jury waived April terra 1889. Judgment for plaintiff for $484 50 and interest from November 5, 1889. W. U. Castle for plaintiff; no appearance of or for defendants. BEFORE HIS HONOR JUSTICE BICKERTON. Petition of J. Kaae to revoke will of the late Kealiiahonui. Heard and decision reserved. C. L. Carter for peti ...July 18 ...Aug. 15 ...Sept. 12 . ..Oct. 10 ...Nov. 7 ....Dec. 5 uxd$m$&&n HAWAIIAN GAZETTE, TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 190. tioner; J.M.Davidson for the Queen; F. M. Hatch for Mrs. Haalelea BEFORE HIS HONOR CHIEF JUSTICE JUDD. "Wednesday, Feb. 19. In re estate of Edward Preston, deceased. The Court appoints Cecil Brown administrator under bond of $2,500. A Larce Sugar Mill. A New Orleans paper of January 30th has the following : "Mr. John A. Morris has placed an order with Leed's Foundry lor a mm to De used as an- annex to his three-roller mill now in use on his Ashton plantation. This three-roller mill is the largest in the State, being 42 inches in diameter and 7 teet 6 inches in length. The new two-roller mill will be 50 inches in diameter, 7 feet 6 inches long, and have 22 inch journals said to be the largest mill in the world. Each mill will be run by an independent engine. It is expected that the maximum extraction of juice by the milling process win De reached, by these hve heavy rollers. Items of Interest. A mountain of clam-shells has been discovered about three miles east of Mount Vernon. It is over (500 feet high and has a surface of soil nearly a foot thick. An effort is being made- to revive the old Johns Hopkins "House of Commons." It is the only practice ground for the students inclined to be oratorical or argumentative. Dr. Hobart A. Hare, Demonstrator of Therapeutics at the University of Pennsylvania, has been awarded a prize of $S00 by L'Academie Koyale de Medicine de Belgique for his essay on epilepsy. The first prize of $1,000 was shared with Dr. Hare by the eminent Dr. Christian of Charenton. The Paris physicians prescribe beefsteaks, claret and champagne for the grippe. This treatment may not be so effective as smoking camphor, but it is a good deal more pleasant. 3tUiifnisraicnit. Honolulu and San Francisco Mail Service feffi TIME TABLE OF THE Oceanic- Steamship Co. From San Francisco, 12 O'clock, Noon. Alameda ..Saturday, Mariposa. . .Saturday Zealaudia.. Saturday, Alameda. . .Saturday Mariposa. ..Saturdav Leave Dueat S. J. Honolulu ..Jan. 11.... Jan. 18 ..Feb. 8. ...Feb. 15 ..Mar.8....Mar. 15 ..Anr. 5... Aur. 12 .May 3. ...May 10 Zealandia.. Saturday... May 31 ...June 7 Aiameaa... Saturday,.. J une:2S July o Mariposa. ..Saturday. .July 2G... Aug. 2 Zealandia.. Saturday Aug. 23.. Aug. 30 Alameda. ..Saturday. .Sept. 20 .. Sept 27 Mariposa.. Saturday.. Oct. 18 Oct. 25 Zealaudia.. Saturday. .JJov. 15 Nov. 22 Alameda... Saturday.. Dec. 13... Dec. 20 To San Francisco. , Leave Dueat Sydney Honolulu Mariposa. .Wednesday. IDec 25.., 'Jan 11 Zealandia.. Wednesday. .Jan 22 .. Feb 8 Alameda . ..Wednesday . .Feb 19 Mar 8 Mariposa.. Wednesday.. Mar 19 Apr 5 Zealaudia.. Wednesday Apr 10, ...May 3 Alameda... Wednesday! May 14 i.. May 31 Mariposa.. Wednesday..Junell .June 28 Zealandia.. Wednesday.. July 9.. .July 26 Alameda... Wednesday.. Aug 6 :'.Aug23 " Jlarlposa., Wednesday. .Sept3... Sept 20 Zealandia.. Wednesday.. Oct 1....0ct 18 Alameda... Wednesday.. Oct'29... Nov 15 Mariposa.. Wednesday..Nov26...Decl3 Zealandia. .Wednesday. .Dec21...Jan 10 Intermediate S. .-. Australia, 12 31. Leave San Francisco. Leave Honolulu Friday. Friday. Friday. Friday. Friday. Friday. Friday . Friday. Friday. Friday. Friday. Friday. Friday. ..Jan. 3 ... Jan. 31 ....Feb. 28 . . . Mar. 28 ...Apr. "io ...May 23 ...June 20 Friday Jan. 17 Friday Feb. 14 Friday Mar. 11 Fridy Apr. 11 Fridav Friday Friday.... Friday.... Friday. .. Friday.... Friday Friday.... Friday . . . . ..MIiy 9 ..June G ...July 4 ..Aug. 1 ..Aug. 29 , teept. 20 ...Oct. 24 ..Nov. 21 ..Dec. 18 Executor's Notice of Appointment. TUTS UNDERSIGNED, been this day appointed, h; the Supremo Court, Executor of thu Will of JAMES II ROGERS, lato of Honolulu, deceased, hereby gives notice to all creditors or eald deceased to present their claiine, secured or otherwise, to him, at his olllco In Honolulu, within six months from date hereof : and all persons Indebted to snld dt'censcd arc requested to make Immediate payment to the underpinned. W. FOSTER. Executor of Estate of .lames II. Rnirers. Dated Honolulu, Jan. iri, 161)0. .1307-Ot Notice to Creditors ! rpiIE UNDESIGNED HAY- J Ins been duly appointed Executor of mo Inst Will and Testament of 11111.11 MILTON, Into of Honolulu. Island of Oalui, deceased! Notice Is hereby kIvuii to nil persons to present their claims nunlnst tho Estate of said Philip Milton, deceased, duly uuthenllcatrd, whether secured by or otherwise to the under-signed, ut his nlllceon Merchant Street. Honolulu. Oahu. within six mouths from the dale hereof or they will bo forever lmrred, and all persons Indented to said estate arc hereby requested to make Immediate payment to tho undersigned. CBCII. 1IHOWN, Kxccnlor. Honolulu. Jan. no. IB'JO. vm It Estato of K. Goto. NOTICE 38 lUCIllfillY GIVEN that In tho mutter of tho Above estate Letters of Administration hnve this day been Issued to tho umlorslsui'd. All porsous tn tho said estato should inuko Immediate payment of their Indebtedness and all claims Mid citato should bo presented within six months or they will bo forever barred. F.JI. 8WAN7.Y, Honolulu. Jan. 6. IB'JO. V Ewa Plantation CoM L'c! NOTICE IS HEREHY GIVEN THAT at n meeting of the subscribers to the capital stock of the above named Company held in Honolulu, H. I.. January 31, 1800, It was voted to accent the Charter of Incorporation granted by the Hawaiian Government. Notice is further given that the date of said charter is January 29, 1890, and it is granted for a term of fifty vears, and the liability of the stockholders is limited to the amount due and unpaid on the aliarea held. The following officers were elected for the ensuing year: CM. Cooke President J. B. Castle Vice-President E. D. Tenney Secretary J . B. Atherton Treasurer J.H.Paty Auditor The above named officers also constitute the Board of Directors. B. D. TENNEY, 23 Secretary E. P. Co. JTcro 2tfDcrfismcnts. Notice to Creditors. THE UNDERSIGNED, been duly appointed Administrator of the Estate of EDWARD PRESTON, late of Honolulu. Island of Oahn. deceased: Notice is hereby given to all persons to present their claims against the estate of said Edward Preston, deceased, duly authenticated, whether secured by mortsace or otherwise to the undersigned, at his office on Merchant Street, in tho city of Honolulu, Island of Oahu. within six months from the date hereof or they will be forever barred, and all persons Indebted to said estate are hereby requested to make immediate payment to the undersigned. CECIL BROWN, Administrator Estate of Edward Preston, dee'd. Dated Honolulu. Feb. JM, 1SS9. Honolulu Iron Works Gompany. A T THE ANNUAL MEETING J of this Company held this dayat tbeoffices of Theo. H. Davies & Co., the following Officers were elected for the ensntn;; year, viz: - President Theo. H. Davies. Vice-President T Rain Walker, Secretary and Treasurer..F.M.Swanry, Auditor .....T. R. Eeyworth. F. M. SWANZY, Secretary. Honolulu. February 17. 1S90 1311-31 Important Sale of Household Furniture At Waihee, Maui. I am instructed to sell at Public Auction, at the residence of P. N. Makee, Esq, Waihee, Maui, On Thursday, March 6, AT 10 O'CLOCK A. M., The Entire Household Furniture Consisting of HANDSOME Mm Mm In Sets, Complete, Parlor and Dining-room Furniture, Bric-a-Brac, Fine China and Glassware. Kitchen Furniture and Utensils, etc.. etc. Two Handsome Book Cates and Books, 1 Pair Carriage Horses and Bnur E6 This Sale Is In consequence of departure and offers an exceptionally good opportunity to purchasers. THOS. W. EVERETT, Auctioneer. Walluku, Mani,Jan. 18. 1890. FOR SALE ! i SECOND-HAND L EFFECT. S8 APPLT TO Stec DOUBIE H. HACKFELD & CO. WANTED! WANTED FOR KOOLAU, Island of Oahu. 14 miles from Honolulu, a Competent Drirer who is capable of Checking Freights. EST" Direct Communications to Honolulu Post Office Box C. Estate of Lincoln Cabot. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that in the matter of the above estate Lottcrs of Administration have this day been issued to the nndersigned. All persons indebted to the said estate should make immediate payment of their indebtedness, and all claims against said estate should be presented yithln six mouths or they Hll be forever barred. F. M. SWANZY. Honolulu. Feb. 6, 1890 California Lands FOR SALE. Wire WW THE UNDERSIGNED WISHES to inform tho public that he has opened a Branch California Land Office, at No. 42 Merchant street, Honolulu. To persons wishing to invest in Choice Timber, Agriculture, Fruit or Grazing Lands in the line State of California, or in Desirable Building Lots in the beautiful City and Suburbs of Oakland, with its unrivaled climate and opportunities, I am prepared to offer every inducement in the way of bargains. Tho Lands which I hero offer have all been most carefully Inspected by thoroughly reliable surveyor, employed specally for that purpose, and I am therefore enabled to give satisfactory guarantee that every piece offered will strictly correspond with the description given by mo. The Titles to these Lands ure perfect, being in the main state school lands. Tho previous personal inspection thereof at greit expense, offers absolute security to purchasers and Is an inducement offend by no other dealer in state school lands in California. The price ranges from 33.60 per aero upward according to quality 'and location, and there is tin doubt, by taking Into account the rapid growth and progression of that State, that these lands offered at these low fUrurcs must within a few years command a much higher price and sa secure to every investor a prollt tiot easily equaled In any other lino of speculation. This opportunity will be open for a limited time oiily. and I therefore extend an Invitation to all who wish to securo good and cheap homes In that munificent State and country, and alro to those who desire to invest a little money to so great advantage and profit, to call upon mo soon and obtain 'nil particulars. Information will bo cheerfully given. rjrOIHco room with J. A. Attornoy, No. 43 Merchant street, A. MOROFP. M T J X) ! MOW THAT THE UAINV SEAtJON 1 is upon us, overybotly wants Door Mat that will ho an orimment nt tho front door, and will thoroughly do tho work required ol it. Thu llniilii (11 Ullfl Mat Is just tho thing. It cannot become soaked by rain, as is tho caso with fiber mats, and it always keeps clean. Being made of galvanized Wire Tliey Cannot Rust As do many of the wire mats now in use. They are far superior to and far more durable than fiber or rubber. Can be had of Steel Wire at HAWAIIAN HARDWARE CO., Opposite Spreckeh fc Co.'s Bank, FOUT fclUEI.T. Mortgas 3,dvixmmm$. Mortgagee's Notice of Foreclosure. TN ACCOBDANCE WITH THE JL provisions of a certain mortgage made br Koolani w. and Kanapo, her husband, to C K Kapnle, dated 23 July, 1SS8, recorded In Liber 113, page 136; notice is hereby given that the mortgagee intends to forecloi the same for condition broken, to wit: the non-payment of interest. Notice I? likewise given that after the expiration of three weeks from the date of this notice, the property conveyed by said mortgage will be advertised lor sale at public auction, at the auction rooms of Jas F Morgan, in Honolulu. ON SATURDAY, the 22d day of March, 190. at IS o clock noon of said day Further particulars can be had or "W. C. Acht Attorney at law. Dated Honolulu. February IT. 1390. C. K. KAPULK, Mortgagee. The premises covered by said morteare consist of: 1st All that piece or parcel of land situated and described iu a survey made by W H Pease.. on the 20ih day of January, 1333, to Puupuo. No. 5319, and containing an area of 3 acres and t rood. 2d AH that piece or parcel of land situated and described in Royal Patent No. -1210 to Hana-ole. lying in Koloa. Kauai. 1311-4. :ee's Notice of Fore closure. TN ACCORDANCE "WITH THE JL provisions of a certain mortgage made by Aona and Akona to Sing Chang and Company, dated 2d December. 1SS5. recorded In Liber 97. page 333; notice is hereby gvren that the intend to foieclose the name for conditions broken, to wit: non-payment of principal and interest. Notice Is likewise given that after the expiration of three weeks from the date of this notice, the property conveyed by said mortgage will be advertised for caleat public auction, at the auction rooms of Jas V Morgan, in Honolulu. G'X SATURDAY, the Sth day of April. ISA), at 12 o'clock noon of said day. Further particulars can be had of W. C. Achi. Attorney at Law. Dated Honolulu. February 24. 1S90. SING CUOXli Ji CO.. Mortgagees. The property covered by said morigage consist of: All the crops of Awa growing upon the Ahnpuaasand lands of Pap. Alika and Koto. South Kona, Hawaii, ten acres at Papa, more or less, five acres at Alika, more or less, thirty acres at Kolo. more or less. 1SII it Mort niraa 's Notice closure. X provisions or a certain morttra Paiaina k. of Kamoilitll, Honolulu. of Fore- IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE provisions of a certain mortgage made by Frank Metctlf of Honolulu. Oahu. and Alice, his wife, to the Hawaiian Investment and Agency Company. Limited, a Foreign Corporation, dated February Wth, A D ISS2. recorded in Liber 73, pages 233 to 238; notice is hereby-given that the undersigned, present assignee of said mortgage intends to foreclose the same for condition broken, to wit: non-payment of principal and interest, and upon such foreclosure, will sell at public anction, at a time and place-to be hereafter designated, all and singular thu lands, tenements and hereditaments described, in said mortgage as below specified. Further particulars cau be had of W. A. Kinney. 42 Merchant Street, Uunolula. Aiiorney for Assignee. ALEXANDER J c ArmVHIGHT. The property to bf h.,... that piece or parcel of land -i. - ur and ?"-H"J acre or thereabout;-. f. 1 1; : .. Va ley. Uuud. of Oahu, and cni' en .. and giaritMl by Royal Patent (purchase) o. 24. 1311-1: Mortgagee's Notice of Foreclosure and Sale. TN ACCORDANCE WITH THE JL provisions of a cvrtaiu mortgg mad- Hy Kan Teen Hee iCh). of Hono.nli. Island or Oabu. H I to W C Parkf. Tr-te? of -aid Honolulu, duted August 3d. ISSi. In Lttcr 112, pa;es7J and 80, anu b the or the Will f saiu mortgagee assigned to of said Honolulu, on the 13th daof December,' A D 1S89, and by said Rose Molteno, duly assigned to John D Holt of said Honolulu, on the ISth day of January, 1SS3. both, of which assignments are recorded In Liber 112. ?iage 79; notice Is hereby given that John D lolt the Assignee of said mortgage Intends to-foreclose the same for condition broken, to-wit: non-payment of principal and interest. Notice is likewise given that after the expiration of three weeks from the date of this notice, the property conveyed by said mortgage will be advertised for sale at public anction. at the auction rooms of Jas F Morgan, in Honolulu. OX MONDAY, the 21th day of March, IS o'clock noon of said day. Further particulars can be had of A P Peter-eon. Dated Honolulu, February 21. 1S90. JOHN D. HOLT. Assignee of the Mortgagee. The premises covered by said mortgage or: All the right, title and interest of Kaa Teen Hee, in and to a certain lae frra Kawelo et al, to & Ah Mi, and assigned by said S Ah Ml to said mortgagor, said lease being dated December 1st. 1SS6. and demUing these premises situate on the mrtkai, Ewa corner of Hotel and Konla Streets in said HoaoSnlu. for a. term of fifteen years. 1311 It Mortgagee's Notice of Foreclosure. T ACCORDANCE WITH THE ige made by island of Oahu. to Robert 'Grieve, dated 29lb December. All 1883. and recorded In Liber 115. page 216; notice is hereby given that the mortcagee Intends to foreclose the same for coniHtleB broken, to wlf non-payment of interests due. Notice is likewise given that after the expiration of three weeks from the date of this notke. the property conveyed by said mortgage will be advertised for sale at public anction. at the section rooms of Jas F Morgan, In Honolulu, ON SATURDAY, the 22d day of March, A D 1390. at 12 o'clock noon of said day. Further particulars can be had of William C. Achi. Attorney at Law. Dated Honolulu. February 14. 1890. KOIIEKT GRIEVE, Mortgagte. The premises covered jy said mortgage consists of 1st That piece or parcel of land described tn Royal Patent No. 1095 to Hooklekie. situate at Watoll aforesaid, containing an area of 154 acre. conveyed by him to Kamakahlkt by deed dated the 13th day of January. A D 1805, recorded In Liber 21. pages SH and 393. 2d That piece or parcel of land described la Royal Patent No. G543 to I'apa. and by Htolo w. conveyed to Makannl and by Makansl to by deed dated thputhdayof Angnt. A D 18sO, recorded In Liber 61. pages 271. containing an area of 3 roods and 15 nercbes. That Interest of J V Kaaloa In the estato of Samuel KahIok. i uui U aloll. conveyed by said J V Kaaloa ta by deed dated the 26th day of October. A D 1871. recorded In Liber 40 pages 3-11 and 313. 4th That house-lot situate at said WaloH, conveyed by K Nnku, Kealalkl and Hawea to Kamaknhlkl, by deed dated the ltd day of January A D 1861. recorded In Liber 23. pages 409 and l7, contalulng an area of t rood and S porchc. 5,';T.lia. Toto P,PC0 or parcel of land situate at nldU atoll conveyed by Inaln.ito by deed dated the J3d day of Jnly, A D 1N.9. recorded In Liber 31, pages 283 and i. piece or parcel of land situate at hia.ino aforesaid, described In Royal Patent No MjlioPalau, containing an area of BECILSTEIN PIANOS I iTTni II AVISO HEEK APPOINTED SOLE Agents for the sale of C. Pianofortes, we beg to solioit oruurs tor either Horizontal or Upright Grand. : " For twenty-eight yean that I have now I'iunos. they have superiority. Lisct." A noble inexhaustible and sympathetic fulncas ot tone, together with on czqubite action, which admits of the variety of shade bears testimony to the fact that the manufacture has attained the utmost degree of perfection In the act of instrument making. lUBUsTWS." EtVor further particulars apply to Pbof. (j. Sauvlet, uuanu Avenue, or to S. ECACKyjSIiGI) Ac CO., Sole Agents for the Hawn. IsL 19 1307-3 t - t T

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