The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 23, 1950 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 23, 1950
Page 3
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MONDAY,'JANUARY 23, 1950 BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COUBIER PAGE THRKB Tucker and Hi i Aides Acquitted ; -Government's Fraud , ! Charges Result in "Not Guilty" Verdict , CHICAGO. Jan .32—<<v>—The dap- j l>er former head of the bankrupt i Tucker Corporation and seven as• sociates in a $28,000,000 venture to ' lilacs produce a rear-engine auto:i mobile were found innocent yesterday of government, charges of : fraud. A federal court Jury-returned the verdict for Preston T. Tucker and ; the other defendants on charges aall fraud, conspiracy, and vio- , 'i of federal securities rcgula- ' H<Jns in promoting manufacture and 'sale of the car. The jury which heard the government's 13 witnesses In the thrce: months trial readied its verdict on |;lhc fourth ballot after 17 hours of deliberation. : The case had gone to the Jury liafc 10:55 a.m. Saturday without any of the defendants or witnesses in : their behalf offering testimony Defense attorneys contended simply that the government had not proved any of the charges in its 31- count indictment. Tucker, 46, was president and j board chairman of the corporation I,from the time he launched it In T 184V unlll it sank into bankruptcy last March. Other defendants acquitted wert Fred Rockelman, 63, I executive vice president; Robert Pierce, 50, treasurer; Mitchell W. I Dultan, 55, sales manager; Otis Radford, 45, a former treasurer; I Floyd D. Cerf, GO, underwriter o( a 517.500.000 stock issue: Harold. A. Karslen, 58, an assistant in the I early promotion, and Cliff Knoble, 159, advertising manager . I Throughout the trial, the govern- I inent contended the venture was a I niammoth confidence game conspiracy and It introduced more than 1.000 exhibits intended to support [.the charge. . . Prosecutors mentioned that the | corporation produced less than 50 £, all of them hand-bnilt and --JJJng many features advenlscd as Iserisational improvements In auto] motive engineering. The defense argued,'however, that I the goal of high speed assembly Inline production was not attained |:becai],=;e of a series of government I investigations which hampered pro- ligress.' There were hints that some Ijof the investigations, at least, were I inspired by the established auto- I1 mobile industry because it-f caret I:Tucker competition. The Twentieth Century Fund re• ipbrts that the largest part of Amer 1-ica's wartime increase in total out j'put came from the fact, that n I'people worked rather than tron • Increased productivity. BERLIN'S "RUBBLE RATS" FORAGE FOR SCRAP METAL - Snow doesn't bother these "Rubble Rats" of-Berlin, who are looking for ruins from which they can filch scrap metal. The law forbids removal of metal from bomb-blasted buildings, but gangs of German youngsters ranging in age from nine to 14 raid the ruins under cover of darkness and sell the stolen scrap " metal. {Photo by NEA-Acme stall correspondent Joe Schuppe.) LUXORA NEWS By Airs. G. C. Driver Mrs- T. D. Wilkiiis was hostess Tuesday night to the Luxora Book ; Uib. ThirU-en members were present. For the business portion of he meeting., the club president, Mrs. Auten Chitwood, appointed a inating committee and year x>ck committee, followed by a treasurer's report. Mrs. VVirt Steed gave a 'review of "Brief Gaudy .lours," by Mar&arct C. Barnes, after which the hostess served a dessert course. Mrs. Russell Bo sve n was ho.s less la a Uvo table bridge party at her lome Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. Sam Boweh won high score Eor the games, after which the hostess served refreshments, Mrs. G. A. George, Jr., was hostess to her Thursday Bridge Club at her home cm that day. Guests included Mrs. Lester Stephens, Mrs. Ray Whitmore, and Mrs. Maxine Crawford. Mrs. Stephens won high score, and Mrs. Bowen Thornpson won second high in the games, Woodrow Fardeecey left Monday for a two week vacation trip to Texas and Mexico. Mrs. A. Liverant returned home Thursday after A three v.'eek visi in St. Louis with her daughter ant son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Sheldoi Lending. Sam Meadows, Jr.,.left last week. or a short vasation trip in Texas. M r. a nit M vs. Jim McC ti 1 lough and family, Luxora residents for he past five years, moved last week. They are making Wilson their new ionic. Mr. and Mrs. C. B, Wood arc in Hot Springs for several weeks. Memphis visitors last week from Luxora included: Mr, and Mrs. T. D. Wilkms. C. B. Wood, Jr. and B. Ill, Mr. and Mrs Roy Owen and Mrs. Lester Stephens Mr. and Mrs. Sam Bo wen and daughter, Frances Reid,'were hos- :csses Saturday night at their home for a rummy party, entertaining nine guests. Mrs. C. E. NitUger of Little Rock returned to her home Thursday after conducting a four-day singing school at the First Baptist Church OFTEN NEED A LAXATIVE SYRUP OF BLACK-DRAUGHT icre. Mrs. Nlttigcr was the gucs f Mrs. T. P. Hudson while ii Aixora. Mrs. Ru.ssell Bowen was hostess o the Young Matron's Club at her wme Monday night. HAL BOYLE'S COLUMN Former Iowa Teacher Wins Fame As "Modern Alice in Wonderland' loutt Okays Smuggling Dyer Berlin Blockade BERLIN — f/l'j— A Qermnn court us ruled that men who smuggled ooii Into west Berlin during the Russian blockade arc Innocent of any law breaking. The case involved two butchers who were sneaking meat throi'nh the"Russian blockade. BuL the butchers were fined $10 for failing to put their meat at public disposal- at rationed prices, The men sold their meat to the black market. By Hal Boyle NEW YOHK—OT—The Alice In Wonderland of our times Is a for-' ner Iowa schoolteacher named •Van Allison. She Is a liunmn star of an NBO- 1'V puppet show called -"Kulcln. 7 rau smd OUte," and It has rather akcn'thc television world by storm. It began as a children's show but low it Is also a rage among adults —from truckdrivers to literary sophisticates—In some 54 cities. Kids 'mill g to BO have schoolboy crushes on Fran. She jokes and sings with the .wo major puu|)ets—Knkla, a red- losed. balding, good-hearted little worry wart, and Ollle, a otie-loothcd sentimental dragon who wants to be a big shot. Other . puppets Include Beulah Witch, Ophelia OoElcpuss, ft retired opera singer mid Clara Coo Coo, a flighty cuckoo who used to be timekeeper In .Snuln Clans' -North Pole factory but flew to Chicago and developed a southern accent. Unseen behind the small stage Is the pti))))ct manipulator. Burr Tillstrom, a 32-year-olil genius of fan- Insy. So far he has sung and talked (or eight puppet characters. He expects to create more 11 he doesn't run out of voices. World of Make-RHIeve Through his puppets he and Fran have created a make-believe world of their own, a world of gen. ie humor and small predicaments Most of the troubles come from Olie's wild spendthrift gestures and lis mad courtship of Clara Coo Coo. Finn and Kukla usually man age lo ball him out. Ollle rtoosn't mind If the others oci him because, he can't brcull RELIEF AT LAST For Your COUGH Crcomulsionrelicvesproriipily because it goes right to (he seat of the trouble to help loosen md expel germ laden phlegm and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, lender, inflamed bronchial mucous membranes.Tell yourdniggisi 10 sell you a bottle of CreonmUion with the understanding you must like the way it quickly allays the cm^li f r you arc to have your money back. CREOMULSION rorCoughs.ChestColds.BroncKitis c through his nostrils. He ex>li>[ns hLs family (Ire was put out hcn his dragon grandfather swam e Hellespont. Hut the thing lhat puts the pro- rntn across Is the way Fran treats ie pi!ppeIs as real people. They coinc alive. I talked to her the olher day rtur- "6 her recent trip lo New York— tlie program originates from Chl- caeo-iuid found thai to her KvikU, Ollle and the others are really poo- >le. She never talks of them as pup- liets, and never Goes backstage. She doesn't like to see them hanging lifeless from a hook. "I couldn't work with them If I didn't feel that way," she said. Puppets, like people, wear out. Whenever Titlstrom has to build a new KufclA—nns-slan for "doll"—or Ollie. she Is nervous for a few ]«i- formancos. Fan Mull Fours In "It's hard fnr me (o get used to a new character," she said. "I'm sensitive (o the change. We have so much fun together, 1 hute to think we cnn't go on always. T know that may sound silly, but that's how It Is." Fran hns a curious smnll girl quality—like the girl you loved and lost In grammar school—that gives her a nostalgic appeal. This actually stirs jealousy in some adult men television Inns when she slngn a love S"ng to Kukla, who snys she's his girl. Most of thn mail is from grownups, and ft reached a peak ot 11,000 letters lust Dec. 19. Many funs send the puppets gifts. When Ollle complained because Kukla received a knitted, a fan mailed him a new false sel of dragon teeth. Hungarian Red Says American to Be Tried On Fsp/onage Charge VIENNA, Jan. 2S—</P)—Hungary's Communist government says It will try American businessman Robert A. Vozcler within the next few weeks on elv.trges of espionage and sabotage. The American minister to Hun- Fletcher Rabbit, another character, got (1 wire ear hunger to keep his ears from flopping down In his face. "Ollle gets the most mail from men, perhaps because he Is so im- InhiWtcrt," said Fran. "Elderly women seem most fond of Kulcla." That, might be because Kukla, who Is a bit snd and Ineffectual, reminds them of their husbands. But ministers, businessmen, priests and children—they all write to Fran. One Milwaukee lad wrote: "If I wasn't, Just 15, I'd ask yon to nmrry me. Meanwhile, If you'll be my dream girl, I'll be your dream boy." A few days Inter he sent a worried follownp: "Honey, did yon get. my last, letter?" •mpfy Milk Containers Jeing Used tor Flares WASHINGTON (AP) — Here'* a use for empty milk cartons at last. American Forest Products lotteries, Inc., reports In Its "Forestry Digest" magazine that a mechanic 'or the California state Division of •"orestry uses them for emergency "lares. The mechanic, Harry Ramsdea, say» they will burn about 20 minutes, long enough to change > tire. Is \bur Life JUST ONE GREAT BIG OUCH? The "Ephcmerls," a U.S. government, publication, gives data on the sun, north star and other selected Etars, gary, Nathaniel B. Davis, by telephone from Budapest said Deputy Hungarian Premier Matyas Rakosl had Informed him of the trial and told him "the proceedings will be open to the public so the world can see that the trial Is a fair one." But Rakosi, Davis said, refused flatly to let the minister see Vogeler, who has been Incummunlcado for more than two months. POSITIONS AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY j in ih« U. S. AIR FORCE: \' • AERIAL NAVIGATION • RADAR and RADIO • AVIATION MECHANICS • AVIATION CADETS • AERIAL GUNNEVY • OFTICCR CANDIDATE SCHOOL Why go on patn takes the "Joy out ot living"? Wonderful C-2223 can help you —just as it has thousands! It contain* the raj nous, beneficial herb "flliicK Snnkc-Root." And It's Iodised to speed up the Sal icy la Ie Action (hat makes It penetrate tissues letter—Rive you »«f YOU SUFfftlMG r AIN or • HEUMATIC MISEKt SCIATICA SIMPLE NEURALGIA IUMIAGO rnst, efrcctlve pain relief. Don't wait. Act today. L'urchRM lirlcu of first battle back If net Mils- lied. Be sure that you »jk for C-2Z23. 02223 mi if to* miUMATIC Mil CMOS Best-known home remedy you can use to relieve distress WICKS WVAPORUB CALl OR VISIT YOUR RCCRUITINO STATION TODAYI Second Floor—City Hall, Hlytheville For Expert LAUNDRY &DRY CLEANING Call 4474 NU-WA ARE THESE PICTURES UPSIDE DOWN? Well You'll Think The World Is Upside Down, Because We're Offering A l c Furniture Sale! CHECK THESE EXAMPLES You get for just one cent o pretty $4.95 table lamp (or anything else totalling $4.95) with the purchase of a platform rocker for $24.95. You get for just one cent a 9x12 linoleum Vug valued at $7.95 (or anything else to- talling $7.95( with the purchase of a chrome breakfast set for $39.95. HERE'S EXACTLY HOW THIS SPECIAL OFFER WORKS J Beginning tomorrow the 24th, you can nave for just one penny any item or items in our store equal to as much as 20% of any purchase you make. That means with every $5 of quality furniture, you get another dollar's worth for just 1 cent! 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