The Austin Weekly Statesman from Austin, Texas on August 12, 1875 · Page 2
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The Austin Weekly Statesman from Austin, Texas · Page 2

Austin, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 12, 1875
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T T vLY statesman PUBLISHED BT JOHN CA-WOWELli ; i 'rtit.n fob WEEKit i KnbMMlption ff twclr laonthi Snlwiiitlon for U tnonUu..,."l'.'.Z'J.' rtTiau di iDTiKi. I.. 1 to . Advertlaln Bumi. BlZ. it One square. . WEE! ! v 4 t ft 6 1 M ft 14 6 1 10 11 1 11 18 ) i 11 M M tb U 18 u K 86 l M a 4 S i wo aquara... a 86 lis M 86 46 66 5 M la) i nree aquarea.. Four wm&raM 46 60 SO ITS SO 'lv (ura.;. nix aquarea.. . Ouarter colon Half column... . Ona column.... 46 to ISO Oua aqnr rihj Haw $i tor am kMnta; tfty 2 "cn bqait IsmtUu. . Fv-pclal aocloa mt to readier awttaV, $1 Square, aacb Inaenion. tight baa at U om aqaarav, line. i neaaing matur, local CO man, ajlaan caau pef A aTrrtlaiaraila wara!) anleaa with tlaM iac la aarvaae. ttrmm asaer (aiirarl. W will ecmiraet with partlne tfcenselve at tlx above ratea and Dot ihxoogb tkird part la. . , u , ( s , . -A.XT1 THURSDAY.... . . AUGUST 1 1875 TO KlUSCHIKKU AND CRBU . PONDKNTS. '. " Personi writing to this office in relation to their papers or busine, will please state the postoilke to which the paper ia, or will be sent, or the answer must be mailed, Tbey will also state whether they take or to take the Daily or Wmu. - - By so doing, much delay and trouble will be avoided. V;-!".' " Tim or nissiasippi. The white people of Mississippi have been sitting in convention at the State capital and enacted very profound resolutions, couched in unusually good 'English and and philosophy. Lamar and the leading thinkers of the Bute were gathered at the recitative of excellent political purpoaas capital, and memories of the olden time were revived when Davis and Foote and Quitinan and Amos Johnson and Prentiss and Guion and Sharkey and Yergers and many illustrious wen, whose names can never m forgotten by those who listened to theii eloquence, made the old capital resound with utterance of genius. Those who are not oblivious of the deeds and would accept the example of these great men perfected in this last plat form and injected into it every conces sion to the prejudices and instincts of the negro of possible acceptability among whites, it was agreed that par tisanship denned by race-features was most reprehenriblc, and the Forrest-Pillow bouquet and balm-of-a-tbousand-ftowers platform was approved, asserting the absolute love of one ruce for the other, and especially declaring that the definition of parties should not be that of races. The ' negro may come totho white man; the white man will never assent to negro leadership.' The negro can' see the absurd one-sidedness of the scheme of unsclfih beneficence, and it must wholly fail. It is all the worse for the country, and it is a great pity that the splendid diction and sonorous rhetoric and majestic pictures of Sir. Lamar are only illusory. The gulf that separates the races is broader and deeper than the Red Sea and Mediterranean separating black from white continents, and can only be bridged by miscegenation. Assent to this, and the dreams oi Forrest and Pillow and of those good men at Jackson, keenly anxious to escape the domination of villainy and ignorance and to reinvest themselves with robes of office and authority, will be happily realized. It is very needless for people to delude themselves. There can bo no final unity of feeling or purpose or of permanent action between two wholly distinct races. Their spheres of life and modes of thinking cannot be merged into one another, and where there is any approximation to equality in numbers the separation la u.aataHl'il those laws that give color to faces and shape to noses and outlines to taste and character.' Bo plain is this necessity for the absolute admixture of races as a condition precedent to any permanent social and political cooperation, that the very men engaged in the construction of this admirable Joiner's work of party leaders despise it when it comes from their own hands. Necessity drive them to the assertion of an absurdity. If the par-pose of the assertion be StUihedTwe will be as well pleased as Lamar, who would confer honor and gain none by his own transposition from his seat in the House io a place in the Senate bf the United States." : There is' but one question involved in these contests between the' races.' " It may be evaded and its solution postponed, and those who would effect ihU" purpose may keep it in the background ; but the white and black races tnuit be merged into one another, or lirownlow's scheme of colonization adopted. The 1 very self -stultification of the conventlonjktjacksonajwhlch asks negro co-operation, conscious, that a white qiiJ pro'tpio will never be conceded, shows the desperate straits to which taxpayers are reduced' by' the'ieign of savages.' How long it can bo borne, and bow long it should le endured, when the puqnwe is the pro- uinuun neru id uc ouin oi a race oi Ales-tiros, neither black nor white, "end the their government' by Yankee absolutism, ia the question which such conventions as that which sat in Jackson should discuss.' Properly, this convertloa would -dethrone Ames and tho negro Davis and expel the horrible mob of thieves and . robber armed with office to desolate the State ; but this ia only a question of to-day. If everything- be accomplished which ia sought to be effected by this pretty, high-sounding, balmy Pillow-Forrest platform, the evils now remedied will become more intolerable to-morrow, and the question ; still, remain absolved, must miscegenation or the aepara-?Wn vt racrs occur in Mississippi. TnE facility with which some papers can blow hot and cold,, the. honest Tdeyrayik tells us, is illustrated in the conduct of the Stated as, "which approve to-day 'and condemns to-morrow the conduct of the G ranges." Even so, and the Statxsmab may approve tu-day and condemn, to-esoj row the couduct of Governor Coke. Ji If the Grange and the Governor were al way doing precisely th saute; things,' .the Statco- jf-Jtaj, like the Tctryraph'taXgUt'Si'SlwBjt j lauding his Excel lenry"1 But times and s facts change, and we change "with them. The Granges nominated a half-dozen asses for eat ia the conutationr convention, as we were advised, in northern counties, . and the State assailed, the Granges and the candidates, an JT Condemned their .' absurd hostility t lawyers without tlnt; i and then, again, when Jfbe Grange .have acted wiacir, the Statesman ha lauded Mr. : Lang and hi followers, TL , r&prw4 cannot understand this perfect indtpead-. ence of the SrATkSMAS and for,, the plain j reason that the TeLyntjA is an "organ, ? ' and must be "consistent." , Its consistency may not be a jewel, but. maybe the next . thing to it greenbacks.' .' ...:,., , : Mlt. jFFEttSOX DaVIA wuld SK OCCCpt home at the baud even oi paytaouant, ttill ksi of charity. - A l - A SHAKY OBC AW. The Waco Em miner baa doffed its Democratic garments and become a thorough consolid ationist, and to this extent is Radicalized. But among the wiseacre wboVha7 constituted themselves the masters of Texsn mode of political thinking this thorough rejection of the basic principles of Democ- (ey ' nurgmjt)' and! a," therefore,' soundly Democratic In other words, Texan politics do not involve principles, but men. Adhere to Coke, or to Ireland, or to the leader for the day and, right or wrong, the fawning sycophant's political and partisan purity cannot be questioned. Her stand It iaThirr in t its unsullied Democratic Hnen,'saying;'inJeadyjg editorial having, reference to the North and the centennial: " "A common descent, a common history, and a common destiny await all the people of -the nation, ' and when the great finale Cornea, But line will be dimmed and only taken in account for the purpose of geographical convenience. 'V, .,, ; . ,A ... , , Of rece nt years,ince our Northern fellow countrymen discovered the necessity for the conversion of free States. into plundered provinces, Southern men who never think have learned, to speak of , "the , nation.", There ia and never was, in this sense, an American '.Wion.' Toe term applied to the Union, ia a mismomer.. The Achaian league was as much a nation is that federation of which Maine and Texas are members. States are nationalities constituting an indestructible Union indestructible till free trade is established and fishing, bounty and navigation acts rescinded. .Then the Union, no longer profitable to New England, wilt . become, in its blessed .eyes, -, a rope of sand divested of, every suspicion of sanctity. State will then be integer even in the eyes of Boston, ' and Massachusetts, resuming its identity and indestructible statehood, will declare. itself the "nation," and Boston its. imperial capital. ; But if the Ezamii'tr be the organ of his Excellency or of the Democratic party of Texas, the party here has a creed of which we know nothing, and we would ask Judge "Ego" and his Excellency either to repudiate the organ or tell the people of Texas that the assertion quoted finds no approval at the hands of the Democracy of Texas. . .. Stabtmno Facts. Elliott, of the Oar tte, and Newcomb, of the San Antonio Expren, formerly partners in the . State printing, are .not- so. fond-of-eaoh other as in days, of yore. ' Last week Elliott called Newcomb the "most villainous Radical in the State," and the latter seems to entef-tain about the same opinion of the former: The cause of this ill feeling, so far as we are able to learn, runs back to the time when' the State Journal, (Radical), and the - OatetU, ' were printed on ' the same press, in the building 'now occu-' pied by the OatetU, and when the' proprietor of the two papers were partners in doing printing for the State. At that time the Legislature was Democratic, but Governor Davis and other Republicans were at the head of the several State departments, therefore the partnership of Elliott & Newcomb had been formed, we are left to believe, with the view' of combining so- called Democratic and Republican influences for the purpose of securing Democratic and Republican ' patronage. ' Everything went; on very well for a while, and probably considerable money was made, but, oh the wind np, and when the day for a general settlement rolled around, ' trouble came, and a difference of about $700 prevented' an amicable settlement, and now Newcomb is taking step to recover the amount through the courts. He states that for the $700 Worth of printing done - by the establishment, over' which the quarrel rarea.''h' never received a cent ; not only that, but he further says Elliott ran the same bill iip fronv $700 to over $1000, collected the money and kept it all, thereby swindling the State out of over $300,' and his partner out o f half bf the remaining $700. A the matter is to be adjusted at the next term of the district court, we have no comment to make, further than to remark that it look) decided! do-It. W !! ' j Acstin is becoming a; favorite, point of aggregation for the children o the Celestial Empire. In fact they are speedily attracted by prosperity, and ar dispersed ha rapidly when want or poverty coine down npon any locality. ,. They have a thermometer in dirty linea which tell 'by ita -deepened stains how long poverty compels the owner to wear it, and now a San Francisco letter-writer tells Us that - every montl, two tnouaand five 1 hundred ; Mongolian laborers are added to 00,000 already on the coast. , Our statesmen are puzzled to foresee; what effect the intermingling- of to great a number of an uncongenial race miy exercise socially and politically on that section of the Uuion. 'Already they regnlaie the ; wages of labor not only ou public works, but in factories' and in our housa- holdsv They monopolize washing and vegetable paddling; they - control cigar-making, boot . and - shoe, . underwear, eta'; they are tinsmiths, watchmakers; carpenters, broom-makers, fishermen, and gardeners; they are very expert In woollon fabric. - It ia amazing how quickly tfrry learn to as American machinery. ; Thry are excellent cook and chamber servants; they are- expert money-counter in lani.s. In- fact,i they can turn "their'hanaV'to almost - anything." They are industrious, expert at bargaining,' and very econoni-caL ; A honse servants they are cleanly, bat apt to strike for higher wages, and eate without notice. Dishonesty Is rather loo frequent, but the notion of European domestics 'are exorbitant,' and housekeeping would be impracticable without Chinamiin. Chinawomen never " hire out.' ' Chinamen show no disposition to regard politics. We never ' saw a Chinaman tlpplef but ' ttey gamble nnlversaTly,' and exchange knocks among themselves, 1 A shilling goes further than a dollar irith Americana, and,xthoc gh they are quick to strike for wages, "they work for whatever offer' miner than be idle. Every man can read and write. ' ' ' " v.i ' - , ;Tbx Hempstead Xettatgrr thinks that all hydrophobia originate with polrcaU.yjft'e can well o how naaai hydrophobia mlrlit thus bo produced,' and why anEthiortah never has it, because sisaiW timuZm Sanaa-tr. .But the Jawwr UlU that genUeisan of Hempstead was bittenrby polecat, aid fearing insanity, used a snails tone, wlich was filled with the am poison drawnjijom a wound made !y a mad dog. .;Thi J9 didn't to mad. . :? , .i t i 8omx hard aata to Week are coming' to the constitutional convention. .Queer lei kwn, with glaxLig ' eye, closely ,etj ttc-gethtr,", sad with, sharps thin, . ami fry w"-- -Theao are they who wilt go Td fall absurd," extreme Waaures." Tbey ' wtiuld regulate every Incident of every day Ufibj, and... so. jceatrictl tho power bf the people that the State win Id go bsck to barbarism. ' 1 N - C9I!IELL rSmXKKtilflAI t r- .i t r . The center lial birthday of Diaiel O'Uon-nell was" celebrated with .great ceremony in )ublif. Friday was the centenary proper, liut-tbe exercises began "on ThurLiy and werecontinuei through . Saturday. The 'demonstrations opened with a solemn reli-Ifious ceremonial, at which the cardinal add priest. Father Tom .Burke, preached the jiermoa ; ia the evening, a grand concert of elect Irish music wm given, and the cn-tenary ode, by Dennis FWreno McCarthy, was read. Ia the grand procession ens million men were ei pec ted U march, and at its conclusion an oration was delivered by Lord O'Hsgau. .In, tho evening, banquet and bay occurred everywhere ia Dublin. On Saturday there were excursions from Dublin to the chief scenic- and historical districts, boat races on the; river, and athletic sport of various kinds, r The second day of the celebration, falling on Friday, the Pope, in "recognition of the life and labors of O'ConnelL has suspended the law. of abstinence on that day . in all Ireland, and we can just imagine that all Ireland awoke-last Sunday morning with the liveliest headaehe that 'ever 'cracked the cranium of a fun-loving people. . T S , U " " ' ' ' 1 l Wi never supposed that the old railways would auffer the Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe to be completed. If built they must own it. Ai road costing only $15,000 per mile would reduce ratea of railway charges in Texas certainly one-third or one-half, and thie would-be meet unfortunate for the Central and International lines. " It was necessary either to buy the Santa Fe road or make it cost $30,0u0 per mile. Which horn of the dilemma, or whether either, has been seized by the railway rings we are not advised,, but newspapers say Gen. Bragg was forced to resign because a sort of Credit Mobilier was organized by which the money was taken out of one pocket and put in the other,, with a- heavy per cent, added before it ..was shoved down into the "other" pocket. .i- In other- words, railway builders 1, have nice little way of trading with them selves.- .The director and contractor is the same wan, anu 'f uen a leuow ma tees a contract with himself, or his own representative, he is sure to have a good thing on one side, or the other, and generally oh bovh. Meanwhile those poor, 1 innocent people called stockholders soon see that the money is all gone and a road has been built, the miles few, the cost enormous, but the books showing a clear balance sheet and figures unable to lie. Of course, the road, valueless as a, paying investment, must be sold, and the very men who robbed it use their unholy gains to buy it. It is com monly supposed that railroads are straight; but, when in course of construction, they do have more crooked ways of progress than the immortal make that "made the track, and whether going north or coming back " no fellow could 'find out. We do not pre tend to apply any of these reflections to the Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe Railway Company, but ' present them - that those whose patriotism and ' anxiety to serve the public impels. them to "take in stock" may watch and see that they themselves are not taken - in. We live in an evil age, and there are many rogues; -an age of iron, but there is more brass. 1 1 'Cohtemptiblb. The "organ," on Satur day, contained among its local paragraphs the . following u. "We predict that the State8mait will have no further denunciation of the banking house of Forster, Lud low &. Co." . We bad regarded the above expression aa unworthy of . notice, and would pot have c given it any had not a similar paragraph appeared again on Sunday morning., On Saturday imorning General Tud. low, of the, firm .alluded to, called at this office ; and directed . attention to the " para graph given a bore, -and -said that -he and Mr. Zimpelman; members of the firm resid ing in this place, desired it to be understood that such a publication was unauthor ized on their part, and had appeared without any of their procurement. . He stated further thit both" he and Mr. Zimpelmau regarded' the article't with ' condemnation. The explanation 'was' kindly .received, and a declaration made' that 'the article was be- neathnotice. ' Owing, however, to its repi-tition, we are led ' to publish this.' The impression is attempted to tie conveyed that the Statesman has been intimidated. This paper 'has been called upon, as a matter of public interest, to discuss a matter in which the house of Forster, Ludlow & Co' appeared. It was dene as a public duty, without feeling against thl members of. that house, and, if the necessity should arise at any do so again, it will certainly be done. Whether it involves one private citizen or another, one firm or an other, the Statesman will not shrink from such duties. The insinuations of the "organ" are of the basest nature, and so we publicly regard them, and we are glad to know that Gen. 'Ludlow and Mr.'Zimpelman look upon tnem in the same manner. , . A special from Washington tells curious facts in i reference to the blackmailing of employees of the several executive depart ment, into the' payment of a per capita tax to help the Republican party to go into the canvas next fall with the sinews of war having been, abandoned. The result of the collection was email, and the ground covered wa confined to the' Interior1 and Post-office f Departments. It : leaked out how Judge Edmund, postmaster of Washington and chairman of the National 1 Executive Committee, disposed of the funds thus collected.. It appear that the money was principally used to support truly loyal Republican newspapers, 'whose editors were willing to print -editorial matter famished them from headquarter, i Whenever One of these sheet was on" its last legs, the com-mitteerouM com to its assistance. . Thus i explained now Sana Bard, the ex-pot-maater at Atlanta, has keen able to start three newspapers within a many years. This fund baa also been drawn npon in previous campaign to pay the expense of Radical eratorsV whoso draft upon ft were usually honored at aight. " "e- Auc ost com tarred every, newspaper. in Texas .ha vith tie Statzsxax in condemn- lag the desecratkm -of the rharnnrpf the Saa Marco, ad of.iu ooatain, famous in ong ad story, Sij. fixing, there th sit for foul Texan pruos pen. Rod -before the cominiaaioner the, fauUlea vetaec of . th Texan poetess, Molli & lldcdeacripUve of the iChamm of ih .wesderfnl spot, and then on inajjneasarw tho enormity of the otrag done by Uuieu who would make the place infamous in. all it aasociatioa and bid eon jta iu mesjacsto. a Tho people of tUe Arcadian ralley of tho malcklcaa toun-taia, brig hex and snore beautiful than any in which wood nymph ever bathed, ahould protest, with one oosoergean1 this istol-erabl desecration,, of spot obout which fancy weave aft"' divinaut. beauty. atoM..- ;...- .. - ,! at Vti L. lUy. of Asstia, died ltcphr j earllte last week. . Thk only effectual way to put e stop to Cottina's operations is for the United Htes to extend our boundary to the Sierra Madre. Sooner or later this will become absolutely necessity. ; Such is the t-seertion of tbeTalTas 77er- aid. Then beyord the Sierra Madre the same population, will .be discovered, and the -same 'evils wilt ' be 'reproduced,1 and ttgsan we must remove the frontier, and the cheapest policy is best. .Either compel peace by the invasion of Mexico, and pun-ish. population, among which Cortina is chief of high waymen, or, making short work of it, and destroy tb autonomy of Lerdo'a so-called Republic. . We prefer to absorb no more mixed populations. Let ns digest Africa before we nraTlowlIexico. -.iii"1 f Ex-PaxaiDiirr Jons son's death will be regretted by none more deeply than by the insurance companies. - He wa a believer in life insurance, and illustrated his faith by his acta, to an extent that is rare indeed, even nowadays. . The aggregate of the policies on his life is no less than two hundred and. fifty thousand . dollars.. . nis happy heirs can well aflod to say no more about that little pile of seventy thousand dollars which the-ex-President lost by the' bankruptcy of Jay Cooke's bank, i i ' Austix College is still bumming around on wheels, looking for a " permanent situation." Who wUl give most for its location at the point the donor, may designate! II beauty of scenery, bealtbfulness, tireless breezes from the sea, good society, and advantages pcident to familiarity with men and . facts .of government are worth anything' the managers of the college ahould pay Austin city some half a million dollars or such a matter for the privilege of founding It on the mountain slopes in this vicinity. i Keenly will Texans everywhere sympathize with Houston in the loss of the city mills.. The loss falls directly upon men able to bear.' it; bnt there were three hundred poor deprived of employment or of bread provided by those whose skill and labor were paid for by the mill owners. Though the mills were doing well and supplying Texas and Kansas with cotton goods, it is hardly probable that they will be rebuilt. Money is worth more to its holders than the satisfaction of feeding and clothing the poor. Two newspapers conducted by old Texans often advert to the ignorance of the "fresh importations." It doesn't take very long to learn all that these newspapers tell, and they tell all they know. Moreover, invidious distinctions, based upon prejudices thus appealed to, will operate in two directions. Very soon the new will outnumber the old dwellers in Texas, and policy suggests silence, even if ignorance impels loquaciousness. . - - ' The Walnut Valley Time begins a new career. Henceforth, if anybody, religious or secular1," benevolent or develish, wants anything printed, whether for . public or private good, it must be paid for, cash in advance. Democratic and Radical conventions, when called, must pay for notices, and so with Sunday schools and party leaders. ' Thirty five millions of acres of Texas land held by individuals pay no taxes. Let it revert to the State and be doubly taxed till redeemed, and if not redeemed within five years, the State's title to become absolute. Such is the specific the San Saba Newt would administer for terrible disease that afflicts the treasury of Texas. v; Thk Waco Ileporter daily grows in grace and finds favor in the people's eyes. It notified the paper mill of our remarks about the horrible stuff on which it was printed, and-now. the Reporter is not only edited with wonderful felicity, but is clean and airy and voluminous in facts and logical in discourse. . ', Thrkk weeks ago Galveston dealers rated Dallas oats as inferior, and fixed the price at forty to forty:five cents, when New Orleans dealers, ' being ' experienced in the business, have found them superior to Western out9, and worth InW sixty to seventy cents per bushel. '" '' '"'' ., Thk Southwest Index says that the first newspaper ever published in Texas was the Cotton Plant. : It was started at San Felippe. Codwin B. Cotton was its editor and proprietor. , This i publication was in 1829, 1830-33, and was afterwards called the Ttxa Republican. Thk cattle drive of the year, as estimated at Kansas City, is 150,000. Seventy-five thousand were driven to the Platte ; 50,000 were sold to the government tat Indians, mostly going into the pocket of Brother Orville, at two dollars and forty cents per hundred. Senator Thbkman, of. Ohio, would have the currency question pretermitted and adjusted by Congress, and. thus, to use his Excellency's favorite, term, copied oft by the Examiner, eliminated ". from the contest in Ohio, and from the Federal contest. The schoolmasters and others interested in promoting the cause of education, it is stated, will meet in Austin during the session of the constitutional convention. Why is not the exact day for this convocation of learned men fixed f . Witi. the Telegraph publish the sentence in which the Statesman applied the word "lop-eared" to Grangers; or give us the day and date when we used itt Didn't we say "lop-eared Telegraph?" This is probable and possible." - Alabamians manifest keener interest than Texans in the matter of training a new government. The proposition to hold State convention was carried by 10,000 majority, and a very full vote was polled. Rfxkjtt universal and incessant rains in wide wheat-growing district of the Middle State will cause a further advance in prices, and fanner ahould not force their crops upon the market, ; '''' '" '-''' t vTh Deniton JVVwa tell that the working men. of. Austin are soon, to commence tho publication ot the fuidpml FUrn, which it is expected will set the city authorities to scratching. . . , r.s . , ... .; . .; The Gobad G uard would. haveall men forced to pay taxes, on their .poll if nothing more, before they can vote, and no rich man ahould Tote who owe the State. "Make all hand show Ux receipts. . It isn't a bad idea. J ' " ...... Tut task of building th road from Houston to New Orleans ha been begun, and th road from Uouston to the Sabine, iis asserted, will be completed within h time prescribed by tb Legislature af Texas. ' :-; Xa Waoo auuur, in ail it meehani-eal - and editorial Incidents, is a model newspaper, and - deserves, tot it "very ability and last and enterprising spirit, the approval of the poopl el Texas. :- j -- x -Paesa mm PaacSaa. Denison is still shipping peaches North! ; Crops are magnificent in Johnson county. 'The Dallas paper mill veoture is defunct. Wheat is sold for $1 per bushel in Mc- iiuiBey., , -.. The ChronirU fattens c on cranes crown at Cleburne. California raSlns are' grown successfully in Dallas. Wheat is worth sixty-five'eents in Johnson county." ' Crowds of immigrants throng the streets of San Saba. "- The Wco Examiner swings to Coke, and lets Lang slide. -. - i .- . Th horse thief, H. V. Giddinga, is in jail at Gonzales. Wise county has the finest crops ever produced there. Horse flesh is cheaper than ever known before in Dallas. Lawrence, Texas, is to have a newspaper, called the THme. Sherman boasts of a. melon weighing fifty-seven pounds. . If the Hntchins House be finally shut up, Houston is gone np. Dr. Young's Friends of Temperance number 30,000 in Texas. Ann Arbor, Michigan, has a pair of twins with the heads of snakes. Bananas, plantains and melons are a drug in the Brownsville market. Cattle are suffering for water on the plains about Corpus Cbristi. ft Prof. T. L. P. Holloman is to give dramatic readings at Gonzales. A venerable mule died of the bite of a snake, last week, in Bonhatn. Mrs. Disney and daughter, of Cincinnati, are sojourning in Stephenville. Desperate thieves and burglars arc doing the innocent town of Cleburne. Croson, who killed Jeff. Franklin near Bonb am, has not been arrested. It rained four days almost without cessation, last week, in Stephen ville. The Montague 2few is perfectly blest in the absolute perfection of crops. The Enterprise thinks the number of centipedes increasing in that county. Hill county is perfectly blessed in abundant rains and unprecedented crops. Denton is mightily pleased with its jolly postmaster, one John N. Dickson. Cleburne and Alvarado will be enriched by good crops, especially of cotton. H. B. Boston, clerk of the court at Cuero, died las Thursday of dropsy. Lightning struck three places in Bonham last Sunday. It will get the Weic yet. Elder Sweeney is running a powerful revival at Brewer Prairie, near Freestone. A little boy in San Saba was burned to death by upsetting a kettle of hot grease. . Terrell wants several German gardeners to supply vegetables for the town market.' The Expren says the mesq'uit bean crop about San Antonio is the largest for years. L. X. M. is informed that we haven't any alarming degree ot faith in the Keely motor. The editor o the Montague Newt is dreadfully opposed to the burning of witches. Superintendent Hoxie lives in the finest house in Palestine, and isn't stuck up a bit about it. . The mil County Expositor says cotton is unusually promising, and the crop will be enormous. , Charley Ferguson and. Verdie Yale have been arrested in Dallas for stealing a finger ring in Austin. Rockdale received its first bale of new cotton on the third. It was grown by Charley Martel.- Shangia his name. He sang at the fashionable Dallas dance house, and is the star on those boards. The wheat crop of Coryell is simply enormous and cotton magnificent. Corn thirty bushels per acre. 'j "' Stephenville . wants to sell ita college building. - A great bargain is offered to a good pedagogue. ,.. . . ' , . i Dallas finances are in a terrjble tangle, and deficits are paiafaUy in order in corporate governments. ' . . - Two bushels of wheat ' pays for the Mc-Kinney Journal and the fellows ought to give good measure. J ' ' Calves and hogs have been bitten by mad dogs at Cotton Gin, and there is much distress at Cotton Gin. ;.- Governor Hubbard speaks about the "Tap" to-day at Gilmer, and ou the twelfth at Pittsburg.. . , -. The Cucro Star deplores the death of Mrs. Frances Means, wife of Col. Wm. Means. She died in San Patricio. The thermometer at ninety and refreshing showers ever recurring and glorious crops make Granbury blissful. Five hundred dollar will be given to the captor of Jack Post,who'shot John Spence, at Honey Grove, Tuesday. ' Seven Indians killed Henry Dell, in Mason county last week, and wounded another of his party of herdsmen. - ! - Judge Wo fiord sold the Kelso place, of 800 acres, partly improved, near Cuero, last week, at six dollars per acre.. Wbitehurst, of the Savoy Democrat, broke his arm fooling with a horse Tuesday. He had better stick to the tripod. The wheat cropabout Little Elm, Denton county, is twenty-five bushels per acre, and the cotton and corn admirable. , Sherman transmitted, a consignment of twenty-two villianj of high snd low degree to Ward, Dewey & Co. last week. ' - Kaufman county,' the Kaufman Telegraph, a first rate newspaper, says, will muke corn enough, and a first rate cotton crop. They have "close communion" carnages advertised for the use of " fashionable gents" and mademoiselle in Terrell. - . Mesra. Callan Hart are nutkiag- ttie Fredericksburg -Sentinel a capital organ of Western sentiment, taste and opinion. . '. Henry shot and killed Constant Sboen near San Antonio last week. Constant was too constant in his devotion to Henry's wit. . v Tb San Saba Newt says the banking house of C. R. John Co. is the best known and safest banking firm in Texas. Election news from all the western counties will not be received till next Saturday. We" can only get it through the newspaper. '' . Rev: R. F. Tajlor is lecturing on Revelation at San Saba, and, like everything else about San' Saba, it ia all Netct to those people.; 1,4 : ''' -' ' ' ' '"" AUenfyers, tried at Bryan last week for the Killing of John S. Millican. some years ago. after a hung Jury, Mcured n verdict of acquittal. ;v ' - v i Th Examiner eem to think that fel-knr can lire. "dirt cheap" in' Houston, Dying there is also, in lik manner, cheaply practicable. j . ' Denton Ja still indulging in delightful shower bath furnished free by cloud-gathering Jove, and watermelon are worth n cent each. r .... , " The Colorado and ,San Sab are fon high1, at' San' Sb fRi "are universal along these stream and crop prospect magnificent.' " ',' , 'Tho JUni&rvt esteems CoL TMorse and Judge Ferris, "and by accident we' ascribed to it what wa said of them by another of ou exchange. ' Tui Six laievee go down to Ward, Dewey & Co. from Montagu. What to ,be "ore With tbe-ever-growing army of knave and culprit? I v '' t" Very sorry, but our fellow-sufferer of the Ncitt is informed that the inditer of these paragraphs can't go with the excursionists down East. uugrJhaUiJLJtbatXha Tax Central. baa bought, and will furnish and equip at once, the Dallas and Wichita Railway to the Dallas county line. . They have hop in Dallas at the fashionable hotels, but tbey are done by fleas, tnJ at the bar-rooms ar found disulled in lager 7-the hops are. if.. L,. ,. After all the intolerable fns about the drouth, Anderson scanty will make two-thirds of a corn crop, and will have a big qnantity to sell. " '' The Corsicana Immigrant flourishes, and gives full reports of local facta, crops, tights, morals, temperance and Grange. It is a great institution. : - . Cotton picking ia going on very generally and prosperously about Cuero, and so with the process of picking paragraphs out of the Statesman, . . The Examiner i says the "outlook for Waco" is good.' introversion of the ocular optics does riot produce, we infer, such delightful impression. The degree of LL D. has leen most worthily ' confened ' ' upon Hon. George Clarke, Attorney-General of the State of -Texas, by Exskin College. . . Rufe iHutton, sixteen, 1 th veriest villain ever produced in Bonham. A mere child waa the victim of hia hell-born brutality. If caught he will hang. Sam Harvey, an ill-tempered mechanic, of Terrell, struck a little boy, who annoyed him, with a saw, and the little fellow will die and Sam may hang for it. , The Christian College in Bonham is winning great farneyaud deserves the exalted opinion entertained of its faculty and curriculum everywhere in the Weat. A big Methodiat revival is progressing at LoDgviey- Thirteen additions to the church and thirteen conversions, and, as the politicians say, the ball keeps rolling on. : The Denton' Mvnitor says that the people of that county paid their grand jury two dollars each member per diem to bring out candidates for the constitutional convention. , , . The Star, of Cuero, dubs Mr. Fudge "L. C", which, being interpreted, signifies, in printers' lingo, "lowercase." How. this diners from a "hard case" we are not advised. The story comes from Bosque county that a mob hanged two negroes snd two white uiun to the same tree. The negroes were hired by the white men to murder one Smith. It is curious to observe how few "col-oreds" are sent, to Ward, Dewey & Co. for forgery, and the fuct perhaps accounts in part for the great number sent for other crimes. ' . A great camp meeting is progressing four miles from Bonham. " Dohoney and the Newt may now be reconciled. The lemonade privilege, the Newt says, will be sold at 10 o'clock. , When the Age gives credit for a dozen or two articles daily gobbled from these luminous pages it makes the geoerous donation to the Fayette County Record. See Age of August 9. : Tbe Palestine Advocate, for trie first time, is in danger of being blown up. It is involved in a controversy with a brant band. Wind and impudence will surely be too many for it. - The Waco'raminw, tho Register says, thinks that the worthy master of the State Grange. W. W. Lang, is in danger from indiscreet friends who are pressing his claims for Governor. , , .. William Johnson goes to Ward, Dewey & Co. for ninety-nine years for wife-murder in Rusk county. The courts have much faith, it seems, in the longevity of the State prison keepers. " The Kia)t Otmrver tells the sad story: Jeff. Thompson, thirteen years bid, was getting over a fence, and in -lifting the gun after him the, hammer exploded the cap, and the boy was killed. , Grapes . are ' juicy t and delicious about Brownsville, and the time may come when another generation will make wine, and the grape crop will be more profitable than that of cotton. . V. It is reported at Hillsboro that Col. Tread-well, the greatest stock raiser of those parts, was murdered .last week, on. White Rock when returning from Dallas, where he had sold many cattle.' ' ' ' ' ' , Dr. Grasty, of Austin,' has been pumping piety into the good people of Fort Worth. They ought to be,' of all Texans, the worthiest of the learned Doctor's eloquent ministrations, but ain't. r ,, . There are in this State to day 1,500,000 inhabitants. Of this number 300,000 should be legal voters. Yet only a little over one-third of this 300,000 hive as yet voted at any one time. ' The Baptists preached and prayed seven days and nights with Jasper, but only drew into the fold two backsliders. The Newt-boy't influence, we greatly fear, is not directed in a proper channel. Butter costs a bit a pound in Hillsboro, and it isn't the oru-aary hash house, colorless, hairy liquid 'sold, for forty cents in larger toa ns and made from swill milk by a queer chemical process. ' The Fort Worth Standard wants a pressman. ..Its editorial management is admirable, but the pressman made it impossible for the J'fancy man" to extract an idea from the excellent newspaper. Judge Ireland can't deny it any more. He ia a candidate. He runs in a very lively manner in Luting.' 'There he has three votes and Haynes and fell those fellows were mightily scared about it. , The Cvurier-Juurnal tells of s horse that eats every chicken- Uiat. conies fooling round ti manger. We don't doubt the fact, but must say it is a common trick of horses who begin life as circuit riders. . The McKinney Journal thinks opium-eating should become ihe subject of attention, and temperance folk should not forget tbst the vice grow rapidly and ha now half a million victim in America. . .. - Mr. B. W. Crown, of the penitentiary locating commission, is out in a card ia which be says be did all in his power, after failing to locate it at Gilmer, to secure the location of the great den of thieve at Jefferaon. Ear of corn "grow' bin feet from' the ground at Freest on and the people there will bv to organize "hook and ladder" company., we reckon ; ' or tbey may rent Donaldson' balloon if it come back again to Chicago ' , . . . ', . Caterpillars are destroying forest folisge about Goliad.' " The Guard has quit climbing tree now and stays principally in town.' Vermifuge ain't worth a cent against caterpillars, and the-Gua7tf-1"BCTT0u 'about them. 1 -j r '- t ' : ' ' Morris, the wonderfully philosophic grammarian,- who ban Vo move than all riving men to reform barbarism in every-day language in Alabama and the Gnlf State, j lecturingwe are told, at , Mount Pleasant, A German peddler wa found murdered and robbed near the Gusjia last Wednesday. It i repotted that them were omo eight or nine U the robbing party. The bry .who accompanied the peddler i ml, ing also. " ' J ' Those etrkras original verse ia tb SL NkXola tot Angsst, entitled 1 Cnicken," now gotng through -tho praaa they generally go through circuit rider were written by to inimitable Ward, Brthltacon (Mi.) aamn. v..T" ; 3 " r Governor Richard, . tho Hub of Texan elocution bard of rare poetical fancy called Dick Hubbard; for short, although the circumference a considerable, will magnetize Mount Pkaaant, at aa early day, by a railroad speech. j The TrmtcripC, of Rock port, is an . lent J organ of the temperance people, aad in a" j rejpect an excelleut newspaper, i nereion. its acute sympathy with uit e on the plains sow " wanting water and dying in some places of thirst. . . - Gen. Ord was keeping things Jitraight by his personal presence in Browdfsvrtlet a few day. gor and the- hmtimti is vnurli woie modest than usual,, and sober and, quiet like. - The General sat'ing'tlns, went on up the R j Grande,. . , ,. The Kaufman Telegraph man sends his paper to people who haven't, paid, for it. These debts are too small to collect and too great to pay. We commend the cash'sys tern to our ootemporary. Th other in volves sur ruin ----- I-,: a. It Tbe country about Watai ford Buffered terribly because of drought, t Even th cot' ton crop ws injured and corn very greatly. l nere win De Dread enougn, ana tnree-foirtb of n cotton crop. Of late rains have been abundant. - 'i ' W. R. Hubbard and hia btother, campin? by the roadside, thiny miles west ot Mier- man, to which point they were followed. were suddenly attacked and compelled to surrender their purses, watches' and horses;' aw i nurauay mignr. - i - - Burglars are operating very successfully in Stephenville.. They robbed Mr Donovan's store of $100. but wouldn't touch dry, goods. They are therefore supposed to it grocers in tastes ana habit, auj tue grocery fellows are mad about 1 "u -ls' Rains have blest Victoria and those parts, and tbe Advocate says the farmers are grateful. We would like to bet on that. But itood cotton, corn and pecan crops uiak th people comfortable, but they are not as lull of gratitude as of melons and things. Of the owners of the Houston cotton millr, destroyed last Saturday ' by fire, Messrs W. J. 11 utchins, T. W. House, B. A. Shepherd, of Houston, and R. 3. Willis, of Galveston, are the heaviest losers, to the amount of about 175,000 or $200,000, , , Two nice young men of Dallas, Smith and McCorinus, were arrested with istoleu horse in their possession in Sherman. Thev went off with the horses to Sherman becsnae they did not wish to be suspected of wrongful possession simply because of the place of capture. , . ,,, ,;, . , Pious people should take into consideration the fact that Dallas ha eighteen churches. We have always been saying, that the press and counts did Dallas great .injustice. It's a pious, good place, and everybody know it. Those churches tell the story. , . - i a i - ; The Guadalupe Timet says that a' meeting is called for Saturday, the twenty-first inst., at the court hou.e, for the permanent organization of an agricultural aud statistical association. Addresses will be delivered by Judge Ireland, James Greenwood, Efrq., and others. , , . -.i The colored military company of Ban Antonio call themselves the Coke Rifles, in allusion to the motley gray aud black face of the association. It was not intended by the company to render honor to his Excellency. If they did, however, he will be very grateful. ' Chester county corn, planted and grown since the fifteenth of April, is perfectly mature, the ears being twelve inches long. It matures before drouth sets in and people wanting it should write to Mr. Carlton, of Bonham. Don't bother us about it. That's all we know. Enoch Truss was murdered - on - Duck creek, twelve miles from Dallas, Monday night. Rumor hath it that Truss was eat. ing supper with a good looking widow, when three assassins tired upon him. He fell dead from his seat, and the widow was painfully wounded in the arm; ji;k t at What' the matter "with people's heads" in Waco? The Examiner makes very brosd' hints that barbers in that weary town are not doing their duty., Ia says:, MV. We'll wager there were more heads scratched, in Waco yesterday than ever before in one day, in all her history.""0 "- " w" 51 " ' The Dallas Commercial says that ' the ' Presbyterian church steeple ' opposite is the Scylla and Cbarybdis of many kites whose skeletons depend therefrom." Everybody knows that no kite that wasn't made out of Bro. Graves's Tennautee Rapt itt would plunge into any Chary bd is. " ' And now comes thet Guadalupe Timet, and forgets rules of propriety, and says one of its coteraporanes ".lies." Here we have two "mistakes" the first made by 'the paper assailed by the Timet, and then this assertion of our neighbor that, its .vit-atit "lies." It is ugly, and in bad taste. ,( ..When one partner absconds in pallas tbe other fellow publishes a heat little card and tenderly calls it dissolution of the1 firm."" The nocturnal flight of one C. E. Cole from Dallas caused his broken-hearted partner to uit mm up in this gentle way on a tall column ox tne vwacious Commercial. Houston is cutting down municipal expenses from $123,000 per annum to $50,000. Times are as touch here as there. Let us, too, nip the perquisite business and save taxpayers the loss of from ten to fifty rollers for each dead beat or loafer or whisky guzzler that get into the .clutches of the recorder.. s Hardtack 1ti I 1 'iit Mlf M isn't a circumstance to. the tough edibles furnished by a model Waco landlord. The Examiner says of a dinner at the "Old Virginia." that it was "a specimen brick." We have before read about one who, when asked for a fish, gave a stone, but didn't suppose he kept tavern in Waco. " '" ,1 '. ' A writer in the Fredericksburg Sentinel, dating his letter from Mason, says Hhe time is fast approaching when a strong arm most be uplifted in order to put down, Mippr, root out and exterminate the actor in. the blooly saturnalia which tenders life and property so insecure and hazardous in this region." '' ' " - ! ' 1 V The Falstaffian landlord of the St. Cloud, at Sherman will shed showers of pulpit eloquence upon tbe multitude, end if tbey still hunger and thirst after things, he will feed them a sheep at his hotel, and if th y want a little political blutherxkiting he cau dispense it right royally from the stomp. He weighs two tons and, of course, is a man of parts. , - .. j -r ,n Rev. James Young, th Texas-apostle of temperance, has. been thundering,, like. Demosthenes against Philip, except that Philip wasn't tanglefoot. And then Demosthenes was safe, away off at Athens, in Greece, while onr orator wasat HocbiB;ntl fuiltp was in Macedon and whisky in Dallas, .and both trembled. . Whisky in a man, any haw, is always shaky. "" ' ' ' '.' 1 . The Bonham Netct tells ut that the Denison Crenel man wa invited out a fight duel Ut Saturday, but respectfully declined, owing to the iueiemeney of th Weniaer and a pre ot snore important busings. Strange otne people think editor can spare tbe time at such an nnreasouable period to gratify all their little whims! T" ' r '" That there is a regular organlred band of highwty robber now operating tfifodh this section of tho country cannot Inngnrbe questioned," y - th hnanRcfud4r. Rumors of their depredation are current, , aad excite terror everywhere about Sherman aad : Denison. ' Perhaps ft is" only Dsila spreading itself over thas-art. -- 1 .,The Comanche CltiefU Sorefy disgruntled because tho grunter of sotne' people ahd ' not of other ar permitted to grant aad nor and dispense flea at pleasure about th streets of the delectable village, while th pigs of ordinary "Comanche" are laugh tered ou sight. Fair play is a jewel, even if found ia a pig' MKab f . ; ; , Th San Antonio Expren say :' ' We hav always been fully satisfied thai journalism should b impersonal. ' 'A 'journal does not represent th proprietor or th d tor, but the community. This truth baa bee bat little regarded in San, Antonio." Then the editor add be is going to hold th proprietors of th Herald person!! re sponsible lor tne sayings oi tae HCaU e.1 - Floridn is endiaf orange, melon and other fruit to Chicago in refrigerator cars, and taking f our, mtal aad : oata- pa ..return It bid fair to be a lively trade. : Southern u on of the staple also. Ail of which could be .more, apecdii? and cheaply supplied by Texas thiui. by 'l-jrida. Our raiiwayrfailjto nromote this sort rof traile. We aiVglftd" to" get i lively antf watchful daily from Sherman.., It ivea us the ne - w as facfrand incidents oocur and we do not have t call it from an atioient weekly that may tril fresh old stories four or fie diis laa'7tolaIracrous sheet in which facta are industriously ciliated uu l wisely and, temperately discussed. well to let,the wonl ".-ur- roundiDgsT'wt spell nd. employ '"con-contitanrs' or"entourages" as substitutes '. PictureueIurrbhnding8,,' "laughter provoking surroundings, Y Hfgly surroiind-ings.Mntr.tleCAuaiurroundiogV' are-a few of the curious, phraseew .encounter in a . . single half hour amongou exchanges." 4, l'7VTiuiaM,wa hty in" tlm head by another. son. rf Ham, Saturday .night, at Hempstead."'' The bullet made aa awful hole, and the'doctor "stirred up things inside with r poker,' r )roiiertut couldn't find 'the bullet. Torn, ia Mill lively, and didn't see,' at th last accounts,' that lead wauj good xntents s brains for an ordinary kuU ttr --i T Jtrndufr hardly dots' na 'jHstlce. We staredwhat.we happened to know, 'that Governor Cokftand Co4. DerkTry voted for the pouituuenal convention l-arr'e the conduct of rf 'State-.oHiciala1! in this brlmif had .been-criticised or questioned. The Statbak is not of Uiose who would have Governor Cbke. or "any oth. r honest geutU-inan tnittrepresented. - ' tJ. ,:, ! The headleas . body. oLjut almost naked man was found' last week near Grand Bid IT. on Sabine river. ' The bodhad two bullet-hole1 through it ' The head found, -'The hands were toft and unscarrcd. Coarse uhoes were put on the feet to make the impression that the murdered mau was a laborer. ? Will this mysterious murder ever out I ri -'' " i The ddtoeat aay that a atujdd ass waa a candidate in Its' county for the' constitutional Conveetion wad yet Rds party stood by him solidly iand-simply' Kcnuse tho leaders said it a partisan election. The AdcoeaU can't blame . the ltadicals for the wish to retain a Constitution mado by their "own" party leader for,, tlieir special benefit;! . - r t j TheWaco Examiner saysi r'There is a very perceptible' increase of stir on our streets, and weauppcaa. it indicates preator activity in business maUer.", Which reminds US' of a verse that begins, :A.nd not a leaf stirred, and not a bird stirred,", etc. There' wu th stillness oT death till somebody sneezed, and then I'there was a very perceptible increase of stir." We are happy to say . that the Vodnesvillo Octette i again published, and'- hik fr.-h and fair aud hopefuL.kIt isimi.colaut newspaper, thought Bometi'nes mot ferocious and unreasonable when a follow makes a mistake.' Go through fifty exchanges u day, and you will sometimes .ascribe to ouo what teas nld' by another, aiid iu thin wo offeuded the OatetU add its town. s t : Hugh dodgers,' a merchant of GranVury, went, several week go, into Brown county with .a ragenad drivernauicd 'Jones. Jones, a yagranU'.bas boan"4teard -of with the wagon aud hone, but ill going west, while no one has heard .from Rodger. Citizen . have gone in pursuit of Jones. The chance are that be will pull licuip uud dance on nothings " The Governor should "perhaps send bis cavalry into Mason, sJtenard' and Coryell counties. The' Fredericksburg r.'Sentil'e statements 'indicate very dearly ttho ptce's-sity for vigorous measures aud the leUer of our correspondent who thestat of sffairj iot 4ar. from I.Uno, ronrirniSj the assertion f this Sentinel J Ail the savages are not evenrpn!rited ted. ' o CrocketVThe murderer of C. W. Woods. uioe vwuuyj vfvu. cspLurea luea.' L,0uis uuder the name, of Jones. No Jones or Smith, we-hrrpe, will be offendai be-cahseOrockctCadopted this queer tuii pe- ouliar. same. JIo has enough of other tad greater sins to- answer for, and then Jones i isn't a " proper ".buf a common" uoun and can be appropriated Ty auyliody, y A. genial, good wom(in"of many virtues has sued the Dallas Herald for $55, 0IH) for sayinir ahe wa colored." Tho lU rall doesn't mean that her blood is impure, but that the blessed 'Fannie takes, too-much coloring matter under her belt, whili has reddened her otherwise Caucasian physiognomy. Fannie isn't a bloated bopd holder, but fat, fair and leas'1 than forty. AVe pay? this for fear shevmy send a sheriff after the Statksiiav. "v,- ' 1' Your moneJwryouTlfv'i Iho polite, way of addreasing strangers "having money V about them on the highway a!vut Denison. j People that ell. peaches aiid "the like in ?, town ire robbed bythotfwho buy .them,.' or by other nice people, Lei'ore the iniiocenf country bumpkins can get to the old woman with the cash, and the wQthen m.;q mlnq -4 very indignaai-abvut it and propose to become policemen for a time. " - '.- .' ! Kentucky town need at Jest one aoat of . paint, and if th Montague Newt will men- ' ' tioa the fact it will be a great public bene- ' ' fjcton- Stranger get away from , .bounty" "" 1st which houses look dirty, evert cn' the 1 a outside, where there are no, flowers fu, 'front ' 7 yrds, and where tbe women sit ot the wiu-,". dows with tnops,' as ' we saw once, in thoir ,i yellow mouths.' The Ncu-t must Lave iho dreary village cleaned up, fur the all iiuiuisi grstion. .j.jji.j :f i l.iT ;The-Tiw-reporter of ihtrHtierute sat moodily upon the bank of the elDpgish, -mutky stream and sang: ui t wi i 'I 1 , j "Go it, atrial make life a pl.ia.uru; .1 Uf la abort, i-pnd npon It. k-- . Kick at UoablK, irr,.b jrour partanr: I io ia lamo bold mj bncL " W can see. as we listen to the melody of tbt teuchrnf verse,' poetry of )4ibtiotiiJ that 'mark tbe movements 'of a etaving, galloping Jefferaon gal. , .The Dallas llermld i harp.- It yl'rhur- " der ' i ,' 'heeomingi too jcommonP.suOialhw. a I It then tell how one drunken, desperate man. Callorate -Martin," shot vne Mesul-" ' Boro.'-u poor barkeeper, "In tie. iip" aiid . 'T. breast and shoulder. Martin tiieu shot poUcBaantSloitoswbotoe;hr Hoourreet1 him. Mcjtootwon's-MsebatlkfMer'the1 other fellow must, in order that there muy. :". be sufficient legal reason to hang the brutal vilhunr Martin. j.7 Tv; vS.?xr .a , up4 w 1 Alderftiad Kirk, of Houston, ia culled the 'Wower of the bewgag " whatever that mst b W. urppoae be f a-rt of baUicf and blowa the aldermen togetbur and then 'blowa" till thyare dUefaei, bi;wn in pieces by Kirk' forte nd ?np!5rlng4s thty ' go to theirteveral grog.- And then a in-n tfty father die Jt is tbe'Kirk jhot jiogt, ' -4 Lay hia wax rm togmtbrt, bia Ura aad aprwtlov arik ... . Uakwam to bna au Ivwra ' ,m" :.' j , WU lb aaaaicatf ta akarB. .i. Wbether gift concert 'aire lotteries will be deternirntd byjhOStfpremCourTriUe'r.w 1 ee of "The" State v." A. R. Coilinx, from Gryoa,eoantyf Tb plalndttV attorney will g9 before tbe court turning a big glaas wheel, Hike faction stomach pump, wUJl r ' tit irfeudnt' lawyer will electniy their lor4.hrp-Jade1 R ilrts. Oohf.I an,l " thereat with rn-ccordeon. WwouM:i , tike to see on tried on the Chief Justice for tea minutes.' r. 9 " -r ef'"t-jM As wu uspected,Jonea murdered 'ilngU Rodger on the way to Hill county, hauled " Wa 1 A . .1 I jk , .. . v. mwy awv MMjm uu Uf-poauc- I g Uk. , where It was found. he thastlv ' bead protruded from' beneath a flu miiT." which tbe fiend bad endeavored to confine ' the decayed body (o the bottom of t)e Jake,,, Ull Tbe tench, Jones paaaed through the eountry on tbeood day eitertbenusrder, s wa fearfuL He told people along the road that he was ti&ulln 4ead sheep. 'Hjmj , Tb Pww3TUl.!itif aaya tliat a fiht ocenrred between the renchero and cattle thieve out In tb back part of HidaW county on the twenty-second n!t, There wero twelve tblsve with the drov of cat-tl. Tbey wer pursued bv six Alexin. and three Americana and overhauled, a waning fight fo twelve miles tnaued.'tlie run- 1 r-r' cbero recapturing eixtyeven head of moat of them L tho McAUei brand. Kono of tbe pursuing party were turt, but think tbey wounded some of the theiva The .ranchers Wer tnhtd bttVflt'ri-tJx.u shooter. " -n " ''" 1 t i 1 ( . ' 1 t ' 3 1 I 1 - .f r ! ( f . ....

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