The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 6, 1950 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 6, 1950
Page 6
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«, 1950 BvJ.R.Williamt eUTTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Our Boarding House with Mdj. Hoople PAGh BLKVK* <3000<SO«H/ MOW tH' CHAKJ THAT OUTFIT WOWT WO MORE. TALKED? HEAP OFF THIS'W.' * IS ALU3ST AS <3000 A SHOVJ A* IF You to 6t CAUGHT WORKING, HOOP(.e .' TH£ OfJLY 6KERCIS6 X eM6K HEARD OF tmAX X WAS AVJAV -sPARSE THAT PILE OF «O6T AWAY FROM. THE Ag6 ^APE-MOT BOBM «^tJi,' l ^.'J^S-_ REFRIGERATION • Service • Sales • Engineering DIAL 224V City Electric Co. •••••• •<Spr Improued KIDNEY FUNCTION rn a majority of ca*et Investigated in several hotpitali and clrnici, subnormal Kidney function t wat improved. Bladder pain and discomfort reduced after th« use of Mountain Valley Water.. H your doctor has diagnoted' your condition as functional Kidney impairment thft natural, untreated mineral water may be very beneficial. Try H for a few weeks, h b delicious, pure-tasting, and may be consumed Freely. Crotstown Whiskey Shop Main & Division Blytheville Glass & Point Co. 136 E. Main Phone 6716 ShortMt river In the U.S. is the D. 400 feet long. It flows from Devil's Lake Into the Pacific Ocean on the Oregon coast. MISS By Edwin Rutt r two ^ NEA s«mce, i THK .STORY t Kr«r. who** H Th* termer K«V rriacr l« i'cler h«r faih*r p « nil I family. ••! Iravbtr* *•* <•«• ftrM U Bavin*; j«*» *l thr Mora-CIo «cc-«ir*)i»B; t* !)•• Rcajra*. her lair father'* ri«b, (-•»•* »••. ThcB E4c U ••m.eMrd by L«wla North- eott, BelvrrtlalBe; a* • • a « c r *r Mnrw-OI*. wh* COM (>»*•• (••( E*> i* "rather m a*r»rla*> 1« •*•£." thin your Ede XII TUORTHCOTT pursed his 11 lips. "You'r* not like brother JefT, are you?" -Why do you say that?' asked. "Northcott looked direcll.v at her. "Jeff is afraid of me. You're not." -"No," said Edc calmly- "I'm not." "You were perfectly right In thinking that t could have invitee you here for one of two reasons,' Northcott said, "But you']] b* glad that it isn't bad news. I did. however, want to find out what you were like.** "And now that you know, Mr Northcott?" He gestured, with a slim long- fingered hand. "What makes you think 1 know? You haven't been here three minutes." "I don't underestimate your In telligence/* Ed*- said.-' "You've formed an opinion." A kind of gray smile flickeret across Northcott's face. "Righ again. And I don't mind telling you that it's a good one. You'r something like your father, Mis Frey. But not altogether like him. "Not yet, anyway," Ede salt "My profanity's nowhere near a picturesque." "Not even," he said, the gra smile lingering, "when the Morn Glo account gets obstreperous?" "Not even then." Ede waited a ocond. "Mr. Northcott, docs your ailing me over here give me the Sght to ask you a question?" He nodded. "Certainly." "In that case," said Ede, *Td ike to know if you're perfectly atisfied with (he service you get ram Froy & Company?" It was then that she * saw hrough the thin veiling of polite- less, the supreme egotist in North- :ott **I don't wonder," he said. "You know, 'of course, that I could lake he account away al any time." 'Yes." She nodded. "I know hat." "Suppose I were to?" SADIST into Ihe bargain, thought Ede. He likes the cat- and-mouse game. She shrugged. We'd be sorry. But if you do, we'll just lighten our belts And presently we'll get another soap account." *'Oh, you will?" Norlheott's eyes were not smiling now. They glit- ;ered from behind the gold- rimmed spectacles. "You think .hat would b« easy?* "Not easy. But possible." "You hold our business relatively lightly, then, Miss Frey?" He's putting me on the spot, Ede said to herself. If I don't lick him now, he'll lick me for evermore She compelled herself to Northcott's colorless eyes. "You're quite wrong, Mr. Northcott," she said, "I don't hold your business lightly. On the contrary, it's the most valuable account in our agency. But I don't think you're going to take it away." "Why not?" The power of hts gaze easily equaled hers. "Because," she said, as matter- of-factly as she could, "it wouldn't gain you a thing. You know perfectly well, Mr. Northcott, that you couldn't get better work from any other agency in the country." A queer expression came over Northcott's face. It made her think a gray wolf, grinning. "You're very confident, Miss Krey." Ede shrugged. "I'll back my team/' she said. "H we lose, that's just hard luck. But, t ot course, you're not playing fair with me." There was a wary look in North- colt's opaque eyes. "Just what do you mean by that?" "Only Jhal there's something in back of all this. Something you haven't told me." He put his hnnrls on the desk, folded them and leaned forward. 'You're very shrewd, Miss Frey. And you're a belter contact man han your brother. I like people who aren't afraid of me." 'TMIEN Edith Frey said an outrageous thing. It was the sort of thing that might easily have jeopardized Ihe relationship be- .ween Lewis Northcott and Frey & Company. But the words seemed to slip out involuntarily, as if in protest against this palpable lie. Thai isn't so at all, Mr. North- coll," she said. "You don't actually like people who aren't afraid of yon. You simply fear them. Because they're likely to—to— well, to upset your calculations." North coirs grin broadened, "Are you psycho-analyzing me. Miss Frey?" "Hardly," Ede laughed. **I guess I T m just being rather presumptious. And, of course, we're getting away from the point. Which is. your real motive in sending for m*." Northcott chair. The sat forward conversational his tone dropped out of his voice and he got down to business. I ad mi tied a moment ago, Miss Frey," he said, looking at her intently, "that I asked you over here to find out your strength- A better way to put it would be that I want to find out the strength of Frey & Company now that you're practically in charge of it,* 1 "Yes?" Ede said, and waited. "I won't beat about the bush," Northcott continued. "Frankly, Miss Frey, a couple of other agencies have beeti soliciting the Morn- Glo iccount. (To Be The Curzon Line was the provisional eastern boundary of Poland established by the Supreme Council 1 of the Allies on Dec. 8. 1919. FAUGHT'S STUDIO 114 So. Broadway We're Proud of Uur Work ? Wllr l< • Woodwork during « BARKSDALE MFG CO Machine wnrk Manufacturing There's No Substitute for QUALITY & SERVICE A. Kiln-Dri«d and Grade-Marked Lumber. B. Sherwin-Williams Pointf. C. Cabinet and Builder'* Hardware. D. Millwork, Doors and Window*. E. Pfumbing Fixtures, Pipe and Fittings. F. Wallboard, Plywood and Tile Board. BUILDERS SUPPLY South Highway 61 Co., Inc. Phone 2434 CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH For the servicing or repair of your car, hrinjf ft to T. I. Seay Motor Co. Our mechanics are specifically trained (o care for your car. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 121 East Main Phone 2122 UPHOLSTERY SPECIAL! f '^>/'-' f '} Any Sofa l^^^^gy RECOVERED • i/ f+ i.-We Guarantee f . . , Sat.sfact.on Except Tufted Pieces Choice of Z5 Be»taifu, Fibrte* 7 DAY SERVICE )ITcr Rood for Llmilr4 T1m» OnlJ IHKAI/SI Call SIM S . H1 , hwJT for careful ad en (ion to Ih« filling of your prescriptions, be sure to come to Barney'* Drug. BARNEY'S DRUG O West Main Rhont 3647 Does Your Speedometer Read Correctly? For safe driving, beder check on H. W« give one- day service on speedometer repairs for «ny make or model car or truck. Drive in today T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 121 East Main Phone 2122 Whose Rules? "And rem«fnber, fantastic as ft may s««m, many of your college professors will know «v«n mor« than you do!" >RISCI1.LA'S POl Food for Thought BY AL VERMEER EXCELLENT i NOW CAN YOU TELL ME WHOT THEY PROVIDE THAT IS SO IMPORTANT s? VIC Kl.INT Siownwnv BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANl DON'T SET 5OTE BECAUSE Y I'M 6OU-J6 I K)\JHCtO YOU FKOH rWXOUT AKJC7 (56T THIS eocc secrr fcv. THUMWNS CAPTAIN EASY Bull's Big Inning BY LESLIE TURNER TOATS OPD^OUH PHONE'S DEAD 1 . V IF HE'S IU- CMAWSE SUICKW AK» RIPE 0VEE/GOWE, VOO TO THE SMITHS. ICAUCAU^OM/CMU L6AUE THERE! II..M ( W0J?D FOR. HIM! I WILL NEED THW MEDIC1UEi OH, FATHER! I FORGOT' V HE WAS GOUJS BV TO TELL E&SV TO PICK / THE JAIL TO FICK UP YOLK PRESCKIPtlOU ( UP TH6 SHERIFF... WHILE HE'S IN TOWN! 1 VVHV MOT TEV TO CATCH HIM JK£K£ PAHCWTA? STEADY, ME BUtLV SOV-UOKW BUT A HICtC STAWDS BETWIXT •WU AIT HALF A HUM* 10 ORANO BUGS BUNNY Group Deal HOW MUCH TO WENT A BIKE, OLD IT'S TOO \ HM/A...MAVBE MUCH.' \ WE CAN t WON'T mTII_L 00 PAY IT.' X BUSINESS; HERE'S ONS VA C'N HAVE FHR A QUA.RTBK... ALLEY 001' On (lie Snmrt Side UY V. T. HAMLIN , you MUST B= SOJONATLREO NOT T'6ET f53 AT TH'STUF- r SINS/ HV DESPITE VZ3UE. -JESTS. T WA.GEE. YCU'D F 16 MT.' THOSE 5W5ET VsO^CS HIM A, PASSION F MY 8l£OO... AND IN THE eOYAL COUETS Or CHRISTENDOM, W FVES ASE AS TH'CK AS REA.S ON - DOG! ., I JOUBNEY BY SEA. RJE I DAEE HOOTS AND HER BUDDIES How's That? BY EDGAR MARTIN

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