The Progress from White Earth, Minnesota on July 14, 1888 · Page 3
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The Progress from White Earth, Minnesota · Page 3

White Earth, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 14, 1888
Page 3
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l4M A&K- -*i I P*S?5T t$* he grigress. T. H. BEAUUEU, Editor. WHITE EARTH. MDII* THE ONE WHO STAYS AT HOME. The wheels of the world go round and round, In the press of a busy throng. Morn with its matin melody And night with its vesper song The tideB are out and the tides are in, Like the seam its ebb and flow, For there's always one to stay at homo Where there is one to go Abroad on the highway's noisy track There is rush of hurrying leet, The sparks fly oat from the wheels of Time To brighten the bitter and sweet, But apart from the beaten road and path, Where the pulse of. earth runs slow, There is always one to stay at home Where there is one to go Over and over good byes are said, In tests that die with the day, When eyes aro wet that can not forgot, And smiles have faded away. Smiles that are worn as over a grave, Flowers will blossom and blow, For there always one to stay at horns Where there is one to go Always one for the little tasks Of a day that is never done, Always one to sit down at night And watch with the stars alone And he who fights on the world's broad field With banner and blast and drum, Little dreams of a battle gained By the one who stayed at home' Burneston Lane, in DeU oit Ft ee Press. FREAKS O INSANITY. Singular DelusionsTact Required in Dealing -with Lunatics. A a rule insane men either die or are cured in the course of a few years, and of the former probably ninety per cent, die of general paralysis. I is the result either of overwork or bodily ex cesses, and generally attacks a man between the ages of thirty or forty. The premonitory symptoms are extreme exaltation and buoyancy of feeling. The-vict im is immensely powerful, he is an irresistible Adonis, he is the most brilliantly intellectual man of his day or he is many times a millionaire and has an infallible recipe for making colossal fortunes on the shortest possible notice. A case is related of a Low Church clergyman who imagined himself a sort of assistant to the Trinity, and died perfectly happy in the belief that he was helping the Godhead by his ministiations, and thrusting into outei darkness all those whoso tenets were at variance with his own Th physician of a French lunatic asylum says: "I am frequently followed by a General who declaies that he had just fought a great battle, and left 50,000 men dead on the field. A my side is a monarch who talks of nothing but his subjects and provinces. Over there is the prophet Mohammed in pet son, de nouncing in the name of the Almighty and ne xt him is the sovereign of the universe, who could with a breath an -nihtlftte the eat til." A interesting fact in connection with the insane is the great age to which so many female lunatics live. A madwoman is really a fiist-class in surance risk. I almost every lunatic asjlum the women greatly outnumber the men, not only because they are so long-lived, but also because they are so seldom cured. Insanity differs according to temperament. Pntchard says: "Choleric persons, or those who ha ve bl ick hair and eyes, with warm, vigorous constitutions, become violently maniacal, but ha ve a shorter or more acute distemper, more frequently terminating in a marked crisis than others the sanguineo-phlegmatic, or pei sons of pale complexion with flaxen hair, fall more readily into a chronic disease the dark-haired are gloomy monomaniac 0 led-hahed are violent, treacherous and dangerous." Excess of 'Jelf-love, by the way is an ingredient in all cases of monomania. There is no end to the curious tales told of the illusions of insane people, and the inmates of lunatic as\lums are as incongruous in their vai iety as the democracy of genius. I the asylum I have in mind there is an old lady who does not believe in death. Sh sees in her fellow-patients her father and mother, her husband and children, her brotheis, "sisters and her cousins, and her aunts," and imbues each with the identity of some one of her relatives, occasionally with most embairassing results. Another woman imagines that she nn not sit down, and suffers excruciaIteg tortuies if she is forced into a seat. Another disfigures her hands with all soits of cabalistic signs and figures in ink, which, she says, are the Psalms. She claims that she can write much bettor on her skin than on paper, and insists upon the necessity of continually recording the Psalms, because nobody else knows them, and her memory is so poor that she is afraid to trust it. Besides which, if she did not renew the record from time to time, her body would abso ib them, and then the doctors wou ld ha ve to dissect her to find them again. Another woman has worn her fingers down to the top joint by incessantly telegraphing on the walls to her de ad husband. A case is recorded of a woman who thought her bones were luminous, and ready to take fire, but who was cured by rubbing her skin with oil containing phosphorous, and pretending to extract the light. Among the male lunatics in one with the delusion that he is a grain of corn. A casual visitor would never dream that the man was insane, unless a chicken should happen along, when the grain of corn would suddenly be seized with the direst kind of a panic and try to hide itself in.the visitor's pocket. Another thinks he is a teapot and that his proper place is on the stove. The man who thinks every woman meets is in love with him is of course represented, but his vagaries aro of a mild order and rarely call for his keeper's interference. Not so Mr. Adam, who if he had his way, wou ld neither be "clothed" nor "in his right mind.",,, A One patient imagines that his ra tional soul has gradually perished under the displeasure of God, and that an animal life merely is left to him, in common with the brutes. Another fancies that his head ha3 grown larger than his body, that his legs are made of glass, or that he has a wolf in his stomach. On man who thought that Charles I. was hiding in his stomach was temporalily cuied by putti ng a large blister on his abdomen at"the instant it was dressed and the vesicated skin snipped, a dressed-up figure was thrown from behind him, as if just ex tracted from his body. The patient believed in the performance, and was filled with joy afc first, but an attack of indigestion returning, which he had associated with the delusion, he thought, the wretched Charles had reached his old hiding-place again, and suffered a relapse. Whetiever it is possible, doctors always humor the delusions of insane people, and so when a woman who was suffeiing with delirium tremens de clared that the boys we re fishing for Ler through the window, and implored the doctor to clear the hsh-hooks out of her bed. he readily complied. But the lunatic who insists that there is a plot to poison her is not so easily satisfied, and she is a common character in all insane communities. A propensity to theft is often a feature of moral insanity, and sometimes it is the sole characteristic. I an English asylum some years ago there was a lunatic who wou ld not eat unless he had stolon his food, and his keeper used to put his meals into a corner, so that the lunatic could discover and take them furtively. A curious case is related of a man who had a mania of putting things in ordei. If articles of ladies 1 work or books weie left on a table, he would surreptitiously put them all in order, spreading the work smooth and putting the other articles in rows. stole into other people's bedrooms to arrange them, and was kept so busy runni ng from one room to another that he hadn't time to dress for meals, and sat down to dinner in his dressing-gown. Frequently he took a walk in the evenings with a lantern, because had not been able to get ready earlier in the day If it happened to be a starlight night, the disorder of the heavens would diive him wild Another eecentiic character made it a piactice to open his window at a certain hour every night, and cry out minder exactly twelve times also to go every day after dinnei into the middle of the quadrangle of the asy him and thiow his hat into the air twelve times, vociferating at each throw. Hi motive as a notion that by this consistency and uniformity of conduct he afforded a proof of his sanity. When his physician appioached him, he recoiled with horroi, exclaiming, "If you we re to feel pulse, you would be lord paramount over me the rest of my life." Some lunatics never have any one permanent delusion. On man who fairly revelled in the art of lying always had a false report ready about his keepersthey ate his food, v* ore his clothes, and stole his tobacco. Once a week the lining of his clothes was unpicked, the bed ticking opened, and the head of the bedstead removed in a search for the knives and forks, the handkerchiefs, and brushes and combs which he had stolen from his fellowpatients, and the half-picked bones and pieces of bread which he had furtively abstracted from their plates. His madne ss mainly consisted, however, in a moibid love of being noticed. A story is told of an eccentric gentleman who went around with a knifegrinder's outfit, and exulted in the havoc he made in the cutting instruments intrusted to him. Tiling of this, he started as an old-clothes, dealer and this getting irksome, he returned home, but instead of going at the door, he made a hole in the roof and entered that way amused himself at night oy duving a pig tied to a cord through the village, upon who se nose something had been fastened to make him squeak. varied this performance by exchanging the fai mers' cattle and removing their gates, etc. It commonly surprises visitors to a lunatic asylum to find that insane people are not for a moment deceived by the delusions of their fellow-patients. Each will think himself perfectly sane and healthy, whi le knowing that all the others are hopelessly mad Al though a lunatic's mental freedom may be destroyed, it does not follow that his consciousness is abolished. A minister who was called upon once to preach to acongiegation of lunatics treated them to a sermon he had written for children. Much to his surprise, he received an indignant letter from one of his listeners afterwards, reminding him that whi le they might be insane, they wore not idiots, and that many of them were fully his equals in^education and intelligence. It is an interesting fact, recorded by Pritchard and others, among savage nations mental diseases are almost unknown. They come forward with the dawning of civilisation, and keep pace with the advancement of mental culture. The restraints imposed by social order, the diversity of interests, the pressuie of universal competition, overwork, griefs anxieties and disappointed hopes, the artificial life of cities, are among the causes most influential among civilized people in the developement of insanity* Many anecdotes are narrated to illustrate the tact required in dealing with lunatics. Among the inmates of an asylum near Philadelphia was a man who was considered perfectly harmless, but who, having no home was allowed to remain there, being employ ed to show visitors around. The doctor went on the roof with him one day to see about repairing it, when the man suddenly turned and suggested that they should ju mp down to the ground together. Immediate ly the doctor replied: "No don't let's do that. Any one can jump down. Let's go down and see if we can jump p." The lunatic considered the point "well taken," and agreed. It is almost impossible to toll in many cases whether a lunatic is cured or not There used to be a man in Staunton, Va., who had intermittent attacks of insanity. always knew when they were coming, and would return to the asylum in good time for treatment. When a wedding was announced to take place, he would volunteer to collect the hundred dozen eggs necessary for the wedding cake, but always with the proviso that he was not "i limbo" "when the time came. The head of a private asylum in England was in the bath-room watching a number of lunatics bathe, when one of them called out "Let's duck the doctor," and th ey all took up the cry. Seei ng his danger, the doctor said at once: "Al right boys, but suppose you give a cheer for him first and the noise of their cheeri ng brought the keepers in to his rescue. The same doctor was in a room with a lunatic who by'&ome means had possessed himself of a carving-knife. The lunatic informed him gravely that he had been ordained by Go to cut him into little pieces, and much as he regretted it, he should be obliged tn do i "Very well," said the doctor, "of course, if that is the case, I shall make no attempt to prevent you, but I see your knife needs sharpening. Allow me to fetch a grindstone for you." And no objection being raised, the quick-witted doctor made his escape. It is a curious fact that raving maniacs are never attacked by any contagious disease. Even consumptive disoiders, dropsies and other chronic maladies have disappeared on the accession of violent insanity. A least two-thirds of the inmates of insane asylums in England-are paupers but that, probably, is no evidence as to the prevalence of lunacy among the poor, because in their higher ranks of life lunatics are frequently cared for at home. Th greatest number of recoveries from mental disorders occur between the ag es of twenty-five and thirty-five, being the period of life when the greatest physical energy subsists.N. T. Evening Post. A PREHISTORIC RACE., The Intelligent People Which Once Populated Portions of Arizona. Dr. H. F. C. ten Kate of the Hemenway Archaeological Expedition, now searching the lui ns in Arizona for evidences of the character, habits and history of the prehistoiic people that once densely populated the Gila Valley, made a pleasant call at this office. The doctor has spent some considerable time recently on the Pima Indian reservation in comparing the characteristics of the present tribe with those found in the ancient ruins, but his con* elusions do not encoura ge any theory of relationship between them. The skeletons unearthed are too short in stature and more closely resemble the Pueblo or Zuni Indians of New Mexico. Th ey weie evidently of a higher order of intelligence than the Pueblos or Zunis of to-day, and notably in the lemarkab le perfection they achieved in agriculture, as shown by the extensive aqueducts ramifying the whole countiy, did they excel all other Indians and many of the civilized nations of to-day. Dr. ten Kate has given considerable attention to pictographs, the symbolical hieroglyphics cut or painted upon the rocks in the hills skirting the vallej'. These are particularly'plentiful in the Esticlla Mountains near the Gila crossing, whe re many caves arc also found strewn with broken pottery, having probably been sacrificial offerings to Deity. These caves and painted rocks are neaily alwavs found in juxtaposition, and even on Poston butte, at this place, some of them may be seen. The hieroglyphics are sketched by Dr. ten Kate, and to an ordinary observer they aie utterly devoid of meanin g, but may yet be de ciphered. They are mostly of animal forms, but circles, volutes, crosses and other forms indescribable are often found among tbem. These were scratched with some hard instrument upon the black, weathei stained face of the granite rocks, forming a white, indelible record. JJ The doctor also investigated the eyesight, color-blindness and muscular strength of the Pima Indians and made collections of their mode rn handiwork for comparison with those rescued from the ruins. found no tradition among these Indians bearing upon the identity of the prehistoric people, the cause of their departure, nor whither they went and therefore concludes that they existed at an age more remote than is popularly supposed. Dr. ten Kate has gone to Tucson to continue his investigations among the Papago Indians at Sa Xavier and to the south, and the result of hig searches will bring to light many inte* esting facts, even though they" throw but little light upon the prime object of his investigations.Florence (A. T.) Enterprise. ^Jtlfj ^~rhG great Sioux Reserve embraces an area equal to that of the States oi Indiana, South Carolina, Maine and Delaware, Troubled with them Head.^ Abner Dorsett, a negro living Hickors Mountain township, N. has probably the largest head in tho State. It is thirty-twc inches in ci-cumference and makes him somewhat top-heavy," for at times when WM topples over to one side he is obliged to push it back into position with hands. i.K +#b ^J"Jf Marion Harland. The celebrated authoress, so highly esteemed by the women of America, says on sages 103 and 445 of her popular work Eve's Daughtets or, Common Seme for Maid, Wife and Mother": For the aching backshould it be slow in recovering its normal stiengthan AuDOCK'S POKOXJS PLASTEU IS an excellent comforter, combining the sensation of the sus bained pressure of a stiong, warm hand with certain tonic qualities developed in the wearing. It should bo kept over the 3eat of uneasiness for several daysin obBtinate cases for perhaps a fortnight For pain in the back wear an ALLCOCK'S POROUS PLASTER constantly, renewing as it wears off This is an invaluable support when the weight on the small of the back becomes heavy and the aching incessant IT is to be presumed that the Christianize^ Indians are all Lo church people. Boston Courur. Fertile, Fair, but Unhealthy, "r many beauuful sections ot our union. 3hills and fever and bilious remittent, born )f miasmatic exhalations, aie their periodic, ind in some instances, their constant iaourge Those of their inhabitants, howler, who foi tify their systems with *Hostetter's Stomach Bitters never fail to find in it an adequate defense Not only tor malarial disorders, but for dyspepsia, liver complaint, costiveness, nervousness and rheumatism it is unrivaled. "HAMLET" is a pby for all time, will never give up the ghost PuUt. IT is not altogether strange that a bee trothal should lead to a honey moon. Had Been Worried Eighteen Tears," It shoifld have read married,' but the p/oof-reader observed that it amounted to about the same thing, and so did not draw his blue pencil through the error. Unfoitunately there was considerable tiuth in his observation Thousands of husbands are constantly won led almost to despair by the ill health that afflicts their wives, and often robs life of comfort and happiness. There 19 but one safe and sure wav to change all this for the better The ladies should use Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription. a CAN a bank tnat can't stand a loan be called an infant industry/ FREE! A 8-foot French Glass, Oval Front, Nicrel or Cherry Cigar Case MERCHANTS ONLY. R. W TAXSIIA, & Co ,Chicago. FISHING sport Hood's Sarsaparilla Sold by all druggists. Si, six for 85 Prepared only by C. 1 HOOD & CO Apothecaries, Lowell, Mass IOO Doses One Dollar EDUCATIONAL. OTMMEB SCHOOJL. OF^ILAJWGUAGJES, O Oswego, N Y. Prof A.Conn, Harvard University, and Prof. F. Lutz, Albion College, Principals Session from July 9 to Aug 13 Nine languages taught, 11 coursesof lectures and readings given Forroom, board, reduced B. fare apply to Hon A Mattoon, Oswego, N for catalogues address Prof. Lutz.Albion, Mich orProf Conn, Cambridge,Mass. ||f|UC STOTnr. Book keeping, Penmanship, Arith- nURIC metic, Shorthand, etc thoroughly taught by mail. Circulars free. BBTAST'SIOLUKIE, BnllaI.K Y. BILL of the Life. sm It "Glvelllui IKt, and .et Hi Gness." W ouce heard a man complain of feeling badly, and wondered what ailed him. A humorous fuend said, "Give a doctor$2, and let him guess I was a cutting satire Dn some doctors, who don't always guess right You neod not guess what ails 3 ou when your food don't digest, when your bowels and stomach ai inactive, and when your head aches every day, and you are languid and easily fatigued You ai bilious, and Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Purgative Pellets will bring you out all right Small, sugar-coated, easy to take. Of druggists. for compliments is doubtful IF afflicted with Sore Eyes use Dr Isaac Thompson's Eye Water Druggists sell it25c. HE sphere of the weather prophetatmo sphere If You Feel Tired Weak, worn out or run down from hard work, by impoverished condition of the blood or low state of the system, you should lake Hood's Sarsaparilla The peculiar toning, purifying, and vitalizing qualities of this sucee3sf il medicine arc soon felt throughout the entire system, expelling disease, and giving quick, healthy action to every organ. It ones the stomach, creates an appetite, and rouses the liver and kidneys. Thousands who have taken It with benefit, testify that Hood's Sarsaparilla "makes the weak strong Feeling languid and dizzy, having no appetite and no ambition to work, I took Hood's Sarsaparilla, with the best results As a health invigorator and for general debility 1 think it superior to any thing else A A RIKEK, Utica N "I took Hood's Sarsaparilla for loss of appetite, dyspepsia and general languor. It did me a vast amdunt of good." J. W. WiiiLbiroiu Qumcy, 111. PlayBill Shakespeare. A MAN doesn't get even when he gets married two times Ci itic IT is in a bass drum that two heads are better than one. A COMMERCIAL traveler's mottogive up the grip "N Y. Journal. 'Don't A CITY man is credited with the idea ot calling a newspaper The Umbrella." Ho thinks everybody would take it A MAN may be truthful in every thing else, hut he always played abetter game of billiards several years ago than he does now,Philadelphia Call CAUGHT in the actthe player who forgot Ms lines. MOST men go to the penitentiary as a result of their convictions and not merely from prejudice. HAPPINESS IS only relative, and some people find that it is a very distant relative indeed.Journal of Education. ROOM, for one more," said the "retired cab-driver, when he ushered into the parlor the fourth gent eman who had called within an hour to see his flirtations daughter.Drake sMagazinc. A PEN may be driven, but a pencil doetj* the best when it is lead. HE extreme weariness of summer is plaintively expressed by the .-yawning windows.The Colonel. ^j- A Tremendous Sensation would have been created one hundred years ago by the sight of one of our modern express trains whizzing along at the rate of sixty miles an hour. Just think how our grandfathers would have stared at such a spectacle! It takes a good deal to astonish people now a-days, but some of the marvelous cures of consumption, wrought bv Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery, 'have created wide-spread amazement. Consumption is at last acknowledged curable. The "Golden Medical Discovery" ijs the only known 1 emedy for it. If taken at the right timewhich, bear in mmd, is not when the lungs are nearly goneit will go right to the seat of the disease and accomplish its work as nothing else the world can, THAT "dead men toll no tales"is not an article of faith with Spiritualists.Martha's V%ueyard He) aid. J% For The Nervous The Debilitated The Aged. Medical and scientific skill has at last solved the problem of the long needed medicine for the ner voue, debilitated, and the aged, by combining the best nervw tonics, Celery and Coca, with other effective remedies, which, acting gently but efficiently on the kidneys, liver and bowels, remove disease, restore strengthauaxene-7vitality Taismedicirtls frames 1 {omjDound ItTfills a place heretofore unoccupied, and marks a new era the treatment of nervous troubles Overwork, anxiety, disease, lay the foundation of nervous prostration and weakness and experience has shown that the usual remedies do not mend the strain and paralysis of the nervous system Recommended! by professional and business men. Send for circulars Price SI.OO. Sold by druggists. WELLS, RICHARDSON & CO., Proprietors BUBUNGTON. 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OUR S567 S O BU l^f.V **tyi& IT IS absurd to speak of the foot-prints of time," when it is well known that time flies.N. O. Picayun*. HE truly aasthetic girl with an appreciation of the eternal fitness of things uses blue note paper when she tells her admirer that Bhe can never be more than a slater. Merchant TraveUr. GRAND JUBILEEcelebrating the Settlementof the NorthwtsttrnTarrilwy. UNSURPASSED DISPLAY. ^B hM The treatment of many thousands of cases of thosfe chronic weaknesses-and distressing ailments peculiar to females, at the Invalid? Hotel and Surgical Institute, Buffalo, N. Y* has afforded a vast experience in nicely adapting and thoroughly testing remedies for the cure of woman's peculiar maladies. Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription is the outgrowth, or result, of this great and valuable experience. Thousands of testimo* nials, received from patients and from physi* clans who have tested it in the more aggravated and obstinate cases which had baffled their skill, prove it to be the most wonderful remedy ever devised for the relief and cure of suffering women It is not recommended as a "cure-all," but as a most perfect Specific for woman's peculiar ailments. A a powerful, invigorating tonie. it imparts strength to the whole system, and to the womb and its appendages in particular. For overworked, "worn-out,",milliners run-down, debilitated teachers, dressmakers, seamstresses, "shop-girls," housekeepers, nursing mothers, and feeble women sjwuij^ Jr.jgitrc!a' Prescription is the greatest earthly boon, oeing uneqffiflea as an appetizing cordial and restorative tonic. A a aootbinsan strengthening nervine. "Favorite Prescription" is unequalea and is invaluable in allaying and subduing nervous excitability, irritability, exhaustion, prostration, hysteria, spasms and other distressing, nervous symptoms commonly attendant upon functional and organio disease of the womb. It induces refreshing sleep and relieves mental anxiety and despondency. r. Pierce's Favorite Prescription is a legitimate medicine, carefully compounded by an experienced and skillful physician, and adapted to woman's delicate organization. It is purely vegetable in its composition and perfectly harmless in its effects in any condition of the system. For morning sickness, or nausea, from whatever cause arising, weak stomach. Indigestion, dysan kindred symptoms, its use, in small doses, very beneficial. 'Fvoite rescription itavoii* tlvo euro for the most complicated and obstinate cases of leucorrhea, excessive flowing, painful menstruation, unnatural suppressions, prolapsus, or falling of the womb, weak back, female weakness," antevereion, retroversion, bearing-down sensations, chronic congestion, inflammation and ulceration of tho womb, inflammation, pain and tenderness in ovaries. accompanied with internal heat." A a regulator and promoter of functional acfaon, at that critical period of change from girlhood to womanhood "FavoritePreecnption" is a perfectly safe remedial agent, and can produce only good results. I is equally efficacious and valuable in its effects when taken for those disorders and derange-' ments incident to that later and most critical period, known as The Change of Life." Favorite Prescription," when taken to connection with the use of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery, and small laxative doses of Dr. Pierce's Purgative Pellets (Little Liver Pills), cures Liver, Kidney and Bladder diseases. Their combined use also removes blood taints, and abolishes cancerous and scrofulous humors from the system. "Favorite Prescription is the only medicine for women, sold by druggists, under a positive guarantee, from the manufacturers, that it will give satisfaction in every case, or money will be refunded. This guarantee has been printed on the bottle-wrapper, and faithfully carried out for moay years. Large bottles noo doses) $1.00, or six bottles for $5.00. i For large, illustrated Treatise on Diseases of women (160 pages, paper-covered), send ten cents in stamps. Address, Grannan Detective Bureau Co.ii Arcade,Ci&ciantt,Q, FREE RATI) By return mail. Fu deacrtottea Broody* NewTailorSystem of Dress Cutting. MOODY&CO.. Cincinnati,O. XAMB 1 /IIS PAREB tfaf Urn* /on vim. TV tbomeandn akemoTemoaeywotUBftrtutB)SB UUshVl at anything else in the world Either ler Cortr/oatSt JBKB. Terms fais. Address, TBUB* 1 nrnita. stains. tO-XASUslWt fAPK CTWT timejoo write. ^ITIInTMN [na?J ION RATES FROM ALL POINTS. Fu aca a1 1 World's Dispensary Hadical Association 663 main St* BUFFALO, N. TONIC BITTERS The most Elegant Blood Purifier, Liver Invigorator, Tonic and Appetizer ever known. The first Bitters containing iron ever advertised a America. Unprincipled persons are imitating the came: look out for fraud3. See that the following signature is on every bottle and take none other jr *vvu'' %4V ST.PAUJ.,MDW.27 J^ DrnjJgifit&cheini8t DETECTIVES Wanted in every County Shrewd men to act under instructions in oar Secret Service Experience not necessary Particulars free. Business, Trade or Profession. OI I UH MUD Send 85 cents for Prospectus and full instructions ARGCSASSOCIATION. 170aadlsoaSt.,Odeax*. arWAMJS Mia tVUftga awry Has jag wits. GEHTEKHIflLEXPOSmOH^OHIO VHLLET PISOS CURE FORCONSUMPTION A. N .K..-G WSEN 9G^ h bestI Quarter Top, Back Boot. Steel Axles n UU. $V4.0\J steel Tires. Either Side Spring or Brewster Spring. *S( t *Leather ,B i ,M, il an Besf oo ol i Ba 1192 WRITING TO ADVERTISERS 1 please state that yom saw tfc* aYsrtis ment in this paper. JPLY4-1 OCT. 27ffi? ^?S CeweptTires curtains, which are rubber!) Wheel Stee and Axles Safet Circle Either Sidre Spring or Brewster. Open 852 50. All work fully warranted. =*A E. M. HALLO WELL CO Cor. lOth and Minnesota Sts., St. Paul. SUCKERS 4

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