The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 6, 1950 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 6, 1950
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 6; 1950 GE Peace Talks Slated to Begin Amidst Confusion Half of Members Picket 11 Plant* While Others Work _JjjfcW YORK, Sept. «. CAP) - F< ^P 'alks begin tomorrow in the CIO - General Electric Company ttrike—now more confused than ever. • About half the 50,000 GE mem- o«rs oj the CIO International Union of electrical Worker* <IUK> are Picketing eleven GE plants, while th€ othy*nialf are still worlng at •bout- X others. federal mediators in Washington, who called for a truce Monday, »lll try to get both sides into a bargaining mood when negotiations topen there tomorrow. No Indication of End But there Is nothing to indicate any quick end to the walkouts that hav« cut Into some of the big cooi- P«ny« war production. Relations between the company »nd union ranged from an uneasy Pe&c« in some cille* to bone-crushing picket line violence at Syracuse, T..Y., scene of GE's 9.600 man television plant where 4.000 IUE members are striking. A near-riot yesterday injured four picket* and ten deputy sheriffs, and led to hit-run charges against one non-striker. He was accused of driving his auto into one of the officers and continuing on into the plant. The company closed Ihe plant after the fighting, saying It would not endanger its non-striking «np^jyes. . *Zt- • U.S. Truce Appeal Tne government's appeal for a truce Monday, made In the interests of war production, slopped the TUE high command's call for a full strike against the company. It came just as a rank and file revolt flared against the awlkout, in several of the bigest union locals— but it failed to halt several smaller units determined to strike in any James B. Carey, administrative chairman of the iUE, said theje were not "wildcat" strikes since the locals had the right to strike under the union constitution. He said that while he concurred In the federal truce request, he had forwarded it HEADED FOR "KOitEA—Marine Pvt. 1st class Billie D. Allen, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Allen of Rt. 3, Dlythevllle, is shown aboard a troop transport en route to Korea, where he will be assigned as u rifleman. Pvt. Harrison unlisted in the Marine Corps in Blylhe- ville Aug. 28. (Marine Corps I'hoto). Man Holding $6,800 Fined for Petty Theft LOS ANGELES. Sept. 6. (.IV-For petty theft ol a can of condensed milk and 20 cents worth of soup meat-, Emanuel Maschnto, 03, a laborer, was fined S100 ycstcrd?y. and ordered to bank Ills savings of SG.800. When arrested outside a market July 8, he had Sfl.800 In bills tied up an a rag. He claimed he hadn't paid for the groceries because he fell 111 and had to get 'out in the air. to the locals with the understanding it was not binding. Ex-Pine Bluff Man's Death Investigated CHICAGO. Sept. 6. (/Tj— Police are investigating the death of Jewel Long, 25, formerly of pine Bluff. Ark., whose battered body, was found in an alley here Sunday. Investigators said they weren't certain whether Long was a victim of foul play or was struck by an automobile. The body wasn't'identified until yesterday, when Long's uncle, Donald Lintisey, viewed it, police said. No fragrance is possessed by four- firths of the known varieties of flowers. gLYTHEVIU.E (ARK.) COURIER NEW* Safety Seen in Studying Own Plants for Sabotage Methods WASHINGTON. Sept, «, (*) — Learn the best ways to sabottge your own plant.' Then you'll know where lo Mock any sneak punch foreign agcnls might throw. That. In effect, was R sugRestlon made lo Industry today by the Defense Department. It was Included In a' booklet Issued by the department's munition board to sp c i| o ,,t means of protecting war plants against Internal sabotage and outside atomic- »t- tacks. The booklet, "Principles of Plant Protection," charged' management with the primary responsibility for defeating any enemy. attempts to cripple production and "destroy our ability and will to fight," It suggested that the best way for management to undertake its security job Is to set ah official "with a lively Imagination" lo figuring out the best means of sabotaging Ins nlant to slow down or hall production, "Great Ingenuity" Espionage agcnls may be expected to use "great Ingenuity" In ob'" f "ins Information ' AnA rorrying out sabot.nge, the munitions board stated, adding: "It would be'realistic to assume that efforts are being made at present to collect all available Information on our industrial plants vital to war." The board suggested that the most, likely forms of sabotage will be the damaging of buildings and equipment by explosives or fire, tampering with gauges and precision tools, and the fomenting of labor unrest. Plant managers were urged to tighten security checks on all personnel, including loyalty tests for those employed In Jobs having to do with secret or vital production. They tlio »er« tdvlsvd to Mt up disaster control ind relief programs, to nvolrt punlc. "Atomic attack must be »ntlclp«ted," th« booklet warned. Dutch Extend Defense Plans THE HAGUE, Netherlands, Sept 6. (/P)—The Dutch today joined their Atlantic Alliance partners In increased defense preparations; Military service is to be raised from 12 to 18 months, with six draft calls a 3'ear. Reopening 'of a number of former Ne*i 'airfields In Holland Is planned. A government, statement added: . "The Dutch Industry which Is working for military' purposes will carry out important, orders for other orders for other North At- 1 lantic countries." EDSON (Continued from p»g« r> all the more difficult. Economic ally-FrlM4 Ka4l<x T« Go AkreaJ Another appropriation approved by Congress Is for th» purch*»e of some 200.000 radio receiver.. A new ««t lias been designed by U. s radio manufacturers. It will be built to receive both *hort *ave and standard band tr«rumlsslons at extreme range. The sets will sell for about $15. The Idea Is to sell these sets In farm and Industrial communities of countries In which it Is particularly desirable to get the American slory across. As for evidence "of the success of American campaign of truth against Russian nronawnda, Assistant Secretary Barrett points to these developments: Fifty-three nations are supporting the U. S. program. Only nine arc supporting the Russians. The niiMlmj propaganda line thai the United Slates started the war in Korea has not been put across. China has been lost, but Yugoslavia. Greece, Turkey, Prince and Italy have been won away from Russian domination. The Soviet's greatly heralded peace petition has been repudiated by many of its signers. There are Informed reports that over «o per cent of the people in the satellite countries are hostile to Communist domination. HuMKo ^- ™ E (Dainty COOKIHC, FAT thaf .are rich, moist lender INTH Advance-DesignTRUCKS Lel'i loolt o* thi» bu»in»M ol buying a frock—your way. You want peak porformonc.? Ch.vroUl'f Va!v<-Tn-H*ad •nainw can do more work p«r gallon of ge»olin. contunwd than any otUr mok. of capacity. Yo« wcmt .ton- em y? You can't b.ot Ch.vroUf for low co* of owmnhip, opwralion, and upkwp-or for high maU valu*. Yo« want dependability? Ch,vrol«t lnie)c« work for mof* ownen on mofe [obj, «v«ry day, tfion any olh.i mak*. But no matter how you figure it, Chevrolet truck, come oirt on fop. From .tart lo fini«n, they're your be* bwineM deal oil around. So come we u.. We've got jutf the truck you woorl , S-,/10 new 105-h.p. loarfmarf., and ; P< Thflf " na5ter -'° S' Ve *°» Veal., power psr oolfon; lover cos, p fr hod • . CA«BUIUTOR-_, m oo ( her, quret « r oe£ .,., o ,; on rtiponj . . DIAPHRAGM <0r tas r- ac > ian engoflemenl • SYNCHRO-MESH TRANSMISSIONS /or fasl " HYP ° ID *" R AXLES ~ 5 l!m " more <*"«*'« "-0" .pirn; Deve | f/p . . DOUBLE.' BRAKCS-for compfele-oV.Ver confrol • WIDE-BASE WHEELS /or mcreajed >i,o inifeag. • BAU-TYK STHRING for easier Jmnd/mg « UNIT-DESIGN BODI£S-p rec ,V O n built. SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET CO. 301 West Walnut Phon« 578 PAGE NINE . . jlng TJ. 8. and UN Russians blundered | reaction to the aggression la Kore* At Last! It's Now Possible to REUEVEffi CAUSE of YOUR NEURITIS ACHES and PftlHS When Due to Vitamin B,, B 3 , Niacin and Iron Deficiencies HADACOL- One of the Greatest Blessings of the Times! A Big Improvement Is Often Noticed Within a Few Days' Time! We ate delighted to tell the readers of this paper about the wonderful new HADACOL which Is bringing radiant hope to such sufferers. Because now you no longer have to go on taking products which bring you symptomatic relief Iroin cruel, stabbing neuritis aches ami pains, when the HEAL CAUSE Is that your syslcm Is deficient In the Important Vitamins 13,, I3 L ,, Iron and Niacin. Now, thanks to this wonderful new HADACOL, you can relieve Ihe HKAL MUSE o/ those miserable aelies and pains—when due to such deficiencies. How HADACOL Works HADACOL supplies deficient systems not only with extra quantities of Vitamins HI, B?, Iron suid Niacin but also helpful amounts of precious Caleluni, Phosphorus and Manganese—dementi: so vital to maintain physical fitness and guard against, such deficiency sickness. Be fair to yourself. Be fair lo your family. Why continue lo suffer so and drag yourself around when relief Is as close at hand as your nearest drugstore? Start taking this great HADA- COL today. It's Inexpensive—costs only R small amount a day. And one of the many wonderful advantages of IIADACOL Is that con- tln i/erf use helps give you continuous complete relit;/ and helps keep such miserable aches and pains from returning. Trial-sliio botlle, only $1.25. Large family or hospital size, $3.50. These Are Just a Few of Thousands of Record* of Folks Who One* Had Such Deficiencies Mn. MaM Klidien, 1C50 I .1;,../,-,./,,ni, CintinnHtl, f>l,la> [ "Before I started HADA- COL, I hint achc.s nnd pains L of neuritis In my shoulders, my back ft:yl arms. 1 could hardly move without having those terrible aches j nml pnlns. Then I licaru about IIADACOL from a very good friend of mine. | After the second bottle the aches and pains wero about none. I'm just starling my I fourth bottle nnd now I'm on top of the world Tlic aches and pains are completely gone. I recommend HADACOL to all my friends." Itnrr? Sfrlnfrr, S60II Cr.«p Artaur, Si. l.niili, Mlaaurl, "I had neuritis pains for quite somo time nnd tried expensive treatments but continued lo suffer. Then. I read about. ITADACOL In the newspaper nnd I bought my first bottle. Within a week I felt quite a bit better. After the third bottle I had no pains or trouble at nil. I was always tired and listless, but after a few bottles of IIADACOL I felt I1K8 getting out and doing things. I recommend. JIADACOIj to nnyono. Right now, five of tnv co-workers nro taking HADACOL ou my recommendation." Why ni> t 5 i ar t. taking HADACOL this very day. Cilvo It u cbnnco lo relieve the REAL CAUSE of your cruol neuritis pain when duo to lack of vllnmlra D,, B,. Iron and Niacin in your system. YOU OWE IT TO YOURSEIF. Why HADACOL Comes in Special Liquid Form Why It Reaches Every Part of Your Body Vitamins and Minerals lo be absorbed by the blood must be In jofuiJle or emnltlon form. 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MANY DOCTORS NOW RECOMMEND HADACDL Idiwt Ihowfnj amriofwy fp». t.m — How HADltOL !«,),<, !».rr Port ol Touf Mf) *2IO POSTAGE! Thai s (he prior- you would have Jo pay for poslage Rlone if you scnf a Idler hearing » three-cent slamp lo every subscriber oi (lie Courici News, liiil you can reach nil ol these people through a WANT-AD costing as lillle is ... 50* Is 11 any.wonder thai people prosper who take ad- vantajje of this outstanding biirirain offer! I hink of i(! Heing able to tell 7fH)l) ucople about anything you may wanl to buy, sell or renl at such » low cost. Start Today! f! L -t Ihe WANT-AD habit and you will have money in your pockets for purchases. Ads placed before 9 a.m. will appear same day. All classified advertising payable in advance. BLYTIIEVTI LE COURIER NEWS

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