The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 6, 1950 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 6, 1950
Page 4
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V/EDNESDAV, SEPTEMBER 6, 1050 U.S.Meat May Cost More This Winter BLYTHEVI7.LE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS By SAM 1MWSON » NEW YORK, Sept. 6. (flV-Be- cause more people have jobs than, ever before, and becRUsc the wages i of many workers arc going up. you'll probably pay mere for meat tills fall and winter in nil you did last s is a reversal of earlier promises. which had held out hopes of a big drop In meat prices this fall. There's lots of meat running around in the pastures or slotting up in the fcdlots, and great quantities will move to market between now and chilstmas. But more Americans are going to have more dollars In their pockets. And the appetite for meat moves in close unison with the amount of money around. So that the big jump in the supply of meat which the government has been promising you in thp c*omiu<j months is going to run right into a big jump in demand. And the price won't come down as much as you had been premised. and maybe very little at all— almost surely, it won't drop as low as last iviiter. War Is nlamed The Bureau of Agricultural Economics lays the blame on Die war' In Korea. It gave an Initial shove to civilian industrial production Still ahead are the defense programs which are expected to put even more people to wcrk, Increase purchasing power even more by spring "Demand for meat can be expected to accordingly," says the bureau. And if the armed forces grow to three million, a lot of meat will e the civilian markets, for right- more than factory Employment in August hit the highest mark In history, the commerce department reports. Standing at 62.367,000. it topped the previous high of July, 1948, ny 750.000. People at work eat more, and are willing to spend more. The gain came In factory employment. More Cattle The Bureau of Agricultural Economics predicts more cattle will be slaughtered this month and next than In the same period last year. But heavy demand will keep prices fairly high, and later In the year the outlcok is for "steady or .possibly slowly rising prices." Pork eaters may have it better. More hogs are expected to go to market than last fall and a seasonal 18 to 20 per cent drop In prices by the end of the year i, foreseen. However, if defense spend ing keeps portt dmand high, the bureau says, hog prices will stay abov.e.the 10-19 level. Higher lamb prices than 'last year arc predicted this fall because fewer ot them will go to market this year. lOfi last. "•• ••••'• livestock prices as a whole moved up sharply after the Korean outbreak, but are still 10 per cent un- „.,..., , der their peak of two years ago. keeps." Bees, Skunks, Mink Studies Okayed by VA WASHINGTON, Sept. 6. Wj—The Veterans Administration ruled yesterday that it's legitimate after all lo study the rearing of b«es, skungs, chickens, minks *nrt rab- ilts under the OI Bill. But It Is legitimate only in areas where such specialized [arming Is commonly followed, the agency .aid VA liberalized the requirements lhat the war veterans' funning ventures must meet to become eligible for on-tarin training under the GI bill. t In doing so it backed down from regulation of last May which limited learn-while-you-farm lr:i'!i- Ing to veterans whose basic farm ing activity was tilling Hie soil. Under the institutional on-farm training program a veteran may receive substance up to ..67.50 a mon'.h for himself or up to $97.50 a month if - he has several dependents. In most states a veteran may remain in training up to four years men eat fers. Forouk Maintains 'Miss X' Silence BIARRITZ. France. Sept. 5. M>/— ..The French resort set's newes mystery woman still is traveling with Egypt's King Farouk and stii isn't telling the public her identity The tall, slender American gir who joined- Egypt's plump young, monarch at La Baule four days ago arrived here last night in his party Accompanied by Madame Kahil first lady in wafting to the king's court, she dined in the royal suite "Miss X" had refused to give her name to reporters at La Baule Detectives, hotel employes and the king's staff all joined her in keeping the secret. Like a Bad Penny, Safe Keeps Returning VICTORIA, B. C.— <H'l— L i k e bad penny an old 800-pound safe is Ihe bugbear of Hall. , Richard and Sons. coal.dealers here. It jus keeps turning up. Trying to ge rid of the safe several years ago the firm left it on a vacant lot Kindly citizens returned it. The coal dealers buried the safe on the same spot—hoping to see the Inst of it. But a bulldozer recentl' unearthed it while working on ai excavation for a building in thu empty lot. Detectives hunted ui the owners to return it. A partner of the firm said: "it's going to the junk pile—I hope for PAGE SEVEN __,„_„_„„ ,„. __„__ SUNDAY IN SOUTH KOREA—American soldiers attending outdoor church services In a field In South Korea are joined in prayer by a Soulh Korean farmer. The farmer has placed his lial at his feet while he takes part in worship. (NEA-Acmc telcpholo by S'.alV Correspondent Norman Williams.) Physician Tells of Chemical Magic to Abolish Sickness By ALTON L. BI.AKKSI EE * CHICAGO, Sept. 6. (/Pi— A physician (old yesterday of chemical magic that abolishes sickness, while you still have a disease. The magic Is in the hormones cortisone and ACTH. They are famed for bringing relit of pain in rheumatoid arthritis. But the wonder hormones have a far greater medical significance, Dr. Peter H. Forsham ot Harvard University Medical School told the American Chemical Society. With them, physicians have a chance to abolish the distress and symptoms of disease at will, and give you a better chance to fight disease, he said. ' In pneumonia, invading germs produce a violent Inflammatory reaction in your lungs. Fluid and pus flood the delicate air spaces, breathing comes hard, and you run • high fever. "On ACTH or cortisone, the en- lire reaction will vanish. And while pneumpcci (germs) still crowd the limg, the cells no longer react lo them. It Is obvious that sickness has been abolished while the disease Is present." Dr. Forsham said. Conquest of the disease, aside from help of antibiotics depends upon the build-up of antibodies, which will arise within 10 days. Whether or not you received the hormone. The hormone spares you pain and debilitation. "In fact," said Dr. Forsham. "any of the acute and some of the chronic disease with an inflammatory or allergic background are thus controlled." IN THE CI'ANCERY COURT, CH[('KASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNT!', ARKANSAS Louise Tharp, Pitt. Vs, No. 11,377 George A. Tharp, Deft. WARNING ORDER The Defendant. George A Tharp, is hereby warned to appear In thio court within thu'ty days and answer the cpmplalnt of the plaintiff, Louise Tharp, and upon his failure to do so, said complaint will be taken us confessed. Witness my hand as Clerk of the Chancery Court. Chickasawba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas, and the seal of said court, this the 15 day oi August 1950.' Harvey Morris, Clerk By Ruth Mngee, D.C. Ivy w. Crawford, attorney for plaintiff. Cieorge W. Barbara, attorney ad litem. d-16-23-30-9-8 SHERIFF'S PROCLAMATION OF ANNUAL SCHOOL ELECTION SEPTEMBER M. 1950 The undersigned, the duly elected, qualified and acting sheriff of Mississippi County, Arkansaj, pursuant to statute docs hereby proclaim that the annual school election will be held In the several school districts ot the county on September 26, 1050, for the purpose of voting for school directors, schrxil taxes, and such other measures as may properly submitted Bt said election. The polls will be open fiom 8:00 o'clock A.M. to 8:30 o'clccX P.M., at the following places:: NAME OP POLLING DISTRICT PLACES Osccoia Court House—Cromei's Store Luxora Luxora School , Victoria School Blj-theville City Hall West End Tire Station Ynrbro Langslon Gin, Number 0 Clear Lake School Promised Land School Gosnell Gosncll High School Armorcl Lee Wilson Co.. store Shan-nee Shawnee Scrtcol Manila Manila High School Dell Dell High School Half Moon School Wilson Wilson Tavern Whitton S:hool Building Kdscr Bank ot Kciscr Burdette i Burdette School \ Building Etowah West Ridge High School Leachville High School Gymnasium Newsome'a Store Brlnklcy Lost Cane School Mississippi County Stillman Schuol D.vcss Dyess High Sc'nool GIVEN this 15 day at August 1550. W. Berryman, Sheriff of Mississippi County 8;30-9:6-13 IN THE CIRCUIT COURT FOB THE CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. ARKANSAS ARKANSAS-MISSOURI POWER COMPANY, a corporation, Pitt. vs. NO. 4363 GLIN T. HARRISON. MRS. GLIN T. (BESSIE U.) HARRISON, OTTI8 WARREN and THE PRUDENTIAL INSURANCE COMPANY OP AM F.RICA, DILI. WARNING ORIJKR The defendant, The Prudential Insurance Company of America, Is hereby warned to appear In this Court on (lie 15lh day of January, 1951 and answer (he Petition of the Plaintiff, Arkansas-Mlvonri Power Company, and upon Its failure so to do, said Petition will be Uken as i YAH MAY Hflvt ( IWU PIN-WORMS « AND NOT KNOW IT! I FMctttnff. fin^plcMnKimria tor- i mrnttnfE rectal 1lch *IK nticn trll* • lite afeni D f I'ln-Wornm... u«ly • jiarrnilos (h»i mo<Sk&l exports ray f fnfralern out o/ tvrrv {h rr« prr- \ sons nnmined. Kntirc (amillra may b« victims nnd not know it, To Bet rid nf Pfn-Worms tlu'se n«U must not nn]>- [, e killed, but fcOlc.i in Hie Jariro |»teii|liio whcr« they live nml inuhJply, Tluifn cx~ ocUy what JajjiP'hI'.VV Int.tela Jo , ..nnd liere'j how I hey do it: /•'»>*(-» *cic/ilific contnr carries the tablcti Into the Lnwc!* | )P , /arc they illsiotve. Thai ~ Japte'a moitern, [ncOfcalJy-«si|irovoil En?i" d if" t cocs TIK ^ 1 *° work-fc<W« I in-Wortus rititckiy «nd easily. Don't lake chtticei with Ihlt dition. At' Ihe flrsl afcn of rin" Wartni. asV your druualat lor ffielln.M^/aiya^u'kM'ilbiM fecled Ijy famous Dr. H. Jaync A Son. spccinllsU In worm r«m«cilc* tor ov«r 100 K*r«. confessed and heating held thereon. WITNESS my hand as Cleric of the Circuit Court for the Chlcka- snwba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas timj the seal of said Court, this (he 20th day of August, 1050. Harvey Uorrii, Circuit Court Cltrk Graham Sudbury, altjr. lor petitioner Marcus Evrard, atty ad HUm. «;30-9,6-13-» PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Price* Kirby Druq Stores of DCS l,9N A RAFT— The Krause triplets, Tom, Dick and Harry PJaincf, III., make Ihe most of Ihose last golden days of sum- mcr vacation. Soon the trio will ho lodged behind stuffy school desks, dreaming of happy, carefree excursions such as this. Opening Monday, Sept. 11 Mrs.Johnson's Nursery School 1332 Hearn Ages 2-5, Hours 8 a.m, -4 p.m. B.S.E. Degree, Arkansas State Teachers College. Former Instructor in Child Development and director of Nursery School at Arkansas State Teachers College Graduate Study under Dr. Regina Westcott. University of Arkansas. DfAL 3391 FOR TEXACO HEATING FUELS T»nL T™ v * i R ' M ' '- OGAS '' Consign™ Tank Track Salesmen: irenrj Thompson, G. C. Pirrtsh ' - • narrej Dorris / ' Niagara falls are now SEVEN MILES from where they started.' U.S. Water Supply Utilities /] deliver over / / 12,000,000,000 gallons \ of water fVWypAy,' U —^ — jjj WATER Is Your Cheapest Commodity USE IT FREELY! ... Blytheville Water Co. Blytheville, Ark. Complete Family Service We launder every thine to a new, bright cleanliness—from erinij 1 overalls In your finest linens I \Vc KJVO your every laundry item, the «am« fin* care you would! There's no extra charge for thia special alleiillon. Save lime . . . save money . . . save enei-Ry—let your laundry do It all! Phone 4418 for Pickup Service BLYTHEVILLE LAUNDRY-CLEANERS ONE DOLLAR 1 $1 HOLDS YOUR WASHER $ ON OUR LAYAWAY PLAN 1 UNIVERSAL 1 2-SPEED WASHER flentU a ferfluff .luff lik« ayoni oni wwUni. S«e the Universal 2- Speed Washer with tiro speeds in one... Slow speed for fine silki, tayons, woolens, and curtains tegulm speed for ordinary pieces — sheets, shirt*, and work dollies. Either speed is yours with a simple flick- of the "5/>«</selector". It features the new Super-Safe Wringer with Coo- j trol-O-Roil for complete prr> \ tection. It's a beauty fot doublf duty. S££f ivf/M UMITtD OUAMTtTT ., (OWE RIGHT AWAY! Also NEW and EXCLUSIVE . . the Safer-Safe Wringer with "Controi-O-Roll" Instinctive "pull" unfit rol/j initainly, assuring you complete safety. UNIVCR JIMMIE EDWARDS FURNITURE CO 301 EAST MAIN PHONE 2487

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