The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 21, 1950 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 21, 1950
Page 9
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SATURDAY, JANUARY 21, 1950 BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PACK NTX» OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople £uCE,MARTHAf I 6CA8 A HJMT CASV*—I'LL . LAV IHfi MOOUK OMTH6 j LlflE SOOfO'S X KW START MV TRADe? THE ME*oiTlM£, HERE'S A CUlOjJlWS UTTLe cf HOTEL SO^P X PICKED UPIMM.V :TftA\JeLS' NOW PLEASE DOg'TTELL ME AfSAM THAT It_U UEVER KETCH A HUS6ANP.' SOU CAW OV6RDO SeiWG A GOOP COOK/ THAT'S WHY NEVER / HOW CAM 'KXJ EVEN EXPECT TO CATCH A HUSBAMP? MEM LIKE GOODFOOP AND THEY ALSO LIKG IT ATTRACTIVELY SERVEP JAKt/ eveRV TIMC vtoo CHARGE *i O) 06 TO EXPI-AlfJ IDEA OP A BOARDING HOOSe ALUOM6R. A&AIM.'~~IT'£ A pfioFrr BASIS, ^T Q0tt& UKe * ORPHftttS HOMfi/ HW6 NOU« LIOJE THIS YEAR, TIGER FAT POR FLAT FEET ? EOCN THIRTY VEARS TOO SOON Salesman Wanted SALESMAN FOU ADVERTISING Revaluiionnty New Type Tnitle Calendars The Kcmi'ier-Thomas Co., Norwood. Ohio. Is hendquiirters for ihe new lype trade- calendars which liavs revolutionized the calendar business. We manufacture Spcdtil and entirely different promotional calendars for fifteen types of businesses. IticludlnK LAUNDRIES, BAUUES, LUMBERYARDS. DRY CLEANERS. FLORISTS. GROCERIES, FURNITURE STORES. HARDWARE. HANKS. SERVICE TA- TIONS, ETC. We have also produced tuts year the largest and finest of 'Art Cnlendnr lines, which has no sup- We have the largest line of ndvertlslnK specialities in the country. Tin: Etront;- est "gift leather lino, deafened by the world famoue Phil WPBC. and the only complete cloth specialty llrie In the Industry. OUR "LINE is NOT AVAILABLE TO JOBBERS it is sold only by exclusive salesmen direct, lo our customers. Weekly advance s»alnst earned com« ' isUm* which are substantial, plus rly bonus, Write. Kemper-Thomru . Cincinnati 12. Ohio. 1-22 pk 1-23 A SALES CAREER FOR YOU If you feel qualified 1o build H business ot your own by sulli to Merchants and businessmen lor an established 56 year old Company on exclusive territory basis, IjVncinl Contract with earnings possibilities for 1950 between $7-10,000 based on Com- mlss!qi:s. Bonuses and' -Retirement Trust'' Pip.n. Applicants must be between 30-55 and hove R car. Snles experience preferred but not essential Write giving - personal derails. U. O Colson Company, 1'arls, Illinois. Loans 1 WANT A FARM LOAN I have one of the best loans ,to be had. 20 years to pay 'Cheap rate of interest. AViH. refinance your place or help you to buy one. RIALES LAND CO. W. T. Barnett—Russell Riale 22G2 two phones 3322 11-25 c to LOAN On City Property or Farm Lands CON WAY & HOUCH1NS GLENCOE HOTEL BUDG: 1-13 ck 2-13 I Love My Doctor, By Evelyn Barkins *—..-.— — HU MUVXX IMC THK STOHYi Jokm fv«rHl munlhw »ft> XXII A S time went on, other and more intricate "bust Ihe bank" prob- ems reared Ihcir nasty heads too. Apparently, as J quickly learned, while a mutual k>v« of Bach and kindred loathing ot Gertrude Stein may make the genesis of a very satisfactory courtship, thoy do not necessarily insure a fine In wedlock, it is the big things that count most, like: "Why aren't the shirts bank yel from the laundry?" "What happened to the $3.00 for the milkman that was left on the rcfrig- : eralor7" and, "Fish again? OH •Heavens!" Money (that ugly word 1 ,) Is the root of much unhappy connubial disorder. The original difficulty ^probably arose because many men labor under the misapprehension that their financial support is the '.pivotal point of the union, am iregard their limited contributions •to the family exchequer the way imost people look upon their own [ pletely when the Yankee dollar is involved, and proceed strictly on the political doctrine of "To the victor belongs the spoils," like two hungry dogs scrapping for the same bone, • "I don't like it," said John/when I told him. "Whatever money we managed to get is not mine or yours, but ours. If marriage is a partnership, why shouldn't H ex- cnd to Ihe partnership property? 'hy should eitVier one of us be -ilioned, with the other in a posi- on to dole out little extras like special handbag for you, or a umidor for me?y My wallet," he aid, with a final flourish, "is ours." ^>UT the principle, thus installed, remained. Its subsequent suc- ess, moreover, has often made me ioubt those popular tales o£ femi- philanthropy to the displaced persons of Europe. The fallacy is a [obvious,,as the smell of a rotten 'egg. Any man who honestly add !up the housekeeping, houseclean Hng, hostessing, humoring, an • companioning services h* gets (from a wife should realize that he getting it all for less than wholesale, and what's more, should be honored to pay. There is no doubt ^about it: marriage must have been ^invented by & man. ' When I was first married, my Jmother suggested that John give fme a regular allowance each week ;for my own expenses, or else keep ! one for himself, and let me pilot us by the bank. Either idea, she insisted, was solid marital principle, and this is unfortunately ; true. Many husbands and wives abandon community planning coco- nine extravagance that dot our urrent fiction. Only a lady on an allowance, without any notion Of usl what the }ackpot behind her s, will recklessly succumb to each lew dress that she sees, or fall victim to each new hat. The average American wife, if entrusted with the family funds, is as careful of her charge as a hen silting on an egg. No grandiose tipping no highest-priced entrees on the menu (peculiarly male oflenses; arc ever tolerated; and frankly, i is my conviction that if any woman ever got put in the White House, this country would not only balance its budget, but have a beautiful nesl egg besides. Another treacherous area in marriage involves personal temperament John and I had our own No- Man's Land. It was astounding to discover, for instance, in fairly quick time, that John, who was a vigilant Paul Revere and Jack Dalton rolled into one where his medical practice was concerned, was "What-you can do tomorrow, never do today," otherwise. This male creed, which resulted in doorknob* that were rarely re- placed, suits that never got to the ailors until they were beyond reclaim, and pictures that were .ardily hung, was not very endearing to my own mind, whose motto was, "A stitch in time leaves you free tomorrow." There was also the seemingly small, but to me, all-important matter of going to sleep. Simple, humdrum business, you may think, but not for us. By habit and inclination, I soon discovered, that whereas it invariably took me 30 or more minutes to drift off; for John a pair of pajamas and a comfortable bed acted IJke an overdose of morphine. * « * PSYCHIATRISTS, as i am well aware, have some fancy labels to attach to both states of mind, but naturally, these were of no help to either of us. Whether a particular mental disorder is traced to a great grandmother's dislike for green apples, or a red jalloon in a frustrated childhood, .he curative value is almost nonexistent; first, since there is no actual standardized treatment available, and second, since if the suETerer had the necessary will t FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BL06SE* Matter -tfr*****.^ v-ii *• * ' V ''-V; »J'V. .'j. COM, 1HO •¥ KtA MTV**. MC. T. M «*& U. •. MT. Off. "Don't tell your father what w» paid for the»« »teaks— W« don't want to hear that »peech a^ain about them b«ine tougher than the 20-cent steaks hi; mother used to buy!" QUICK/ DROP ITS THE SAME LOST IT, I'LL—- COONSKJM COAT/ KNOW WJMuac (T IS/ 00 l.I RCWEMOER.! A DREADFUU THIN6! WADE WLIR FATHER LOOK A WAMOERIMS START THINMNO, MCM/ THIS 6 A MATFW?.C»« HO PrtlSCILLA'S POP There Comes it Time BY AL VERMEER power to overcome the complex by mere analysis and suggestion, he probably wouldn't have developed it in the first place. The difficulty in synchronising our sleeping habits was further complicated by my desire to rehash the day's events, like a courtroom summation, before retiring. John's sleeping grunts, on the few occasions when J tried this "man lo man" talk, were definitely incapable of passing for conversation, and I found, to my disgust, that I was delivering an unappreciated Shakespearean soliloquy. "Why don't you just go to sleep Hke I do?" he asked, finally, when 1 complained about having to stay up alone in the dark. "I can't," I said. "1 told you that I never could.** "It's oasy," John anscwered smugly. "Just close your eyes, and that does it. Soft betj;i; closed eyes, and the rest comes Hke a conditioned reflex.* 1 "You're a brute," I groaned, and turned away. (To B« Continued.) ..AND THEN CAESAR RAUUED HIS MEN AROUND HIM AND PREPARED F.OR THE WHY DO r ' HAVE TO LEARN ANCIENT HISTORY? I DON'T SEE WHAT GOOD WILL JUST WAIT TILL YOU'RE GROWN UP AMD MARRIED! THAT'S WHEN IT COMES IN HANDY! CAN YOUR UTTLE VIC FLINT Thai Girl? IJY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANK nr- > Rl WE ARE IN SESSION TO KEAK WHETHER THESE TWO MEN SHOULD BE BOUND OVEB TO THE GRAND JUBY fOK SHOOTING WITH INTtNT THE PBOSECOTION READY TO PCOCEfD )DDOQaDdDDDDODC CAPTAIN EASY Warning! -BY LESLIE TURNER Money to Loan Do you neert n loan to repair or remodel? No down payment on mortgage, no red tape. FHA APPROVED RATES 5% ASK FOR, DETAILS Max Logan, Realtor Phone 103*1 Lynch Building HlytheTllle, Ark Insurance For FARM BUREAU INSURANCE service, call or contact H, n. Shephnrd. phone 2157, early morning, noon or »lght. 1-20 pic 2-20 MONEY TO LOAN ON REAL ESTATE W. T. BARNETT Ph. 22G2 or 3322 1-6 pk 2-6 Notice Call 3545 For Complele Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection 124 W Ash St GLEN COX HOTEL BtnUMNa Wanted to Buy Want to buy or will trade 45 Ctiev- ro!et Pick-Up In first class condition for good 1\ to SO foot house trailer, Stanley Frndenburg. Route Phone 2522 Dell. 1-17 pk 1-24 » LIVE STOCK MEN 7 ATTENTION FARMERS I Dead, taller and crippled i animals picked up free of i charge in sterilized trucks \ Call collect, 6142, Blythe: ville, Ark. ! ARKANSAS DEAD ANIMAl • DISPOSAL CO. 11B1 pfe 1121150 I, tester Shcals, hereby notify 'all ; • concerned that I will not be rcspon- \ -. RlhJe for any debts msde b? my .wire. < ; Ocorgln shcals, as or this date. : t Jan. 19. 1950. 1-19 pk 22 . j Carpenters^ j Union and Non (|4Union - - We are holding openJQ house Monday Night Jan. 22nd. 7:30, Please Attend CARPENTERS LOCAL 884.1 1-20 ck 24 Highest prices paid lor CHICKENS— X-HJS Ash Street Grocery & Market, n W Asrt ea ck II Taken Up Tnlen lip ona gray mnie mule. black norfle mule O Box D Long Rt 12127 pk 1 Help Wanted, Male Reliable mnn with car wanted to cull m farmers In East Mississippi Counly. Wonderful oppnmmUy. 515 to 520 n. day. No experience or capital required. Permanent. Write today. McNESS COMPANY. Dept. A. Frccport, 111. IJ21 ]>fc 1^22 COTTON TAG SALESMAN, Blythcvllle nd vicinity lo cnll on all gins, ccrn- rc.'wes, mills, etc., with complete line paper cotton bale tags: prefer experienced salesman but must be man with spare time to actively solicit all prospects; liberal commission paid monthly; freight flowed; write (confidential) fully as to age. experience, present connections, and contacts with cotton tn£ users, to The Denny Tag Company <esUbllihed 1&57), West Chester, Pn, 1-21 ck 22 Young man for florist delivery. Fine opportunity lo learn retail florist trade Should be familiar with Blytheville and surrounding territory. Only energetic person willing to learn trade need apply. ElythcviJIe Flower Mart, Highway 6002. 61* South, Phone 1-21 ck 27 For 50/e, Cars and Trucks NOW II rpui i«> wheels Willys' Station Wagon. utfsea Jeep "cnicles" HJythevUle Willy Sates Co Ph pull on the . Pickup Rnd "The worlds most useful H12 t a bargain price 1 >i Ion Dodge stake hotly iruck, practically new, S*« U at K. M. Larkln Service Station. East Main, or plume 523. 1J3 pk 27 Instructions "New Classes In Shorthand, Bookkeeping, Typing Mrs. L, (J Hiirnetv— 101U iiearn/' 1|5 ck ll Drops Aldnch Role NEW YORK —<>p»— Because nis age doesn't permit him lo look the part, although his voice fits, Ezra Stone did not take the lead role when his Henry Alcirich radio program was switched to television Robert Casey, a younger actor, got Vhc camera assignment as Ezni continued hfs radio scries. Here s Another Special! $10 LESS EVERY DAY 1946 Chevrolet U-Ton Cab & Chassis Monday's Price WWT..HEKes A PROWL CWl! WE'D SETTEE. • LET A COP CO THAT) OAOM.VOU PUNKS.. SOU KNOW TOO MUCH ABOUT US! WE'RE GOVUA TAKE VOU ALONG AN 1 WTfAUGF A UTTLE ACCIDEUT SEE? MAYBE-TH'TWIU GOT LOCKED UP MO HERE: ACCIDEMT'LVi SO TH'PUP KSPT AEOUUD! QOTTA SEE, EASY.. EUEM IF I HAETA BR&A.K LMER I KNOW HOW 10U PEtL, ITS TOWVS 1MM HAFT* 5«OO1 SUGGEST UM>. BUT !M AFRAID THERE'S UOTHIK5 KZKE! BUGS TiUNNY Sunny Side Up P You can buy it for $705 on Monday, ?695 on Tuesday, etc., if the truck is still here. It has 8.25 tires on the rear, 7.50 on the front . . . good heater, perfect motor, and excellent paint. . . cle»a as a pin AND a 49-50 Arkansas license. $ 705 m CO '48 STUDEBAKER LAND-CRUISER £ $1695 5 Spinach fs believed to have been transplanted "from Asia to North Africa by the .Moors. Fully (quipped «Hh r>d!», ht»ter, overdrive, hill-holder, while sidcwal! (ires, »nd exclusive njlon npholslerv, shlnj black finish. Owner's name en request. Check this very special price. CHAMBIIN SALES CO. "Your friendly Studebaker Dealer" RAILROAD t ASH PHONE 888 THIS I£ TH ONLY JOINT IN TOWN WHERE VA GET SHOWMANSHIP YYITH- YER WHADPAYA KNOW... I'/* \ MAGICIAN/ I JUST 6CTS A TIP OUR. FUGITIVE K HEAPING FOK. THE CAPITAL. DISSUISEP AS A THANKS JUPITER PUNIUS iNTEK5 E CITY HOOTS AND HKK RUDDIES Js That Ho? RY EDGAR MARTIN

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