The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 6, 1950 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 6, 1950
Page 2
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WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER - 8> 1950 Yugoslavs Join West In Condemning 'War BLYTHRVILLE, <ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREB BELGRADE, Yugoslavia, Sept. 6* (fl'j—Communist Yugoslavia lined up A-ith the West last night in condemning aggression by the North Korean Reds but indicated she still would not'lnlerveiie directly In the war. In the first statement of a dcf- inJte'Yugoslav position on the Korean conflict. Foreign Minister Edvard R. KardelJ told the newspaper 3BS> a that the Korean, war "is a fl^ig blow to peace In the world." '•Those who are to be blamed for the war in Korea," he declared, "must know that such a war will jeopardise world peace, stir up all tbe powers of aggression, start the v.'nr marhine of the great powers and on all sides sharpen the international conflict. "Armed action of the North Korean government docs not lead towards a real liberation of the Korean people. . . . War in Korea. . . . also endangers all those achievements for which the Koreans have already fought." Leaves for New York Kardelt's statement WE*S published as he left for New York lo attend the United Nations General Assembly. Intimating that Yugoslavia would continue Its hands-of policy toward the question of armed intervention in the conflict. Kardelj said his country would pursue Its present course of trying to keep the war within Korea's borders. His country's United Nations delegation, he said, would work for a fair solution of the Korean fighting in order to maintain world peace. Yugoslavia's security couticil delegate voted against the council's call for U.N. members to furnish military" aid to the South Koreans .He abstained from other counci actions on' the Korean question. r^pllowing the outbreak of the niprilirig he offered a re.solutior calling for a cease-fire but blaming neither the North nor South Ko reans . for the fighting pending ; U.N. Investigation. This was defeat ed In favor of an American resolu tlon charging 'the North Korean with aggression. Texarkana PO In Controversy TEXARKANA, Ark., Sept. 6. flpj— The unique Texarkana postoffice- thc only "one In the courftry localei astride -a state line—is the cente of a two slate controversy. A rkaris a s Congressman Boyi Tackett; has protested Texas Con gressrnan Wright Palman's recom inentiatiqn that Arthur L. Jenning be appointed postmaster to succce the late Jmiscni Pryor. The./jxjstolfice originally was lo cated£Ln'tfArkansas but later wa con^jyilbijdd as nn Arkansas-Texn*ftcc ; 'and located on the stat line, '*•',/* Tacltett v Kaid ,he believes seleello ij& th«-'po"stmaster'""'should be lef npen .to - competitive, examinatJD instead:of being a political favo He also declared that history shov, more postmasters appointed fron Must You Avoid Favorite Foods? . bttMM of Acid SteMtfc? Neutf e*erroo» t»» fatorii* foods lh« hrinjc on li««nb«ra . . . loarntts . . . »ci incllgeuioin. BM million. h*T< found ih answer ii simpk a> A-B C. They pu c»rr i i handy roll of T«m« i> pocl<l o purM. E« 1 or 2 like c«ndf for quiei. soothiag relief. Tvnw conc*in DO soda to ^er-alkalin o» cause acid rebound. AIH [ ar< FAST! Coal only a dime, a rolllodayl •luff Announces '•or Judge HOT SPRINGS, Ark,. Sept. 6. W C. Floyd Huff has announcer! '11 be a candidate for 18lh Disl- ct circuit judge—the first definite 'atement from any of several pros- ;ctivn contenders for the position. All candidates are expected to in as independents at the Nov. 7 meral election, The Democratic nomination was ;ft open when Curtis Rlclgway led,-a week after he'd been nom- lated for the office at the Aug. 8 rimary. Others considered possible cand- dales include Incumbent Clyde H. "Iron™, whom Ridgway defeated; I. S. Commissioner Elmer Tacket nd Rep, Lloyd Darnell. Huff has practiced law here many ears. He Is a former U. S. corn- ilssioncr. The 18th District Is composed of (arland (Hot Springs) and Mont- ornery counties. Forgetful ness. Stakes Business JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla.- >r,— reoule who forget make a nice justness for Bert Sauls. He Is a ocksnnlh. Mast of his work'Is opening cars, houses and boxes for people who locked the keys insid ~r losf them •Sauls has yet to find a safe he can't open. The reason safe cracker lave so much trouble, he said, 1 hat they just don't have enoug] :ime, While Sauls isn't giving up hi packs - and gadgets In favor of th word.s "Open. Seasame," he fount the magic phrase apparently mor sffcclive one lime After more thai 15 minutes trying without siicces .o open a door for a woman. Sun] .eaned against It and it swning op en. It hadn't been locked in th first piace. Many time* when he Is called t> open auto doors he. winds a windm open or a door unlocked on th other side of the cnr. Wliat astronomers call a "local star gala.xy is one belonging U ihe same, group as the Milky Way STOP! Get our, figure on jrour plumbing job. It'can be conveniently fin- inced through FHA. >Ve contract complete Job or will sell you the fixtures and roagh- n material and you choose your own plumber. Kepair work Is given our prompt itlention. See or CaU Orsburn Supply 1916 W. Main Blythevillc Phone 3208 Orsburn Plumbing Co. 1310 Ward Are. Carnlhcrsvillc F'honc It79 SERVICES Kemp Whisenhunt & Co. • Sand & Finish Hardwood • Lay Hardwood Flooring • Asphalt Til* Cal! «s lortaj for * ,«« «t| m;1 , e . V\c sive Ton prnmpl, conr i cons service. Fasy FHA Paynwnls. Come In Todaj. Kemp Whisenhunt & Co 1M B. Main Phetie 4469 Texas than from Arkansas added "there are other deservin applicants with more years ot lailh Jill service lhan Jennings, but the don't happen to live in Texas." LOW MAN IN THE CHOW UNE-Bmll almost loo low lo Ihe ground for convenience, "Lillle Joe," a 5-year-old South Korenn orphan, waits palienlty for his chow on a mess line near Ihe Masan front in South Korea. At lell is Pfc. Allred A. Vushey of Albany, N. Y., and at right, Cpl. Gilbert E. Ro\ve of Bennelsville, S. C. (NEA-Acmv photo by staff corresponded Ed Hoffman.) Bell Phone Manager Explains Need for Increase in Rates LITTLE ROCK, Sept. 6. MV-l Southwestern Cell Telephone Com-i pany needs a requested $4,020,000! annual rate increase in' Arkansas lo restore a proper balance between income and expenditures, says its Arkansas general manager. The official. Warren E. Bray, told the Arkansas Public Service commission yesterday that Southwestern Bell "Ls being squeezed between rising expenses and revenues which do not increase proportionately." Bray was the first witness as the company began presentation of testimony in behalf of its application for Ihe rate Increase. After he finished, Use hearing was recessed until tcday, when company engineers D..E. Barbee and W. H. Dodds, both of Little Rock, were to testify. Bray reiterated "previous company statements that the increases are needed to bring earnings to tile point where they can "attract Investor dollars" so the company may make needed improvements. : Southwestern Bell has nnnouncec it plans a 33,000.000 expansion pro grain in Arkansas If the Increase is approved. Bray testified the company ha. earned only one-third of one pe cent on lu postwar investment with in Arkansas. Israeli Reds Prevent Showing of U.S. Film TEL AVIV. Israel —W— Com munlst demonstrators hooted a Un ited States information service filn on Korea off the screens in two Tel Aviv theaters. Showing of the film has been approved by the Israeli censorship board. But the cinema owners, fearing the Communists might rush up and try to damage their screens, ordered the projection stopped. Ministry Seen : or W. Germany Schuman Sees Own Foreign Affairs Office for Nation PARIS. Sept, 6. (AP) — French Foreign Minister Robert Schumnn said today that West Germany soon may be allowed its own foreign affairs ministry. Sehuman told n news conference there are no. JuVLsriicnl obstacles to Riving West Germany -such greater control over foreign relations. "U i.s well understood, however, that as Ions as the (Allied) high commission exists. SL will have the right to Inlpvvene." he added. Srliiithiin indicated tlml a decision on this may be taken at IhP Western Bfc Three ministers meeting next week In New York. He observed: "I can't say what will result, from the con vcrent inns \vc are going to have in New York, but H onn be foreseen there will be something new in this field." Following the war Gcnnnny's foreign affaire were hnndled directly by the Allies. The United suites. Great Britain ami France agreed last May to permit a progressive re- Uirn o' foreign relations to German hands. West Germany now U an as-wci- nte member of the council of Europe, with representation in the European consultative assembly. Lack of a foreign minister, however, is one obstacle to obtaining full membership, which would include nu»m- bej-ihlp in the council's controlling committee of foreign ministers. The German government also Ls now allowed to maintain a restricted number of consulate.! abroad and lo negotiate and .sign international ngrecemnt-s directly with other countries. The agreements, however, are subject to ratification or rejection by the Billed High Commislon for Germany. Smuggling Hitting Indonesia Trade RANGOON—W)—Dr. Soedarsano, USI ambassador to India and Burna, said in Rangoon most of Indonesia's 20.000.000 Chines* wers engagtri In Ijlg scale collective iimiKRUng between Indonesia and Malaya, "Chinese selllers In Indonesia ar« all traders, and play * very active trade between (he islands and Singapore and Penang," he staled. •And Malayan merchants wanfc hiil they have." Di. Sowlarsano said t.hls smuggling was hitting hard at Indonesia's economy. "YJu cannot guard thousand- of miles ol coastline and he an plert watchdog of hundreds of small Island with four small ships,' ne said. THE NAME SOUNDS FAM!LIAR-On ihe Job as a war pho- Ir-i-iiphBr, noar Tacgn, South Korco, Slnnlcy Tretick, Acme slafl correspondent from Washington, D. C., pauses beside a Uink named "Dorothy." The rnelal monster's monicker struck a familiar note for Dorolhy is Trctick's wife's name. Trelii-k, incidentally, hnj produced some of Die outstanding photographs of the Korenn wpr, including exclusive photos of the atrocities on Hill 303, near Wacg- v:an, where American G.I.'s were bound and slain by North Koreans. Bermuda-Canada Link HALIFAX —M'.i— The possibility of Bermuda becoming Canada's lllh province Is being suggested by "a great, many important persons in Bermuda." says William S. Purvis. Nova Srotian-boni president ol a Bermuda Importing firm. "Many people contend it would be the pest thing that Bermuda could do, 1 ' he said. Driver Soys Prayer Prevents Accidents LOS ANGELES—(;T>j—"I pray all the time when rm driving." says Mrs. Anna M. Hayes. She believes (his accounts for inc fact that she's not received a citation In 25 years of motoring. "I do it automatically so 11 doesn't interfere with my concentration on the road." she explains. Mrs. Hayes concedes that, other factors might have helped her establish her good record, -She lists t!:cm ns courtesy. 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