Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 15, 1897 · Page 23
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 23

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 15, 1897
Page 23
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189?' "DECEMBER 189? THE. 8u. 5 12 19 26 Mo. 6 <13 20 27 TU. 7 14 21 We. 1 8 15 22 28 1 29 Th. 2 9 16 23 30 Fr. 3 10 Tz 24 31 Sa. 4 11 18 ~25 First National Bank l.ot<iBMport, In CAPITAL 8250,000 A. .1. MURDOCH. PRESIDENT. W. W. ROSS, CASHIER. J. F. BROOKMEYER, ' ASST. CASHIKK. A SPECIALTY UIHT BLOOD 1'OISON " 1 "'" B ! - tiftir BLOOD 1'UlSON -incsy cured1nl5to35day8. Youcanbetrcntcclat bom of orsame price nailer eamefjuaria- ty. If yon prefer to come bere wewiilooa- tract to pay railroad rnre&nd hotel bills.and DOCbftnre. if we fall to care. If you have take n mer- g Rod . eat, mpes, opper oore Spots, Ulcers on •or part of the body. Hiiir or Eyebrows falHncr out. It U this Secondary HLOOI> POISON wo ipiuiWMitee to cure. We solicit tbo most obgti* tikte cased and Chalienee the world for & K ie we cannot cure. Thfa disease has at? ys ffledthe skill ol the moMt eminent physl- elan*. »50O,000 capital behind our unconditional guaranty. Absolute proofs Bent sealed Oa. tlcatbon. Address COOK KEMEDY CO* Temple, cmCAUO, UJL. DIRECTORS: A. J. 'lurdocfc, .V. H. Brittghum, Dennis Ub', K. S. Rioe. B. P. Yaaiis. i M- Jarwood. W.T.Wilson, nMoK in nil itn Departments prompt!} ureuilly doue. '.o Customers and stockholder ! '>r flemrre r"uad Maintained. PERFECT MANHOOD llbe world admire" tlin perfect Man I Not SEXUAL VITALITY I tft oce MILEAGE Tickets to Washington The Pennsylvania Lines are now b«ulDg at all their principal ticket Office?, tor coupons of one thousand mile interchangeable tickets of tbe Central Passenger Association's issue, exchange coupon tickets to Harrisburg, Baltimore and Washington at short line d,s which:«tho »lory of manhooH-the Pride ot , both old inclyonnn,but tbcre are thousands or men i •offering tho mental tortures of » •"'«» u .«'"* a mtuihoad. jhattcred nerves, and CaUlnft ' ••anal power wto caa bo cared by our Magical Treatment which may Be tnton at homo under our direction* or we will pay B. K. faro and hotel *-m« for UIOBB who wlBh to ccjne here. If we rail to C'ire., Wo have no free prescription*, free cure or C.O.D. fake, we k«ve*»0,000 capital and guarantee to cure every , ewe we treat or refund every dollar you pay n«, or | feeinaybe deposited In any biuls.to be paid n* when » cnre U effected. Wrlto for fn)l partlcuiari. •TATJC MEDICAL CO., Omalia, Sieb. ASK THEM, If You want Information About Home-Seekers' Excursion. Ticket Agenta ot the Pennsylvania Lines win ruraleh information regarding Home- Seekers'ExournlonB to various points In the Northwest, West, Southwesi and South. 11 will pay to investigate If you contomplats a trip. Apply to nearest Pennsylvania Line Ticket Agent, oraddreteW. W. Kiohardson District 1'aesoi gtr A|.ent Tndianapolls.lnd Hints In fldvertisini ennsulvaniayn CHICAGO DIVISION DAILY. Leave for Chicago'si(>5 a m;'C:00 a m;*l:35 p m •2:00pm; "4:30 p m. Arrive from Chicago *12:30 a m;*13:SOpm;*l:00 p m: M:40 P m: *H:ln P m. BRADFORD AND COI-TJMBC8. Le»vo lor Bradford "1:10 a m;t7:40»m: *1:« Arrive from'Bradford «2:J5iim; tlO:20 am: •1:20 p m; t4:15pm. EFFNEtt DIVISION. Lo«ve for Kffnor t8:» B m; -9:06 R m' t2:05 p m 5 p m Sunday oalv. Arrive from Kffner-'7:35ii m; t!2:50p m: 12:46 p ro; 8:30 a m Sunday only. RICHMOND AND CINCINNATI. l5»ve for Richmond +12:55 »ca; T5:SO a m; •!:05 um:t2:20p m. Arrive from KloWnnd -2:30 am: «J:OOam -l:50pm;tlO:50pm. INDIANAPOLIS AND LOUI8VI1.U, Low for LouidvUle 12:45am:*l:10p m. Arrive from Louiaville *2:40 a m: *1:56 p ro. J. A. MCCTJLLOTJGH. Agent, Have the goods to advertise. Tell your story plainly in the lewspaper that the people read, nd in language they will easily inderstand, and among others irserve the following Advertising 'oints: 'rofitable advertising results from ^ood goods being offered well. Jive your rival's advertising at- ention, but give your rival no ad- •ertising. Advertising prestige is rard to win, but not hard to lose. t is easiest sustained. The add honld be so plain that it will be understood by a reader of little indcrstanding. Your advertising hould be complete in itself. To secure the best results, use he DAILY and WEEKLY PHAKOS. with its large circula- ion in both city and county. LOGANSPOHT N0. «A»T BOUHD 3 Eastern Express dally 8:33 » m « Mail and Express daily »:«* • a 4 Atlantic Express dally 4:1S r> ro » Fort Wayuo A ceo Ex Sunday.... 6:32 p m 74 Local Freight Ex Sundny 4:18 p m W«8T BOUND, 3 Western Express dally - 10:24 p m 1 Fast Mull Dally *** P m 7 Mail and Kxpressdally 2:40 p m 5 Pacific Express dally 11:*S a m 11 Decatur Acco Ex-Sundnv , :&>am 75 Local Freight Ex-Sunday 7:35 a EC Jit BITtB DIVISION, y»allll-p«, a»T*t»* WIST SOUKD. jlo. IS Arrives - S:SO a. n Ho. 87 Arrives- S'-30 1). n 1ABT BO0ND MO 16 Leaves -»:05 ». c LeavvE 8:46 p. n YANDAUA LINE Time Tailo, to effect Dec 5,1897. Train* Leave fcoctuisport, iMdlaM FOR THE NORTH Noigf^v^irzrrz:::::::::^^ 1 !^ £ S FOR THE SOUTH. No. 21 ", :( S*- m Ko. S .....2:1$ p. m For complete Time Card, giving- all trains •nd rtationn, and for full information u to rates, through oars, etc., addresa J. C. SDOiwORTn, ajrent, Logausport, or • 1. FORD. General Passenger Agent, St. Lou!*. Mo. & Timelablc, Peru, Ind. SollU'treins botireon Peorii and Sandusky •ad Indianapolis &nd Michigan. Direct con aeottoo* to Mid from all poicw. in tbo United lt»t«4 and Canada. SOUTH BOUSl) No SD. IndlanspoU* Btp daily 7:10 a m vn °s " Moll 4 Ern_U:SS a m U-»«m\o23 " Moll 4 Exp_U:8S a m iutu T <»i>ept Sunday) No » indpr* &cp ex Sun, _. 3:26 p m »•!• o m No » Pagssnser exeept 6nn No 151 Roohsster local arrive :45 p m except Sunday, WORTH BOTJKD. t-W v m No *4 Detroit Sxp Kz ~~v No 150 Acooa eroept Sun... (;45 a ra •Do»i no* run north o-> Peru on Sunday, •jtatioke* ntM aadtf^on} information oa J BkluiMr, ticket agent. L. ., or C. f. DiilJ feMVOita. In*. B. A W SO GUESS WORK HERE. All Logansport People hare to d« Is to Follow thb Example of t'el- luw citizens. Facts are tmbborn. ' Some may be disputed. None can be disproved A faci is the opposite of flction. Is always uedg-ed out with truth. Has to stand the test of investigation Or It drl f is to tbe realm of doubt. Investik'atu closely the following. i he closer tfte scrutiay the morn convincing the proof. A Lojransport citizen speaki here. Speaks from experience and convictioe. Relates f icts—stubborn fd.-tc. That may be disputed, but can uot be disprove I. Dr C. H.Cuahman, Dentistof 418 Broadway. says; "If I was sroin? to bay anything lor eczema, I w mid not think of getting anv tnlng Due DoaD's Ointment. My experenc i has been that this remedy contains medlciml properties seldom to be :ouna la preparations for skin afflictions. I was subject to eczema for many years which made 11s appearance in spots in different parts of my body and while they wtre not so serious as many cas«s. yet the kchiness WMS v- ry intense and annoyinir It waj particularly noticeable during the heated pvtof the year I used many remedies that were highly recommended and experimented some myself but without relief, although I at one time cleliberatly applied carbolic acid to a spot on my wrist and let it burn. Thij was severe treatmmt and caused a sore which finally healed up but the ectema was still there. Due d.-.y -while looking over my paper Doan's Ointment came to my notice and I got a bcx at Keesllnff's drugstore. A few app i- catlons gave entire relief and I continued the treatment until I now consider mysflf cured. 1 am well satisfied with the result obtiined by the use of Doan's Ointment." Doan's Kidney Pills are for sale by all dealers Price 50 cents. Mailed by Foster- MllburnCo., Buffaio, N. T., sole ageuts for the U. S. Remember the name Doan's and take no other. rteh purpl« er Lillian Russell. Henry Arthur Jones has sold dxarlea Frohman the American rigkts o his latest play, "The Liars." Augustin Daly is apparently much ncensed at the action of Beerbokm 'ree in offering Ada. Rehan .the pare f Katherine in "Katlierine and Pe- ruccio" and is freeing his mind with onsiderable vigor. •Maude Adams was for several years :nown as the youngest leading lady on he New Tork stage. Her successor to hat title is pretty Florence Rockwell if "Cumberland, "61," who is said to t>e ust IS—"- couple of years younger ban was Miss Adams when the distraction ^'as hers. A day or two ago Miss.OJ.ga Nether- le received a parcel containing the manuscript of a play, which has been ollowing her around for two years. The first legible date on the cover is Sept. 23, 1895, Sydney, N. S. W., and the last Oct. 19, 1S97, Liverpool. It was marked by the Dublin postoffice, "Received at Grafton Street Walk in this condition." The parcel was originally addressed to Miss Nethersole, in. Lon- A Grizzly Bear Is an unpleasant companion when all means of escape have been cut off. At least so thought Alice and Clara Weldon when they found themselves in this predicament. If you wish, to know how they escaped, read The Weldon Estate A Romanes of the Western Plain* By Major Alfred R. Calhoun IN THIS PAPER FRESH FASHION IDEAS. A point to note in the toilets of those who have taste as well as money to gratify their various whims and keep ap with the latest dictates of fashion IB the revival of the trained skirt for evening and grand reception wear. All the big houses cut their robes de soiree with a train. Many skirts are completely covered with closely set rows of braid; others bave true, lovers' knots formed on them, while geometric designs are in- ;roduced on others. But: a plain cloth dress or one of the popular checks is aardly considered up to the mark without this class of ornamentation. The Russian coat and blouse is all pervading, so, naturally, something suitable in the way of headgear had to be found to wear with it. A little Russian toque, which has been invented, was somewhat in the shape of i soft turban, with a crown of jewelei white velvet, and over the deep sable border twined little pink banksia rose and at one side arose a tuft of sab! tails. Collar bands are so wide that al kinds of cravats have been brough out, some of them with silk bows o lace or fur attached to the center of th front. We have hardly before formei sable into a gigantic bow of two loops kept in place in the center by a dia mond buckle and supplemented by a long lace tie. Some of these cravat are made of alternate rows of silk an( insertion, an amalgamation employee for vests and blouses. Each large firm in Paris has uniqu styles; but :n one point they all seem to be agreed—namely, that the sleeve should be, ruffled and follow the out line of the arm closely to the wrist, where they often fall in a point over the hand; and that the puff at the top should form an acute angle from the shoulder ,the upper surface being quite flat. Bodices are no longer full at the back for day wear, and the senorita jacket is relegated to embroidered additions to bodices; but there are many braces, and large single revere more or ON THE STAGE. GOLD DUST WASHING POWDER A new variety of chrysanthemum Largest package—greatest economy. Made only by THE N. K. FAiRBANK COMPANY, Chicago. St. Louis. New Yort. Boston. Philadelphia. GEMS OF THOUGHT- Life's a short summer, man a flower. — Dr. Jolinson. Be charitable before -wealth makes thee covetous. — Sir T. Brown. , ujetr O.M ct<juo.— *->** *• • •*•** ** •• ~• don, and forwarded from her former j . g u & ^ ^ residence to Daly's theater and thence Cnaract er.-Puller. to the Savoy hotel. Being returned to ^ ^ the dead letter office, Sydney i was * - not oy ^ heart ._ Bul . see how they can do it." sne--, indorsed there "January, 1896- *&* ," ^ j course, they have some police there. 1 ' MISCELLANY. ______ ,_, A Southern paper refers to goll aft "dude shinny." Mr. Oldboy— "I remember the first fish I ever caught" Miss Pert— "mat was it; an ichthyosaurus?" — Harlem Life. He— "Selling silk at 3 cents? I don't see how they can do it." She— "Of He lives long that lives well, and Detroit Journal, time misspent is not lived, but lost-— ay dormant some months. Then it set forth on its travels again—to New York, May 18. 1S96; to Chicago, June 10; to New York again. Thence, in July, it came to the Gaiety, London. Several other addresses in London were tried, and again the unlucky par- Is made of.—Franklin. eel got to the Sydney dead letter office If you want knowledge you must Puller. Dost thou love life? Then do not Botanists have found no fewer than 120 diSerent kinds of flowers on Spltz- bergen, most of them being unknown -L^VOl, UJA^Li i\j t C- 11, *,!*••< *-*w— i — ( squander time, for that is the stuff life on the European continent A schoolma'am in Fayette, Me., pinned her Mack shawl over one sid« eel got to the Sydney dead letter omce 11 you warn. Knowieu 5 « ^^ ^— - * -----on November 26 1896. Not until March, toil for it; if food, you must toil for of the school house flag a* a sign ol 1897, was another attempt made at i it; and if pleasure you must toil for mourning for Gen. Neal Dow. delivery. Then it made a journey j it. Toil is the law. Pleasure comes through America, crossed the Atlantic . through toil, and not by self-indul- and followed Miss Nethersole on her I gence and indolence. When one gets English tour, with the result now recorded. POINTED PARAGRAPHS. Some men grieve two dollars' worth over every dollar they lose. A woman laughs in her sleeve when . man begins talking through his laat. Cows are now milked by machinery, but the milk is watered by hand, as usual. The druggist would to love work, his life is a happy one. —Ruskin. Human existence is girt round with ciyster) r ; the narrow region of our experience is a small island in the 'midst of a boundless "sea, which at once awes our feelings and stimulates our imagination by its vastness and obscurity. To add to the mystery, the domain of our earthly existence is not only an Island in infinite space, but also in Infinite time.—J. S. Mill. The want which we vainly proposed rather sell a pound of cure than an ounce of_fCc- vention. The barber always tells a hair-raising story when he tries to sell a bottle of his tonic. The world will never get any better until children are an improvement on their parents. The further back a man can trace his descent the longer he has been on the downward path. It is an easy matter for a man to love his neighbor as himself, providing she Is young and pretty. : It would keep a half-dozen harvesting machines busy gathering in the crop of wild oats sown by some young j men. If all the lies told in a political campaign were nailed, the nail factories would have to run. twenty-four hours The Eskimos whom Lieutenant Peary brought back with him are suffering from colds. The climate of New Yor't .has not agreed with them. For the ChristniBS and New Year Holidays, the Wabash R. K. Co. will sell tickets for the round trip at greatly reduced rates. Tickets will be good go- .Lng on date of sale only, good returning to relieve soon looks up at us with re- j up tQ< gnd i nc ] u <3ing January 4th, 1898. , ,.!_. „ , „-„„** Tickets can be purchased December 24th. 25th, and 3Ist. 1897, and January 1st, 1S98. For further particulars, «all on or address. C. Cr. NEWELL-, Agt. Wabash R. R. Co. a day. Poets must suffer before they can proachful face from the still graves. The tears we failed to wipe away dry upon the cheek, and leave us in the presence of the averted features of distrust, instead of the eye of sweet reliance. The just expectation which we bave disappointed cannot be recovered; there must be a long undoing, before you can weave again, in even lines and pattern fair, the tangled web of life.—James Martineau. What are all reform, restorations, victories of truths, but protests of minority; efforts, clogged and incomplete, of the good ana brave, just enough in their own day to stop instant ruin—the appointed means to save what is to be saved, but in themselves failures? Good msn work and suffer, and bad men enjoy their labors and spoil them; a step is made In advance—-wil rolled back and kept in check for "a while, only to return, perhaps the stronger. But thus, and Holiday" Excursions Vandalia Line, write, says a philosopher. After that thus only, is truth passed on and the the public has a monopoly on the suffering. The desire of some men to wobble around in a big place rather than fill a small one accounts for many of life's failures. , less profusely ornamented. Do fa Low If so, secure one of tbe latest and prettiest Two-Steps of ti e day, by matlinc Ten Cents (silver or stamps) to cover roailiog and postage, to the undersigned for a copy of the BIG FOUR TWO-STEP (Mark envelope 'Two Step.) Wearegivingihijmusic, which is regular fifty-cent sheet music, »t this exceedingly low rate, for the purpose of advertising-, and testing: the value of the different papers a* advertising mediums. B. O. MeConnick, Passenger Traffic Manager, "Bis Four fioute," Cmdn- nati, O. Mt nuon thia paper when you write. Taoie-centers are made of colored o/ shot silk, with insertions of gold-run guipure and butterflies and flowers are appliqued on the silk. Some are entirely of lace, with Louis Seize medal- ions in silk. Silken sofa pillows in French tapes- trv, with a pineapple pattern wrought in'gold, are popular. So are pillows of hand-embroidered satins on grounds of dull blue and terra-cotta or conventional poppies on green, with flounces of art silk. White china for ferns and flowers is ever popular, and there is a growing tendency among young housekeepers to buy the pure white china, as a table never grows tiresome if decked in spotless ware with the necessary color added in centerpiece or a bit of Wedgwood. Great is the variety of china and glass set forth on fashionable tables. The thick, diamond-cut crystal or molded ?lass can be had -for the asking —tube flower vases adapted to the long stems of chrvsanthemmns, shell-shape bonbon dishes and china with, graceful curves and designs. _^ ^^^ TO assist case bail pitchers In earring the ball a circular band of rubber, •with sharp points projecting from one side to engage the ball, is slipped over one finger of the hand. Padlocks ar« being manufactured irtth an auxiliary chamber, which car- lies an explosive, to be fired by a, hammer inside the lock and give an alarm when the lock is tampered with. "AHT spicy features tn the new phyr* "Well," t*« lady answartd, "Jofcm had U* montk full at <OoT«*."— , world preserved from utter corruption. —Church. NEW FASHION IDEAS. Beige colors and all shades of drab have caught the popular fancy at ast. Paris is tired of the outspread skirt and already there is looming in the distance the clinging, dragging pattern of picturesque and untidy memory. \ 7 elvet flowers are in favor at the present moment and dahlias and chrysanthemums are cleverly copied and make beautiful decorations for ;owns. ' After a long and peculiar illness, a horse belonging to Frank Heinen, oH Reading, Pa., died the other day, and a post mortem examination revealed that the animal's stomach was partly filled with broken glass, some pieces of which had pierced the tissue. The glass was of several kinds, going 10 prove that the horse %ad a fondness for the diet. An inhabitant of the S'cilly Islands was struck by the fact that the rats there seemed to prosper greatly, although the place is very barren. He resolved to investigate the cause of this, and digging up some of the nests by the seaijhore, found that the rats had dragged crabs into their holes, and, in order to prevent their escape, had bitten off their legs. Mr. Mann—"Did you see -that woman just as we crossed over?" Mrs. Mann—"You mean the woman ia the camel's hair gown and beaver jacket; the one who had on bronze shoes, a hs.t trimmed with, fuchsias and heliotrope, with pink ribbons and a chiffon veil? No, I didn't notice her in par ticular. Wha.t were you going to say about her?"—Boston Transcript. IRONICAL 1FS. If there is nothing in. a man opportunity never troubles him. If bsanty was 1 taxable tiere wo«U b* no delinquents amoiif the fair If your wife had it to' do over again tlie chances am mh« would n«ver marrj WORTH KNOWING. Bottles now are being made of paper under a German patent. They are for use particularly on shipboard, where isavy weather works havoc among ;lass receptacles. Bergen, Norway, boasts a paper church large enough to seat 1,000 per- pons. The bui'dlne is rendered waterproof by a solution of qulcKlime, curdled milk and whites of eggs. Three artists at Gobelins are active- y at work on a piece of tapestry to be presented by President Faure of the Trench republic to the Czarina of Russia. It is a reproduction of Mme. Vigee-Lebrun's picture representing Marie Antoinette and her ehildr«. It Is hoped to have it finished befor* the the Holidays the Vandalia Line will sell Excursion Tickets at reduced rates Irom all stations, to local points on its own line, and also to points on connecting lines. For full particulars ca.ll on nearest Vandalia Li«« Ticket Agent, or address E. A. FORD, Gen'l Passenger Agt, St. Louis, Mo. It Is.onened in has b*«n <auenl»wa Ball that the whole coal supply of our planet would barely suffice to produce leat equal to that which the sun dissipates in one-tenth r£ a second. An English physician found that an effective way to relieve sea sickness was to elevate all the extremities thre» times a day for half an hour while sitr ting in a chair.—New York Post. Within one year Paris- sheltered three monarchs—King Alexander of Servia, King Leopold III of the Bel- ginms, and King Chnlalongkorn of Siam. All three maintained the strict- isi. incognito. - NEW IDEAS. Cork is used to fill a. new bicycle tire, lie center being left hollow and filled with solid robber balls to assist in mailing a resilient tire. To clean curry combs an auxiliary wire frame is attached to the handle to swing around and pass between the rows of teeth, the frame being set la position before use and removed after ns«, carrying with it whatever dirt and hair has lodged in the comb. In a new automatic fire alarm two corrugated disi« are monnted ia a casing with their edges rigidly fixed, one of the disks expanding to a great- The Central Passenger Association 1000 Mile Interchange, able Rebate Ticket Igforiale »t principal Ticket Officeio The Pennsylvania Lines. It is honored one year from date of mlo, tvt Exchange l Ickete over either of the following named Lines: Ann Arbor, Baltimore & Ohio. Baltimore &, Ohio South-western, Chicago & Eastern Illinois, Chicago &;Wesl Michigan, Cincinnati St. Mngkingum T«U«y, Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton. Cleveland & Marietta, Cleveland, Canton <fc Southern, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago * Bt L Cleveland, Loraln & Wheeling. Cleveland Terminal & V«)ley, Columbus, Bocjdng Valley & Toledo, Columbus, Saudngky & Hocking, Detroit;4: Cleveland Steam Navigation,. Detroit. Grand Bapidg * Wertarn, DnnUjk, Allegheny Valley & Pitisbunr, Evansvllle & Indianapolift, Kv«nsvilie 4 Terrs Haute. findiay. Fort Wnyne 4 Wwtem, Flint & Pere Marquette, Grand Bapi-'s fc Inflianm, Indiana, Decatur i Western. Lake Shore & Michigan Southern, Louisville 4 Naahvffle. Between Lotdirflle * Cincinnati and between St. L imd BraniTfll* LouiEvlUe, Evangvflle * 8t Loni*, Louisville, Henderson & St Ion]*, Michigan Central, New Tot k, Chicaeo & St Louis, OWo Central Lines, Pennsylvania, Line* West of Pitttburg, Peoria, Decatur fc Kv«nsvfll«, Pittebnrg t Lake Erie. PltUbnw * Western, Pltaburg. Lisnon Sf Western. Toledo, St Louis * Kane*« dty Vandalia Line. W.bash Bailroad, Zanecrille 4 Ohio river. irhe price f f th« M tictota «re Ttera:reriottr«ii*fer»bl« lniatuareti and exelndmlV »7 tft* l purctuiaer. K rebate of Ten rSoUeuj * the OimmlMioiMir of the OwMl f ft* one of the disks expanng a - ^^ er degree than tie other when heated, JS. A. J< OrQ, trtB. I'M*. h electrical conUrt \ a* to connect the electrical points set In the center ol th» I PittiburfcP*

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