The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 5, 1950 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 5, 1950
Page 5
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EMBER u, itw OUT OUR WAY Bv J. R. Williams (ARK.) oougutR NEWS Our Boo rding House wifrh Maj. Hoople »A(M NBOI _HM»1 WONDtR _ -^JEWELS, ARE *RV aoSt TO DIAMONDS? TURNS BLACK:/ purnwo •TH.CT HAU= A BIKE TWE ON TH RIM OF TH«E SAKSA6e CAM—THE f»*J BOJNCEP XWC? HIT We RI&H *J THE EYE BROOCH.' AND MOTICeE FUL •We MOUNTING ~ A \f IT suites "^ TOO cLoscra HWJe" t^n£°™ r? ETAL ^ RV J> UK -r E ^' OVJ ,Y[TO STANDARD O«R CLOSE TO Pi ariKiusA fSv IK\ TUP KI IKI ' R |-j- v^g^j |4 E i£ ^ BROKE/ WATCH IT DUR- IMG THE HOCKIU& VMHV HOTHEg-S. GET GRAY • Service • Sales • Engineering DIAL 2241 By Edwin Rutt City Electric Co. YOUR CHILDREN READY FOR SCHOOL? • New heels . . . new laces... ripg repaired. • Summer shoes dyed for fall and wint'.r wear. • Shoe Repair gives EXTRA Wear. H-fl LTCRS fUHLITY SHO€ SHO . IZI W. 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"1 get it (rom all sides." he said "Just because • couple o! layouts have to be redone, )rou look al me as it I hit your mother. Reagan sulks Stoneham goes oft the deep end. And nil the while. I carry the mail. 1 go over to lhat fish-eyed Northcott, sit there and take it on the chin like an office boy, get insulted, patronized, condescended to. And what do I get? Abuse. Nothing but abuse." Ede let the steam blow ofl, then persisted. "But whal was the matter with the original layouts. Jen"' Didn't we interpret what Norlh- cott had in mind correctly?** "Whnt Northcottihad in mind?" He looked at her pityingly. "God only knows what Northcott has in mind at any given lime. He hlmps all over the place like a flea. You can't pin him down." "Have you ever tried sitling down calmly with him, JefT, and trying to find out Just what is in his mind?" "Say, look here!" Jeffs eyes narrowed. "Are you telling me how to run my job?" "Jeff, please! Of course. I'm not. I'm only trying to help." 1MB kr NCA S«yit«, f.c 'Well, you aren't. I've gol a thousand things deviling me this morning and you come around bellyaching about a few layout changes I've handled this account for tour years. And I nolice we still have it." "I know. JefT. You've done a swell job. Everybody says so. I just svanl lo be sure we're doing everything we can to keep that business." He was only slightly mounted. "Well," he said, "any time you think you can second-guess Northcott better than I do. you're welcome to try It's al) yours." Ede smiled. "I may take a shot at it some day." She gol the opportunity sooner than she expected. 'T'HE telephone call came two * days later and left Kde both surprised and a little frightened. Mr. Northcoll's secretary said Mr Northcott would like to see Miss ftny in his office at 3 that afternoon, if Miss Frey found it convenient to call. Summoned, thought Ede, malting a face al the mouthpiece, straight to the lion's den. To the female al the other end of the wire, she said that she would be there. Ede arrived at precisely five minutes to 3. She wore a trim gabardine suit with a soft white blouse. New York had robbed her cheelcs of some of the Bermuda suntan, but they were still a nice blend of bronze and coral, helped along by a Jaint loitch of makeup Her mouth was a relaxed line. Once the shock of being invited to wail upon Mr. Northcott was over, she had calmed down. She was amazed now to find herself actually looking forward lo the interview. She was curious to know what there was about this man to create such a stir at Frey & Company. Northcolt kept Ede wailing in Ihe reception room 15 minutes At the end of lhat time an offlce boy appeared and escorted her, languidly, lo Ihe presence. • • • T EW1S NORTHCOTT, Ed« de• c/ded immediately, had th« dictator complex. His desk was at Ihe far end of a large office, which compelled her to cross the entire room in order to get to it. In the two or three seconds that this required, she felt thai Northcott was sizing her up, as one would an adversary. She forced herself to walk slowly, almost nonchalantly. And she kepi her eye« resolutely on Norlhcolt's face. Northcolt had risen as jhe entered Ihe room and Ede was lur- prised at his height. He was easily six-footlfour, but very slim. His movements were quick, decisive. It flashed across Ede's mind thai he looked like i long gray whip. Light gray hair. His light gray eyebrows were thin lines tbove almost colorless eyes. But the eyes were bright, made even brighter by the gold-rimmed spectacles he wore. They seemed to glitter at Ede with a cold hard light. Even Norlhcolt's suit was of a light gray' material Heavens. Ede thought, give him a bcarrl and a butcher knife and he'd look like- a Druid elder. With a quick movement of one hand, Norlhcott indicated > chair on the opposite of his desk. Ede sat So did Northcott. There was a moment of silence while his eyes roved her face. "Well. Miss Frey." he said, at length, "I suppose you'd like to know why I asked you to come over?" "I do know." Ede said boldly. "Eh?"'Norlhcott seemed lo start. "All right, then. You tell me." Ede sel her handbag on his desk. She knew thai she had sounded balder Ih.-in she felt. "It could be for only one of two reasons," she said carefully. "Either you've got bad news for me or you wanl to know my strength. Or weaknesses."' Northcolt laughed. His laugh was as hard and bright as his eyes. "You're rather a surprise to me, Miss Frey." (To Be Continued) To My Friends Wish to announce lhat I am now located at CHARLEY'S ELECTRIC SERVICE. Now I am able to serve you 24 hours a day on COMMERCIAL REFRIGERATION and AIR-CONDITIONING work. Please feel free (o call at any time. Frank Wcstall Day 2993 . . . Night 2SD8 CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH For Ihe servicing or repair of your car, bring It to T. I. Seay Motor Co. 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AkIVWAVi <6V CAW'T 6IT IT UNLOCKED BEFOEE I'VE SOT BUGS BUNNY How In H;ilhc in Public SOT ITf t-AV OOWN HERE, AN' I BET TH Richard Asked for It V. T. HAMLIN E A SWORD ILL SHcnv you A FAUGH.'.STICK TO LY5ICS. / Av- .MINSTREL/ ! MJTS N<7W FETCH ME A TUNE. 1 li: • OF BSA1NS HE HAS NONE,' Of WAi?rAf?E AN' ST«FE HE THINKS HE IS TOME.' M HOMEWARD HE SAILS TO TH 1 ARMS W= HIS MAW AS c»wAeDLY ACTION AS EVEE I SAV/.' BOOTS ANT) HKR BUDniES BY BIKJAR MARTIN

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