The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 5, 1950 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 5, 1950
Page 4
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TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER f, 1950 . BLYTHEmLE, (ARK.) COimiER NEWS PAGE SEVBN MOOR HUM Half Million Homes Under Construction Fully half a million Homes will be#- coEUtructioa acros* trie T _ u National Home Weelc opirss on Sept. 10. according to C.B. *» p eet, president of the National Retail Lumber Dealers Association. "The number of ne* homes actually being built during the week | I. E. Parkhurst to Karl and Vonda " : " be tht greatest of all time as a Mae Sweet, Lot 12 In Block "A" of Real Estate Transfers result of the record breaking number of homing starts during the Mr. and summer months," B»'«t said. "In Urger communities, and !n many smaller ones, the puolic will find a wide variety of new homes icing. up in every price class, with emphasis on lover-priced homes for low-Income families. Ta Continue at Huh Bale "Despite the tightening of mortgage credit terms under the defense program, home building Is expected to continue at a relatively high rate through the end of '.his year, with the result that families J. P. Pride Subdivision, $4,500. C. L. and Mary Catherine Lucius to Herbert and Mildred Belts, I»r, 1 In Block 6 of Wilson's Third Addition, $5,500. . . V. E. Snider to Orval and Ruth Chlsm, north hall of Lot 5 in Bloclc 1 of David Acres Subdivision, $700. Irvin E, Barger to J. A. and Lois M. Morton, Lot 7 in Block 4 of David Acres Subdivision, HO and other considerations. Chelsy and Anna May Gentry Black to H. Noble Gill, Loth 7 and 8 in Block 5 ol Sparks Addition to the town of Dell, $500. Joe H. Gurte to Bruce and Ruth wanting or needing new homes will' Barnett, Lot 18 in Block 24 of continue to find a good helection to choose from. National Kome Week ts the ideal time to look around and inspect the good values to be obtained in 1950's niw'nome.s. "Building materials dealers who provide the materials for the nation's new homes and for modernizing older dwellings are making every effort to see that the record breaking nlppjy of building pro- now coming onto the market construction sites prorhpt- ,ly, "in order to make these new homes available to the public In the shortest possible 'time. "In addition, dealers nave streamlined ..their operations , uvul installed millions of dollars worth of time-saving mechanized yard arid delivery equipment, so as to expedite the ' arrival of material at the Job and to hold costs down to a minimum In the face of national inflation." -<' ' t~r> ^ i '«-•!<'' ' < x^:- T s 'i; ' '' ,'^r'r' vr^' : „' •' j. ^ *>•",.'..• „ vi ^ f vu >/X $'" v-^V r * ^ r *' • \ ff-f - -; T .-• I •".:._ il*: ^sfrif^ • «?. SJ-^Ak* v. tf > * C 9 Houses Being Constructed By Max Logan Building permlU: Ten building permits were issued the past week at the office of Joe Caraay, city engineer, totaling more than $45.000 in building costs. Nine of "these permits ^rere issued toiiaz' IJjaii lor. the constmction of^Jtine residences on Northeast and'Northwett Parkway. Construction of these houses Is already under way. ' Three four-room houses valued at $4.500 each and six five - room housei Talued at 15,000 are being constructed. Two of the four- and an 'equal number of the five -room houses are going up in the 500 block on -Northwest Parkway, with the remaining five being built in the 700 block on Northeast Parkway. Another permit was issued to S L, Oladbn to construct a six -room frunt residence on Lot 17 of Pride and Gateway of 12,000. Addition at a cost Blythe second Addition, $2,800. Dee Haggard to Claude L. and TeiTia Barnes, Lots 24 and 26 in Block "E" of Smith: Addition in town of Leachvllle, $115. Ida B., and Maggie Alfonso Bethel" and Elnore Daughtery and James Franklin and Bertha Daughtery to \V. E. and, Cora Lee Ballard Lot 4 in east half SE',1 of Section 31-15N-9E, $10 and other considerations . W. V. and Delia Johnson Io John A. and Ida Jane Hardess, Lot 1 ! 25 and M in Block "E" ol Smith Addition in town of Leachville, $500. Delmer and Francis Wihon to Hillman Potter, lots 25 and 26 in Block "E" of Smith Addition in town ofxLeachville. »250. Hillman and Eflie Belle Potter to Dee -Haggard, Lots 25 and '-28 in Block "E" bl Smith, addition in town of LeachvlUe, $250. . E. N. and Lucille Webb to Raymond E. and" Magdeline Georgia Cole, Lot 8 in Block 2 of David Acres Subdivision, $9,600. Kemp E. and Mary M. Whiscn- hunt to Herman and Nell Bomba- laski, Lot 1 in Block 6 .of David Acies Subdivision, $7,800. Max and Annie Laurie Logan and Harold B. and Marie D. Wright to Joe F. and Wanda Warren, ix-l. 12 in Block "D" of John B. Walker Subdivision. $1,000. Alvin Gaston and Betty Jo Taylor to J. A. and Cordle Jamiespn, beginning at southeast corner of Lot 9 of replat of J. P. Pride and Gate- w&V Subdivision" a hd r run 'Vest" 11 0 1 /2 feet to point of beginning; plot of land S3 1 ,- feet by ISO feet whose southwest corner touches point of beginning, Sl.OCO. H. C. and Margaret Campbell to I. E. Parkhurst, south half of Lots 9 and 10 In Block "B" of Morris Addition, $10 and other considerations. June Pinkerton Martin to Fannie Clouse, one acre in NW',i of south 50 acres of west half of NEU of Section. 1-15N-10B, $500. A. E. and Rcna Henry to W. O. and Mary M. Penny, south 90 feel of Lot 9 of re-subdivision of Block 6 In Chicago Mill and Lumber Co. Second Addition, $3,100. • - ' —Courier News Photo PROVINCE RESIDENCE—This $15.000 yellow brick home located at 956 E. Main Is the property of Mr. and'Mrs. Jesse Province and wns completed last month. The house consists of three bedrooms, a kltcli- en, a 24 by 16 foot living room, bath room, and den which joins the house and garaged Walts are of painted sheet rock ant! floors are hardwood with the exception of the kltcher and bath room! which Is covered by Inlaid linoleum. Heat is provided by base-hoard outlets from a gas heater. The house, which measures 33 to VI feet, not Including the den and garage, is built on a 75 by 150 toot lot. It is set about 100 feet back from the street, giving the occupants a spacious front yard. WARNING ORDER In the Municipal Court, Chlrka- District, Mixslwippf County, NOTICE OF ANNUAL SCHOOL ELECTION IN ARMOKEL SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. S OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS Notice is,hereby given that the annual school election in the above named District will be held on September 16, 1950, for the following purposes: The election of a member of the County Board of Education for a term of 5 years, • The election of one director for a term of 5 years. To submit the question of voting a total school tax of 29 mills, as set out in. the District's budget, which.shall include, in addition to the millage for the operation and maintenance of the schools, 14 mills which shall be » continuing building fund tax for "the puriJoae of paying the principal and Interest of all now outstanding bond Issues, including an issue dated June 1, 1950. Any ' surplus revenue from the building fund millago, after the payment of principal and interest of the bonds maturing that year, and providing for the next six months 1 , interest on all outstanding bonds, may be used by the District for any-other school purpose. ' The polls will open at 8:00 o'clock A.M. and' will close aX 6:30 o'bl P.M. on "September 26, 1950, at the following polling places in the District, to-wit: Lee Wilson and Co. Store. GIVEN this 26 day ol August 1950. John Mayes, County Supervisor William Berryman, County Sherif 8I2919-5-12 Planters Hardware Co., Pltf. is. No. 2212 Helen fora, Deft. Th« defendant Helen • Ford thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and ans-A'er the complaint of the plaintiff. Dated this 18th day of August 1950. W. I. Malin, Cleric Todd Harrison, attorney for plaintiff. 8;22-29-9;5-12 • D«*t glvM Ihoroogh p*n«lr«rtion of plants for uniform covorag* • Hastens maturity -'* Rodueos lows from boll rot ~ • Sp««d» up hand and mochanical picking • MinimixM trash and or*»n leaf stain • Produces b*tt«f g*rmlnating s««d in w«t seasons ••Gats MM good cotton out early for HIGH PRICES AT THE GIN S«« yww tuffbtr, or writ* -r ,t, ..« AMERICAN Cuanamld COMPANY - frlnlnml«1« DM«ta« «, IIM. «Md, Aft. NOTICE OF ANNUAL SCHOOL ELECTION IN LEACHVIl.LE SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. M OF .>HSSISS1PPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS Notice is hereby given that (he annual school election in the above named District \*11 be held on September 26, 1950, Tor the follow- ng purposes: ; The election or 1 director (or a\ term of 5 years. To submit the question of vot-' ing a total school . tax of 30 mills, as set oul in the District's budget, which shall • Include,Mh addition to the in 111 age for the operation n'nd maintenance of the schools and for the payment of the principal ami interest of outstanding bond issues, Including a proposed bond issue of M8,600. to be Issued to complete and improve present school buildings. Said bond Issue will run for approximately 20 years and will be secured by a-pledge of the surplus derived ' each year from a building fund tax of 12 mills voted for the DIs- .trict's bond issue dftted October 1, • 1949. which, will be conttn- .ued until the payment of the principal and interest of the proposed new bond issue. Any surplus revenue from the building fund millnge, after the payment of principal and interest of the bonds maturing that year and providing for the -next six montlis' interest on all out- .standing bonds, may be used by the District for an other school purpose. -. The polls .will open at 8:00 o'clock A.M. : and .will close at 6:30: o'clock P.M: on September 26, 1950, at the following polling places in the Dis- Oak Floors Unharmed By Heavy Furniture Unusually hard and tough, oak has a surprising degree of resiliency. This characteristic has proved to lie an' advantage when the material is used as flooring, Henvy furniture may stand on nn oak floor for relatively long iwrlods without denting It permanently. The wood has a capacity for ''bouncing back into shape after a time. It also is noted Tor its durability. Many oak floors have retained their beauty and serviceability for centuries. East Arkansas Day at Livestock Show is Planned BATE8V1LIJC, Sent. li-"B«sl«rn Arkansas D»»" »l Ihe comlnj llth annual Arkansas Livestock Show and Rodeo 1m been set for Thur»- dijr Oct. 6 >nd tht Eastern: Arkansas Youni Men's Club meetlnc here this week named a commute* to plan th« festivities Paul Chamber: of Helena, EAYM O president, appointed Wayland Kill of Des Arc to be chairman of a special committee charged with handling Eastern Arkansas Day. Other comroltteemen are: W. O. Drlskill of Psragoutd, Gene Rldge- way of Newport, George W. Roth of Cabot, Winlfleld Parham of Bald Knob, Rufus FiUJuigh at Augusta, Hugh Tuiiiy of Helena, and J. W. Collier of Batesvllle. Senator Clyde E. Byrd, secrelary- maiifiger of the Arknnsai Livestock show, asked the group to inspire all EAVMC members toward setting out a big Burnout of oldsters, as well as youngsters from East Arkansas to see the "state's tremen-' dous livestock progress as exhibited in the state livestock show^a show window for the best this great industry Is doing In Arkansas 1850." Senator Byrrt added that 19 per-- manent buildings are planned lor the 70-acre layout In LJUle Rock and seven have been completed. The eighth—the red-domed coliseum—Is row under construction and will be when completed "the biggest Indoor arena with jeats between Saint Louis and New Orleans." All Indications, said Senator Byrd, point to • record ittcndance. |day» from October 1 thmvb Or*. The 1950 exposition will run »lxl7. * Concrete Culvert- Tile- sizes up io 36 In. . -Corrugated Metal Culverts Sizes up io 84 in. Automatic Flood Gates Concrete Septic Tanks Metal Seplic Tanks Sewer Tile Best Prices We Deliver A.H.WEBB Highway 61 2! Stale Line ' Phone 714 trict, to-wlt: High School Gymnasium - Nevvsome's Store GIVEN this 16 day of August 1930. John Maycs, W. Berryman, • County Sheriff ' ..' 8;29-9-5-12 FOR SALE C.ncret* otTert* II inefe to 41 tack. pl*>>> w raenf.ree* *)•» at thai» Mnkw In tan. eblckea B.M. vamp k*«ac«, tcaa>< feauca M*l abe«a We 4cttiir Call «a (w tra* OSCEOLA TILE * CULVERT CO You can get, Certainteed Thick-Buff Lo'ng Life Roofing Shingles in many attractive colors and blends. The "Man 1 from the Lumber Yard" will gladly give you a free estimate and tell you.about our easy terms. Phone 551 For \ FRIENDLY BUILDING SERVICE Renew your floors with Florhide— the tough, elastic, wear-resistant Floor Enamel. Withstand! pounding, scuffing feet. Use as a cure forshabby floors. Easy to apply, cleans readily, retains its original gloss. f. .. Gallon t's a high-quality Pittsburgh Paint for«v«y horn* iMmfl SUN-PXOOf Use Pittsburgh Sun- I'roof Two-Coat House Paint WAUHW Wonder-worlcmn oil- b»M piint — Fltt, S<mi-Gla», Glon — iti uniform theea coition E.G. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. iNAMH Quick-drying, touch «nd ilutK—just tht thing to renew furni- rurt or woodwork — qukkly, SHEET METAL WORK- WATERPROOP BELOW OR ABOVE GRADE Mineral Finish forouslftasonry Construction • Stucco • Brick ** • Cinder Block • Asbestos Siding • Concrete Block . "We D*/<r«r" JOHNSON BLOCK CO. S. Highland 61 Phon* 2380 OF ALL KINDS Ciutom work for pint, alfalfa will*, oil mini. ,.-.'• Shearing up to 1/4 inch thickncm. _ Frank Simmons Tin Shop . 117 South Brotdwmy P*«M 2M1 INSIDE AMP OUT... ON WOODWORK AND) WALL...ITS FUN AND IT PAVS TO PA/HT IH M£ type Hnltlwt .nd n.w mtrtiodi ,«f •pplicoMM h.v. <K«n|W «4t ** . . . M»w-«-rf«y, Anting I. fun . . . in4 fail. Tk« M.llw-KMMr K..*.*. ls*d Interior oVoraMng. Y.u pMnl mn* UM • ro.m Hi. urn. dhy. *•*• •«4 w.o^w.rk KoM th.4r MW c.lo. .nd kMirty «ftof rl p.rtW mtMr^a. On« «•« uiu.Hy * Mt Mi. W.rk .1 tw» «M ityl. Dwp lalira , . r,»»n . . . Hoy. y.u IrUd th«wln-WlllUm. ^M* Matyl OUTSIDE...ON WALLS! SHfRWIN-WlLLIAMS CU/P HOUSE ***• PAINT KEM-GLO THI Miuicti lusru IN tun I . ..4ri«i -"-m'tM i fttTH«t n ' to* l»«»l« ^MMl.. .M iMl h»- • MMKB.Hm.WM> j • «4 «M<k« ntlOfM. r*, >».>.». r«rcfc ind ri.yr..!. ffMra. «i.l>» ENAMELOID r, «rt^lM, .H m*4 r»<t.*l4«R U..I f*, kMk -.11, .M w. SIMI-LUSTRI n. w.ih.kl., t*Km «.H n^. Cirt, .m.4, rl«M *H1 Th* tm** | MAff-MOT VARNISH . Of. 1.75 tWf UNDIKOA1H . Go). 5.35 f LO-MC VAMflSH STAIN «t. 1.75 KfM-TONJ Oa HAT-Kin 0«L 5.38 fUr-TONI 0«(. 4.10 I BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. Inc. South Hiway 61 W. H. Ftase Phone 2434 J. Wilson Henrj DIAL 3391 r o R TEXACO HEATING FUELS , H. M. LOGAN. Conilgrm Tank Tnek Salesmen: Henr; Thompson, G. E. rarrhk, Hanrey Dorrls NU-WA PHONE 4474 Laundry & Dry Cleaning A SfTTW LAUNDRY

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