The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 22, 1952 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 22, 1952
Page 1
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VOI.. XLVIII—NO. 101 BLYTHEVTLLE GOURIE Blythevill* Courier Blytheville Dally New« Mississippi Valley Leader Blylhevllle Herald ^ MISSO1JR1 I AIR .CONniTIONEn-The weather has ever, gotten too hot tor policemen and Monday member* of the Blytheville Police Department shed their long-sleeved shirts and ties for regulation short-sleeved open collar sports shirts. Here Officer Willie Hopper is shown lochn- the material of the shirt won, by Officer Mervin Gillfs. (Courier News California Counts Earthquake Cost state's recorded history. Focal point of the dealh and ruin was this farming community of 2,000 on the edge of the Mojave Desert, which caught the full fuiv of the bucking, rumbling upheaval that struck in the dark hour before dawn yesterday. But here, as in other stricken areas, officials said it was too early lo put a dollar sign on damage, which appears certain to mount into millions. ScientistE calculated that the quake, fe!t from San Francisco to the Mexican border, centered in the rugged Tehaehapi Mountains. 10 miles south of here. 25 Hospitalized Ten persons, nine of (hem children, died In this town as the walls came tumbling down. The nth was crushed in the collapse of a .juest house roof at, a nearby ranch. Twenty-five persons required hos- pitfllization. Virtually every large business building here was damaged. The main street, deep in rubble, looked like a scene from a bombed-out city. The Red Cross reported 31 bX'si- • ness houses suffered major datn- • MOBd 'Took Gathings Appreciation Day' To Be Planned Plans for a "Took Gathings Appreciation Day" are in the" making here. Presidents of Blytheville civic clubs will meet in the Chamber of Commerce office in City Hall at 10 a.m. Friday to plan Ihe event. The day's program will be aimed at showing Blytheville's appreciation for the work done in representing this area by Rep. E. C. (Took) Gathings, especially in connection with his work on react- j ivation of (he air base here while legislation involving it was in Con- 1 gross, i Plans for the day will be made at the Friday meeting of civic i club heads. I age. with 25 per cent a total loss. Fifteen homes were destroyed, s3 severely damaged and nearly 100 incurred minor damage. Barkiey Hits Unions Bitterly in Quitting CHICAGO wv-vice. President Alben W. Barkley withdrew sudde ly last night fro™ the Democratic presidential nomination race with bitter altack or. the 'ten-anointed political labor leaders" who had refused him their support. JULY 22, 1952 FOUHTKEN PACKS Stevenson SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Until his surprise announcement,* he had been considered one of the top contenders at the party's national convention. The Kentucky delegation, with its 26 votes pledged to him, said it was "shocked and grieved" at the withdrawal. A member of Die delegation predicted the. state's votes may go lo Gov. Aillai Ksei-en-oji of Illinois on the first ballot. Kentuckians Unhappy The Kentuckians all but walked out on the convention last night after Barkley quit the race. They met briefly, agreed to cast then- votes as a unit and then acijoun-ed until called UK-ether a;;ain to .le I cide on what presidential aspirant they will support. Mrs. Susan Pollarrt. iiattnna! com- mittccwoman from Lawrcnceh'.n-;!. Kj'., told a tiewsrfan, -There is a. strong possibility we will vote- for Stevenson on the first ballot." Barkley withdrew from the race ifter missing his first keynote s,c=- sion in more than 30 years. His statement came a day after h>h CIO and AP'.. officials '.vith!>e!d their support on the E ro«nd that the 74-year-old Kentucfcian was too old to make a successful race. Barkley. evidently deeply hurl said in a statement he had never believed a single group would ctoiii- inate a great political party. "But now," he said, "certain self- anointed political labor leaders have taken it upon themselves to announce their opposition to inn as the Democratic nominee for President." Democrats Hear Dever Brand GOP a Fossil' Party Said Rallied To 6th Straight Win Over Republicans CHICAGO I* _ Convention key noter Paul A. Dever rallied Democrats last night to what he predicted would be their sixth straight election victory over Republican malice" and "fossils." The Massachusetts governor amid roars and rebel .veils, threw "P Ins arms and shouted"Wo have vanquished (hem be- a°'a e irT» e £lU " va " quish the '» Swinging steadily through his 4.500-n-ord speech, Dever heaped ice DEMOCRATS on Cage 3 Stogie-Hungry Reporter Finds Political Smoke But No By GEORGE CLARK (Courier News Staff Writer) Whatever happened to the cam paign cigar? Has it, like the nickle cup of coffee and the 10 cent beer, fallen victim of this newest American monetary/fad called inflation? Three times this summer I have attended speakings and r have conversed with any number ' of candidates but :iot once have I been offered a free stogie. I've tried just about every trick in the. book to worm a free "smoke tins election season but so far every one has failed. I even tried restricting my coffee drinking, a twice daily event to candidates with opposition thinking surely that someone would break the seal on a box of El Hopos. But what happened? The usual run of cigarcts and none of 'em my brand either Time was when I welcomed election years with open cigar holders In those days it was no trouble at ail lor a body to get on a cheap drunk from foul cigar smoke at election time. But apparently tnose days are gone forever. IN THE "good old days" of two- for-a-nickel cigars, you didn't have to walk more than a block during election time lo get a week's supply of stogies. But times have changed. What do you get now? Just cards and promises and promises and cards. Can't smoke those. I've tried. The other day I decided I would take the -question right rioivn to tile candidates. I cornered one at a cafe table and politelv oopncd the question. "Well son." he said; as he bit tile tip off a mellow two-bitter, Cigars "it's like this. We candidates have to be careful what we put out With the price of cigars nnd all these inrestirjations, don't want to do anything wrong, you 'know '•Would offer you a ris-nr =on but -it seems this is my last one. ' "Take mv opponent lor expin- Ple. Why they tell me that crook is running around here proivHn" hoiisswives . thsl.Jt. he's elected and anV».aj«n»t!c dlsjv*asnerr : "Gotta match Buddy* ''MV lighters oiila juice. How about puttim: a nickel in the juke bov hoy. Want to hear my latest cam-! palgn release. * * • "YES SIR, when you're fn politics you gotta watch thc'e expenses close. "Now, where vras I?" "Dishwasher," t replied. "Oil, yes, dishwashers But r got a counter punch for that' to i l!i4 diV1 -" BC "' tho " Bn -' ul!1 comc hill billy band I hired" Int^'thc DC-8 r just bought and fly down to Hogwash for a big rally. "By (he way does your wife have a dishwasher? It can be arranged if ya gotta poll tax." On and on he rambled while I drooled over the rich, fragrant smoke of his cigar. Finally I could stand it no longer nnd I tore out my sack of makin's and rolled up .fust as he handed me a gold- .plated campaign card. "Vcs sir, son. gottn cut these expenses, close, you know," he said as I staggered out of the smoke toward the door and reluctantIv retiirned to my typewriter. Anybody become a father lately? Why You Should Cast Your Ballot: <Three Blythevilte civic clubs Kiwanis, American Legion and Junior Chamber of Commerce are engaged in creating interest, in voting. The Jaycees have asked a number of prominent citizens to mnke brief statements in which Ihcy give their views on the importance of voting. The Courier New* will publish these statements m the interest of stimulating voting.) By B. A. LYNCH (President, Farmers ilazik Trust Co.) ' I want to congratulate the-;e cii-ic r!iibs on their we, tfj^cas'.ing fetes v~ -.„,—..; '•*.'hat are to lie decided byWe ^ic of the people. It is our duty to exercise our right to use our franchise which Is a prize possession of the American people. In a great many countries the citizens are not permitted to cast then vote according S-'-BJ '° tnelr free. _i«j will, and if we I!. ,1. r.ynrli f a jj or rell!sl , tr do our duty as voters, we may be ruled by the minority group which, in many countries has led them into serious trouble and not in accordance with the American v.-ay of life. I think that It Is the duty o! every man and woman of legal age to pay their poll tax and to cast their vote for the man tha, they feel will do the greatest amount of good for the greafest number of our people, and also to east their vole on all nwt'cr:; that have for their purpose (he phic'mf of a in'eatcr tax burden on A people ivlio arc already too heavily burdened with a tax toau j'Dixie Officials Caucus CONVENTION HALL, Chicago W^-Ang^d smQamen ^^ ,° d;11 ' " ! ..... Kl R '• | °5' ilU >' P'«!i:t" adopted by the Democratic convcn- r,0 (.IV-Gnv. Henry P. Sehrleker of Ir,,lla M , a ui today Gov. ' MEETING TIIK GOVUINOK-Govc-rnor BU n shake a few hands, hear a few comphnnU and hoar „,„„ ,„",", ns admimstration following his slra ,h on the Courthouse 'awn i, r st n, B ht Above, the governor, rm,,,i,,g for a third term, stop, to <l,,k the hand of an unidentified Mi, S i,sipp, Countiaa. (Courier rvL His Administration Has Given State Most, M'Math Says Here of - Governor Sid McMaih nijhi told an estimated in the Court ^people Qt lhc state and'-b;,..:;,;;;:;;:;;:; 1 ™ 1 ,^ Is than during an; „" ,r iliulloii I S ( ,rf,T,Ml ••!„. t^hln' f,rin! } 'ii'! l n"' Si ""' "'" """'" r " t fcrnij; its M s prize tu Sti-n-nsuii ltlrn u do ronv "" l «» l,v, which sl a,,,;,e ( he fc whether lo throw Hie ohicclors out of the 31st Democratic convention Tlu, greal Notth-South battle threatened lo t.-ar Mie nemoi'i-atic- conclave span. It overshadowed'for "' S8uth ™ * C ' 1UCUS<3 ' One grcmi; nt southern learjera middled in the room of Gov Kennon of Louisiana. Kennon told reporters that ''thcrs u-rrc no conclusions to an announced" but admitted that the subject of general Southern action was dis many delegate, were sa. V i,, K would i CUt ' Scd ' be answered finally t,y t)u , grow-! IIowc ver. Ken. Spesfanl Hollam liii,' man moveineni. for Gov. Adlal i Sl ' c STKVliNSON on I'ago 3 Stevpiv^nn nf llli..^:^ I . Stevenson of Illinois. ..,.-,.,.Muu-s^corgm.iSu'i:,n™! ^ro-Chrome Site ^inirconu™d h tim' r S taws' Meeting pebyed •<s Me niihtfiil Dcmoc-iinic caiuU- <l;;i<\-,- in their strifes. Sriutlimi Slate Caucus As delegates bc^aii troopin» back to this big Halt for their second 'ing Here /s Sole/ 1 o / hree Men c«« the fuano ^'^"chr^ horn pendin-j re-activation of the niylhevillc Air Base, ori"i»,ili v scheduled tor today, ha.s b e e n pnstpmicil until latc-r this week • Worth n. Holder, Chamber liian- ri!:i-r paid today that ho mis noli- lii'd that the president o! Duro- Chromo, «ho ivill attend the meet- ins hero, is ill and would not bo a We in come, here today as planned. Company officials asked that Hie meeting be re-scheduled. ernor said ther had been "trc- mendous opposition" to the -iccor, liary road bulldins prograni, but that he was convinced that it was population is rural," McMath said, "and it is difficult for me to understand how people can [oppose building roads lor our fanners and small communities | Roads pay for themselves in several ways," he sold. -'First ! merely by being built they increase the value of the property -v h i c h [they serve by large amounts — aiic G, Khvcmions Paint Sidewefk Signs fn Vote Campaign ^ At least one Hlyiheville civic or-! Sanitation got its ' "get out the ! "te campaign uiirtcrwav today i by painti,,;; si gns on sidewalks and streets rt-mindiiiK cltisteiis to vote i The Kiwanis Club's "Ballot Tint! i firm ><;,s pm-ch.-irrd fltomtiwij Iiv Mayir Unii '!l. City Clerk w I M'llin . - ... J. L. Gunn. Mavor f!lo< said todnv (hat ShicWs Edwar* has ber-n named manager. New mime of the firm will t« Arkansas Pl., in bi,,, : nnd Supply '•oiiipanj-. The firin win <-, in tinue to be located n l. ID!) North Kirst nnd no oilier cliarmes an: planned M-iv- or HSotigett said. Mr. Thompson has retired after more than 30 years in the plumbin--. busings and has movot] to his rnnch on Eleven Points River in, Missouri, | Mayor Blodgnlt said Mr. Edwards i LITTLE - cnspd.ilni; of the grocery business he o;:rr;!tccl here iiefore " biToiTiiTir. ro-lntter. . . sports, " . Arkansas News liriofs Tackctl and his 'TlyinR ill". . . i', n j; C 2. . Irarks "flyln.; sau- near Washington. . . mar. . l';ii:c 3. . So-icly. . . p., w 5 . August draft t]iinl.ts sc» Mississippi founlj- . 1'age 3. . . . Joiner Farmer dies of heart altack while, hospitalized forjrrrrk injuries . . . f'agc 3. cers" kets. for the : . .,,. The pl>iinljjiift firm wn , pur.'hii.ictl .t...,..','\'!^ or ti!o( '''ctt rriid. and is more extensively — people buy F t j more gasoline and the gasoline- ,,r,n money can go back into the fundx nln-il 10 build more roads." The governor t h e n cited the | load-buildinj that lias b c en car- Tune, committee ch-ifi- - '' 1 " r ' : l™ s «« "1C stork and fi.vtu,'™ ,,'f I that thi-j is the ''--•' '' ftn " nn " Hie cliih'.- fir-'t ^- ' '" l " '.'"" '"'^'^ ovcr 'he lease on! Kct-oui-lht--','\,,.'•",'"'"•, . \ ™'i» B '«- '^ti^K^A™: " prr:-idonL. Mriyor TUorl-.'H virci fniii Mr. Maim teax-dicr- • One rea;cn snccs dcn't wear so • ell any more is Ihat ol! the gcx2d rather is Cj'jitvj info itoa!:s .-,-iu mmw&*' p?-v,;r : /< --" .,., 5 ^^' ^ f ^ ^•••^•-:^ \'.' -'"jW^lsiliillS, •A x r* |.*»V'r-.-. :•-;,/-. \W^-':'-' BYD Items Show Wide Range- "^^^^^^^^^^^ More specials on tap as Blytheville Value Days move Into the Wcdrc-^day -'""'"sr" '' '' "*'"*' "' SU;1 " : r ' t: " ls at S7 - <0 ' a bargain .uniiier bar E ain serie, are ShOM above. The „«,„„„ .^ are „ ^ m S ^ ^TteT^Tw ^^*° s ,* e \ % .. - -. *sm\^^: 7 -T) • •'-' •- • • P V "v yj^H^vf ;v -'ito fii*i?^-*:rfr: ' v! : s.' fi v ii.'i,. mmmxt?. cents rfurfng lomorrow's pi0511x111. 11n hnuK^ile -,ull he happy to ob- t-.l,l name-brand flour. In -,-p, !U n c , q ,, ; , mitlcs , for $1 - 9| , omorlow only m „ store here The Hour, phi. a , U|) ailf i foj ont cent more, arc shown ii, pictuic N-I. ^ f:|. - : .-- KK-S^W-y^SSBfejS ..-UK-IT set offrrcri i-as-k while vHt; n , R:,. ai'.d'* ich potato :,-,'.HI Mire No. 4.1 provniK >;-,- Ulytln-i jlic valuu u., ys . i: vn> -'err; v.ill be abV- to enjoy a hot dog .!:.! '.-'.''. te.J fjl OlUy 19 ct-ll!,- tvilVHUW (Plo-',l-.v of n:n..iy-.-.e.vinj b.nt.un; u'teied by ( N.-vis I'/inii.!,)

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