The Evening Sun from Hanover, Pennsylvania on September 18, 1962 · Page 10
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The Evening Sun from Hanover, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Hanover, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 18, 1962
Page 10
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ALLENBERRY PLAYHOUSE PAGE 10 THE EVENING SUN. HANOVER, PA TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 1%2 Television Programs Channels: 2. WMAR, Baltimore; 4. WRL, Washington; 5, WTTG, TV Highlights Tonight 8 11 Corralin’ the Colts. Return. Chuck Thompson hosts this show Washington; 7, WMAL, Washington; 8, WGAL. Lancaster; 9, wlOP whiC, tolto«- cverv Colt same of Washington; 11, WBAL. Baltimore; 13. WJZ. Baltimore, 43. WSBA.;the :xgujar ^season York. (Subject <• late onannounced changes bj «talion») t.oo 2 Oroucho 4 Love That Bob h Three Stooge» 7 Sea Hunt 13 News- 43 Man From Inlerpol «:1ft 8, 14 News ft: 30 2 San Francisco Beat < News. Weather 5 Deputy Dawg 7 News 9 Newsmght 13 Islander? 48 Medic t:4& 4, 8 11 News 7 Backstage 1 : 00 2. 11 Ne.-s * Lockup h Bat Master*on TONIGHT 7 News 8 Ripcord 43 Weather. New# 7:1ft 2, 7 News li Special Report 1:3*1 2 Marshal Dillon 4, 8. 11 Laramie 5 Tight rope 7, 43 Bugf «unn? 9 Rjpcord 11 Huckleberrv Hound 13 Ripcord 4:00 2 9. 43 Lloyd Bridge* S Peter Gunn 7, 1" Bachelor Fathei 11 Corralin the Colts 8:30 2 9 Dobie Gillis 5 Man From Cochise 7, 13. 43 New Breed *:00 2 8 9 Comedy Spot 4 Dick Powell 5 Wrestling 11 Perspective of Our Times S:30 and to review films of the game 8:30 7 13. 43 New Breed "How Proud the Guiltv ’’ Kathy Adams ac- ¡cidentl' humps into classmate Vinnie Kincaid in the schoolyard and children's book* go flying in every di-i T rection. A teacher help.- to pick them Deal Ann Landers; 1 up and her eye is eai'iht by a book years old and have an nn oLcinderô ANSWERS YOUR PROBLEMS Seiches 'freak high waves ^ are ¡characteristic of the Great Lakes, Lake Geneva. Loch Earn in Scotland and Lakt Vattern in Sweden. I p a R K I HANOVER, fA. am i7ithought possible 1 read the letter didn’t find each other. unusual'from \1 D s wife and was relieved io 2 8 9 Variety Gardens problem. I've been dating Jack to learn that I am not the only Dear Ann Landers: I’ve been Special Keefe Brasselie hosts thiaj for aimqst a year. He is a good woman in the world married to*riding to and from work with a Guest*'"fare Tiberace' Beatrice Kay.' student and behaves like a gentle-¡an icicle. girl who is employed in this of-| Arlene DeMarco Steve Condos, man at all times. My parents like I’m 46, look 36 and feel 26 Mv lice building She lives directly F r .i i i* Braun Jor Jackson Jr. ENDS TONIGHT! .the; .¡him very much, too , , .. - f räuui!*- ui auiii v w J sckbon 2 8 9 Ichmbod *nci Me ;§amniv Kaye, the Chordettes the 7. 13, 43 Yours for * Easternaires and the Chesapeake Si,ng! Men's Chorus h»tf»c 10:00 io 4 h Hollywood The Golden ,idlts Jd(‘K 2 8 9 Variety Gardens y»*rs Special (iene Kelly narrates hears .lack husband is 48 and acts like 98. across the street from me I’ve Miraçlel ■worker A FLASH OF INTENSELY PERSONAL DRAMA! The trouble is our dog Skippy I’ve tried dozens ol feminine offered to pay for my transpor- CT A RTS TOMORROW minute Skippy tricks to get him interested — in-tation but she refuses to accept 4, 8. 11 Alfred Hitchcock 7 Movi* WEDNESDAY 7, 13, *3 Alcoa Ptemiere nor J. 4 7, 8 9 11, 13 News 5 4.1 Neu s 11:30 4, * 11 Tomeht 12:00 2 a, 43 tvove Of Life 4 11 Your First im- Dression 7 Jane W.vmar a News 13 Lorenzo And His Friend? 12:1» 8 TV farmer 12:30 2. 8, 43 Search For Tomorrow 7 13 Queen For A Day »« T,j ™ ™ Truth 4, 8 11 Our Five Daughters S Gal' Storm 7 13 Who Do You Trust 4:00 2 9 43 Secret Storm 4 11 Make Room For Daddy 3 Bold Journey The J _ _____ r _____ footsteps on the eluding becoming a blonde. Noth- anything since she has to go that 4 ciwi!i0llVeS' “ fromStu&oft?* 1927 ° inciideT°Vare!P°rch h<* begins to bark his fool ing phases him. At first 1 felt:way anyhow. scenes from some classic motion pic- head off. Last week he nipped cheap, then humiliated, and final- Lately she has been stopping on ofrsome'Ti ilenT sSeen^tars^nd Jac* twice ;,ack has never done rejected, A huge wave of self-the way home to visit a friend I a look at the business side of the anything to Skippy that 1 know of. pity was about to engulf me when|Wait in the car Last Tuesday she tonights 1"' movies e ^ve ^eard it said that animals I suddenly realized there was no stayed in her friend's house about n io s, •‘Destroyer’* «tarring are very good judges of people need for ME to feel inferior. I’m 20 minutes. 1 thought surely she Gfi".2oF°rf2 "Relentless'' stars Rob- 'ou maybe Skippy knows all right. My husband is the odd- must have forgotten about me so ert Young ’ something about Jack that I don't ball. 1 sounded the horn a few times. “Blonde venu« ^ know*5 Please don't think I’m My heart goes out to all wives)when she came out she was mad some kind ol a nut or something, who are hooked with icicle hus- as a wet hon Wednesday but we’ve had Skippy for eight bands. Of course no one knows T fh,„L. „. a * 1 5 '•«“<• T1" ■; .. r t and he's an awfully smart our identity because a decent' th‘"K **»“ , _ a -S. Lively "«’ do*. - DEBBIE wife keeps such intormation to keep me ',Mm* and ba"1 squad” w'tth Dear Debbie: Judging from herself Your column allows suf- Speed the divorce rate in this country ferers to talk to millions — and wrrH ail of its SENSATIONAL THE BARRETTS OF WIMPOLE STREET MON, THRl MT. EVE. 4T 8 30 P M MATINEES-* ED & SAT. AT 2 P M RESERVATIONS NOW PHONE (Carlisle) CL 84)120 4 , 8. 11 Trutb or Con . American Bandstand sequences ft Mr DA 4 Camouflage 13 News 12:45 2 9 43 Guiding Lignt 1:00 t Woman's Angie 4 Groucho 5 Movne 7 Lite ot Riley s M Squad 9 Theatei of Star* 11 One O'Clock Show 13 Movie 43 Coffee Break With Kathy 1:30 2 8. y As The World Turns 4 People Are Funny 7 Woman’s World 43 Kevstone Theater J:00 2 9 43 Password 4 11 Jan Murray 7 Day In Court 8 Love That Bob 3:30 2 9. 43 House Party 4, a 11 Loretta Young 5 Ann Sotherr 7 13 Seven Keys 3:W } 9 43 Millionaire 4 8. 11 Young Dr Malone ft Big Payoff H Star Pime 13 Buddv Dean# 4:30 2 8 9 edge of Night 4 Here s Hollywood 5 Robin Hood 11 Pete the Pirate 43 Pioneers 5:00 j Bozo the Clown 4 11 Mickey Mou.«e Club 5 Popeye 7 Pork' Pig 8 Voei Bear 9 Movies 43 Pooeye 5:30 2 Rocky and His Friends 4 Phi) Siher 8 Looney Tune' 11 Movie 43 Lone Ranger «: 0« ? Groucho 4 Love That Bob 5 Three Stooges 7 Sea Hunt 13 News 43 Wanted Dead or Alive «30 t Whirl,v bird* 4 News 5 Yofp Bear 7 Ne%u* 9 Newsmght 13 Overland Trail 43 Silent Service H 45 4, 8. II News 7 Backstagc /:« 2, 11 New:? 4 Everglaaes 5 Wyatt Earp 7 News 8 Everglades 43 Weather; News 7:15 2 7 News 11 special Report J :30 2 It's In the Nam* 4 8 11 Virginian 5 AqUanauts 7. 13 13 Wagon Tram 9 43 CBS Reports 8:00 2 Face to Face 8:30 2 9 Checkmate 5 Man From Cochis* 7 13 43 T od Cat 1:00 4 8 11 Mystery Theater ft Asphalt Jungle 7 13. 43 Hawaiian E'e 9:30 2 9 Dick Van Dvke 10:00 2 8 9 Judy Garland 4 Play Your Hunch ft Bronco 7 13 43 Naker1 Cttv 11 Mirrors of Fate . n ui 4 11 Brinkley's Journal 11:00 2 4 7. 8 9. !1, 13 News 11:15 2 9 Movies 13 Steve Allen 11:30 4 8 11 Tonight ’ Movie ¡Sinatra 5 9. "The Vice Paul Luka* 5:30 11. "Indianapolis ¡wav"' stars Pat O'Brien me out. She says I should not have honked the horn This morn- Dailv Pattern Radio Programs Networks: WSBC. Ne* York. 660hc; WABC. New York, HOkc: WCBS. New York, 880kc; WOR. New York. Mutual. <10kc. Inde pendent. WHVR. Hanover. I280kc. »Subject to late unannounced changes by __________________________________ ____— TONIGHT • :00 "NBC News. Sport* MBS. CBS New* ABC Dan Igram WHVR News 8:15 MBS John Wingate ABC News CBS Sports WHVR Music •-.30 MBS Henry Gladstone CBS News, ket 0.45 NBS Three-Star Extra MBS Stan Lomas CBS Lowell Thomas ABC Howard Cosell WHVR Pilgrims of th* Wav* 1:00 NBC News; Wavne Howell ABC Ed Morgan MBS Fulton Lewi* Jr. CBS News WHVR News, Music 7:15 MBS> lodav’s Business _________ ABC Scott Muni Stock Mar- CBS World Wide Sports 7:30 NBC Morgan Beatty MBS News of Suburbs CBS News; Willis Conover WHVR Capital Com- 12:00 NBC Jerry Marsnall Show MBS. CBS News ABC Charley Greer WHVR News 12:14 MBS Fitzgeralds CBS Ed Joyce WHVR Community Crier 12:30 CBS One Woman's W asmngton WHVR Farm Roundup 12:45 WHVR Music 1:00 NBC New's; Jerry Marshall ABC Sam Holman WEDNESDAY ABC Dan Ingram 3:15 MBS Dollars and Sense 4:00 NBC News Art Ford MBS News CBS News 4:15 MBS Radio New Y orli CBS Bob Maxwell 5:00 NBC News Art Fora MBS. CBS News ABC Dan Ingram b: 15 WHVR Aero Calling MBS Radio New York 5:30 WHVR News 1280 Club 6: <*0 NBC: New* Sport* MBS News CBS Ken Bankhart mentarv 7.45 NBS Wavne Howell CBS George H Combs 8:00 NBC News: Music MBS News CBS World Tonight WHVR Night Beat 9:00 NBC News. Music MBS News CBS Baseball 10 00 NBC News: Jim Lowe MBS News. Music ABC Bruce Morrow 11:0« AU Nets News music eil if people let the household pets select then- mates they couldn’t do much worse. I don’t recommend it. however. Perhaps Skippy doesn’t like .lack because he’s jealous of him. Or perhaps Jack is jealous ot Skippy — and maybe he’s been kicking him a little. yet to . ,, , ing on the way down she an- Thank you. °-' ,T"' 17 home tonight. As you can see Dear Ann Landers: Your col- WITH A MALE ROOMMATE Dear Housekeeper: I received many letters from women who X o V a ... - . . CrLUrtlA expressed the same viewpoint. The letters from unhappy husbands. however, complaining about icicle wives (they call them “cold tomatoes”! outnumbered the neglected women 20 our relationship is not in the; of condition Who is at fault? — umn helped me in a way 1 never to 1. It’s too bad these glaciers ‘i/\s I Man’s World’ h W eleome Change In TV Dear Gloria: A free-loading — i I mean non-paying — passenger has no right to make any de- ; mauds on the driver. You j should have waited, and waited patiently until your friend finished her visit. Why don’t you solve your problem (and hers) and beat your way home on the bus? 1 Ann Landers will be glad to ¡help you with your problems.) Send them to her in care of The Evening Sun. enclosing a stamped. self-addressed envelope * B> CYNTHIA LOWRY beloved by fiction writers—the Copyright 1962. Field Enterpris- AF* Television-Radio Writer brash, talented young star report- eh inc * NEW YORK AP — “It s a er~played by Nick Adams— Man s World" is the title—and a Si'uff but kindly editor the thoroughly misleading one—of a colorful photographer, the broken- gentle. preceptive series about down rewrite man and. natch, the three young men and a boy which glamorous lady foreign correspon- had its premiere Monday night on ^ent But so far. not a dirty trench Peter Tewksbury, who created coat has loomed and. true to the and produced the series, said re- producer's promise, nobody yelled cently he had a hard time explain- “scoop ” They did “tear up a ing to his tront office that he page.” but it wasn’t the front one. wanted to do his opening show only the classified ad section about a 14-year-old boy who loses * * * \ a nvitter ol fact th '»lot Recommended tonight “Keefe ODETTES YARN SHOP .s' till , rn hip In Avnliln Knt Brasselle’s Variety Gardens.” mu- Wert Granger St. at Park Heights lhoStbo> 'ZC m and its t ^ “ *"« BM" ^ turn serves to introduce the young a' ' ODETTE TAWNEY. Owner stars in a happy, imaginative se- -----------------------Ties about growing up. Know the reason for removing CROSS KEYS DRIVE-IN Nf W OJtfORD. PA ON U S 10 FRl. SAT. SUN. WALT DISNEY’S “BON VOYAGE’* Also “THE VIKINGS” HOFBRAUHAUS ABBOTTSTOWN, PA SUPERB GERMAN FOOD SAUERBRATEN SCHNITZEL STEAKS GERMAN BEER COCKTAItS' RESERVATIONS E BERÜN 259 9V06 Everything For Shutter Hugs ALL MAKES CAMERAS Still and Movie. Automatic And Sound Film For All Cameras “WE SERVICE WHAT WE SELL* E. J. J. GOBRECHT 120 E. Chestnut St.. Hanover, Pa. STA&R..NG AS TH£ MTEQNS MICHAEL CAiUN CUFF ROBMN AS THE»« Gi*ts SUZY PARKER HAYA HARAREET m TEUY SAVAIAS •MR) on ne mstmkim »V «04« rpcW JAMES MacARTHUR A STEFANIE POWERS ANNE HELM KAY STEVENS SCMEimArfe WALTER NE'^MW «îOUVIO SWIFT It I CMtnfD«v COHN I DAVID SWIFT A COLUMBIA PICTURES RELEASE Wed. Matines* ?:0fl P.M. Evening 7:00 - 9:10 RCA VICTOR "Living Color" JOHN W. MATHIAS Authorized Deol«r 732 York St. HANOVER. PA Phone MF 3-61M Rv ANNE ADAMS HWhen you care enongl to send the rerv best” Leonard T. J ZINN S MITSfC CENTER : 108 Broadway, Haiiover, Pa. ^ THE CARD SHOP Phone ME 7-42»2 £« Baltimore St ME 2-4123* *... »|. »*♦.’. .** *:* y.j CBS MBS News WHVR News. 1280 Cub ABC Dan Ingram 1:15 *:30 CBS Ed Jovce NBC News MBS Arlene Franci« MBS Henr\ Gladstor« 2:00 CBS News. Feature MBS News * C*BS News NBC News 2:15 CBS Lowell Thomas MBS Carlton Fredericks MBS Sport? CB'' .\llen Gray ABC Sports 3:00 WHVR Music NBC News; Music < MBS. CBS News NBC News; Wayne How- .VBC Edward Morgan MBS Fulton Levus CBS News. Observations WHVR News, Music 7:15 MBS Today s Business CBS World Wide Sports plainly NAME ABC Scott Muni 7:30 NBl Morgan Beatty .MBS News of Suburbs ABC Scott Muni CBS News; Willis Conover WHVR News; Muste 7:45 NBC Wavne Howell MBS George Combs 8:00 ABC Baseball MBS News CBS Baseball NBC News; Music WHVR News; Niehtbeat 8:15 CBS Opinion Pleas« 9:00 NBC News MBS News; Music 10:00 NBC News; Music MBS News The four lads, each a different meat from the market wrapping type, are engaging and interesting paper? The paper absorbs the! actors. The show is a welcome meat juices. change from idiot-inhabited situa- 1-5=11 - ..... ... .................... \ ou re oH lo a tine .S'tart with tion comedies, psychotic rnurder- this pattern - one dress for city. ers and cowtown shootouts one for suburbs. Choose from The program, one surmises will carefree cottons, silks. Send now.;concern the prot}]ems of orphaned Printed Pattern 4591: Misses’.brothers, one of them working his ...............— - —~ ^a'' a a*311 Midwestern Guitar and Accordion Instructions ^ slim 3 2 vaids ,15-inch. Hared •? » college, a fellow student—richer yards 39-inch. an(j more carefree—and finally, a FIFTY CENTS in coins for thisjSouthern country boy, all living pattern - add 10 cents for each together in a shabby houseboat pattern for 1st class mailing. Send It doesnH sound like much but to Anne Adams, care of The Eve- ¿fs fresh and. if you’ll pardon the ning Sun. Pattern Dept , 243 West expression, heartwarming 17th St., New York 11, N. Y. Print ★ * * ‘‘Saints and Sinners.” another new NRC series bowing in Mon-1 day night, promises to be a fast-! ¡moving, taut action series built oni Knitted Skirts Shortened Closed Every Morning * C*JU- \DDRESS with and STYLE NUM- ZONE, SIZE RER. OVER 100 ANSWERS to “what~ °Ur ry ,fuU Cil0r'a newspaper city room foundation. Fa l-\\ inter Pattern Catalog Cas- The first lsode concerned the ual, dressy, school - all *i*es:.abduction for ransQm of a busj. _____jnessman. The drama was not so much the hunt as finding the per-| son who tipped off a rival paper about the story, thereby endangering the kidnaped man’s life Of course, there were the time- ihonored newspaper characters so »»DCS • SHOWS • A MUM Mf NTS A GR( A T MID A Sunday, Sept. 23 (All Day) FLOOR SANDING Dennis Bolin And WAXING R-4. Hanover. Pa. Phone 632-5250 START NOW LEARN A PAYING CAREER! LET EMPIRE BEAUTY SCHOOL Show You How To Become An Expert Beautician State Approved Day & Eve. (’lasses Individual Instruction Convenient Terms Free Placement Service • Hair Styling • Hair Coloring • Permanent Waving • Manicuring • Haircutting EMPIRE Send 35 cents now. Needle Pattern 580 Gantz Receives Star Statr Farmer Award WEST SPRINGFIELD. Mass. Millersburg. in recognition of his <_\pi _ a young Pennsylvania operation of a 100-acre dairy dairyman has received the Star it arm. State Farmer award at the Future Farmers of America’s 41st anual To prepare a baked rice cus- Eastern States Exposition. The tard pudding, add cooked rice to award was presented over the a rich custard mixture and top weekend to Eugene Gantz. 18. oi'with nutmeg. Astronaut Answer to PrevKX« Puixi« ACROSS 1 U.S astronaut. Col John -----6 He was------ U.S astronaut to be projected around the world 11 Citrus frtirt* 13 Cylindrical 14 Large hawk 15 Anoint« 16 Suffix 1? Mr Hoostoa 19 Craft 20 Anacreon » birth pi a« 22 Cravat 23 Follower» 24 Expunger 2« Feminine nickname 27 Overcart 28 Chon 29 Med»» ate ) 30 Ibaeu character 31 indiaa 33 Comprehend* 30 Common swift 37 Pedal digit 38 Tuptan Indian 40 Head covering 41 John (Gaelic) 42 Binding custom 43 Display 46 Bridge holding 49 Bouts i coll) 50 Cup's mate 51 Lock of hair 52 Those who I suffix I IK)WW 1 Look avariciously 2 Leaseholder 3 Buyer 4 Neither 5 Compass pomt 6 Candaran 7 Anger 8 Narrate 9 Solid ' comb form » IN N 12 Method* A 1 N| 13 Domeirtieaited s 1- A Ö !¿S? E. s A A H tfi He was sho* p 1 N Nt s Ö M t- »to the ----- N ÊJ A ft EE V & N from Cape PE & 6 y & N s »1 Make sorrowful 31 One who desires 37 Binds 23 Sickest .32 Unkeeled f 25 Forefather 33 Tibetan ga*erie 44 Night? i ate ) 26 Italian building 34 Regal home 4ft Lettuce 28 Mothers and 35 Typewriter bar 4. Easter i ab » fathers 3* Coffer 48 Woody fruit T Nickel Day ic 12# W. Market St. I* M K I K V* 145 N. Queen St. York. Pa. Lancaster. Pa. BEAUTY SCHOOL *»•«. Other Schools at Pottsville. Reading, Easton. PottsUmn. *«Olt I «0*1 »NO 64(1« Bange s Shoe Store 16 York St., Hanover, Pa. Phone MEIrose 3-0202 DAY FRIE m Kolor-Bak POMADE ì GRAY HAIR Rides - Games - Eats MILLARD H. KLUNK Zenith TY Hi-Fi Color 2-Way & C. B. Radio TY Antennas Installed & Repaired 118 E. Hanover St. Phone HE 2-128J> Nothing to Buy! Fri., Sept. 21 - 8:30 Mag'iTavox Modified Stock ‘ 5T tee “ c C ar Races radio SALES & SERVICE Mackison, Felty, Abel, RIDDLE'S APPLIANCE CO. Sowers, Tobias, Hersh. Phone me 7.7134 134 Baltimore St., Hanover, Pa. By LAURA WHEELER Just send coupon plus 25r for mailing and handling and get FREE— a $1.50 jar, regular retail size, of amazing new Kolor-Bak Pomade. Apply Kolor-Bak Pomade as you would any ordinary hair groom. Watch grayness be replaced by youthful, natural- looking color—and so GRADUALLY that your best friends will never notice the change. Excellent for both men and women. Send coupon TODAY Whip up this smart, snug-fitting to Kolor-Bak, 657 W. Chicago set of knitting worsted for sports, Ave., Chicago 10, Hi. frosty days. Jiffy-knit helmet and mitten set — done on 2 needles. Use scraps for striped-effect bands. Pattern 580: directions, small, medium, large. Thirty-five cents (coins) for this pattern — add 10 cents for each pattern for 1 st-class mail. Send to Laura Wheeler, care of The Evening Sun, Needlecraft Dept , P. O Box 161. Old Chelsea Station, New York 11. N. Y Print plainly DEMANDED!! BY OUR MANY CUSTOMERS THIS BIG GIVE AWAY OFFER ANY 2 GARMENTS CLEANED AND PRESSED FOR PRICE OF 1 WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY ONLY O MMIOIg» JET CLEANERS *•' 27 BALTIMORE ST. HANOVER, PA. NEWSPÁPSI ENTREPRISE ASSN. I PATTERN NUMBER, NAME, | ADDRESS and ZONE. ! NEWEST RAGE - SMOCKED . accessories plus 208 exciting | needlecraft designs in our new 1963 Needlecraft Catalog — just out! Fashions, furnishings to crochet, knit. sew. weave, embroider quilt. Plus free pattern. Send 25 .cents now! j COUPON GOOD FOR FREE sjso SIZE KOLOR-BAK POMADE NAME. STREET. ZONE. j CITY ________ I STATE____________________ I I Offer expire Oct. 1», 1963 J Limit of one ( ?

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