The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 8, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 8, 1931
Page 1
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Served by the. United Press VOL. XXVIII—NO. 7L THE UOMUIANT KlJWSl'APEB OK NOHTHBAST ARKVI^.o AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Biythevllle Courier, UlythcvlUe D:\lly~K»Bj.'"' :-=.-: ..."jvjfortlKMrcriild. ML^s3lp"p| v'fi'liey 'L^Acr.__ UI.YTIIKVII.LK, AKKAN'K/iS, T,if! \n.-\Y, JUNK 8 10:11 mm EDITION SINGLE COPIES FIVE r.KNT> Jeanelte MacDonakl and Kay Francis Complete Beauty List IJ '_C5iiffls SrJf Defense I m Shooling of-Voutii |J r I llii/rn li.nlt. you'll, was .shot :]f t in 'be I'ncf by H.itvvy Tp.nner. IS I.) .in H:i> Uahvs ijimli'is :ilx>ut noan . 1). Hughes Company I lit. By B'.av.c; Beloto Stock h Alro Darned. Pr.iclicnllj 1 flu 1 ci-.tii-i 1 s - . I). llu'ji'.L'.i a:id con-•!.: !',; T. J. Mnn.i.l huihli'v. West Main slree'.. abcnt .=> this inorniii!!. i< I:;T;) 01 Constable lew. Airordip; '•.p'!'. him v-il!i i liis pistol ii 1 ir.f:- is b.-ii :' deadly vo: pen frr-f! am-U'd by i!,"in- Harry Tuyi'Ji's tn -rep:iris h* 1 :.iilfc s:id ae -M ('.cft-nn-. DEBT ISSUE Fifi and Fowler On Honeymoon ]-rr*T-^ • . 9r ; , J ' hclrl ill ill: 1 ' Revision Will Be Soucrjil In' Allies If Gemiuiiv Fails ;„ i> ayments. I! \'.as ahnn i ; apnrovhnnir-lv lo.-!.-! ;h:u :!:-. complete loss. S20,o:!0. U i; nn loss was covered, at lea't paitially. by insurance. Mr. Tieloto r p .j.j (!l j f In; had no: had time to check up an hi'i loss. Damage to the h:iil:l- in^; was nMhrntcsl n'. t r-:•.•:<> n-i 3, . too an:! 52.000 bv Fire chi---f Ruv Hi'urt. Firemen arc of the opinion that ''"' 111.- blaze was snipuldt-riiv; steadily ; dr from nboiLt 9 c'drir': Sunday ni-'-ic I Seven ri'.v blocks and until it broke o;i! in the- r.-.-n ili'is ! of valuable war rfrnnl , ii!ori:ii:','. An electric deck was I stopped at 9 o'clock indlcatln.;. !iv-i irll -' !v dsmaire;! thr'c blocks more. . •:itS-"\ II | • "»'•" --^-"-i » earn": Hnniay ni-j'nE I • : :;:'f^l| I j until it brnfce otiMn the- r.i'ui im>.! ;.--'-'; i I jl ii iiiori:!!!','. An electric deck was '•'&f\ i ; ;! Bopped at 9 o'clock indicating !iv- i U'vj! I ill i ; n ' fn 5!> - ki ' " ; ai a stort circuit in the ' - .*-.; H j!> i j ".-irin-T had stp.r!:d the fir;' or thai : ' -'j'^V ! I !' I i '! I i " ;e v ' ir;i " »h- clock 1-d Irr- i . ".fifp.! ;!';'' -i-LUlLl iL burned by Ihe fire. -;.•>-•>= : X_:^ r ;..iiJ^.!4^.UilLUiLJ ' ami an offlrw r-n ', >:- ; ;--;;- ! ; I i I i ! 11 11 UJ c!laul l» trt)1 ^ty for Buck Tornlb:-'. ••--'^r4! iMM Hi! 11 if?}! 5OT - tt'hu w.n ill. fomirt t! ,,, F ,. : -..V.-1 >,.;....! 1J._L^^ 0 ? M110 !; t , hpnvy in |], e ],,, s j n ,«, (jj,. ! iurecl When Wall Col- lapsL's Uco'i Apparatus. NOP.FOI.-K. V.i.. Jilnn. ft IUP) — tin: which br.ik • out in nn cil r.oakr;! pin- l,ire Sunday was bro-jvlit nnii:r control early lo- •1PO feet property 'wore ill ruins and 111.' tlamcs ser- '.'r; end '•niiversLitli.i'.s at Clien•i (co'intrv homo- of I're- r HaiiM-y Mac-r>nnaidi between iftiripls of Ihe nrlt!.-0i and Or,'Kin itnnH-llm.-nti i:,di:'l"rl a dls- p--'tirn 10 r n r:prn (i^o roirn-allons ! :':id war <V>bis aucstlon in n way •* that ivould prosenl a serious prob- l !r '" for the Drilled Stales. p- i i I'n'sidpiit iU-cvor. diirini; his 1'II'Omoii l[l-jv.-irk-riul al Hiinidan canip. was liiiu'crftiHul lo hnvc dlwnsscd (lie .-it'.^itinn with Huch (Jibsoi,. » m - bawndm to nclslum ami the gov- I'limient's foremost authority en Euiiipoan pu-'l-war relations. Althiiueji the Amfiicitn povorn- tueiH has bern rieitl tn IK onnosl- tinn in cancpllatlnn nr downward rcvr-ion of Ihe allied war debts. Ibe fall in the ecneral world price lr".-r; and possible inabllltv of &?r-\' tn continue rcuaraUoiis pav- monts .out of which iillied debt . said, that a sh?rt civouit in the ' Fir ' mc '' f ' 1|1! » nr-arbv cities were KAY I-KANCJo JEAXF.TTC .llacDO.VALD . hair like golden sinisbine, eyes of starry blue . . . Hellywnnrt's ucst bubt)Ii "K w'»> se:> . TL, on;c, o£ smoke heavy in |]-,e bii.sin?«? - tiict nil ni;ht but ,vere unable Ic ' <a:i fc " '»• ti-.e source of iho orlov. T.vo : r;!il " . . WLIVV black ' vc':'!n dfsro'.-^rcil rh:- b!r?r? anJ polled In !'vs' ni"ht when the worst .f,rc !» N(irfolf:'s hh'orv passed eu- . t!re!y bf-vond -rntrol to can;r dsi'n- ' :>•:- e':f:mate-.l at approximately -:s mn c;o. Three fii-«ip-n and Ihrec marines scrinuslv hiuircd when a tlf'-tivim a fire cn- l"'.'d:r tni'-'r.-. rvnrr EDITOR'S NOTE: .This is the last of fcur slorirs on "The Si.\ Most Beautiful Women of the Talkies." selected by NBA Service and Courier News by si\ famous film directors who aclctl as beauty judges. « * * BY DAN THOMAS NEA Service'Writer HOLLYWOOD. June 8.—Charming, briniet- Kay Francis who cams out here from the Broadway stage about a year and o half sgo to find rival Hollywood talkie producers vlehig for her services— Beautiful Jeanette MacDonald, with hair like golden suushins an:l eyes of starry blue. \vho is acclaim- hair, buyisTi ball/ flashing eyes. • 'es with brau'.y. but tl'.sy toon fouiid j Jeanette hnd both. Jeauftte'.i earlv career was spirit ported it lo firemen e.t the ci!v hall.! A firemfn were Injured, near riot occurred at city payments to the United S'nies financed- ridpcd consklcrations which officials here private recog- r.i^etl tnav havo lo be faced. For this reason the visit to Kurci:-3 bv Sp;relrov of State Hcn- '.•v L. Sthnpon ar.d Secretary of Treasury Andrew W. Mellon, nn- np'.inecd as a combination business ar.r 1 . pleasure excursion, took on the importance of a major mission In the eyes of European government ;!*fiders who are looking (o the y a block away, early this morn-.'" jl where 2CO r.risoncrs were con-j United States for relief In their in S- ' fijied. The jail was In direct] difficult!?*. line of the fire's approach and I President Hoover Two flre trucks we;c called on- Riirt fotir hose line; vere u^.'d'in has set his incs' iai! riificials tiulsled . ihnr tr.insfer . ir.rnae;' tho j~ r> , «».,» ,. • baitle ftline Police Gin-iers W ;! l Disc» ' " S3 Jon the le.i«l>iiRat° stage after" a:- "'"'I 1 - c'ntro! of the fife. Tlse « n . } tending a fashionable school frr ' }!';* '",, ?:icr °' '-'-e lien.-: iunilsh- i Rirls near Philarlelfiiiin. Af. th" i::t- I'.'J "' f' w . : ' ; 7 1: ' :; 'd by tip fir: iir.;i • • set she dreamed of entering crar.d . '"'" : '~ 1 '- "'--t™_ud. ; opera. N'evev c:,ce did a film cart ;•;•, ; (liter her mind. But nor.' thoi;si'.:-- of grand opera have been fov-'s;-• ten. I "It's !oo much work." JeanEt:;! . | n .. „, _ . toit! me one day when we werj riis-' PITTSBURGH, June's. -(UPi— ! vOKOH WrftDDSr I U&SOay cussing jrrar.d opera: : 'That kind o! . Violence broke out today in tho sitting rcquirss years of intensive western Pennsylvania bituminous - Manufacturers of cotton and part- stutiy and is a conilnna! grind. I cw l strike in which 10.000 men lire coiton wrnwiln? for ^.itton bp>s piefer inoiion picture.-, and the involved. . hara notified J. Met! Brooks, s«c- hcme nf? permit." j Mere t,ian l.COn Mrik:ng mine's, retary of the Blvthaville clirmte' cd as "the Ivs' fmihnnn .i,,, n r V , "° nle !ifo U vcry ""i" 0 ' 1 "" 1 '- t° ' ^'^ V 5:ite co!ice rllui coal nn(i n[ ccmmerce. that thev will tnv ed as the besL femnnne anger in Jeanettc mnt now. Sl-,r- is abo:.t ; iro:!_pi!i:e and striko brokers were representatives al n plnnf-rs inw- prisoners hauled (heir cell! heart uuon mnhliiB the proposed callrrl for liberiv. Mar- 1 world disarmament conference at m m mi TO 111 H;re are the nntlon's two most famous newlyweds. Mr. Fowler McCormick. photographed on their honeymoon and at Overrules Defense Motions Bui Explains Aclio.i Is Only Tcntativft. Four inotlc-ns by M.\jOr N-.'il P.b:tl. dcfuntlant in the elecliy^ C3nto^t suit bruu-jlit, by A. 15. Tilrfield, we'-i (ciiuulvi-ly orer-n-.lrd by Judge G. K. Keck to:iay anJ th^ d;f;nJunt required to file an iiiinvc'r tri t'-.' co;nplalnt ihLs nftcrntoii. Judge Keck owrrul'jil a unibn tn makj the i:cm;ilaint r.-.ove specific, and a motion to r.'qijrj IV.: plnlntlfT to rtren'|ti!Bii hU hjiul. The court tailed U> ^ii*p.!:i r. so:!- '. oral demurrer lo the c:nip:;il!it ar.;l" also a sjicclal demurrer. Keck AYIII Not llc;-.r Cai:.Judsie Kert slutrd this iiurnlirj tliat he would exeus; hh'.v-ivlf frani the bench and \vanld nsV. nnotber Jurist ;o hear the c',?c. Th.i .lit: of the trial has not been s^l and will tlepcnd principally upon l-i? time that Ihc special j',i;r;;! nny ! hear the c.iie. However, it will be in the near tiller*; Tr.e court v,-',li hear further mollcns in Ihj cr,s3 Wednesday morning if any u:e made. In temporarily oycrriillnj motions' the. d?teiit!aht. Judve Keck explained that he was jo!- lo'.vlng thh proc';aura in ord^r to make up the record for the s;K:hl Judges before whc.ivt the luclliiis might be taV.tb up again.- .Adr;ti(s 30 Votes nie^ai-. In his answ?r ni:tl this aiicrn^n' Nfrs. tllp defendant, Mayor Reed, ndml'ls'• Kamplon. L. T., shortly after their surprising marriage. McCormick. 33. k a grandson of John D. Rockefeller, Sr,, and thn bride is the former Mrs. Fin stillman, 51. divorced wife of James • A. Sttll- man. New York finniKlor. McCormlck is generally credited with East tll:lt sorac thlriy - voters', the val- tl-.c-m of snfo-; n!lti his Intense ho'w in thh direc- •e wnrkeil ou'. tor i tir " lllls ll ' J lo speculation as to should the (lames i whether si:ne method may not be fcund by which.a r^adiu.stment - 6f Europe's iinanclnf be macie. '•• '.-' | early nest year r^ sur-ccss j having, effected a successful, but short lived. " ..... ......... ' """ Hie Elillmnns niter their scnsationnl divorce eliargts Will inspect Possible . Kospjial Sites Kerei L. A. Warrgn, United States Veterans : Bur«Sii;\ employe v:ho was sorb to Arkansas -to inspect possible sites .for n veterans hospital Pct-Hi'tY.Shoots .. Yomij>" Nephew of Orli/ Riibio AnD.MOHE. Okla., June 8 (UP) —Belief that International complications mbhl arise from Hie stay- in 1 ; early today of Iwo Mexican from slstv lo two hundred acres, lars Involved in Trans- CF1ICAOO. June 8. (UPt— Two of the most important mergers in Chi- caso's history brought aboul the .shifting today of more than $1.250.! ~ OOfl.POO in b-in'-i resources find cre- - a!lon of the second an.l third lartr- finnnclal Institutions in tho loon. Announcement consolidations of the gigantic made after idity of whose baliois w?.s by the plaintiff, cist lllcjar yolos. while dcnylns! that- th= iTc of the 100 or more vote'i, c by the plaintiff ware Utegiilly r?.f.. In jddltlon Mayo:' .Reed jcis up ~? •counter- -allsjiijtlciWtiisl — .Mlna-'+i voters nrl thi.Fair- f!eld comphliu caft IliejEl vo'.ef. Both parties to Uie suit, in wills 1 )' Fnlrneld contests ths. voUUlty, of Mayor Reed's slx.-voic victory i-n the recent municipal ^Ifrtlo^. wer:: represented In co:;n tcday by nn array of counsel. • C. A. Cunningham.' VI. D. Gravet!e, ,P. C. Douains. K. E. Alcxn;- der and Clinic F. Coapsr appeared in b2h;ill of Mayer H?"d wh ! l> V. G. HolK-in:!, C:cll Shane ml MAX n. R?;d. rejirescntcd Rilribld. ' Sherif : at A5 Cavionfi'. 1 ; B-cos- a'i Miaiiii Boach MIAJfl. Fla., June 8 (UP)—Al Capone telephoned fiom Chicago to Mia: -i lo:lny In nn effort lo put a stop to removal of furnishings from lib pa'.acbl winter h/jntc on Palm Island. Mlan-.i Bench. He WEC nc-ctiatin~ directly v.-ilh good in a big way ever since she was lured from the legitimate stage by the hn;e salary checks film producer; often to/s about, so carolr-ssly. The reason? There Is only one Kay Francis. 1 When a role suits her. nobody else can really play it ri»r.t. Conseq;tent- ] ly. she is in considerable demand, i The demand for her is so great that she was one of th? players jWnnv over whom a war almost broks'out , among producers. Kay was one of the three players Warner Brothers signed while, they still were under contract to Paramount in direct violation to the so-cafel r;ei! HITS UTTOCK BSI IN ISC i Over Chicago Washtub ( Slight M*ctionLads to Dsalh of Mrs. •!r i larce aroi:r> of Iradin- bankers had Vincent C. bibhr. his Miaini 'ut- - been m continuous conference for' 1 CHICAGO, June 3 c UP)— Rose i Ku!c:r. 24, maid, was smbb-ri TO j :!=.ith with a file today while; Blond noisan. r:s,il!;n<r from an sh? bent ovf:• a uib ct clotlivs. '• : nf-c-.ctl uim-i'.r- on her face, caus- Hrv bodv was fom-.d in thfjcd the dralh cf Mrs. Lii'.a •laici'-.'in c,' the ap.-.rirnt-nt build-jl'.uvall. 2!). wit- of C. A. Iluvall. as Panic Fo'- ows D-ivliirht Attack on Soviet Institution. ii;7 v.hcrc the worked fnr L. D Piv-l'h. Another resident of the hniltlin? which is in an exclusive noi'h sic^ dis-rict found the girl's body. The file had born thrust inti her heart ni:d there were several ;!-ib wounds in ti>e head. Kalf Moon fanner. Mrs. Duvall t FKceumbed at the family home a', j 9 o'clock yesterday inorniivr.' Report Settlement of Catholic Trouble Near ROME. June 8. (UP)—The ttnl- Funeral services will be held this pan government will .awe to con- affrnocn \iith the Rev. Williams tinue existence of the Catholic Lav- Fines tc'.niliu'j S150 were mcied out to nroii'biticn law Foreman Slate Trusl and Savings ! bank, and Ihe Ci-mrrtl Trust company of Illinois and the National 1 . Bank of the Republic, were can" ; salidatcd to become the Cenlral Re- G. Smuey was a charge of i!]r;;al possession of IntoxLcn lifiucr and Fd on a similar Six Small Banks rinsed CHICAGO. June S. Capone :hrrat?ncd snit for ai- lescd ille; al r.:ei:'.ire ar.J rciao 1 ,'.:!. ilirce V;f-kH> Oe3>'r. 3 inSfcfoOvE?WcckEsd LITTLr; POCK, Jnnj 8. (UP)—. ; A .suic-lrle. Banky. who wiin Colman formed what was considered (he screen'? greatest, lovp team, never was linked with him away from the studio. It was different when Kay wen' over to piny opposite him In "Ra>- flcs." All Hollywood was soon predicting that the elusive Colman always popular but never serious with women, had "fallen." Th.3 two still are great friends but talk of 3 genuine romance lias died out. Kay is distinctive. Ths directors who chose her as one of the sis greatest beauties declared her to be smart, chic and bubbling with sex. Her black, wavy hair brushed back over her ears in a boyish bob adds to her dlstinctivencs.s—r.s do her flushing eyes and lur calm and unronconicd mannerisms. Per Jcmutte MacDonaM. beauty, voice and ability combined to win •fame. Prior to tho lime she made her screen debut In "Til? Love Pa- rutie" with Manrlcs Qtartiler people had srldom connected fine voic- ar.d obtained 7.SCO rubl-rs. nominally about S3.750 though less on chances prevallhn outside Soviet censors prohibited Moscow ] !:ti!s f:un ncv.s abroad Dynamite Can Explodes Kiilin.0; Brooklyn Doctc Barred From France, Tex Seeks Haven in Nevada j Northwest Arkansas and 1 ! and Savinjs bank. I The other institutions '.\hich M:> Ue hn;ne of ncij'.-hovs. .\; . land Ujft-ey Oliver. 33. died "fr< .injuries sujfercd wlj;:, a 5.1=0!: . Palmsr. 12-1 George D and Mrs. Mel-i Filipino butler U-c 'iruniul in-i n,? murii-r of Ur ye.-.r-ovJ fon of Mr. : fr- " l!lr ' llbr '" !r "'" y c r ?ifr<:srfl :o Eriv..-.v.l !).••.•;••. LITTLE ROCK. .I 3 ., p , .. . -•'-'- ?•'•'< -0 llf:"- To Crop dan-age which may .ippra.v- i | central port'-:i ; doi,c and cr-rs by hail Satsir-.i., MARSHALL, Mb,. June 8. (UP) — : In tiiis unricrsroitnd hoi.pttal are An airplane was sent from here to- i piilmolors, opfialint! equipment an.l dav to search the waters of !h?'nn opcntinrr table, and pig pen at H'CO chickasanba avenue burn?d S'.r.iriay but the T Kielnvp.y Crash Ail children from six months U H years of ar;e v,-j!| i,j vaccinated free. Parcn'.: arc u;~"I t-> br'",- Ihjlr children. Today clinics are bein? APKANSAS—Fair, warmer lo- -i->,t. ru-rj^ay ;-n-:V.- clcvciy ;-n:l •,-..,vn:cr in ra^f r--:iiT\

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