The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 20, 1950 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 20, 1950
Page 11
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FRIDAY, JANUARY 20, 1950 BLYTHEVILU3 (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE ELEVEN OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople HOW'S «(? WZZ*T OP tHrS «ATU«A«- HISTORY ' HERE V*= TAUGHT ¥00 ALL ASOOT GlisJ ke LADV SODIVA I'LL POT ALL STOf FED OWLS klOOVJ I'M STILL TCVIM& TO SAVE EIJOO6H TO REPLACE THE SILSIEK. FILLINGS HCWS A800T L£AR«IN'. IT'S HIS FRIEND* BY MERRILL BLOSftEB She Hut? /nstructions "New Cla.fscg In Shorthand, Book- Xecplns. Typing Mn. b M Burnell^- 1U1U Hsain: 115 =* " For Rent 3-room fur. house. Phone 46091-20 |)k 1-28 Nice, newly painted 3-room unfurnl- ehed house. 2200 Margaret. 1-13 pk 22 4-ioom rmngnlow. ^ miles out o( cKy. On era™] road, electricity. Ph. 287<. 1-18 pk 21 3-room luriilsliea nouse and balh. pli. 4336. 322 N. 6th. 1-18 P* 1-Z 2 Trailer ParklnB. itallable. Ph. 053. water. <fo lights 1-17 pit 1-31 Furnished 2-room house. Adults only. NO pets. Call C2!2. 419 So. 20lh. Street. Store building 20x40 (t. < Ingram Bldg. fb. 4467 st St. pk 1| Warehouse 30'x40' on railroad elrt- pg Midwest Dairy Pioducu Ph 4447. Sf 11[16 cH tl Klasn cirneras lor ill occasions. O'STEEN'S STUDIO «-cfc-lt FOR KENT: Frozen Food lockert. Blaylock'a Highway 61 Phone 3172 Loans I Love By Eyglyn Barkins WANT A FARM LOAN I ha^ 7 e one of the best loans to be had. 20 years to pay Cheap rate of interest. Will refinance your place or help you to buy one. RIALES LAND CO. W. T. BarnetV-Russel) Rialcs : 2262 two phones 3322 11-25 ck tf MONEY to LOAN On City Property or v Farm Lands • -CONWAY & L .HOUCHINS XJU3NCOE HOTEL BLDG. 1-13 ck 2-13 work ••« wrvr XXI HTHE most astounding unhonorcd miracle of modern times. Is modern marriage With few exceptions, troco the first kiss to the first quarrel and "forever after." it Is the ooJy voluntary human relationship whtre two people, two .separate, discordant entities, cheerfully set out to balance a social. psychological, and personal bixl- j'get that makes the national tnili- jtary one look like kindergarten ^arithmetic, and actually succeed. ; But compared with the problems • arising within a doctor's mar- Iriage, all other marriage becomes 1 as simplified as peek-a-boo. To begin with, John and I had . all the usual hurdles that confront any ordinary young couple, This, by the way, does not refer to any triangular complications -so dear to the hearts of our cloe- !ma industry, that they would have IUA believe that the famous "other | woman" is as much an In her en 1 | attribute of marriage as a wed| ding ring, t would also like to [remind the Author's League, tha j prosaic as It may "seem, statistics show the majority of marriage*? continue unmolested by this doubt ]ful blessing. 1 » • * Money to Loan Do voil neert a loan to repair or re- modei? No down payment on mortgage, no red tape. FHA APPROVED RATES 5% ASK. FOR DETAILS Max Logan, Realtor Ptionfi 2*3-1 Lynch Building SlythevSite, Ark MONEY TO LOAN ON REAL ESTATE W. T. BARNETT Ph. 22G2 or 3322 1-G pk 2-6 Notice LIVE STOCK MEN ATTENTION FARMERS Dead, fallen and 'crippled animals picked up free of charge in sterilized trucks. |p Call collect 6142. BJythe- *ville, Ark. ARKANSAS DEAD ANIMAL DISPOSAL CO. 1112; p* miiso T IKE most 'young people coming from tot-illy different genera backgrounds and home environ ments, John and I soon discovered that we matched in very little bu our mutual a flection. "Do you absolutely, really, need to sleep on pi Hows, John?" j asked him one night, long befot _ the gathering of our clan, when this was one of the first at the many "little matters" to sta cropping up. The fact that I hated lllows. never used them, and that shared a double bed—or to be ecu rate. Uttle more than one half of * double bed—made this question seem very significant. t mosi absolutely t really do," said John. "But I thought it was supposed o be healthier to sleep without »iilows," I persisted, not that :ither his or my health was my motive. ''Sheer superstition!" was the :xcon;iting reply. Raising the head Luring sleep makes tor much better drainage of the sinuses." A doctor-husband, I thought as put the pillow back on the bed in be a very annoying, doubtful attribute at times, with his longwinded, high-sounding mcdica reasons for doing as he pleases. Of course," said John with magnanimous gallantry, once the jillow was safely in place where le wanted it, "if it bothers you ai all, why thon—" "Thai's ah right." I said, giving In easilyf "this really isn' worth fussing about, is It?" • • • *T*HIS philosophy carried us far •*• For instance, John hated vege tables and would rather swallow • golf ball alive than a single pea while I was the goose whose sa was made of cauliflower and broc coli. "But you tell all your patient, how good they are," 1 protested after 1 he constantly and consist ently treated the greens on hi pEate as if they were hemloc leaves, "I thought that vegetables had the highest caloric ari vitamin content yet. Or tf i minerals?** "That stuff's for patients, dar ling,** he answered merrily. "Cal ones and vitamins and things Ilk thnt. For me, I eat what I lik and flourish just as well, so wh torture myself unnecessarily?" This was my first initiotion Int the well-known double standnr "Do as 1 say, not as 1 do" princip] that most doctors follow; but eve •o, 1 was scarcely surprisex now often I haw watched lelligcni men and women in estaurants puil out lists similar in t^pearance to racing sheets to uide themselves by befort dar- *E to order, like fanatic astrolo- ists consulting ihe stars in their oroscopes oelore an airplane trip. How often and with fascma- ^on, j would se« them turn in error from certain edlblec. as if were dipped in arsenic, with he proud refrain: "My doctor ays 1 mustn't eai grapefruit" or I'm not allowed potatoes": while 'ther foods. Like lettuce or turnips, would be greeted as il they were the elixir of life from the fountain if youth itself. And how often, n certain particular cases J have cnown, I would be shocked to discover that tomorrow's prohibition was yesterday's gravy, and vice versa, with none of the serioiiF followers any the wiser or In the easl perturbed. "That's true enough," John would always say when I pointed his out. "The reason a tiiel tor ;he same ailment for the same person changes radically from month to month is not thai doctors are crazy ot liars or foots, but that medical science itself doesn't really know the final answer, and just gronjng. Nobody argues much about what a diabetic should eat, because that's been conclusively proved. But 10 different doctors will give you 10 different diets to follow for something, say, like hypertension, high blood pressure to you, and none are right or wrong." In our own case, of course, we were unfettered by any rule*. As for the clement of palate Incompatibility, having been raised on the moral of Jack Sprat and the dean plate, 1 rose to ihe situation by planning compromise foods in oiir kitchen, leaving the indulgence of individual tastes to birthdays, when the honored guest chose the menu; festive occasions, when we took fair turns; and all meala consumed m public restaurants. After alt, as 1 told John, what was an ear of corn (my favorite), or a sack of French fried potatoes (John's choice), as compared with a happy home? {To Be Continued.) Insurance For FARM BUREAU INSURANCE rvlce. call or contact H. B. Shepnarct. phone 2157, early mornlnR. noon or ht. 1-20 pk 2-2D Call 3545 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Planned .Protection 124 W Asb St GLENCOE HOTEL BT3II-D1NO Wanted to Buy Want to buy or will trade -48 Cher- rolct Pick-Up In first, class condition good 24 to 30 foot house trailer. Stanley Fradenburg, Route 1, Mnnltn; Phone 2522 Dell. 1-17 pk 1-24 Hlgticst prices paid tor CHICKENS— UOK Ash Street Grocery ^ Mnrltet. 17 w Asfc «|7 ek Token Up 'I'nkcn up on* lue* iiorne mute ; mare mule. D Lxjng Rt. 12127 px i;: Private Rooms Nicely furnished; large bed room, private home. Ph 2-483 1-13 pk 2-18 For Sale, Cars and Trucks Ilcclroom. convenient to hnth ,cfit. i'h. 3325. 611 W Main. Nicely furnished front bedroom Kteam Kent, Uentlemcn Ph 32&4. H,5 Pfc 2,3 tied room:t mythevllle Hotel 12,27 pk Nico bedroom. Men only Private entrance. 613 Walnut i'h 2496 12.2JT pk l|2b tied room ad]oinlnE bath Ph 12.21 pk Bearoom »aj<xuing bath Pb 2338 1 pi ][21 Steam-healed bedroom adjoining bmh. Plenty privacy. 901 W. Ash. Phone 2209. 1-JSpk 2-1 Nice sleeping room adjoining hath. Gus he.-tt. Men or coup EC. Reasonable. Phone 630fi. I-IQ pk 23 NEW GLENCOE HOTEL Offers weekly rales to pormanDrvt guests. Ph, 4464 or see manager. 1-20 ck 2-20 -SPECIALS- 19-10 SUidebaker Tudor $175 19-16 Ford Tudor 19'I1 Ford Tudor 1941 rvyslcr (Windsor Club Coupe) !• i iixer Kordor See Jim Rolcson 116 North Second 1-18 ck 21 NOW A1J four 14) wlicclft pull oo the Wlllya tiinuon Wason. Pickup and niKRcrt Jeep "The world* mnRt useful Willy Sain Co Pb 1222 t a bargain price I'.i ton Dodge tc body truck. nractlcnUy new Sre Rl K. M I^ikln Scrv^ Station. East Main.'Or phone 523 n The U.S. Bureau of Mines has le velopcd a method of delecting quartz grains In rock particles. • I. Lester Shcals. hereby notify «11 conccinod that I will nnt be respon- ; slblc for any debts made by my wile. '_ Oeorgla Lrc Sheets, as of tbls date. J Jan. 19. I35o 1-19 pk 22 t Carpenters 'I Union and Non! : Union — We are ^holding open, house Monday' i^Night Jan. 22nd.; ' 7:30. Please At- 1 tend. C A R P E NITERS LOCAL 884. 1-20 ck 24 Turns Taxidermist rjECAUR, III., (AP)— Lola Rcab, I»27 midwest beauty contc-sl winner and model, Is living in nearby Nlantlc In retirement working as an amateur taxidermist. Stic nlso finds time to do outside wcrk on a farm. She raises hogs and chickens, ; unrt does carpentry work. j Here's Another Special! $10 LESS EVERY DAY 1946 Chevrolet U-Ton Cab & Chassis CO LU O I- You cati buy it for $715 on Saturday, $705 on Monday, etc., if the truck is still here. It has 8.25 tires on tiic rear, 7.50 on the front . . . good heater, perfect motor, and excellent paint . . . clean as a pin AND a 49-50 Arkansas licens*. Saturday's Price $ 715 '48 STUDEBAKER LAND-CRUISER Fully Fo.aippefl with rldf*. he»ler, overdrive, hill-holder, while sldewill tirM, and etclasive njlon upholstery, srilny black Bnlsh. Owner's name on reqnest. Ch«V IhU very special price 51695 CHAMBLIN SALES CO. "Your Friendly Studebakci Dealer" RAILROAD & ASH PHONE 888 You WAN VOUD ACTUALLY WAWr Tt> WEAR A COW UK THAT NOWADAYS ? BECAUSE IP~ltXl DO — —MXfR. MOTHERS SOT MINE PITT AWAY SOME VA< ERE/ BORN "TORT/ ^RS Toi LATE! "Do I have to spank him for doing that? He's a tot better speller than I was at his age!" RJSCILLA'S POI AL VERMEER ONE WAS ABOUT THAT'S RIGHT! WHEN YOU'RE HUNGRY YOU'RE WILLING TO COME BACK TO US! THE DAY-TIME RADIO SERIALS WERE AWFULLY SAD TODAY'. BAND WHO DESERTED HIS WIFE AMD CHILDREN! STARVED! WHEN DO WE EAT BY MICHAEI, O'MALLEY and RALPH LANg Y, GUMSHOE mNt. WHICH ONE YOU GOT THERE, THE REAL MOW16 DE CARLO OR THE CABDBOAPD ONE 7 DOMT LOOK NOW, BUT PIPE THE DAME SITTING RIGHT BEHIND ME/ I CAN HATOW TELL'EM APART IAU6H "tOUR HMD Off. ESGHEAD. YOU WON'T RNO II SO FUMNY WHEN THE JUDGE SLAPS 2O YEARS ON YOU. M BY LESLIE TURNER QUIET, 10U IDIOT! HOW VJE W6.F Tft TAKE THOSE BRMS OS rHEYH5PlUTHhT TO THi POLICE. MOD PROBWM.Y OEUrlFV US FROM PHOTOS WtT GMHEErlWG OLIR WE'LL BE BE&OV BV TH'TIME COPS NSCOVEK THIS. WE'LL BE SAFE ItJOllE. WDt OLtT AT IOOIE'6 ROAD HOUSE IW GATSEOEO- THI5 OOOEWHV MUST B6 WHERE TH' PUP WftS FOUWD 70 WHY THE TWIHSltFT BUGS J5UNNY f YA MEAN Y6R PtAYlN' BETTER NOW? ' NOT ESPECIALLY... Y£K A BRAVE GUY T'STAMP IN FRONT O' THAT PR'XCTICIM' YEK LAST TIME t WAS HEfZE, NETIGHSOKS TOSSED STUFF THROUGH TH' r//J VINPOW T' MAKE VA STOP/ r-rrr- NOT >«* WORRIEO ABOUT THW ANYMORE/ UNBWEAKABLC GLASS IN TH' W1NPOW/ AN' THEE65 TH 1 AMAZON CAPITAL. , JUS' LIKrl / HE WA5 HE I A&OSD GUY.' BY GOSH. THAT SATVE KNEW HIS 5TUFF.' <3ETTINT BV THOSE BREEZE BY EDGAR MARTIN BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES

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